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My Daughters Dildo


Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of the picture since right after her first birthday, so it’s been just the two of us for the past sixteen years. It wasn’t easy early on, but I managed to provide a stable home and raise a pretty good k**. I admit she was somewhat of a tomboy, but she was healthy and happy, did well in school, and the two of us got along great. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean I was at all prepared for puberty. It was something I’d avoided thinking about, but before I knew it there she was. My little girl… Read more

Posted by Synthia0590 2 days ago 33 28,303 96%

Mom wants my opinion

MatureTabooFirst Time

When I came home one night after being out with the guys, Mom and Dad were yelling at each other. Dad slammed the front door on his way out. Mom was crying and I could smell the booze. I was hoping Dad would come back home after he sobered up. I asked, “What’s the problem, Mom?” “It’s none of your dammed business.” I sternly responded, “Mom, it is my business. I love both you and dad.” “I don’t think your dad loves me any more.” “Mom, sit down and let’s talk.” “Alright, fix me another drink and fix one for yourself, too.” I knew she didn’t need anymore to drink, but I went ahead and fi… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 2 days ago 17 21,906 97%

Living with my Aunty Jane


What a great year this was turning out to be. I had just completed my internship with a company and was offered a full time job with a sister company in another state. I was excited about moving to a new city, but because of my reckless spending I did not have much money in the bank to afford a big move like this. It was depressing to know that after just turning twenty-five, I did not have much to show for my hard work. I was scheduled to begin my new job at the beginning of the next month so time was certainly a factor. I racked my brain trying to think of a solution but just was not coming… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 2 days ago 17 11,876 98%

My friend's mom Jayne

MatureTabooFirst Time

I always loved older women. It was a fantasy of mine to be with one. I mean how many 21 year old boys do not want to be? My name is Dan, I'm an average 21 year old guy. I am about five foot eight, hundred seventy pounds, six and a half inch cock, and did alright with the girls. I just wanted more, I wanted a mature women to rock my world. My friends and I would always hang out at our friend Chris's house, he was very rich. Every night we would go over there hang out in his basement, have a few beers, normal stuff nothing crazy. Chris's mom was pretty flirtatious. She would be down there all… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 3 days ago 12 9,311 98%

Wife Comes Home Drunk


My wife was excited to see some old friends. They were headed out to dinner, and it had been quite some time since she had gone out without spouses or k**s. So I know she really needed this. It had also been some time since she had any alcohol. Just too busy with life, so her tolerance must have gone way down I guess. She headed out to dinner, and I got the k**s to bed and watched some tv. She wasn't going to be gone long. This wasn't a party night. Just some girlfriends, dinner, some wine, then back home to waiting husbands. Once the k**s where down, I pulled up some porn and started edging m… Read more

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Accident leads to helping Hand


One of my wife’s work friends was in a car accident. Her name is V, she is a tiny Romanian woman in her mid forty’s, fairly good looking; I’d say about 5ft 1in 90 pounds. Any way she broke her right arm, and her left wrist, as well as 2 fingers when the air bag went off. She lives on her own and doesn’t have many close relatives or friends near by. We went to visit her the next day. She was expected to leave the hospital on this day, she was crying saying she doesn’t know what to do, and she won’t be able to take care of her self until her wrist heals, the doctor told her, that she should hav… Read more

Posted by Retrografx 6 days ago 3 7,568 98%

Sis in Law needs help


I had been semi-retired for a few years at this point. My wife was still working as a full time nurse, and I did some consulting from a home office a few days a week. But mostly, I spent my days lounging around, jerking to porn, and generally just enjoying the lack of responsibility. So when my wife's younger sister got into a car accident and needed come stay with us, I was not too pleased. Her sister was in her late 40s, decent body, and pretty I guess. She never had married, maybe she was a bit too crazy for more men. So when she had her accident and broker her arm and leg badly, my wife… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 6 days ago 5 6,105 97%

My Mom has saggy hangers

TabooMatureFirst Time

I peered through the half opened door. She had her back to me. She was at the sink. She had nothing on, naked as a jaybird. I suspect the door was closed when she went in there, but it slipped open a bit She began to turn around. I backed up a little bit making sure I was not in plain sight. She turned around and her giant tits swayed back and forth as she did. Wow they were amazing, well to me at least. These tits were not a man's' ideal tit. These tits were a size H, and they had some years to them. Naturally a size H tit would sag without age, add the fact that she was 55 and had 2 k**s and… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 3 days ago 5 6,200 100%

I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Coming Of Age Prese

First TimeTaboo

[It was 2003 and I was 39. At the time I was going out with a girl called Ann. Ann was a year older than me. She had two daughters. Katie And Claire who were twins , their Coming of Age birthdays due on the 22nd of August. You would not have thought they were twins. Both had slim pert titted figures but Katie was a Redhead and Claire a Brunette. Both lovely and fuckable. Both about just over 5ft tall. Absolutely gorgeous. It all started on Saturday 9th August. It was about 4pm. I had been to the pub was laid on the settee, watching the TV with a can, when i heard the front door open and then… Read more

Posted by sparkyboro3 5 days ago 1 5,568 100%

My Early Years

TabooMasturbationFirst Time

They say that early life experiences make you who you are today. I am the youngest of 5 having 4 older sisters so grew up in a very female orientated household. With a decade between the five of us I grew up seeing my sisters in various stages from adolescence to adulthood. I grew much closer to my sister Lisa who was closest in age, just over a year’s difference. My earliest memory was being dumped round my aunties with Lisa and being dumped on the floor with a colouring book while my auntie sat in the chair watching television, as I looked up from my book I saw right up her skirt. This, my… Read more

Posted by britguy 5 days ago 6 5,539 90%

Granny and Me

TabooMatureFirst Time

I posted this earlier, but accidently deleted the pic, now I can not find it, so added a similar one Over the summer time I would occasionally visit my grandmother for weekends, sometimes a week at a time. I love my grandma, and she loves me. She was about 58, and still very great looking. She always did light workouts to keep in shape, and she has a nice body. Her tits are very large for her age - not saggy, but firm. She was a very attractive lady for her age. It was late June. I talked to mom and she said I should visit. My grandmother was a very lonely woman, because her husband passed a… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 4 days ago 14 5,430 100%

Mom's New Man - Part 1


My father died suddenly at the age of 51. My mother was 49. I was an only c***d and was 25 when my father died. That was two years ago. Six months later, my wife of 2 years died in a car accident. I had routinely visited my mother and was worried about her because she and my dad had been very close and loved each other very much. She seemed to be getting more and more depressed with each of my visits. After my wife died, I was really struggling with all of the loss and my mom and I spent more time together because neither of us had anyone left. Occasionally, we would sit at the table talking a… Read more

Posted by jamesmasters40 4 days ago 5 5,169 97%

Buddy's wife


Back when we were younger and partying like we were, some friends met us at a lake house. It was another couple, and they came to spend the day with my wife and I. They showed up having already drank a bit, and after a few hours of drinking in the sun, we were all pretty wrecked. We continued the party out on the lake drinking in a boat as the sun beat down on us. A of a sudden a rain storm came out of nowhere and the four of us where soaked through. Good thing we had all been in bathing suits. But the rain was enough to make us head back to the house. As we got off the boat, the first thing… Read more

Posted by Chatfun77 3 days ago 5 5,259 100%

A fun night with my GF

Lesbian SexFetish

Like every Friday night lately me and GF come home from the bar where we had several drinks and chats with some friends of ours. As I close and lock the front door my GF (who's already quite tipsy by now) immediatly walks to the fridge to get some more drinks. I shout that I'll be in the bedroom and to bring a glass for me as well. As we watch some television and drink our glass of wine on the bed me and gf already start to stroke eachothers legs and giggle to each other. It's already been like a week since we last did sex together, and every friday the urge to enjoy each other ish at it's… Read more

Posted by Darxie 2 days ago 5,821 79%

Swinging in Italy

Group Sex

As a family we took a trip overseas this summer, and had a wonderful time. The weather was great, the flights were too, even Michael came home with a smile. While in Italy we met a couple, while dining in a seedy village. The streets were narrow and made of stone, many people strolled the walks. Neighboring taverns provided the fuel, you could walk while sipping a drink. The atmosphere was fully charged, I too didn't wear a bra. Skirts were short and so was mine as we cruised the Italian crowd. Both Keith and I were very aroused by the freedom the village expressed. Open doors and curtain… Read more

Posted by leggyone 2 days ago 3 5,533 100%

Our Babysitter and Her Mother


Our Babysitter and Her Mother By Wonder_Dad - Story #11 - Downgraded Again Throughout our marriage, the wife was getting restless wanting time alone, either with me or with her girlfriends. I placed an ad in the local newspaper seeking a babysitter. I thought we would be swamped with responses, but after two weeks, there had been only one call. We had decided to interview all candidates in person, before making a choice. We met with the young lady, but she was really way too young, barely a year older than our daughter was. Since there had been only one reply, our hopes were almost completel… Read more

Posted by Wonder_Dad 4 days ago 3 4,919 100%

Grandpa's Treat


I am a retired gent, fairly fit for my age but due to a few health issues I didn’t get out much. My usual summer wear for indoors consisted of an open front shirt and baggy shorts, I never was a fashion icon. My days usually consisted of a short walk to the paper shop to get a paper and then lounging about watching TV or a bit of gardening, nothing that would make a good story until today. The sun was shining and I had been for my short walk to the paper shop, I settled down with a cup of tea and a read of the latest news, the radio was on in the back ground. The doorbell rang, I wasn’t expect… Read more

Posted by britguy 3 days ago 11 4,949 100%

the neighbor guy


I was sitting around the house relaxing and had on my sissy outfit like most of the time. I had on red nylons this time along with red and black garter belt black open cup bra and black 6” high heel sandals. I was just kind of sitting at the computer and was looking at pictures and videos. I was getting horny and started to play with my nipples and stroke my cock a little. I did not notice at first but I had the curtains open and the neighbor was outside in his back yard doing yard work. He was younger then me and was nice as I had met him a few times but got the impression that he was gay bec… Read more

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First TimeTabooLesbian Sex

me and my middle sister was playing around the house just being bored it was just me and her until are older came home and went right up stairs i looked at Sidney and scratched my head as me and her watched are older sister Donna having a hard time to go up the stairs and as she going up the stairs she taking her clothes off I thought to myself she must be getting in the shower. This was a long time ago this happened I remember a lot of it but not all of it Donna went up stairs me and sid new she was fucked up on something a few hours go by we are watching tv I hear Donna call my name she call… Read more

Posted by twohandsfullplus2277 6 days ago 3 4,710 76%

high school drop out

First TimeTaboo

I was 23 years old, and working as a math teacher at a grade school in an inner-city school. most of these k**s didnt have much, their parents were basically dirt-poor. Everyday I would see these cute petite little girls walking around with their perfectly petite flawless bodies and innocent faces. I was teaching 8th grade math at the time, at the end of class one day, one of my students rebecca came up to me sobbing. I had always noticed her, she looked much older then 14. this girl was so perfect, 5'1 maybe 90lbs, blonde hair and so petite. she had the cutest innocent voice. she came up to a… Read more

Posted by zoej991 5 days ago 3 4,685 86%

My BBW Mom


Dedicated to BBW lovers Hey guys, I’m Dan. I am your average 23 year old boy, super horny. I was not a late bloomer when it came to losing my virginity, I was 16, but it was a once time sloppy fuck with the school tramp, and that was it. . I started looking at my mom sexually at around 18, but I figured it would go away and that I was just so desperate for sex anyone was looking good to me. My desire for my mom grew. She is my biggest fantasy. She is 54 years old about 5'5 and 280 pounds. She is the reason for my love of BBW women. Whenever I am watching porn or am getting with a girl I always… Read more

Posted by DirtyDan1952 6 days ago 18 4,626 97%

Drunk Wife Past Out At Party

MatureGroup SexVoyeur

D Mrs s is 5”4, nice tits with nice nipples that get so hard when she is horny. She like to wear very short skirts and low cut top's . She like's her dresses to be very short and she don't wear underwear . it is so nice to see her nipples through her top or dresses. I love seeing her fucked by other men So, one day a couple we know was having a party on the Saturday night. My wife had some white wine through the day about four of them she was getting a bit drunk and when she gets drunk she gets very horny. so I asked her to wear her nice short blue dress the dress just come to the bottom of h… Read more

Posted by NaughtyMrMrsS 3 days ago 1 4,729 92%

The blind daddy

Interracial SexGay MaleFirst Time

He was my first even 5 years laters I still remember how I felt once he move to the neighbor it has been my first year of university in the big montreal city I came here for college then endup attending university after a boring internship I was in my appart smoking weed on a friday afternoon when he moved in the big truck had been parked on the street near mine all day, guys getting things in until afternoon when i walk my dog and met him , his Mira dog meeting mine i welcome him offering my hand for a hand shake , stupid enought not to undrstand he was blind, the glasses and the red scra… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 2 days ago 1 5,169 88%

Impregnated By Black Cock

Interracial Sex

I am a normal, everyday housewife, with a husband who loves me and a beautiful daughter. My name is Megan, and I still look very good at 32 years old, being 5'5" tall and weighing 125 pounds, with shoulder-length, natural blond hair and sparkling green eyes. My husband Ed is 35 years old and works as an editor for a book publishing house in New York City, and he always tells me how pretty and sexy I am. I am trim and fit from frequent workouts at the gym, and I have full and firm DD-cup breasts that look big for my small frame. But Ed says that my best features are my firm, heart-shaped ass an… Read more

Posted by hottniklez 3 days ago 1 4,623 93%

A Dysfunctional Family


It was late and I was a bit drunk as I made my way down the hallway to our bedroom in the dark. Light was coming from my study I looked in the door and my metro step son was sitting at my desk watching porn on the internet. I stopped to watch curious what 16 year old boys watch. One was called Sissiffication and showed image after image of beautiful young women sucking cock. Big cocks. It had words on flashing through the images "Suck Dick " "Lots of Dick" . The images changed to faces of beautiful girls wearing lots of make up. Dresses from elegant to slutty. More words Fuck Cock etc... My st… Read more

Posted by hornybiker99 3 days ago 4,518 100%

The Doctors Home Visit


The following morning I had a lay in, I had nothing planned apart from the good doctor’s visit. I showered and then pondered what to wear, hell it was hot so a pair of baggy shorts and tee shirt would fit the bill. My morning was full of anticipation, I can’t tell you how many times my cock got hard just thinking of the Doc and how I was determined to get into her panties. Time was dragging but the afternoon arrived and I waited patiently for her arrival, I heard a car pull up and dashed to the window and couldn’t believe my eyes as the good doctor stepped out of her car, she was dressed in a… Read more

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First time I touched a cock

FetishTabooGay Male

I definitely don't consider myself gay. In fact, I wouldn't even say I am bi. So you may be wondering, then how the hell did I end up touching a cock. Let me start by explaining what gets me off. I love women, specifically I love my wife's naked body. When I jerk off, or get off, I am always thinking about a woman, or with a woman. Over time, getting off to pictures of my wife naked, and sniffing her panties, led me to think about other's enjoying her. I started to picture guys jerking to her pictures, which led to fantasizing about her fucking other guys in front of me. Again, the guy is no… Read more

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Caught with Panties in Hand!


A few year's ago, I was busted by my mother in law pleasuring myself to her panties. Let me back up a bit with this story to explain. My in-laws had a nice lake house only a short drive from our house. Most summers we would go there for a weekend, as would my wife's siblings with their wives. For a panty sniffer this was absolute heaven. I could look forward to my mother and sister's in law all changing clothes a few times each weekend, and leaving their dirty panties in their half unpacked overnight bags, or balled up on the ground to be cleaned later. I couldn't have asked for better panty… Read more

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The Old Lady


There's this older lady in my neighborhood and she is impressive, 79 years old and walks 3 miles at a quick pace twice a day. Now add to that the fact that she's always wearing an ankle length skirt. To talk with her, you learn the thought processes have slowed a bit with age, but she's a "wrinkler" that is fit physically. I noticed that every time she walks the neighborhood, it aligns with when my wife is either napping or not at home. I took advantage of this timing to stand in front of my large picture window naked, stroke it till it was engorged, just in time for her to walk by. She alway… Read more

Posted by KY_Traveler65 2 days ago 5 4,304 10%

Dee's Bib Boobed Mom - the prelude


One Friday night Dee and I partied with her sister Paula and her boyfriend, Tom. We played strip poker and Dee took Tom into her bedroom and Paula and I stayed in the living room. 4 hours later Tom and Dee came back in the living room, Paula and I had smiles on our faces, and we were all totally satisfied. Tom had to leave early the next day, Dee and Paula went shopping, and I hung around for a while before heading back to my place. I was ready to jump in the shower when I heard a knock at the door. It was Dee and Paula’s mom, Maryann. Maryann had the tit genes that she gave her daughters. Onl… Read more

Posted by joew1956 5 days ago 3,955 100%

Being Neighborly


I left work early one day, and just wanted to go home to rest. Once I got home I noticed that my cute Korean neighbor, (I call her Hiccup, because I can’t seem to pronounce her name) had just got home we exchanged hellos and went about our business. I was watching TV when I saw her husband get into his delivery truck and left, since this was Tuesday I knew that he would be gone for the next day. But I didn’t think anything else of it. Now as neighbors we don’t talk to each other much, and when we do, it’s either just our hellos or maybe a couple of sentences and that’s all. What got me thinkin… Read more

Posted by Retrografx 6 days ago 1 3,892 100%

A cold and rainy night

Lesbian SexMasturbationMature

My loving husband had flown away on business two days before that cold, windy and horrid night. All the afternoon a cold rain had made the day look even worst. Worst of all, the electric power had been knocked out for nearly ten hours and now it was very dark outside on the streets. There was nothing to do, except lay on the big sofa covered by a couple blankets, trying to stay warm. It was almost midnight; when I heard a light tapping on the front door. I got up to answer. It was Barbie, our blonde sexy neighbor from across the street. Her nice round body was covered just by a t-shirt… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 2 days ago 2 4,417 95%

Watching Daddy

First TimeTabooVoyeur

---------- Watching Daddy ---------- It started very casually; it was his design to be noticed but aloof. The young teenage girl seemed to be alone sitting on the bench with her lunchbox looking across the area. Several of the workers were doing their various chores, raking, shoveling or just cleaning up debris. No one paid any attention to her on the bench in the small grotto that blended in with the surroundings. She seemed fascinated with watching Dad load the wheelbarrow carting debris back and forth to the dumpster. The sweat bled thru his t-shirt in growing dark splotches as he worked.… Read more

Posted by frolicwonder 6 days ago 9 3,898 100%

The pastor and his wife

MatureFetishFirst Time

I had to share as I cannot stop thinking about last night. For many months I have been having sex with my pastors wife. Well we had this thing that friday nights she was doing maid work for me. I had thought that was her story for slipping out to be with me. Well last night instead of her showing up alone she came with her husband. I let them in sweating bullets making an excuse how I forgot its friday. Well the pastor then proceeded to tell me that the 3 of us needed to talk. I was panicking as he began into the fact I was ducking his wife and he knew this the whole time. I was so caught ther… Read more

Posted by longhood80 5 days ago 2 3,861 95%

The New Neighbors….

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

I watched the movers bringing things in all day trying to get a peek at who would be moving in next door, but just couldn’t seem to catch a glimpse. The truck came and went and that was that, so I moved on with my day. As I was busying myself tidying up the house a bit I suddenly heard a knock on the door. Opening it I see a beautiful sweet new face staring back at me a bit shy, but welcoming. She explains that she and her husband just moved in and she just wanted to introduce herself. Ecstatic to finally get the chance to see who the new neighbors were, I invited her in for coffee. She expl… Read more

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AnalFirst TimeTaboo

October 30th, 10:15pm.... <i style="">Your best friend Rhonda drove you home from the Fraternities' annual "ALL HALLOW's Eve" party. You were too drunk to drive and she was pissed at her boyfriend whom she caught fucking the "OTHER" Sorority's #1 SLUT.... Rhonda parked the car behind the Sorority house and left you alone since you would not wake up. She figured you'd come inside once you were cold. She didn't know "someone", ME, was in the back seat hiding. I had been 'creeping' on the two of you for the pas… Read more

Posted by gkcguy 4 days ago 3,897 73%

Life's a Beach


"Why don't we go away this weekend?" I asked Trish as I muted the advertisement on the television. "You could take Friday off, maybe Monday, we could drive up the coast or something!" My wife looked up from her laptop and grimaced. "It's a bit short notice. It's going to be hot this weekend isn't it? You know I don't like the heat." "Well yeah, that's the idea of going to the beach." I encouraged. "Come on, we haven't gone anywhere in ages. You could do with a break." Again she looked not overly enthused. "We're really busy at work right now!" "I know, that's why you need a break. They're… Read more

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1st meeting with Cheating wife Joy story and pics

First TimeInterracial Sex

Cheating wife Joy now divorced I have had any and all types of sex in any and all types of places with Joy. We have been fucking almost weekly over the last two years. She recently divorced her husband and said I had nothing to do with it. But I wonder how much is my fault. I mean I have been fucking the shit outta her literally anytime and anywhere I wanted. Over the next few weeks I will share some of the sexual adventures she and I have shared. We have had sex in the most crazy and random spots more often than in my bed. Our friendship has been exclusively sexual as we have had sex over 100… Read more

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Fucking my dad's older co-worker


I’ve been unemployed for over a month now and been filling my days with looking for a job and occasionally rubbing my clit to some good porn. Today’s no different. While I was getting all wet on some hot rough porn video’s, I noticed that someone sent me a private message on my social media page. I quickly changed tabs to see who it was. To my surprise, I had received a message from an old family friend. He used to be a colleague of my dad’s. The family has known him for several years now. A few times we met up to have a drink and for him and dad to “catch up”. To be honest, he kinda turns me… Read more

Posted by Mienotaur 3 days ago 4 3,764 100%

A Daughter-in-Law's Love


It had been a year since my father-in-law's wife passed away. Ed, who is retired, was not handling the loss well. It had been years since Ed lived by himself. He was lonely and depressed. It was winter and my husband Jon suggested he take a break from the cold of Chicago and visit us in Arizona. I always enjoyed Ed and welcomed his visit. The first week was a bit strained. Ed was uncomfortable and stressed. I tried to get him to take part in various activities however, except for meals, he preferred staying in his room watching TV or reading. Monday, Ed slept late while Jon and I ate break… Read more

Posted by Adommann 4 days ago 1 3,689 92%

A pleasant flight after all


Ana had driven me to the airport. She looked sad when she kissed me goodbye, thinking about my long trip across the country; I would be away from home at least one entire week. It was late; almost midnight, when I finally boarded the plane. Some minutes passed and then I thought to myself it would be my lucky night; because just few more passengers were boarding: the plane looked as it would leave almost empty. I had two empty seats by my side and I was hoping they would remain empty… The flight would be long and I really needed to take some rest before arriving to my destination. The d… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 2 days ago 2 4,163 100%

My new girlfriends mom part two


i have been having an affair with my girlfriends mom for the past three months. The one thing i love about her is the sex is almost never exactly the same. Some nights, she wants love of foreplay, others just to cuddle, and eventually a slow, erotic fuck. Other times, she just spreads her legs exposing her wet hairy pussy and i dont need any encouragement from that point. Her mom has kind of a strange looking nose, its a rather big nose on a smaller lady. She had mentioned to me midway through our affair that she had wanted to get a nosejob. i begged her not to, i said, you kind of remind me… Read more

Posted by Ace_of_Pents 6 days ago 3 3,573 100%

Caught by friends

Gay MaleFirst Time

I've been chatting and sharing about my first time sorry for any typos but I'm going to share the whole story hope you enjoy. When I was a teenager I was supposed to be at the local pool about a block from my house. Well knowing both my parents would be at work I rode my bike back home I loved jerking off while wearing my mother's panties on this day I got a little more daring knowing I had 4 hours alone I stripped down went to her panty drawer and looked thru it I found a white lace teddy I got hard just looking at it thinking about how it would feel on my cock it had a high cut thong back I… Read more

Posted by boarhead82 2 days ago 8 3,823 87%

Mom's New Man - Part 2


Mom and I had been enjoying our arrangement for almost two years. I would come home from work and she, more days than not, would be ready for me with dinner and sex or sex and then dinner. I provided her a better living than she ever experienced. She managed the money with terms we agreed to - saving a certain percentage, maintaining the home, paying the bills, etc, and she could spend whatever was left however she chose. We talked and planned all aspects of our lives together just like a husband and wife would do. Yet we never got into a rut. She was always exploring new ways to turn me on (a… Read more

Posted by jamesmasters40 3 days ago 3,679 95%

First Nude Beach Adventure!


My husband (Roger) and I are not swingers, but we are exhibitionists. He loves to show me off to other men, especially at the beach. We live in Europe, so he insists on me going topless and wearing only a tiny thong to sunbathe in. My husband likes to see the effect I have on other men. This is a true story that took place on the beautiful Greek island of Skiathos. I am a little nervous writing this, as my husband does not know the whole story, and he is an avid reader on this site. I have changed the names to keep our anonymity. We were staying at a gorgeous hotel in the middle of Skiat… Read more

Posted by altaff143 2 days ago 3,871 100%

Fucking My Dear Sister


Fucking My Dear Sister By; Londebaaz Chohan It was so much fun; thrashing hard and harder into my sister and seeing her enjoying it with her muffled moans enticing me to fuck her even harder slamming my full length in her pussy and making a loud clapping noise as my shaved pubic bone rammed her. Thankfully it was late at night plus our grandparents lived in this huge property with vast backyard, decently far from the neighbors; we were well aware that no one shall be alarmed to catch us fucking; out in the moonlit backyard. For some stupid reason; I was not enjoying fucking her in the… Read more

Posted by londebaaz 5 days ago 1 3,412 95%

Craving The Pain From My Son


Ever since I went through puberty, I have always enjoyed the sensations attached to the feelings I get when being whipped. Long before I married my husband, I used to beat myself with a small and slender rattan cane, while I masturbated furiously. I’d close my eyes and dream that a powerful man held me down and whipped my tender ass until I was delirious with the burning orgasmic pain that fueled a fully pent up release. For years after getting married and even after giving birth to two c***dren, a son (Todd) and a daughter (Samantha), I continued to at first suggest, then plead and then fina… Read more

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Little girls do grow up

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Little girls do grow up This is quite a longish story so I hope you don’t get bored, it all started a few years back when our c***dren were younger and we holidayed with friends and their k**s.. Two weeks camping in France was the usual; all the c***dren got on well and usually bought along a friend. As the k**s got older then people dropped out of the camping holidays but one family and their 2 daughters and one of their friends remained until the eldest girl was 16. We were always at the beach during the day and had a great time. The sea got rough in the afternoon and riding the big waves wa… Read more

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(Just a couple curious youngsters...)

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(This story is 80% truth. I'll let you; the reader, distinguish fantasy from truth) The one true best friend that I've ever had was a boy named Sean. He moved to my neighborhood when he was just f***** years old and I was barely s******. When I was very young I realized just how sensitive my genitals were, how to finger my little boy "pussy"; and, that I was sexually insatiable!! Around the same time of my young sexual awakening; I decided that Sean was someone I could use to get off with or on, depending on my point of view at the time!! I knew he'd enjoy it too!! He and I bec… Read more

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Fucked my Teacher

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When I was at college we had a really enthusiastic teacher called Ms Johnson, she was a hot tall woman in her mid thirties, with short brunette hair and slim fit body which she often showed off wearing small t-shirts and tight jeans. Now she usually taught art, but one day one of the other teachers organised a field trip to a local forest, and she volunteered to help out. As it happened I was also on that field trip, as it was part of our geography course, and when Ms Johnson turned up in the car park to meet us at the minibus, we couldn't believe our eyes because she was dressed in a tight ca… Read more

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