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My Friends Parents

My best friend growing up lived right next door to me. We pretty much grew up together. My f****y was his and his f****y was mine. Life was good. This little event happened right when I hit my mid teens, I had just turned old enough to have a drivers license but was still a virgin. My buddy and I spent many nights looking at porn and thinking about having sex with a girl.
I went next door but Vicki and Tom told me my buddy had gone to his grandma's for the weekend so they could get some stuff done around the house. Tom was working on some kind of pressure sprayer that he could not get t... Continue»
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Youre My Bitch Now Chapter 7

You're My Bitch Now

Chapter Seven

Rick kept his eyes closed and jumped as he felt Chris touch his chin with his fingertips, but he almost swooned as he felt the lipstick slide across his puckered lips. It felt soft and slippery and exciting and he felt dizzy as Chris rolled the lipstick across his lips.
‘How does that feel, Rikkie? It looks so sweet on you. Open your eyes now and come have a look.’
Chris took Rick gently by the hand and led him across to the mirror. Rick opened his eyes and gasped as he saw his reflection. His hair pulled back into the high ponytail made his face lo... Continue»
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A long overdue night of sissy sex

It seemed like it had been ages,since Kimber(KimberL33)and I had been able to have an evening of unbridled,hot nasty sex.The occasional ,blow and go, is always fun,but we were both in need of a good hot fuck. I had the house to myself for the evening,and my lover was as eager as I to join me.I showered ,shaved and douched,in anticipation of tonight,after getting squeaky clean i slid into a pair of shimmery panty hose and slipped my cock and balls through the hole that all o... Continue»
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Trouble in class V

The day finally ended and I headed to billies house. She wasn't there when I arrived so I went to the backyard and waited. As I sat it seemed like it was getting hotter so I stripped down and jumped in the pool. About thirty minutes later I seen her walk in the kitchen. I climbed out and knocked on the glass door. She turned and stared at me for a few seconds then opened the door. She asked what I was doing, I said it was hot while I waited for you,so I went for a swim. I watched her as she looked at my body. She reached over and started running her hand on my chest. I stepped closer to her, ... Continue»
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My wifes daughter came to stay with us.

My second wife Holly & I were married for almost 18 months. Holly had one girl from a previous marriage. Mary 22. Holly is 5'4” 34C, brown hair, green eyes & had a rocking body. We are enjoying a great sex life.
Holly would fuck me anytime I wanted her. I too would fuck Holly whenever or wherever she wanted a jump. Holly was up for anything. Whatever my fantasy Holly was good at fulfilling it. Holly had fewer fantasies then I but I think she got off fulfilling mine.
Sometimes we'd talk about them to make sure the other person understood so they'd get what they were expecting. We never s... Continue»
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Lesbian mum

Before I get in to it fully, i'll give you a quick back story of my house and everyone involved, for the sake of privacy ill use fake names.

Me and mum were the only two people living in this house at the time of the story, my dad left when i was two and never came back, which meant I have always been close with mum. She has a pretty good job so we live in a really nice semi-detached house with a drive way, and have this big bay window in the shape of a semi-circle that's protected by hedges on the front garden wall, and down the side of the house.

She's an attractive lady who had me whe... Continue»
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mom and son

When I eventually got mum into football I didn’t realise that things between us was going to become so exciting and horny, mum had latched onto a team, and as this football team was playing mine in the FA cup there was a lot of competition between us, mum bet me that her team would win, the bet was if she won then I would wash up for a week, and if they lose she had to wash my car, she agreed and the very next day she was out in the yard washing my car.
When the new season started months later she wanted to get her own back, so the betting started up again, this is when things got exciting be... Continue»
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Married man tries men at a hotel

I married a few years out of college to a girl I met there. Last year I attended a conference, I was staying in a nice hotel that had privileges to the adjoining fitness center. In between sessions, I headed over and lifted some weights before taking in the men's only sauna.

I had only been in there for a few minutes before three guys came in and sat down on the benches. As the wooden benches were extremely hot, I noticed one guy sat over in the corner on his towel while the two older gentlemen just sat down with their towels around their waist. About ten minutes later, the two older men ... Continue»
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Sissy and the Lodger

My father worked a lot and when he was off work he preferred to unwind in his local resting hole rather than stay at home. As a result Ii had a lot of freetime at home. Nothing to be sad about it meant I had a lot of time to explore my burgoning crossdressing within the confines of ny own house. I could walk through every room wearing short skirts showing off my ever growing pantie collection. It made every day dress up day. When I had Peter or David over from next door, it meant even naughtier fun as I would have them regularily fuck me in the ass then I would suck their cocks clean. It was p... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Part 8

You’re My Bitch Now

Nikkie Silk

Part Six

Rick had fled from Chris’s room last night after the show and had locked
his door. He heard Chris knocking gently and asking him if he was OK,
but Rick did not answer. His mind was in turmoil. How had he allowed
Chris to talk him into doing what he did. His face burned with shame as
he remembered what he had done. He groaned as he recalled kissing and
licking Chris’s stockings before taking his toes into his mouth. He
covered his face with his hands at the memory of Chris sucking him off
on the webcam. How could he face Chris after this?... Continue»
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Patricia saw him on the side of the road he was tall and dressed in leather he had a biker look about him but he was clean shaven with just the hint of stubble across his handsome face he had on mirror sunglasses that reflected the sun it was what had caught her eye as she tooled down the highway she was going to visit her aunt in Washington and it was a long drive from San Diego but she liked road trips a great time for reflection a time to clear your mind and think things through she had just broken up with her boyfriend she had caught him cheating and it had not been the first time either a... Continue»
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After Strip Club Sucker

Worked at this computer company for about six months when I got invited to join the guys for GoGoRama Night." Once nice thing about living in New Jersey was the huge amount of GoGo Clubs including totally nude where you can bring your own beer type. Tonight's fun would be at a nude place and as a first timer was asked to bring a case of beer. Showed up a little late and there were 15-20 guys from work there plus a few friends of some coworkers. Everyone was having a good time and the girls were very pretty ... some USA girls but mostly Russian and Eastern Europeans. There was a separate area w... Continue»
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My slutty mum and my two friends

So I received a good response to the time I caught my mum and her friends licking, fucking and playing with each other and generally, people said they wanted to hear more stories that I have.

To recap, mum had me when she was a teenager so she's still young. She's very attractive (as all my friends I grew up with always reminded me), blonde hair that goes down to roughly her shoulders. She is a size 10 and has the most perfect 34DD's, combined with a full bush and a very pretty pussy- she was, and still is really, a babe. She's been single since before I was born, (although my dad did come ... Continue»
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Glorydaze 1

I never had seen a gloryhole till I was in my 20's. I was laid off and just kicking around town when I went in to check out one of the many adult video stores that were around town then. Sitting in the booth I saw the hole in the wall and pretty soon I saw a finger drag through it. I ran! I'd never had a blowjob from a guy or given one. I would play with my ass and fantasize but that was it. After a few days curiosity got the best of me and I went back. This time when someone came in the next booth I stuck my finger in the hole and got a nice pink dick in return. My love of gloryholes had beg... Continue»
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Trouble in class III

Seeing her smiled gave me some courage, leaving my hand on her ass,I asked if she wanted me to stop. She said no,but be careful you might start something we both know shouldn't happen. The image of her nude body and us having sex was almost unbearable. Snapping out of it I sprayed lotion on her other butt cheek and rubbed. Slipping my fingers under her swimsuit and rubbed. My fingers found the crack of her ass and I slid down. As I reached the bottom she flinched and said I had to stop it.
I went back to clearing out the dead branches from the bushes and tried to get the images out of my min... Continue»
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Slutty wife 2

Our hotel was near the beach and we went the day after we arrived. My wife likes to sit among the rocks whilst I prefer the beach, so we usually go separate ways. I always take a powerful pair of binoculars with me, usually to eye the talent on the nearby nudist beach. I watched my wife walk off and watched where she went, a very secluded spot where no one could see her except someone with good binoculars. She sat on a rock just watching the sea and I noticed a guy walking towards her from behind. She’d taken her bikini top off and her 38D tits were on show, sagging a bit now but still a nice ... Continue»
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Trouble in class

Was the second month of the school year and found myself in trouble again. Mrs. Black caught me day dreaming for the fifth time. She said she had no choice but to report me to the principal. I knew if she did that I'd be in serious trouble with my dad. He and my dad played golf together and I know he'd tell him. I begged Mrs. Black not to report me and I'd do anything she said if she wouldn't. She said she'd think about it.
After class I asked her if she thought about it, she said yes,and I should come to her class during lunch. Thinking I dodged a bullet I went to my next class. What was s... Continue»
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Daddy Makes Amanda Feel Good

My daughter Amanda has always been my pride and joy. After her Mother ran off with another man, we decided to sell our house and move to our vacation home located on a beautiful secluded stretch of beach. There were too many memories in the old house.

Amanda and I have always been very close. Hugging, talking and snuggling up on the couch are common and we became understandably closer after her Mom ran off. After a good meal we often snuggled up on the couch together and watched a movie or some TV. I'm grateful to have had her company through those hard times.

Amanda is so beautiful. Abo... Continue»
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my first gay experience.

I'm a seventy year old man who has had a pretty full sex life.
Having said that I now wonder what it would be like having sex with a man.
So when I was on holiday I decided to head for nearby gay beach.
Having got to the beach I wasn't to surprised to see quite a lot of naked people laying about..
Nothing ventured nothing gained I quickly took off all my clothes.
I had a good look around to see if there were any half decent naked
me seen. Having feasted my eyes on one two I'd like to be the first to fuck me.
Happy now I payed down on my towel with my old cock on view to all.
I must hav... Continue»
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My Wife’s new “Friend”

It’s a Friday afternoon, I am a little busy at work when I get a text from my wife.

Wife: “Hey baby, I’m going out with my girls tonight, is that ok?”
Me: “Sure babe, what’s for dinner?”
Wife: “Pick something up for you, we are going out to eat and then drinks”
Me: “Ok ”

On my way to the house I stop for a sandwich, I get home and she is already gone. I sit down, turn on the T.V. and commence to eating my sandwich. I get another text from my wife.

Wife: “look what I am eating”….She sent me a picture of her food.
Me: “That’s nice”

I am dozing off in the couch, didn’t realize... Continue»
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A Bet Part II

It was a week before I heard from Kevin or Sarah again. And during that week I masturbated every day thinking about Kevin fucking my ass, thinking about the taste of Sarah's pussy, the taste of my cum, of Kevin's cum. I couldn't get it out of my mind. Part of me didn't want it to happen again, part of me needed it to.

Then finally Kevin texted me. He asked me if I wanted to go get a few drinks and naturally I said yes.

I met up with him at the bar and we had a few drinks. We bullshitted back and forth for awhile, wasting away a couple hours. The conversation never came up. No mention of ... Continue»
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Exciting day at the nudist beach. Our first experi

Exciting day at the beach.
While travelling around the east coast of Australia, we stayed at a campground called North Head, South Durras. The coastline consists of rocky headlands interspersed with beaches of varying sizes. One particular beach is Myrtle beach that is listed as an unofficial nudist beach. We had been inland for a visit to Canberra and where returning to South Durras to stay with a friend for one night before heading north again and had a few spare hours. We had decided to go for a swim and when asked where, I nominated Myrtle beach. There was no opposition from the goo... Continue»
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Late Night Cold Pool

I was out Drinking and ended up at this guys house. He was a real nice guy and when he invited me over to his place I was looking forward to sitting in his Pool. Chatting it up in a Pool has always been something I enjoyed.. I did not have anything to wear except my underwear.. So he says Naked it is then.. He stripped and in he went.. Looking at me while I stripped and slid in... WOW.. was that water COLD... He did not mention the Pool was not heated or if he did I missed that part of the conversation.. We are both Naked and sitting on the edge of the pool did not help warm me up.. When I got... Continue»
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My slutty mum and my friends

So I received a good response to the time I caught my mum and her friends licking, fucking and playing with each other and generally, people said they wanted to hear more stories that I have.

To recap, mum had me when she was a teenager so she's still young. She's very attractive (as all my friends I grew up with always reminded me), blonde hair that goes down to roughly her shoulders. She is a size 10 and has the most perfect 34DD's, combined with a full bush and a very pretty pussy- she was, and still is really, a babe. She's been single since before I was born, (although my dad did come ... Continue»
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Playground Tales, Chapter 4: Playtime For Three

It was a funny story really. I had met one guy in a random hookup with a great cock, and talking to him afterwards, he told me about a friend of his who he played with on occasion. I wholeheartedly agreed, I had always wanted a MMF, one where both cocks were there for me. We almost did it, but I ended up having to work late, and then the timing just never lined up again...

A couple of weeks later, I'm on a social networking site and start chatting to a guy. Through course of conversation, it comes to light that he's the aforementioned friend. Small world! I was on the site for hookups... Continue»
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First time sucking cock

This is a true story and happened very recently:

I had always wanted to suck a guy off, but I could never let myself get to that point. This day was different, I had been horny all day and my plans for the night had been cancelled so I had time off. I had a profile on Adam4Adam so decided to log in and check it out. There was a guy that I had talked to for a while and was happy to see him logged in. Was attracted to his profile because he had a nice shaved cock but had a hairy body. He was a total alpha top guy and his profile said he loved to teach newbie cocksuckers. He was older which wa... Continue»
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i****tuous Glamour Photography Part 3(Homecoming)


This is the third and final part of my i****tuous trilogy. I strongly advise anyone who hasn't read the first two parts to do so before reading this.


My son Peter fucked me over both the phone and the net several more times whilst he was on his gap year travels in Chile, Peru and Argentina. It became an acceptable, though guilt inducing routine. It was only the lack of internet access in some of the remote areas and his ability to be alone that stopped us doing it more often.

My sex life with my husband Richard continued to be, at best, spasmodic. It was becoming pre... Continue»
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Secret blows in the city

So since moving to Manchester i needed to find new places to be naughty.

I spoke to a few locals on here and they recommended a few parks near the city. I love to dress up and be naughty with strangers.

A few weeks ago i put a status 'who wants some naughty fun in Manchester?' a few guys replied. I gave them a time and location and began to get ready.

I dressed in black leggings and tight crop top but the as the weather turned, i put a jacket over it.

With the weather typically 'Manchester' i was afraid my new friends wouldn't show. It got dark as I arrived at the location. Beside ... Continue»
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Patricia was in her favorite bar one night just relaxing and having a few drinks it had been a long week and she needed to unwind a little her boss had been a bigger prick than usual and pissed off though she was she needed the job it payed well and was close to where she lived she would deal with the asshole in her own way in good time she planned to seduce him and then leave him crushed and broken in the end...At least that was how it turned out in her fantasies...
The bar was kind of slow that night not too many cute guys that weren't taken so not much hope of scoring some free dri... Continue»
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Trouble in class IV

Rubbing my thumb around her crotch Billie started to moan. After a few minutes she sat up and said we need to talk. I was mesmerized by her beautiful tits. Firm,unblemished with pink nipples. She pulled her top up and grabbed her robe. I asked what it was I felt. She said we can never speak about this to anyone. I said I promised not to. Billie took my hand and said she was unhappy as a man, and made the transition from male to female a few years ago and never regretted it. She noticed the bulge in my swim trunks and asked if I liked boys. Shocked by the question, I said NO! I hung my head and... Continue»
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The price we pay for being pretty, Pt2

“Yo, Sammy, wait up.”
I was still on cloud 9, my mind completely fogged over by what had just happened in the restroom not an hour before. It was all I could seem to think about, which was terrible in a way, since I’d walked out of my last class not having put one answer down on the test we’d taken. I really needed to clear my head or I wasn’t going to even make it to high school.
I stopped in my tracks at the sound of my name being called and turned around to see if I could find who was calling out to me. Some of my long blonde hair fell into my eyes at my sudden movement so I had to... Continue»
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Trip to South Texas

I wanted to visit a friend down in Brownsville and thought a bus trip would be fun. Boarding the bus I found it almost empty and sat at the back. An older gentleman came on and took a seat across the isle from me. After a few minutes and only a couple of people got on the driver closed the door and pulled out. As we pulled up on the freeway the driver turned off the interior lights making it dark with only the freeway lights shining in. The older man asked where I was going, I told him Brownsville, he said he was too. He asked if I would mind if he came over so we could talk without having to ... Continue»
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My first time sucking cock

First let me begin by saying that I love being with women, women of all ages, married, single, attached, it doesn't matter. I'm also very much a dominant lover, seductive and playful yes but I'm the alpha male. How this all began I can't really say except to say that I'm very much a sexual creature and well, my curiosity got the better of me. I'm the last guy you'd ever expect this from but we all have our naughty secrets

If I'm being honest, I guess you could say that curiosity has been with me for a while. I'm very oral and love going down on women so what's an oral person to do when... Continue»
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I'm Now a BlackCock Slut Cuckold

My fantasy was to be sexually flirtatious with a black man. After months of talking about it we finally posted to an internet site seeking a black man. We had many responses, but finally decided to meet one man who really seemed to understand our desires. We met Mr. Johnson one night for drinks. At his request, I wore a loose fitting white blouse with no bra, and a short black skirt.

Mr. Johnson immediately took charge and we discussed what I wanted and my limitations. We were very comfortable with him and were very turned on as well. Mr. Johnson bought several rounds of drinks, and after ... Continue»
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Slut from loadman4u

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Post this story slut on fet

My beautiful wife Gail and I were driving back from a trip to California last month when we stopped to stay at the Holiday Inn in St Louis. We got a room right off the pool next to the Jacuzzi. It was perfect. I opened a bottle of wine and got her a little tipsy b... Continue»
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Bus ride

Bus ride of my life.

It’s Friday afternoon and I’m waiting for the bus, it’s busy and finally when the bus comes, it was full. I prayed to get a seat over the rear wheels, my favourite place. I paid the driver and got near the back, there was only one seat remaining. A woman with dark hair, attractive and in her thirties, sitting by the window. She was sitting up straight, legs together with her arms folded across her chest and her coat d****d over the arms and lap, she had a thigh length skirt on in a check pattern. She is very friendly as I ask her politely.
“Do you mind if I sit ... Continue»
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My wife Mary

Up until a few months ago my wife and lived a pretty uneventful life, filled with the normal routine of work, weekend errands, and paying the bills. We have been married for almost twenty-five years and were moving into the same kind of rut that most people fell into as they reached their mid-forties.

For most of the time we have been together I have been trying to get Mary to open up a little bit sexually in the area of other lovers. I've never stopped to analyze why the thought of her with another man turns me on, but it is a recurring fantasy (like it is with many men) and our sex life h... Continue»
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Debby the whore's office submission

She straightened her clothes and washed her hands, then flushed the toilet for good measure before pushing open the bathroom door and running headlong into her boss. By his casual stance, she knew he'd been standing there waiting for her to emerge. She could feel her face flushing, but there was no way he knew what she was doing in the bathroom.

He smiled down at her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I think we should take a walk," he said in a way that suggested she didn't have a choice in the matter.

Fear sluiced through her in that moment; anytime he took someone for a walk, ... Continue»
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Postapocalyptic reality 1

Jenny didn't look like a mutant. Not at all like the green skinned super-mutants, nor the hideous ghouls. She didn’t have two heads, or three arms, or anything out of the ordinary. In fact, she looked absolutely normal – maybe even a little prettier than the average Wasteland girl. But there was something that set her apart – a hidden mutation triggered by the radiation that her parents and grandparents had been exposed to.

Apart from cellular damage to most life-forms, the radiation that still manifested as polluted waters ... Continue»
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Trouble in class II

During dinner dad asked how school was. Nervous that he may have found out,I said it was ok. I was having a little trouble it one class but nothing I can't handle. He said you just have to study harder and see if you can do extra work, I said I'm already looking into that. That's good he said and that was the end of the subject. After dinner and dodging a bullet I went to my room and dressed for bed. When I heard the shower running, I reached in my pants and stroked thinking about Billies was and tits.
The next day was rough getting through Mrs. Blacks class paying attention. I kept picturin... Continue»
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Our wives changed our lives Part 7.

Our wives changed our lives Part 7.

Karen was now past caring about anyone except what she wanted from her aunty. She wanted to cum so badly and she didn’t care that her father would hear her cries of lust. She wanted to be a part of this fucked up f****y and she was going to do whatever it took. She knew that this was her only chance to hopefully fuck her father and live out that fantasy. But first she wanted to cum and cum hard.

When she felt her aunties fingers parting her cunt lips she opened her eyes and in a whisper she said, “Finger me Aunty Sarah as hard as you want to.” Sarah ha... Continue»
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The time I fucked my buddy's step mom

So I was 19 I dropped by a friend's place to chill. He was not back when I got there but I came in anyway. Nothing unusual. I walked into the kitchen and there I saw her. My buddy's step mom climbing out of the pool.

She was wearing thing skin tight black bikini. Her long blonde hair soaked but still perfect. But best of all her model body. Slim very fit with perfect c cup tits. My god is she a stunner.

She looked right at me. I thought she would have covered up but no. She dryed herself and walk right into the house.

I was at a loss for words. This woman standing before me like th... Continue»
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When I was a girl I had terrible nightmares and would often creep into my mum’s bed but didn’t need to wake her, just being there was enough. I couldn’t have wakened her anyway as she was always zonked out with sl**ping tablets since my dad left us. This went on for years, until I was really much too old to be sl**ping with mum, but I kept on. One night I really did have a bad dream and crept in only to find that mum’s boyfriend was in bed with her, both fast asl**p so I crept round to mum’s side and slid in with Bill on the other side of her and soon fell asl**p.
Unusually something woke me ... Continue»
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The price we pay for being pretty

I was just finishing up washing my hands in the boys restroom, my mind busy trying to remember all the crap I’d studied the night before, when I heard the door open and loud laughter and talking intrude on my thinking as a group of other junior high boys came in. The laughing and talking stopped as soon as they saw me there in front of the mirror.
I only glanced over for a quick look, but it was enough to make me swallow nervously. Darin Diller was standing right behind me with his two shadows, Danny D, and Mike Gibson. I was so screwed!
“Jesus fucking Christ, would you look at this f... Continue»
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My aunt made me a girl III

After we recovered I dressed and had Robert drive me home. Dress torn, hair and makeup a mess my aunt asked how my date was. I said it was good and told her I need a shower and went upstairs. After my shower I laid on the bed, running my fingers over my breasts. Pulling and pinching them, fantasizing it was my lover. Before I could get started my aunt called me for dinner. I put on a robe and went downstairs to eat. When I went to the kitchen my aunt said she had a suprise for me. I asked what it was, she said someone was coming to visit for a few days. I asked who it was, she said it was a ... Continue»
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Discovering Masturbation, and Parents were into Po

I was alone and bored and being left with a task to clean up around the house I set about it not realising that by the time I had finished, I would be a changed girl.

Today we read about 'Grooming', about young girls being enticed to do things they should not do, well I am afraid to say, it has always been like that, through the generations, but more face to face back then, not like it is today, locked in your bedroom with your parents downstairs, while a stranger entices you to listen to your body and submit to its desires.

'Do me a favour sweetheart', that was my daddy asking me to cle... Continue»
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Cucky Humiliation

I have been married to my wife for just over 4 years. She's perfect. I met her just out of high school and she was a suppressed, hot and horny church girl. I was the first boyfriend she ever had so needless to say she was a virgin. We got married after a couple years of dating. The sex was great.

After a while, the sex was still great but my wife didn't seem to be into it anymore. She never said anything, but I had the feeling she was getting bored with me even though she was always willing to let me fuck her whether she was in the mood or not. I was at the point where I wanted her to crav... Continue»
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The unexpected time I experienced a BBC

It all happened at our secondary school graduation after-party. It's surprising, because I almost didn't go. As an honour student and good girl it wasn't the type of thing I'd attend, but my friends convinced me. So I went...

The night started out fairly normally. We drank, perhaps a bit too much, and talked. But as the night progressed with my d***kenness I couldn't stop eyeing Steven, the tall fit black soccer player. I jokingly asked my friends if they though the rumours about BBC were true... woops. My d***ken idiot friends thought it would be a good idea to go tell Steven that Anne the... Continue»
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Pregnant and having sex in the park with a colleag

I had known him from my first day at work he was my mentor and confidant and surprisingly our age differences over time melted away and I saw him as a really nice guy who made me laugh and put me at ease when the going got tough.

I adopted him as my surrogate father since my own father had left me when I was about three years old and over time I found myself leaning on him, actually enjoying our platonic relationship.

I fell pregnant but continued to work from the office wincing each time I saw my image reflected in the glass doors, but Frank thought I was as sexy as hell.

He had alwa... Continue»
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From frigid wife to Black Whore wife

have been married for over 30yrs to a 62yr wife I love but after our 2nd c***d was born she went off sex which I thought was due to pregnancy and baby but over the years nothing changed and there was always an excuse no matter what I tried ,Flowers , Kissing cuddling, Romantic weekends breaks, Underwear, Sex toys and more .
So it was down to the wrist work and porn and few times got caught and get an earful from the wife usual thing dirty old man pervert etc this didn't help our sexual relationship.#
One day I was browsing the web and wife came in and accused me of watching porn
... Continue»
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