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Fucking my friends daughter....the beginning of th

Several years ago I was visiting an adult book and video store, and after a good hard cum while watching videos, I left the store and planned on going home. As I walked out a guy about my age was also leaving. When I first looked at him I thought he looked familiar, and then I realized his daughter and mine had gone to school together, and she had even been at our house several times, sometimes overnight.

"Hey, ya doing?"I asked. I could tell he had no idea who I was, which was understandable as the very few times we had met I had no facial hair, but had grown a thick, long wh... Continue»
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Her Night Out

My husband is out of town this week. Numerous times in the past, he has asked me to step out of my box and try going out by myself while he’s gone, but of course to keep him updated on where I’m at, etc. I finally decided it was time to do just that, so after carefully dressing in a sexy skirt (no panties) and low cut top, a heavy hand with the makeup, I headed out to a local, very popular upscale hotel bar. I decided not to tell him about it until afterward…. As kind of a surprising tale for his trip home.
Nervous to be sure, but I figured worst case, I’d just have a glass or two of wine ... Continue»
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My BFF & I went to a nudist camp

My BFF Vanessa & I were thinking about going to a nudist camp. We had a few brochures & settled on one.
My stepmother came into my room & saw the brochure. Kim what are you girls doing? A nudist camp? We just want to see what goes on.
Would you mind if I went with? I've always wondered too.
I looked at Vanessa, she shrugged her shoulders so I said OK. My stepmother Kate is in her early 40's

When we arrived at the camp we went to check in. We saw several people wearing nothing to just bikini bottoms. That made us feel better. The front desk clerk was a pretty lady half naked with big DD'... Continue»
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Who Knew Renting out my Extra Bedroom would be so

This story is inspired by the an article I read about the online home rental business.

A few years ago the wife asked for a divorce. I had seen it coming. We still cared for each other but love just wasn’t there anymore. After the fairly amicable split, I just needed a change. I sold some stuff, quit my job and moved to Miami (well, not too far from it anyway).

I found a nice three bedroom place for rent a few miles from the ocean. I have a screened-in pool in the backyard, a nice patio, decent kitchen, etc. I set-up a home office in one of the bedrooms and used the other for vi... Continue»
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My s****r in law -part 1

I have the luck of having a s****r in law who is extremely fuckable. Luck and bad luck I would say. I guess 9 out of 10 men would fell in love with her just by talking to her and 10 of 10 would fuck her and would be dreaming of to fuck her again and again. She is about 165cm tall, blond, big boobs, and very athletic. She has a big mouth with beautiful lips which just tell me she is a big blowjobber. I envy her husband who fucks and does all the phantasies I do have 24/7. Anyways, lets come to my story. I began taking pictures of her with the bikini and masturbating when on business travels. It... Continue»
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My wifes daughter came to stay with us.

My second wife Holly & I were married for almost 18 months. Holly had one girl from a previous marriage. Mary 22. Holly is 5'4” 34C, brown hair, green eyes & had a rocking body. We are enjoying a great sex life.
Holly would fuck me anytime I wanted her. I too would fuck Holly whenever or wherever she wanted a jump. Holly was up for anything. Whatever my fantasy Holly was good at fulfilling it. Holly had fewer fantasies then I but I think she got off fulfilling mine.
Sometimes we'd talk about them to make sure the other person understood so they'd get what they were expecting. We never s... Continue»
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Opening the wrong mail

That Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to get back home early from my office.
My loving Ana was not there, but I thought she would be out with her friend Helena.

I poured a glass of my favorite scotch and sat down to check some mail deliveries…
I picked up a manila envelope with no return address on it and as my curiosity got the best of me, I opened it first. Inside was an unmarked CD, guessing the easiest way to find out who had sent it, I slipped it into the TV.

The disc opened on a tall muscular black man standing naked, alone in the middle of a bedroom. He had the largest cock I ... Continue»
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Monica's Daughter

"I'm too old to have a babysitter!" declared Mary as she let me into the apartment where she lived with her mom.

"Actually, I agree," I told her, "but I owe your mom a favor."

"Hmph! From what I hear, Orrin, she owes you a favor!"

"Do tell," I replied with a grin.

"Oh, come on!" she exclaimed. "You've been fucking her for months! Hell, I'm surprised the slut is out with someone else tonight!"

"Whoa! Is that any way to talk about your mom?"

The 10th-grader smirked at this. "You know damn well she a cock-addicted whore," Mary said. "Just like me."

"Ah, well, m-maybe t... Continue»
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Taking my daughter and her friend to work for the

In somewhat of a daze, I entered my bedroom and closed the door. My mind was reeling with what Shelly had done with me. My cock was still rock hard and my balls were aching for release. I had often imagined what those luscious breasts would look like, and now, even though so briefly I had seen them, they would be burned in my mind forever. Just as I was about to undress, a soft knocking on my door came. My first thought was, 'Shelly'.

"Dad, can I come in?" Amy asked from the other side.

"Sure Honey, come on in." I answered. In a way, I was disappointed.

She entered the room. She... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughter Birthday Present ! P

This happened to me in 2003.

I was going out with a girl called Ann at the time and she had 4 daughters aged 10,13 and twins Katie and Claire aged 15. We all got on very well and it was a very happy time.

I was away on a course for a week in February and when i returned on the Friday Ann was happy and smiling and glad I was home.

We went to our local that evening and she told me the following.

On the previous Wednesday afternoon Katie came home from school and Ann hadn't her heard come in. Katie had then walked into her Mams bedroom and found Ann masturbating with her vibrator. Obv... Continue»
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Step mom ?

I have been dying to tell someone and/or ask for advice, but because of the subject and reputations involved, I haven't brought it up with a soul. I am a recently (3 yrs ago) divorced white woman, 44 who is almost back in the same shape as I was in my 20's thanks to the divorce, yoga, and burning away my sexual frustration in the gym. I am still very good looking, and so is my 22 year old daughter...which is why she has such a sexy 23 year old fiancée. None of those things are a problem. Here is what the problem is, and you are probably only the third person on earth to know: My daughter's fia... Continue»
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Swimming with my stepdaughter Claire and her frien

This spring has been unnaturally warm, so I opened the backyard pool early this year to get ready for spring break. Claire is home from college, and her friend Ana is still living with me while she finishes high school. The two of them are taking advantage of a super sunny day to swim in the pool and sun a little to get a head start on their tans.

They've emerged from the pool, wet and cool but warming in the sun, little goose pimples all over their arms and breasts and thighs amplified by the glistening wet sunshine on their lithe limbs, Claire's brunette hair wet down her slender back, h... Continue»
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Susan at work Part 2

Part 2
“What? I mean I can’t just go away like that”.
“Of course you can, these things happen now and then, something a secretary has to put up with”. Susan blustered and stammered and really didn’t get anywhere and was now worried how she was going to tell Nick. As it turned out he understood completely, knowing that secretaries often had to accompany bosses to conferences and things. Somewhat relieved she go through the rest of the week OK.
Monday arrived and she kissed Nick goodbye and set off with her overnight bag. Soon after arriving at work they left in Lee’s car. When they arrives ... Continue»
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Husband shares me with his Buddies


We have been married just over eight years, and my husband and I got along very well. He had his friends, and I had mine, but we were together a lot. I still found him very sexy and I believe he found me equally as attractive.

This weekend, he was having some of his college buds over for drinking, football, and more drinking. My job was to smile, and to keep them supplied with beer and food. I didn’t mind. It was all in good fun.

Eight of his buds had traveled to our house, some from far away. David, my husband, with a twinkle in his eye, had requested that I dress nicely for the... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 2

"Come on Claire Its Katies turn now" Ann said. Claire with an annoyed look on her face left and I could here her moaning as she left with her Mam.

Kate stood in front of me with a demure smile on her face. "Do you like it?" she asked. Katie had changed into her school uniform, white blouse, green skirt, knee length socks, and to top it all pigtails in her hair.

"My Mam suggested my hair" she added. "You look fantastic" I replied.

"Mam said I am a naughty Schoolgirl and need punishing" she said with a smile on her face.

Ann had a schoolgirl uniform in the wardrobe which we used reg... Continue»
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New Neighbors 1

Mike Miller woke up that first day of summer and two things happened at the same time. First he was excited to not have to get up right away and second he had a massive morning woody. So like any teen boy he started to stroke his cock and loved the feeling of his balls tingling as his mind began to think of different women that he would love to fuck.

There were the usual ones that he went to school with or that lived in the neighborhood. Then for some reason his mind went to some of his mom's of my friends. Yes as a teen you do have so many women to beat off too!

He was try to slow down ... Continue»
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Visiting dad

My head was spinning as I got up from his bed. I pulled my trunks on and went to the pool. My dick felt funny but I liked the feeling. After a while, Robert called down and said lunch was ready. I dried off and went upstairs.
When I went in he said I should get out of my wet trunks and eat. I hung my trunks in the bathroom and came up front. Sitting at the table Robert asked what I thought about what happened. I said I liked it very much. He said we can do it again as soon as I finished eating. I smiled and said great. When lunch was over he said to go to his bedroom and lay down.
I went t... Continue»
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New neighbors IV

After Dan went to his room I went outside, and Bill said to come back in the pool. I climbed the ladder, Bill held his arms out and said jump. When I jumped Bill caught me and asked where Dan was, I said he went to lay down. He asked if I liked it here,I said yes very much. That's good he said.I asked if he could motorboat me again, he said sure . He laid me on my belly and put his hands under me and asked if I was ready, I said yes. He spun me around quickly as I kicked and laughed. After a few minutes I felt his hand moving down till it stopped at my crotch. I giggled and moved around till h... Continue»
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At dad's for summer

I was waiting for my dad at baggage claim at the airport. I was on my mandatory visit to my father's for a few weeks. Mom and dad divorced when I was five, leaving mom to raise me on her own.
He finally arrived and helped me carry my bags to his car. When we made it to him apartment, he said he had to work late for a few days. I said ok, and put my things in the extra bedroom. We ate dinner and I went to bed. The next morning I found a note saying what chores I was expected to do. I figured I should get them out of the way,and have the rest of the day to myself.
After finishing them I went ... Continue»
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Jake has been fucking his mom since he was eighteen. It began when she came home d***k one night and he helped her to bed and when he stripped her to put on her night gown he looked at her huge tits and bald pussy and decided he needed to lick her he laid her on the bed and began sucking on her nipples and rubbing her huge tits. He put a finger over her pussy and rubbed it then he kissed down and began to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her. Even as d***k as she was he made her cum. He sucked her cum out and kept his tongue deep in her. His cock was rock hard so he mounted her and rammed it dee... Continue»
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I don't think they came in me? Cuckold

I proposed soon after and we were married. I got a job in the college town and we were very happy. Janet kept in touch with friends still in school and then one night about two months after we were married, 10 months since we met, she and the girls went out. I thought nothing of it. That is until I saw she was wearing a very short one-piece dress, one that hardly covered her plump bottom. I asked where they were going and she said the movies. It was hardly how she dressed for the movies but I didn't question any more. I was in bed by the time she got home very late and I could smell the alcoho... Continue»
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Snowed in with S*s

I remember like it was just yesterday but really it was 2 weeks ago. I awoke to the sound of silence which is unusual in my house on a week day. Everyone is up at the same time getting ready to go to either work or school. School was where myself and my younger s****r would be headed but something was different about this morning. I got out of bed and decided to look out my bedroom window and that's when I got a wonderful surprise. You see, the ground was covered in about 16 inches of snow. That means no school for me and my s****r but a very busy day for mom and dad. Mom and Dad worked at th... Continue»
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From Bordeaux, we went to Biarritz, we stayed in a hotel by the seaside, we were very tired, we arrived in the evening and we went to sl**p until, the next day, we spend all day on the beach, around 6 o’clock we went to our room to have a shower, and to get ready for dinner, ( As we were going out, my husband told me that I look very exotic, with my short white dress on my brawn skiing, ) we were having dinner and watching people going by from the restaurant terrace, after dinner we went for a walk, along the seaside, not to far from the hotel we pass in front of a night club, nice elegant pe... Continue»
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Sins with my cousin!

I confess that I fooled around with my cousin and I also guess I kinda ****d her and her best friend too..

She was staying with my f****y after my uncle passed away. I was on my computer looking at porn and she knocked on my bedroom door. I pulled up my boxers and I cracked open the door to see who was knocking. I peeked out and saw that it was my cousin and asked what she wanted? She said she was having trouble sl**ping in my house and wanted to know if she could come up and hangout with me in my room for a bit. I asked her to wait until I could get some pants on and then closed
... Continue»
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Daughter's can be Fun

My Daughter came home.

We were both ready to go to the toilet by the time I pulled into our drive way, the last stop was for gas and a drink but should have been a full pit stop and it was an hour ago.
It would be a race to the down stairs bathroom and Jane was on the right and closer to the door but I had the house keys. Once I unlocked the back door it would be 'all's fair in love and war', there were two ways to get to the toilet.

I put the car in park and Jane opened her door and fairly jumped out calling to me to throw her the keys. I smirked, 'no such luck... Continue»
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White man's wife, black man's toy. My fi

Well what a change one day can make in your life. I'd had a few fantasies about black men and flirted a few times but yesterday changed everything. For those who missed the first parts of the story my husband Mike had walked in to find me on our bed playing with myself while screaming our black neighbours name.
Mike hadn't said anything so last night I had him licking my pussy while I bought it up. I lost myself in the moment and ended up telling Mike I will be seeing the neighbour Marlon alot more from now on and I think he knew what I meant by that.
So today as I woke it's fair to say I fe... Continue»
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Our wives changed our lives. Part 1.

Our wives changed our lives. Part 1.

Matt and his sexy wife Sarah were staying with me and my sexy wife Cathy for a two week break during these summers’ holidays. We’ve been friends for many years now and the only time we get to see them is once a year as they live interstate. It doesn’t matter if we fly over to them or they come over to us because whenever we get together we always have a great time.
We have done so many great things together for so many years now except fuck each other’s partner.
There are many times when my best man Matt and I tried getting the girls into a hot fourso... Continue»
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The time I fucked my buddy's step mom

So I was 19 I dropped by a friend's place to chill. He was not back when I got there but I came in anyway. Nothing unusual. I walked into the kitchen and there I saw her. My buddy's step mom climbing out of the pool.

She was wearing thing skin tight black bikini. Her long blonde hair soaked but still perfect. But best of all her model body. Slim very fit with perfect c cup tits. My god is she a stunner.

She looked right at me. I thought she would have covered up but no. She dryed herself and walk right into the house.

I was at a loss for words. This woman standing before me like th... Continue»
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My Friends Parents

My best friend growing up lived right next door to me. We pretty much grew up together. My f****y was his and his f****y was mine. Life was good. This little event happened right when I hit my mid teens, I had just turned old enough to have a drivers license but was still a virgin. My buddy and I spent many nights looking at porn and thinking about having sex with a girl.
I went next door but Vicki and Tom told me my buddy had gone to his grandma's for the weekend so they could get some stuff done around the house. Tom was working on some kind of pressure sprayer that he could not get t... Continue»
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mom and son

When I eventually got mum into football I didn’t realise that things between us was going to become so exciting and horny, mum had latched onto a team, and as this football team was playing mine in the FA cup there was a lot of competition between us, mum bet me that her team would win, the bet was if she won then I would wash up for a week, and if they lose she had to wash my car, she agreed and the very next day she was out in the yard washing my car.
When the new season started months later she wanted to get her own back, so the betting started up again, this is when things got exciting be... Continue»
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Taxi Drivers whore

This happened to me a while ago, thought I'd share.

It'd been a nightmare of a month so I'd gone clubbing and had a ball. Worn my best stuff, my loveliest undies, looked a million dollars! I'd gone into town and danced the night away with friends. All was well! At about 3 am, tired and happy I left and looked for my keys in my purse. Oh no! they'd gone! Still had the house keys but lost my car key!

It started to rain and I stood there in nothing more than a little black dress and a short jacket. Looking about the street was empty. None of my friends had cars either so it was going to be ... Continue»
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first date with shelia

by shootist

I met her and Bill at their home in NJ. Quite a nice little home...made me feel very welcome as soon as I got in...wish I could feel like that in my own house. We talked a bit on how my trip was coming out from Arizona. Said it was a bit tiring (I had driven) but seeing her in person more than made up for it.

We had spent many hours on ICQ, chatting and just general BS so it felt like we knew other quite a bit already. Bill, her husband, seemed a little bit unsure...we haven’t included him very much in our chats so he seemed just a bit uncomf... Continue»
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The First Time I was Shared

Well it all started when I arranged to meet a guy in a hotel. He'd made me so fucking horny for days and days online, telling me stories while I fucked myself with various different objects and took naked selfies at his request. My pussy had never been so wet. Literally throbbing every single day I chatted with him.

Husband wanted to see all the action, so agreed to send pics to him afterwards.

The guy never showed up; feeling rejected and lonely, so i head down to the hotel bar to cheer myself up, and husband told me to go and hook up with a random stranger.

I met someone in the bar ... Continue»
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Visiting the cats of my 22 year old niece. (Part 2

I walked into the kitchen, turned off the gas and opened some kitchen doors to see where the tea pot, the tea and the cups were.
I was hot and realized that it was good that the kettle disturbed us. Behind me I heard the door to the bathroom open and close again.

While I was preparing the tea, something rubbed against my leg, I looked down and saw the two cats hoping to score some food. I opened a bag of food which I brought and gave the cats something to eat. Then I went into the the living room with the tea.
Jenny was still in the bathroom. I told myself for that she needed a cold sh... Continue»
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Caught in the rain

It was summer brake in the early 70s, and I was sent to my grandmothers for a couple of weeks. She's a nice woman and enjoys living in the country where it's still quite and neighbors still look out for each other.

I had been there for a few days and was bored. I had done everything I could do without getting into to much trouble. I asked her if I could ride my bike towards town to see what was going on. She said ok,but be careful, and watch for tractors. I said I will and hopped on my old bike. I peddled down the road looking at the fields and some of the cattle the ranchers have. I we... Continue»
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Gym Class

It was my third year of high school and I was the aide for the PE coaches. I was lucky because I got to do this the last two hours of the day and it was cake. There were two coaches for the boys and two for the girls and I got to help out with all four. The two coaches for the girls, one was very girlie. I mean one was very hot, she was right out of college and pretty. All the boys talked about her. The other coach seemed very manly, you know, short hair, shaped like a man, no makeup. She scared every one.
I would always cut thru the girls locker room on the way out of school when I was ... Continue»
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Blackmailed over my wife

This is fiction..................

My wife and I had been swingers for many years but we still both enjoyed random pickups. It was easy as we both had jobs which required travel and allowed the maximum opportunity for some healthy extra curricular nights. The tale I am about to relate is of an attempt to blackmail me with incriminating videos of my wife. The story begins with a Jiffy bag containing a video tape being delivered to me just before Christmas. The note attached said I should watch the tape and consider what its deleting is worth to me.

I couldn't resist watching, thinking th... Continue»
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The Condom Alway's Breaks! Blacken

Hi my name is Tami, I grew up in a small town where there was never any real excitement. I recieved an academic scholarship to a major university, I was always good in school.

I'm a Brunette, 5'7" tall, 36C-26-36 athletic build.

My parents were a little upset that I would be so far from home during my college years. After all I was their little girl.

My mother took me shopping for new clothes for my first year of college. She thought that some of the skirts I chose were a little to short. She should have seen the lingerie I bought when she wasn't around.

My parents threw me a going... Continue»
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My Parents are SWINGERS

Everybody growing up and wondered about their parents sometimes and most of us have NEVER even seen ours naked, much less fucking everybody! My life was MUCH different growing up and this is my story, which is totally true by the way, about how I became the swinger I am today!

First of all, I'm a female and I have been blessed with a nice body, pert tits and a nice pussy and ass from what I've been told. My story started one day when I was at my grand mothers house for the weekend while my parents went to some resort in the mountains. When I got home on Sunday night, I noticed that they
... Continue»
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Living your fantasy

We had been sitting by the pool side sunning ourselves all day, a three day break for me, my wife Cate, and Lucy our daughter. Lucy had made a friend as soon as we had arrived, and at fifteen we were happy enough to let her do what she pleased as long as she stayed in the resort. Cate and I were spending our time rating the other residents of the hotel, between one and ten, as they passed us by. Most of the residents were young families and I’d guess the average age was around thirty, that meant that the two of us approaching forty, were on the older side. From the time we had married we had b... Continue»
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During my pregnancy

During my pregnancy my husband and I agreed that we wouldn't have any intercourse, that we would only do fingering and blow jobs/ foreplay till our c***d was born. The first 4 months went by rather well, of course my jaw was doing a lot of work outs, sucking on my man's cock, keeping him happy. He'd also kept me pleasured by making me orgasm from fingering and rubbing my pussy. So all was going well.
I started showing and after 6 months and had a little bump on my belly. I was laying in bed after giving my hubby a blow job while he was showering. I decided to go into the bathroom to chat to ... Continue»
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Trained to Eat Creampie's Before and After Cu

I cucked my husband for a while before he ever knew. He had more than one sloppy 'seconds' and at least one 'sloppy thirds'. He never even seemed to notice. I have always made him eat me before we had sex. He ate creampies several times without knowing. Once I just knew he would say something because three men had cum in me. He had to know, but oh well. I progressed to having him eat me both before sex and after. He never said a thing.

Two weeks ago, I just told him. He has asked me to fuck other men for several years. I have absolutely refused, saying it was perverted. Last year I went to ... Continue»
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My Wonderful Wedding Night

My husband and I spent a lot of time carefully choosing our wedding party. The entire party had a particular groove that had to be set in... The wedding ceremony was beautiful and there were very few people who attended as my husband and I believed this was a private matter. I kissed my husband passionately knowing that now the real fun began. I was owned. I was a possession to be both treasured and used. I owned my own man. Mine always. The wedding party consisted of the bride and groom, 2 best men, 2 maids of honor (two were a couple of course the other two were not) and one gentleman who be... Continue»
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Mel's Cabin Break

In her early teenage years Mel had enjoyed her annual two week holiday abroad with her mother and stepfather but as she grew she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Her stepdad Dan, watched over the years as this young girl morphed into a more beautiful, younger version of his now wife. Mel’s mother had her when she was only nineteen and when Dan looked at photo’s of her at the time, he saw the beauty of a woman that no man could resist. Unfortunately, she would be the first to admit that she was a horny young thing at the time and had so many guys that she lost count. Her good friend Jean... Continue»
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Room Service Waiter Gets Great Tip

Jeanine is a very sexy and hot looking woman. Her long legs, nicely toned ass, tight abs, incredible breasts and gorgeous face makes any guy think about what it would be like to get her in bed. Fortunately for the last twenty plus years, all of those other guys could only wonder, while I got to experience it firsthand what a sexy woman she is in and out of bed. That was until a recent trip to a beach resort a month ago.

Jeanine and I decided we were going to take a few days off for ourselves while our older k**s were home from college for spring break. It was a chance for us to get a few da... Continue»
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Sarah's Farm Adventures Pt 5

Part 5: The BIG decision...

... (1 year later...)

Henry had grown taller within just the past year and it was clear he would mature faster than expected. I was in charge of feeding him everyday, being that I was his owner n what not. Granpah didn't want me cleaning him for some reason though, stating that I could get really hurt if I went in his stable all by myself. So he insisted our field workers begin cleaning him more thoroughly and on a regular basis so he wouldn't be dirty for when he was old enough for me to ride him out in the fields.

Well, I didn't see the harm in me going ... Continue»
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Whoa Granny!

I was in college and had to do a research paper on sex, about sex in the early days. Before birth control. I was really sweating this as we had to get some info from other sources than Google. My girlfriend at the time suggested I talk to her granny, Ellie, about this. My girlfriend took me over to meet Ellie. Ellie was old, either side of eighty. She was petite. But she seemed in really good shape for her age, I mean she looked younger and her mind was sharp as a tack.
My girlfriend left Ellie and I alone and I started the interview by asking simple questions about where she lived and s... Continue»
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Listening and watching the neighbors

My divorced next door neighbour recently found himself a new partner, which I only discovered after being woken up at 2am by the sounds of them having what sounded like very satisfying sex. We’ve been in the house for 4 years now and while Mark was married to Elizabeth, we never heard a peep coming from their bedroom which is adjacent to ours. Other than arguing that is. I’ve always got along with Mark ever since we’ve been neighbours but only as an over the fence type, we’ll chat if we bump into each other. When he told me he and Elizabeth had finally called it a day I wasn’t surprised and he... Continue»
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Evil Auntie Marlette

Aunt Marlette sighed and smiled, it had been a long exciting day. She had just turned 64-years old and was happy how the birthday dinner with her only nephew, Ryan, turned out. She got up from the couch, then made her way to the bed and laid her 6'2, 340 lbs. body next to her young 19-year old nephew. The bed was so small that he rolled into her chest. His hands instinctively raised in defense of his face, and they grabbed breast flesh and he may have accidentally squeezed one of her nipples.

"Did I wake you, Ryan?" She strok... Continue»
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My ex fucked me & made me wear my panties soak

I ran into my ex at a wedding reception. I had spotted him from across the room and hoped he didn't see me. I remembered how he use to ravage my pussy. I don't know what he did but he had the most cum I'd ever seen. I could never even swallow all of it. Half of it would come out the side of my mouth, drip down my chin onto my tits. Just the thought of what he did to me made my pussy tingle.

I found the seats where my husband & I were sitting. I looked for his name & saw he was sitting across the banquet hall. Thank goodness.

Dinner was your typical f****y style. We ate but my mind kept g... Continue»
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