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Skinny dipping with my aunt

MatureTabooFirst Time

After my parents got divorced, I lived with Mom. She had a good job and apparently was well paid because we never seemed to lack for any necessities. She got a recent promotion, though, and now she has to travel quite a bit. Although she seems to really like her job, having to leave me alone bothers her a whole lot. I'll have to hand it to Mom, she's very conscientious and seems to worry considerably about being a good parent. More than anything else, she worries that I won't get proper care during those times she has to be out of town. She doesn't seem to realize that I'm a fifteen-year-old… Read more

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Daddy's cock bulging hard......


Daddy's cock bulging hard...... Nothing like coming home at the end of the day after a long shift. Sitting back in the chair, jeans and work boots still on, and HER coming and crawling into my lap, while we sit and talk and and watch tv for a little while before she goes to bed. Her little nighty on, and her little bum in my lap. My arms holding her close to me as I cuddle her. She moves around a bit so she can get comfortable. The feel of her little legs and bum rubbing against my crotch area, makes me hard instantly. My cock is hard and bulging in my jeans. I can feel my cock throbbing in my… Read more

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my early adventures with Peter and Joey

Gay MaleFirst TimeTaboo

This is absolutely true. I had been experimenting sexually with a guy who was five years older than me, and that guy and I had found my dad's porn stash in the garage one day. Peter was 16, tall and lanky and athletic. At this point in my life, I hadn't really ever thought about a guy sexually, though I used to experiment with my sister a lot (but just rubbing and teasing, nothing more). I knew I liked sex, and that it would be a bad idea for my parents to find out. Peter and I were alone at my house. Nobody was going to be home anytime soon. We were leafing through the magazines, and Peter… Read more

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Learning Too Early

First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Learning Too Early ---------- Mom and Dad were swingers, although I had no idea what that meant. I knew they had 'Swinger's Parties' on the weekends because Mom would be running around the house cleaning and arranging things several days ahead of time. My sister was quite young, still in diapers, and I was the designated babysitter for her, but they also had a babysitter for me as well, to keep me out of the way. Being only seven or so years older than she is, I felt like I was old enough to not have to have a babysitter. Anyways, Friday night rolled around and people started arriving, all de… Read more

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My first bi experience

First Time

Hello all :) I first discovered I was bi when I was in my early twenties - it wasn't really something that I'd thought much about, and it came as a bit of a (pleasant) surprise. I've had a fair bit of bi fun over the years since then, but I still get horny thinking about my first few experiences... I'd gone out one summer's evening for a run along the beach, not too far from where I lived at the time. I was running an out and back route, along the sand towards a nature reserve. My plan was to do some running along the beach and then some more strenuous work running in the dunes, before headi… Read more

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Puppy Love


When David and I moved from the city to far out in the country, his fears of me being alone on those nights he had to work late, or the times he had to travel began to make him feel uneasy about our decision to move. He tried to get me to agree to a purchase of a gun, and for me to take shooting lessons, but that was entirely out of the question. Still his fears lingered and he did convince me to allow him to get a dog for my protection. The first place we checked out was the a****l shelter. I figured if we were going to get a dog, why not save one from being put to sleep. David was quick to… Read more

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Brittany and Her Brother

First TimeTabooMasturbation

Th-----n year old Brittany finished dressing for school and opened the door of her room to go down for breakfast and stopped short. Her brother Ryan, th**e years her senior, had left his door partly ajar, and she could see him in his room directly across the hall from hers,. He was standing with his back to her and he was naked. As she stood there transfixed, he bent over to step into his briefs and she caught a glimpse of his scrotum between his legs. Suddenly she wanted to see more, but he pulled up his shorts and started putting on the rest of his clothes, so she quietly headed for the kitc… Read more

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My fucking great birthday!!!

BDSMAnalGroup Sex

Saturday 28th of July and it was my birthday, what was in store I wondered. The girls met at my house arriving throughout the day, Annie, Emma. Ellie and Amy. Annie oversaw the evening and had booked our table at the pub restaurant for 7 p.m. Annie had given me a beautiful silver day collar to wear, which I cherish and naturally wore. We all wanted to wear something bought on our recent shopping trip. I chose my new long black satin dress with the side slit to my hip, low front and back, Emma wore her identical green one. Annie was in a sky-blue translucent dress, just above the knee with a… Read more

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Daddy has a surprise for her 18th birthday

TabooFirst TimeHardcore

It was Angel's 18th birthday and she was very excited because her father told her he had a very big surprise for her. She had no idea what it was and when she tried to guess she told him she couldn't come up with anything. "Oh you will come up with it alright when you get it", her father smiled. He told her to have a nice relaxing bubble bath and to get comfortable and he would see her when he got home from work. Angel got out of the tub and put on her tshirt and pj bottoms. She had her blonde hair up in a ponytail. As she looked in the mirror, she saw how she had developed lately. Her breasts… Read more

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Always a Mommy's Boy

MatureTabooFirst Time

I can't begin to describe how much my life has changed these past couple of years. I wonder sometimes if I am going to be ruined for any other woman because of my relationship with my mother; yet I can't seem to think about anything else. My heart starts racing even as I write this, knowing Mom told me to tell our story, and she is waiting to read it. It started when I was 18 and in my last year of high school. My mom was 39 and to everyone's surprise, including her own, she got pregnant. I honestly didn't even know my parents did anything that often, as they fought a lot and he was either w… Read more

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My second time at the steam bath

Gay Male

It was a couple months since my first visit to the steam bath. Since I drove past the building five days a week it wasn't like I had to go out of my way. It was just that I had conflicted thoughts. The thought of anonymous sex always got me hard yet at the same time I considered myself heterosexual but leaning toward bisexual. Enough about mind games and back to my story. So a couple of months passed and it was now early Spring. Feeling a bit horny one afternoon after my final class, I was driving past the building that housed the steam bath when I decided to give it another try. Just thinki… Read more

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What happened in my basement part 3

AnalFirst TimeGay Male

It was a long day on the work site today and I was not in a great mood when I when I got home. I kept telling myself on the way home that I was going to confront my neighbor about what he was doing and that it had to stop. I couldn't risk the boys coming home and catching me in that kind of a situation, naked and being taken advantage of by another man. I just didn't know what they would think of it, or how it would affect them. They both have strong personalities and It's hard enough being a single dad and looking after 2 boys that are on the verge of becoming men without having to have t… Read more

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My sister is a Woman

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I was young and naive as most of us were back then. Kathy, my older sister by a year and 3 months, was 19 and would start college in the fall. I had just turned 18 in April. It wasn't the norm for both parents to work back then, but mom started working when Kathy was old enough to baby sit us. So the summers were ours alone. In the beginning, we got along like any brother and sister. But that began to change as I reached puberty. Things were changing for me fast. Hormones raged, body hair began growing and most of all I had this appendage between my legs that demanded attention constantly.… Read more

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Horny BBW Redhead


I first started chatting with Sharon through a dating website about 8 years ago. I have always had a thing for big girls so I joined a BBW site. I got chatting to a few of the women on there and then I got a message from one particular woman. She was mid 30’s, Redhead, (Bust Size) Massive and from Birmingham but she had no photo. I thought I’d just send her a message back saying I like your profile but cos there was no photo I thought that would be it. About half an hour or so later I got a message back from this woman. The massage from Sharon read “sorry for no profile photo but I can’t risk… Read more

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My first love of lingerie

FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

It started at home, my wife had left left her pile of clean clothes on the dryer again. While home for lunch she texted me and asked what I was doing? Truth was I thumbing through her panties on the dryer so, that was exactly what I said - I’m playing with your panties. She said leave them alone, they are too small for you LoL. I didn’t reply to her but I was still thinking, I’m alone and horny so the next thing I know I am standing naked in the laundry room trying on her panties. Rubbing myself, looking in the mirror, now I’m hard so the next thing I know I am taking a picture of me in her pa… Read more

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Having a good time with Mom


My mom had me was just 18, at least that's what she told me. Actually I knew that 18 was when she got pregnant with me but hadn't ever married the guy. He was only a year older than she was. She must have really loved him because she wouldn't go out with any guys. She did have a girl friend as I was growing up and sometimes she would sleep over with my mom when I was younger. My mom never admitted to being bi but a couple of times I came home from school earlier than expected and caught them in bed together. My mom always told me they were just napping. I didn't catch on until I was a lot olde… Read more

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My son Danny

MatureTabooFirst Time

Mr. Carr was the neighbor's name and he showed up on our door step pretty unhappy. He asked if Danny's father was home. Since Tony was out of town I told him not at the moment, but that I was Danny's mother Pam. I was surprised then to hear him say that I better keep my son away from his wife if I knew what was good for me and especially for Danny. I listened to him rant and rave for sometime talking about how my son was hanging around his house during the day trying to seduce his wife. Then as he wound down I tried to assure him I would look into it and take care of the matter immediately. H… Read more

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My 23 year old daughter and I (a fantasy) pt1

TabooFetishLesbian Sex

I came home early today from work and heard that unmistakable sound of someone having sex. My daughter had just come back to visit so it could only be her but I didn’t know she was dating anyone. I was about to make a noise to let them know someone was home but was starting to get a little hot hearing the noises. I quietly waked down the hall and Jeni’s bedroom door was wide open and she was naked and spread eagled in the middle of her bed sliding a big thick dildo inside her and rubbing her clit with the other hand. I couldn’t believe all that noise was just her getting off but as I stood the… Read more

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Life of a horny Indian girl - first time with two

Group SexInterracial SexFirst Time

A few friends have asked me for a story about one of my sexual experiences. One of my favorite nights happened a year ago. I was in a relationship that was no fun and I wanted to get out of it. I’d started a job working for a big company. It was one of my first proper job and everyone working there was older men. I was only 22, one of the only girls and I liked getting the attention of the big bosses. I wasn’t good at my job but I knew that a short dress and a bit of flirting would work. I started to get the attention of the boss Paul who had an office near my desk. He would call me in to talk… Read more

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Our 5 day nude camping trip in a public campground


As you already know I love outdoor nudity but combine that with our other outdoor hobbies and you have a real winning combination. Not too long ago we decided to spend a 5 day get away camping. We packed our camping and fishing gear but I did not pack one stitch of… Read more

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First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Lindsay walked into her room and looked around. She was pissed! Her space, her private sanctuary was being invaded by him. She had just turned 18 and was looking forward to more freedom, but with her older brother sharing her room that freedom would be gone. Their Aunt Melody and Uncle Frank were in town and would be staying in her brother Dean’s room. She looked over at the fold away bed that had been set up on the other side of the room. Her and her older brother Dean had always gotten along Ok, but she didn’t like the fact that she could no longer retreat to her room and be alone if she w… Read more

Posted by Sethtomas1 4 days ago 5 10,155 88%

the horny daddy of my friend

AnalInterracial SexGay Male

It seriously made me feel like he was doing it to have me in it and watch me all day in the pale blueu bottom bikini of his girl his daughter was my friend since highschool and i was often going to take a dip in them pool when it was too hot outside she was away with her friend when i got to the backyard , greeted by her dad , a tall black daddy in his 50s he let me go inside the yard cabin to put on my swimsuit he always left there for me but i coudnt see it all there was , is the pale bikini of my friend i got out of the cabin wearing my boxer only ''hey mister Frank my swimsuit is ot… Read more

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TabooFirst Time

It's between my junior and senior year and I've been enjoying this summer , i'd just gotten my drivers license and a little more freedom from my parents and do odd jobs for cash , the rest of the time i was home by our pool . It was just the 4 of us , mom, dad and my sister Peggy , my parents took the train into work during the week leaving Peg and me alone except when her girlfriend Sue came by . Peggy and Sure are like sisters always together since they met in the seventh grade , this year I'll be 2 grades ahead of both and since i can drive i'm sure i'll be giving them rides instead of t… Read more

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she loves oral

TabooHardcoreFirst Time

I fumbled with my keys, but finally fit the right one inside the lock and opened the door. I hung my jacket on the coat rack and kicked off my shoes. The light in the living room was on, but my parents were gone and my sister Melanie wouldn't be home until much later. Suspicious, I entered the living room and saw that it was in fact, my 20-year-old sister Melanie sitting on the sofa. She was surrounded by a pile of rolled up tissues and had obviously been crying. I sat down beside her, but she didn't look at me. "What's up, Mel?" I asked, trying your best to sound concerned. "Nothing...… Read more

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The White Suburban Housewife - Insatiable Lust

Interracial SexMature

After more than three years absence, Susan, The White Suburban Housewife, returns. Readers will recall that Susan got involved with Marvin, a black businessman, through the internet. They eventually met in person and Marvin introduced Susan to interracial sex. She loved it. Then Marvin duped her into having sex with his business clients. In essence, she was working as a prostitute. Her first trick was with one of Marvin’s best business clients, Robert. Robert showed Susan what sex with a virile black man is all about. She wanted more and Robert wanted to give her more but now both men have… Read more

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Mom sleep over last night.


Hi All . Again, thanks for checking out my stories all my post are real situations I and or friends of mine have been in. This one happened last night when mom spent the night. So, ENJOY and please comment if you like I will answer all of them. If you do not know anything about me and the special relationship I have with my mom I will give a brief outline. When I was around eight years old and my fem side took charge of my mind and body and it was diagnosed that in all reality I should have been born a girl due to a thyroid condition that produces more female hormones then male (transgender).… Read more

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Our MMF Threesome

Group Sex

My wife and I are open sexually, but she often prefers that I meet other couples alone for play, and send back videos for later. Last weekend we decided to take a deviation from that routine and it payed off in spades. We met a guy online, and got together for some drinks and to get a hotel. It ended up being one of the hottest nights of our life. After the bar, we relaxed in the hotel room and talked a bit, all admittedly a little anxious over what was coming. My wife and I are pretty good at making people feel comfortable, however, and soon the drinks were working their magic, and after a f… Read more

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My first time

First TimeGay Male

I was attending a well known college in a major Midwestern city. Every day on my way to and from school I would pass a building that had a sign above its door advertising that the building was a men and women's steam bath. For many days I kept telling myself that I would stop and see what a steam bath was all about but I always seemed to chicken out and kept on driving past the building without stopping Then one, very cold evening I decided to stop. I was very nervous entering the building. Upon entering, there was an older man behind the counter who took my money and handed me a towel, a ba… Read more

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I caught a Train part one

Gay Male

I decided to go visit my aunt who lived across the country, she always said that I could come out anytime and stay awhile. So guess who's hopped a train heading east. I could of took a airplane or even drove out but I wanted a scenic adventure, and the train was just the ticket and a adventure I would get. I hopped the train just on this side of morning, had my baggage and everything I needed. I was ready, set and go. I got a sleeper so I could get the views of this trip without a crowd around me and sleep since coach isn't the best for. So as I was walking back towards the end of the train… Read more

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4 of July BBQ

MatureGroup Sex

It was the forth of July and I was with my husband. We had been invited to a BBQ by one of hubby's co workers. I had never met Rick or his wife. My husband Jay drove and at this point I had no idea of how the day would end. We arrived at a nice house and walked around the side. We were the last to arrive and the party had already started. Jay  introduced me to Rick, and he reminded me alot of hubby. Ricks wife Angie walked up and introduced herself. The weather was hot so I was dressed in a cute but revealing little outfit of shorts and a light top. We ate and everyone was drin… Read more

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Video Booth Suck Off

Gay Male

I had planned to stop by the adult bookstore around 6 p.m. , but I was so hot that I cleared my schedule by noon . I hadn't cum in five days and I needed to find a cocksucker to drain my hot cock . I got to the bookstore at 1 , wearing a t-shirt and flimsy gym shorts . The parking lot was full and their were about 20 guys browsing the magazine and video section as I approached the clerk to get singles for a video booth , my semi hard cock making a noticeable bulge in my shorts , a nice wet spot from my drooling cockhead . As I entered the hallway of 50 booths I took off my shirt . There were 6… Read more

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The Office: The Threesome

Group SexCelebritiesAnal

It was time for the annual Christmas Party at Dunder-Mifflin, and everyone was busy overindulging on the free bar set up by the Party Planning Committee. There was the usual animosity in the air with Pam and Angela at odds over who had the official office party. Although Angela had plenty of her delicious double fudge brownies available in the conference room for her Nutcracker themed party, most of the staff went with the free booze that Pam had in the form of Grasshoppers and Margaritas over in the break room. It had had bee… Read more

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Heat and Wicked Humidity

HardcoreVoyeurSex Humor

I finally got a date with him. I would accidentally/on-purpose bump into Jack and strike up conversations. He would scan me up and down and seemed interested but never made an effort to extend our conversations much less ask me out. So I finally had to ask him to coffee and only over doughnuts and a medium roast did he (finally) ask me out to dinner the following night. Jack was a dreamboat. He was fit, tan, muscular, handsome, and blue-eyed. He was an off-road jeep enthusiast and an electrician by trade. He… Read more

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Suck his cock even though I won the Bet?PT2

FetishGroup Sex

Melissa practically jumped up, bent over Dan and kissed him deeply while she undid his belt and jeans. As soon as she had his zipper down, she grabbed his jeans and shorts and tugged them down; he raised his hips a little to help, and she whisked them off his legs and threw them aside. Then she moved back to me, ran a hand up the inside of my left thigh to my balls, continued tracing her fingers up my shaft, then caressed my stomach and chest. Then she took my hand and pulled me up off the couch. She lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it somewhere. She pressed her body against mine, ki… Read more

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I Love Puerto Rican Men!

AnalInterracial SexShemales

Hi, Queens! So anyway, a couple of nights ago I decided to hang out in my favorite adult bookstore, because, you know, I was feeling really cock hungry. I bought this really cute new outfit at Wal-Mart – it’s a black halter- top that basically just covers my tits, and a pair of hot pink short shorts that expose the cheeks of my ass. Most of my regular readers know that I’m a cross dresser. I mainly like to wear high heels, lipstick and nothing else. But some player- hating faggot complained to the manager about me being back in the arcade naked. I mean, the manager was hella cool and all – he… Read more

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The Party

TabooFirst Time

The rules were simple. All the guys would line up against the wall, pants and underwear off. When the lights were turned off and the music was turned on, the girls would come in and find a cock to suck. After a few minutes, the music would stop and they would rotate. It was so dark that I couldn't see an inch in front of my face. It was so silent that, if you listened hard enough, you could hear all of our hearts racing. A hand slapped against my knee. One of them had found me. I swallowed hard and felt up the wall for something to grip. Here it comes. I took a deep breath as I felt my cock… Read more

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Bitch serving cock in the woods

Gay Male

This story only happened to me recently, so the memory is still fresh. Sorry in advance for any typos or other mistakes, I'm slightly drunk on 2014 Sauvignon while writing this ;-) I was without a cock for ~6 months and started getting the urges again. After resisting for a few weeks I eventually gave up (like I always do) and posted an ad on a local dating site during one jerkoff session. Don't know why I keep resisting, it always ends up the same way :P The ad was simple - I'm a young sub, looking for nice healthy cock <35yo to suck repeatedly. No pics over the internet, no one-offs, no… Read more

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Chrissy’s toilet adventure

Gay MaleFetish

I’m Chrissy 56 white straight acting subby bottom sissy. I had a need to piss so I pulled of the A35 into the service area and entered the toilet. There was a long trough urinal and three cubicle, the sweet smell of male piss filled the air. The centre cubicle was occupied but otherwise it was empty, I started to piss at the urinal when I heard a noise behind me I turned to see a camera disappear from under the door of the centre cubicle. I stopped my flow and entered the cubicle furthest away from the entrance and was delighted to see a good sized glory hole. I quickly stripped down and put m… Read more

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Ex and friend

Group SexSex Humor

The wife and I had a thing where sometimes when one of us would come home from work or wherever that the other one would be standing there naked or just ready to go. Sometimes I would come home and she would be fully naked, wet and on all fours, or be in a sexy outfit. One day she came home and she didn't tell me that a friend was with her. She unlocked the door and walked in with me standing there fully clothed but with my cock in my hand stroking it, then her friend walked in behind her. Her friend gasped as she was not expecting to see this sight. "Oh, umm, we have a thing that when one… Read more

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Tricky Sissy

Gay MaleAnalHardcore

In order for this story to make sense, you need to know two things about me: 1) I like men, women, shemales, manly men, sissy men, tall women/men, short women/men, older men/women, younger men/women. In fact, there's not much that I'm not drawn to. Essentially, if you have warm holes, then I'm probably interested. 2) You would never know that I like sucking dick, getting fucked in the ass and swallowing cum just by looking at me and talking to me. I'm a pretty "straight" guy. However, you get that dick in me and I go to town. I don't mean to brag, but I am very good at sucking dick. I have no… Read more

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The Ideal Marriage


The ideal marriage is based on a female led relationship. The marriage is the final commitment of the husband to become his wifes property and slave and her commitment to lovingly accept his sacrifice and to take full control over his life. From then on his main focus in life will be caring for her needs and serving her. Earning money for her, doing her chores, cooking for her, massaging her feet. He will find fulfillment in life by freeing himself from his own wants and needs and solely focussing on hers and her happiness. He should try to serve and fulfill her needs without always having t… Read more

Posted by Henrik84 3 days ago 3 1,659 33%

The Layoff part one

Gay Male

We all go through it at some point in our life to where you find yourself on a subway heading home early with a box in your hands with all of your things from work in it. last week was the time for me. My employer booted me out and sent me packing but I wasn't worried cause here came the unemployment check. Anyway on my way home that day I met a black man who was right across from me who was dealing with the same thing I was. I said to him," they got you too huh." He said," Yep! I made him smile when I said," Looks like a paid vacation coming up for us then." So I introduced myself too him and… Read more

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Chris and John and Beth part 1

Group SexGay MaleAnal

It all started one Friday evening at 6:00pm I was sitting at home checking messages after I got home from work and spending time with the girlfriend she knows I'm bisexual so I'm checking messages and I get one from my hometown friend Chris so the message said are you free to grab some drinks tonight at the bar I look at my girlfriend and she goes message him back and say yea we can both go she has meet chris a couple times but never seen his cock or anything like I have from his profile pics and what my girlfriend said next shocked me she goes why don't we try and get chris to do a three way… Read more

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26, Female and a Sex Addict.

FetishFirst TimeTaboo

The title of my story about sums me up, everything it says, is true and the men I accost can't believe I'm real, even when I am on my knees in front of them, milking their balls. That's another trait I have, is a potty mouth, I like to say it as it is. If I was a man I would be inside serving time for physically touching people, I love to feel a mans crotch, especially if he looks like he has an erection and I'm the cause of it, which is usually the case as I am also a flirt, a tease, and like I said previously, I don't mince my words. So where does all this outpouring of feminine sexuality… Read more

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Skinny 23 year old sucks off old chub

Gay Male

So yesterday (8/4/18) I had a long work day and was just about worn out but still horny as hell since I hadn't jacked off a couple of days because I had set up with a guy to come by my shop and suck me off. Well, as often happens he didn't text when he said he would and he didn't reply to my text. DAMN! I saved him a super huge wad and he doesn't show up to take it! Isn't that just how it goes for me so much. All these guys want to suck cock but then when I put my cock out ready for a willing mouth it's a no show again. Well I pull up the Xhamster and decide to just sit back and tug out what I… Read more

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Mom relaxes me

MatureFirst TimeTaboo

I'd had a hard day. It was Monday; I'd got up at 7:30am to be at class for 8:30, had classes until 4:30pm, and worked in the pizza parlour from 5pm until 10pm. To make matters worse, I'd been playing soccer the previous afternoon, so all day my joints had been stiff enough without having to walk around campus all day then wait on tables for five hours. By the time I got home, I was beat. My mother greeted me in her usual, perky way. Sometimes it was annoying, but really there was no-one better to lift your spirits when you were down. "Rough day, hon?" she asked when I entered the den and slu… Read more

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When I Grow Up

First TimeSex Humor

“When I grow up,” I once told my journal, “I want to be a hooker.”

 I was a slow starter in the sex stakes. I realized very early on that a name like mine was worth its weight in gold when it came to attracting boys’ attention… that it was the nomenclatural equivalent of a pair of big tits. But I also knew that I wasn’t interested in boys. I wanted men and, quite frankly, I didn’t have a clue about how to get one. I certainly wasn’t going to start walking up to strangers and introducing myself, although, in my fantasies, I did it all the time – “hi,” I’d say. “I’m Jenny Swallows, and I do.”… Read more

Posted by jennyswallows 3 days ago 3 9,301 90%

I Caught a Train part two

Gay Male

We kissed again as Taylor closed and locked the sleeper door. As we did Taylor began undressing me..my shirt came off and was tossed as well as my pants. I was naked and my hard cock standing at attention when Taylor laid me down on the bed. He jumped up on me and began undressing. I watched as his body became naked...he was hot looking! He stood up over me and unleashed his cock from his underwear. It was incredible... his balls were firm and tight while his shaft was thick and medium sized. A small bead of precum was shining away. Then with a quick moment his naked body was laying on me...ou… Read more

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Sissys suprise

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Now these are your orders master snapped down the phone Have yourself ready to be picked up at 8pm sharp and make sure that your fully shaved and smooth you are going to learn how to impress me tonight and make sure your wearing something easy to change out of as I will be providing your outfit slut. At 8 o'clock sharp master pulled up and sissy dutifully climbed into the passenger seat she asked where are you taking me a burning sensation crept across her face from the slap she had just received . You will only speak when told to they drove from the town into a private country lane befo… Read more

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How I met my exhibitionist wife

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How I met my exhibitionist wife (the one in the pics and videos) I had been on assignment in Huntsville AL for several months and already had a reserved seat at the Holiday Inn bar. Every night I would get reasonably drunk and refresh my love for the piano bar singer. She was exceptional for such an unexceptional place and I missed a life changing fork in the road with her but that is another story. One night I took my assigned seat and the guy to my left started up a conversation like we were old friends. He had just closed a million dollar deal in each of several states. We have all encou… Read more

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