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Caught beating off

I was home from college for the summer. My mom and older s****r Sally wanted to go on vacation to some Pennsylvania dutch area. That's not my thing I told them, I'd just be a drag. You two go & have fun.
They were going to be gone for a week to ten days. I thought it would be nice to be alone, a break from dorm life.

I wanted to watch porn videos on xhamster. I figured I'd use the desktop PC in he f****y room. It had a big monitor. I had my pants open rubbing my dick. It dawned on me that I was all alone in the house, why not take my clothes off. I liked the freedom of sitting there naked.... Continue»
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Lust for Stepmother

My name is Eric and I was thirty-five years old when my
father died. To say his death hurt would be an
understatement. It was truly devastating. Although it
was a difficult time, I was fortunate in that I had my
stepmother Janice to help me through this period. As I'll say
more than once in this story. My real mother had died when I
was young. Even though Janice married my father many years after
my mother died, I thought of her as my mother not a stepmother.
That's important to this story. I should add one more
thing, It was a rare day that I didn't lock myself in
my room ... Continue»
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My s****r's Best Friends

We had just moved in to our new house and were unpacking. I was between semesters at college, staying with my folks. We'd moved across town to a larger house in a better neighborhood and were almost done unpacking. The box was on top of a bookshelf. I moved to retrieve it, but my s****r beat me to it. As she reached up, her shirt hiked up, exposing her perfect tummy. I gawked as she went up on her tiptoes, grunting slightly as she pulled the box off the shelf. Her shorts were cut so high her pockets were hanging out. I could see directly up the back. She was wearing white cotton panties with p... Continue»
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Mother in Law Marie

My mother in law Marie moved in with my wife and I a few months ago. She is in her 70's and still a nice looking woman. Short gray hair, big saggy tits, incredible nipples and nice legs for an older woman. We always got along well, but I wasn't sure about her moving in as our k**s are grown and I like my privacy. She wore house dresses with no bra so her tits and hard nipples were always on display. One day she was sl**ping on the couch, my wife was at work so I went to my office and started watching some porn. I had my cock out and was stroking away, the volume was up on a girl playing with h... Continue»
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An adventure at the spa

After my divorce last year, I felt in need of a little pampering – some “me” time for a change. I'm only 30 after all, and I have plenty of time ahead of me once I can get that disastrous marriage out of my system. It had been a long time since my husband had shown much interest in me at all, and when I found out he'd been having an affair with his secretary – a 19-year-old bimbo – that just about clinched it. But I'm not bitter – we had grown apart anyway, and I don't think he realised that I have needs just as much as him. So one of the first things I did was to book myself into a spa we... Continue»
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My step mom

Ever since I learned what masturbation was, my stepmom Pammy became my #1 jerk off subject. After every weekend I spent with my dad and stepmom I would come home and my dick would be so sore from jerking it off all weekend. I was in high school when I really started to notice Pammy; she was 37 at the time. I don't know if she would qualify as hot to most k**s in my school, but she drove me wild. Pammy is average height with a slender body. Tits were 34B, I knew from always looking at her bras, and also a fantastic pair of legs on her too. I always thought she had the body of Stephanie Seymour,... Continue»
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Fucking my best friend

This is based on a true story,

So i hadn't seen my friend in about 6 months due to us both being busy and to my surprise she got engaged so she rang me to let me know she was coming to see me to celebrate. well she arrived we had a few drinks watched TV when suddenly we start talking about who's stronger which lead to us wrestling in the middle of the room and i ended up on top of her pinning her arms down above her head which started to turn me on so i moved my head closer to hers as she lay there looking into my eyes biting her lip as she started to get horny from me pinning her down ... Continue»
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Sissy husband f***ed BI

My wife was out of town visiting her mother. She was not due
back for several days, so I thought.

Not expecting her for several days, I had taken to being in
full drag while around the house, both day and night. At night I
would go to bed with my wig and full makeup still on; usually
wearing a teddi, garter and sheer stockings. Some nights I would go
to bed in a tightly boned and laced corset. Before I went to sl**p
every night I would lubricate my favorite vibrator and screw myself
while masturbating and fantasizing that I was being sexually taken
by my "husband". Oh, I was so lon... Continue»
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Getting Back At Mum

I was fed up with my life and every thing in it. Things had gone from bad to worse in just a year. First Dad, fucked off with my aunt. Can you believe it. He and my mother's s****r had been having an affair for two years before they took off together. It really devastated my mother. I mean not only had the husband that she was totally devoted to left her, but he left with her younger s****r. Worst of it was that he had emptied out the bank account on his way out of town.

Secondly even though Mom had a pretty good job working for an accounting firm we just didn't quite have enough for frill... Continue»
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Nailing Helena's daughter

One Saturday evening my loving Ana invited her sexy girlfriend Helena to dinner at our home. Her husband Jorge was out of town for few days and then she came along with her daughter Sophie.

I could not believe how grown up was that girl. Last time I had seen her she was just an innocent babe barely twelve years old; but now I could see in front of me a beautiful and sexy woman in her early twenties.
Her body was perfect as her mother’s and her face expression was also so slutty as was my naught bitch Helena.

I had fucked Helena sometimes and never thought I could fuck her sexy sweet da... Continue»
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Doggy Sexcapades

My name is Carol and all I was trying to do was be a good neighbor. My husband Bill and I live on a normal street in a normal town. Our next door neighbors, Mike and Sue, had asked us to feed their dogs while they were on vacation. They had a pair of Dobermans, a male and a female. The female had just had a litter of puppies about 8 weeks ago. Sue really didn't want to leave them but they had non refundable tickets. I had told Sue not to worry, that I would look in on them frequently. The dogs knew me well and even though the male was really big I wasn't afraid of them.

Bill and I didn't ha... Continue»
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Mom and Dad Went Away

This actually took place in the early 1970's.

I was home from college during winter break while my s****rs were visiting my grandparents out of state. My parents had let me know several months in advance of their planned trip to Puerto Rico. I recall that my father, more of an Archie Bunker type, had gone to the library to borrow some of those Berlitz Language records (you know, those black vinyl disks that produced sound from a needle on a device called a record player) so he could have a basic understanding of Spanish, or so he thought. Every evening after work, he played these record... Continue»
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Aunt's bra

This story happened in my aunt's house during the summer. She's the wife of my uncle, and damn she's hot as hell. 5'7, athletic build, great ass and small but round tits (34b). She's blonde and works out a lot.
Anyways I was 16 at the time, and my aunt was 30. My dad and my uncle decided to have a guys week out camping, so my aunt was home alone. My mom decided it would be a great idea if we stayed with my aunt for the duration of my dad and her husband's trip. Naturally, I was ecstatic. Being a horny teenager, and having a hot aunt lead to her being in my mind a lot when masturbating.
When ... Continue»
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Hot & Wild Times in an Adult Theater

A while back my hubby and I went to an adult theater in Wichita Ks. We decided to do something a little different this time. So I put on a very short skirt that showed almost an inch of the bottom of my ass cheeks without bending over at all, (no panties of course) a very shear top that makes my nipples very visible, and 4" high heel sandals. We agreed to walk in separately making it appear I was alone. Therefore, he entered first and I waited about 10 min. or so before I strolled in.
The adult theater had a bookstore in the front, and theater in the back of the store. There were about 10 ... Continue»
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Shortly after I turned 30 my wife and I found out that
she was pregnant with our first c***d. We had lived on
our own for a few years, and we lived pretty far from our
parents. We had a decent sized house, since I had a good
job, but with myself working full time, and her being
tired all the time from the pregnancy, there was no way
for us to keep the house up to where it needed to be. And
she didn't feel like cooking either, and one can only
live on so many pizzas.

We both realized that something needed to be done, but I
didn't make enough to hire a housekeeper, especial... Continue»
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Gloryhole Adventure

So I've posted a few pics on here about me visiting the local gloryhole lately. It's kind of a new thing for me lately that really gets me going. Hubby has been out of town a lot lately with work, so that tends to leave me really wanting. So this from my most recent trip to the glory hole. Hope u enjoy!

Just down the road from me, there's a little country bar that it seems everyone is at on the weekend. I've only been there a few times and that was always with the hubby. Of course, I always enjoyed the attention I'd gotten there when I was with him, I also knew that the guys there was... Continue»
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Very hot wife

My name is Stacy I've been married almost a year now to my husband Rick
We have many friends and throw lots of parties
Rick is 25 5 10 and good looking I'm 5 2 brown hair i weigh 105 have a full breast and a nice ass or so im told
I've had some great sex with Rick but i havenever know such pleasure as I did with ricks cousin James
It was Wednesday when james came over to have a few drinks with rick and me after 3 hrs of drinking i was felling really good and said I was going to bed rick and James stayed up drinking as i laid there i couldn't stop the bed from spinning so i took a... Continue»
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Stepmom's Fantasy Come True

Stepmom's Fantasy Come True

My name is Marlene and I just married a very handsome and
very rich man who had a daughter age 19 named Amy.
I tell this story to you all in hopes that others like
me will not feel corrupted. At first I felt
horrible. But after several encounters and fantastic sex
it wears away quickly.
We lived in a large home on a private street and the
only problem was that my husband's job took him all over
the world leaving me to care for Amy who I dearly loved.
But loneliness is hard and a husband away for several
days or even weeks is downright traumatic. But tha... Continue»
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Business trip with dad, first part!

My dad is a salesman for an intrenational company which means he is travelling a lot, mostly in europe.
I was just in the mid of my teens and he asked if I would like to follow him on a trip, and I was afraid it will be boring, but got convinced when he told me the hotel was really nice with a big spa area.
Off we went and arrived late in the evening, and just went to bed. Next morning he went offfor meetings and I was all alone on the hotel room.
Decidec to take a shower and before I went in , i open to the balcony to watch the wiew outside.
We was on the top floor which was the 3rd f... Continue»
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My First time !

The summer before my sophomore year my f****y did a lot of camping Always going to the same campground. It was kind of cool as other families did the same thing and we got to know a lot of other people I started hanging around with a girl there! I actually liked her b*****r and hoped he would notice me. We were at the beach I had my bikini on and he did notice! Him and I started hanging around a lot ! We snuck beer from our parents cooler. We would get a little d***k and make out but really nothing more! Our last camping trip for the year was Labor day weekend and I was ready ! I thought for s... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's s****r

My girlfriend and I had lived together for a few years now. Actually, I should comment that my girlfriend, her s****r and I had lived together for a few years. In reality she didn't live with us but, it felt like she did sometimes. My Girlfriend's s****r Amy was 27 a few years younger than me, and a few years older than my Girlfriend. It seemed like she had lived with us because there wasn't a week that went by when we didn't get to be blessed by her presence. She traveled a lot for work and only lived about an hour away from us. We happened to live closer to the airport, so whenever Amy tra... Continue»
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Part 1....Of My First Taste of an intimate beautif

This is all True OK !!!!

Let me first off start saying here that I respect and even love people of a different culture or faith other than my own, and that I find learning about and being told things about beliefs and ways of others is a turn on of mine....

This event took place about 3 years ago now when things that we see in the news each day now ? were less of a head line then.

I had just moved into a new house located in an upscale area of my city in Texas, and being alone (which I had been for many years now ? ) meant that I had to be the one arranging everything to suit my taste... Continue»
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Suprise! Its a glory hole.

I'd only been in this bar a few time and only used the ladies room once. On this particular night, I was feeling a little horny. My boyfriend was working out of town for 2 months and I'd been using my vibrator regularly, but I sure did miss the feeling of a cock in my mouth. I went into the ladies room to use the toilet. There were 4 stalls each with an emoji painted on it. The first 3 had a smiley face, the poop emoji and the laughing smiley. The one on the far end had the smiley with the shocked eyes and round open mouth. I chose the 4th because I had cock sucking on the mind and the mout... Continue»
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The Plumber and My First BJ (M2M)

I had recently graduated high-school and was working some residential construction to get some extra money for college. One day a co-worker, Jase and I were assigned to replace a toilet at nice ritzy home on the mainline outside of Philadelphia. Jase was a middle aged man with clean cut brown hair and brown eyes. He was 6’4” tall and quite muscular from working in the trades his whole life.

We got there arrived at our clients home early to have the owner let us in. The owner met us in the drive way, showed us around, and then left for work. Jase and I went upstairs to the master ba... Continue»
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Long awaited office affair

The moment she walked in for her interview, I knew I wanted her. She was 21, had amazing curves and huge natural breasts, drop dead gorgeous. We got through the interview, and of course I hired her.

For months I enjoyed her from afar, knowing what HR would do if they got ahold of ANY of the thoughts that ran through my head every time I looked at her. I tried my best not to get caught, but she eventually noticed. We would occasionally have mildy flirty interactions, a little joke or a light innocent touch, yet I had to keep it professional. That is, until a year and a half after she started... Continue»
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Helping Joel (M2M)

When i was a Junior in college, i was rooming with a friend named Joel. Joel was 5-9, blonde, blue-eyed guy that had a reputation with the girls as being a player. Besides his good looks, he was rumored to be hung like a horse, which I heard from more than one reliable source. For some reason, i had a curiosity to see his dick, not only soft, but hard as a rock. However, he seemed shy around guys and I never saw him without baggy shorts in our dorm room. To this day, i still do not understand why i wanted to see his cock so much.

One day when I was in the locker room I saw him get ou... Continue»
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Lunch Time at the Hole

In the 1990s, I lived in Atlanta. At that time, Atlanta had a very active and fun gloryhole scene. Most of the adult novelty shops had arcades and these arcades were frequented by all types of men. Especially in the northern suburbs, white collar and blue collar men would stop on the way home for a little end of day wind down.

My wife and k**s had left town to visit relatives, so I knew I was going to have a golden opportunity for some good “booth” time. Thursdays were especially hot days, and all that Thursday, I could not concentrate in anticipation. Matter of fact, I couldn’t ev... Continue»
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Moving Home

At f******n moving home is stressful, even more so if you move to a new town. That is exactly what my parents did, the day after school finished for the summer holidays. I wouldn’t even have school to make new friends, and it seemed that if there was anyone else my age on our street, they had left for the holidays. It was the equivalent of being lost in a desert and the only company near my age was my s****r Zoe, who I didn’t really get on with. At a year older than me Zoe always bossed me around, and along with her friends in our old town she made it her occupation to put me down. I suppose t... Continue»
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My Mom's hot friend

I was just out of high school when it happened. I stopped by Brian's to see if he wanted to go fishing. I knocked but no one answered. It wasn't unusual for me to walk on in and head up to Brian's room if no one answered so that's what I did. As I got to the top of the stairs I saw a light coming from his mom's room. I was going to head on past to Brian's room but something made me stop in the hall outside her room. The door was open just enough for me to see inside.

I know it was wrong but I had never seen a woman anywhere near naked and here stood his mom. It looked like she just got out... Continue»
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The Baby Sitter

The Baby Sitter

I have been baby sitting for Martin and Jane for about two months now. I would say that they are in their late twenties, and I would describe them as a happy go lucky couple, with a sunny disposition.

Yesterday was my eighteenth birthday, and I would like to relate to you what happened to me on that evening when I was looking after their two offspring.

Being a Saturday, they were both going out to their own separate functions, Him to chess club, and her to the gym. It wasn't long after they had left when unexpectedly, he came back to the house as he had forgotten somet... Continue»
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A Week Spent Helping Aunt Lori

This isn't a picture of my Aunt Lori, I don't have one of those, but it's a very close likeness of her.

This is the story of my first time, and most likely the reason my attraction to cougars/MILF's.

It took place in the mid-90's, towards the end of the summer heading into my junior year of high school. Near the end of the previous school year I'd tried and fallen in love with pot & music, so I didn't do much over the summer aside from smoke & veg out. I cut grass in the neighborhood to make money, ... Continue»
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Brandon Part 3

Later that afternoon, Brandon and I were back in my room sitting on the bed together talking about what had happened between us the past 24 hours. I was still dressed in my plaid skirt white panties and nothing else. Brandon had his boxers and a t-shirt on.

I gotta say, Taylor, your mouth is amazing. You know how to please a cock.

Thank you, Brandon. I rubbed my hand over his bulge. The thought of your cock makes me so horny.

Since your mouth is so good a pleasing my cock, maybe your ass is too.

I stopped rubbing him, I don’t know, Brandon. I don’t know if I can do that.

Why? He... Continue»
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Mom's Rules

Beth's chest and abdomen were heaving as she gasped for breath. Her orgasm was subsiding even as Tim gave her clit one more light lick. The cunnilingus was not the best she had ever had but it had been the first time for her son and that thought had made her orgasm very intense. He finished kissing her bush and slowly worked his way up until he was nuzzling and kissing her belly button. As he reached her breasts Beth realized that Tim's hard cock was dragging upwards across her thighs getting nearer and nearer to her soaking cunt.

The events of the past few weeks flashed before her eyes.... Continue»
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lara the milf

i came back from my jog feeling good, all sweaty. as soon as i opened the door i could smell it. i could hear them talking and laughing, my son trent and someone else in his room, hanging out and listening to music, partying like school k**s. his door was open so i went to say hi. you guys having a party? i said as i stood at his door, oh, hey mom! trent said all casual, his friend's eyes opened real wide as he checked me out in my little runner outfit, super tight, little shorts, tight tank top, sneakers. this is trevor, trent said, introducing his friend, i went in smiled at him (what a cuti... Continue»
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My So Called Sex Life - Part III

Forward by 'Lexi'

Hi guys and girls, it me again, Lexi!! First, I have loved all the comments you've been leaving on Parts I and II of my story... thank you all!! Now my love DizzyD had intended on making Part III the finale, but it would have just been too long because Diz has a way of making my sex life read like a beautiful, erotic epic, so their will be a Part IV. For now, here is Part III, and I don't mind telling you all that I masturbated twice while I was proofreading it, and it's my own story!! Thank you Dizzy my love for telling my story in a way that I never could, and for he... Continue»
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A glory hole in the middle of nowhere

I had spent a wonderful week end visiting some old friends in Savannah.
Now I was returning home, where Victor was not waiting for me. He had just left for a full week trip to Chicago.
I had already driven for three hours, when a sudden storm broke in the middle of the highway. Then I decided to keep safe and pulled over to a rest stop; to take a break and wait for the weather improves…
Grabbing my old laptop and purse, I headed inside the little restaurant.
I walked through the small lobby to the café at the end, swinging my hips, of course and sat down at a table against the window. The... Continue»
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First cumshot

I was young, and not experienced at all about sex or nudity when this happend, and I was still a virgin.
It was summer and like every summer we went to our summer house just in the middle of nowhere.
It was my parents and me, and this morning the left into town for shopping and I was all alone.
Decided to go to the small lake about 4 km away, and packed my things and went off.
When I arrived there was a small motorhome standing there, but no people around.
I went in to the small house for changing to bikini, and then I laid down on the towel for some sun.
Suddenly I heard the door o... Continue»
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More fun with shy, kinky nurse

This is a follow-up to my story about a great—and surprising—anal sex session with a woman I had an affair with some years back. She was a nurse who was a couple of years older than me. She had been married once but had been divorced for some time. She was, by anyone’s reckoning, rather plain-looking…not the kind of woman who attracted a lot of attention from guys. But she was a nice, intelligent person who I’d been friends with for a while before sex entered the picture in our lives. I was married, but lonely, and sex-starved, and was only too happy to find a willing partner.

Well, it too... Continue»
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Booking a private massage with Kyla

Once home on Monday after dropping my daughter off at crèche, I decided while having breakfast that I was going to message Kyla and see if she was able to give me a massage on Wednesday.
She replied back asking what massage I would like and the time length as she does have two bookings already. And if i would be coming to her or her to my home. But can definitely fit me in.
I replied saying that I would like an unrushed 90 min full body and head massage and would like it if she could come to me.
She replied back saying that's cool and asked if it would be ok between 11h00 and 13h00 to fit... Continue»
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Mrs Wilkinson took me by the hand, led me indoors and sat me down on the settee. She poured us each a glass of wine and then placed her arm around me. "Are you a virgin? Have you had sex yet" she asked. "What" I stuttered back. "Have you had a fuck yet !" She said matter of factly. I explained about my aborted couple of tries and she smiled and said "I think its time for you to learn. Would you like me to teach you?".

I went ridged and said "I think Mrs Wilkinson I should leave". "Dont be silly and its Hazel OK!" She brought her hand onto my crotch. "I can feel you really really don't want ... Continue»
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Mothers Day

Shelly was my best buddies mom. I have had a secret crush on from the day I met her. There was Something about her that made me just want to bust a nut deep inside her. I think we have all known someone like that. I never thought that I would ever get the chance to fuck Shelly. But I went over to see my buddy on Mothers Day forgetting that his whole f****y was going out to give mom some alone time.
Shelly invited me in and told my buddy was gone for the day but she would really like for me to stay and spend some time with her. Now I find Shelly attractive, long blonde hair, big brown eye... Continue»
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Our first stranger involvement at a nude beach.

Dc writes: At last we were on our way to the city, a four hour drive away. We were heading down for a f****y get together. I was passenger most of the way until our fuel stop on the northern side of the city. After the fuel stop, I assumed the driver's seat. As usual with our visits to the city, we liked to get to a nudist beach if possible. I had Kt doing a check on the computer for some information as we drove along and she was disappointed to see we had missed the opportunity to go to Swanbourne nudist beach. Kt had been intending on taking me there as a little surprise. It would... Continue»
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A hard package to deliver

When I was at high school I started a job as a delivery boy.
On the second week I got my delivery list and set off for the daily round.

The last package was to be delivered at a huge manor house. I pressed the buzzer at the main entrance and waited. I pressed the buzzer again and a young girl’s voice asked who it was. I told her I had a parcel for her and then she let me in.

I drove along a large drive to that manor house, I knocked on the door and a beautiful girl in a bathrobe answered. She was about my age and she apologized for keeping me waiting… she was in the shower.

She took ... Continue»
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Visit to the Adult Store

My name is Karen and this is a follow-up to my road trip experience when I recently went on a trip with Rick, a buddy of my husband as we drove down and I stayed at his place for a couple of weeks in Florida. While driving down on the interstate I kept seeing signs along the highway of adult stores or adult superstores, I know what an adult store is and after talking about it Rick said that we should go to one and he’ll buy me some lingerie and a new toy or two.

Several days later Rick asked me if I wanted to go and check out an adult store and I was all for it, so after getting showers, sh... Continue»
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My black neighbor

When I was a young boy I liked wearing panties I wore normal clothes over them but I did like wearing panties

I lived next to this guy who lived alone in his house and not many people ever came over. He was an older black man tall and well built. It was a surprise he didn't have a girl every night.
One night I was putting on a pair of panties and I had left my curtains open and I caught a glimps of my neighbor looking at me. I dropped down and closed the curtains and hid in my room waiting for the door bell to ring, but it didn't. A couple days later I was out taking a walk and my neighb... Continue»
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The hot neighbors (first bi)

Cindi and I have been married for 8 years now and I'm moving right up the corporate ladder. Cindi has been able to quit working and we've moved into a gated community. Everyone has a pool in their bakcyard and the neighborhood parties are unreal. Stan and Nancy live next door and we've hit it off tremendously. Stan is about 40 and Nancy only 35. Cindi and I are 29. Cindi is 5'6", 110 lbs. athletic adn blond. She now tans all over by our pool. She told me she was a little modest the first few times the housekeeper or gardner saw her tanning naked but it doens't bother her (it kind of bothers me... Continue»
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Car Fun With An Audience

I met this hot slut named Kathy when delivering a pizza to her house. That is another story I'll tell later. Anyhow, I decided to invite Kathy to my house to have a fun three-way with my wife. Now Kathy was a cute, slightly pudgy but tight skinned brunette with shoulder length hair. Kathy had absolutely huge tits with big rosy red nipples damn near the size of saucers! Nipples that looked oh so nasty when hard and erect! I loved sucking them hard while feeding her wet cunt my fat cock. However, on to our adventure;

It was about a 40 minute drive from Kathy's house to mine. On the way ... Continue»
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Wrong Apartment

It was 1983 I was 19 I grew up in Southern California, being the 80's I had long hair was into rock music had a girlfriend. At the time I was 6'1" 190 macho type, but since my early teens had fantasized about men, always older men with grayish hair, I do remember once when was around 10-11 I found a bunch of magazines in this ravine where we used to play in by my house, most were penthouse but there was one that was of men naked mostly just posing but a few where in 69 positions I remember it making me very aroused so maybe that's where my fantasies of older men came from.
So back to 1983 i ... Continue»
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Brandon Part 1

Brandon was a friend of mine that grew up just down the block from me. He was a year older than me and just finished his freshman year in college. He came back to town to work at his old construction job over the summer.
I had just turned 18 in April and graduated in May. I couldn’t wait to get out of that town. In the fall I was going to the same college as Brandon. We weren’t going to be rooming together though. He was an equipment manager for the football team and lived in the student athlete dorm.

It was late June and I was just finishing up my last season of baseball. I wasn’t any g... Continue»
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My 18th Birthday

It all started a few years ago, the day after my 18th birthday. It was a hot summer day, and I had just graduated from high school. I may not have knew much but if I knew one thing it was that I was super horny. I couldnt stand hearing about how all my freinds boyfreinds dick was so big. I wanted something. So, one day I went out for a jog and saw the sexiest middle aged woman ever, she had beautiful breasts, an ass so nice you could sl**p on, she was just all around beautiful. I wanted to fuck her so bad, and the only thing standing in my way was her husband.
I went home that evening the hor... Continue»
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