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New Neighbors 1

Mike Miller woke up that first day of summer and two things happened at the same time. First he was excited to not have to get up right away and second he had a massive morning woody. So like any teen boy he started to stroke his cock and loved the feeling of his balls tingling as his mind began to think of different women that he would love to fuck.

There were the usual ones that he went to school with or that lived in the neighborhood. Then for some reason his mind went to some of his mom's of my friends. Yes as a teen you do have so many women to beat off too!

He was try to slow down ... Continue»
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Husband shares me with his Buddies


We have been married just over eight years, and my husband and I got along very well. He had his friends, and I had mine, but we were together a lot. I still found him very sexy and I believe he found me equally as attractive.

This weekend, he was having some of his college buds over for drinking, football, and more drinking. My job was to smile, and to keep them supplied with beer and food. I didn’t mind. It was all in good fun.

Eight of his buds had traveled to our house, some from far away. David, my husband, with a twinkle in his eye, had requested that I dress nicely for the... Continue»
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You're My Bitch Now Chapter 6

Rick got back to the flat just as Chris was about to disappear into his room.
‘Where have you been, Rikkie? I thought you wanted a bit more of what you had last night.’
‘I got held up at work, my supervisor wanted a word.’ Rick thought a half truth would be enough.

Chris grinned at him, ‘Still wearing them I hope? Show me.’

Rick went pink, but he did as Chris asked and undid his jeans pushing them down far enough so that Chris could see he was still wearing them.

‘Good, Rikkie. Here, take this fresh pair, We’ll have to get you some of your own, won't we?’ Chris handed Rick a pair of... Continue»
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Playin Dressup With A Friend

I had a friend years ago who's dad had tranny porn.
We would go into the basement pretending to be reading comic books. My friend loved comics.
One day he had "different" magazines he had found snooping in his dad's closet.
His mom left his dad and left behind some of her things. His dad had in a unsealed box.
One day we were looking at the "different" magazines... and saw he had a bludge in his pants. I didn't say anything but as I reached to turn the page... I brushed against that bludge and he didn't move away. I proceeded to run my hand on it and it was quite "jumpy"... he just parte... Continue»
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Susan at work Part 2

Part 2
“What? I mean I can’t just go away like that”.
“Of course you can, these things happen now and then, something a secretary has to put up with”. Susan blustered and stammered and really didn’t get anywhere and was now worried how she was going to tell Nick. As it turned out he understood completely, knowing that secretaries often had to accompany bosses to conferences and things. Somewhat relieved she go through the rest of the week OK.
Monday arrived and she kissed Nick goodbye and set off with her overnight bag. Soon after arriving at work they left in Lee’s car. When they arrives ... Continue»
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A true story about being used as a crossdressing c

This is a true story about my first time being used as a crossdressing cumdumpster.

For weeks I had been fantasizing about being gangbanged in my schoolgirl outfit. My black daddy would make me watch videos of twinks and traps being pounded by huge blacks cocks while I got on all fours and raised my sissy ass in the air for my own pounding.

While he was stretching out my ass and fucking me hard he would ask me would I like to be used by his friends and treated like a cumdump. I'd beg him to pimp me out to his friends which... Continue»
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My Friends Parents

My best friend growing up lived right next door to me. We pretty much grew up together. My f****y was his and his f****y was mine. Life was good. This little event happened right when I hit my mid teens, I had just turned old enough to have a drivers license but was still a virgin. My buddy and I spent many nights looking at porn and thinking about having sex with a girl.
I went next door but Vicki and Tom told me my buddy had gone to his grandma's for the weekend so they could get some stuff done around the house. Tom was working on some kind of pressure sprayer that he could not get t... Continue»
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Sordid Affair with Cousin's Daughter

Sordid Affair with Cousin's Daughter (MFf taboo ped rough anal oral)

By billy69boy

Friday got here at last: I had the whole weekend ahead of me to try to forget about my hot, grimy, sweaty job at the steel mill. Plus, it was payday, which meant stopping off at the local gin joint for a grease burger and a few beers. It wasn't much of a way to celebrate, but in this rundown old part of a dying city, it would have to do. A bunch of other hardhats did the Friday ritual as well and we tried to whoop it up some and pretend we were having the time of our lives. We'd rub elbows, talk trash... Continue»
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A long overdue night of sissy sex

It seemed like it had been ages,since Kimber(KimberL33)and I had been able to have an evening of unbridled,hot nasty sex.The occasional ,blow and go, is always fun,but we were both in need of a good hot fuck. I had the house to myself for the evening,and my lover was as eager as I to join me.I showered ,shaved and douched,in anticipation of tonight,after getting squeaky clean i slid into a pair of shimmery panty hose and slipped my cock and balls through the hole that all o... Continue»
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Camping - it's fucking in tents.

I have a fantasy of us. I’d start out by sucking your cock. Lightly kissing and licking my way from your balls to the tip. Softly sucking the tip in and out of my mouth making little “pop” sounds until you twitched on my hot lips. Then I’d moan as I sucked you in deeply. I’d work you in and out so slowly, savoring your flavor. Hearing your appreciation, I’d hum and suck and stroke at a leisurely pace twisting my mouth and hand, massaging you. Of course, I’d intermittently fondle your balls and rub your perineum with my other hand just enough to keep you off balance with all the sensations. Onc... Continue»
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Helping a friend

Helping a friend

Where do I start?
Maybe with myself, and the truth is, I am Mrs Jones, Tina Jones, I am 48 and married with two grown up sons.
Throughout my life I have never been highly sexed, just not important to me.
As a teen and throughout my 20s I hardly ever masturbated and was a late starter in the sex department. I had a very sheltered upbringing, I was an only sibling, went to Church every Sunday with my parents and that is where I met my husband at the age of 25.
I must admit that I no longer go to Church and have not been since my sons were born 20 odd years ago but I still... Continue»
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Youre My Bitch Now Chapter 7

You're My Bitch Now

Chapter Seven

Rick kept his eyes closed and jumped as he felt Chris touch his chin with his fingertips, but he almost swooned as he felt the lipstick slide across his puckered lips. It felt soft and slippery and exciting and he felt dizzy as Chris rolled the lipstick across his lips.
‘How does that feel, Rikkie? It looks so sweet on you. Open your eyes now and come have a look.’
Chris took Rick gently by the hand and led him across to the mirror. Rick opened his eyes and gasped as he saw his reflection. His hair pulled back into the high ponytail made his face lo... Continue»
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Fucking my friends daughter....the beginning of th

Several years ago I was visiting an adult book and video store, and after a good hard cum while watching videos, I left the store and planned on going home. As I walked out a guy about my age was also leaving. When I first looked at him I thought he looked familiar, and then I realized his daughter and mine had gone to school together, and she had even been at our house several times, sometimes overnight.

"Hey, ya doing?"I asked. I could tell he had no idea who I was, which was understandable as the very few times we had met I had no facial hair, but had grown a thick, long wh... Continue»
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Teasing Daddy....

Anisa is a beautiful 19 year old Saudi Arabian college girl. She lives with her father and mother in a two bedroom apartment. The place isn't spacious at all, even for three people. the two rooms are very next to each other, there is a thin hallway that leads to the kitchen and the living room. Therefore, Anisa and her parents see so much of each other. Specially in the living room since they traditionally eat as a f@mily and watch TV as a f@mily. They have a two piece couch, a long one which Anisa and her mom share and a small one facing the long one which Anisa's dad rightfully sits i... Continue»
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Her Night Out

My husband is out of town this week. Numerous times in the past, he has asked me to step out of my box and try going out by myself while he’s gone, but of course to keep him updated on where I’m at, etc. I finally decided it was time to do just that, so after carefully dressing in a sexy skirt (no panties) and low cut top, a heavy hand with the makeup, I headed out to a local, very popular upscale hotel bar. I decided not to tell him about it until afterward…. As kind of a surprising tale for his trip home.
Nervous to be sure, but I figured worst case, I’d just have a glass or two of wine ... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughter Birthday Present ! P

This happened to me in 2003.

I was going out with a girl called Ann at the time and she had 4 daughters aged 10,13 and twins Katie and Claire aged 15. We all got on very well and it was a very happy time.

I was away on a course for a week in February and when i returned on the Friday Ann was happy and smiling and glad I was home.

We went to our local that evening and she told me the following.

On the previous Wednesday afternoon Katie came home from school and Ann hadn't her heard come in. Katie had then walked into her Mams bedroom and found Ann masturbating with her vibrator. Obv... Continue»
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A Turkish Delight

A Turkish Delight


Buck Jones

Good looking Umut, with his twenty-something soccer player’s body, walks to the barbershop for a shave and a trim at the Sevilberber. He takes his seat and sees a couple men are there before him. He listens half-heartedly to the banter among familiar clients. When the door to the back-store room opens, the noise pulls Umut’s attention. Coming out of the darkness, Umut sees a vision of young male beauty: blonde, blue-eyed and fair skinned with a sweet mouth, covered by the barely visible thin down of youth. Umut experiences an immediate, desirous re... Continue»
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Snowed in with S*s

I remember like it was just yesterday but really it was 2 weeks ago. I awoke to the sound of silence which is unusual in my house on a week day. Everyone is up at the same time getting ready to go to either work or school. School was where myself and my younger s****r would be headed but something was different about this morning. I got out of bed and decided to look out my bedroom window and that's when I got a wonderful surprise. You see, the ground was covered in about 16 inches of snow. That means no school for me and my s****r but a very busy day for mom and dad. Mom and Dad worked at th... Continue»
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My BFF & I went to a nudist camp

My BFF Vanessa & I were thinking about going to a nudist camp. We had a few brochures & settled on one.
My stepmother came into my room & saw the brochure. Kim what are you girls doing? A nudist camp? We just want to see what goes on.
Would you mind if I went with? I've always wondered too.
I looked at Vanessa, she shrugged her shoulders so I said OK. My stepmother Kate is in her early 40's

When we arrived at the camp we went to check in. We saw several people wearing nothing to just bikini bottoms. That made us feel better. The front desk clerk was a pretty lady half naked with big DD'... Continue»
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Grandpa need some help

This happened when I was 25 years old.I was an average height, chubby hairy, young guy. I always had fantasies about mature men, but i have never tried anything with men. I lived in a house out of town. I was working in the nights.

But one day i finished everythin earlier so I could take the last bus from the city centre to home. The last stop was at the centre of my village (2 miles from my home) so i had to walk home.

There was a bar near the bus stop and there were some old men drinking, talking and sometimes arguing about everything every night. They were totally d***k all the time.... Continue»
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A More Current Encounter With BBC

My great-great grandmother, Sara May Foster, so I discovered one day, and quite by accident, had had an 'affair' with one of my great-great grand fathers male slave ("Samuel" was his name); and more than that, but she had gotten pregnant by him! This occurred, according to what one of my mother's s****rs had said, just before the Civil War broke out. All she knew was that my great-great grand father had sent my great-great grandmother away in order for her to give birth the c***d; and from there it was put up for adoption; never to be seen, or heard about, ever again.

There was no divorce t... Continue»
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Sins with my cousin!

I confess that I fooled around with my cousin and I also guess I kinda ****d her and her best friend too..

She was staying with my f****y after my uncle passed away. I was on my computer looking at porn and she knocked on my bedroom door. I pulled up my boxers and I cracked open the door to see who was knocking. I peeked out and saw that it was my cousin and asked what she wanted? She said she was having trouble sl**ping in my house and wanted to know if she could come up and hangout with me in my room for a bit. I asked her to wait until I could get some pants on and then closed
... Continue»
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My s****r in law -part 1

I have the luck of having a s****r in law who is extremely fuckable. Luck and bad luck I would say. I guess 9 out of 10 men would fell in love with her just by talking to her and 10 of 10 would fuck her and would be dreaming of to fuck her again and again. She is about 165cm tall, blond, big boobs, and very athletic. She has a big mouth with beautiful lips which just tell me she is a big blowjobber. I envy her husband who fucks and does all the phantasies I do have 24/7. Anyways, lets come to my story. I began taking pictures of her with the bikini and masturbating when on business travels. It... Continue»
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Going to Mr. Johnson's

It has been a couple of days, and mom had to go to work. She kissed me goodbye. I went to school and she headed to her job.
When school ended I went straight to Mr. Johnson. He answered the door and asked me what I needed, thinking he forgot about what he said I asked if he could help me with my math since mom was at work. He said sure come on in. He guided me to the dining table and I took out the math book and notebook. We worked on it for about thirty minutes and he asked if I needed a break. I said sure.He went to the fridge and came back with two bottles of coke. He sat and moved his ... Continue»
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I Was My Girlfriends Daughters Birthday Present 2

"Come on Claire Its Katies turn now" Ann said. Claire with an annoyed look on her face left and I could here her moaning as she left with her Mam.

Kate stood in front of me with a demure smile on her face. "Do you like it?" she asked. Katie had changed into her school uniform, white blouse, green skirt, knee length socks, and to top it all pigtails in her hair.

"My Mam suggested my hair" she added. "You look fantastic" I replied.

"Mam said I am a naughty Schoolgirl and need punishing" she said with a smile on her face.

Ann had a schoolgirl uniform in the wardrobe which we used reg... Continue»
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Spying on neighbor grandma pissing in her garden

Today something great and very special happen to me. I saw my old lady neighbor pissing in her garden. About 5m far from me. I didn't seen her cunt, but saw her naked ass, and pussy over panties. There is a high grass, so she had to be in some middle standing pose. Her ass was in height of my cock. As she pose for fuck behind. I wank on her for about 15 years. I love her ass when she is bent down working in garden. It is most beautiful ass I ever seen. She never wear pants. Only skirts.

I was in back yard, feeding my dog. I saw her getting in her back yard and I always stay few moments more... Continue»
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Summer job

It was summer brake and I wanted to make some money to get a motorcycle.
I went to the store and looked at the bulletin board for work. Painters and carpenters wanted mostly.
Then at the bottom an ad for summer help. Someone needed to cut and clear yard,clean out garage and fence repair. I pulled down the ad and went to the address. It was a nice house with a big yard. It was over grown and looking over the gate the backyard wasn't much better.
I knocked on the front door. A man looking to be in his fifties answered it. I said I was here for the job. He smiled and said to come in... Continue»
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A Ramming for Hubby

A Ramming For Hubby
by Cest4u

This is a story about Ann, a lady who has a very strong
sex drive. She is also into doggie sex and gets even
with her hubby as she has the doggie fuck him while she
has him tied to the bed. Then both of then start to
enjoy him being pounded while the hubby is making love
to her. A little on the wild side.

The first time I shaved my pussy, I looked at it as I
was masturbating and loved the new look. I have a fat
little pussy and a wide ass. My labia has such profound
lips as they are quite puffy. I love to watch as I take
my toys o... Continue»
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Daughter's First

Daughter's First

When I was much younger, I would sneak into adult bookstores, hoping no one would see me. I would walk around, check out the videos but ultimately would go into a video booth where I would watch what I wouldn't dare to bring home. What I didn't realize at the time was that a seed had been planted that over the years silently grew in my mind.

Getting married, getting busy and having a daughter brought all that to a screeching halt as my time was taken up fully with the responsibilities of work, doing things around the house and making sure the girls were taken
... Continue»
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Lesbian mum

Before I get in to it fully, i'll give you a quick back story of my house and everyone involved, for the sake of privacy ill use fake names.

Me and mum were the only two people living in this house at the time of the story, my dad left when i was two and never came back, which meant I have always been close with mum. She has a pretty good job so we live in a really nice semi-detached house with a drive way, and have this big bay window in the shape of a semi-circle that's protected by hedges on the front garden wall, and down the side of the house.

She's an attractive lady who had me whe... Continue»
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Visiting dad

My head was spinning as I got up from his bed. I pulled my trunks on and went to the pool. My dick felt funny but I liked the feeling. After a while, Robert called down and said lunch was ready. I dried off and went upstairs.
When I went in he said I should get out of my wet trunks and eat. I hung my trunks in the bathroom and came up front. Sitting at the table Robert asked what I thought about what happened. I said I liked it very much. He said we can do it again as soon as I finished eating. I smiled and said great. When lunch was over he said to go to his bedroom and lay down.
I went t... Continue»
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First Swing Turns Bi

First Swing Turns Bi
By Eve Curtis

This is a true story of our, actually my husband’s first bisexual swing experience.
My husband and I had never done any swinging before but had talked about it many times. It was just kind of a fantasy thing that we shared. Then through a friend of ours, we were invited to what was billed as a swing party although it turned out to be more like an orgy.

The party started out mildly enough. Val, our host lived in a fairly large home in the hills above the Sunset strip, she had only invited couples. We kept to ourselves at the beginning and found ourse... Continue»
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My first time as a Crossdresser

Its 18 months ago. I had now become comfortable wearing womens clothes. I had been experimenting for around 3 months. I gradually started to get more confident in both my clothes ......and without. I started to dress more like a slut. Short skits. Suspenders. Corsets. I had also become more comfortable with my body as well. My hole was tight as could be. Like everyone, i started with fingers, one, two .....before moving on to small toys. After a few months, i had graduated to a 9 inch dildo.....although i still struggled.
I felt so hot. So right.

I had been chatting with other CDs and men... Continue»
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An exhibitionist wife - Car park fun.

On Friday night Mrs O went out with some colleagues after work for a few drinks to celebrate a birthday and as usual i agreed to pick her up from the station when she got back. She sent me a text to say was on the 10.07 and should be back around eleven so i got myself ready and drove to the station.
While i was waiting she sent a couple more texts telling me about her night out and that she had caught her tights on a table and had to take them off so i asked her if that was all she has taken off and she replied with a message that read "so far" with a little devil amoji which made me laugh b... Continue»
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A Bet

We were supposed to be just platonic friends. Sometimes things change though. I was hanging out with my friends Kevin and Sarah, sitting around, having a few drinks, and playing some card games. Sarah has a cute girl next door look to her face, about 5'4", dark brown hair, flat stomach, probably B cup breasts, and some thick thighs, nice hips, and a wonderful bubble butt. Kevin is about as average looking as it gets. About 5'10", maybe 6' but I doubt it. Average looks, average build, light brown hair. We had all been good friends for years and nothing sexual had ever happened between us until ... Continue»
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Beach Bangin'

Bradford Beach bangin’

By William Scape

© 2016

I was sitting at a picnic table on the Bradford beach pavilion when Ashley Sears of fox six news comes walking up to me in a hot pink bikini and pink flip flops.”wow ashley” I said."you look amazing,gonna give me a heart attack over here” I tell her”well I can’t give you a heart attack "she said putting her arms around my neck,”but I am going to give you some company”

“but what about your interview?” I asked"I don't wanna bother you while you're working,y... Continue»
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Cap'n Angie

I just want to say, before we get properly into this story, that I had an absolute blast writing this!
I don't think I've ever had as much joy in writing a story, than I did with this one.
That said, I do so hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it :)

Although if you hate it, or worse yet, hate me for having written it, well, you can just go on ahead and pucker those lips of yours up and kiss my arse! :P



... Continue»
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Vitress Tamayo

I've always considered myself straight but I had come across the likes of Vitress Tamayo on xhamster and I had jerked off to her a couple of times. There was just something about her that I really liked and I thought that she was super hot. To my surprise I had found out that she was being photographed at a studio near me.

I had managed to get there and I had saw her as she entered the studio. I don't know what came over me but I thought that I'd go for a coffee at a nearby coffee shop and as I drank a coffee I was imagining what she was getting up to during the photo shoot.

As I wa... Continue»
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Between Neighbors

I pulled my wife Ann’s curly hair away from her face just in time to watch as her lips engulfed the tip of my cock. She gave me a playful wink before sliding her mouth down the shaft until her chin hit my balls. I let out a soft sigh as she began to work my cock with her lips, tongue and throat. While most of my buddies complain that their wives never giving them head, my Ann loves to suck cock. I looked down at her and said, “Baby, I could watch you suck cock all day.” She smiled up while taking my cock out of her mouth and replied, “I know.” It didn’t take long for her to bring me to o... Continue»
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Our wives changed our lives. Part 2.

Our wives changed our lives. Part 2.

Cathy raced towards the other end of the house to Sarah and Matt’s bedroom as she felt her cunt getting excited. A hundred filthy thoughts raced through her head knowing that she was going to have sex again with a woman who is not only her best friend but now her lesbian lover. She could feel her cunt juices running out of her in anticipation for what was about to happen. Not more than an hour ago they were fucking each other with such intensity in the lounge room that exhausted both of them. They did whatever it took to pleasure each other towards massi... Continue»
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Weekend with Mr. Scott

We went inside and he offered me a beer,I said yes please. He came back and handed it to me. I told him I missed him, he said me too.He said we should go swimming and relax in the sun,I smiled and said good idea. I headed to the bathroom and stripped down. Coming back he hugged ment and reached down and cupped my dick and balls. I missed you the most to them.I smiled and said they missed you too. We went outside and he dove in the pool, I finished my beer and dove in and swam up next to him. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tight.He pushed his hips forward and rocked, I follow... Continue»
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Training Course 1

Training Course – Part 1
A true story by jeni45, though the names have been changed. Thanks to davylad1234 for the inspiration to put pen to paper (so to speak).

My night of excitement and naughtiness started at the end of a four day training course. It had not been an interesting course but I met some nice people from across the region. Most left for home after class on Thursday, though a few of us were staying over until Friday. Along with two guys from the course, we decided to go out for dinner and drinks. I had never met them before but the three of us hit it off from the start.... Continue»
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Opening the wrong mail

That Tuesday evening I was lucky enough to get back home early from my office.
My loving Ana was not there, but I thought she would be out with her friend Helena.

I poured a glass of my favorite scotch and sat down to check some mail deliveries…
I picked up a manila envelope with no return address on it and as my curiosity got the best of me, I opened it first. Inside was an unmarked CD, guessing the easiest way to find out who had sent it, I slipped it into the TV.

The disc opened on a tall muscular black man standing naked, alone in the middle of a bedroom. He had the largest cock I ... Continue»
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Living your fantasy

We had been sitting by the pool side sunning ourselves all day, a three day break for me, my wife Cate, and Lucy our daughter. Lucy had made a friend as soon as we had arrived, and at fifteen we were happy enough to let her do what she pleased as long as she stayed in the resort. Cate and I were spending our time rating the other residents of the hotel, between one and ten, as they passed us by. Most of the residents were young families and I’d guess the average age was around thirty, that meant that the two of us approaching forty, were on the older side. From the time we had married we had b... Continue»
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How I became my Roommate's Bitch Gay PT3

It was easy to keep myself busy at work – too busy to have time to think about recent events. I made it all the way to five o'clock without once feeling the need to reexamine my sexuality or my relationship with my roommate but as soon as I walked into the door of the apartment, as soon as I laid eyes on that couch – the one that John had stretched back in just a couple of night ago while I sucked his cock for the first time – it all rushed back to me.

I was both drawn to and repulsed by it. I sat down in his seat and turned the television on, flipping through the channels aimlessly. I cou... Continue»
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My Parents are SWINGERS

Everybody growing up and wondered about their parents sometimes and most of us have NEVER even seen ours naked, much less fucking everybody! My life was MUCH different growing up and this is my story, which is totally true by the way, about how I became the swinger I am today!

First of all, I'm a female and I have been blessed with a nice body, pert tits and a nice pussy and ass from what I've been told. My story started one day when I was at my grand mothers house for the weekend while my parents went to some resort in the mountains. When I got home on Sunday night, I noticed that they
... Continue»
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Sissy Becomes a Slut

So by this time I was a sissy with two lovers Peter and David the b*****rs next door. They were quiet different from each other, Peter tended to be the gentler of the two. When he fucked me, he would carress my sissy body, lick my nipples and toy with my boi clitty. When we had the house to ourselves we would make a date out of it. We would kiss on the couch and explore each others bodies, he would take me upstairs to the bedroom, I wouold suck his fabulous cock and he would then hike my legs up so he could fuck me while facing me. It felt so good I would cum on his belly while he filled my as... Continue»
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Caught in the rain

It was summer brake in the early 70s, and I was sent to my grandmothers for a couple of weeks. She's a nice woman and enjoys living in the country where it's still quite and neighbors still look out for each other.

I had been there for a few days and was bored. I had done everything I could do without getting into to much trouble. I asked her if I could ride my bike towards town to see what was going on. She said ok,but be careful, and watch for tractors. I said I will and hopped on my old bike. I peddled down the road looking at the fields and some of the cattle the ranchers have. I we... Continue»
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Sissy Caught in the Act

Life was pretty great by this time. I was a sissy in love with the boy next door. I would play housewife on weekends when my folks were away and any chance we got to sneak off from classes to our little hideaway we would take and fuck each others brains out. I was very familiar with Peter's cock by now, when it was inside me, it felt like it belonged. I loved the taste of his cum too. Every chance I got I would be on my knees milking him for my own nourishment.One day he passed me at lunch and handed me a plastic cup and said, 'For you my dear.' It was his precious juice freshly squeezed, with... Continue»
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Teaching a little sex kitten

There's nothing quite like looking down on a young girl on her hands and knees while trying to get your big adult cock into her little young slit only to realize it bottoms out about 1/3 of the way in. So now you have this tiny pink butthole winking up at you, a little pussy stretched to its limits trying to manage this fat meat pipe of yours and the sounds of her whimpering with her face buried in a pillow. Grab her tiny hips and try to impale a little more of your veiny throbbing cock into her super tight pussy which is wrapped like a glove around the two to three inches it can manage before... Continue»
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