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I love some time alone which is a quite suitable as I live alone and rarely have any visitors during the week. That's a good thing really I guess as I like my own company and I can just curl up on the sofa and watch a movie or anything else that takes my fancy. Sometimes though I don't find anything interesting so after I've had a shower I like to put on some white cotton pants, ankle socks, and a pink or lemon vest top then get my toy box before going down stairs for some real me time. I just love to put a towel on the sofa and stretch out and relax for a while before I start to gently… Read more

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Bingo leads to enjoying many old ladies


Philip was a shy guy and so had trouble getting and keeping a girlfriend his own age (early twenties). However, for some strange reason he always felt comfortable with old ladies and found them very erotic in many ways. This helped him with his problem with what he called spunk production. He started to eroticise his old ladies which helped him wank and easily cum three of four times in a couple of hours not that his cock was big just an average six incher but very thick and he liked that his cum juice was thick too. This led Philip to actually adoring his old ladies as they seemed to like th… Read more

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Gladys liked Danny's cock

TabooMatureFirst Time

So Gladys had always liked the boy next door Danny, He was funny, cute and a delightful boy. When he was 8 years old, he’d go to the back yard to take a piss, instead of going inside the house. Gladys would sit on a chair just out of sight of the widow and watch Danny pull out his small cock and piss. . Sometimes he’d lean back and piss in an arc and she would see his 2 inch long pecker Gladys always had a fantasy about sucking and fuck very young cock. She mused on how nice Danny’s cock was. Gladys would have Danny do odd jobs for her. And she took to leaving a girly magazine in the tool sh… Read more

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Sisterly Love Ch 2


At first I really thought my mother would balk at me going back to visit my sister in Manhattan the next weekend, but she had a date – a DATE! With some guy her best friend knew and recommended. What the hell? I mean, she and my Dad were only separated, and that had only been going on for almost four weeks. I didn’t think that was long enough to be dating (and God knows doing what else) with some guy recommended by her girlfriend. The thing was – and it pissed me off – my sister thought it was great. I almost cancelled and would have had it not been that Candy was looking forward (like I wasn… Read more

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Fucking with the neighbours

Group SexHardcoreMature

My name is Tony and my wife and I have been together now for seven years and are both 31. We have just bought our first house in a quiet area of Sussex. Both of us work hard and between us we earn enough to consider ourselves well off. Because of work and unpacking it was quite some time before we actually got to meet any of the other villagers; and as our house was about a hundred meters from our next-door neighbors, we hadn’t even bumped into anybody. It was two weeks before we met anybody and that was our neighbors who are the best you are ever likely to meet. It was the second weekend that… Read more

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working out....


I was at the family home...just clearing,boxing up things. mom was moving home...and l was giving her an hand...ever since dad,left. that was 3 years ago...he traded mom in for a younger model. he thought mom was old,at 55...so left....l live quite away,from mom. so have not seen her for some time...my sister..Liz..lives just a few streets away. so has been helping with the move,...tonight,mom and sis. have gone out for a nice meal...and drink.so l said l would finish the boxing up. l went into the celler/den...thats were dad,,had his gym stuff...tredmill,bike and rowing machine. they were st… Read more

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A History of Me and Daddy's Friends

Group SexMatureTaboo

We all went on holidays together, I was brought up calling him uncle Frank, he was my mother's lover and daddy was a cuckold, who liked to film them. I was thirteen when we all went for a week to the Canary Isles, uncle Frank stayed behind, I guess to have some quality time with mother as daddy and I went after breakfast to the beach to sunbathe. I had become aware of their complicated relationship when I had accidentally stumbled in on uncle Frank and mother going at it like a couple of teenage rabbits on top of Franks bed, they never saw me, as the sight of their naked bodies made me beat a… Read more

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Bad Grandma 3


Grandma set the baby powder down and pulled her Polaroid camera from the night stand. " I just want to take some photos of your great cock to ad to my collection Joey. Is that okay with you?" "It certainly is Grandma I love it!" Joey replied. Connie started taking photos of her grandsons long, fat cock. "You got your big cock from your Grandpa Joey, he was hung like a fucking horse! Biggest cock I ever had except for some of the black guys he brought home for me." She said with a twinkle in her eye. "Did he really do that Grandma?" " Yes he did Joey, he was quite the pervert and brought gu… Read more

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Jane Goes to the Gig

Interracial Sex

I had always been interested in black cock. Big black men, even bigger dicks, and even bigger loads of cum. It's not that I wasn't happy. Happy isn't the right qualifier. Steve and I got along fine, and all of our friends were mutual. In a lot of ways, I really did like him, that's probably why we stayed together for so many years. The problem, at its core, was fulfillment. I was totally unfulfilled. My unfulfillment set the cracks forming, and sent my mind wandering. I started to want something else, something Steve wasn't giving me. Sex. Steve didn't fuck. He didn't even make love. Steve did… Read more

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Polish girl working at hotel

First TimeTaboo

I Was working for a Hotel at night about 5 years ago, I would lone work with another old guy for 3 nights and 2 nights with this Polish girl called Martha. Martha was a Raven haired  small blue eyed girl with  a tight peachy ass and a pair of nice pert tits.   she had a  huge polish boyfriend who worked away alot. I was single and always wanked over slutty polish or eastern European girls I watched on porn videos in my flat always thinking how Martha would pump my big stiff cock with her tiny hand into her open mouth, waiting f… Read more

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My neighbour, the sexy CD

ShemalesFirst Time

I put the phone back in it's cradle. 'Damn!' It was Monday. I had just had bad news first thing Monday. My week off had not started well. My car had been showing an amber light for a few days, so, as I had leave available, I had taken the week off. Get the car done Monday and the rest of the week was mine then. 'Damn!' The car was not going to be ready till tomorrow. They had found a second fault and didn't have the part in stock, ordering it in overnight and it should be ready the next day. So it wasn't really a problem. I found myself pacing the house, wondering what to do. At the front doo… Read more

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Frank and Ex Step-Daughter


I am Frank, 52 years young, divorced and unemployed. I always got on with my ex since the divorce so when I got a call asking me to look after Megan, (My ex-stepdaughter) for a few days I was only too pleased to help. I hadn’t seen much of her the last few years so it would be good to catch up plus I may get to sniff her dirty panties again, something I used to love doing before the divorce. The taxi pulled up and this young woman exited, Wow she had grown since I last saw her. She still had the curly hair but her figure had filled out nicely and her tight jeans showed of her perfect bubble b… Read more

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Sisterly Love Ch 3


Sydnie-Ann Jablonski, she of the pig-tailed red hair and milky white skin, was wearing lacy red panties that barely covered her ass cheeks, and a short, red top with polka dots that was just long enough to hide her belly button the first time I laid eyes on her. Her top was so tight that I could easily make out the nipples on her smallish breasts from a distance of some thirty feet. Last but not least were the stiletto high heels she wore that made Sydnie-Ann’s long, naked legs look even longer. Sydnie-Ann had to be at least twenty-one, for she was holding a bottle of Heineken beer in one hand… Read more

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My neighbour, the sexy CD 2

ShemalesFirst Time

Mike doesn't seem to know where to look. Should he watch Vaniity or me? I watch the struggle going on. I take his hand and place it on my cock. For a moment he snatches it away but it is soon back. I rub the front of his panties and then gently remove his cock. I rub it slowly and sensuously. He mirrors my movements. I can see that he is close to cumming again. I bend forward and lick around his knob. The movement catches him out. He grunts and his body stiffens, his head thrown back. I take his cock into my mouth, licking the underneath of his helmet where the muscles and nerves are. He sighs… Read more

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Lynn meets Warren


Lynn meets Warren. I’ve been chatting with Warren who I met on Xhamster and he’s really taken with Lynn’s sexy photos and he’s asked for a story of how they meet for the first time, so here goes. “That was a lovely meal,” Lynn said to me, looking up from her beer. “Did you notice that waiter? He kept trying to look down your dress every time he got near the table.” I said. We were sitting in the beer garden outside a pub not far from the restaurant. We had spent the night in Kent with friends after missing the last train following a dinner party at their house and decided to have an early… Read more

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First time with a Guy

First TimeGay Male

A Young Chubby Straight Lad has his first gay experience I had always been a little curious as most young men are even if they admit it or not. Tall for my age i stood around 6 foot tall even at the tender age of 18. At this time i hadnt had much luck with girls, id lost my virginity of course but i wasnt very experienced overall. I started a new job and i was getting along well with everyone and working hard, i had noticed the boss's extra interest in me. It started off as innocent accidents, you know he would brush past me from time to time, a smirk on his face. His name was Nath… Read more

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My Mom

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

Due to this being a true story, I've changed our names so as not to embarrass my poor mom . . . . . . . again! One day when I was 18, I was came back from 6th form school and turned into the driveway where mom's car was normally parked and noticed that it was missing as mom would always beat me and dad back from school and work. Presuming that she was either shopping or round her friends, I let myself in and made a cup of tea to refresh myself while I got ready to take a bath. Unknown to me at the time, mom was still making her way back home from work after being stuck on the motorway for th… Read more

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My First Penis

First TimeGay Male

I was in my early 20s when I first put one in my mouth. My teens were spent watching straight porn, and I loved it, but I always fantasized about cock. Big cocks, small cocks, hairy, smooth, cut and uncut cocks--I found them all fascinating and sexy and I wanted one in my mouth. It was after a long relationship with a woman who was homophobic that I started exploring my sexuality. I became more open-minded with porn and started watching videos with transwomen, crossdressers, and eventually an array of sexy man videos. I bought dildos, plugs, and lube, and played with my butt, alone, still to… Read more

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Work Whore

BDSMGroup SexHardcore

This fantasy is a combination of two, c my slave enjoys to be degraded and the more harshly, the harder she cums. The second is mine, I have for as long as I can remember been turned on by women used by older men, someone they should not be attracted to and would not normally even look at, but a strong dominant alpha male that they cannot help but submit to. This has been fuelled by c’s past, as when she was 25, she experimented with a male around 25 years older than her. If you have not read our profile, c is currently 35 years old, slim and tall (180cm/5’11”), with long legs and small pert b… Read more

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Hardware Whore

Lesbian SexTabooFirst Time

Hardware Whore When we first moved to the farm, we discovered that like all new owners there were always those things you wanted to change or that needed repairs. Very quickly, the local hardware store became a much-visited place, ranking up there with the grocery store for number of trips. Dad seemed to enjoy the hardware store visits leaving the grocery store to us girls. One afternoon Dad was getting ready to head out to the hardware and I raced out and jumped in his truck. I needed some batteries, lamps and clamps for various spots in the low light areas in the barn. He seemed a bit per… Read more

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Brighton Nude Beach story

First TimeVoyeurMasturbation

Four years ago my wife (my girlfriend back then) and I moved down to Brighton and had a wonderful flat just off the seafront, only 100 yards from the beach. When the summer came around it was great to go and sit on the beach and relax in the sun with a good book, magazine or just our thoughts. My girlfriend was then a petite size 14 (UK) with lovely 36D tits and curvy hips that blend into a lovely pert bottom. She has long red hair that she often wears in bunches and the prettiest little face with perfect sexy green eyes. I’m Mr. Average in most departments with cropped blonde hair and muscula… Read more

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I didn’t need as much convincing as I thought

First TimeGay Male

I have been thinking about having sex with a guy for a very long time. I am in my 40s. I’ve been thinking about this for probably the last 20 years. I’ve come close a few times. I’ve gone into bookstores and into the body booths. I had a guy come in to my booth once. He kissed my neck and felt me up through my jeans. Then we masturbated in front of one another. Another time, guys would look through the cracks in the door jam to watch me jerk off. I left the door slightly open once and a guy walked in and was watching me jack off. And even one time, I went over to a guys house and we sat arou… Read more

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When it is not enough

FetishShemalesGay Male

A friend stopped over the other evening I was so horny wanting everything had and more. Sucked him till he was rock hard then rode it till he unloaded in me. After he left I walked into the kitchen his fresh cum still leaking from my soaked panties running down my thighs. Pouring a cup of coffee I felt almost satisfied but not completely haven’t had anything in me in a week I craved more and more wanting to be totally used. Leaning on the edge of the counter pushing hard grinding my little clitlit as I did pushing out the remainder of his cum from in me feeling it flow soaking me more seeing… Read more

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Married But Now I Suck Cock PT3

FetishGay MaleGroup Sex

Daddy had been gone for a few days. He was away on a business trip. We communicated frequently, and he reminded me a few times that he had a surprise for me this coming Friday. So I waited anxiously for the end of the week. On Friday morning, I received a text: "Hello luv. I have been in contact with your Owner. We will pick you up at 6 tonight. But be ready: be smooth, and put on your sexiest and sluttiest outfit. See you soon sweetie." It was signed C. I really had no clue what was going on, or what to expect. But I was excited. This was another proof that I had no control on my life anymor… Read more

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My Sister Janet and I were very close the seven year age difference made no difference and were the best of friends. We had become even closer often playing and cuddling for the last three years ever since my Aunt Mary let us sleep together to be honest Aunt Mary had no choice she only had a two bedroom flat Let me explain Mom and Dad had gone on a business trip and left us in the tender mercies of our Aunt Mary my Mothers Sister for a week. Aunt Mary had never been married and had no idea of the complexities of a girl and an older boy sharing a bed for a week. Aunt Mary lived on the coast w… Read more

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Wife Sarah was recently admitted to our local hospital with an infection in her left leg and had to undergo antibiotics to clear the infection up so was incarcerated for ten days and nights. Daughter Christina was so concerned she managed to talk her mother in law into driving up to North London from her home in the West Country to help look after her young daughters along with her husband and drove the two hundred miles to our house in Cheshire not far from Manchester to help me out for three days till Sarah began showing signs of recovering enoug to be released again. It was nice to sample s… Read more

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319 sending in a substitute part 5

MatureVoyeurFirst Time

Part 5 By mid-afternoon we had done a few household chores, it had started to rain so the lawn could wait, so we snacked and were in the sort of frame of mind to chat. Being the supposed master of the house… an illusion a lot of us men like to perpetuate, I started the conversation, asking if she really had enjoyed the hammering Harry had given her, or was she just being polite? Her reply stunned me as much as the sight of Harry banging away at her had! She looked me in the eye and hesitantly said, that it was like…well…being punished really, she couldn’t understand it either, …she had felt t… Read more

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Premature cum after caught as voyeur

Group SexVoyeurMasturbation

My girlfriend’s sister Mary and her boyfriend Josh were visiting us and other relatives in the area for a week. They were staying at our house in our basement suite. My girlfriend and I still had to work that week so they had the house to themselves during the day. One day I decided to leave work early to meet a buddy who was doing some afternoon hunting. So I left work at about 11 and swung by the house to get my gear which was in the basement. I came into the house and it was quiet so I assumed Mary and Josh had left to do something. I was wrong. I walked down the basement stairs and pok… Read more

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While My Wife Sleeps Soundly


This is my first story - part fantasy, part true. Please comment, especially if you've done the same. My wife Carol was always a sound sleeper. That allowed me to play out some of my fantasies with her while she slept. Carol had a very erotic and sensual side of her that she suppressed as she feared it would take over and she would become the cock slut that she was. Although she was a great cock sucker, she rarely gave me head – she liked it too much. When she was hot the inner slut would take over and she was a tigress in bed – she would suck my cock as if her life depended upon it. Or, she… Read more

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— Mom and son discuss masturbation

MatureFirst TimeHardcore

"Good morning honey," she tells me as I come down the stairs for breakfast. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and a dark red skirt with black heels. She looked amazing. How could it be that some guy is not tapping her? "Morning mom," I say back to her with a smile. "You seem to be in a good mood this morning," she tells me. I guess I am. Despite getting almost no sleep last night and despite jacking off twice after she left my room. "You look nice mom," I respond. "Do you have a busy day today?" I add to throw off the suggestion that I was looking at my mom. I mean really looking at… Read more

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Be careful for what you wished for!! – Part 1

Group SexInterracial SexSex Humor

Fantasise about seeing your wife or girlfriend GANGBANGED? Do you want to turn your fantasy into reality? If YES, contact us for more details on e mail address etc, etc My heart began beating faster and my cock became stiffer as I re-read the massage. At first I thought that it must be some k** messing about, then I realised that my fingers were typing the address into an e-mail document. “It’ll be a laugh.” I thought, as I typed ‘Interested. Send details.’ “It’ll be a turn on for him to consider banging my wi… Read more

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Annie Pistol Lips - Rides Again!

BDSMGroup SexSex Humor

Annie Pistol Lips - Rides Again! It was a hot, dusty afternoon in the bustling town of New Saint Germain. It was clear this American town was still fairly young, as the paint on every Italianate-styled building still smelled fresh. The streets were clean and serene, aside from some loose horse-droppings pock-marking the dusty streets from the many horse-drawn vehicles, with the sounds of said horses hooves and the creaky wheels of carriages, and street-traders chattering away in their heavy drawling dialect filling the sweet-smelling air with the noise of life. The women o… Read more

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How to


The knot locks behind your pussy lips and keeps him in you. For about 20 minutes, the dog cumming the whole time. You'll fill up in that time and feel everything swimming in your womb and up your tubes, it's his little spermies. Then when his balls are empty the knot goes down and he pops out. Nothing scary about that. What you have to be aware of is not the knot, but the length of the PENIS and the 'os bone' inside. The tip is pointed and is meant to nudge past your cervix. If the dog is too large, say a rottie or good heavens, a great dane, the tip will continue to push against your cervix a… Read more

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Gay MaleMature

back when I was much younger I was introduced to my first cock. It started like many others I guess, a friend (Rick)and I finding a mutual enjoyment of the playboy, penthouse, hustler , etc magazines. Of course that led to us first showing each other which pics we liked the most, and since we both knew what we were doing, we then moved on to masturbating in the same room. That eventually led to one of us touching the other,since everything we did felt better than the last, of course it naturally followed to put our cocks in each others mouths. I remember being a little nervous, but we were obv… Read more

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Infront of my girlfriends parents


I can't get rid of this idea, having sex with my girlfriend while her parents are watching us. Me and her making out fully nude on the bed, Rosi & Ed standing next to it, all eyes on us. Since they havent seen her little girl naked for many years, my girl sits up and spreads her legs while I tell them to take a close look. "Just in case you didnt noticed what a beautiful young woman Lea became" i tell them. "Look between her legs Rosi, can you see any resemblence to your own flower? I bet yours is just as beautiful no?" Lea starts to touch herself, while her parents looking at her. Speechl… Read more

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She cheated, I hated it, and then I surrendered!

Interracial SexVoyeur

About ten years ago I was dating a girl who worked as a nurse in a local hospital. To cut a long story short, we'd been having some difficulties in our relationship; the frequency of our sex life had dropped because of work commitments and a few other family issues meant that tensions were high. During all this I realised that she was was behaving suspiciously; she'd go to the shop for teabags and take ages to come back, or she'd keep her phone with her at all times and be really guarded about answering it. I'm not sure what it was, but I sensed something was going on -- and I was ri… Read more

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My life as a selfsucker

Gay MaleFetishMasturbation

I bet every man in the world has thought about sucking his own cock. I know I did for years, until one day I started doing stretching exercises and I noticed I was so limber that I could put my head in my lap. I started thinking about how good it would feel to stick the head of my cock into my mouth, so I got undressed and my cock was rock hard. I stuck my legs over my head and there was my cock inches away from my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and could just barely lick the head of my swollen cock, it felt so good licking around my pee-hole. Pre-cum started forming at the end of it and that w… Read more

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Group SexShemalesHardcore

I have been dating this woman, Connie, for the past few months. She's adventurous, sexy and loving. She always seems to know what I want and even pushes my comfort-zone, from time to time. Last weekend, she and I went out for dinner and dancing. As the night progressed, I found that I was getting a bit "tipsy", shall we say, and didn't understand why. After all, I only had two drinks. She suggested that I sit the next dance out and she went to the ladies room. She was gone for an unusual amount of time and eventually returned holding the hand of another woman whose name was Christine. Christin… Read more

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Services Rendered

Gay MaleMature

Some men have needs that a woman simply can't fulfill. I do not say this to denigrate the other half of the human race, but it's true; some men 'need' what only another man, who understands that particular need, can give! That was why I decided to create a glory hole in my own home late last year around the holiday season; and after I had begun posting it's existence on gloryholeinfo.org, I began getting all sorts of interested replies! In fact, I had SO many replies that I quickly realized that I wasn't going to be able to service every request! Nevertheless---I've definitely done my very… Read more

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A Desperate Woman, A New Beginning


Cindy was in her bed reading.  She laid under her blanket naked.  Her tits hung outside while she read.  The romance novel was getting interesting as she read about two men making love with one woman.  The words she read made her pussy wet.  The script was very graphic and explained in detail what these two men were doing to the girl.  She became very horny.  First she slid her hand into her slit and rubbed.  Her pussy was putting out a strong scent.  She could smell herself.  She wanted cock so badly.  She read the graphic descriptio… Read more

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Swinging Parents

TabooFirst TimeGroup Sex

After I graduated from college, I took off for a year to see the world. I developed a certain amount of scorn for the small-town morals of my home as I explored everything from the elegant obscenity of Thailand's brothels to the wide-open, anything-goes atmosphere of Holland’s sex clubs. Never in all that time did I guess that I would encounter the ultimate and universally most forbidden kink when I returned home! My m0m looked years younger when she met me at the airport. She gave me a lingering hug and I could have sworn I felt the nipples of her incredible breasts digging into my chest. H… Read more

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317 sending in a substitute 3

MatureFirst Time

Part 3 We seriously talked about the adventure, we both knew that it had been a case of a try-out, and that having both enjoyed it in our own way we came to the conclusion that we both wanted more, deciding that we should try again closer to home, and determined to see what would happen long term. Within “striking distance’ so to speak we had two folk who would perhaps if they proved themselves worthy, be able to visit regularly. We had “Virgin Lad” in Stoke, and “Unhappy Mike” who lived not a million miles away. Now we looked into the two a lot closer, not wishing to get another “Kentish ma… Read more

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As you know as a young man I did my military service with the US Air Force from 1963-71 the time 1964-68 spent overseas in Japan, Okinawa, Vietnam and West Germany before getting stuck on a remote Minuteman Missile site near Lakota, North Dakota while stationed at Grand Forks, North Dakota from 1968-70 and finished my eight years at McChord Air Base not far from Tacoma, Washington in 1971. It was Sarah,s friend Debbie or Debs that gave me my first “deep throat” blow job. Debbie lived in the same apartment complex Sarah and I lived in in Lakewood just outside the base and was married to another… Read more

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Straight First Anal

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

A tall chubby straight guy gets his anal cherry taken by his Boss It had been a few weeks since my boss Nate had made his "offer" i knew he was itching for a reply but business had called him away, it was a Saturday night and i was out with mates in the centre of town. More than a few drinks and some recreational d**gs later i glanced at my phone and saw a notification of a text from a number i didn't recognize, i opened it and struggled to focus on the words. IM IN TOWN IN A HOTEL TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE A CHOICE YOUR ARSE OR YOUR JOB Nate My heart skipped, he was in town!? i repli… Read more

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Jane's Step Brother

TabooFirst TimeMature

I came home from work to find Jane upset. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me the following. As you know when I was fxxxxxxxn mum remarried and I had a step brother. He was 15 years older than me and he did not come around often. He was married and lived a few miles away. Whenever he did come around he made me feel uncomfortable he had a way of looking at me that made me feel dirty ( and I am sorry to say horny) he was a big man over 6 feet and strong. He worked as a builder. I suspected he had stolen a pair of my panties after one visit. He was attractive but creepy. Mum and step da… Read more

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My mother-in-law still have a solid body shape, with large breasts that are simple but sexy, and her ass have little upright shape and as for your information, my mother-In-law is a pure Punjabi thats explained the reason why she has that sexy shape. Her name is Mizdah, 38 years old, while I'm 25 years old. Her husband died in a car accident 7 years ago, its mean only my wife and my mother-in-law (maam as I always called her) left in their family. Maam's age and my age is just about 13 years difference and for me, because of our age is not that far different, she is more like an elder sister t… Read more

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GF Teach's me to Suck Cock

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

I am 30 years old and I am good-looking guy – so I have been told. I am just under 6 foot tall, medium build 180lbs – with a nice physique. I don't work out but I keep in shape by walking on the weekends. My hair is brown, as are my eyes. The hair these days is starting to work its way back a little – at least on my head. I am not hairy guy, just your normal light s**ttering of hair on my body. I've never been one for shaving anywhere but my face – but from the story I am about to tell you, one day soon that may just change. I have had my share of women and relationships. I have a great group… Read more

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my young stud Ben part 2


well after Ben went home I stayed in the pool a while thinking about his young hard cock and the way he hammered my pussy and I loved it and I kept thinking this is wrong of me fucking a co-worker of the company and he is so fucken young but the way he pounded my pussy I loved his cock and the way he fuck me so I thought I won't let it happen again so we went to bed and the next morning I got ready for work and as I was putting my panties on I touch my pussy and I was so fucken wet and I thought about Ben's hard cock pounding my pussy hard and coming deep inside my pussy and I don't know wh… Read more

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Married But Now I Suck Cock PT2

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Up to now, this was a night to remember. I was, for the first time in my life, controlled and used by a man. I had just sucked my first cock. I had just eaten my first load. I was now wearing a slut collar. Needless to say, I was wet and eager to continue. On the other hand, I also knew that my wife would leave me. The photos and text that she just received would definitely mean the end of our relationship. I willingly followed Todd to his room. I was nervous because I knew what was in store for me. "Strip naked boi", he said. "Hmm we will have to work on certain aspects of that body. I wa… Read more

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Last Nights Sex Session (in a reply to a PM).


Today Mmm heya baby hehe how are you tonight 08:05 Well fucked! Got home from work and hubby had cooked...so we ate and watched some Netflix.... as we lay there he brushed his hands over my nipples, through my house dress, which were hard...and I moaned... which escalated to heavy kissing... tongues and all! 08:29 Soon his hand had slid down to my pussy mound an he rubbed my clit commenting how naughty I was not wearing panties, followed by how wet I was.... There was no denying I has horny. He stood up, as I melted into a more comfortable position on the s… Read more

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