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Tied to the Bed

"Dude, I need your help, and it's gonna sound crazy, okay?" Caleb immediately said as he opened his front door to let his friend in.

His best friend Adam has just arrived after receiving a frantic phone call from Caleb only twenty minutes earlier explaining that it was an absolute emergency and that he needed him to come over immediately.

Caleb lived not too far away on the other side of the campus and so he quickly threw on some runners, his jogging shorts and a gray sweater and headed over to his best friend's apartment to see what was so urgent.

The two 25-year-olds had been best friends since their 8th grade year when Caleb had transferred into the middle school that Adam attended. They'd become closer all throughout high school and college and now they both found themselves working in different departments at the local university. Their friendship had remained quite strong through it all. Adam have a site internet " szaab dot com"

"Okay, what's wrong man? Everything okay?" Adam asked him as they headed into the living room.

"Okay, I'm gonna need you to sit down for this because this is a pretty crazy story and it ends with an even crazier request but you're the only one I could ever ask to do this." Caleb finished as they plopped down on the couch in his apartment's living room.

"Lemme guess, you need me to help you kill someone. You need me to donate my k**neys. You need me to help you knock off a series of Vegas casinos with you and nine other guys." Adam joked with his friend like he always would, always trying to lighten the mood.

"Dude, not a laughing matter. Well, kind of a laughing matter...but mostly...DEFINITELY not a laughing matter." Caleb said again as his hands fidgeted across his legs.

"Jeez, alright already, just tell me!" Adam said, wondering what could be so important.

"Okay, so get this. You know how Alexis has been getting super kinky lately?" He started.

Alexis was his girlfriend of the last year. She was half-Asian and half-white and she was also one of the hottest damn people Adam had ever seen in his life. Ever since she and Caleb had started dating he'd been very thankful of her gorgeous presence at his best friend's apartment on a regular basis. She wore these tiny sundresses that hardly ever seemed to want to stay on her body as she sashayed around Caleb's place throughout the summer.

"Yeah, you'd mentioned that you guys were doing all sorts of crazy stuff in bed, so what's up?" Adam asked, suddenly very interested in hearing about anything involving sex and Alexis.

"Well get this...she wants to open up our relationship so we can fuck other people! She's basically gonna let me sleep with other girls so that she can fuck other guys! How fucking hot is that, man?!" Caleb finished excitedly.

Adam was enthralled at his best friend's luck, but also confused. "Wait, so, why do you need me? I mean don't get me wrong, that's fucking amazing, but I thought you said specifically that you needed me for something when you called?"

"Yeah, here is where this whole thing is gonna start to sound really crazy, so bear with me here, man," Caleb began, "you see, she basically told me that she thinks the idea of seeing me fuck another girl is really hot."

"Okay?" Adam answered back, still lost, but fully invested in this story regardless.

"Well, she gets back from her two week vacation tomorrow morning and she gave me a sex homework assignment before she left on her trip. I was supposed to go out and seduce some girl and bring her back here and then film myself fucking her...Alexis gets turned on at the idea of my fucking other girls." Caleb explained.

"Whoa! That's fucking awesome!" Connor said, even more jealous of his friend's incredible set-up. Gawwwd Damnnn! He thought.

"Yeah dude, and that's not even the best part! She said that if I was successful in tying the girl up to my bed and filming myself fucking her, and then sent her the video to get off to while she's on vacation...that when she got back into town she promised me that we'd have a threesome with her really hot friend Lauren!"

Adam's mouth was hanging open as he slowly shook his head in disbelief at his friend's story. He had seen pictures of Lauren on Alexis's social media accounts and had met her once or twice in the past. They were thick as beautiful thieves and he had no doubt that she could probably deliver on that promise. Their Halloween outfits from that year had been Ho Chang and Nympho-dora Tonks from the Harry Potter series. Half the people at party got it. Half the people were too distracted by the girls' achingly good bodies to even care. They had played soccer together in high school and still attended spin classes and yoga with each other on the weekend. Alexis's Instagram often ended up as a veritable fantasy factory whenever Adam happened to scroll by when he was horny. She had legs he wanted to scale like mountain ranges before planting his flag in her rounded peaks. He never told Caleb any of this of course, but then again, Caleb probably knew the affect his girlfriend had on most guys. She was a stunner.

"So??? Did you not succeed? Is that the problem? Wish I could help you man but all the eligible hookups I know are currently off the market...what do you want me to do, go out to a bar with you tonight and be a brilliant wingman...something like that? Maybe I can pretend to drunkenly spill my drink on a hot girl and you can kick my ass in front of her for disrespecting such a lovely lady and failing to apologize." Adam laughed at his friend as he said this, who couldn't help but laugh back at the ridiculous con.

"No, dude, it's too late for that, I've had like...five Tinder matches fall through at the last second and I've already gone out to the local bars six different nights this week! I've tried every trick in my flirtation arsenal...nothing has worked. The mojo isn't flowin' right now. If I don't get that video to her before she falls asleep in her hotel room tonight, she says the deal will be off! I'm freaking out man...this is legitimately every guy's ultimate fantasy and I'm this close to blowing it. I'm so close to the Promised Land I can fucking taste it!" Caleb legitimately looked like he had just been given a taste of the good life before having it ripped all away. Kind of like when you're having an amazing dream and you're awoken suddenly to find that life still remains the taupe humdrummery that you've grown accustomed to.

Adam and Caleb had spent plenty of nights growing up talking all about their sexual fantasies. They had both agreed that the ultimate scenario would be getting to fuck two girls at once. They had both come close while growing up, but the right combination of chance, alcohol, d**gs, sex, and geography had never quite collided at the right time in order to slay that three-headed dragon.

But just because the dragon escapes, that doesn't mean that a man doesn't continue on with his quest.

"Okay, so what can I do to help then?" Adam asked again. He definitely understood the magnitude of the situation. This was DEFCON 1.

Two girls at the same time.

And not just any two girls.

Alexis and Lauren at the same time.

Holy fuck.

"Okay, well, I came up with an idea to fool Alexis...she told me she wanted a video of me fucking some girl tied up on my bed, right? Well if I was to tie YOU up on the bed and put your face under the pillows we could simulate like I was fucking a girl. It would be so easy. I'll just set my laptop up and film from the desk next to my bed and you can lie on your stomach so it looks like it could totally be a girl then I'll do some brilliant acting on top of you to make it look like I'm fucking a girl, ya know, sliding my cock through the tops of your legs or whatever, and after a couple of minutes, boom, we're done!"

Adam stared at his friend after he finished for a couple of metered seconds.

"Absofuckinglutelynot." He said without blinking an eye.

"Ugh...come on man...I'll make it quick...I know it's weird, It's REALLY FUCKING WEIRD, but It'll just be pretending and you'll be helping out your very desperate and very long-term best-friend-in-the-world in order to succeed in having his biggest sexual fantasy of all-time come true!"

Adam looked at him for a long time, as if appraising just how needy Caleb was. Caleb had always been there for him. He'd been his alibi when he needed an alibi, his wingman when he needed a wingman. And he would probably do this very same thing for him if Adam had found himself in a similar situation. But what a fucking situation it was.

He couldn't believe this shit.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Adam grunted finally in defeat.

"Does that mean you'll do it?" Caleb asked with a suddenly bright smile on his face.

Adam begrudgingly nodded as he sighed deeply.

"Oh my god! AWESOME! I will owe you forever for this man, I promise...I'll be forever in your debt!"

"So? What do you need me to do? Let's get this over with, yeah?"

Caleb led Adam into his room where his queen size bed was crisply made with his dark blue bedspread and white and blue pillows that lined the light-wooded frame, headboard, and footboard. Caleb apparently had high hopes in the reliability of his best friend as the entire scene had basically already been preset.

The bed had four different ropes secured to the corner posts that were just waiting to be tied around someone's spread limbs—Adam's in this case.

On the side of the bed sat Caleb's desk which had a small camera propped up on the side of his MacBook. This would show the scene from the side so that Caleb could make it LOOK like they were fucking. It was a convincing enough a distance.

"Okay, so, where do you want me?" Adam asked now, as he found himself strangely nervous to be doing something so weird with another guy. But it was for the noblest of causes, he kept telling himself. It was in the service of the ultimate sexual unicorn hunt.

Caleb walked over to his dresser and returned with a pair of dark, black-laced stockings and a silky, black thong.

He handed them to Adam with an apologetic grin.

"Are you fucking k**ding me?" Adam said as he unrolled the stockings in front of him and looked at his friend.

"Dude, I know, it's weird...the entire thing is weird...but it's either this or we could shave your legs. Your body hair is pretty light and you don't have barely any on your ass and back if I remember correctly...but your legs are hairier man...she'll totally know!"

Adam looked down at his sandy brown hair that ran down his legs below his shorts. He had the typical amount that you'd find on a testosterone-filled 25 year-old and he shook his head as realized that his friend was right.

"Dude, do you have a joint we could smoke first? This is the gayest thing I've ever done...and I once took my mother to an Elton John concert for her birthday." Caleb laughed as he slid over to his desk and unearthed a sealed Tupperware container where he kept some of his more premo Girl Scout Cookie hybrid aside for emergency chill-out situations.

He grabbed his lighter and they quickly lit up the joint, passing it back and forth as the room filled with a pleasantly earthy aroma.

Adam inhaled a little larger than he usually would but it was his off-day; and since he was about to do the weirdest favor of his life, he thought, well...fuck it.

Soon both boys were buzzing in a serene cerebral chillaxation that had quieted both of their nerves.

"We will never talk of this," Adam said, his inhibitions lowering as he decided to look at the thing as something epically hilarious. If nothing else, he planned on making Caleb recount every delicious detail of his eventual threesome prize back to him.

He shucked all of his clothing in front of him as Caleb watched. Both boys had seen each other naked plenty of times, it was really no big deal. And then he pulled the laced stockings on to hide his leg hair and finally the black, silk thong. The material actually felt strangely amazing on his cock and balls and especially the smooth string running between his ass cheeks.

Caleb jokingly whistled with two fingers like he was some old fashioned catcaller and then he walked over and patted the middle of the bed where he wanted Adam to lay down on his stomach on the bed so he could tie him into place.

Adam felt Caleb secure his arms and then his legs into the ties. They weren't overly tight, but he could see that he had also done appropriate ties and knots...made sense...if he came untied during the video the entire ruse would probably be revealed.

His arms and legs were all stretched wide to the four corners of the bed as his dick was held tightly by the fabric of the silk panties.

"Okay man, you ready?" Caleb asked as he positioned the camera and tested the angles. He had Adam place his head under the pillows to see how it looked.

Sure enough, the image was pretty convincing. Adam had a great ass for a guy—muscular, but with enough junk in his trunk that it could pass for a girl's ass. With the tights pulled up high on his thighs and the black thong around his hips, it definitely gave off the impression that Caleb had found some very slutty college girl to come back to his place and get kinky with him. Even Caleb had to admit that his friend's ass looked incredibly sexy in that moment.

"Oh my God it looks amazing...this is perfect, you're definitely the fucking best, man!" Caleb said as he finished the setup.

He turned on some sexy background music from the laptop and then pressed record on the video function tied into the plug-in camera.

Adam watched as Caleb took off his own sweats and t-shirt and boxers before climbing up onto the bed naked. His head was spinning a little with the strong hit of weed they had just taken and he noticed how big Caleb's cock dangled out in front of him. No wonder he had snagged a girl like Alexis, he thought.

As Caleb straddled Adam's ass, he reached over to his nightstand and grabbed a bottle of lube that was usually reserved for his girlfriend.

"Okay, give me a second, I have to get myself hard," Caleb said as he lightly pulled on his cock from where he sat on top of Adam.

Adam didn't say anything. He knew his friend had a certain type of script probably in mind for this video and he was resigned to helping him out for believability sake. It was strange knowing that he was getting himself hard while sitting on top of him.

Caleb was trying to concentrate on the thought of Alexis and Lauren in bed together but he also found that he was strangely drawn to his friend's bubbly ass in that tiny thong.

"Okay, you ready buddy?" Caleb asked him finally after his cock was fully hard in his hand.

"Ready as I'll ever be man," Adam responded.

"Okay, I've got one more favor to ask...while I'm fake-thrusting inside of you, can you make some like...high pitched moans?" Adam laughed out loud as Caleb said this. The entire thing had become so ridiculous that he just had to laugh now. He wanted to say no but, he had come this far, why the fuck not?

"So like...Unnnnfffffff, yeah, MMMMFFFFFUGGGHH!" Adam moaned, totally getting into the character. Caleb laughed at his friend as he did this, and yet at the same time, he couldn't help but admit that he did a great impression of a slutty sounding chick.

"Wow, YES! That's perfect! Just like that!" Caleb said to him. "Okay, let's do this...we'll go for like...five minutes okay?"

"Okkayyyy," Adam replied unevenly. The things a person would do for their best friend.

"Okay, I'm gonna start right now," he put both knees along the inside of Adam's spread legs as he sat up and lined his hard cock up with his ass. Then he looked over to the camera and began.

"Hey babe, hope your vacation is going amazing! I can't wait to see you tomorrow! I didn't forget your sex challenge for this week, I just wanted to make you wait for it!" Caleb popped open the bottle of lubricant and dripped it down his dick, then he pulled Adam's thong to the side and drizzled more cold lube into his ass crack. The hairs on Adam's neck stood up as he felt the slippery liquid dripping down onto his hole and then below that.

He felt his cock beginning to strangely tingle inside of the silk panties. What the fuck?

After Caleb had put on a naughty show by jacking off his seven-inch cock for the camera, he repositioned himself so it looked as if he was going to thrust himself into the waiting pussy below.

Adam wondered suddenly how this was going to work...for it to look believable enough he'd probably have to thrust his cock into the space between his legs which would mean...

And that's when he felt his friend's hard cock touch his skin for the first time. His breath caught in his chest as Caleb's cock head brushed against the bottom of his left ass cheek. He was positioning himself to do exactly what he thought he was going to do.

Caleb rested his body weight on Adam's ass as he felt Caleb slide his dick firmly between the open space between Adam's spread legs. As he did this the cock brushed against Adam's own balls and his perineum. Caleb started out very slow, like anyone would when they're having sex.

The thrusting felt kind of nice actually. Adam was totally relaxed from the pot high and the soft brushes of Caleb's cock against his lube-coated skin felt strangely amazing.

Adam couldn't believe that he'd actually risen to half-mast status in the silk panties.

He made sure to throw in some well-acted moans during those first few thrusts. The types of moans he was used to getting from the girls he usually slept with...those first few gasps and passionate verbalizations.

Caleb was completely hard, and while he continued to stay in character for the sake of Alexis, for the sake of the video, for the sake of the threesome; he couldn't help but notice just how amazing Adam's round ass looked in the panties and tights. He was practically fooled by how it looked and he was in on the damn thing. His moans were quite brilliantly delivered as well, as each one seemed to have an affect on his cock.

The boys continued their play as Caleb began to move his hips a little faster now. As he picked up his pace Adam strangely felt the desire to thrust his ass back a little at his friend. That's what a girl would do in this situation, he reasoned.

He was feeling strangely horny in that moment. The hard dick pressing through the tops of his thighs and up against the bottom of his ass cheeks was starting to feel really, really good and he had no idea why. Caleb pulled himself up a little and pressed his crotch a little more solidly against the bottom of Adam's ass as the cock began to really bump against the inside edges of Adam's buns now.

All of a sudden and completely from out of nowhere, Caleb slapped him hard on the ass. When he did this Adam moaned involuntarily. It was a pleasurable moan. One that came from an unknown place. Caleb slapped his other cheek now and as he did that Adam arched his ass backwards towards the cock, as he felt it slide right up against his soaking, wet crack.

Caleb couldn't believe how good his friend's soft ass felt against his cock. He really HAD missed his girlfriend apparently over those last two weeks. He began to purposefully press his shaft now right up between Adam's spread cheeks.

Adam seemed to either be really dedicating himself to the role or he was actually getting into it. His ass was rolling back towards Caleb with each new thrust as if he was trying to get it closer to his hole.

Caleb suddenly pulled adam's ass up a little, arching it more towards him as he sat behind him doggy style.

"Yeah, arch your ass up for me, slut!" Caleb said as he spanked his friend hard again. Adam moaned once more unexpectedly. His own cock had started to leak precum into the soft silk panties he strained against. Everything felt so amazing for some reason.
Caleb took his cock in his hand now and slapped Adam's ass cheeks with it. Adam couldn't believe it.

It FWAPPED against his globes as we wiggled his ass backwards at his longtime friend like some sort of club girl. What was he even doing? Why was he so turned on? Why was he so desperate to feel his friend's cock sliding back between his butt?

Caleb grabbed his cock and slowly rubbed the fat, mushroom head right up and down against Adam's crack. He moaned again out loud when he felt the cock brush over his actual hole. He felt his asshole puckering when the hard member slid up against it.

"Such a good little slut," Caleb continued, completely nailing the storyline for the camera Adam still figured.

Adam arched his ass even higher for Caleb as he felt the cock again drift over his ass. He might as well have some silly fun and get into the role if he was going to be stuck in this situation.

Caleb thrust himself back between his cheeks a couple of times, each time allowing his full shaft to run along Adam's crack and down to his balls. He felt big.

But on his next pass Caleb did something unexpected. He thrust into Adam but didn't continue down...rather, he allowed his cock to press firmly up against his tight hole this time. Adam didn't want to say anything because he didn't want to ruin the video which was probably already half-way done, but he suddenly felt like he needed to tell Caleb that his cock was pressing against his hole.

Adam twitched, but he didn't say anything. He was holding his breath. He wanted to stop him. But he also strangely didn't. When he pulled against the hand restraints above him, he realized that the knots only tightened the more that they were pulled on. He really was trapped like this. He really was strapped down on this bed with a cock pressed up against his hole. He was incredibly turned on.

Caleb started to slowly push his cock back and forth against Adam's opening. Adam couldn't believe how into it he was. The cock teased him, each time pressing against the tight skin of his virgin ass.

Then Caleb spanked him again and Adam lurched his ass back towards his friend. This caused the very tip of Caleb's cock to slide into his hole.

Adam moaned loudly from under the pillow. It hurt...but he was so covered in lube and so stoned off the joint that he was equally turned on by it.

Caleb kept the tip pressed just inside of him, and when it seemed like Adam wasn't going to protest or push him out or yell at him, he pushed the entire head in.

"UUUMMMM," Adam moaned in a higher voice than he'd ever heard come out of his mouth. Then there was a pop as the entire head popped past his sphincter muscles.

He tried to relax as he breathed in and out slowly as his ass adjusted to take Caleb's width. He was freaking out a little. This couldn't have been an accident.

He felt Caleb reach for the bottle of lube and squeeze out another huge dollop that he spread around his cock and Adam's asshole with his fingers. Oh my God, Caleb was really going to fuck him.

"You like that, baby?" Caleb asked, and Adam felt goosebumps.

Now he was having his cake and eating it too. He was keeping his character going, while also ACTUALLY beginning to fuck Adam's tight ass.

All Adam could do was moan as he felt Caleb began to push his cock further into his ass. Four of his seven inches were now firmly lodged into Adam's ridiculously filled butt.

He looked back over at the camera as his cock continued to slide in, "Look baby, seems like this slut I brought back to my apartment likes having a nice cock in her ass just like you!"

Adam couldn't believe that another guy's cock was actually inside of him...or that he was so turned on by it for that matter. Or that he was allowing this to happen as Caleb continued the video.

Caleb suddenly leaned down and whispered into Adam's ear, "Let's show Alexis just how slutty this girl I brought back from the bar actually is." And as he said this, he pushed the rest of his cock all the way into his best friend's ass as Adam screamed into the comforter below him.

Caleb stayed there for a few seconds as he allowed Adam to fully adjust to this brand new experience. He couldn't believe how good his friend's ass felt around his cock.

Then when he felt like Adam had calmed down a little he started to pull in and out of him, giving him a steadily thorough fucking.

The bed started to creak under the increased pounding as Adam moaned along to each new invasion. His ass was absolutely stretched to its seams and his cock leaked copiously into the drenched, silk thong below him as it rubbed against the bedspread

He finally noticed that he was beginning to love the way the cock felt when it was inside of him fully and he was even starting to push back to meet Caleb's hips fully with his horny ass.

Caleb couldn't believe it. His best friend was totally giving him his ass now. He was pushing back with his ass to meet his thrusts.

This really drove him over the edge and he began to pound Adam like a jackhammer as he drove himself toward orgasm.

Adam moaned incoherently and spoke in tongues from underneath the pillow as his best friend's cock excavated him like he was a newly discovered Egyptian tomb.

He couldn't believe how amazing it felt to have Caleb's dick all the way pushed into him.

Finally Caleb announced that he was going to cum and he pulled his dick out just before it exploded, splashing his seed all over Adam's back and ass. Adam could feel the warm sperm all over him. Caleb was cumming a LOT. Adam couldn't believe that another guy's cum was running down his ass.

When the geyser had finally stopped erupting Caleb ran his cock through the splooge and coated his cock with before pushing it back into Adam's waiting asshole.

Once again Adam moaned pleasurably as he felt the cock pushing into him, moaning even more as he thought about the fact that Caleb had just cum on his ass only moments prior. He could smell his friend's spunk all over him.

When Caleb was done enjoying a few more teasing thrusts into him, he pulled out his cock and hopped over to the laptop to stop the video.

Adam was still incredibly hard as he lay there pressed into the bed with a suddenly empty feeling in his ass, his limbs still tied up to the bedposts.

Caleb grabbed the pillow from off his head and the two boys looked at each other and started to laugh a little as the tension broke.

"Well...that was unexpected..." Adam said.

"Yeah, that was pretty crazy, right?" Caleb said. "I came really hard just from fucking you. Your ass is amazing, dude."

He started to untie the restraints holding Adam's wrists and legs to the bed. After he'd gently helped his friend out of the ropes, Adam rolled over onto his back revealing his still rock-hard cock, which had matted his stomach hair to his stomach in precum during Caleb's pounding.

"You're so hard, do you want to make yourself cum?" Caleb asked him as his own cock was beginning to lift again as he lazily played with himself on the bed in front of him.

"Yeah...but, would you help me?" Adam said, totally embarrassed by what he about to ask.

"Yeah man, what do you want me to do?" Caleb asked. Adam was jacking himself off now more obviously as he looked into his friend's eyes.

"Fuck me again," he said surprisingly, as he laid down on his back and spread his legs once more.

Caleb laughed as he crawled up in between his friend's legs and immediately positioned his cock at Adam's loosened asshole. He easily pushed himself back into him.

This was a sexy position. Adam was able to jack himself off while he watched his friend thrusting his hips against him as his cock massaged his incredibly sensitive g-spot.

"Fuck me slowly," he said and Caleb started to do just that. He thrust his cock all the way in and then slowly rocked his hips back and forth an inch or two at a time, keeping his friend full so he could cum while his g-spot was stimulated.

That was all it took. A couple of seconds later an orgasm rocked through Adam's body as his cum shot out over his own chest as his friend slowly rocked in and out of him. It was entirely spontaneous and completely erotic.

Caleb slowly plopped out of his friend's ass and collapsed next to him in the bed. They both panted heavily as their sexual exertion caught up to them.

Adam couldn't believe what had just happened. He had let another guy fuck him. He had cum while another guy's cock was in his ass. It was all too much to process in that moment.

They fell asleep like that as they felt the air conditioning slowly passing over their exhausted, afternoon bodies. There would be time for figuring shit out later on.


Two days later:

Adam was up late that Sunday night at his apartment finishing some projects that were due the next day at work.

Things were taking him a little longer than usual as he was having trouble getting his first sexual experience with another guy to stop replaying through his mind. He had talked a little to Caleb through text message, but nothing had really been said yet about what happened during the video they made for his girlfriend.

Just then he was shaken from his distracted gaze when a chat box popped up on his open Facebook page.

Speak of the devil. It was Alexis.

He read through the message she had just sent him as his eyes went wide with surprise.


'Dear Adam, I never would've imagined in my wildest dreams that when I gave Caleb the sex challenge of seducing a guy and bringing him back to his apartment to tie him up and fuck him on his bed, that that guy would end up being you. I have never been so turned on by something before in my entire life. Watching my boyfriend fuck your ass was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I've already cum like, five times just from watching you two fuck. So, as a reward for your slutty role in that amazing porno that will now be in my masturbation collection forever, I wanted to give you a little gift back in return. Caleb is on his way over to my place right now so that Lauren and I can give him his prize...but before he gets here, we thought we'd put on a little show for you.'

Adam couldn't believe it. The challenge had never been about finding a girl to fuck. Jacob's kinky girlfriend had wanted to see him fuck a guy...and so he changed the story a little bit in order to convince Adam to help. It was a fairly genius idea, he had to admit.

Below her message a video then popped up that she had sent. Adam's cock grew hard in his sweats as he clicked 'Play'.

The video opened on what he assumed was Alexis's bed. She was wearing a sexy, black-and-red lingerie set with tights and garter belt while her best friend Lauren had on a white see-through corset with matching thong and knee socks.

The girls knelt together on the edge of the bed as they began to slowly make out, their bodies swaying as they seductively dragged their tongues over each other's hungry mouths and lips while their hands explored each other's smooth bodies and soft lingerie.

Adam couldn't believe it. Just as Lauren began to unhook Alexis's bra from the back, the girls looked over towards the camera. The image started to fade out as Adam saw Alexis's tits come briefly into view as Lauren began to suck on her hard nipple.


It had been the biggest cock tease ever.

Then another message popped up from Alexis a few minutes later.


'Hope you enjoyed that. Maybe if you continue putting on shows for me with Caleb, I'll continue doing the same for you with Lauren, okay dirty boy?'




The End.

(To Be Continued...)
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