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Stella Maris SM trio 5 - Intimate Introspection

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

The trip through the South of France along 'Autoroute de Soleil' evokes many memories The trip from Amsterdam to Calonge at the Costa Brava by our slow old 2CV take all day. The decisions I have to take, later that day, tire my mind. The three doze, most of our way. The three seem all in the arms of Morpheus all through 'la douce France'. From midnight. The driver's seat in the 'ugly duckly' suits me. Lazy hanging to the door. An elbow outside. I have my left leg free. Usually I park my foot at the wheel cap. My knee close at the steer. I have experience in driving down 'le… Read more

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Max The Mastif


We had three dogs, two were kelpies for working sheep. One was a Great Dane Mastiff cross, Max, who stood nearly one meter tall at the shoulder. I trained Max to perform different acts when he could smell different odors. Marion, knew that she would be getting a "special" bit of attention that night when I bought a large block of chocolate from the shop in town. I told her that it was not to be eaten, but it was to be kept for me to make up my special treat for Max. I thought Marion had been flirting with a man that I saw her talking to earlier, and I accused her of wanting to screw this bloke… Read more

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Stella Maris SM tests 4: Intimate Inspction 1

BDSMFirst TimeVoyeur

STELLA MARIS INVITES US IN & SHALL SERVE US A LOVELY LUNCH -- 'INTIMATE INSPECTION' Stella Maris comes back to brilliant sexy shape, as soon as she wakes up by the hot Spanish sunshine. Stella Maris comes back to organize all in her hot house, while we shower & shop for lots of white wine. Stella Maris serves us a lovely lunch in the shadowy part of the terrace. We enjoy her fishes with wines. Stella Maris serves me with a silence & all attention during the closure with strong coffee & some liquor. See all eyes & ears wide open in attention. I present proudly my Ini… Read more

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Stella Maris SM trials 3: Sas's Dirty Dream #

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

SASKIA'S DAILY DIRTY DREAM IS TO RIDE HOT HORSES BARE-BACK & FUCK FINE Saskia crawls at my lap to talk to me without the other two hearing her hot perfectly perverse plan. Saskia crawls almost into my right ear. She sucks the lobe, as soon as I answer her hot wet wants. Saskia raunchy rocket is up into the air. Second sexy stage is to seduce me. To secure her #1 spot. Saskia raunchy rocket third stage is actually acting out in real every erotic & dirty detail in my story. Saskia wants to ride with me on two horses deep into the Camarque, catch some horses, and ride. Sas… Read more

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Service to our older gents

Group SexMatureAnal

Service to older people This story takes place almost 3 years ago. my wife’s sister was then a call girl and during that time she was making a lot of money. then on the beginning of April she was on a trip to the southern parts of Sweden, one afternoon the phone rings and I picked up and heard her voice, can I speak with my sister, and I called on my wife, she came and took the phone. after a short wild I heard my wife said the she need to be alone for a minute. when she came out from our bedroom she told me that she has to go her sisters apartment the next day. Sure I said do you want me to… Read more

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Continental Cup 2: Anal Wash-out!


Continental Cup Continues with America vs Africa's Awesome Athletes - What a Wash-out! Alert to everyone out there. Drop your job. Get enough big drinks in your house. This is hot! And they, the African awesome Athletes, last an hour non-stop. You'll be really very thirsty. All got a pencil and score-sheet ready? Continental Cup's Jury is in need of a helping hand. Again America wins the toss pointing the arrow to the West of the Atlantic Ocean 'big drink'. America has spies in any exotic erotic country. Even a couple of dozen on tiny Mauritius Island. Anyway, anthro… Read more

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while the wife's away!!

AnalGay MaleMature

A dear friend who's 84 but has no sex with his wife & can still rise for the right man 56 (me). His wife went away for a weekend in London leaving him on is own, so she thought but as he returned from the station after dropping her off, he pick up me on the way back to his place. We pulled up a his bungalow & went into the house locking the door behind us, we went into his wife's bedroom as she sleeps in a double bed & he sleeps in a single bed in a separate room. As he laid towels onto the bed so we don't leave any mess on the sheets for her to find later, I began to undress… Read more

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Nympho slut in the bushes

HardcoreGroup Sex

I'm a nasty dirty slut, and I don't care. I really really like getting fucked in my pussy. I constantly look at guys' crotches to imagine how big their dicks are. And I like a guy, who can get hard fast, keep it hard and likes group sex. One time, I purposely went to a park, where I had heard there was some hot sex starting about midnight. This park has lots of gay guys, female whores, and lonly guys looking to fuck some strange pussy. That's me. I like being a strange pussy. I took a small blanket and started walking around near the bushes. There were some gay guys back in there having some… Read more

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Continental Cup: Anal Orgasms 1 (3 videos!)


Two tasty teen videos feel like a 'coming competition' between pairs from America and Europe! Who will win? This tale is like watching slow long lawn-tennis: left, right. Let's start left (West) of the Atlantic 'big drink' in America. White woman comes by her hotty & Mr. Wand Hitachi Apparently Americans are becoming more like the Japanese. American guys can't bring a girl off, alone from fine fucking. As it's the land of mechanization, the big white wand helps. America is also the land of bigger. And quite some weight. She is a blonde beauty, her bottom big… Read more

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Road through Texas

Interracial SexVoyeurGroup Sex

We were on highway 35 heading south in no particular hurry when it hit us, we hadn't eaten since breakfast. We saw a sign saying grub & drinks 6 miles ahead on right. We decided it was worth a try. The place was more bar than restaurant, but the food was good. the place had only two other customers as it was mid afternoon and they hadn't taken their eyes off my wife since we walked in. I asked for the check and headed to the restroom with some urgency. I was there a long time and when I stepped back into the diner area, I was blown away. The two guys were at our table, one was kissing my… Read more

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Stella Maris SM Sex 6: Lesbian Love

BDSMFirst TimeLesbian Sex

FIRST FOURSOME SIESTA SEX OUTSIDE IN SHADOW -- FOREBODE FOR NICE NIGHT! Professor Peter gets the three teens all over him. S.M. dances his proud pole. Marina his face. Professor Peter looks at Saskia right next to him during all sexy siesta love long. She was first. Professor Peter waits whether she will confess the rendez-vous at a cute Camarque stop-over. Professor Peter will give each their turn to tell all: Also dirty dreams and their foxiest fantasies! Professor Peter postpones serious SM till second or third week. No need to scare them three. Professor Peter notices… Read more

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Funny Business Farm


Funny Business Farm Shortly after my parents were divorced, one of my fathers clients had passed away leaving everything to his now widowed wife. Dad received a call from the widow, requesting a meeting to discuss the widow's holdings. As their financial advisor for the last 8 years, he was familiar with their assets. They met in his office; folders spread across the desk, each representing all the real estate and business ventures she now owned exclusively. Dad explained that all of her holdings were lucrative businesses and that together they would keep her financial status without any iss… Read more

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Stella Maris SM 7: Cunning Confession 1

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

STELLA MARIS IS UP FOR INTIMATE INSPECTION -- COMES A CUNNING CONFESSION Stella Maris scores triple A at the intimate inspection of her bodily beauties. Next her experiences. She starts at teen times. Her father first hero. Next one her blonde ballroom beau. Too shy or gay? She has her first friend, who demands some sex. So she learns to jack him off. Is messy enough! Stella blossoms from first days at Amsterdam University. Same year as Marina. Not yet her friend. Stella Maris falls for the charms of the guy, who leads her dozen during first week's 'Introduction'. She is… Read more

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The Best Mom


t was a relatively cold night in November, so the air was certainly less than warm. My house was kind of chilly too, although most of the house was heated well. My room was usually a bit colder because of the bad insulation due to construction, but it wasn't unbearable. Nonetheless, during this night I was sitting in my room, watching television. My mother was in the living room, also watching television. I walked into the kitchen to get another drink, so I took a can of Pepsi out and walked into the living room for a minute, mainly out of boredom. For some reason, my mother looked overly… Read more

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Strange Dicks

Group SexHardcore

God I love anonymous sex with guys, preferably guys with a nice big dick, who only want to feel good, fuck their dicks in my pussy, and shoot their wad off. I don't want emotional entanglements. I like being a sex object and using a man as a mutual sex object. Less talking and more fucking. I like suggesting nasty and imaginative stuff to do and seeing a guy go for it and appreciate just pure raw sex and mutual pleasuring with no guilt, no embarrassment, and no regrets. Yesterday, I was in a gas station and saw a really hot guy in very tight jeans that showed a nice large bulge in his crotch… Read more

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My New Mom

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

My mother moved out of state when I was s*******n years old but I decided to live with my father for a lot reasons. It was my last year of high school and who wants to change schools that late in the game, my friends and this is where I grew up. Not wanting to change schools this late is what convinced my mother to let me stay with my dad but one day I woke up and decided I was done with school and never went back. The school would call every day to inform my dad of my absence and I had an excuse about why I missed it even though in reality I just was not going. One weekend my father w… Read more

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Stella Maris SM 8: Cunning Confession 2

BDSMFirst TimeMasturbation

STELLA MARIS TELLS ABOUT HER FIRST EVER REAL SEX & WHICH IS BEST POSITION Stella Maris falls finally in love, when she starts to trust him in bed, after a large barge-party. Stella Maris takes another month before she finds sufficient time & privacy during weekend. Stella Maris chooses a position from few he proposes, which suits & Is proper for ceremony. Stella Maris after dating him for four months finally becomes woman, when he comes in her! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------… Read more

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Mature couple enjoy shared delights


Her lovely arse was the first thing I saw as those swollen buttocks swivelled from side to side as she passed me to park herself at the adjacent table. Now I have a thing about mature ladies who wear girdles and just the thought that she could be wearing one sent tingles to my groin and my imagination into overdrive She was smart and quite nice and so I smiled and she obligingly returned it. Nothing unusual there – she was just being polite, wasn’t she? As she swivelled round to speak to the waiter I noticed that her dress was shorter than the usually demure ‘below the knee’ revealing a pair… Read more

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Old dirty voyeur (English version)


The old dirty voyeur David stood in front of his window. It was around 4 am, and he woke up because of some noise at the house across the street. This could mean only one thing: Kim had come home from a night out with her friends. His cock became stiff as he peeked outside his bedroom window, which was right across Kim's bedroom at the other side of the street. She almost always immediately closed the curtains when walking inside her bedroom as if she knew what he was doing, but this time he hoped for the best a… Read more

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Parental Party


I was 16, my hormones were racing, different new ideas coming into my head. This made my dick hard all the time. I found myself masturbating every couple of hours. I lived in a large house which made it was easy to get away from the rest of the family to tug one off. Many times I would go to my bathroom with my computer or fantasize about my neighbour a couple doors down. This would usually get my cock rock hard. I would pull it out of my pants, my dick dripping with pre cum. I would close my eyes and shoot my hot young load on the floor, sometimes I would say a girls name as I was cumming.… Read more

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The Queen of Spades bar n grill #1(rewrite)by Cowb

Interracial SexMatureFirst Time

part #1 (rewrite) Now it was a Friday night after a lo...n...g.... hard week of work so my co workers and I was going to relax and have a girls night out . There were 7 or 8 of us women. We worked for the highway department. And there was only one male in the whole bunch and that was our supervisor who was getting ready to retire in a couple more years. Well, my best friend out of the whole group of women was a woman by the name of Pam. And Pam was going to ride with me on this girls night out. She just left her car at the highway department where we worked, and when she got in I said, "well,… Read more

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mommy gets carried away


Mary looked at herself in the mirror. Ann had convinced her to buy the new underwear and, whilst Mary accepted that at 38 she still had a good figure, she felt very self conscious in the white lacy bra, matching thong, suspender belt and stockings. She hadn't meant to tell Ann about how Tony appeared to have gone off sex, it just came out. But Ann, as always, had an idea. At least sex was something at which Ann was a bit of an expert, having screwed any male she had come across since her husband left her. Ann had said that Mary should dress to thrill and she should also masturbate. "G… Read more

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My hot sister

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Let me introduce myself, my name is Tyler and I am 18. I live with my mother (Nancy) and my sister (Stephanie) and we live in Washington. My sister and I have both gone to public school our entire lives. All through high school my sister and I have been a grade apart and that has made a few things a little hard on me when it comes to her. You see, she is very popular and every guy in school wants to be seen with her. She is 18 years old is 5"4" and weighs about 110 pounds sopping wet. But by far the two things that all my friends and the other guys mention is her tits and ass. Even being her b… Read more

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Madison's Secret Desires


There's thick girls, there's chubby girls, then there is Madison. There was no polite way to put it...Madison was fat. She'd put on quite a bit of weight in high school, most of it in her butt. She didn't mind...she liked the way it looked, how it felt. Now nearly 19 and in her final year, she knew just what she liked. Most girls got their feelings hurt when they were called fat, but not Maddy. It actually made her horny. She didnt know why, but that didnt matter. just last week, she was walking down the hall to science class when she overheard some of the jocks making fun of her, how fat her… Read more

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As a young boy I visited my grand parents a lot My grand mother was a petite slim brunette with saggy tits nice pert bum cheeks She always dressed like a young girl short skirt and stockings When staying there I searched the linen box and found her soiled panty's and bra's I loved sniffing them like I did with my sisters at home My cock got erect all the time and I loved rubbing the silky panty's on my throbbing prick until I shot my load of hot semen into her panty's Gran started to look at me smiling One night I heard moaning coming from her bedroom I crept along the corridor and t… Read more

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My Mom and Sister


When I was 16 I lived with my parents and my older sister. She was studying body therapy, so twice a week she came home with a girlfriend colleague to practice massage in the afternoon, after classes. They took turns in practicing, and of course they enjoyed themselves. Both my parents work and arrive in the evening, so they had some privacy. They obviously undressed in the massage table and only covered their bodies with a towel, which they were removing to reveal the massaged area. That was actually too bad, but we lived in a small house and my sister and I shared a room, so I always found… Read more

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Moms Sleep Mask Secrets

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

…..I can no longer keep this to myself. Moms who find they can no longer resist the desire to be with their son sexually….this is for you. It may not work for you, but it sure the hell worked for me. I knew all the taboo stuff, but one event changed all that when my son was a young teen. …..I went out to our lawn shed in the back yard to get something, when I opened the door…there stood my son just as he was shooting cum as he jacked off. In a millisecond I didn’t close the door and leave, but I quick went in and closed the door. I’m still not sure why I did that. It was pretty dark in ther… Read more

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My Sister Pimped Me


Little Sister Pimped Me I was ten years the eldest c***d when my father died. I knew I had to go home and take care of Mom and sis. That’s what you’re supposed to do, right? Okay, so after the funeral I asked Mom if there was still room for me in the house. What do you think she said? “Johnny, you always have a room. I haven’t let anyone change your room since you left’. “Jeez, Mom, you just left it? Why on earth didn’t you do something with it”? As I heard myself speaking I heard my Dad’s voice coming out of me. I am twenty three now and already I’m sounding like my Dad. When I recognized thi… Read more

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Mature Lesley Puts On A Show


[Contains: M/Mature F, Hardcore, Impregnation & Babymaking] “Mmmmm….Uhhhhhhh....fuck....yes, that feels fantastic,” Lesley's moan was low and throaty. There was also a collective gasp from the other five women watching Lesley as she lowered herself onto the hard cock. Lesley took the entire length of cock underneath her, and moaned in appreciation. “I told you she was a dirty slut,” one of the watching women whispered. “Fucking slut,” another watching woman said under her breath. There was a giggle from the watching women, who were making out they didn't approve of Lesley's a… Read more

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Hot Mom

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

stepped through the door and watched her walk down the hall, her naked hips swaying in time with her long legs. I stood there a moment longer savoring the view of my mother's gorgeous body, then headed for the shower. I spent the next half hour or so getting myself clean and ready for what appeared to be our first "date". Sure, we'd been out together many times, in all kinds of situtations. I felt very comfortable being seen with my mother, anytime. She was that kind of woman: classy, intelligent, beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be with her? I knew full well that I was still envied by my male… Read more

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Slutty Little girl

First TimeMatureTaboo

Few months ago my friend mike revealed a deep and hot happening to me. He only told me cause im the only one who is fucked up enough to handle it. Mike got married to hot piece of ass a few months ago that he met in a titty bar. This woman was all ass and tits and i could tell that she knew how to fuck. That was nothing in comparison with her slutty step daughter (the father died about 2yrs ago) who was only eighteen. Ive seen her and pictured myself fucking her tight fat pussy. She was build like her mother. Big juicy tits and an ass i wanna spank. Anyway mike said that lucy his wif… Read more

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My Mother like my cook

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

"Do you know where your mother is?" Her voice quivered as she tried to control her emotions even as her beautiful, black eyes overflowed and a stream of tears ran down her left cheek. I was annoyed at having to wake up and come to the door because someone had been pounding on it for 5 minutes. That someone turned out to be a woman in her 50s. She was black with beautiful, clear skin. Her long silky hair fell to her back. Her chocolate brown face looked soft and well cared for with not even a single blemish on the creamy dark skin even though I could see strong lines around her eyes and… Read more

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Success with Daddy


Success with Daddy We live in a large A-frame house with three floors; a main living area with fireplace, kitchen and bathroom; a second floor with two bedrooms for Dad and my brother, Steve, and the top floor, really an attic space (we called it the loft) with a single room, Ashley and I shared. Our dressers were along the low hanging walls, with our beds between them, separated by about 4 feet of shared space. A balcony of sorts ran across the width of the room overlooking the living area below with an open staircase up one side. Our room was open with no door. ---------- I had waited so… Read more

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The boy next door

MatureInterracial Sex

My husband and i live in a quiet suburb where most of the c***dren have moved on to university or in to the city to be closer to the trendsetters. My husband had a veranda installed over our patio it is like a blind it can be open or closed the angle of the blinds can let sunlight in or be closed to stop rain coming through ,he bought a gym work out station a treadmill and a rowing machine . We have used this equipment for several months before i noticed that a young man was watching me go through my routine. I am in my early 40s part Maori, tall, long dirty blonde hair and long legs with smal… Read more

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The Camp Part 1

First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

I've been helping the past couple years at a summer camp as a counselor. Each camp lasts about four weeks and usually they have different themes, one being for young adults, another for special needs, etc. Since my husband is gone a lot wit business, it gives me something to keep myself out of trouble, at least usually it does. Well, last year towards the end of summer, the camp was for those with psychological issues, wasn't really sure was that involved at first, but I volunteered for it anyhow. Being a nurse, I didn… Read more

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My Niece grows up

First TimeTabooMasturbation

So there I was, standing under the shower, shaving my cock and balls, and leaving just a small, neatly trimmed patch of hair above my cock. The feeling of smooth balls and cock always made me horny, and I stepped out of the shower with a half an erection, my swollen cock jutting out at half-mast…. That’s when I saw my young niece standing staring wide-eyed at my cock with a look of total fascination. “Oh, I’m sorry” I said, “I didn’t hear you come in, the water was running” “That’s OK” she said, “I knew you were in the shower, I just wanted to see you!” “Well, you’ve seen all of me now!” I sai… Read more

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a hot story between mother son and his best friend


My Friend and Mom could go back to the way they were before. Every time I look at her I can't help thinking about what she's done. She doesn't know that I know. I wish things could go back to the way they were, but I also wish that I had a turn. 3 Months ago... "Dude let me borrow that porn where that chick gets doubled in her cunt." "Sure, it's in the closet" Jason said only half paying attention as he fought is way through the level of Zombies that attacked him on the TV. I rummaged through his closet looking for his porn box. "Hmm what are these?" I said holding a pair of burgun… Read more

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The story of my cousin Mary and I.


This is the story of how my real cousin Mary and I started our thing. Mary just turned 45 yrs old in February. She is divorced and has 3 k**s, 24yr Female, 22 yr old male and 17 yr old Ada (see my gallery for pics of her) In 2008 when I was 18, I started working where my cousin Mary was working. It’s there where we grew really close to each other. Before that we weren’t as close due the age gap (18yrs) She is more close to my moms age than mine. So at family functions she would always be with all the other older folks there. She being family they put me to train with her for a few weeks at… Read more

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My Son's Best Friend

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

My name is Jackie Falcone, I am 39, and live with my only son, Ricky, 16 years old. I have been divorced for 3 years, so Ricky is pretty much my life, as well as my professional career. Ricky’s best friend is Zack, who lives nearby. They study together since young k**s in K-12 and now they are in high school. They usually ride their bikes to school, but when the weather is bad one of Zack’s parents gives them a ride on their way to work and I pick them up. I am an architect and also do some handicraft, both from home, and I have more free time. Many times Zack stays with us after school to… Read more

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My BBW Mother In Law


Sometimes in life, opportunities just land on your lap at unexpected times and you need to be ready to take them as they are unlikely to ever be repeated. Having now started affairs with two women in their 60’s only a few weeks beforehand, to say I had my hands full was an understatement but I was getting regular sex and wasn’t complaining. What I have found in the past is if you are getting it regularly, women seem to magically know and further chances occur, but I was not expecting it to be with my mother in law, Alison. Having separated from my wife a few months ago I had barely… Read more

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Brookdale Ch 1

BDSMFirst Time

Brookdale The community of Brookdale is unique in so far as the normal accepted patterns of behaviour do not apply. The town has been built up on the basis similar to that of Stepford (The Stepford Wives novel) but, whereas Stepford was very much an idea that was concealed from the outside world, Brookdale has evolved so that outsiders are also aware of the premise that applies to the community. Brookdale is a town where, except for certain individuals, the majority of the women are openly subject to a regime dictated by the male population and are required to comply obediently with any inst… Read more

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Twink fem from around the way gets her ass used by


(fiction) I spun my truck around and headed back towards the store, it was about midnight on a Friday. I doubled back because I saw "her" car. Mia a slim sexy little trans who lived a few blocks down. She was home from college for a brief minute I supposed. She had graduated this past year. I pulled my truck up to the driver side of her car, I could see she was at the register paying for whatever it was she had gotten. I rolled my window down as she exited the store, "look at you Mia" I said as she walks up to her car. "Mr James? What are you doing?" She replies grinning. Oh me by… Read more

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I Just Love My In-Laws

Group SexTabooMature

he conversation was not going well. I knew I was losing the argument with my wife, Dawnette. I call it an argument but in truth it was only a discussion regarding the upcoming visit of her parents, Richard and Joyce. You could say we were a lucky couple. In the thirty-six years of marriage we may have had two or three real arguments. “I’m sorry I have to go to this training Mark. It was a last minute decision and it’s important for my pay raise and promotion. You know they like you more than me anyway.” Dawnette said as she was packing her suitcase. “They only like me more because I can fix t… Read more

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Farm Antics


Farm Antics ---------- It was a sweltering day. All the grass was turning brown, desperately needing rain and none in the forecast for at least a week. Running a horse-boarding farm with the heat of the days, there were few riders in the afternoon, until school lets out. The morning riders were the mature mothers of the schoolgirls who made up most of the clientele and they arrived very early when it was at least cooler. You would expect a barn full of a****ls would be like an oven, but above the stalls was the loft, where doors at each end opened, allowing a nice breeze. Lunchtime, the morni… Read more

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Tasting His Mother - (Part 1)


Exactly eight days have passed since our last encounter, and my Son seems very eager for more. I am totally captivated by his willingness to overcome the inherent conditions that exist between a Mother and her Son. My efforts to seduce his mind have been successful, and his aching virginity made it plausible. A hot steamy bath became the 'HQ' for planning my next move forward. It was a place where I could elevate arousal by caressing my wet naked body,... while imagining his reaction to my forecasted plan. In the past, my thoughts were carefully calculated in case it backfired, but… Read more

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A friends mom


5 Years ago, my best friend John and I graduated from high school. We had known each other since 1 st grade and we became like brothers as we grew older. John lived with his mother Jessica and older sister Vanessa. His mom and dad divorced when he was 7 and Jessica never remarried. Jessica and my mom were also best friends. They had met 11 years earlier at a group for divorced moms with k**s. My mom and dad had also divorced around the same time as John's parents. Jessica and my mom started hanging out when they learned that John and I went to the same school and over time, we all became very… Read more

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Awesome Mom


My experience all started when I was 16. Let me give you some background on my parents first. Both were from the same state on the East coast but never met until some years later. They both attended a Division A College in the Mid-West. My dad played football and mom played volleyball. My dad stood 6"'3", 250 lbs with dark hair and played tight end. My mom was 6', 150 lbs with blonde hair. Both could have been models. They met during their junior year and dated till the end of senior year when my mom got pregnant with me. Five years later my brother was born. My mom was only 21 at the time and… Read more

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My name is Paula. I am a very conservative and quiet person. I am in my mid thirties, happily married to John and have a boring sex life, he cums quick and has never made made me cum except with oral, and John’s not particularly well endowed. I thought I was normal until I stumbled across a web site on the computer that showed a guy with a huge cock. It was so large I didn't think it could be genuine. It just had to be electronically enlarged - didn't it? However I couldn't get the image out of my mind. When John and I went to bed that night and had sex, in my mind it was not John's small coc… Read more

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I love my Sister

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What do you do if you are in love with your own sister? You can try to ignore it, or even be rude to her so she keeps her distance. You can even try to block her out of your life completely. But, sooner or later, it'll be too much for you, and you will be drawn back to her. It's a bittersweet feeling, being close to the girl you love, yet not being able to show how you feel, since she is your own sister. You grew up with her, and watched her grow up, too. Yet, even through her bratty stage, or her hateful stage, you still love her more than any other girl in the world. I have this proble… Read more

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What Happens in Marbella

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Suzie needed time away from everything and a trip to Marbella was just the place. It was the land of the wealthy in South Spain, complimented with a beach stretching throughout for miles, bars and clubs that once hosted celebrities and people of outstanding looks and figures from around the world. Suzie wasn’t sure where she’d fit in, but dammit she was going to try it anyway. She came across a bar across the street from her apartment. After ordering cocktails from the same bartender she couldn’t help but notice his dark eyes glancing her way on occasions. He was young, 22 to 25, well-tanned,… Read more

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