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Weekly Most Commented Stories

Sleeping with Mother


When I was about 14 years old, my mother and I moved to my grandmother's place. We used to live in an small flat before. My grandmother was old, she lived in a Victorian styled house in the city. My mother still had her bedroom in the house, which my grandmother used as a guestroom when her c***dren would visit. My mother and I would sleep in her bed. My mother had a nice figure, Sharing the same room with her I started becoming more and more aware of her body. At home, in our flat I saw her naked a lot; she would always leave the door open when she undressed, I started looking at he… Read more

Posted by harveydog 5 days ago 18 20,520 90%



WHY ALL ADMINS WILL RESIGN SOON? The main answer is simple, like the last time: Because they are clearly completely incompetent! That is main reason and already sufficient on its own for the demotion of all team of admins, real soon, IMHO. Don't You agree? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, the situation is far worse: The second is much more serious: Because they commit clear CRIMES, mainly stealing other peoples property, in my case: many stories, of which I DO NOT HAVE A… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER just now 21 81,073 16%

My Boyfriends Dad

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My boyfriends dad My name is Petra, and I had been going strong with my latest boyfriend Tom for a couple of weeks now. We are both nineteen, and love sex. I would like to relate to you what happened to me last week which involved his father. Now I should explain here that Tom had warned me that his dad enjoyed sun bathing in the nude, and not to be embarrassed about it if I ever came across him in the all together. Well; one day I arrived at the house with my car to pick Tom up as arranged on a glorious day to go out for a ride in the country. What actually happened was that his dad ended… Read more

Posted by azara19 6 days ago 14 15,989 94%

Sharing The Gloryhole With My Wife...

VoyeurFetishFirst Time

I’ve sucked cock and have had mine sucked by other men since I was a teenager but my Susan didn’t know. I’ve wanted to tell her over the years but could never find a way to bring it up. It occurred to me that whenever we watched a porn flick she always made the same remark, “They always show girl-on-girl, but never show guys fucking other guys.” Fast forward to a month later, we went to our local porn theater wearing our usual “easy access clothing” and settling into a row in the middle of the theater, started to play with each other. I could usually finger Susan to two or three orgasms whil… Read more

Posted by AmorphiasCuckold 7 days ago 11 5,181 98%

My first sexual experience, and yes it was gay

First TimeGay Male

When I was much younger (I won't mention age, so don't ask) I was staying the night at a friends house with several others. We all had to share beds and I got to bunk with a guy who we will call "Adam" We were laying on a fold out couch just outside his mom's room. We were laying there and I pretended to be asleep when I felt him start touching me. I got hard almost immediately but still pretended to sleep because I had no idea how to feel about this. It felt so wrong and yet right at the same time. He kissed and licked my stomach just above my underwear. Soon enough, he had my dick out and wa… Read more

Posted by no_telling 2 days ago 8 3,324 100%

Aunty Jean


It was 1979 and I was fifteen, and spending more and more time at Aunty Jeans as my uncle John took me trout fishing every weekend. We had also had issues at home with the central heating boiler for what seemed like weeks, and I had been getting a bath there as well. . Aunty Jean was fifty-two and an attractive woman for her age. Her body was a slim with a small waist, and nice round hips and shapely legs. Her bust was small , she wore a 34B bra always unwired, and full cut satin panties with a half slip. Probably a blouse or tight sweater, and a pencil skirt or odd occasions a pleated one… Read more

Posted by tbd66us 4 days ago 8 21,255 78%

Another from the GurlTown Files Softly

FetishGay MaleShemales

Soft Lee After working the normal day shift in the warehouse, Eddie had moved to night shift restocking. For over a year he had heard talk of “Softly”, the district auditor. She was said to be a dark haired beauty with alluring eyes, shapely and sexy. Her schedule was always uncertain but everyone brought their A-Game when she was around. It was implied that she was an “ice queen”, totally untouchable. Training with Charlie on night shift he asked more about her. Charlie took him up to her mezzanine office. It was more like a glass cub… Read more

Posted by GurlTown 7 days ago 8 1,633 94%

Kyle's First Time, part four.

First TimeGay Male

After falling asleep instantly after hours of passionate, hot, memorable sex with Kyle, I woke up to the bright sunshine pouring into my room from south window of my room. Stretching my muscles, still feeling euphoric but a little hungover from the beers and lovemaking with Kyle the night before, I turned expecting to find him sleeping next to me. An empty bed was all I found. “Fuck no, you have to be k**ding me” was the first words out of my mouth, spoken only to my ears in an empty apartment. Naked, I walked into the living room. My hard cock wanted him just as bad as I wanted to hold hi… Read more

Posted by 11austin 5 days ago 6 1,430 100%

The Cum Dump

Gay MaleGroup SexHardcore

It had only been an hour since Deacon sent out that E-mail hitting up the four guys he slept with that month inviting them all over to his house for a bit of fun, Deacon wanted to find out where his limits were, he wanted to find out just how much dick he could actually take. It didn’t take long for the first guy Dante; a 5’10 skinny light skin black guy with a 9 inch dick to show up at Deacon’s door with his dick already hard and poking against his jeans like it was going to burst through. Deacon wearing just a bathrobe lead Dante inside to the living room where he had a couple of air mattre… Read more

Posted by Rust1 7 days ago 6 2,551 93%

A Craigslist Gangbang

AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

My roommates just left for 3 days and nights, and I had the whole house to myself, leaving me to take full advantage of the situation before me. I hadn't used Craigslist before, but I've browsed around it, and looked like I could find someone to fuck me and use me. I posted on there that I was looking for anyone at all, any body type big or small cock, as long as they were disease free. I just wanted to get down and dirty, and didn't care who it was. I posted some pics of my ass that are on my xhamster profile, and waited for some replies, hoping they would get back to me soon, as I wanted to… Read more

Posted by SluttyBiMale 7 days ago 5 4,349 90%

The plumber see too much!

Group SexHardcoreMature

Ding Dong! answer? I Rang the Doorbell again, and just as I turned to walk away, the Door opened a little! "Hello luv..I've just come to repair your boiler" "Oh right, you'd best come in then" the lady replied. She opened the door fully and i walked in squeezing past her. "It's in kitchen she said"' pointing down the hall. She was wearing a housecoat and looked as though she'd just got up out of Bed. "I'll be back in a minute" she said, and with that went upstairs. I watched her walk , and my eyes slowly followed from her feet, up to her bottom, which was only just being cove… Read more

Posted by Treegy67 2 days ago 5 3,113 91%

Who Knew?


It was Sunday November 22th, 2015 and I had taken my nine-year-old son to Disneyland to celebrate my birthday. He had finally reached the age where got excited instead of whiny when we had to stand in line for a ride. I was really enjoying the day when my phone buzzed in my pocket and, half annoyed, I pulled it out. As the next few minutes went by waiting for the Pirates of the Caribbean, I stared at the text messages on my phone in complete and utter disbelief. They were between me and my son's twenty-one year old babysitter Lindsay. "Just wanted to say Happy Birthday. Hope it is a good 1… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 4 days ago 5 6,217 100%

guys, please read this...


ok so here is an example of a really lame conversation i get all the time on here... and an example of just how to turn me off right from the start in a conversation... Me: hi Him: Hello there Him: How are you feeling today Me: um ok Me: are you asking if im sick? lol Him: No lol. It just general speaking lol. Me: ok lol im feeling ok Him: I should ask how horny are you right now lol Him: What's the wildest thing that you had done sexually CONVERSATION END! guys, if u cant see how lame this atempt at chatting a girl up is, then u r should try to figure it out. Here is anoth… Read more

Posted by LenaCheet just now 7 800 75%

Mommy is my first

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

My mom called herself a social drinker which meant to me that she drank every weekend and on a few days during the week. Some school days, I would come home and discover that my mom had usually fixed herself her first drink of the evening around 4 pm. She seemed to consume anywhere from four to six drinks during the evening. Some days, however, she would overindulge and end up sloshed. That would put me into the position of having to go out to some fast food place and pick up our dinner since she wasn't in any shape to cook. My dad was a P.R. representative for the company he worked for and… Read more

Posted by money8023 4 days ago 5 14,737 100%

Complex kink

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

I dated my wife four years before we married. In all that time I never had a hint that she had a kinky side. I may never have discovered it not for what happened one day. What happened was I had gone over to a friend's house to help him on four wheel drive truck. I had called home to tell my wife where I was and that I'd be home around seven that evening. This was perfectly normal behavior for me as I always wanted her to feel safe and loved. It happened to be late October and in Georgia the days are very mild but after the sun goes down it gets chilly. Well sometime around five o clock a… Read more

Posted by woreout 4 days ago 5 17,155 71%

a quiet afternoon in a Bournemouth sauna

Gay MaleMasturbationMature

I was in Bournemouth last week with time to spare and decided on a quiet afternoon at a sauna. Not knowing either of the two on offer, I decided on the Bournemouth Spa, which turned out to be in a small basement, an older style place, which I much prefer, as they are usually a good place to meet older men, particularly on a mid-week afternoon. The friendly attendant asked my name, and as he wrote it down, I could see that there were only three or four others in the sauna – he said it was slow that afternoon and asked if I minded – I said that I didn’t. After changing in the locker area on… Read more

Posted by Tim4Daddy 7 days ago 5 3,841 100%


AnalFetishGay Male

I have always liked wearing tights (Pantyhose) from when I was 12 years old and had to wear red ones for the school play, by the time I was 16 was hooked on them and joined amateur dramatic societies but only went in for the plays where the men wore tights. I was getting addicted to guys in them showing off their bulges and beginning to get really interested in the men as well.......... So far managed to hide my tights fantasies from anyone.. but I was desparate;y wanting to meet a man wearing same for mutual fun. I was wearing them for work under my suits, wearing around the house with a T sh… Read more

Posted by fishnettghts 6 days ago 5 3,372 94%



223 Tearing off a strip. The bastard had ****d my good lady wife and my old Ma! Well he would soon be not able to **** again, me and the two boys have seen to that… We live in the back of beyond, it`s always been safe here, women could wander about even in the dark and be safe, we don’t need no r****ts, we have always had an open legs policy here in this hamlet, we are far enough away from civilisation to not need to stick rigidly to the laws of the land, though we pay lip service to them we have our own local rules, and we have our own set of punishments for folks who don’t comply… Read more

Posted by alibodge just now 4 653 100%

My Hermaphrodite Girl Friend - Part 2 of 2

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

The story continues. Given the small size of our valley in the dunes they spread out their towels right next to ours. Christine told Mark that given they’d watched our show it only seemed right that they do something in return for us. To emphasise her point she knelt on the towel and waggled her backside in front of him. He knelt behind her and guided his large erection between her thighs into her gaping gash. I glanced at Kat. Her expression showed avid interest and lust. I reached out my hand and stroked her hard cock. Christine rocked her arse back at Mark as he plunged his prick into he… Read more

Posted by kezza6969 2 days ago 4 1,762 100%

Mother and mischievous son


Last Saturday i found myself and Jason my son home alone. Usually he would go out but this week he had to stay in as tomorrow was an early start. My husband had gone into work to look at a computer issue in the office. So Jason and i were alone on the couch watching a movie about a woman having an affair. As the movie progressed it had some very intimate moments which set off an arousal within me. As time passed the sun went down and the room darkened, lit only by the television screen flickering the images of hot sex Jason sat beside me was still in his bike shorts and t-shirt which he wo… Read more

Posted by Blondlady 5 days ago 4 9,351 86%

Sexual awaking 2. The cross dressing Journey.

FetishFirst TimeMasturbation

Cont. from Sexual Awakenings And then, there were my sister’s clothes. I’d always had an attraction for female clothes. Even as a boy I loved looking at the women’s and girls’ section in my mother’s catalogues. I mostly looked at the underwear. It was exciting to see girls and women in bras and knickers. I loved slips too. They looked so smooth and silky. Strangely, at that time, I had a fascination for directoire knickers and can remember dreaming about wearing them. I also enjoyed looking at all the outerwear and shoes etc. thinking how nice it must be to wear all those pretty things. A… Read more

Posted by cyclosiss 6 days ago 4 1,220 60%

I watched my girlfriend fuck BBC

BDSMCelebritiesInterracial Sex

Story of what happened to my gf So the other day I had a house party with all of his friend's. It was like any Swedish house party, everyone was d***k and had a great fucking time. So I had invited most of my friends to come. As well as my girlfriend Sara we had been together for about two year, and god she is hot. She looked pretty much exactly like Swedish singer called Zara Larsson so you could understand why I found her so hot. Everyone there was white, (I did not hate people of other race it was just that most of my friends… Read more

Posted by johanna6969 7 days ago 4 5,565 53%

Mom 'n Dod [I]: Carla 'n Tessel 1

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Cute curly Carla looks a lot like my dirty dream come true: as slender as smart, dark-blond long hair Tall Tessel tease is at ease with me, she feels my intimate interest in my youngest yearning yummy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cute curly Carla loves to exchange shy glances, not more for long, being fiancee of my youngest br0 Cute curly Carla loves to show me more, once they break up as a couple, surely at my fiftiest party Cute curly Carla loves to show me het hot intimate int… Read more

Posted by Poet-PETER 4 days ago 5 17,605 60%

Sally's journey into being a sex slave (Pt 1)


Sally's journey - tricked and manipulated in to becoming a sex slave(Series) Chapter 1 - The induction process A month before D-day (Devious day!) Sally’s husband had got bored of his wife sexually. She did the missionary position or sometimes the doggy, but that was it. No blow jobs, no kinky stuff. He was bored – however, he always had a thing for being able to watch his wife covertly having sex with strangers, and being forced to do things that she didn’t want to. After chatting with a new friend on X-hamster, they had concocted a plan to turn this drea… Read more

Posted by sankyswallmix 3 days ago 3 1,713 100%

Kuscheliges vor dem Kamin (Teil 1)

First Time

An einem schönen Herbsttag hatten wir beide frei und wollten die Zeit miteinander verbringen. Am frühen Morgen wecktest du mich, indem du dich ganz nah an mich gekuschelt hast. Ich lag mit meinem Rücken an deiner Brust, dein Arm lag um meine Hüfte und hielt mich fest. Deine Hand wanderte zu meinem Herzen. Es begann schneller zu klopfen, weil ich dachte du wolltest meine Brust streicheln. Aber du legtest deine Hand sehr sanft auf mein Herz und küsstest mich auf den Hals und meine Schulter. Du brauchtest nichts zu sagen, diese Geste drückte schon so viel aus. Ich merkte wie sich ein Kloß in mein… Read more

Posted by susi13 6 days ago 4 368 70%

First Happy Ending Massage

AnalGay MaleHardcore

This was my first ever time getting a massage, and I didn't get any tips or anything like that which led me to believe this would have a "happy ending". I was so happy when it did end that way though, and have been back more than once since. So, here's my first time there, hope you all enjoy, I have more stories on the way! This past Summer, I felt super tense for like a week or so, and it was really bothering me. I hadn't had a massage before, but I felt it was really the only way to get this sorted out for good. So, I looked around some massage places and I really didn't know what was the "… Read more

Posted by SluttyBiMale 7 days ago 4 3,453 85%

The Sibling Diaries P01

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

THE ROSE (MY SISTER GRETTA) I should have known I was biting off more than I could chew when I signed the lease to this apartment. Actually, the word apartment is really not adequate to describe my place, penthouse is more like it. Although technically I'm not on the top floor, I might as well be. Glass walls with a sunken living room overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge plus 1500 feet of living space, it's more like a house sitting on top of the city. After I saw the steam room, the gourmet kitchen and wine pantry, I was putty in the leasing agent's hands. It was the height… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 4 days ago 3 4,502 95%



Introduction: Jeremy takes a new job and rents an apartment from the mother of a friend of his mother's. He finds some old photos of her stashed away in his apartment which leads into a relationship like none he'd ever had Jeremy was only a few months out of college when he finally landed a decent job. He’d been working part-time and living at home while he was job-shopping for a ‘career’ position that was somehow related to his studies as a Marketing major. He had been applying for many positions in different locations, and it was a great relief when he’d been offered and accept… Read more

Posted by hdcelebritypictures 2 days ago 4 2,595 100%

I Crave A Loving Blowjob..


I've just gotten through a hard, stressful day at work. Another week has flown by, yet gone so slow. My drive home was enough to make we want to jump out and roll into opposite traffic just to be done with it all. I call my wife to vent and bitch about something she normally cares nothing about when it comes to my work. I get off the phone, and try to calm myself to deal with home life now. I pull in, and find the house quiet. I make my way to the bedroom to change out of these disgusting office clothes. I find my wife smirking mischievously at the bedroom door. She grabs me by my… Read more

Posted by JLong20 7 days ago 3 1,905 88%

Fuck My Mom


I share a close relationship with Graham, not only as my son but we are friends, we often share a lot with each other and some of my fondest memories was spending hours talking with after he got home from work, when he still lived at home. Now that he's moved out and even married I look back at those times and smile. It also means that the times that he does come over or I visit him he talk and talk for hours. We live far enough apart now that visits are in frequent but are overnight at a minimum and sometimes a weekend long trip, every 4 or so months. My bond with him boarders on sexual at… Read more

Posted by money8023 7 days ago 3 8,425 97%

Runin A Train On Christy

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

RUNNIN a TRAIN The Christy Saga Christy, my ex girlfriend called me telling me she needs money badly. I asked her for what. She says she is behind on her house payments. I asked her how much. She says she owes $4500. I said what!, $4500! That’s a lot of money! She says she’s knows and started sobbing. I told her I don’t mind helping her but what do I get in return. She asked what I wanted. I said well I don’t know but it would have to be big because I knew she couldn’t pay me back. “I’ll fuck you whenever you want.” She said. “No, I ain’t paying you to fuck me, I already get pussy.” I explai… Read more

Posted by assphem just now 5 2,847 81%

First time Public sissy outing

AnalFirst TimeShemales

First time Public sissy outing I was actually doing it, my ear phones filling my brain with girl power motivation through my sissy playlist but still I’m nervous as fuck my little heart going a dime a dozen. I was certain the men in the pub could hear the sound of my high heels as I stopped to pull open the entrance door, no going back, I was about to ride this wave where ever it took me. The very second I opened the large class door a gust of wind swept my white dress up about to reveal my knickers and potentially my tucked little cock, quickly I pushed my dress down, one hand at my… Read more

Posted by dirtyjenna 7 days ago 3 2,079 80%

Vacation with Mommy - A long car ride ( six chapte


You don't really know how much stuff you have collected in your life until you move. With our last son going to college, we did two moves in one. We were moving to a condo only a few miles away, while we were driving Cory sixteen hours to college. Because we had to put all our items in storage, we didn't get title for three more weeks, we were going to do a two week road trip after we dropped Cory off. As we packed the car with both Cory's stuff and our suitcases for the almost three week round trip, we realized we had a major predicament. By the time the car was loaded, there was only r… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 7 days ago 3 8,066 100%

The bully and the girlfriend

First TimeHardcore

When I was 16 years of age I was non stop bullied not because I was a nerd....actually I'm a tweener I read comics watch sci fi movies but I also paly sports but my bullies didn't care they thought I was a loser because I didn't pick on anyone and because of my hobbies.....but there was one of them who was worse then the rest mike connors the most popular guy in my school he was 18 nearly 19 he dated the hottest and most popular girl too angela .....I tried fitting in with everyone but it made me look weird I guess but long story short the party me and a few of my friends decided to crash of s… Read more

Posted by AustinCreedible 3 days ago 3 3,097 56%


AnalFirst TimeGay Male

His name was Harry Balzer but I called him Hairy Balls he was my college professor in advanced arts class we became friends after a term paper that I wrote caught his eye I think what really caught his eye was my cute round butt that I inherited from my mother but I like to think my term paper was good too! We stayed friends even after college and one weekend Hairy invited me over to his lake house he said he wanted to show me a painting he just acquired I said sure I had nothing going on anyway and a weekend at his lake house sounded like fun! I showed up at his place and we thre… Read more

Posted by laceysgirl 4 days ago 3 6,046 100%

The First Time Best Time

First TimeMatureTaboo

The First Time Best Time by theduck1930 Disclaimer: !!!WARNING!!!! This file contains sexually explicit material which may include graphic depictions of u******e, nonconsensual and unprotected sex as well as i****t, adultery, sodomy and b********y. It is distributed on a website clearly identified as "For Adults Only". Possession by a minor is strictly forbidden. If you are not legally empowered to be in possession of such material, do not read it and delete it immediately. This work is copyrighted 2017 to the author. It may be posted to non-commercial "free" sites, or in the "… Read more

Posted by theduck1930 4 days ago 5 8,041 95%

A surprise for mom

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

"Oh yes," Sarah moaned, as her husband fucked her from behind, "pound me, Baby Boy." "You like my big cock, don't you Mommy?" Gerald, her husband, role playing as her son, questioned as he slammed into her. "Oh yes, son, Mommy loves when you use her as your personal fuck toy," Sarah declared, near orgasm... pretending to be fucked by her son her greatest turn on... the idea of i****t with the young man she had raised from a baby so taboo it always got her off. "Come for me, Mommy," Gerald ordered, knowing his wife was close and that she craved being told what to do when they were in t… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 7 days ago 2 4,719 100%

“Oh fuck, Annie

First TimeLesbian SexMasturbation

“I was thinking about it all the next day while I was away in Belfast,” she continued. “After dinner in the evening, I made an excuse about having a headache, and went back to my hotel room to look at Lush Stories again on my laptop. I read a couple more of your stories, then I looked at some of the other stuff. I found their store, and looked at the stuff they had, and found the Lelo vibrators. And I was so turned on, I thought sod the cost, and ordered one. And they must be really efficient, because it arrived on Monday – I couldn’t believe it!” “Which one did you get?” I asked.… Read more

Posted by stif266 6 days ago 2 3,839 91%

Unwrapping mommy on Christmas

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

If there is an i****t goddess I was a grateful recipient of her bounty on Christmas Eve... although at first it sure didn't feel that way as I drove through a wild winter storm. I was meeting my girlfriend three hours away at her parents'... as my family wasn't celebrating Christmas until the 26th; my sister was flying in later (fares at half the ridiculous pre-Christmas level). So I was driving three hours north (or perhaps it would take far longer since I was driving through a near blizzard) to spend one day at the in-laws, which would be torture. The one bright star was Shannon had pr… Read more

Posted by iamsuperman007 7 days ago 2 6,026 100%

Chapter Four - Another Couple

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

After Linda and I had our first couple encounter, we thought about giving up. But, we decided to give it another try. We went back to the swinging magazines and looked hard for other couples like ourselves. Finally, one ad caught our attention, and we contacted them. Their names were Chad and Shelly. They seemed very similar to myself and Linda. We called and set up a date to meet. It was set up for a Friday night, we invited them to our place. Linda and I made ourselves ready for our guests and waited with excited anticipation. We set out snacks and I had the beer and wine coolers chilling… Read more

Posted by oldjohnny 5 days ago 2 1,654 100%

Transition to Vikki, part six

AnalShemalesFirst Time

Continuing the story of Steven Jennings and his becoming Vikki. Mk 2 version, too many typos, and just didn't feel right. I woke early the next morning, still tucked between the soft, currently sleeping bodies of my two girls. Gina had turned in the night to face me, her halo of long black hair thrown all around her face, the pillows and duvet. She lay there smiling to herself as she slept, lost in some dream. Her breasts pressed teasingly into my arm, the metal nipple bars adding to the sensations. Right now she lay with a leg d****d over mine, her free arm across my chest. She looked so lov… Read more

Posted by fluffy1 6 days ago 2 973 100%

Gary, the virgin

First TimeHardcore

Last week I was over at my girlfriend Sandra's house. We were planning our trip to Las Vegas to hunt down young boys to fuck. Sandra is in her late 30s and is way too hot with dirty long blonde hair and a full figure. She's recently divorced and has an 18 year old stud son. His name is Gary and he's 6 foot 2 inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. I've had my eye on Gary ever since he was in elementary school. We smoked a fat joint together and take two lines. So I got really excited when Sandra asked me to seduce her virgin son. Gary had confided in Sandra about being a virgin an… Read more

Posted by Hannah100000 7 days ago 2 1,903 80%

My office Cab


My ride back home: The work at office was hectic I looked at the time on the office clock. 11:15 pm. I had a customer message to solve. I had started working from 8 am in the morning and I was dead tired at 11:15 in the middle of the night I could not understand a single line of code written by me, let alone trying to figure out other’s code. It all looked like matrix stuff. Something went wrong with our software bought by our customer. Probably some smart ass changed some lines of code and the entire program went into infinite loop and now it’s up to me (offshore team as they would call it) t… Read more

Posted by dipti1104 6 days ago 3 1,790 100%

Gail straightened things out

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

Since I planted the thought of cuckolding in my wife's head it has grown like I'd never thought possible. Gail is a gift from God to me. At five four and one hundred pounds her blonde hair and blue eyes do draw attention from other men very often. I noticed this back when we dated and even though I felt a bit of jealousy I couldn't help but urge her to dress in sexy short outfits that would show off her perfect legs. The entire time we are together I'm in a constant state of arousal just from watching her drawing attention from men . Once at the state fair while getting on a spinning swing… Read more

Posted by woreout 6 days ago 2 3,249 89%

Stairway to Heaven


Stairway to Heaven Petite packaged Kendall and burly athlete James have intense sex all the way up the stairs. James knew she was for it the moment their bodies slid into each other on the dance floor. She exuded need and readiness like a finger greeting moisture in an eager pussy. He remembered of all things in this particular moment his grandmother’s sage advice: ‘good things come in small packages.’ This woman defined petite; she was slender, trim, fit and great perky breasts; plus copious blonde locks and dazzling sapphire blue eyes. Surely they were designer contacts, bu… Read more

Posted by janus2017 6 days ago 2 1,443 89%

Bareback Party - Geschäftsfrau lässt sich als Stut

Group SexHardcoreFetish

Vorab. ich fand diese Geschichte online. Die Autorin ist Scharmrot1. Ich habe mir erlaubt einige Sätze umzuformulieren und gegebenenfalls etwas auszuschmücken. Die Grundidee zur eigentliche Geschichte gebührt allerdings der genannten Autorin. Bei dieser Geschichte handelt es sich um eine interaktive Geschichte. Das bedeutet, die Handlung kann sich in mehrere Richtungen entwickeln. Von daher bitte stets den Teil weiterlesen, der der gewünschten Entscheidung entspricht. Dann mal los :) ... Eigentlich hätte es für Jana nur ein Tagestrip nach Berlin werden sollen. Z… Read more

Posted by domleone 7 days ago 2 1,129 80%

I pasted my wife's test

First TimeMatureVoyeur

On June 10th I was relaxing and reading a few cuckold stories on xHamster when I needed to piss. I was almost half way through a really good story so I laid my phone in my recliner and headed to the restroom. When I returned I saw my wife had picked up my phone and she was reading that story. I sat down without saying anything and started watching the TV. After half an hour my wife tapped my arm with my phone and I took it from her. She asked if that was exciting to me? Is what exciting I responded. She said CUCKOLDING... Oh I studdered...yeah. She said would you like to do that in real li… Read more

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Gracie 05 - A New Technique For Attracting Men


I had been going to clubs with the girls and on my own for a few years but rarely managed to pick up a guy. Sometimes the girls would help me with my makeup and my outfit and they'd make me look about as good as it gets but it wasn't so much my looks but my attitude that turned men off. I would get nervous and anxious when a man came near me and I'd subconsciously deal with it by acting cold and aloof. That's probably understating it though. The girls were always telling me to stop scowling, that it would turn men off, but I never even realised I was scowling. They'd tell me to smile, the… Read more

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Kyle's first time, part three

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After telling Kyle about my first time with best friend Zack, Kyle promised to make me forget about that first time. Standing up to face me, Kyle wrapped his arms around me and gave me one of the most affectionate hugs I’d had in quite some time. The mixture of the scent of Polo Black and his leather jacket already had my senses alive, but as he put his arms around me, my senses became aroused and were well on the way to what promised to be an unforgettable euphoric journey. Because he was nearly five inches taller than my five-foot eight body, his rugged frame fit me perfectly. With… Read more

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It started quietly, gently, though passionately. Elizabeth crouched in me under the covers and gently caressed my cock. She patted him, patted him, but when he concentrated, she took him firmly, squeezed a few times, then began to maneuver ... I could not and did not want to let her do it to the end. The excitement triggered my desire to get rid of her body. I started kissing her. First the mouth and the quick touches of the tips of the tongues, then the ears, the neck, the arms, the inside of the palm ... It was Saturday and we had a lot of time. I did not hurry so kissing and licking each fi… Read more

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