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An exhibitionist wife - The voyeur on the train

On Friday night Mrs O and I were on the 10.15 train on our way home after meeting for a few drinks after work. We were sitting together on the half empty train toward the front end of the carriage hidden from view from the other passengers who were all sat in seats behind us. A little way into the journey an older guy came through the adjoining doors from the carriage in front and passed by our seats into the carriage behind us leering at Mrs O as he went. I looked at her and she burst out laughing saying what a dirty old bastard he was when much to our surprise he came back and sat down a few... Continue»
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Red and blue, an erotic spanking story I've b

It's not 100% finished, and I'd like to work on it some more when I'm able to, but here is first draft of my first erotic story. Props if you recognise the setting.

“Peebee?” Sara Ryder questioned the Asari who had just barged into her quaters unannounced.

“Hey ya, Pathfinder.” The Asari in question answered. “I noticed you weren’t there for the movie tonight. It’s not like you to miss a crew get-together.”

“Oh, that.” The pathfinder checked the time on her omni-tool. 23:37 it read. “Oh shit, I lost track of time.”

“You said that last time.” The Asari deadpanned.

“Well… ... Continue»
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The road to my first time as Christy (part 1)

Hello, I've been meaning to put down my story for a long time now. This is the story of Christy (me) from thoughts of cross dressing all the way through to being fully sissified by a fantastic top this past January.

This is all 100% true. Not sure how many parts I'll break it into, or how much detail I'll include in every section, but I think it will be too long if I don't break it up. I just feel the need to share how I got to this place today and hope others appreciate it.

Let me start at the beginning. I grew up in a rural community in the Midwest. I was athletic, good looking, ... Continue»
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Nasty creampie sex with the ex

Rachel and I had been split up for about two years. Before the split we had a passionate relationship and a k** but had drifted apart.
Now two years on and we had both moved on and found new partners. All seemed good and we had become friends and I would pop round a couple of times a week to see the little one.

I couldn't help but notice that Rachel had started to dress more slutty since she started seeing Paul her new boyfriend. I had always tried to get her to wear stockings and heels for me when we were together, with a limited amount of success. Sometimes I would see her undies d***... Continue»
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Bi-Cross Dresser That's Me!!

For the longest time I would only top. Then one day my Bi male fuck buddy brought his wife and her well hung boy friend to one of our hotel meets. Her BF was very gentle then once he was inside me he slowly picked up the pace. Soon he was pounding me like a madman. It seemed like an hour but it was more like 15 mins. When he finally came in my ass I saw stars. There's nothing like a real cock filling you with hot cum. This was the one and only time I came from being fucked anally. I've had several cocks since. But nothing compare to the one that popped my cherry. I remember on the drive home I... Continue»
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The cock teaser & the older gay man

It was the summer before my senior year in college. I just turned 21 and I had transferred to a private university. To save money I rented a room from a man that lived right next to the campus.

Mr. Reynolds had a huge house less than a block away and his rent was more than fair.

He was in his late ‘40s and was rather heavyset and tall, just over 6’. He had dark brownish red hair and a full beard with a hairy bushy wraparound handlebar moustache. Mr. Reynolds came from the Deep South and had a very thick Southern accent and was extremely masculine.

Although he was a heavyset man, he ... Continue»
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Mature Farmers Wife

There she was on her hands and knees, black leggings stretched over her big arse and chunky thighs now nearing transparency of her white skin underneath. She turned when she heard me and looked up with a warm friendly smile.

Her oversized polo-shirt hung down showing her cleavage and her white bra keeping her big tits from dropping too much.. She stood up and wiped her brow of sweat as it was now a hot day and flapped her shirt to circulate some air within.

“Am I glad to see you” June said standing in front of a large pile of unwrapped sheep fleeces. “I’m so glad Mary could recommended ... Continue»
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Fag Nudist Weekened Retreat

I recently attended another fag nudist retreat. I try to go at least once every 6 months because it is a wonderful way to experience faggot fellowship and it is also a fantastic way to help relieve stress.

This was held up in the mountains at a private invitation-only resort for gay men only.

About 20 men in total attended this event. Like me they are all fag nudists with average bodies and dongs. They average age of the men would probably be in the mid ‘40s to early ‘50s.

After we all arrived we were led out back to a large deck with a terrific view. This is where the undressing cere... Continue»
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To bi ... part II

So James comes over to me at the library and we have a short talk. He wants to know if I'm ready to "go" again, and I have to admit to him that yes, I am, but once again I just can't do the same for him. He smiled and simply said that he was OK with it.

"I'll take what I can get" he whispered and then winked.
"I'll meet you in the parking lot" I said as I turned away and checked out another audio CD.

I waited until he came out as before and once again we went to a safe spot to park. I quickly slid my jeans to the floor and he bent over to my cock and his mouth was warm, wet ... Continue»
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Me and my step mom

I guess there is something wrong with me and my mom, but we enjoy fucking each other. I was a young guy 13 when my mom showed me her pussy to me. It started when I was downstairs watching T.V. when my mom called me to her room upstairs. My mom is very pretty, slim, C cup breast, long brown hair went down to her shoulder blades. Dad was at work, he worked during the day. Mom had her robe on, she told me to stand in front of the bed and watch. I was thinking, watch what. Mom took off her robe, she had her bra and panties on. She got in the bed, took her panties off and spread her legs open. She ... Continue»
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3 Cousins

3 Cousins

This story is including: Fantasy, Bi-sexual, Exhibitionism, i****t, Masturbation, Teen Male/Teen Females, Voyeurism, Young genres.

I was rather young when my f****y and I went to a birthday party at my grandma’s house. All of my cousins on that side of the f****y are girls, and most of them are extremely attractive, Samantha included. She is around the same age as me, so we naturally always hung out during these f****y get-togethers. At that time she had long, blonde hair flowing down her back, usually in a ponytail, and I remember that she was wearing a wh... Continue»
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Masturbating With My Mom

It was the summer of 1985 right after I graduated high school. I couldn’t wait to finally move away and go to college. Not that I was truly upset with my home summer was pretty consistent, yet boring. I did not have a girlfriend and so it seemed all I really ended up doing was working. I ended up working overtime considerably to save money for school. I did spend a little time with my friends; but overall my last summer at home was uneventful. That is, it was uneventful until the last few days before I left.

I guess I should continue by also mentioning the one other thing that kept me very ... Continue»
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Gay faggot used in sauna

I had only been in the gay sauna a couple of times before. I had sucked a nice cock and received a messy facial in the dry sauna on my first time there, and that really turned me on. The second time I went there, in the same room, I joined a few guys and they wanked and sucked me until I came. It was very horny, being naked, with other naked men, who were all highly aroused by me and this aroused me greatly too.

On this occasion however, I decided to explore deeper into the delightful gay sauna. I entered a wet room, which was very dark and very steamy, and very hot too. Struggling to find ... Continue»
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Kate Gets Blitzed

The first time I saw Kate, we were standing in front of
the downtown office building where I had been working
for the past five years. Her confident smile
immediately caught my attention as she motioned for me
to enter revolving door.

I remember wishing she had gone first. I would have
enjoyed checking out her cute figure a bit more. She
looked to be just a few inches taller than my 5-3, with
a trim, athletic build and pert breasts.

"What am I doing ogling another woman?" I said to
myself as I rode up to my office on the tenth floor. I
noticed t... Continue»
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M*m and daughter are very rich but like to be treated as cheap whores

It was about 1am and my m*m came it to my room and said, "i can want to go and get fucked by a dirty cock now."

So we got dressed up all slutty, i was wearing a mini skirt and a business shirt with 26cm blakc high heels, and my m*m was wearing a dress which was very short and 24 cm red high heells.

I drove to the highway then took a slip roap and stop by the side of the road in a lonely area, and pretended that we had a breakdown.

After a while a truck pulled up and a man of about 60 got out. He walked over to u... Continue»
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WPC Stephens' Bad Day

WPC Stephens’ Bad Day

A tale of a tricked policewoman’s woes by Asmodeus_seed.

WPC Jane Stephens looked at Earl’s phone with growing unease as the video clip he was showing her became obviously something she hadn’t expected or wanted. She glanced at his grinning face, his white teeth were exposed in a smile that went from ear to ear and his eyes bored into her as her fear became obvious. She glanced at his two companions, Jimmy and Ali who had grins to match Earl’s. The three boys were standing eye to eye with the young policewoman and obviously enjoying her discomfort.
She had been... Continue»
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It is All Black & White in the f****y!

Sandra heard a knock on the back door as she looked at the clock. Yes it was ten o'clock already. She knew who was at the door and what was about to happen. Her pussy grew moist. It was hard to believe that this weekly ritual had been going on for fifteen years.

Sandra opened the door to see Bo standing there in his sheriff's uniform. For a white man he was good looking with his reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. At forty he was in excellent shape. He was holding the laundry bag and smiled at her as she opened the door.

"Hi Sandra, I brought the laundry. Jenny said to remind you not to s... Continue»
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It was my last month in my hometown before I had to leave for college and I was still a virgin. I was watching porn one night in my basement and the title Son Tricks Mom into Blowjob came up in my recommended. I then felt suddenly aroused about the thought of getting a blowjob from my mom, so I began to jerk my hard 5 inch cock to a taboo filled video. As I was jerking off I started thinking about my mom, 5’4”, 120 pounds, lean body, big tits, and long blonde hair. She kind of reminded me of Shyla Styles but a little older looking. I was thinking about her so much that I needed something of he... Continue»
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The Second Cock I Ever Sucked

This is the first story I have written so apologies in advance for my rusty grammar. Any comments or constructive criticisms are appreciated.

When I was a teen there was a guy me and my friends would see about. He was quite a bit older than us. I think he was about 45 then, stocky with tattoos. Rumors would go round that he was dodgy and bisexual and to keep away.

One day when I was out alone I got talking with him, his name was Jim and he seemed friendly enough. He invited me back to his place for some bullshit reason probably? I thought about what my friends had said but I was curious ... Continue»
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My s****r catches me, and then wants to join in.

Back in those good ol' days of Rock 'n' Roll I swear that we played our music louder -- even louder, than we do now. Perhaps that was just because I in particular couldn't afford decent earphones but whatever the reason, we'd turn the sound up high enough to rattle the roofs and windows -- and then wonder why it was that we all had troubles with our hearing years later!

But in those days of the 1970s and onwards we were happy doing 'our thing' whenever we had freedom to do so. I had my collection of tapes that I treasured above much else -- hell, I can still remember so many of them. AC/DC,... Continue»
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Communal Masturbation

(These are 2 different blog posts about communal masturbation that I merged together for you to enjoy.)

Communal Masturbation for Gay Men

What is communal masturbation for gay men?

This is a question that I have been asked often.

If you've heard of a circle jerk then you basically know what communal masturbation is.

I belong to a wonderful communal masturbation group made up of gay men. Everyone in the group is a homosexual, some like myself are out, and others are closeted.

There are currently 14 men in the group (although not everyone is able to attend each ses... Continue»
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BBC Dinner

Hello once again. This is a story about one of my BBC experiences. I hope you guys like it and leave me a comment if you would like to read more of my sexual experiences...love you.
It was a Friday night, and my husband and I were walking out of the restaurant when my phone rang.
"Hello," I answered.
"Hey girl, let's go out tonight," my girlfriend Kimberly said.
"No," I answered, "I'm out with my husband."
"Remember those guys from the bar last week," Kimberly said.
"Which one?" I asked. "The black guys."
"Yeah," she replied. "They want to take us out to the same bar tonight."
"Girl, t... Continue»
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Hot summer sun and hot summer cum

As many will know here in England, we have been going through something of a heatwave, and about time to be honest.
Last night I was taking in the early evening heat, with it still in the high-twenties at 6 O’clock, along the East Norfolk coast. The occasional cooling breeze hit me, but they were few and far between. I had enough, and decided that I had better head back to the car, and get some water in me.

I scanned the cliffs looking for a path to get up, but as this part of the British coastline was susceptible to serious coastal erosion, I had to walk a further mile or so before I cam... Continue»
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Wife Knows I get Blowjob's Gay

I had gone to see Jim at his house several times over the preceding year. I was 25 and I guess he was a little older. Each time had been the same routine. He would call and have me drive over. Park around the corner and then enter his house through the patio door in his back yard. He'd be waiting there in his living room naked and I'd drop to my knees suck him off and then get up and go. I knew he was married and we had to keep quiet because he had a c***d asl**p upstairs. His wife worked as a bartender so she was out late in the evenings giving him some freedom to indulge when he wanted a man... Continue»
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Daddy Loves Stephanie

Stephanie walked in the front door of her house, her uniform soaking wet from the rain. She shivered as she dropped her back pack on the floor and walked across the floor, her mary jane heels clicking across the floor.
“Steph is that you?” her mother called from the kitchen.
“Yeah Ma.” she chimed as she skipped into the kitchen.
“Oh sweetheart, you’re soaking wet! Why don’t you go change, get ready for dinner and then come back down. Oh and let your father know it’s almost ready. He should be in his office.” she smiled and kissed my cheek.
“Okay. Smells good mom!” Stephanie kissed her moth... Continue»
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Fucked in a toilet - part 1

When I was in my early teens, I had a friend called Robert who was a year older than me. I was a bit plump and quite shy and had no other friends. We used to go to the park at weekends, playing football and riding our bikes. There was a dense load of bushes in a quiet corner of the park behind which was an old brick toilet block. I thought it strange that whenever we went to the park, Robert would insist he needed a pee and disappear into the bushes. Sometimes he would reappear quite quickly, at other times he would be a long time and be all flushed and sweaty when he came out.
One weekend, i... Continue»
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Second Honeymoon without Husband

I’m 34 and married for 10 years by now. I haven’t lost my figure as I was at the time of marriage but gained extra weight for sure but it always complemented on me as per my husband. I had a perfect figure of 34 by 34 by 36 and tugged in sari, I looked ravishingly beautiful and no one could resist to fuck me. I am a little whitish by complexion but still have nice face cut, beautiful and luscious lips, big eyes and long hairs which reached till my bums. I usually wore sari all the time. But most of the time I hate to wear panty inside. My boobs are not used to man hand since 10 years but stil... Continue»
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Good Sex with Fag

“Cabbage,” yelled Sirvaughn Poe as he pulled in the brown-skinned slim dude into a hug.
“Hey baby,” giggled the effeminate host. “How was your day?”
“It was good, baby! A nigga cain’t complain you know.”
“I’m glad it was good.”
“How was yours?”
“It went pretty well. Thanks!”
“I see you got dat booty out fuh ah nigga tah-night.”
“Oh yeah. Do you like this outfit,” Cabbage inquired referring to the pink lace midriff top he was wearing along with the pink and purple jockstrap.
“Hell yeah! A nigga love dat shit! Let me roll dis blunt, faggot!”
“Yes, sir,” replied the five-foot-six-inch, s... Continue»
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Show me your cock!

There I was standing in his doorway just staring at him in the buff. He was tan all over, in good shape for someone in their late 40's. His cock was swinging between his legs as he shifted around. I was in a daze just looking at the amount of hair that crowned his meat stick. I couldn't believe that I was there and what I was going to happen next.

Just a few hours earlier, I was delivering pizzas on a Friday night. I wasn't initially scheduled but was called in. I needed the money. I was finding out that college was more expensive than originally thought. The night was going like normal unt... Continue»
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I was pretty young, I don't want to say my age, but I was riding my bicycle everywhere if that tells you anything. Our house back then was near a

public park and had nature trails everywhere you could ride or walk. They were surrounded by tree's and heavily wooded and I always enjoyed

riding down the paths and checking things out. We had a rule at home that was when the street lights come on, I better be home!

One day, I was riding my usual trails and I saw these two old men, about my dad's age, walking down the trail and then, just before they saw me,

they turned right and w
... Continue»
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Jen's Exhibition Leads to New Adventures

Hi, my name is Jen. This is a true story, honest. I came home one night from being out with a few of my girlfriends, had a bit to drink but wasn't d***k as such. There was a car in the driveway that I didn’t recognize and when I got inside the house I could hear the TV was on in the living room. I walked into the living room where I found my husband Bill and one of his buddies from work, Dan, watching a porn video. Now I’m not a prude but it did catch me by surprise. Bill and I do watch porn together and I do not have any problem with it at all. I even have some of my own favorite videos that ... Continue»
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Losing my virginity (by request)

I have been lucky in my life to get to have sex with several classy gorgeous woman. Every woman that I have made love to will always be special to me. They are all great stories in their own right, but my favorite will always be my 1st...her name is Jenny. Jenny lived in my neighborhood and we went to school together. We spent a lot of time together especially during the summer. She was a real cutie, long dark curly hair, tanned olive skin, gorgeous face, small frame, tiny waist and full hips. She smaller but perky tits. She didn't beed makeup because she was a natural beauty. She w... Continue»
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My Internet Men Gangbang

My Internet Men Gangbang

I am -- years old and have been married to the man of my dreams for -- years now. My husband and I have a very good sex life and have sex on average about 3 times a week. I love to give my husband blow jobs and to be fucked regularly, but 3 times a week is not always enough for me. I have an insatiable appetite for sex and like it a little rough. I also have voyeuristic fantasies and love porn. Around the middle of September, I just couldn’t get enough sex. I would wake up early just to blow my husband before work just to make sure he would fuck me properly that... Continue»
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Frat Fuckboy,

Chase had known what he was getting into from the start. The boys at the frat had been really up-front during rush week. They were looking for a gay boy to serve as the house fuckboy, someone who’d handle all his bros whenever they needed to nut and hadn’t been able to score with one of the school’s coeds.
Derek, the rush chairman, had pulled him aside his second night at the house and explained to Chase why they were interested in him and what his position as the house fuckboy entailed. “You’re gonna see a hell of a lot of cock, boy, if you agree. Definitely more than you’ve ever seen ... Continue»
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Tommy and Georgette are holidaying in Mexico. Georgette goes into the bathroom early on their 2nd day, shuts the door and looks out the window without turning on the lights.

She sees a light go on in a bathroom window across the way. She sees a man standing in front of the toilet. He drops his boxers and grabs his penis. He stretches the skin on the end of his penis outwards and then pulls it back behind his glans and proceeds to piss into the toilet.

Georgette is amazed. She has never seen a live uncut dick before. She has seen only pictures. The guy’s cock is as thick and as long ... Continue»
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Naked play parties for gay men

Just a quick preface: This is reposting of a blog that I wrote last year for my friends, I decided to repost it as a story for all of the kind men that have enjoyed some of the recent stories that I have posted. Your comments mean so much to me! Unless otherwise noted all of my stories are true and based on my own real experiences. It is also prudent to mention that all of my stories, blog postings and other sexual comments and fantasies are only about adults of legal age only and only for mature adults of legal age. Thank you to my readers and I hope you like this.

I host and atten... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold was watched

Judy hadn’t done much lately due to some health issues. She used to jerk me off once every couple of weeks telling me what she had done and that had been less lately. One morning she walked into the f****y room and told me to be ready tomorrow morning as it was her turn to watch me. I laughed and said, “doing what?” She just smile back.

The next morning she told me we needed to run some errands. We stopped at the craft store and the pharmacy and then se said let’s stop at the office so I can pick something up. We went to my office and when we got back to my private office she said, “go jump... Continue»
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Working late.....again.

I was 21, relatively geeky and inexperienced.
I have had girlfriends, with each of them I had very uneasy (and quick) sexual encounters too. Quick was the operative word.

Whilst being 21, working in the office, I was the new guy. The young lively guy who liked a drink on a Friday and was always first at the bar, last to leave. It became my super power. I was Party Boy.
Making out that women were not that much of a mystery and a (false) air of confidence and the never to be seen pretend long term girlfriend in Cheltenham who I would visit on weekends and come back to work on the Monday wit... Continue»
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Wanna Eat It ?

I awoke this morning to the sound of someone stirring in our bedroom. I was on my side facing the middle of the room and opened my eyes. My girlfriend Sara was standing just inches from my face. She was naked and I was staring at her perfectly shaved pussy. The next thing I noticed was the scent coming from her. I love the way her pussy smells when she is aroused. After sex it is almost overpowering.

"Good morning , Billy. sl**p well?" she said.

"Good morning, Babe," I responded.

We had partied a bit the night before and I was starting to remember what happened.

We had two cou... Continue»
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Mom needs it

Follow me if you like my work on instagram @raqm0900
And Quemmysissy.tumblr.com

Fiction, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, i****t, Teen Male / Female

Mom sees son with girlfriend, knows she can please him better.
For a brief, insane moment I feared they could hear the pounding in my chest. I jerked my head back around the corner and leaned against the wall in the hallway, struggling to catch my breath, trying in vain to f***e my heartbeat to slow.

I only watched for a second or two. Or ten. But the image was seared into my brain. The sight of my so... Continue»
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Going Commando

I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist. The majority of the porn I watch or the stories I read involve variations of women flashing or getting fucked in public. Whether it's in the bathroom of a bar or nightclub or in the backseat of a car in a crowded parking lot, it didn't matter. It was all the same to me and it was unbelievably sexy. I always pictured my wife as the woman in these scenarios. Even if the fictional man was a stranger and not me, it got me going but that's a whole different fantasy in itself. When I met my wife, Kate, she was very reserved and conservative when it came to... Continue»
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Wife Made Me do IT! CockSucker

I have been happily married for over 10 years. My wife and I are sexually adventurous and open-minded. We have always openly shared fantasies. My wife always makes an effort to realize all of our fantasies. My wife, Anne, is a beautiful woman who takes very good care of herself. She is a natural blonde with natural 36 D tits and firm, muscular legs. Out in public with my wife loves to tease. She and I enjoy noticing most men and even some women checking out her nice figure. Most men would cum in their pants if they knew what a kinky, sexual women I am married to. She loves to dress provocative... Continue»
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Massage or what?

A few months ago I took my wife to a massage parlor. We had been working very hard and needed to relax, that was the first step before our vacation. I had requested a room for the two of us and women to massage us. I remember grinning at that request, she said to me "why can't a man massage me?" "I'll request it if you want it" I remember saying but she said no and I let it go.

When we got to the room, two HOT and I do mean HOT looking body women were in the room waiting on us. I swear my dick started rising up. We undressed, they handed us underwears but we both declined, I wanted to be na... Continue»
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Wife,her mother and the black friend

Another afternoon,

Wife and i got the visit of her mother along with her mother's black friend.Her mother at 70 as i had mention and her black friend at 60.Had a little belly but his cock was as big as her mother never dreamed before in her entire life.

We were all naked n our appartment and talking.Of course my wife knew how big a bbc is from first hand.She was happy for her mother too now that she has had the same experience.Her mother although 70 years old now she looked exactly like my wife.

Also in 1.60 cm.Small breats too,nice tight ass and a hairy pussy.Never had her pussy sh... Continue»
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Blind Date

I went with my best pal to his girlfriend's apartment to see if she wanted to go to the city to hit s few clubs for dancing and a few drinks. She liked the idea, so I called my on-off girlfriend and found she was off for now. My friend's girlfriend asked if her friend could come along as my date.
I agreed and she called her friend, who agreed to come along with us.
I hoped her girlfriend was as foxy as she was. After about a hour of light drinking and conversation, her friend knocked and entered the apartment.
Intros were made and I have to admit I was a little disappointed. She was shorter... Continue»
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i****t for Generations

i****t, Genetic Sexual Attraction
Chapter 1
It was a Sunday early morning, hearing loud noises from the Hostel corridor, I came out of my room and learnt to my shock and surprise our classmate Mohan was found dead in his room, obviously committed suicide. An empty arsenic bottle and a suicide note found besides the bed.

He hails from a wealthy rich landlord f****y, the only son of his parents and doing well in studies. He married six months earlier Madhusmita. No one could imagine the reasons for his suicide. The Warden informed the Police and the body was sent for Postmortem.

His pare... Continue»
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The Hospital Volunteer

A few years ago I worked in a busy hospital in London, IM a male nurse, and worked in a busy ICU. At the entrance to the hospital there was a shop that was run by the hospital volunteers, and usually there would be two ladies manning the counter. I would buy a daily paper from them and have a chat. One of the ladies was called Pam, and I guessed her age to be around late fifties to early sixties. She looked good for her age and looked after herself and took pride in her appearance. She stood about 5'4'' slim with long brown hair that she always wore up, she wore very smart clothes and high hee... Continue»
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Wive's daughters and the black man

So far the black friend of my mother in law had the chance to cum on my wife and her s****r.His next and last target was my wive's 2 daughters.Their age at the time was 25 and 20 years old.They had their boyfriends but their sex experience was limited.Also their nudist time started with us.Me and my wife and rest of the f****y followed

Of cousre her daughters had seen the videos and pics that i was sending to my wife.Interracial sex.They had masturbate to it bit no experience at all.My wife try to think how to do that without make any problem to their personality and to they relationships t... Continue»
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Lessons in Self-Control

I'm waiting again for my boyfriend. He's been enforcing a self-control rule that he feels I need practice in. Evidently, it's a poor show of self control if I touch myself throughout the weekend I have been strictly forbidden from it. And as a part of the exercise, I am expected to confess my private affairs everyday to him. My confessions are especially difficult as I am required to stand in front of him and take down my pants or lift my skirt and drop my underwear and spread my legs while I answer his probing, personal questions. He says that this exercise produces more honest results as he ... Continue»
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Wife Treated Properly by Black BULL

Tom and Lisa met Max at the casino. Max, a powerful and dominant Bull told the couple to take him to their home.

Max made Lisa sit in the backseat with him. He had a way with her that made her want to do everything he said.

"I see fat whores like you all the time at the casino and I knew right from the get go that you was gonna be my slut. Your pathetic husband gonna listen to me fuck you right."

Max grabbed her hand and placed it into his crotch. He was rock hard and she could feel it. Something stirred inside of her that she had not felt in a long time.

"That's right, bitch.... Continue»
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