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A Bacherlorette Party To Remember


My name is Oscar Cooke. This is a story of something that happened a couple of years ago which caused me tremendous anguish and heartache although the good thing, if such is possible, is that I found out about it just before my wedding and not after. Other people close to me were adversely affected by this event, so it was quite far reaching and damaging. At the time I was 26 years old. I was engaged to Annette DuMonde, a very pretty 25 year old. I couldn't believe no one had snatched her up before me. She had a great personality, a quick wit and a wonderful figure, not too small and not to… Read more

Posted by papiduriso 4 years ago 14 996,654 64%

The Photo Shoot


I sat in silence with my f****y eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it? He needed a babe in the picture with his bike. He was eighteen years old and his hobby was to ride motocross bikes. Last year me and my husband bought him a Honda bike. Since than, all his spare time was dedicated to that. I… Read more

Posted by tjt5964 5 years ago 113 561,266 100%

My first cock

Gay Male

My friend Eric and I used to go out and play pool or something every Monday than afterwards we would go back to his place catch a small buzz watch a porno and jackoff. Well one Monday night ended differently. Everything was the same except while watching the porno I was suddenly aware that he was lightly rubbing my crotch and when he knew I was aware of it he than admitted that he had been curious what sucking a dick was like and asked if I would let him suck mine. I was buzzed and horny as all fuck so I quickly agreed. So we both got undressed and went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed.… Read more

Posted by BiBBWLover 7 years ago 141 355,237 90%

Meri choot ki aag mere bhai ne bujhayi

Sex Humor

Meri choot ki aag mere bhai ne bujhayi Meri choot ki aag mere bhai ne bujhayi mera naam kiran hai me 35 saal ki saadi suda mahila hoon,me madhy pradesh ke ek chhote se shahar ki rahne waali hoon ,mere priwaar me, me ,mere pati 42saal,mera beta 12 saal aur beti 15 ki hai, mere pati job karte hai, unhen 8 saal se dame ki bimaari hai es karan thoda sa bhi saririk kaam karne se unki saanse ukhadne lagti hai ese karan pichle 8 saalo se me sex ka sukh nahi le paayi aab to sex ki ikchayen bhi mar si gyi hai ..lekin mera badan aabhi bhi bahut sexy dikhta hai bilkul jaya prada ki tarah… Read more

Posted by sweet1003 3 years ago 347,569 29%

Sam's Sissy Computer Tech

AnalGay MaleShemales

Since my first day at work as a computer specialist at C@T Construction I desperately wanted to have sex with Sam the owner. He was a stronger older man, divorced and in his early fifties. He started his company with a bulldozer and a dump truck and now it had 300 employees and over 100 pieces of equipment. Every day I worked around these beefy men and went home and masturbated furiously. Here I was a 110 pound, sissy, effeminate, gay twink surrounded by these manly specimens. I was dying to be fucked by one of them, hopefully Sam and hoped to be his “girl” one day. I just had to find the oppo… Read more

Posted by captjim51 2 years ago 4 341,726 91%



That was this summer. I had very long relationship and last year i got ridden of it. So I sex occasionally wit various girls till then. One night this September I was very very tired of everything. Job went finally better and some private investing also, but I had being working for 14 hours a day at time. It was About 1 am in the morning and was just went of from long shower and about to lay down on my bad.The voice from the other side of cell phone was very pleasant, some kind of baby talking voice. Voice said" Annnn' what what do want from me now?...LOL.. i said "who is this?&… Read more

Posted by wolf1 7 years ago 35 303,444 100%

Babysitting. 01

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

When I was eighteen I thought that I was finally a grown up as much as any adult; I knew it all. I was smart, I was fully developed physically, as well as sexually( so I thought.) I had a slender body with long legs but my tits were large, “C” cup, I was taller than my mom, in fact I was the tallest girl in my graduation class at 5‘ 8“and 120#’s. My name is Leslee, I know but that’s how it’s spelled on my birth certificate; my granddads names were Lester and Lee, they wanted a boy and when I was born they thought that they could create a cute girls nam… Read more

Posted by anton5419 7 years ago 24 257,933 88%

mom and son


Chrismas Party-Fill in * Jim walked in the house and tossed his keys on the table by the door. "Hey Mom, you home?" he yelled and went looking for her. He stopped by her door and heard something odd. It sounded like she was moaning and having sex. 'Oh man,' he moaned with disgust, starting to walk away, but he heard something else and went back. "Yeah, that's it, baby! Fuck me with that big, beautiful cock! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it, fuck it, baby!" Mom groaned and Jim wanted to rush in and help, but he figured she would kill him and he just stood enj… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 7 years ago 46 234,205 90%

Use and abuse me


OK, I've had this fantasy for a while and I still haven't lived it out yet :( ... I'm on my back, tied to the headboard by my wrists - my legs are tied so they're up in the air. My arsehole is exposed and I have a ring gag in my mouth. I can just about reach through the gag with my tongue so you mount me and rub your pussy into my face. Occasionally you switch directions, smothering me, really pushing back into my mouth and nose - I can smell your holes and I clean your arsehole out before you switch back. Once I've flicked your clit for a while and lapped up… Read more

Posted by London_Dick 7 years ago 19 232,584 100%

muslim naukar ne maa ko choda


ye kahani mere bachpan ki hai jab main 5 saal ka tha mere maa aur pitaji ek sadharan ghar se hai pitaji naukri karte hai aur maa ghar ka kaam . maa mere bachan se hi ek gadrayi hui kamuk aurat hai jise bahut sex ki bhook hai. ek raat ki baat hai ki meri achanak nind khul gayi tab maine dekha ki maa aur pitaji dono nange ho kar kuch kar rahe hai main us waqt bahut chota tha kuch jyada samajh main nahi aya maine dekha ki samne wale flat ki khidki khuli thi wahan ek aurat aur mard dono mere maa aur pitaji ki tarah hi nange the mere maa aur pitaji dono ki kriya dekh rahe the aur apas main… Read more

Posted by sheilsa_k 2 years ago 4 193,957 50%

my son has just fucked me


Hi there , In the beginning this story just happened yesterday and i'm still in shock but i thought maybe i will share it with you guys this is my story about me and my son having sex with the first time but first my name is sarah i'm 31 years old mother i give birth of him when i was 16. i left skool and start to make myself ready for him him i was trying to get in Fitness again so i did i have a sexy body with 36C boobs and a nice round ass well when he was 1 years old his dad left us so it was me and him alone after 3 years i had another baby but this time a girl i was so bu… Read more

Posted by mom-sarah 5 years ago 68 190,926 22%


Group SexMatureTaboo

THE DEBAUCHERY OF A YOUNG HOUSEWIFE credit thanks to Asha was newly married to Rajesh Sinha, a young businessman, who had his own auto-parts making factory in the outskirts of Delhi. They lived in a big bungalow with Rajesh's parents. They had just returned from their honeymoon. Asha a voluptuous women had been a virgin before marriage, although she had indulged in heavy petting with a few boys and her house servant. Luckily before she could go any further her marriage was fixed. She was a lusty young woman with a big body… Read more

Posted by jnhydenin 5 years ago 12 160,642 94%

In da Gheto

HardcoreInterracial Sex

The hobo had been hanging around the junction most of the day. Dubbed ‘Squeek’ by his friends he had been living off the streets most of his adult life, earning a buck where he could. Handing out newspapers and washing windscreens for tips wasn’t bad work but it was getting late into the afternoon. He was getting hungry and needed a meal and a bottle badly. Maybe even a dollar suck from one of the crack whores on his block. Rattling his change bag Squeek grinned to himself. Yeah. Another hour of this shit and he would head over to the soup kitchen on the corner of Brooksdale… Read more

Posted by wolf1 7 years ago 53 157,815 100%

On Holiday with My Mother in Law


My wife has persuaded me to take her 73-year-old mother on holiday with us in our caravan. I had to show some opposition to the wife idea and that I was not too keen in holidaying with my mother in law, but I am looking forward to it really, as we have been lovers for sometime on the quite. I have just picked my mother in law up at her house when she tells me that I am in for a big surprise if we are lucky enough to be alone sometime. We head back home to pick the caravan up that my wife is sorting out and packing on the drive. The wife is frantic when we get back, she has just had a phone c… Read more

Posted by nckboy 6 years ago 34 154,930 100%

My s****r Brooke

AnalFirst TimeTaboo

I came home from class and heard my mother and s****r, Booke, yelling all the way outside. Brooke was on one of her rampages again. She is so spoiled. All she has to do is pitch a fit and she gets her way with anything. She wanted an iPad for her eighteenth birthday last week, even though she knew the folks couldn't afford one, but she pitched one of her fits, and they broke down and got it for her. This time it was about her field hockey tryouts. She's supposed to go to tryouts at a college a couple hours away this three day weekend. Our parents aren't well off, but we're comfortable. They di… Read more

Posted by fotisampini 4 years ago 45 151,194 97%

Sex Art Online story

First Time

Asuna plopped down naked on the sofa and glared defiantly at me. "...Kirito, hurry up and take your clothes off," she said in an authoritative tone. "What...w-we're continuing?" "It would be stupid if we stopped here!!" I hurriedly complied. Opening the window indicated by Asuna, I toggled off the option buried deep within the menu. Because of the hurried start, there was no romantic mood to speak of. Sitting on the bed which was slightly too small for the two of us, we slowly did as much as the system would allow. The dim blue moonlight filtered through the window, casting… Read more

Posted by Nanully 3 years ago 1 149,957 100%

Mentoring My Son... A Mother's Story

First TimeTaboo

"Mentoring My Son… A Mother’s Story" This work is a fictional biography, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. It broke my heart to see how some of the neighborhood k**s and his classmates treated him. They called him geek, nerd, weird, strange, wimp, and even pussy. It wasn’t his fault that he was painfully shy, incredibly intelligent, un-athletic and awkward… and that he had no interest or talent in sports of any kind. It broke my heart to see how they treated him because he was a sweet, innocent boy who couldn’t help who he was. And it broke my heart even more when I… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 6 years ago 265 140,405 92%

St Monicas School

BDSMFetishLesbian Sex

St Monica’s School for Girls Don`t know who author is but excellent story wish there was more. Jenna woke up early today. The first day of school was always exciting, but today was even more exciting because today, she was the teacher. She felt fortunate to have been so lucky as too land her first job as a teacher at St. Monica's School for Girls. And the school was only a half-mile away from her Midwestern, tree-lined neighborhood. The Catholic school was renowned in the area for its high standards of discipline and education. As she showered, the petite blonde reflected… Read more

Posted by AmaturePhotographer 5 years ago 13 138,038 94%

Black Man's White Pussyboy

AnalBDSMGay Male

Black Man's White Pussyboy Story from the perspective of a white pussyboy who gets fucked and dominated by a couple of nigger bucks. He also meets another pussyboy but ends up getting fucked by everyone. Good dialog. I let Jay into the apartment. He was looking for a one bedroom, furnished place and had called about my ad in the newspaper. I hoped to rent this place quickly, then I would be full and could devote my time to some maintenance and repairs rather than showing places. I looked at the rental application he had filled out just a minute earlier. From the date listed… Read more

Posted by klammer 3 years ago 19 131,236 90%

Swinger lifestyle

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Holiday in Cap d'Agde This is Dan. My wife Mandy and I spent a two-week holiday in Cap d'Agde in the south of France in September. We stayed in the naturist section, called Port Ambonne, which has a reputation as a place where couples come to have fun after the f****y holiday season has finished. We had such a wild time that we just had to write down our holiday experiences so that you can enjoy them too. Here's the result. The sun was hot as Mandy and I packed our luggage into the bright green Renault Clio at Montpellier airport. On the flight from the UK we'd sat opposite another cou… Read more

Posted by maxanus 4 years ago 26 128,492 90%

Aunt Gave Me A New Life


My Aunt Gave Me A New Life I am not sure how I ended up wearing her dress or becoming her bridesmaid, but I did. I am eighteen and I was visiting my Aunt Nancy in Florida. I had gone down for her wedding and to house sit while she was on her honeymoon. My parents were only coming for the wedding. I arrived a week early and made myself right at home. My Aunt is only a few years older than myself and quite attractive. She is a successful businesswoman, a vice-president in a retail store chain. I have often fantasized what it would be like to make love to her. I als… Read more

Posted by klammer 1 year ago 1 121,135 81%

Boss takes over my wife.

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Disclaimer: This story and all characters are fiction. In real life, all non-consensual sex is immoral and i*****l, and not condoned by the author. All characters are over eighteen. Our lawyer told me it was all legal, what they did. My company denied my pre-surgical claim on my son's heart surgery, simply because they said it was too expensive. That was it. The insurance company said that the owner of my private company denied the claim, and Vance, my Human Resources director, confirmed it. Just like that, for no better reason, my son Kyle wasn't going to get the surgery that would sav… Read more

Posted by sassygeorge 3 years ago 20 117,339 99%

mom and son go to halloween party and fall in love


The Halloween Party Dress Thomas Bryton heard the bell ring sounding the end to yet another boring day at school. He ran as fast as he could to his locker the minute he got out of the classroom and only stopped just long enough to yank the denim back from the metal locker before hurriedly relocking it and once again darting off into the crowd of students at Shorehaven High. Pushing past everybody in his way he raced along the corridor until he bounded through the large double doors and into the freedom of Friday after school. Tommy, he never much liked being called Thomas, ran down the l… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 5 years ago 57 111,920 100%

Mom teaches

AnalFirst TimeMature

My parents divorced when I was 10 over some drinking brawl assed thing. Dad drank a lot & when dad walked out he said, I’ll see you again in divorce court. Mom started to cry un-controllably. Hell, I didn’t know what to do. I took mom’s hand & tried to console her as best I could. She & I just sat there. I started to talk to her. I said, “Mom “We’ll make it. We will be alright” “We will be fine mom, it will take some hard work but we’ll be ok, besides I know dad drinks too much and never once did I hear him say so, he will alwa… Read more

Posted by coolswappy 7 years ago 39 111,643 89%

How I Became a Chastized Cuckold

BDSMHardcoreInterracial Sex

by gizzard I have been married to my wife Jana for nine years and up to about two years ago we have led a pretty normal life. We did what most married couples did. We went to work, enjoyed each other's company, and found pleasure in each other's arms, remaining faithful to one another. We were very happy with the arrangement, until about two years ago when things were set in motion to put us in the lifestyle we live today. I always considered myself lucky to have met and married Jana. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes upon and never thought in a million years… Read more

Posted by TransTania 6 years ago 47 108,687 97%

Making My Mother Pregnant

First TimeMatureTaboo

CHAPTER I - THE BURDEN OF LOVING YOUR MOTHER I suffer from a pregnancy fetish, I admit. It's been a lifelong affliction, but only recently have I come to embrace this obsession as what makes me who I am. If that labels me as weird or strange, so be it. It's something undeniable I feel I was born with. I know that's odd for a guy who's just 21, a college football player, and overall a good student who's been told he's a handsome strapping young guy by the few girls he's dated. Most of my friends are terrified of becoming "tied down" to one girl in a marriage, going to many lengths to prev… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 4 years ago 33 108,698 97%

My wife's first threesome with another man.

Group SexHardcore

Here's what happened a while back when I set my wife up for a threesome with another guy for the first time! This might of been my wife's first time, but it was the ultimate fantasy come true for me. See my wife Dianne and I have discussed this for a very long time. We've been married for 16 years and have been talking about it since we've dated. We talk about it all the time, during sex, after sex and almost any time I can get her to talk about it. We've always fantasized about the two of us with other people, Dianne and another girl, the both of us with another couple, and my favo… Read more

Posted by adel5000 6 years ago 47 105,795 97%

Watching Porn Flicks with My s****r and Her Friend


I came home that evening around seven so find a car parked outside our house. I entered the house and heard giggling from the lounge and heavy panting. I opened the door to see my s****r and her friends Linda and Katie watching porn on the T.V. All three are 20. Katie is best described as all boobs and ass with a big mouth to match. Linda got the big ass but missed out on the big tits and mouth and is less attractive than Katie. My little s****r Nicole is the pick of the bunch, she had perfectly formed smaller ass and tits but they look and feel extra firm. Nicole: Hey bro, good day? Me… Read more

Posted by tcg 6 years ago 69 105,659 97%

Short skirt in a crowded bus

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Short skirt on a crowded bus I was on a real hurry that morning. It was too late for the office and I cursed my poor car that had left me in the middle of downtown, the engine could not be started anymore for that day. So, I had to wait for a crowded bus, where there was nowhere to sit. I wasn’t really dressed propperly for a bus ride. I was wearing a very short velvet skirt and high heels, with only a white cotton thong underneath. I liked to keep cool in summer time. In fact, I really liked going with no underwear, but some days that just wasn’t advisable. Today was one of those da… Read more

Posted by Anitaslut44 3 years ago 8 105,622 99%

f****y LESSONS


CHAPTER ONE I couldn't wait any longer. My bladder was bursting and my father was in the bathroom, halfway through Rigoletto. "Daddy, please get out of the shower so I can use the toilet!" I cried. Both my hands pressed into my crotch to hold back the flood and I trampled about in agony. "Can't you wait another minute?" Dad loved his showers so much that my mother suspected him of having an affair with the nozzle. "I have to pee right now!" I cried out. "Just come out for a moment, I won't be long." "Oh, what the hell, come on in and do it, I'll turn my back," he said. That made se… Read more

Posted by famlover66 5 years ago 16 105,351 98%

Ms. Super Butt (Chapter 12)


Thursday Stacey called Mason over as he returned home. She was wearing a T-shirt and her assless underwear. Mason found her scrubbing dishes at the sink. “How was your day at school?” She asked without turning around. “It was good…” Mason replied. “I’m making a pot roast for dinner… Does that sound good…?” “Sure…” Stacey froze suddenly. “…” Bfhohhhhhhffffffffff…. A bulky fart billowed quietly out from her butt. Mason walked over and spread her cheeks. Pvvvvvt! Pohhhhhhhhhhh… Air streamed out of Stacey’s anus in a whisper. “…” “Mason, hand Ma… Read more

Posted by Tendril_Notion 11 months ago 4 102,261

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

A Mother's Helping Hand - Part I a reality-based fiction by DizzyD Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, even though he was in high school now. But this time there was nothing routine about the reason for their visit, and the teen was very nervous. “Are you okay honey,” Charlotte Bradley asked a… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 3 years ago 228 96,238 100%

dad i have a question


“Dad, I Have a Question.” This is the story of a man and his curious teenage daughter, and his efforts to answer her questions about human sexual arousal and response. Although he attempts to explain things to her, she prefers a “hands-on” approach to learning. * * * * * * * * * * “Dad?” my daughter asked, as she handed my car keys back to me. “What, sweetie?” “Can I ask you a question?” “Sure.” “It's kind of embarrassing,” she said. “Jamie, you know you can ask me anything. What do you want to know?” “I asked my friends Melody and Kiersten, and they just laughed at… Read more

Posted by jetguy12345 3 years ago 24 95,920 100%

Making Mother A Slut


Making Mother a Slut John raced up to his room and tosses his bookbag carelessly onto his bed. Looking at the clock he noticed he still had a good two hours before his mom got home from work. More than enough time he thought as he booted up his computer and logged on to check his e-mail. He stiffened slightly at the "New Mail" message. It had started as a joke about a month earlier. He had found the singles ad his mother had placed while searching in her room for the stack of playboys she had confis**ted from him. At first it had surprised him. He had never thought of his mothe… Read more

Posted by manfrenjensun 6 years ago 38 95,016 95%

Cindy was a single mother


[user]Cindy was a single working mother. She had many ex-boyfriends who were either divorced or unmarried. Having gone out with them for the past few years only brought back the reasons why she never married any of them in the first place. Cindy felt it was all-hopeless; she would never be able to find the right guy suitable for her. Her daughter Debbie was fifteen, only twenty years younger than herself. The divorce was very painful for her at first, but she seemed to take it well later on. She gave all her support to her loving mom. This was the only reason why Cindy continued to fig… Read more

Posted by beach-mom 7 years ago 43 94,034 80%

My Long Weekend With Mom (long)


My Long Weekend With Mom Growing up, it had always been just Me and my Mom. She had me really young, when she was in the middle of doing school. From what I know, she was in a relationship with my father at the time, but it had always been unstable and she left him shortly after finding out she was pregnant. She has always been Superwoman in my eyes, but looking back; I don't know how she managed it all. With raising a k**, finishing her Master's degree and being a working Mom being just the biggest of her concerns; she always seemed to find a way to make things work. I can remember the han… Read more

Posted by alex_g 6 years ago 47 93,092 98%

Trapped In Paradise (With My Mom)


"Honey,are you coming home this Christmas...???”my Mom asked at the other end. I looked reluctantly at the phone in my hand.I had no intentions of going home.There could be no better way to ruin a holiday than to go to my hometown,a remote little hill town far off in the north.People say it's a beautiful place,maybe.But in this season,the end of December,when the whole town will be covered under tons of snow and with its sub-zero temperature;it does not look like a dream holiday to me.Further,our own house was miles away from town,making it even more remote.I tried to remember the winters,t… Read more

Posted by razack_zamarul 5 years ago 22 92,722 94%

College Fun With Deepika and my Friends

Group SexHardcoreMature

Hi friends, this is a real story which continues to this day. The name of the character has been changed but the contents are 100% true. It is about a girl from my college, who was my junior by one year. Her name is Deepika. Her aunt is a widow and she also goes to her mother’s house most of the time, leaving this girl alone many days. She is about 5 feet tall, cute round face with a shiny pair of lips, small tits but a wide shapely ass and shapely legs. She always wears tight cloths and high heels which make her ass look more delicious. She is from a high society background and it shows… Read more

Posted by arjumivy 6 years ago 14 90,676 75%

sexy mom


Like any teenage boy I jerked off a lot. I had my secret stash of adult movies and magazines I would masturbate too on a daily basis; as well as to all sorts of porn I would find on the internet. I had never thought of i****t in any way, shape or form but one of my friends told me about this website that had every genre of porn, pics and stories. At first I never looked at or read any of the i****t topics but I guess curiosity finally got to me and I began to read the i****t stories. The more I read the mom/son and b*****r/s****r stories I did find myself becoming very aroused. Soon after… Read more

Posted by adel5000 6 years ago 41 89,645 96%

listening to mom and dad

Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit. "We're talking enough to pay for your college, Pam," Mom told me matter-of-factly. "I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind,… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 5 years ago 79 87,568 98%

My Fun With Mom Ch. 1 - 5


My fun with mom Chapter 1 As Mom and I walked back to the car after dropping dad off at the airport, she put her arm around me and pulled me close. She had been doing this whenever we were together and alone. She giggled as I placed my arm around her shoulders pulling her toward me. I was a little taller than Mom so I kissed the top of her head as we walked. Why I did, I couldn't tell you, except I loved my Mom and at that moment felt a little sorry for her because Dad would be gone for the next month on business. Mom stopped, making me almost pull her off her feet. Turning toward… Read more

Posted by shmoe13 6 years ago 38 84,398 98%

Caught masturbating by my wife’s s****r

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

This is a little long, but I assure you – worth it. I’ll be adding more chapters later. I heard the sound of the key in the door too late. I was sitting in the folding chair at the desk with my back to the front door, my pants and boxers pulled down to my thighs, with my right hand wrapped around my 7” erect penis and my left hand fondling my testicles. I was watching a slideshow on the computer screen in front of me of still photographs of “Brooke,” a blonde stripping off her bikini outside, showing her patch of brown pubic hair and size C breasts. My wife’s s****r, Tara, opened… Read more

Posted by rocketstud 5 years ago 67 83,550 100%


AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

Daddy hugged both boys and ran to catch his flight. The boys decided to hang around town for a while before heading back to the camp site. the boys saw the Ranger who was in town collecting supplies. They talked for a while and decided to meet up at the local pub for a drink before heading back to the park. The talk got around to sex and what the boys had seen through the rangers cabin windows. The boys followed the ranger back to the park. The ranger station was rather quiet so the ranger suggested they go out back for a few beers, all inhibitions were gone and the boys decided they wanted… Read more

Posted by Davo60 2 months ago 82,975 100%

Steamy 3sum

Group Sex

Angel & Melanie were best friends growing up. They did everything together. That's what she told him. He had been dating Angel for a few months now, and they were getting pretty serious. When she said that she wanted him to meet her friend Melanie, he was looking forward to it. He had heard all sorts of stories about the two of them. Grade school antics, dance recitals, junior high, cheerleading, gymnastics, High school, they even applied and attended the same college. Angela told him that they were inseparable and shared everything. Angela made arrangements to go to Melanie… Read more

Posted by mrniceguy65 7 years ago 7 81,805 90%

Caught masturbating by my friends mom


Caught masturbating by my friends mom I was 15 years old and I slept over my friend’s house over the weekend. Early the next morning my friend Richie and his father went to get their car repaired and I stayed in bed. My friend’s mother knocked on the bedroom door and asked if I wanted breakfast or if I wanted to wait for Richie to get home. I said I would wait and she said ok, how about you take a shower and get ready. They should be home in an hour. I said ok and she said she would get me a fresh both towel. The guestroom I was in had a full bath and I went in and started to get myself rea… Read more

Posted by Ron5280 6 years ago 29 81,688 92%

My daughter's pussy

First Time

My Daughter This is merely a fantasy. I don't even have a still young I have been married to my wife for 25 years. She was my high school sweetheart and is the mother of my c***dren. We have 2 together.Mark, our oldest is 20 and has moved away to go to school on a lacrosse scholarship. Bethany is 18 and getting ready to graduate from high school. She will be attending a university in the fall on a soccer scholarship. I am very proud of my k**s and what they are turning out to be. Bethany started developing around the age of 14. She was in that awk… Read more

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Taking Carol


Taking Carol Chapter I The New Neighbor Carol Sizemore couldn't think of anything her part-time neighbor would want to meet with her about. She had known that someone had purchased the house next door six months earlier, but hadn't seen or met anyone associated with it since. She had been satisfied to see the lawn care company keeping it well maintained every Wednesday, and didn't much care whether anyone ever lived there. It was odd to have a complete stranger call her and insist that they meet on short notice, and the woman's demeanor was unsettling. It was as though she h… Read more

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Mother Training


__ WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are u******e, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! _________________________________________ Scroll down to view text Karen's Bitch Training *** An attractive but frigid young woman kicks her husband out of the house. She is soon a victim of the same young black man that is abusing her teenage daughter. This is a very rough story, not for the feint of heart. (Mdom+/Ff, nc, intr, rough, b**st, s&m, bd, ws) ***… Read more

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Indian Mom Gangbang

AnalGroup SexHardcore

It was 2 years back. I was 20 at that time. We are a f****y of 3. We live in an apartment in Chennai. My father works abroad and comes once a year. So, it is just me and my mother staying here. Our apartment has multiple blocks. Each block has 4 floors. We live in the 4th floor of our block. Each floor has just two houses. The doors of the houses will be facing each other and there is a lift between the doors. We are a brahmin f****y. My mother's age was 41 when the incident happend. Her name is Amudha. She is 6 feet tall. She is a bit on the fleshier side. But she is not too fat. Being a bra… Read more

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My f****y Vacation


Chapter One - Daydreaming This true story took place the year of my 17th birthday. It was the last real f****y vacation my f****y took together. I was 17 years old, almost six feet tall, still a skinny k** but my muscles were developing as I was getting into lifting weights. My hair was dark, cut short, dark skin complexion like my mother and I have blue green eyes, which I got from my father. It was late summer and dad decided we were all going to Virginia Beach for a week vacation. My 38 year old mom Denise, 40 year old dad Ron, my 16 year old s****r Allison and I, loade… Read more

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