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Tryst with Tera Patrick

To state the obvious, Tera Patrick is an incredibly beautiful creature, and I own every one of her adult DVD's, and plenty of magazines she appeared in, plus pictures I downloaded from the internet. Fuck I have a Tera Patrick file in... Sorry I'm not letting know in where.

So just imagine my excitement when my friend Bradley Scott got us invitations to a Hustler Convention that was taking place in a nearby city. All the top names in the adult film business were going to be there; Jessica Jaymes, Lela Star, Jenna Jameson, and of course Tera Patrick herself.

I had spent the entire week trying to focus on my work as my mind went over the thought of seeing Mrs. Patrick (She is married but still does scenes with other actors) live. Every chance I got, I was on the internet and linked to her official site ogling at her naked flesh...

Within a long, long month, the day had finally arrived. Brad and I were in the car making the two hour drive to where the show was going to be held.

"You pack some condoms?" Brad asked.

"Are you insane man, you think we gonna get it on with one of these girls? They get paid thousands of dollars to fuck studs with big pricks, average yahoo's like us don't stand a chance", I replied, I was infatuated, yes, but not fucking crazy.

"Hey man, Sunny Leone is going to be there, and if I get the chance, my pale cock is gonna nail her, and I'll fuck her and she'll beg me to shoot her full of my spunk."

We carried on our long drive chit chatting for most of the way, stopped for a light lunch then continued driving again.

As we approached our destination we could see hundreds of cars parked up ahead, there was also a large banner with 'WELCOME TO HUSTLERS 35th PROMO CONVENTION' written across it in huge red letters. As we came up to the main gate, a huge guy with muscles that rivaled Arnie in his prime came and checked our tickets.

"Welcome to the Hustler Promo guys, enjoy your afternoon", he said handing us two cards with different numbers we were to hang around our necks.

"What's this?" Brad asked the guy; checking out his tag with the number 359 0n it and handing me mine.

"There's a competition running, a number will be drawn and the guy who wears the number wins", he answered, "c'mon guys, lets keep it moving please, you're backing up traffic."

Brad put the car in gear and drove in looking for parking.

"What do you think the competition is about?" I asked.

"Shit, how the hell should I know?" Brad smirked, "hey, unless it's that I get to bang Sunny Leone, I really don't give a fuck."

"Probably some kind of hamper, or life time subscription to Hustler, or shit like that", I said, more to myself than to Brad.

Brad parked the car and we got out and walked into the convention hall. The place was packed with a million people, well not really, but still, there were a lot of people (guys). In between the crowd were plenty of girls walking around, some topless, others fully nude. There were also plenty of bouncers the size of 'He-man' from the entrance, all packing 9mm Beretta's, their stern look warning that all we could do was look at the girls.

From over the speaker system came the booming and familiar voice that I knew I knew from somewhere, I turned to look at the platform to see actor Woody Haralson greeting the audience.

"Greetings, hi, hi, how you all doing. Welcome to Hustlers 35th annual convention..."

"You guys know me, I'm Woody Haralson, and as you might know, I played Larry Flynt a few years ago in The People vs. Larry Flynt, so these big shots at Hustler thought it be cool if I could host there little shindig..."

"You know I was like, what me, no man, I'm too good for that, I got morals and shit..."

The crowd was bursting at the seams, obviously entertained by the designated host of the days invents.

"No, hey, seriously though, I was honored to be asked to host this event, I mean I know the 'people'", he made the gesture in the air with two fingers, "they all saying Hustler is garbage and that it corrupts the minds and hearts, and the morality of America, but hey, we happy to show the v******e, but the beauty of the female form we can't show? C'mon, guys..."

"WTF, WT, fucking F, man?"

The crowd cheered at the logic that I recognized from the movie he mentioned, and started applauding.

"Hey, but, c'mon, you guys are not here to hear me blabbing with my bullshit right? You're here to see the hot ladies, am I right?"

The centre exploded in a ruckus of cheers, whistles and clapping. Everyone yelling the name of the adult star they wanted to see most.

Music blared as the modals made their way on stage. First Jenna Jameson, followed by Tawny Roberts and Sunny Leone, all dressed in matching white tank tops with the Hustler logo in red on them, which sat above their navels and red G-strings. Brad went ecstatic putting his fingers in his mouth and whistling loudly then screaming out Sunny's name.

The girls did a routine that saw them performing a little strip dancing act that was hot as hell, as they lost the items of clothing they thru it out into the crowd, and hey look, I like pussy as much as the next guy, but pushing my nose in the ladies knickers in view of everyone, c'mon man!

Naked and exposed the girls swayed and moved their bodies to the lively music, touching themselves then each other in all the right places, their expressions making it hard to tell whether they were enjoying it or whether it was all part of the show; shit it wasn't like I cared, I mean fuck, I was horny as hell, my hard-on straining against the fabric of my briefs.

After the music ended the girls blew kisses as they walked off the stage, and Woody came back on applauding.

"Man, them girls are hot right?"

More applauds.

"But you know, ever so often a star comes along who really makes you turn and go wow..."

"Now this modal is way more than just a beautiful face, she is a University graduate with a degree in microbiology, and was a modal for the fabulous Ford Agency. Coming into the adult industry, her striking Thai looks, and enthusiastic performance with her partners shot her to stardom and now, she owns her very own production company, Teravision Inc."

"Gentlemen, and our few ladies out there, I give you the delectable and exotic porn queen, Tera Patrick."

I think I may have been making the most noise as Tera walked on stage in the flesh, dressed in a tight fitting blue leather skirt that hugged all the right curves, and a pair of see-through slip on high-heel sandals. Behind Tera on the big HD LCD screen were clips of various movies she had acted in, showing her do what she does best.

She walked over to Woody Haralson and pecked him on the cheek as she took the mike from him, and we all whistled as he reached around and squeezed her scrumptious ass, Tera smiled and gave him a full on wet French kiss, reaching down and massaging and cupping his crotch. She then turned to the audience...

"Hey, how's everyone doing?" the sex-goddess greeted, "It's so great to be here as the guest of honor at the 35th Hustler Promo Convention..."

"I just want to give a shout out of thanks to Jenna, Tawny and Sunny; don't you guys think that was hot?"

Again the convention center thundered in applause and cheers.

"Yeah, awesome", Tera smiled, "god you guys are so great, I just wanna open by thanking you all for the monster support you give both me and Teravision, it means so, so much. Now I know I haven't really been in front of the camera recently cause I've been so busy with the producing side of things, and a lot of people are hitting my website asking me to perform..."

"But please don't worry, I'm looking into doing another InTeravctive movie, as well as a second sequel to Reign of Tera", Tera had to stop talking because of all the noise, "plus", still too much noise...

"Plus we're looking to give out a special prize here today by means of a raffle draw with a number corresponding to one that one of you gentlemen out there are wearing. Now we're not going into that right now, right now we're gonna invite my good friend Jessica on stage..."

"Every one give it up for Jessica Jaymes."

The noise went through the roof again as the sexy and busty, Jessica Jaymes walked on stage in the stars and stripes bikini she wore in one of her Hustler shoots; the big screen again showing clips of her sucking and fucking in high def. She walked up to Tera kissing her on the lips as she sat down on the high chair that was on stage, Tera sitting next to her.

"Hey Jessica, how you doing today?" Tera asked her.

"Hey, I'm great, even better for being here."

"Why don't you tell everyone why you appreciate being invited here to the Hustler Promo?"

"Exposure", Jessica Jaymes said simply, "Hustler is the premier adult entertainment media, and to be asked to appear at the Promo is great for my career..."

"Add to that the chance to meet some of my fans, and of course get ample opportunity to fuck."

"Humm", Tera smiled crossing her legs on the seat she had taken, "I heard the groans of the guys from here; I bet they really wanna see you fuck."

"Great, the sooner the better, the harder the wetter," Jessica growled sexily, and Tera smiled as she looked behind her at the man who walked on stage.

He was the typical buff handsome woodman (a woodman is a term in the porn industry for the guys who fuck the girls, in case you were wondering). Behind him was a cameraman who followed. Jessica Jaymes meanwhile had moved to a white leather sofa and sat down.

The man walked up to Jessica and bent over her on the sofa on the stage and started kissing her plunging his tongue down her throat, the enthusiastic slut more than willing to suck on his tongue. Everything that was happening was being projected on the big screen as the guy with the camera recorded the action; it was a scene from a blue movie being shot right in front of us.

At this particular time the camera man had zoomed into Jessica's hand running over her bikini bottom before slipping in and pulling the thin cloth over her crotch exposing her cute pink pussy. Her fingers were working in and out of her cunt, as she warmed herself up for the action.

Tera had got up and moved to the woodman and started pulling off his pants and his boxers, his huge circumcised cock springing free. Tera reached around his waist and gripped his dick and brushed it over Jessica Jaymes' soft folds, making her moan as the man kissed her neck; everything being displayed in crystal clear HD glory on the screen.

I bit back a groan as Jessica yelled out as the man pushed into her right in front of us and started rocking her body with hard strokes. Tera sat on the seat next to Jessica and spread her own legs, the camera showing that she had no panties on. She started running her middle finger over her clit, and pushing her forefinger inside herself and moaning like an over-sexed whore as she watched the woodman banging the hell out of Jessica Jaymes.

I didn't know about everyone else in the center, but my cock was throbbing as I watched the live porn show in front of me, my hands growing clammy as the clear screen showed just how wet Jessica was getting as the thick pale cock slid in and out of her hot cunt.

Tera put her hand on the mans waist and he pulled his cock out of Jessica's pussy, Jessica sucking her finger as she watched the dick pull out of her. Tera gripped his cock and pumped it slowly, then rubbed it over Jessica's pussy again before she bent over and sucked on his tip then swallowed his meat.

She moaned as she sucked the guy off then pulled him out of her mouth and positioned him at Jessica Jaymes' slit again. He pushed inside her and started to roughly fuck her again, her legs riding up his waist as she was banged in public.

Tera kept her fingering in stride with brutal fucking Jessica was receiving, and every now and then she would pull the woodman's cock out and give it a few sucks and licks. After roughly ten minutes the man's thrusts started getting erratic and Jessica was screaming bloody murder.

He pulled his cock out of her, and Tera peeled off Jessica's bikini bra exposing her voluptuous silicone filled tits, and then stroked the guy's dick over them.

He groaned as his hips jerked twice as he exploded over her melons coating a large portion of them in his creamy seed, one string even reaching her chin. He bent down and made out with Jessica Jaymes after which he stuck his tongue into Tera's mouth as well.

Tera fixed her tight skirt and got up urging the crowd to give a round of applause as Jessica used a few tissues to wipe the mess off her boobs, and fix her clothing.

"Oh my god that was so much fun," Tera said with a huge smile on her face.

Jessica stood up next to her, "yeah, I really enjoyed that, why don't you guys give Eric Rogers a hand", she said gesturing to the woodman who was walking off the stage. The crowd applauded, but not as enthusiastically as before, the viewing we had just had left us rather uncomfortable in the groin region.

"Alright, alright, alright", said Woody Haralson as he came up from back stage, I would wager my entire year's salary that he got a blowjob or something back there, "You guys have got to agree that these ladies are really amazing..."

"Let's give Jessica Jaymes another hand."

The crowd did just that as Jessica made her way off the stage.

"So Tera", Woody said looking at her, "I think it's about that time."

"You know Woody; I think you're right..."

"Folks it's time to call out the number of our lucky audience member, and to do this I'd like to welcome on stage the love of my life, my husband..."

Spyder Jonez, aka Evan Seinfeld."

The big and heavily tattooed man walked on stage in biker gear and a bandana over his bald head. He walked over to Woody and shook his hand then hugged and open-mouth kissed his porn star wife.

"Hey everyone, like everyone said its great to be here at the Hustler Promo, and I'm here to announce the winner of the raffle, so let's not fuck around huh..."

He pulled an envelope out of his leather waistcoat, "and the winner is number..."


The audience all shuffled trying to see who wore the lucky number; meanwhile I was staring at the number 360 around my neck.

"Fuck dude, it's you", Brad said bringing me back to reality.

"360", Spyder repeated, who has 360?"

"Over here, here's the guy", the due next to me yelled, pointing his finger at me from above my head. The bouncers proceeded to push the crowd away from me, including Brad, and escorting me to the platform.

I walked up on stage toward Spyder, Woody and Tera, my own image on the big screen very imposing.

"Hey man", said Woody Haralson putting his arm around my neck and positioning me in front of the crowd, "why don't you let everyone know your name."

"E-hum, James", I stammered, "James McDonald."

"Well James McDonald, you are one lucky son uffa bitch, you know that, Mr. Jonez, why don't you tell my friend, James here what he's won."

"Well first and foremost, he got himself the complete selection of my wife's movies on blue-ray, newly released in HD along with an HD screen like the one here behind us to watch it on..."

"He also got himself a lifetime free subscription to her official site once he's logged on with his details..."

"Plus, his won a lifetime subscription to Hustler."

"Wow, Spyder that is cool", said Woody, "What do you think of that James?"

"It's awesome", it's all I could say, I was still delirious.

"But, wait", Woody said raising his hand, "this is a Hustler Promo convention man, surely that ain't it."

"Oh no Woody, that's just the build up to the real prize", Tera said cutting in.

"In a few minutes, James is gonna come with me to this room back stage..."

On the screen appeared a room decorated in red, with a bed in the shape of a heart.

"And James is gonna have the opportunity of a lifetime, with my husbands consent, his gonna have the chance of fucking me."

There was a shuffling in the crowd as Tera said the words, words that were ringing in my ears, had Tera Patrick just said I was going to get to have sex with her?

"Of course we gotta be safe first", Evan Seinfeld said, "so James has to cooperate in a little blood test first to make sure he doesn't have Aids or any other S.T.D's."

"Alright, so James is gonna go back stage with a few of our doctors to have an aids test and Tera will be joining him; meantime the rest of us will continue enjoying the show as Holly Sampson, you guys may remember her as Emmanuel in the soft porn series, she'll be having a little girl on girl action with Silvia Saint."

"And a little later Jenna Jameson will be back on to get herself off with a dildo for your enjoyment..." Woody Haralson's voice was drown out as I followed Tera and the officials back stage.

We walked to the back where people were running around working behind the scenes. I saw Jessica Jaymes disappear into a dressing room, her hair tussled and her body wet; I guess she had taken a shower after her tryst on stage.

A short blonde woman walked up to Tera and gave her a bottle of water, and some make-up guys applied powder on her face as we made our way through the crowd.

"This way Mr. McDonald", said one of the officials ushering me the opposite direction from where Tera Patrick was going, "Ms. Patrick will meet you later, if you pass the test of course."

We entered a room with an African American man standing over a few medical syringes. He just walked up to me strapped my arm inserted the needle and drew a vile of blood.

"We will have the result in five minutes sir, you can wait outside", he told me.

I sat outside the room twiddling my fingers as I waited for the result of the test. Boy was I nervous and I have to admit, part of me was expecting to wake up, so I did what I saw them doing in cartoons, I pinched myself on the leg, and yip, it hurt.

On queue five minutes after the test the doctor came out, "Well Mr. McDonald you are fine, I'll pass this information on to Ms. Patrick's Lawyers. You may follow this lady to wherever you need to be."

Tera Patrick's stout yet well built little blonde assistant was beautiful in her own right, but it was more of a schoolgirl cuteness than gorgeous beauty. She walked briskly through the many people that were busy working to make the convention a success. I followed closely behind her getting whiffs of the expensive perfume she wore, my eyes glued to her tight firm round ass.

"Tera would have gotten the information and will be going to the showroom in a couple of moments so she should be there when we arrive", she was saying, she had been constantly fiddling on her Blackberry the entire time, "do you have any questions?"

"E-hum, no", I was battling to get a grip on everything.

We got to the room and a huge black guy was standing in front of it, he had a clipboard in his hand that he handed to the woman.

"Thanks Tyler, Tera in there already?"


He seemed to be a man of few words. The assistant handed me the clipboard, "Please sign at the bottom."

"What is it?" I asked looking over the form.

"Indemnity form, you know so that we can protect Tera from the legal ramifications of having sex with someone who is not in the industry, it also states that you cannot ask for money for what you will be doing, you know should it appear on Smutload or Youtube."

I took the form and held it against the wall signing it then handed it back to the short blonde.

"Thank you Mr. McDonald, you may go inside now", she smiled politely.

I took a huge breath as the bouncer stepped away from the door and opened it for me. I was about to walk in when something the assistant said hit like a ton of bricks, "excuse me, but what exactly did you mean by showroom?"

The blonde turned back to me, a puzzled look on her face, "there are about thirty hidden camera's covering every inch of the room in there, the recording will be displayed on the big screen on stage as well as fed to pay-per-view TV porn channels."

All at once my body went into a cold sweat; I wasn't a fucking exhibitionist!

"Are you okay Mr. McDonald?" the blonde assistant asked me, "You look a bit pale."

She came up to me and rubbed my shoulder assuringly then said, "Look at it his way, when you're at home watching porn, do you focus on the woodman?"

"I guess not", I stammered.

"Exactly, the guys want to see Tera, you just go in there and have a ball", she winked.

The room smelled of a strong fragrance that I couldn't place, and as I walked in I tried to find the hidden cameras without any luck. I stopped in my tracks as I saw Tera sitting on the heart shaped be. She was smiling at me, wearing nothing but a skimpy satin robe and red lingerie.

"Hi", she greeted me.

"Hi", I gulped.

"Why so nervous? Why don't you come sit down here next to me", she said patting the bed gesturing me to come over.

I walked over and sat next to her my leg touching hers; my god she smelt amazing.

"You probably heard about the feeds to the many viewers. I don't want you to worry about that", she said, whispering the words into my ear, "all I wan you to think about is being inside me, putting your hard cock in me and fucking me", she placed light kisses on my neck, concentrate on making me cum."

My cock was rock hard in my trousers, pressing so hard against my briefs it hurt. Tera continued seducing me with her feminine wiles, kissing and brushing her lips over my neck. Her hand went down and rubbed my ragging boner through my pants and I groaned.

"Think of it this way", she whispered, "You're gonna live out the fantasy of a billion men around the world."

She then proceeded to unzip my pants and yank out my cock, free from its confines my dick sprang out into her hand.

Now I knew for a fact I wasn't as thick or as big as the guys she fucked everyday, but she didn't seem to mind. She bent over my lap and ran her tongue over my cock head lathering it with her spit.

She then looked up at me and smiled again as she curled her long hair round her ear then went down on me again. She swallowed my cock and slowly started bobbing her head up and down tasting the length of my smooth rod.

I looked up at the cream painted ceiling moaning as the incredible feeling of Tera going to work on my cock sent unbelievable sparks through my body; she was truly a professional, knowing just how to work.

Tera ran her tongue over the underside of my cock as she jerked me off with one hand, the other unbuttoning my pants. I helped her, tugging my pants down and pulling the kicking them off along with my shoes.

Tera took my cock into her mouth again and continued running her lips up and down it her tongue slurring around as she worked, she was making the most erotic moans I ever heard, moans I only ever heard while watching her movies, never in my wildest dreams did I think the queen of porn would be between my legs giving me head.

Tera ripped her lips from my dick swallowing the dangling trail of spit that clung to her bottom lip and my cock head. She licked her lips seductively as she looked up at me while still slowly pumping her fist over my erect penis.

"Looks like you're hard enough now, don't you think?" she purred.

"Yeah", I smiled back, energized and ready, my cock aching in anticipation as she continued her handjob. I was way too horny to be nervous anymore, all I knew was that I needed to put my ragging schlong inside her tight pussy, and now!

Tera got to her feet and shrugged off her robe. She then made quick work of her bra, tossing it on the floor. I had seen her breasts many times, but they looked O so much better in real life, they were large, the result of a professional boob job that had taken her from a to a 32C 36DD, her nipples, cute little stubs, and her areolas that were slightly darker than her skin complexion, all unbelievably hot.

She then bent at her waist and pulled off her panties revealing her most private of parts (Well not really considering a million people had seen it), her shaven little pussy. The thin slit was slightly damp and at this point I didn't know whether it was from the action she had, had earlier with Jessica Jaymes, or if she was really getting hot for me. I decided I didn't care right now.

Tera smiled again as she got onto me as I sat on the edge of the bed, throwing her leg over me and kneeling over my lap. She sat down on my lap the underside of my cock pressing against her sex, then placed her lips over mine and started making out with me. Her tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth as she moved her lips around opening it then closing it to suck on my tongue.

Fuck I groaned as she started to grind her pussy against my cock as we kissed. Everything about this woman exuded sexuality and one thing was for damn sure, she put everything in when she was having sex. She broke the kiss and for the moment just continued thrusting her pussy against my erection and I could feel how wet she was making it.

Just then a thought occurred to me, one that I hoped to god wasn't true, "Tera, please tell me you're not just gonna pretend to fuck me?"

"Her eyes fluttered open as she looked down at me, the expression that flashed across her face was one of insult, as if I had questioned her loyalty as a pornographic performer, but it was only there for a moment, as if she understood why I would question her wanting to do it with me.

She smiled again as she lifted her sexy body up again and gripped my cock, pumping it a few times, "I was just getting us nice and moist baby, if your cock is lubricated it goes in better."

Yeah, she was definitely a pro I thought to myself.

"Are we gonna use protection?" I asked, not sure if she wanted to go skin-on-skin, I had heard that since some adult performers had HIV/Aids a lot of them were using rubbers.

"You were checked and passed." Don't worry so much, I know what I'm doing, honest", she winked playfully. She then ran the tip of my cock against her soft pussy folds then sat down, her cunt swallowing my tip then stretching as she eased her way down my length.

"Fuck", I groaned, she was a bit tight as I pushed into her initially, but quickly loosened up a bit as she pushed her hips down. She felt amazing inside, a wet warm glove that livened up my cock with pleasurable sparks of erotic bliss. Tera started thrust herself up and down as she got half my cock inside her, pulling slightly up then pushing herself further down.

Within a minute she was sitting on me with my cock nestled snugly inside her wet cunt. She was holding still, feeling my throbs pulse inside her. Whether or not she was enjoying this as much as I was, I didn't know, after all she had a cock inside her on a regular basis, fuck, she had more sex then I would my entire life.

Tera opened her eyes and looked at me, "you feel so good inside me baby, you want me to go slowly, or do you want it rough?"

"Whatever's good for you is good for me", I responded, smiling at her, trying to pretend that it I was able to handle her energy.

Tera smiled then started moving, she took both my hands and put it on her butt as she lifted herself up allowing my cock to slide out of her a little then sank back down. I gripped the firm flesh of her ass helping her as she slowly started riding my cock. I could feel the smooth damp walls inside her pussy as it massaged my cock as she thrust her hips slowly into mine.

"Let's take it slow for now, enjoy the feeling of fucking", she said as she moved.

I could feel my cock slip deeper inside her she moved on top of me, her pussy muscles loosening as her labia curled around my cock. Every thrust of her hips was amazing, the feeling of sheer ecstasy enveloping me. I opened my eyes and looked up at Tera; her mouth was pursed as she took quick breaths as she rode me slowly, her eyes closed. Her face was one of concentration as she moved, guiding her hot snatch over my cock.

I moved my hands from her ass, one sliding up her to cup the back of her neck, the other resting on her lower back. Tera fell back into my hands using them to steady herself as she started riding me a little bit faster. Her jaw was clenched as she fucked me and she was starting to moan softly.

I moved up and closed my mouth over her left tit, the little stub that was hr nipple feeling like a little pebble under my tongue as I flicked it.

"Yess, oh, that feels great..." "You feel so good inside me."

I decided that I had to try and make Tera enjoy this as much as I was, so I moved my hand to where we were so intimately joined and rubbed my thumb over her clit. She shook then immediately responded by swallowing my cock inside her for a second then starting to grind faster into me.

"FUCK TERA", I groaned, as she gripped my shoulders and started bouncing wildly on my cock. I let go of the back of her neck and gripped her waist as she went buck wild on top of me, riding me like I was a prized stallion and she was the best jockey in the world.

My thumb was still rubbing her clit and I could feel how wet she was getting, my dick becoming increasingly moist as she slid her tight cunt up and down it.

"Oh, ohh, ohh. Oh my g-fuck", Tera's voice grew horse as she threw her head back and rocked her body on my cock. I held on to her as she worked, my face scrunched as sweat built on my brow, my cock staring to throb as her warm, wet cunt drove over it.

"Fuck, Tera, you, feel so fucking good", I yelled.

Tera again pressed her hips down taking my aching cock completely inside her. She looked into my eyes as she twirled her waist in circles, smiling as I grit my teeth.

"How does that feel baby?" she moaned, teasing me in a sluttish voice, "you want to fuck me now, want me to be at the bottom, pound this", she thrust once, and I breathed out, "hard cock into my hot pussy?"

She got up my dick sliding out of her and knelt on all fours on the bed. Her ass was in front of me and her pussy glistened between her legs.

I couldn't help myself, I bent forward and covered her soaked pussy with my mouth and pressed my tongue as deep into her as I could. Her body shook and she gave out a long contented moan.

"That feels so good, fuck, so, fucking dirty", she was saying.

I lapped my tongue over her pussy lips stopping to use my tip to dart at her clit. All the attention getting her warmer and wetter, her excretions dripping into my mouth. When I removed my mouth from her delicious cunt it was damp with her juices.

I positioned myself behind her and put my cock back at her slit. I moved forward bending over her back and pressed my mouth against hers. Tera wasn't interested in making out, instead she used her tongue to lick all her juices off my mouth. I pushed forward and she moaned as my dick slid inside her.

She was retched open, so it was easier for me to bury my cock inside her, my balls brushing against her clit. I didn't know how long I would last so I quickly started drilling her from behind, huffing as I thrust y cock in and out of her pussy.

Tera bent down and buried her head into the bed as I rocked her clammy body with long hard thrusts. Her pussy was clamping around my cock and I didn't know whether it was a signal that she was going to cum. I knew that I was gonna blow any minute, but I kept up the pace driving my meat in and out of her as hard and as fast as I could.

Tera's moans and cursing filled the little room as we fucked, I could feel her fingers each time I drove into her, she was fiddling with her clit.

"Oh god I'm gonna cum if you keep fucking me like that", Tera held. I did just that, plowing my cock into her slick pussy over and over again.

Soon I felt my balls begin to ache. "I'm gonna cum Tera, I'm pulling out.

"No, in me", Tera begged, "I want to feel your spunk inside me."

I bent over Tera breathing into her ear as I slowed down, thrusting in and out of her a lot slower than before. My cock throbbed painfully as my load built. I heaved inside her one more time then held there.

"SHIT!" I roared as I let go, my come gushing inside the gorgeous Tera Patrick's slick cunt. Her hour-glass shaped body shuddered against me as her pussy clamped around my cock and milked it of every drop of sperm I could shoot into her.

I pulled out of her and fell on the bed then shivered as I felt her mouth wrap around my cock she sucked and licked my dick clean before coming up and kissing in my neck then pushing her tongue into my mouth.

"You were great", she smiled, "I'll be honest I did this for a promo for Teravision last month but I didn't cum when I fucked that guy."

I smiled, I was sure se had told him something similar.

We stayed on the bed for about ten minutes catching our breaths before Tera got up and started getting dressed; I took this as my queue and fixed my clothes.

"I have to be on stage again soon", Tera said coming and pecking me on the cheek, "wait here for the officials to come and get you, they'll help you get your prizes."

Tera walked to the door and opened it, she turned back to me, "I really did enjoy this", she winked, and then left the room.

Well as she said I got the rest of my prizes and then went and enjoyed the rest of the convention. On the ride home Brad wanted to know all about my sex romp but I remained quiet, I did it because I could...

...Because I was the lucky bastard who got to fuck Tera Patrick.

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