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Uncle’s Second Wife

I must thank god to have met this Punjabi uncle.

I was travelling from Bangalore to Chennai. I had booked a sleeper ticket which I had to share with one more people. I was waiting to get into bus, a tall Singh uncle of about 50 with huge muscles 6ft 4in tall standing in front of me. I’m 6ft tall and used to people being shorter than me. I was awestruck seeing his physique. The ticket collector indicated my seat was with the Punjabi uncle. We had a small talk and settled down in our berths.

It was an air-conditioned bus, I was feeling cold. After some time all the lights were put off and he covered the screen of our birth, so now it was only us in the cabin. After some time sensing im feeling cold he offered me his blanket. I squeezed into his blanket. Since we couldn’t both completely cover ourselves he asked me to turn to my side and he also turned with his crotch near my ass. He put his hand on my waist gripping me with his muscular hands casually.

I could sense his breath on my neck and feel the heat of his whole body on me. I felt a good relief from the cold. I dint think that guys could turn on each other. Now his breath grew closer near my neck and was making strange feelings in me. He grew closer with his hands small beard pricking me and making funny feelings. I pushed back tighter against him. Slowly he bit my neck ears. I was in cloud nine experiencing very new feelings. He asked me I like it. I nodded.

He then turned me and asked have you been with any guys before. I said no but I wanted to suck a cock when I see porn. He smile and kissed me on my lips drawing me closer sucking my tongue. I was surprised that I could enjoy the kiss of a man. He then started kissing me all over removing my shirt he started sucking my breasts and pinching my nipples. He said my breasts were like a small girls and I was soft like a girl he loved my body very much. He asked me if I would be his second wife I smiled and nodded my head. He then felt my ass with his strong hand and pressed them hard.

He removed my pants and made me nude . He started biting my ass and said I was sure a girl if had pussy and long hair. He said he loved my soft skin and started biting my ass. I was feeling his cock near my throat. I was amazed at its size. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it just like I had imagined and seen in porn. We were in 69 he was sucking my cock ass liking my ass and biting me. He then said he could not do much as there is less space. He said hell fuck my mouth and started fucking my mouth. He asked me whether I’m his bitch I said I am. He started fucking me wildly and deeply in my throat. After a long time come in my mouth.

He woke me up and said me to get down. I hurriedly put on my dress and got down with him. It was somewhere in the outskirts of Chennai. The time was around 5am. He said he wanted me to come to his house to which I said ok. Then a Ford stopped near us he motioned me to get inside. When I got in there was a plump Punjabi aunty driving the car. She asked him who I was. He said I’m his new bitch to which she smiled. Then she said let me use the bitch for some time and she asked him to drive She came to the back seat and she asked me to come in front near her feet. She put her feet on my mouth and motioned me to suck. I was dumbstruck. She slapped me and said she was his BITCH NO 1 and I was BITCH NO 2.So I had to do whatever she asks me to do. I nodded and started sucking her feet like a bitch.

She then pulled me and kissed me on my lips and said don’t worry, she was just fooling me. She asked me if I had any previous sex experience? She guessed that I was virgin. Then she hugged me and asked me why I was with him and if I don’t like girls. I said I like girls, but always wanted to suck a cock from the first time I saw blow jobs but I dint have the guts until yesterday. She asked me what he will do once we reach home? I said I had the most pleasurable time of my life. I had never before felt like that, I wanted him on top of me undressing me and do more. I said I FELT LIKE A GIRL waiting to be undressed by her guy . He smiled and said you are bit soft like a girl, why don’t you dress like a girl today for me. I was blank but I said ok for him. SHE SAID THEN YOU DESERVE TO BE HIS SECOND BITCH.

She then hugged me tighter and whispered welcome to the club, YOUR HIS SECOND WIFE. Then she said he has to be initiated. I asked what I should do, she said we will drop you stark naked, you have to come home naked if you want to be his bitch .he then said why don’t you also join him. My heart started beating like a pump.. She removed her dresses immediately and became nude. She asked me what are you staring at, you will have time to play with them. She helped me getting out of my dresses. She asked him to please keep the distance short. He stooped the car immediately and said you must earn your bitch status today.

We got out of the car, the cold air was hitting our naked skins and we ran immediately ran behind a bush. I asked how long should we walk. She said about 3 kms more. I could not prevent myself from looking at her assets. It was the first time I was with a nude woman with myself also being nude. The cool air of the night hitting on my skin was making me horny, at the feeling of being exposed; We were passing through secluded area by the side of a lake. She asked me your feeling horny and wanting to be ravished.

I nodded. She said the first time she proposed to him when they wrecked out of my wits by this delicious man. The woman inside me was at peace, finally. It was really hard. I started moaning, she came and put her lips on mine and kissed me. She kissed me all over the body, she said now I had become his wife.
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