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vinny was 6'6" & put 2gether like a tank. he had dark chocolate skin & shaved his head. vinny also was an amateur body builder & probably did steroids but i never asked him. he was built like a bulldog with a thick neck, large barrel chest, monster arms, thick thighs & large calves. his body reminded me of actor terry crews & he had the biggest cock that i have ever had. it was over 14 inches long & was not quite as dark as him but had a bright pink head & protruding veins that you could see very easily. what made vinny's cock so huge was its thickness. it reminded me of an insanely long beer can. it was simply fucking amazing.
vinny & i had only been 2gether once be4, in the bathroom of a gay bar downtown... we had not even fucked... we were both pretty drunk & i had sucked his gigantic black cock, while i jacked myself off in one of the stalls... all i really remember was him sitting on a toilet while i was on my knees in front of him & that his cock was huge. actually, his cock was so big that just sucking it made me so horny that i came within moments & i knew at that moment that really wanted 2 it in my ass... i had given him my number, hoping that we could try fucking sometime, but he had never called, so i was a bit surprised when he sent me a booty-call text saying that he was horny & asked if i wanted 2 get 2gether. as i drove there, i really hoped that he would want 2 fuck my ass... so here is where the story finally continues...
when i arrived vinny was sitting on the end of his couch with one leg stretched straight out on the cushions & his other leg on the floor. he was like a statue of a greek god because he was so cut & completely ripped. his huge cock hung half-way down 2 his knees while his huge balls hung about half way 2 his cock-head. he didn't have a stitch of clothing on & was absent-mindedly stroking his semi-hard cock. as soon as i walked in & saw his gargantuan black cock i felt my asshole pucker in anticipation & i licked my lips & smiled wickedly.
" do you need some help with that ? " i asked " cuz it looks like you need my assistance !! "

" come here & give this thing some lovin' " he answered " suck on this big fuckin' cock !! "

i smiled again & stripped off my clothes as fast as i could, then slowly walked over to him. since he had one leg up & the other on the ground, i got down on my knees a little diagonal 2 how he was sitting 2 give me better access 2 that delicious monster of a cock. my hand took the place of his hand & i started stroking his girthy shaft. vinny put his hand on the couch arm rest allowing me full control. it didn't take long 4 me 2 get his enormous cock completely hard. once my mouth was accommodating his girth, i started sucking it with regularity & rhythm. vinny slumped back just a little bit 2 enjoy his deep-throating blowjob.

" damn... i forgot how good you suck a cock !! " vinny interrupted the sound of my slurping.

" ummmmmmmm... " was all i could moan... " mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... "
i didn't want 2 disrupt my pace because his balls were already starting 2 pull up closer 2 his crotch & his cock was starting 2 throb & pulse & his orgasm was getting closer & closer.

" you gonna swallow ? " vinny moaned " cuz i wanna feed your need with my seed !!! "

with a mouthful of throbbing black cock i answered with a muffled " mmmmm... uh huh... "

i kept sucking & jerking, wanting 2 make this magnificent black snake give me its warm & creamy reward. then... i felt him put his hands on the sides of my head & pull my head downward as his strong hips began 2 press upward, driving his cock deep in2 my throat...

" oh fuck !! i'm cummin' !! " vinny choked out " i'm cummin' in your hot fuckin' mouth !!! "
i could see his toes clinch up from his foot that was on the floor & i kept my mouth on vinny's shooting cock. his seed was squirting & spewing out inside my throat. i definitely didn't want 2 stop until he was completely done. i don't think he had cum in a while because he delivered a copious amount of seed in2 my waiting throat. vinny's cock finally stopped erupting & i gradually clasped my lips tighter as i slid my mouth up the shaft & then off the tip of his oozing glans. i closed my mouth as i slowly pulled away... not wanting 2 lose a single drop of his seed. i was successful in getting my mouth completely off his tasty cock without any seed escaping & then i slowly swallowed it in2 the back of my thirsty throat. it was slightly thick & salty but tasted delicious as i let it slither & slide down in2 my belly. after i had swallowed every drop of vinny's nubian seed, i just panted as i tried 2 catch my breath.
" holy shit !!! when was the last time you came ? " i asked " you damn near drowned me !! "

" i don't know... " vinny answered " but i wanna feel you 2 take this big cock in your ass !! "

" i'm nervous... you hafta go slow !! " i whispered " i'm tight & your cock is fucking huge !!! "
vinny & i went in2 my bedroom. vinny was standing up against the wall & i walked 2 him & knelt down in front him. his crotch smelled like fresh cum & i just wanted 2 swallow his cock whole again. i played with his cock & gave it soft kisses. his cock-head had a deep cleft under its head like an upside down heart & i flicked my tongue inside the trench 2 get this monster 2 wake up. i would alternate licking up & down his shaft & digging my face in2 his low hanging balls. my lust was really building as i serviced this huge black package. vinny just leaned back on the wall, kept his hands 2 his sides & let me do my thing until his cock had grown fully erect 2 its proud 14-plus inches. i was aching 2 feel it deep inside my body...

" if we keep going you're gonna make me cum again !! " he moaned " i wanna fuck you !!! "

i walked over 2 the bed, placed my hands on it & spread my legs. he came over, grabbed a foot stool sitting beside the bathroom door & placed it on the floor behind me. he used his thumbs 2 pull apart my ass cheeks & gently stuck his tongue in & licked up & down my crack. i groaned & pressed my ass back against his face as his beard stubble grazed my skin...

" yessss... that's it... !! get in there !! that feels real nice !! " i said " eat my tight little ass !! "

he continued 2 lick my crack & would periodically move down 2 my taint & balls. i would twitch whenever he hit a sensitive spot. he then dug in2 my asshole with his tongue. he circled around the puckered eye, then swirled his tongue around while moving closer 2 the entrance be4 wiggling it back & 4th & then spearing it deep in2 my horny upturned pucker.

" oh... yesssssssss... eat my ass !! " i whimpered " make me wet for your big fucking cock !! "

he continued 2 bury his face & tongue in my butt then he had actually slowed down his licking. he dug his face in2 my butt & started licking my asshole again. i still had my legs spread & still had my hands on the bed. he was also able 2 reach under & alternate playing with my balls & stroking my cock with his palms facing upward. he then stuck his tongue inside my hole & started fucking me with it. i was groaning now. 2 get through such a taut hole, he really had 2 spread my cheeks with one hand very forcefully. he ate my taut horny ass out until i had his saliva everywhere... dripping down my balls & my inner thighs.
" i love your tongue... " i moaned breathlessly " but i really wanna feel your cock inside me !!! "

i pulled off his tongue & turned around. his huge cock was sticking out & lightly smacked me on the cheek... that is when i gasped again, because every time i see vinny's cock, it is sight 2 behold. it is simply massive. at that moment, i was thinking there was absolutely no way it would fit in2 me. i took both hands & stroked up & down, but i connected my fingers & thumbs from both hands 2gether 2 make a giant hand so i could wrap them completely around this b**st while i stroked & twisted my hands in a circle around the pulsating shaft.

" massage that mother fucker ! oh fuck !! " he groaned " stay right on it & keep doin' what your doin' ! i'm gonna cum if you keep that up !! but i wanna fuck that tight little asshole !! "

i kept it up 4 a few more minutes... then vinny pulled me up off his rod & i felt afraid again as i imagined that huge black shaft stretching my tiny asshole wider than it had ever been.

" nobody has ever taken all of my cock in the ass... ever !! " he moaned " i hope you can !!! "

i grabbed the k-y & squeezed it out like jelly on2 his thick glans then smeared it up & down the veiny shaft. i slicked up vinny's entire monster tool & left an extra swirl of slippery goo on the tip of his cock-head. i then reached around & stuffed my greasy fingers in my ass. i also made sure i smeared it around my hole very liberally. i wasn't going 2 take any chances. at that moment, i honestly believed that his massive girth couldn't possibly fit in2 the taut confines of my snug little anal passage. vinny had said that no person had ever taken him in the ass... but even though i was afraid that we would fail, i was still going 2 try, because i ached 2 feel his giant cock inside my body & i ached to feel his seed splatter deep inside me.

" you can do this... now stand over there in front of the bed & bend over !! " he ordered " & put your hands flat on the mattress like you did when i ate that sweet little ass of yours !! "

as i prepared 2 be invaded by a cock the size of a baseball bat, vinny stood behind me & pressed his glans against my asshole. he used his hand & started moving his cock up & down the slippery cleft of my wide-spread ass crack. he wanted 2 work it around. it felt extremely warm. i was extremely nervous. it was the moment of truth. he grabbed my hips & centered the broad tip against my resisting opening & then slowly started 2 enter me. i tried 2 pull away from him, but vinny held my hips even tighter & continued 2 press 4ward relentlessly.
" whoa !!! whoa !!! don't run from it !!! don't run !!! you gotta stay with it !!! " he groaned

i took a deep breath & pressed my asshole outward as hard as i could & his humongous cock-head finally popped in2 my futilely resisting opening & 4 just a split second i thought i was being split in half... then suddenly i was feeling pretty good, until my asshole clenched involuntarily & his mammoth glans popped right back out of my hot & slippery fuck-hole.

" relax... we'll go slow !! i know you can do it !! we'll get it all in there !! " vinny whispered

he lined it up 4 the 2nd attempt & once again when his head popped in2 me, i felt like i was being ripped open but then the pain quickly turned in2 pleasure again. i didn't pull off, but stayed still until my taut hole finally started 2 get used 2 being stretched so wide by his immense size. i took long deep breaths 2 keep my wide-stretched asshole from clenching tight again as i whimpered with the intense pleasure of being stuffed so full of hard pulsing cock.

" oh... my... god... oh yessssssssssss... just stay still... " i moaned " let me control it going in !! "

i started backing up a little at a time. i could feel it sliding in & stretching me at the same time. i was wincing while i moved & i groaned as my ass strained 2 accommodate the immense thickness that was invading my body. as i felt about half of his cock slide in2 my ass i slowly moved 4ward until just the ridge of his glans was still trapped inside my horny hole.

" almost there... " he groaned " you're stretchin' out good... i think the next one will do it !! "

i started moving back & 4th slowly, taking a little more with each backward movement & inch by colossal inch was slowly disappearing in2 my aching passage. it still hurt, but the intense pleasure overcame the slight pain & i gasped as i felt my trembling ass eventually bump up against the front of his strong hips, which meant i had finally engulfed his entire throbbing length. i had done it! my splayed ass was crushed tight against his pubic bone & his balls were crushed tightly against mine. his amazingly colossal cock was completely buried inside the clutching depths of my ass & i was going 2 keep him in there 4 as long as i could !
" holy shit... you took it all !! " he groaned " your ass took every fucking inch of my cock !!! "
" oh yesssss... your cock feels so fucking good inside me !! " i moaned " soooo fucking good !!! "
vinny grabbed my hips again & very very slowly started pulling about half of his enormous shaft out & then pushed it even more slowly back in, so that i could get used 2 taking it all the way inside my wide-stretched anal passage. i felt like he was fucking me with a fist but it was feeling soooo fucking good 2 me. just knowing that i was the only man who had ever fit all of vinny's prodigious cock in2 their ass made me feel proud, even though i had huge beads of sweat on my forehead. i had never felt so full. vinny's thickness took that inflated feeling of having a huge cock inside me 2 another level. vinny started 2 thrust his hips back & 4th until his girthy glans was nearly coming out of my clutching asshole each time. he was finally enjoying fucking someone while using the entire length of his mammoth cock. he started picking up the pace & i could feel the veiny thickness of his shaft rubbing up against my prostate as vinny continued pounding my ass completely full of cock 4 almost half an hour with me standing bent over & my hands clutching desperately at the sheets on the mattress as my legs started 2 quiver & tremble uncontrollably from the strain of standing 4 so long.
" please... roll me over & fuck me like a bitch !! " i whimpered " like i'm your little bitch !!! "
he slowly pulled his long cock out of my clutching ass & turned me around. he laid me down on my back with my ass sticking over the edge of the bed. he guided his huge prick back in2 the depths of my upturned quivering butt & started deep-fucking once again like a dog in heat. my legs were up in the air & this muscular ebony athlete was furiously fucking me. i could see the veins in his neck protruding & his sweaty smooth chest was heaving with each deep & powerful thrust. vinny would grunt each time he hit bottom & i will have 2 admit it hurt... but it hurt so fucking good. i could also feel his huge balls slapping in2 the cleft of my ass with every thrust. my own cock was rock hard & splattering pre-cum all over my belly.

" yessssssssssss... you took it !! " vinny groaned " you took it all !! damn... you're fuckin' tight !! i could fuck your tight little ass 4ever !! & i'm gonna fuck the cum right outta your cock !!! "

vinny was still pumping & sweating from his forehead. he then lifted me off the bed 2 where i was in a sitting position on his cock while he remained standing. this was a strong man 2 be able 2 hold & fuck me while standing. vinny held me up by holding my ass cheeks with his hands as i wrapped my arms tightly around his neck & held on 4 dear life. he was still standing & bouncing me on his monstrous cock as fast as he could & i quickly wrapped my legs around his waist. this created a different feel 4 me & it was so intense that i started cumming all over my chest & stomach without so much as a touch on my pulsating cock.
" oh... my... god !! i'm cumming !! i'm cumming " i screamed " i'm cumming on your cock !!! "

" that's it !! shoot that load all over yourself !!! " vinny grunted " oh fuck !!! that is one tight ass !!! i am gonna fuckin' cum !! oh yesssssssssssssss... i wanna cum in your fuckin' mouth !!! "
i kept my legs wrapped around & waist & started 2 softly bite on his neck. by now, he was bouncing me on his cock like car piston. suddenly, vinny walked over & laid me back down on the bed & grabbed me by my ankles & lifted my legs straight up in the air & started 2 jack- hammer his furiously throbbing cock even deeper in2 my wide-spread upturned ass. i knew he wouldn't last long because vinny's teeth were clenched & he had an angry expression on his sweaty face as he pulled his cock out & squeezed it off trying 2 hold back his orgasm.
" get down here & open your fuckin' mouth !! " he growled " hurry... damn it !! hurry !!! "

in a flash, just like a porn star, i jumped off the bed & got down on2 my knees in front of him on the floor. i opened my hungry mouth wide 2 accept vinny's sweet nubian seed. he growled very loudly through his clenched teeth & grabbed the back of my head with one hand 2 position me. while furiously stroking his huge cock, he put the oozing glans just inside my mouth. his flailing hand was bumping my chin with each stroke. vinny screamed & angrily shot his copious load in2 my mouth as he kept jerking himself with pleasurable rage. even though i couldn't see it i could feel his warm seed spurting on2 my tongue & with my head tilted back i could also feel it starting 2 run down the back of my tongue & collect in the back of my throat. his warm seed also started 2 accumulate in my mouth. his cock was so fat i could not attempt 2 swallow his seed with his glans still in my mouth, so some of it ran out the corner of my mouth. his seed was so hot & delicious in my wide-open mouth...

" take it all !! you wanted it... & you got it !! " grunted vinny " swallow that seed !!! "
i hadn't even swallowed his sperm as he dragged his still-hard cock-head out of my mouth. when i could finally swallow, i tilted my head back & let his steamy seed slither down my cum-thirsty throat, as he leaned down & licked his own cum from the corners of my mouth. as i gulped down the last traces of his delicious seed he just stared downward in2 my eyes...

" i never get 2 fuck like this !! " he moaned " nobody can take all my dick like you just did !! i wanna fuck you again !!! i wanna keep fuckin' you until i can't get my cock up anymore !! "

he laid back on the bed, took his hand & pointed his cum-shiny cock up 2ward the ceiling as i just stared in amazement. i could not believe he was still hard after cumming a second time.
" get up here & ride this motherfucker !!! " he growled " ride this big fuckin' black cock !!! "

i stood on the bed with a foot on either side of his hips, straddling vinny. i slowly lowered myself downward until i felt the oozing tip of his girthy cock-head touch my hole. i sat down slowly & steadily & it slithered in2 my slippery anal passage without much trouble or pain. a few hours ago i would have never believed anyone could have gotten used 2 that gigantic thing deep inside their body... but i had done it. i placed my hands on vinny's muscular chest 2 balance myself & then slowly rode up & down on his humongous black pole. i twisted my ass in tiny tight circles each time i reached the top, just twisting his glans inside me, then slid all the way down until his massive cock was completely engulfed inside me, as i rocked my hips 4ward & back, making his veiny shaft caress my aching prostate. he leaned his head back & closed his eyes as i pleasured his huge cock with every fiber of my entire horny body.

" ride that big cock !!! " he commanded " yessss... just like that !! don't stop !! don't stop !!! "

i rode him 4 a good half hour then turned around & faced away from him. i then placed my hands on his knees & rode him another good 20 minutes in the reverse cowboy position. his fat cock stirred my insides in a completely different way in this position & i put my hands on his thighs, got down on my knees & just rocked back & 4th on his black cock as it caressed & stretched my insides like no one had ever done be4, making my cock achingly hard again.
" please... fuck me like a bitch !! " i whimpered " i love it when you fuck me like your bitch !!! "

vinny flipped me over on my back again with my ass hanging over the side of the bed while he held on 2 my calves & then he was furiously pumping that fat snake in2 me once again. his balls were slapping my ass as he slammed his massive cock in2 me as hard & as deep as it could possibly go. my own cock was aching 4 release as it flopped back & 4th between our bodies, leaving long slimy strings of pre-cum everywhere. i could feel my orgasm getting closer & closer & i knew he was getting close 2 drenching my clutching walls with his seed...
" oh fuck... yessssss... i'm gonna cum again !! " i screamed " i'm gonna cum on your cock !!! "

i felt my stomach muscles clench tight as my cock throbbed & pulsed & splattered my seed all over my chest & belly... as my cock exploded, my ass clenched down tight on2 his massive cock & vinny tensed up & howled as his third orgasm ripped through his body & exploded out of his wildly throbbing cock. his entire body was quivering as he unloaded all his seed in2 the depths my bowels. i could easily feel the twitches of his cock with each spurt & the splatter of each hot jet of seed, as it drenched my insides, pulsing in rhythm with my cock.
" deep in me !! deep in me !! deep in me !! " i whimpered " breed me full of your seed !!! "
when vinny had finished, he leaned against my legs until he recovered. my stomach felt bloated & tight & when he pulled his fat cock out of me the suction caused a string of cum 2 shoot out of my ass & between his legs & splatter a long streak of cum out on2 the carpet.
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