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BBC Interview

Story First TimeInterracial Sex

Introduction Being in an office alone working on boring accounts was always going to lead me to wasting some company time of the internet. For a sexually naive and somewhat frustrated, married 36 year old mother of 2 who had been told about xhamster by a friend, I never realised it would go the way it did! Initially I’d intended exploring my interest/fantasy in enjoying the touch of another woman, but the porn that I was met with, plus the meetings of so many new ‘friends’ had me chatting, exploring and watching white girls with black men! This was a taboo subject when I was young; my dad… Read more

Posted by Honey_Bee76 4 years ago 705 40,737 91%

Mentoring My Son... A Mother's Story

Story First TimeTaboo

"Mentoring My Son… A Mother’s Story" This work is a fictional biography, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. It broke my heart to see how some of the neighborhood k**s and his classmates treated him. They called him geek, nerd, weird, strange, wimp, and even pussy. It wasn’t his fault that he was painfully shy, incredibly intelligent, un-athletic and awkward… and that he had no interest or talent in sports of any kind. It broke my heart to see how they treated him because he was a sweet, innocent boy who couldn’t help who he was. And it broke my heart even more when I… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 6 years ago 265 139,529 92%

My First Gloryhole Experience

Story FetishFirst TimeGroup Sex

So as I’m sitting in my 5th period math class I can’t help but overhear Cindy Jacobs and Gwen Patterson conversing back and forth. At first it just seems like their typical mindless gossiping but as I catch bits and pieces of their conversation I hear the term “glory hole” and suddenly find myself focusing more and more on it. I try not to look interested as I hear tem talking. They occasionally glance at me to make sure that I’m not paying them any attention. I take some comfort in the fact that these two, perceived as the biggest sluts in school, would never suspect that I have probably had… Read more

Posted by anamikasexybitch 3 years ago 231 32,270 99%

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part I

Story First TimeMasturbationTaboo

A Mother's Helping Hand - Part I a reality-based fiction by DizzyD Jamie Bradley sat quietly in the doctor’s office waiting room as his mother filled out the insurance information and questionnaire as to why they were visiting. This was nothing new, since Dr. Alexander had been Jamie’s doctor since he was a young boy, and had remained so for his annual checkups and other typical illnesses, even though he was in high school now. But this time there was nothing routine about the reason for their visit, and the teen was very nervous. “Are you okay honey,” Charlotte Bradley asked a… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 3 years ago 228 94,673 100%

A First Time for Everything

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

I was young and hadn't even had my first orgasm yet. Hell, I didn't even know what masturbation was... I mean I was getting erections and liked rubbing them, but when the feeling got too intense I would stop because I wasn't sure what was happening. I had already discovered that I liked girls, and that they caused many of my erections... but this is before I found my dad's porn collection, so my experience was next to nothing. Then one of the greatest days of my life happened. My mom and dad went to visit an aunt of mine, and left me with our neighbor.. who was also my mom's best friend.… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 5 years ago 148 9,889 99%

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part II

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part II a reality-based fiction by DizzyD This is part II of an erotic novel. If you haven't read Part I, you can link it here: If you have, enjoy Part II Dr. Julie Alexander had gotten up at 3:00 am to see her husband off on his month-long business trip, and after trying unsuccessfully to get a few more hours of sl**p, she was now sitting in her office waiting for her first appointment. As she did, the memories of what had happened with Jamie Bradley the day before were still fresh and vivid in her… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 3 years ago 144 48,363 100%

My first cock

Story Gay Male

My friend Eric and I used to go out and play pool or something every Monday than afterwards we would go back to his place catch a small buzz watch a porno and jackoff. Well one Monday night ended differently. Everything was the same except while watching the porno I was suddenly aware that he was lightly rubbing my crotch and when he knew I was aware of it he than admitted that he had been curious what sucking a dick was like and asked if I would let him suck mine. I was buzzed and horny as all fuck so I quickly agreed. So we both got undressed and went to his bedroom and laid down on his bed.… Read more

Posted by BiBBWLover 7 years ago 141 353,792 100%

Aunt Abby and The Artist (Part 1)

Story First TimeMatureTaboo

This story is dedicated to my friend Abby... I hope it makes her dreams come true. 'Aunt Abby and the Artist' (Part 1) David Connelly walked briskly through the airport terminal towards baggage claim. This was the first time the teenager had ever flown by himself, but he wasn’t nervous. In fact he was a little upset that his mom and dad had f***ed him to take this trip to stay with a relative while they took a vacation cruise. David, or ‘Davey’ as his mom still called him, had protested that he was too old for someone to ‘look after him’, but they insisted that four nights was too lon… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 4 years ago 139 11,611 100%

My First Time With a Guy - True Story

Story First TimeGay MaleMasturbation

First time was about five years ago. I had always been attracted to women and dated women. Love a hot redhead with some freckles...If only the Little Mermaid was real. At some point I decided to watching some gay, tranny and bi porn online out of curiosity. I have always appreciated a good looking and well built guy, but never in a gay way. More out of a want to work out more. One day I had been watching some porn, a little of everything and decided to meet up with a guy. I figured you only live once and you don't know until you try it. A few weeks later I got up the courage to post on craigsl… Read more

Posted by chuckdiesel2 4 years ago 134 26,050 95%

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part III

Story HardcoreTaboo

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part III a reality-based fiction by DizzyD FORWARD I can't thank all my fans and friends enough for the wonderful support, and countless inquiries about Part III... and most of all your understanding and compassion as I dealt with my loss in 2014. Now onto the story. If you haven't read Parts I or II recently, or not at all, I might recommend you do so for continuity's sake. You can link them here: I hope you enjoy Part III, and 'Part IV... The… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 2 years ago 132 31,367 100%

The Price of admission (to my wife's pussy)

Story AnalGay MaleGroup Sex

We brought a guy back from the bar a few weekends ago that wanted to fuck my wife. He thought we would just finger-cuff her, but if you want to get into my wife's tight, white pussy, you have to pay a toll. He followed us back to a hotel we frequent and after a few strong drinks and some sexy teasing from my wife, he was so turned on that he was willing to jerk me off just so that she would blow him. Once she was naked and the two of us were naked, hard and on the couch, he reluctantly began to jerk me off. After a few minutes and little sexy show by her, she asked if he would suc… Read more

Posted by bi-kink 7 years ago 131 33,986 59%


Story MatureTaboo

It was a late fall afternoon when I was walking home from band practice. My dad was running late in picking me up so I told him I would be walking home and he could pick me up at the park. When I got to the park I needed to go to the bath room really bad, so I went to the public restroom all parks have. I did not see the hole in the wall in the stall until I was hit with a rude and nasty surprise. While doing my business I felt something thumb me on the back of my head. I was in shock when I turned around. At eye level there was this hard thick throbbing cock pointing at my face. It was th… Read more

Posted by sexaddict66 5 years ago 126 33,844 98%

Mom let's daughter peek

Story Taboo

My name is Lucy and I am a 45 year old mother. I am married and I have a 14 year old daughter. Here's my story. My husband and I often sl**p in the nude. Well, one morning I hear the door open silently and my daughter whisper. "Are you awake?" I motion to her to come in but to be quiet because her father was still sl**ping. So she comes to the side of the bed and says her friend wanted her to go to her cottage with her and she wanted to know if it was ok for her to go. I told her that it was fine with me and that we would have to confirm with her father once he wakes up. She said ok, at… Read more

Posted by Porney 5 years ago 121 39,084 100%

Erin's Dirty Fantasies

Story FetishHardcoreMasturbation

My name is Erin. Last month i turned 18 years old. Now that i am "legal", my head is spinning with all these sex fantasies that might really happen for me. Up to now, i've only been with high school boys. They are o.k., but they aren't very imaginative. Or maybe they are just scared to be that way. Older guys were afraid of me because they might go to jail. But, like i say, now i am "legal" and a whole new world is open to me. I luv to masturbate and think about all my dirty fantasies. I take off all my clothes and lie on my bed. I rub or pat my clit with one hand while i put the narrow… Read more

Posted by teengirerin 6 years ago 119 6,512 6%

Jilling in the Fitting Room

Story Lesbian SexMasturbationVoyeur

One weekday morning many years ago I was trying on some tops in the fitting room of a local store. I had been vaguely aware on my way in that there was somebody else in one of the booths almost opposite mine, and as I was getting changed I happened to glance through the gap at the side of my curtain and noticed that I could see into this other booth as the curtain wasn't completely closed. The booths all had full-length mirrors on the back wall and I suddenly realised that I could see the reflection of the woman who was in there. She was facing the mirror, still dressed from the waist do… Read more

Posted by optanda 6 years ago 115 8,944 46%

The Photo Shoot

Story MatureTaboo

I sat in silence with my f****y eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. My thoughts carried me to that same time last night when my son asked me if I could pose for him, so he could take some pictures of his bike. How did he put it? He needed a babe in the picture with his bike. He was eighteen years old and his hobby was to ride motocross bikes. Last year me and my husband bought him a Honda bike. Since than, all his spare time was dedicated to that. I… Read more

Posted by tjt5964 5 years ago 113 551,484 100%

A Mom's Instincts For Survival

Story First TimeTaboo

This story is intended solely for the enjoyment by adults over the age of 18. It is a copywrited story, and use on other sites is prohibited without permission. The content conforms with all laws regarding adult entertainment, and is also protected under the Byrne Convention. FOREWARD A mother’s instinct to protect her c***d, and the lengths she will go to do so, knows no bounds. For every story about a Casey Anthony, there are many more about women who will sacrifice anything and everything for the safety and protection of their c***d. And there are times when extreme circumstanc… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 6 years ago 106 21,426 37%

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

Story First TimeLesbian SexTaboo

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV Another reality-based fiction by Dizzy D I want to thank all of you for your patience as I dealt with two losses in my f****y. It has been a trying time, but I am back to writing. Part IV was originally going to be the final chapters of 'A Mother's Helping Hands', but it seems the story has become a novel, and I am in talks with a producer about making it into a video series, so I hope you enjoy it. Part V, The Finale will be posted soon. In the mean time, since it has been so long, I might suggest you revisit Parts I, II and III... the links a… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 1 year ago 104 31,636 100%

How it all started......

Story First TimeGroup SexMature

Here is how this all started. Many years ago we had a party at our place, after midnight people started to leave. By 1:00 am it was my husband and two of his friends. I was more then buzzed and fell asl**p on the couch as we were watching TV. The next thing I knew I partially opened my eyes (half awake, groggy and d***k), my blouse was all the way unbuttoned, and my husbands two friends were standing over me masturbating. I was shocked and didn't know how to react.I glanced over at my husband and he was asl**p on the other couch. I didn't want to start trouble, my husband would have be… Read more

Posted by wifesnicenips 2 years ago 102 10,597 98%

Fun at the Shoe store

Story FetishGroup SexVoyeur

It was a picturesque spring day. The type of day that compelled me to take one of my walks through the city and it was during one of these walks when I discovered this funky little shoe store along this funky little back street. I passing glance through the shop’s main window cause me to slip inside. The place was deserted except for a couple of younger girls that were already paying the salesman as I walked in. He was a very handsome guy, seemed to be in his late 20’s or maybe his early 30’s with a nice build. He looked up from the register and smiled as he informed me that he would be right… Read more

Posted by anamikasexybitch 4 years ago 101 5,190 100%

Rules for my Whore Wife

Story HardcoreTaboo

I realise that some of these rules may or may not be acceptable to the ordinary person, but they're very acceptable to me, in fact they are the ONLY things which are acceptable. The number one rule for my wife, and the most important rule is that she is not, under ANY circumstances, allowed to say the word No. Not EVER. If a guy is brave enough to take his cock out in a crowded pub then she MUST suck it if that's what the guy wishes. Though more often that not this will happen in the toilets. I've lost count of the number of times my wife has been taken into pub toilets to suck cock or be… Read more

Posted by Slutguy1 4 years ago 98 10,479 87%

Guide for Cum Eating

Story FetishGay MaleMasturbation

Are you having trouble bringing yourself to eat your cum after ejaculation?? Want to be a perfect little cum slut, but always back out and come up short?? If so, this item is for you. Using various mental drills and repetition, I'll teach and condition you to crave it. With practice and time, you'll overcome your trepidation and welcome the taste of your own hot cum. Commit to mastering it, slut!! The Basic Issue I know your type very well; you dream of a stunning woman forcing you to consume your cum after ejaculation. Not only do you dream of it, the thought consumes you. As you look at… Read more

Posted by faggitkiki 4 years ago 98 36,556 99%

Double Exposure... Part I

Story Sex Humor

'Double Exposure... Part I' A reality-based fiction by DizzyD Fraternal twins are polar opposites... until they find a common ground. It was Friday night in the Evans household, and as young Steve Evans watched TV in the f****y room, his s****r walked in and said, “What are you watching?” Now there was nothing new about that, but when Steve looked up he noticed something very different… she was completely naked. “Holy shit, Sarah… put some clothes on” Steve exclaimed as he turned his head. “Why… I’m becoming a nudist,” the teenage girl announced. “Right… you’re a nudis… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 3 years ago 98 12,755 99%


Story Anal

There is a light tap at the door, "wait" I call out... I shall call when I consider i need you just remain outside until then. I glance in the mirror approving of what I see, the new nightdress is everything I thought it would be, I loved the way it hung down from my magnificent bosoms to hang nicely just at mid thigh level, it left my stockings (seamed of course), just in the realm of the viewers imagination, stockings/tights mmmmm not east to tell. The two black wristbands was a nice touch I thought, especially with my short riding crop dangling from one wrist. Time for action I thi… Read more

Posted by herandtheoldman 4 years ago 98 2,737 97%

Turning My Husband Into a Pervert

Story AnalBDSMHardcore

Last year I got married and this is a little story about our honeymoon. It was kind of a short honeymoon – only two nights – because my husband is in the military and was just on leave for a short time. So, we booked a real nice suite in Birmingham, Alabama, which is the closest city to the little podunk town that we live in. Up until our honeymoon our sex life had always been very soft and romantic. Lots of hugging and kissing and regular missionary sex. There was some oral sex too. But it was getting pretty routine. I guess m… Read more

Posted by melissa_ 5 years ago 97 10,459 37%


Story MatureGroup SexInterracial Sex

My husband had a business trip to Ghana ( Accra ) and asked me to go with him...We had a nice hotel suite in the best hotel of Accra, it was really a pleasure. On the 3rd evening we where there, i realized after dinner that i had left my glasses by the swimming pool , so i went to look, but could not see i asked at reception, and they told me to go into a store located on the other side of the swinmming-pool. It was 11pm, and i went to this place and opened the door : an unexpected sight was before me : 3 young blacks boys ( they were 18,19, and 22 years old ) were there… Read more

Posted by valerie44 1 year ago 96 19,451 96%

Second Coming- My Second Visit at the GloryHole

Story FetishGroup SexHardcore

After my first experience at the glory hole I kind of told myself that it was a onetime thing. It had been a fantasy and I checked that particular one from my list and that was that….or so I thought. As it turns out every time I drove anywhere near that dirty old bookstore I would think about that night and about all those hard stranger cocks and how it good it felt to have all that attention. Just driving past caused a twinge between my thighs. I would think about Gwen’s Daddy and his huge cock and about how Gwen had unknowingly went down on him. I would start to wonder if she had been back,… Read more

Posted by anamikasexybitch 2 years ago 95 8,163 100%

The Prom

Story First TimeHardcore

The Prom another reality based fiction by DizzyD Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel. After four years at Northwestern, I had finally received my degree in Architectural Design, and my academic record had helped me get a salaried internship at one of the most renowned architectural firms in the country, and they would also pay for my Masters Degree if I stayed on. The other reason I was so excited was that the internship was in Denver, where I would get to see my Aunt Jesse and Cousin Joey for the first time in over six years. Jesse and Joey were actually my aunt… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 1 year ago 93 9,216 100%

My first story

Story Hardcore

After a long day of shopping in NYC I go down to catch the subway. As I stand in my jeans and low cut shirt waiting, I check my phone to see a few missed calls. 'meh' I think to myself as the subway pulls up. As I bored I see a man in the corner all by himself, he is a good looking man but seems busy. 'Where is everybody?' I think to myself. I start go towards him just to make some small talk 'he must be on his phone or a portable game system' I think. As I get closer I can see that he has his cock in his hand and he is pumping up and down. I get in front of him and he still does not notice… Read more

Posted by le_petit_gateau 3 years ago 89 3,677 100%

My First Masturbation Club

Story Group SexMasturbationMature

My First Masturbation Club I love to masturbate, I always have. When I was in my 20s, I used to masturbate a LOT. Back then, before the internet, I used to go to the adult bookstore once a week and buy several swinger magazines. I used to read the ads, and masturbate to the photos of the hot couples looking for someone to share their spouse with. I would send responses to certain ads of couples looking for single males, but almost never heard back from any of the couples. One month I noticed an ad for a masturbation club. I had never heard of a masturbation club, but it seemed like a ver… Read more

Posted by Tommie_tomm2 6 years ago 89 10,065 41%

Dreams of My Son... A Spiritual Tale of Motherly L

Story MatureTaboo

‘Dreams of My Son… A Spiritual Tale of Motherly Love’ by DizzyD This is a fictional biography intended for adults 18+ only It’s never easy… and some days are even harder than others. There are those particularly rough ones when I have to say to myself, “Marie… you need to get out of bed.” But when things aren’t going so well in your life, depression can sometimes set in and destroy your will to go on. And today had been one of those days. Then again, here I was, a single woman in her 40’s who was out of work, having to live with her ex-boyfriend… and worst of all, I was dealing with th… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 6 years ago 87 11,398 100%

My True Story about Interracial Sex

Story Interracial Sex

I Went Black and Loved It! By Missy12 My name is Missy, I’m a 30 year old bi sexual woman and have been having sex with black men since I was 19. I’m writing a true story about my first encounter in the world of interracial sex. I find men write a lot of stories and most are fictional; of course I enjoy these works, but I find the women always too big boobed innocent blondes. I am a big boobed blonde but anything but innocent. Just a little bit about me. Pussy, cunt, cock, dick, and even twat have always been in my sexual vocab (I’m a tomboy, but a girlie girl at the same time). I’m a… Read more

Posted by Missy12 6 years ago 87 19,869 97%

Total control

Story BDSMFetishVoyeur

Samantha's heart was pounding in her chest as the car pulled off the main road and down the quiet lane. It wasn't like she didn't know what the plan was, she had thought it all up herself. The car pulled up in a the entrance to a field and the guy driving turned off the engine. "Well Samantha, this is it, your last chance to back out and I will totally understand if you do!". Samantha thought for a second and knew if she did back out she would regret it forever afterwards. She told her helper that she was ok and ready to proceed so they got out the car. Her helper went to the back of t… Read more

Posted by SamanthaJones 5 years ago 84 6,575 97%

My first experience with my cousin! (True)

Story First TimeTaboo

I have uploaded 3 stories to xham so far, two of which have been i****t stories. However sadly, the i****t stories have only been from my dirty mind, neither have been my actual experiences, although I know a lot of people have thought the story involving “Em” and her uncle was my experiences, unfortunately not (sorry if that disappoints). So, as i****t is my favourite theme, I’m going to continue with that for my newest story, however this time it’s still coming from my mind, but instead of my imagination it’s coming from memory. This is the true story of how I became sexually involved with m… Read more

Posted by cheekygirl18 5 years ago 84 24,967 100%

Footjob on the Train!

Story First TimeGroup Sex

we were in the city centre shopping last friday and when we were coming home on the train, i was kind of horny and was trying to get her to do something for me under the table ( a fantasy i've always dreamed of) She was wearing dark black tights a short denim skirt and furry boots. As we were sitting opposite with no one in the seat next to us except our bags. She pressed her foot into my crotch area and as soon as it happened she took it away...i frowned...she smiled, she was just moving off her other shoe,she put both her feet back in my lap, i moved my hand down and began to massage her arc… Read more

Posted by sxyguy2004 2 years ago 84 4,024 92%

Grandma's Magic Resort - Part I

Story First TimeMasturbationTaboo

Grandma's Magic Resort - Part I (or 'One Fam1ly Visits the 'Real' Happiest Place On Earth) an erotic journey by DizzyD “Hey Tommy, mom just called and said don’t go anywhere, she’s bringing Giovanni’s Pizza home for dinner,” Lindsay Robertson called down the stairs to her younger br0ther as she changed clothes. “AWESOME,” Tommy replied. Pizza was somewhat of a delicacy in their household, not because they couldn’t afford it, but because Susan Robertson did her best to encourage her ch1ldren to eat healthy, so having their favorite pizza was cause for celebration to the teenage… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 2 months ago 84 9,878 98%

Double Exposure... Part II

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Double Exposure... Part II a reality-based fiction by DizzyD The saga of the Evans twins continues when Sarah's 'goody two-shoes' best friend joins the party! This is Part Two of a three part erotic novel. If you haven't read Part I, I recommend you do so by linking it here: If you have... then on with the show! For the rest of the afternoon, the sexual energy in the Evans house was palpable. Earlier in the day, Sarah, the female half of the fraternal Evans twins, announced to her male counterpart that since their parents… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 3 years ago 83 7,348 99%

Real MILF I fucked in back of Walmart Parking lot

Story First TimeMatureSex Humor

****This is my first story please check out the video that accompanies this story. I appologive for the video quality but read the story below and you will understand why.**** This is a real story that happened to me Saturday August 10 in Houston. I was at the Walmart in Sugarland picking up some plumbing supplies. I was alone in the aisle looking at supplies and my dick gets stuck in my boxer short opening while im bending over looking at products. I spend a second readjusting like all guys do and continue my shopping. A minute later I feel uncomfortable again so I loosen my belt reach… Read more

Posted by dblacknhou 4 years ago 83 14,686 97%

Cum for Dawn :Book I

Story MasturbationTabooVoyeur

My name is Dawn and these are my stories. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? It all started in the summer of ’93: I was my s****r Sarah’s personal dress up doll. She was 9 years older than me, so that pretty much made me her toy to dress and play with. Well, one afternoon, she was having me change into a peach summer dress while she was getting ready to put my long blond hair into two pony tails… As I pulled my head through the dress, I noticed she was looking at some magazine. “What are you looking at Sarah?” I asked. “Oh just finish changing and I will show you, Peach.” (She… Read more

Posted by dawnRpaige 5 years ago 81 5,599 29%

A Son's Summer Awakening - Book One

Story First TimeTaboo

A Son's Summer Awakenings - Book One Another ambiguous biographical fantasy by DizzyD Story Codes: Fb, fb, ff, bb, mom-son, bro-sis, inc, voy, mast. oral This story is purely a work of fiction, and while parts may depict actual occurrences, it is not intended to be biographical. It is protected under law, and conforms to all legal statutes and is protected under the Byrne Convention. Chapter One Jimmy Barnes was a typical teenage boy. He liked baseball, riding his bike and playing video games. But lately something had changed... he had begun noticing girls. It wasn't t… Read more

Posted by DizzyD427 6 years ago 81 33,020 100%

A Mother's Fantasy come true!

Story Taboo

Let me start by saying I first experienced i****t years ago with a cousin up until he got sick and passed away. I am the mother of 2 wonderful sons and ever since they were tots I taught them to be free spirited and not afraid to express themselves, I was a nudist by nature and I taught them to be free to walk around nude as well...when they were young I never thought of touching them nor have them touch me but as they got to be teens I started noticing they were growing rather well if you know what I mean. I would busy myself so that I would not have to think of how sexy they both have… Read more

Posted by justimagining 6 years ago 80 12,232 94%

How I want to be fucked.

Story AnalBDSMHardcore

starting off I’d like to be stripped naked, pushed to my knees, hands tied behind my back. Told to open my mouth and keep it open, then I get throat fucked for a bit, pulling my hair, gagging, everything. He keeps telling me what dirty little slut I am, asks me if I think having my throat fucked by his big cock, I mumble yes whilst he keeps fucking my mouth. Then he orders me to lay down on my back and spread my legs. He starts by playing with my nipples, pinching and twisting my nipples, smacking my tits, telling me what a useless fuck toy I am. Then he starts eating my pussy, he tells m… Read more

Posted by suckmyclitgurl 2 years ago 80 8,580 100%


Story BDSMFetishLesbian Sex

My name is Melissa. Ever since my marriage last year, my sex life has been difficult. My husband is serving in the military and since our honeymoon he has only been back home one time to fuck me. I am faithful to him. But I can't live like a nun. I need my kicks. So far I've been getting my kicks by masturbating while I think about other men fucking me. Or by getting on xHamster and looking at cocks and guys jacking off. Or by playing sex games with Holly – my girlfriend in town. I've decided that all of this stuff isn't che… Read more

Posted by melissa_ 5 years ago 79 6,574 84%

My First Car

Story Taboo

It was the first day of Summer vacation and I had a brand new Driver’s License waiting to be put to use. Problem was though that I didn’t have a car, at least not one of my own. I could borrow one of my Parent’s cars but since they both worked during the day my dreams of cruising around all Summer with friends quickly faded. Instead that first day of what should have been my Summer of Freedom was looking like it would be spent laying around the pool. That was what I was about to do when the doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone so I peeked through the window first. A cute little red conv… Read more

Posted by anamikasexybitch 9 months ago 79 14,504 100%

My Daughter and Boyfriend – Teaser

Story First TimeHardcoreTaboo

My Daughter and Boyfriend – Teaser This work is a fictional story, and my first attempt at writing porn. I could only post Chapter 2….Chapter 1 can be read by Friends Only. --------- Chapter 2 Getting ready for bed that night, Kathy wondered if she should be feeling so strangely about her own daughter. Even after Steve had kissed her Good Bye, and left for his house, she still couldn’t think clearly. There was no use in trying to deny her erotic feelings from seeing Steve spying on Emmie. She could accept what she was feeling, and perhaps cop… Read more

Posted by Jessy49 9 months ago 79 7,166 98%

listening to mom and dad

Story Lesbian SexMatureTaboo

Do you know how much it sucks to move just before your senior year? Daddy works for a big manufacturing firm and they tapped him to help absorb a new factory they had purchased clear across the country. Without even talking to me, Daddy and Mom decided to sell the house and move from Arizona to some small country town in Kentucky. Apparently, they were able to sell our nice house and buy an old country house and pocket a sizeable profit. "We're talking enough to pay for your college, Pam," Mom told me matter-of-factly. "I know its hard moving and leaving your friends and old school behind,… Read more

Posted by jefffinn 5 years ago 78 84,957 99%

my boss starting our affair by IM chat (actual cha

Story First Time

Ken: LV Lily: hey Ken: what ya doing? Lily: watchin' nick at nite Ken: alone? Lily: yeah but Matt just got off work Ken: he coming over? Lily: i think so Lily: he may stop for a cocktail first Ken: i see ... Lily: what are you up to? Ken: wish i could say what i'm thinking ... Lily: what's that Ken: do you ever think? Lily: huh? Ken: i want u.. Lily: lol Ken: good thing it Ken: 's Ken: d***k talk Lily: yeah Lily: did you have one too many pops tonite Ken: maybe Lily: or many too many Ken: is it bad to want u? Lily: no Ken: do you want to be with me? Lily: in my wild… Read more

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Story Lesbian Sex

Rita is a recent addition to our f****y of hot ladies and wow...what an addition!!! She is beautifully slim,about 5'5” with a 34B bust...aged 50,but you would not think so,with her dark walnut hair in the classic bob style enhancing her exquisitely attractive face. I knew as soon as I laid eyes on her that here was a lady of quality,the way she carried herself,the way she walked so effortlessly and with such ease in those high heels,her elegant couture,the way her make-up had been perfectly applied..especially to those gorgeous lips which were soon to be giving attention to my already swelling… Read more

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I crossline with my son

Story Taboo

Introduction: I cross the line with my son. It was a warm spring evening and I found myself at home alone. My daughter was spending the night at a friends house and my son was at a party. He had just turned 18 and was a senior in high school. He and his classmates would be graduating soon and going off to different colleges or jobs. I was a little restless tonight and not sl**py so I decided to wait up for him. I was dressed for bed in a thin cotton tank top and cotton lounge pants. I had a couple of glasses of wine so I was feeling good and relaxed. At this time I… Read more

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My gay seduction.

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I was in his apartment. He was older than me by a few years and I suspected he was at least bi-sexual but he was a nice guy and it was just to watch the game on his big-screen, so no big deal. Had a few beers and the game ended. "Feel like watching a dirty movie?" "OK, sure. " I was pretty comfortable but I'd only watched a porno with other guys once, at a stag party when there loads of other people there. The conversation then was bravado and bluster. This would be different. More different than I realized when the movie turned out to be all-male. "Do you mind?" "It's not what I usuall… Read more

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