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11. Tom’s New Gaff

This is probably the last one I'll be uploading - my mate wants me to go elsewhere with them as there doesn't seem to be much interest here - having looked at the stories that receive large numbers of views / comments he reckons if it doesn't involve gay male sex or BDSM it's not worth submitting. Since this tale is about 90% true and neither of those have (or will) happen there doesn't seem a lot of point in continuing

I was awoken early by a curious yet familiar sensation and lifting the quilt was not surprised to see a blond head laid in my crotch licking and sucking at my cock an... Continue»
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My s****r the bitch

My s****r the bitch


Susie leave your b*****r alone. He's at that age it just happens.
Can't he do anything about it?
It will go down, stop looking at it. How can I? It's very noticeable. Susie just look at his face.
Jeez mom.

Mike, mom said don't you masturbate to help yourself? I do but it just comes back again. Well in a way that's good.

Later that evening mom was out of the house. My s****r came ... Continue»
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Jodie Pays Off Her Debt

My name was Gary and I'm married. I just turned fifty years old and even though I have a good sex life with my wife, I still had a fantasy of having sex with Jodie.
She works with my wife at the Citizens Bank in town and is fifteen years younger.
Jodie had some financial issues and when it rained it poured on her. Her Chevrolet Caviler just broke down and she didn't have the cash to get it repaired. So unbeknownst to my wife, I lent Jodie three hundred and twenty-five dollars to get her car back on the road. Jodie promised to pay me back without my wife knowing.
Four months had passed and ... Continue»
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Saturday Morning

Normally I hated the school bus. Living in a small town meant a forty-five minute ride from the closest thing that we had to a local high school, forty-five minutes that could be better spent doing anything else. Like I said, normally I hated the bus, but Thursday had been anything but normal. The long trip home started as usual, with the cool k**s sitting in the front and a few of us rejects sitting in the back. I took my usual seat in the very last row behind the driver, Ms. Simpson, and my buddies Jim and Kevin across the aisle. Sarah, the cute brunette from my trailer park usually sat in f... Continue»
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Mom and s*s

Fun with mom and s*s in Italy
My name is John and I am about to tell you about the most exciting vacation or any two week period I have ever experienced. I am 19 years old and have one s****r named Susan one year older than me. Mom and dad; Liz and Bob are 40 and 45 - a normal f****y so far. Something that will enable the following story and its events to take place is maybe not surprisingly my penis. He is not an ordinary penis, dick or cock or whatever you may call him, he is big enough to raise eyebrows, big enough to cause fascination and most of all, pleasure to me and others. He measur... Continue»
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My mom's best friend gets fucked!

Let me start with this, my mom's best friend is HOT. They have been friends since grade school. When I was a k**, I spent a lot of time with her. She would watch me when my mom traveled. If I got out of line, she had no problem putting me over her knee and swatting my ass. I always thought she was beautiful and was attractive. As I got older, I developed a huge crush on her. She is sexy and classy. Ine day we had a party at our house and she was there. There were some people I didn't really know there too. One guy, seemed cool, I could tell was checking her out. She must have no... Continue»
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The Best Wife and Mother In Law Ever

My wife is 8 months pregnant. She is so uncomfortable. It's hard for her to get up and down easily. It's difficult to turn over in bed. She feels ugly and unattractive ( though I don't ).

We've discussed having her mom come to stay with us her final month of pregnancy and maybe the first month after the birth of our c***d. Nothing strenuous; just light cleaning, washing, cooking, and shopping. I'll do anything to help. It's just hard to do and work too.

Her mom showed up one month to the day before the baby was born.

I've known Sally for ten years. She is the best mother in law. Never... Continue»
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hot for horses

Cousin Hot For Horses

Barbi quivered with fuck-lust as she reined in the black stallion. She climbed off and stroked the horse's powerful neck.

"You're terrific, Beauty," she said, her words coated with passion. Riding the sleek stallion had the crotch of her panties soaked and she hoped the hot buttery pussy juices hadn't seeped through to her riding pants.

Beauty neighed and nuzzled his nose to the teenager's neck. His thick tail swished as the young girl scratched at his forehead. Barbi shivered and led the horse into the stable.

"I'll be back tomorrow," she promised as she lock... Continue»
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Girlfriends Mom Fucks My Ass (Part 2)

Part 2 - Continuing on from Girlfriends Mom Makes Me Cum

A few months went by after the first encounter with my girlfriends mom Julie. I couldn't stop thinking about that night, the way she made me cum, the way she took the dildo and pushed it into my tight ass was just amazing. Since then we haven't spoken about what happened , it was our dirty little secret least I think so. Julie had a s****r who she told everything to but i'm hoping this stayed quiet. We carried on as normal with our day to day lives, Julie had a new energy to her though which was noticeable in the way she dressed ar... Continue»
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My s****r catches me, and then wants to join in.

Back in those good ol' days of Rock 'n' Roll I swear that we played our music louder -- even louder, than we do now. Perhaps that was just because I in particular couldn't afford decent earphones but whatever the reason, we'd turn the sound up high enough to rattle the roofs and windows -- and then wonder why it was that we all had troubles with our hearing years later!

But in those days of the 1970s and onwards we were happy doing 'our thing' whenever we had freedom to do so. I had my collection of tapes that I treasured above much else -- hell, I can still remember so many of them. AC/DC,... Continue»
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Mature Curvy Step Mom

I let myself in to the house and there was my step mom, relaxed on the sofa wearing a large oversize strappy vest top and nothing else from what I could tell. Her hair was wet from a shower or bath wrapped up in a towel and you could easily see the shape of her large saggy tits as she moved to get up.

“I didn’t think you would be calling tonight” Lisa said with a smile and held out her arms for a cuddle.
“I was working close by” I said as we cuddled and I could smell the fresh shampoo on her wet hair as we hugged tight.
“How is he?” I asked as we parted
“Doing alright,” she added, “He’s ... Continue»
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Caught Mom Giving Stranger Blow Job

Coming back from the pub after last orders one night, I heard the groans of a courting couple down the ally on our housing estate. I took a quick look and was totally dumbstruck when I saw it was my mother on her knees sucking this fat bloke off.

“What and the hell are you doing,” I shouted at them
Mom let slip his semi hard cock from her mouth and stood up, pulling her skirt down as she did.
“You get home,” I shouted to mom and grabbing her arm “And you can fuck off and leave her alone” I shouted to the bloke.

I dragged mom home with not a word said until we were in the kitchen
“What... Continue»
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k9 s****r


Gail Barkley spread her legs wider, fondling her naked pussy with increasing urgency. She could feel more and more juice seeping from the walls of her aroused cunt, and she moaned softly as she continued to make love to herself with her hand.

"Oh, wow, Scotty, I'm really horny today!" the young teenager said with a little giggle, glancing at the Irish terrier that sat next to her on the living room floor.

Gail's face suddenly sobered and she moaned again as an icy-hot wave of tingling fuck-lust swept through her. Her cheeks flushed and sweat began to ooze out from her ... Continue»
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"Take off my panties!"

My Mom and Dad did their best to tough it out but, eventually, they both saw handwriting on the wall and decided to call it quits. Well, Dad and I ended up in a cheesy condo in Reseda for about 18 months while mom and my two s****rs got the house and the cars. Dad and I were not too thrilled about all of this and those weren't particularly happy times for us. Then Dad met Cynthia. I had to hand it to him, she was fine! She was a widow and that was unfortunate but she and her daughter Kristin had ended up with the nice house in Porter Ranch and the cars and so on. Dad put the moves on Cyn... Continue»
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My Aunt

My Aunt's Sex Tool

"Hey Aunt, hey Sonia, how's it going, it's been a long time since the last time I saw you two," I said as I finally arrived at my aunt's house.

"Hey Tommy, you look great, go ahead and make yourself at home," my aunt said as I laid my stuff in her guestroom.

My aunt and my cousin, Sonia, lived alone in a very nice upscale house, which they had acquired when my uncle died of a heart attack. My aunt was a very attractive lady, in her mid thirties, and my cousin Sonia was a very attractive teen.

My aunt was about 5'4, 110 lbs., she had short brown hair, brown eyes, ... Continue»
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My mother visits me

After I graduated from high school, mom agreed to drive down to Florida to look at some of the colleges. It wasn’t until late July after my 18th birthday, before we could leave Intercourse PA. Yes, that really is a town and no it isn’t a fucking place to live, actually it is really a nice place that you always want to cum back to. We ended up stopping at South of the Border, in South Carolina for the night. This was like a little resort area that had a little of everything. After mom was able to get a room for the night, we walked to the one of the restaurants. Mom is a petite woman wit... Continue»
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b##st feast

"Does he bite?" Tony Plumber asked nervously, when the big black Alsatian came trotting up to them.

"Oh, no--he's very friendly," Karen Blackburn assured him as she reached out to pet the dog. Tony and Karen had just entered her apartment, and the Alsatian had come down the hall to meet them. He was wagging his tail, but he still made Tony a bit wary. The hall was dimly lit, and the big brute looked like a black shadow--a black shadow with gleaming white fangs and a long, red, wet tongue.

"Good boy," Karen said, stroking the dog behind the ears.

He cocked his head and whined happily.
... Continue»
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Caught masturbating by my married neighbor

So there I was, dick in hand, whacking off to a porn slut who was getting herself railed in the ass by a long, thick cock. My wife was at work, I had the day off, and I was enjoying the peace and quiet with a beer in one hand and my lengthening shaft in the other. God, her ass was tight yet full and she moaned with every jab from his pecker. The film cut to her front and she was actually drooling through her clenched teeth, her blonde, sweaty hair masking half her make-up smeared face. I began pumping my cock faster when they zoomed down on her huge tits, swinging with every doggy-style poundi... Continue»
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Sex With My Best Friend.

This happened after I told my best female friend that I had met some other girl and fallen in love with her.
I came downstairs that night to find her on the couch crying. My heart melted with tenderness and I sat down beside her, hugging her and stroking her hair, telling her everything would be alright.She eventually quietened down and lay on the couch with her head in my lap. We talked quietly about what could have been while I stroked her hair gently. I moved down to her shoulders and then her back. All this time we were still talking, trying to pretend that everything was still normal. I ... Continue»
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My Sexy s****r

I sat at the breakfast table, staring at the off-white sheet of paper before me. My jaw hung open, as I was utterly mystified by the writing on the page. The paper didn’t have some special chemical formula for growing a bigger penis, nor did it have instructions for how to talk to a girl to get laid. With those things, I was still on my own. Nope, it was just a report card.

My eyes drifted down the page, passing my name, Ray Davis, and moved down towards the grades. My heart dropped in my chest. In my mind I heard the repetitive, monotonous symphony as every note was a plain B. Once again I... Continue»
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My friends mom

I grew up in West Texas in a small city and had a best friend from kindergarten who was white. I was one of the few black k**s in the town and my friend Patrick Smith and his f****y treated me just like one of their own. I lived with my mom and we struggled to make it on her multiple jobs but Patrick and his f****y always made sure we had enough to eat. I spent more nights at his house than at my own during the summer.

His mom Lilly, would bathe us when we were little so being naked in front of her was no problem. As we got older, I had to bathe myself and usually bathed with Patr... Continue»
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My aunt taught me how to fuck.

I have decided to open up and do a sort of confessional to you about how my sex life overwhelmed me and took me on journey I still travel today, with amazing results and no holds barred.

Names, including my own are changed to protect those around me, who are still alive and I love to bits, but in telling these true to life events, you may get a better understanding of the female being, a woman or just a girl, who flirts around you in close contact and may be asking you something and you can't hear her because you have some misconception about yourself in relation to her.

I loved to hear ... Continue»
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Me and my step mom

I guess there is something wrong with me and my mom, but we enjoy fucking each other. I was a young guy 13 when my mom showed me her pussy to me. It started when I was downstairs watching T.V. when my mom called me to her room upstairs. My mom is very pretty, slim, C cup breast, long brown hair went down to her shoulder blades. Dad was at work, he worked during the day. Mom had her robe on, she told me to stand in front of the bed and watch. I was thinking, watch what. Mom took off her robe, she had her bra and panties on. She got in the bed, took her panties off and spread her legs open. She ... Continue»
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My son's friend

(Written recently, I wanted to do something that was taken from a woman's point of view. I'd be interested to hear if people think I have got it right or if I am wide of the mark)

When I got home, there was a small package on the floor among the post that had arrived and was piled on the floor of the entrance lobby; a plain grey plastic sack with only my address on it. I picked it up, gave it a brief scan and walked to the kitchen to find some scissors.

Putting my bag, car keys and the package on the table, I got the scissors from out of the kitchen drawer. I pulled the delive... Continue»
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Mature Curvy Step Mom pt2

It was less than 24 hours since I fucked my step mom and I’m only minutes from seeing her again, totally unsure to what her reaction towards me will be. There was nothing to fear when I saw her waving from the bedroom window when walking up the garden path to my father’s house.

I went straight up stairs to see my father and his face lit up with seeing me, I sat with him for some time giving Lisa my step mom some time to potter around the house doing stuff.

Lisa walked in to the bedroom as it was getting time for his night medication when he said, “Come and move in here, save that travel ... Continue»
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My First Time With My 19 Year Old s****r

I want to fuck her just every hole and pull her hair, slap her ass, but this is my baby s****r, adopted or not.

It all started out what I thought was innocent FB chatting, which slowly lead to her asking some basic sexual questions , which led to her asking some personal sexual questions, which made my 40 year old cock hard as a rock. After answering her questions, I then asked her what was her number one fantasy. She told me her being over powered and submissive to a teacher.

So I did some writing over the next few days and sent her an erotica story of a 40 year old college professor an... Continue»
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Mature Farmers Wife

There she was on her hands and knees, black leggings stretched over her big arse and chunky thighs now nearing transparency of her white skin underneath. She turned when she heard me and looked up with a warm friendly smile.

Her oversized polo-shirt hung down showing her cleavage and her white bra keeping her big tits from dropping too much.. She stood up and wiped her brow of sweat as it was now a hot day and flapped her shirt to circulate some air within.

“Am I glad to see you” June said standing in front of a large pile of unwrapped sheep fleeces. “I’m so glad Mary could recommended ... Continue»
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Trip with granddad-Surprise

We got out from the cabin and of the ferry and was on the way down to the motorhome when I met the lady who saw me masturbating theu the cabinwindow.
She just looked at me and gave a smile before she left in another direction.
We entered the motorhome and soon we got of the ferry and entering Rostock in Germany. my uncle drove away and I was a bit tired and closed my eyes for something like 5-10 minutes.
Soon I woke up when the engine was stopping and I opend my eyes.
Surprise my gd said, and in front of my eyes ther was a sign for a sexshop..
I have never ever been to a sexshop or to ... Continue»
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The Dark Side

The Dark Side of the f***e

I’d been going down the same pub for about 2 years, but had never really noticed her !! She was tall 5’10” with long ginger hair, it looked like she had nice long slender legs under the baggy jeans she always worn.She also used to wear baggy tops as well, as if she was trying to hide her body away !!
Anyway I was talking to one of the lads at the bar one day and he told me she was a lesbian !! But I could tell she was not all she made out ! I thought to myself I was try and see if I can fuck this sexy thing. It all started on Good Friday, I was in the pub from o... Continue»
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Sex with a s****r

Friday afternoon, and, wanting wanted to surprise her husband Dan, Amy arrived home early. His car in the driveway, she parked and entered through the garage. About to call for him, she heard grunting noises. She turned toward the basement. Cleaning seemed unlikely.
Quietly, she crept down the stairs to the rec room. TV off, sofa unoccupied, lights—almost off. Peering around the corner, she saw Dan, in profile, standing at the end bar, his pants riding his ankles. On the counter top lay a magazine—his left hand flipping pages, his right stroking his cock.
Shocked and embarrassed to have cau... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl

Ever since my wife took off it has been just me and Tammy at home. She was 12 when her mom left us. I still call her my little girl but she has blossomed into a beautiful young woman now at 19. She still likes to call me daddy. She has shoulder length red hair and he body has filled out in all the right places. Daddy or not, I would have to be blind not to notice how sexy she looks.

We have always been close and she still comes up and gives me hugs for no reason at all. Sometimes when we watch TV at night she will snuggle in close to me. She would lay her head on my shoulder and snuggle tig... Continue»
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Dad's girlfriend

"Yeah Steph he's cute as in real cute. I know I sound crazy, but this guy's a stud Stephanie as in the 'real deal'. Hehehe, oooohh I hafta watch what I think don't I? No, nobody's around right now. I'm out in the back picking some tomatoes in my garden so no one could hear me."

"Sally, said Stephanie on the other end, you hafta to be careful. Don't start those kinda thoughts because they're gonna get you in trouble, you know that all to well. So how long have you been with Bill?"

"Ohhh about 8 months now, I'd say; about 8 months and I haven't really gotten to know anyone in his f****y un... Continue»
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My Mom

21 year old Jarrod stood in front of the mirror in his bedroom and looked down at his rock hard cock trying to push its way out of his swim team Speedo. He woke up with a raging hard on and that had been three hours ago. He had tried everything to get rid of it but it just would not go away. He had stroked it several times but to no avail. He could not get his nut off and it was getting pretty uncomfortable between his legs not to mention embarrassing considering he had to be at swim practice in an hour. He certainly could not walk out of the locker room in his current state. What was he going... Continue»
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My First Time

My best buddy had a pool and I would go over and swim all the time. The whole neighborhood would. It was a blast. The moms would take turns watching us. I was just hitting my teenage years and puberty came early for me. I grew a thick bush on my balls and started to shave well before any of my friends.
I had gone over to swim and got a boner while I sat at the bar waiting for everyone else. I told to go without me and would be right there figuring everyone would go out and I could take care of my boner if I was left alone. but I was not left alone. Pat, my buddy's mom was there. "What is... Continue»
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Teenage interruption

My wife of twenty years Sonya and my 19 year old daughter Tania had left the house about thirty minutes ago for a whole day at the shops and the beauty parlour. I had planned to catch up on some of my latest porn downloads using my ultra big screen TV.

I was sitting naked on the lounge chair watching a particularly great fuck movie. I’d lubed up my cock - it was long, hard, slippery and glistening as I wanked it slowly.

My peace and quiet was suddenly interrupted by a frantic banging on the front door. I was startled and quickly headed towards the door to check out the source of the nois... Continue»
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My Bitch s****r (part 2)

My s****r the bitch (pt 2) (Sorry it's long)
I couldn't upload it as "My s****r the bitch pt 2"


Everything was going great at home since mom initiated the nude policy.
My s****r and I rarely fought, quite the opposite we kissed and had a variety of sex often.
We also listened to mom most of the time. We may have whined a little about our chores but the rewards far outweighed the work. We also had great sex with mom, she was very giving.

We had movie nig... Continue»
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Pony for my daughter

Chapter 1 more to follow ???????????

"How are my folks treating you, Tammy?" Priscilla asked over the phone. The young girl was sprawled out on the bed, the phone propped against her ear.

"Your parents are real nice," Tammy replied. A hint of unhappiness revealed itself in the girl's voice. She was sitting at the bedroom window, looking at the street below. The city traffic and people bothered her. She wished she were back home on the farm in her own room.

"Your parents are great, too, Tammy," Priscilla said happily, cutting into Tammy's homesick thoughts. "The exchange program that m... Continue»
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My mommy

The sun woke me, its warm rays caressing me, pulling me slowly awake. I stretched, groaning, then settled back into the mattress, my gaze on the window. This was the first day of summer vacation; I had nowhere to be and, aside from my chores, I had nothing planned.

I turned my head at the knock on my door. "Come in."

The door opened and my mother appeared, smiling. "Morning, sweetheart. Thought I heard you."

My brow twitched, my gaze dropping for the briefest moment. She was wearing a white babydoll with powder blue accents, her heavy, pendulous breasts straining the fabric, her d... Continue»
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Schoolgirl at the Bus Stop

Schoolgirl at the Bus Stop

By billy69boy

Spring finally arrived, and I was psyched to be heading out to a new job site to build a shopping center from the ground up. After being laid off all winter, I felt great to be up and moving again, eager to earn my paycheck with hard work.

As I made my way to my new job location, I happened to stop at an intersection in one of the small towns in the area. As I made a right turn at the stop sign, I noticed a lone schoolgirl standing at her bus stop across the street. Her blue plaid school uniform caught my eye. It looked familiar, no... Continue»
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Trip with grand dad-"it happend"

After the first night in the motorhome, something had happen to me, and the only thing I could think about was his naked body and the things happend last night.
We was slowly heading to the ferry in Trelleborg, and stopped at a gas station to refuel.
My uncle did and I went into the shop to buy some candy and icecream.
WhenI stood ther prepare to pay my gd came and said he will pay and also for the fuel.
The old lady asled if there was something more, and my gd went away to the papers, and when he got back I was a bit embarassed when he was putting two porno magazines on the desk.
He ... Continue»
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My mom

Beth's chest and abdomen were heaving as she gasped for breath. Her orgasm was subsiding even as Tim gave her clit one more light lick. The cunnilingus was not the best she had ever had but it had been the first time for her son and that thought had made her orgasm very intense. He finished kissing her bush and slowly worked his way up until he was nuzzling and kissing her belly button. As he reached her breasts Beth realized that Tim's hard cock was dragging upwards across her thighs getting nearer and nearer to her soaking cunt.

The events of the past few weeks flashed before her eyes.... Continue»
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Step Mom Jan

This happened when I turned 18.
My Stepmoms pussy is nice and hairy, she has 36 dd tits that sag a little but are
very nice to look at and feel. She has large pink nipples that stick out and
ready to be sucked. When she caught me jacking off while sniffing her panties I
was so embarrassed, but she didn't get mad, she just smiled and told me to
continue. After my shock and surprise I figured what the heck so I did. I
started telling her how much I loved her body, especially her big tits and hairy
pussy and how much I wanted to suck and lick her nipples. She was smiling the
whole... Continue»
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Cuckold son

I got up as usual this morning, with having breakfast and taking a shower afterwards. It was 9am and i was getting ready to pack my things for school and to just take the day off as it was saturday, my mom had to visit my dad today at our other house which is located deep in country.
About 100miles away from the place where we are now, it was a bit chilly outside and my mom wore sweater, warm skirt, pantyhose and heels. In my mind i thought "oh man i`m so lucky to have mom like this". After she was ready to leave i again thought to myself "omg but i have a day off today, i should get my came... Continue»
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Aunt Linda and I

I grew up in a rather rural part of Germany, my Mom had to raise me by her self, since my dad died when I was very young. She did all she can to help me and f****y be happy and stuff. But by the end of the day she was beat and always went to bed early. That would have made me sad maybe, if it wasn't for my moms s****r, aunt Linda who lived with us in our house.

She was a very open and outgoing person, always going on short holidays over the weekends and fun stuff like that. And since aunt Linda had no offspring of her own, she always took me along to give my mom a break.

We visited a lot... Continue»
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Son of Mine

Karen Miller was putting away folded laundry when she made the first of several startling discoveries that would change her life.

She had had an unusually busy week, so the laundry had gotten backed up quite a bit, and she had an extra big stack of her son's underwear. As she was trying to make room in his drawer for the clean, folded boxers, she came across something she was not supposed to find buried in the bottom of the drawer.

It was a pair of women's panties that had been wadded up and stuffed in the drawer. Karen was so surprised to find them that it took her a few seconds to ab... Continue»
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It was August. We spent the morning packing the car. Our son, Mike was leaving for college. It was morning but already it was 90 degrees outside. Mike and husband, and I were getting pretty sweaty loading up the car. The trunk was already full and the back seat wouldn't fit much more. Mike went back in the house to get the last of his things.

I heard him come out of the house. I turned around and saw him carrying his 42 inch flat screen TV.

"Where are you going to put the TV?" I heard his father ask.

"I don't know, but I don't want to leave it. Maybe we can move some stuff arou... Continue»
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Masturbating With My Mom

It was the summer of 1985 right after I graduated high school. I couldn’t wait to finally move away and go to college. Not that I was truly upset with my home summer was pretty consistent, yet boring. I did not have a girlfriend and so it seemed all I really ended up doing was working. I ended up working overtime considerably to save money for school. I did spend a little time with my friends; but overall my last summer at home was uneventful. That is, it was uneventful until the last few days before I left.

I guess I should continue by also mentioning the one other thing that kept me very ... Continue»
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Exploring sex- inyoung years


this happend some years ago, when I was in my mid teens living with my mom and dad, and my two year younger b*****r Bengt.
I would say we are a normal f****y and me and my b*****r was mostly into different fights and made life as uncomfortable as possible for each other..
We had a house on the countryside, and we was both in school.

Now it was summer break from school and a really hot summer.
In the evening mom and dad called us down and told us they need to go away for at least three days to visit a relative who was serious ill.
You two have to stay on your own here now, an... Continue»
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My Mother

My name is David, 18 years old, in college. Somehow, in spite of my f****y, I never became an athlete, I just did not have the body. I resigned myself to joining a computer club and learnt some Internet skills. At the club, we had free, unrestricted access to the Internet. It didn't take long before I used it to access pornography. I was initially put off by the pictures of the leering, seductive women, they were just too fake. Then a buddy of mine gave me an Internet address and told me to check it out.

I did as soon as possible. It turned out to be an i****t site featuring true i****t cas... Continue»
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Trip with granddad!

I was in my early teens and the summer was there, free from school and I hoped for a f****y trip with my parents.
We have planned a lot of things during our vacation, and I was thrilled to go out of Sweden for the first time in my life.
One evening we sat down for dinner, and my father told we need to cancel all of our summer plans, as he must be working the whole summer.
I couldn't belive what I just heard, no vacation, just stay at home the whole summer.
My tears was falling and I went away to my room.
After half an hour my mom came to me and tried to explain why it needs to be lik... Continue»
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