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Virginal Vicky

Vaginal Vicky

By way of introduction my wife Vicky is 39, average build for a woman of her age with large breasts, long brown hair and a pretty face. Some men do give her a second look from time to time particularly if she has some cleavage on display but whilst she is attractive you wouldn't say that she is a "head turner"
We have an open mind set with regard to sex and take the view that if either one of us see some one we like we are free to fuck them so long as we seek tacit approval first. Vicky tends to use this freedom more than I do.

The one remarkable thing about Vicky is her mons and pussy. It is plump and large like her breasts and for some reason is super sensitive.
There is a picture of it on the writers picture collection

Vicky plays with herself whenever she can - at home on the sofa she is always toying with it and her cunt is continually wet and "needs attention" as she would put it!

It isn't just at home that she has to do this. When we are driving along she will have her dress or skirt rucked up around her waist (she never wears knickers) and her fingers or indeed other items in her smooth shaved swollen pussy. Whether it be in restaurants the cinema or indeed other public places she has to touch it or have me finger her wet twat. She squirts easily so we often have to deal with a puddle or two.

She loves the sensation of dildos, Chinese balls, plugs, or indeed every day items like spoons and bottles shoved up her pussy. I once bought her a cheap mobile phone, put it on vibrate and a condom on it. Once inserted into her pussy I would continually call her - she loved it and would orgasm with an accompanying warm gush of pussy juice.

This was all a gradual progression and in more recent times she has tried vaginal enemas filling her cavity with warm milk, cream, fizzy drinks etc etc. She will clench her muscles to try and keep the liquid inside her for as long as possible until she has to release and let it flood out of her. Vicky finds this amazingly stimulating and often orgasms as she lets the liquid out of her cunt.

She has recently started to fill up before she goes out as the excitement and thrill is so much more enhanced knowing that she can't release the fluid just anywhere in public...

Fizzy drinks are really difficult for her to hold onto so she is currently using warm cream.
The master-bating and public play is a real focus for her and she wants to push her exhibtionist side further and further.
We have joined nudist clubs but she finds them mundane and boring lacking the thrill factor. So our main focus now apart from pussy flashes and puddles in restaurants and trains is holidays.

Going abroad is much better, its hot so she can wear less, no one knows us, and you can find quite hedonistic type places.
Our last trip was to Budva a small coastal town in Montenegro and the story picks up here.

The airplane ride had been good and I had fiddled with Vicky's pussy and slit under the travel blanket for nearly all of the 3 hour flight to the extent that my index finger was wrinkled!

It was baking hot and finally getting to our hotel room Vicky stripped naked and got a shower. She looked amazing, whilst not toned she had great curves, heavy pendulous breasts with big brown nipples a reasonably flat tummy and of course her big smooth mound and thick protruding labia.

"So what shall I wear, Steve?" She asked looking through her case her big boobs swaying.
"Something cool?" I ventured

"How about this?" she said squeezing her bosom into a thin cotten corset type top with buttons up the front. Her braless breasts were just about contained and you could make out her areola and nipples beneath the yellow fabric.

"Very good Vicky" I said smiling with encouragement.
She then picked up a sarong type thing which was longer at one side and high on the hip at the other. Her firm bottom was just about covered although one could see the curve of her left buttock when she walked. At the front her crotch was concealed much to my relief although if she sat down and parted her legs it would be fully on display.

Vicky made some final adjustments and gave her wet slit a few hard rubs before turning to me and giving me a kiss and saying "Shall we go out to play then? "

We found some seats at the end of a beach bar. We were very close to the beach with a small wall separating us from the sand. The sun was shining and there was a gentle breeze. We ordered a couple of Bacardi and cokes and soaked up the scene.
Most of the people on the beach were way over to our right were there was sand all the way to the sparkling water. Near us it was more rocky which I guess was less appealing to people wishing to take a dip in the sea.
We turned our chairs towards the beach to rest our feet on the small wall.
"This is devine" said Vicky undoing a couple of buttons on her top and parting her legs a little. Her heavy breasts continued to press against the bodice and separated a little exposing more flesh.
I could see her hand disappearing under her sarong and knew she was sliding a slender finger up and down her plump slit.

We were just starting on our third round of drinks when
a couple of local lads turned up and put some towels down on the sand in front of us. They must have been in their early 20s and were wearing speedo type swimming trunks. They were toned and tanned and I could see Vicky taking a keen interest.

They opened up some tins of beer and immediately said hello and asked us where we were from. Their English was really good and they were full of smiles.
The introduced themselves as Ben and Dino.
Vicky removed her hand from between her legs, it was slick with her pussy juice.

" So do you like our country?" Dino asked ogling Vicky's big tits.
Her nipples were in fact hard as bullets due to her pussy play and were standing to attention under the thin cotton.
"It's lovely Dino, although we have only just arrived. It seems very relaxed though" she replied

"Certainly relaxed, everyone just chills and do what they want. This area here "
he said pointing to the rocky out crop
" is for nudists but generally people can do it any where and get good tan"

"Oh I see" said Vicky laughing
"Yes, you should get good tan and get your boobies out, no one minds" Ben added smiling at her chest.
"When in Rome, and all that" I said encouragingly
Vicky looked up and down the cafe and obviously decided "what the hell" and undid the remaining buttons of her cotton bodice. Her heavy breasts came into view and Dino and Ben were mesmerised by her jutting nipples and huge aureole.

"Wow they are fantastic, can I take a closer look?" Dino asked coming forward onto the wall. Ben joined him
"They are amazing!" Dino said lifting the cotton fully away from her tits.
Vicky didn't object and giggled a little.

Dino was getting quite brave and ran the back of his hand over her bare left breast. He looked at me quizzically as if seeking my approval. I smiled and nodded.
Vicky had her head back, eyes closed, her long chestnut brown hair trailing behind the chair her chest thrust out.

Dino was soon cupping her large breast and squeezing her nipple between thumb and forefinger. Ben joined the action focusing on her right breast.
Vicky moaned at the attention her nipples were receiving.

Taking this as a sign of encouragement they began to suck on her hard nipples. Vicky leaned forward and I could see that she was breathing heavily.

Both Ben and Dino were clearly getting excited and their young cocks were expanding in their trunks.

I decided to up the ante
"Vicky, I think you need to show Ben and Dino your juicy plump cunt, don't you? " I asked her

She looked at me and nodded.
She pulled her sarong to one side and opened her legs to expose her sex.
Ben and Dino were gobsmacked. Vicky's pussy was swollen, wet and glistened in the hot sun. She parted her legs further her erect clit coming into view and a trickle of pussy juice ran down her thigh.
Ben and Dino were becoming more erect and Dino's large helmet was poking above the top of his swimming trunks.

I decided we needed to move and went to pay the bill leaving Ben and Dino tugging Vicky's teats while she rubbed her pussy.
I returned and suggested we moved to a secluded area of the beach by the rocks.
The boys readily agreed and led Vicky each holding one of her arms. This made it impossible for Vicky to cover her boobs which swayed as she crossed the beach.
I laid out the towels whilst Ben and Dino stripped Vicky naked.

Laying her on her back her heavy tits parting Dino spread her legs wide and buried his face in Vicky's sopping swollen cunt. Ben had released his sturdy thick 8inch cock from his trunks and was feeding it into Vicky's willing mouth. She rubbed his veiny shaft and greedily sucked his bell end.

I sat on a rock and watched as Ben and Dino worked on her. Dino raised his head from her big pussy his face was smeared from his forehead to his chin with her juice. He said something animated to Ben in his own language which I think was "delicious!"
He pulled off his trunks releasing his hard 10 inch rod. He looked at me and gestured to Vicky.

He wanted to fuck her. I nodded and said "be my guest, Dino"
He slid his purple helmet up and down Vicky's warm wet gash and when it was nicely lubricated he put his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He was big but his length fed into her easily until he was ball deep.

"Oh my god, she is so wet and loose, it's fantastic!"Dino said to Ben who was face fucking Vicky. Ben withdrew and sucked Vicky's nipples as Dino ploughed into her pussy.

She was moaning with the hard pounding as Dino got into his stride ramming into her his balls slapping against her arse. He spread her legs further to get better access. Vicky orgasmed and squirted pussy juice over Dino's heavy ball sack

This spurred him on fucking her even faster and after 5 minutes he stopped fully inside her, his buttocks clenched and let out a guttural noise. He had released his load in her. He pulled out and knelt back, sweating with his large member now semi erect. He wiped the remaining cum that was tricking out of his helmet onto her slit.

Ben came round to inspect Vicky's pussy, his cock fully erect bobbing up and down. It was a bit of a mess, puffed and red with Dino's stick thick load all over it.
I could tell he wasn't that willing to fuck into it so I sprung down and grabbed a bottle of water from our beach bag.

"Here, let me sort that out for you" I said taking the top off the bottle. Vicky resting on her elbows knew what I was about to do and smiling, raised her legs high and wide apart.

I inserted the bottle into her hole and pushed it about a third of the way up her. Dino and Ben looked on intently as I squeezed the contents of the bottle into her. I withdrew it and Vicky managed to hold onto the water and stood up.

Standing away from the towel she slowly released the water rubbing it over her pussy and mons.
"There, all clean!" She said smiling "Your turn Ben, where would you like me ?"

He bent her over a rock so her butt was raised and put four fingers into her pussy from behind.
"You are right Dino, she is very loose and wet!"
"Mmm..I love being filled up, put your hand in" Vicky moaned
Ben didn't need any further encouragement and pushed his whole hand into her cunt and slowly started to fist her.
Dino was playing with her swinging breasts pulling her nipples.

Bens cock was literally dribbling precum and removing his hand he shoved his hard boner into her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast , Vicky was moaning loudly holding onto the rock with her hands for support.

As with Dino she orgasmed quickly with the accompanying squirt of pussy juice making a wet patch on the sand. He lasted well, some 15 minutes bringing her to a climax 3 times before withdrawing and emptying his ball sack all over her arse.

She then sat down on the towel exhausted . The boys sat next to her and after a while she sucked their cocks in turn. Eventually they stood up and jerked off over her pussy as she rubbed herself to another orgasm.

That was the end of the session Dino and Ben insisted on taking Vicky's telephone number and after she had kissed them both goodbye and I took her back to the hotel for another fucking - lovely thirds!
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