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Massage with Indian AUNTY

Hi ,this story is about how I managed to massage a beautiful aunt in her bed room when her husband is out of station.

Me and my neighbor aunty lives in an society where so many apartments are there and coming to the story one day I saw an aunty near the opposite apartment where she is waiting for her husband and my apartment is opposite to her apartment and I said Hi to her and she replied with hello and this continued for some days and one day she rang the door bell and asked for an help in which she was asking some problem in internet and asked to verify. so I verified and sorted the pro... Continue»
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My Girlie Fantasy part 3

Suddenly among the Eden of pleasure Ken was providing, the
doorbell rings like thunder as lightning strikes burning away the
sacred garden. Ken curses under his breath while he gets up to go
see who it is. I quickly sit up & fix my clothing as he walks to the
door, watching him as he goes. Almost as soon as he disappears
around the corner he returns proclaiming that it is his b*****r that
he hadn't seen in years then disappears again to let him in. I feel a
bit of a chill roll down my spine as I hear the door open & them
talking loudly. I stand up as Ken walks around the corner with... Continue»
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Harry Potter the Sexaholic Part 4: Luna Lovegood

Harry was lucky there weren’t any lessons the following day because he didn’t
leave his bed at all. Ron had slowly accepted the lie that Harry was in love
with Cho and forgiven him for hurting Hermione. Ron now thought Harry and Cho
had broken up and accepted that his best friend wanted to stay in bed. Ron was a
great friend.

Cho sent him several owls, each letter more desperate and more tear streaked
then the last. Harry read them but couldn’t bring himself to reply. The message
was pretty much the same in all the letters. Cho wanted to know if she had been
bad, if he still l... Continue»
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The Gift

I jumped at the sound of the door opening and lifting my head from Brad's shoulder, saw Ashley coming through the door.

"Hey guys!" she exclaimed, as she removed her long coat and hung it up next to ours in the closet in the front hall.

"Damn, she drives me crazy in that outfit." Brad said softly from where he was sitting next to me on the couch.

I'm sure many wives would be upset at their husbands for checking out a pretty girl half their age. I, on the other hand, had already been thinking the same thing. Ashley was coming home from a shift at the restaurant Brad had gotten her a jo... Continue»
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Katies Dream

This was a Ex gf's Dream
Ok well we're in England at the hotel in Manchester, day of Nicki's visit
you wake before me and I am woke up by you binding me to the bed spread eagled....then you notice I am awake so you tell me not to talk and then you blind fold me
I am thinking you're going to use me, and I become more and more excited as I hear you moving about the room
then I feel as you sit on the bed between my legs and I moan
you instantly slap my cunt hard, telling me I am NOT to make a sound
I bit my lips as you rub my clit and the folds of my labia, making sure I follow your orders.... Continue»
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Best Time Ever

Well It started out with a phone call it was my woman calling me after a double shift at work saying "come get me now daddy". I told her Im tired baby just let me come get you tomorrow okay. She implied that she needed me right then, so I drove from my job which was forty five minutes from where she was. I arrived at 1:54 am and gave her a call....she came out wearing a long coat like those detectives wear, anyway we started driving and only halfway to the highway she started giving me head, amazing head it was so good infact I started to feel something I never felt before a ting-a-ling in my ... Continue»
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Fucking My Fiancee In Front Of The Pool Boys

We were at a Jaycee Convention in our State Capitol. I was 24 years old at the time and my wife to be, Julie, was 22. We had attended a dance on the previous evening. Having drank too much, eaten too much, and then fucked the night away, we didn't roll out of bed until mid-morning. The first order of business was breakfast, followed by a little power shopping and then a return to our room for some rest and relaxation before hitting it again.

Julie had started playing with my cock in the elevator, so by the time we got to our room, I couldn't get the key in the door fast enough. We had our... Continue»
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Martina's Diary: Monday, 25th July, 2011

08:30 My s****r didn't come home last night. I got myself aroused thinking about what she was getting up to with her boyfriend. Started chatting online again with my friend in America. I ended up feeling really horny. He gives me lots of useful, naughty advice. So instead of eating breakfast, I sat there in my bedroom without jeans or knickers masturbating furiously behind closed curtains. He's older than me, and I call him "Daddy".

09:30 I just had to go and see Rose again. I wanted to tell her my problems, my fantasies and my latest desires. We got talking and she told me that she c... Continue»
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College life 21

When I heard "Matthew Alexander", I knew that voice. I stopped right there
and turned around to see of all people, my Dad. First, it was a shock he
was here and second he'd even recognize me since he hadn't attempted to see
me in over
"Dad?" I questioned and saw his slender face and very receding hairline
with gray mixed into his brown hair. The rest of our group stopped as

"Matthew, what on earth are you doing here?" Dad asked me.

"Dad, I go to school here," I said.

"Oh that's great, son. I swear you've grown three inches and gained at
least twenty pounds since I last ... Continue»
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Jill's plans for after work ;).

You come from work - all exhausted and ready to get out of your clothes. i say, 'go ahead baby, take a seat, let me take care of you' ;) so you sit and before you know it your hands are behind your back and handcuffed together. i unzip your pants and pull them down around your ankles and leave them there - this way you can't move your legs too much. i immediately start giving you head - fast and furious - you didn't even have time to prepare and already you are about to cum! i slow down for a minute and tease your head and fondle your balls, when i feel you relax i spit on your dick and g... Continue»
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s****r in law part 2

so im getting sucked off by my s****r in law with the mrs on my face when she pulls out her rabbit vib and says i only wanted you to get me wet.
she then layed back and said ive always wanted to watch you fuck someone else but the only person i could trust is my s****r
i smiled as she pushed the vib into her pussy
the s****r in law then gets up drops her micro dress to the floor and i see her hot body for the first time
beautiful titties and a thong which she starts lowering to the floor i look and see a blonde landing strip and she jumps on top of me lowering herself onto my hard wet coc... Continue»
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Me at Work

Ok so this isnt a story but this describes what i do on a normale work day.
Our dress code is a short sleeve quike dry shirt. And short or long pants.
But when i get home, my master is waiting for me so i put on a cherry red corsette, fishnet stockings, a g-string, and i put in a vibrating dildo set to go off when i walk (its 10 inches long and i alkways have it in me).
When i come home im always ready to be punished for anything and everything.
The didlo always make me cum in my g-string and pants throughout the day and its always a thrill :D
when i sit down i look normal, but when i wal... Continue»
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uk daphne fowler lookalike 65+

One week earlier in summer i had been off work with a bad shoulder,so after a few weeks i was getting quite bored,only so many times you can sit at the computer wanking..
One night the mother in law had popped round and in conversation said i was bored,she suggested that the charity shop where she worked was really short staffed,as one of the helpers out the back had broke her hip,so why dont i help out there,your having a laugh i said no chance.
its ok she said your be out the back helping out with jean blake definately not if thats who i would have to put up with.
she is alright when you ... Continue»
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Grannies Second Anal Experience - (Grannies Versio

A week had gone by since Ron seen his new 66 year old granny girlfriend after fucking her in the ass for the first time. I missed him terribly, and the new sexual experience he introduced me to. My whole body craved to have his cock in my ass. I thought about him all the time. So, after a few phone calls between us I broke down and asked Ron if I could visit him in Denver for the weekend. He said sure and Ron met me at the Denver airport. We went to dinner and then headed to his favorite bar for drinks and dancing. Ron was a great dancer and really got me in the mood for what I knew would c... Continue»
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Taking The Thompson Women 2 by loyalsock

She tried to regain her footing.

"So... What's that?" She asked; pointing to a bag I brought with me.

"A surprise." I replied.

"For me?" she asked hopefully.

I nodded, and walked up to her bedroom. There was no talk of studying. I sat down on the bed, and handed her the bag. Curious, she opened it, and inside, she found a light blue swimsuit. "This is beautiful!" She gasped.

"Its for you." I said, smiling.

"Thank you!" she said, and she gave me a hug and a kiss, she was already u*********sly forgetting her boyfriend.

"I want you to try it on." I said.

"Oh.. Okay, I'll ... Continue»
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Panty Fantasies - Coleen's Magic

Feminization - body change – gender swap - sissy - panties – satin – lingerie – cocksucking

He swallowed hard, his body tense with anticipation and admittedly a small amount of fear. He didn't _really_ know this woman and her beauty was no guarantee of her honesty. He was exposing himself as he had never done before, all in a desperate attempt to capture his dreams, to experience the most intense pleasures.

Looking around the bathroom he saw that it was finely appointed with grey and pink marble and fine Italian tile. The towels were Egyptian and felt wonderful. The whole penth... Continue»
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Making Me Her Little Bitch Pegged

What was that? My mind was racing but I was not sure what was going on. Why couldn't I see anything? Why couldn't I move my arms? As I wondered what was going on, it all began to rush back to my memory very quickly. My lover had done this to me, and I hate her for it, I hate being in this position, on my hands and knees tied down to a bed, eyes blindfolded awaiting her return. But now, just as her plan went, I had no choice. How long had I been u*********s for?

The last thing I could remember was her telling me what she was going to do to me. I remember drinking this juice she made for me, ... Continue»
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How to Totally Emasculate a Man

1. Compare him unfavorably to other men (his lovemaking skills, his endurance, his penis size)

2. Make fun of him, tease him, and belittle him… especially in front of others (like your girlfriends, people you meet in public, his friends and f****y)

3. Let them know that he’s not necessary, and irrelevant.

4. Let another man be your hero. And your cocksman.

5. Fuck one of his friends. Make sure he finds out about it, but not right away… give it a few weeks or months. And don’t tell him who it was. Keep him guessing.

6. Lock up his little penis, and c... Continue»
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The best of days - true story...

The best of days – Wednesday – September 10th 2015

Unless you were there or even unless you are me, the title is meaningless am sure.
Then again you may be a royalist at heart and the title reminds you it was the day our noble Queen upon her throne became our longest monarch, bless.

Meanwhile back at my own scribblings.
The day began as my usual weekly slut slave maid day – I bathe in sweet perfume oils, ensure I am smooth all over and finally slip into my feminine lingerie with satin trousers and suede blouse top for the drive to Mistress Claire’s abode to carry out my maid duties. My... Continue»
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The night she tried BDSM

After our first couple of experiments (see the last 2 stories) Faye and I had several nights of indulgent fun using toys,bottles,fisting her pussy (which she never let me do until after her first gangbang :-) ) and we had talked about trying out BDSM like we had seen on Xham and other internet sites. We played around with some pretty "vanilla" stuff like clothes pins on her nipples etc etc, but we both where curious to expand her limits. One evening I come home to find her laying on the couch wearing leather panties and a bandanna as a shirt/bra (pretty damned red neck sexy sight to see) she ... Continue»
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