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Theatrical …….4
This story is called theatrical because of how I first met my friend, if you haven’t already done so I would suggest reading that series first.
I woke the following morning still tingling from the previous night’s activities, I reached out sideways across the bed and found nothing, I looked around and there was no sign of my friend, then I heard the sound of the shower and breathed a sigh of relief, I had lost contact once before after he turned my world upside down, I had no intention of letting that happen again, I was prepared to do anything to hold on to him no matter what it took to keep his interest.
I raised my knees beneath the sheets and spread them open, then slid my fingers down to my pussy and felt them slide into the fine pubic hairs then I found what I was seeking, the hood of my clit was beneath my probing fingers as I toyed with it and began to reminisce about what had happened so far, the theatre, the disabled toilets, losing him then finding him and ending up here at the hotel, spending the night with him, the incident with the waiter, all of this stuff raced through my brain as I played with the hood and pushed it aside to find the button,
I began to massage the button, my orgasm was starting to form in my stomach, I was starting to prepare for my impending orgasm when suddenly there was a loud knock on the door, I panicked and dropped my knees like a school c***d that had been caught having a wank which was exactly what had happened,
I slid out of the bed and grabbed a towelling bath robe,
I quickly threw it around me and fastened the tie loosely, my mind began to race, what should I do if it was the same boy again, could I face him, with my friend in the shower I had little choice but to answer the door, I opened it to face the round smiling face of an afro black man with a trolley, “you ordered breakfast” he pronounced, I stared for a second and realised that my friend must have done it before I woke up,
I stood back and grabbed the robe to me that was slipping open because it was about 5 sizes too big for me, every movement put my virtue in jeopardy, he walked past me into the room still smiling, he pushed the trolley to the other side of the room and plugged it into a wall socket, so that the built in heaters could keep the food warm, he pulled a tray out of the bottom shelf and began to put the cups and saucers on it, “would you like me to serve it now or would you rather help yourself?” he asked over his shoulder, “err… you can serve the tea now if you don’t mind, then we can do the food ourselves” I stammered, I was suddenly aware that I was in the room half naked with a fairly young black man, my friend was still in the shower, we talk about men’s cocks ruling their brains and that blood is diverted between them unable to satisfy both organs at the same time, well, I was suffering a similar feeling as my partly aroused vagina started to take command of my situation, I had heard one of my girlfriends talking about having a black guy whilst on holiday in Jamaica, she was most impressed with his performance, so I had always wondered, I began to look at my waiter in a different light, he was medium height and stockily built,
I looked at his trousers, there was a bulge but nothing obvious, he picked up the tray from the trolley and started to move towards the coffee table, I moved quickly to clear the table, I bent down to pick up some magazines that were on it and of course my robe flopped open as my rapidly hardening assets hung beneath my chest, I didn’t move to correct it, I was waiting to see if I got some response, I looked up and he was standing staring at my tits, I glanced at his trousers, now there was a definite bulge, I was already having an effect, I smiled to myself, what should I do, my friend would not be much longer in the shower, and I could show him just how far I could go to please him, to let him watch would be the ultimate proof that there were no limits I would go to, to please him, to prove to him that I was completely within his power his hold over me was without question, the previous day he had said that I could fuck the waiter if I wanted to, well, now my aroused clit and vagina was telling me I wanted to, I stood up smiling at the waiter, he looked at me confused holding the tray, I moved around the table towards him, he moved closer to the table, I moved in beside him still smiling, my robe partly open, one of my ample tits fully on show with its erect nipple that was also distended, I could feel my cunt starting to leak with anticipation,
I slid my hand down the front of his trousers, he tried to bend to put down the tray but I put my hand under it and lifted it back up again, “not just yet” I said smoothly, I moved my face close to the side of his, he was staring forward, I lifted my knee and rubbed it against the front of his trousers, the robe dropped away exposing the knee, I kissed his ear and saw the Adams apple gulp, then I pushed my tongue into his ear and squirmed it around, I moved my knee and put my hand back on his trousers, now there was a fairly large bulge inside his trousers, I pulled down the zipper, “now you wouldn’t mind helping me with a small job I have for you would you?” I said as he turned his face to me, he licked his lips, the pink tongue coming through the very black lips, I shuddered at the thought of that tongue in my clit, wreaking havoc with my genitalia, he smiled his pearly white teeth and pink gums showing starkly against his black face, I kissed him gently on the lips, I was fishing around inside his trousers and found the monster I was seeking, I pulled it out with some difficulty and gasped as I looked down at it, it was stiffening rapidly but it looked like a plain chocolate ice cream cornet, a medium length shaft but with an enormous bulbous blood engorged dome at the end, the end was massive and again I shuddered at the thought of that driving its way into my vagina scr****g the sides as it went in, I wrapped my fingers around it and stroked it a few times, I then loosened the tie of my robe and let the garment fall open, giving him the full view of what was on offer, he put down the tray and stood up again, I got hold of the cock again and ran my fingers over the end, pre cum stretched out on my fingers as I lifted them and put them in my mouth, tasting this young black stud for the first time, I got hold of it again and pulled it around so that he was facing me, then I went down to my haunches, spreading my knees and exposing my genitals then taking a few licks of the seminal fluid leaking from the jerking monster and slipped it into my mouth, it forced my mouth wide open as I sucked and slurped on the pulsating bulb, my cunt had taken over, what was I doing, I had only ever had my husband before I met my friend and here I was contemplating taking my third cock in a short space of time and a black one as well, my lust was overwhelming, I stood up again, I know enough to know when a cock is ready to explode and I did not want him to come just yet, I had work for him, I pushed my hips into him as his cock slid between my legs under me, I was very aware of the dome under my slit as I humped against him, he put his hands on my waist beneath the robe and slid them up to my tits, grasping them and groping me, I looked down to see the jet black fingers wrapped around them, in sharp contrast to the white skin of my breasts, I heard myself whimpering as he squeezed and pinched my tits and nipples running his thumb over the bullet like nipples, I could feel the orgasm rising inside of me just looking for the trigger, I was trying to control it because I wanted the cock to give it to me, I wanted to feel this monkey inside of me, I wanted fucking,, I pulled away and pushed him back to the wall, I was ready to take my prize but if my friend came out of the shower I wanted him to see that it was me fucking the waiter and not the other way round, I lifted my leg and he hooked his arm under the knee, then I reached down and got hold of his cock and steered it under me sliding it against my slit to wet it, he was groping my tits again as I lined the tip up with the opening to my cunt and pushed against him, he got the message and pushed back, the dome plopped into my labia lips forcing them open and into my vaginal passage as I expected the size of the dome made every millimetre of penetration an experience in itself, he was humping his cock into me when I felt the orgasm come racing up my legs and into my groin then it attacked my stomach with a vengeance, I got hold of his head grabbing him and holding myself up as my legs went to jelly and I nearly went down but managed to stay on my feet, my tits hardened even more as I came hard and noisily, I was also praying that he wouldn’t come, I looked at him, he was very relaxed as he continued to fuck my very wet and greasy hole, I caught a glimpse of something white out of the corner of my eye, my friend was coming out of the shower, we were sideways on to him so the full extent of what was happening was evident straight away, I was not sure what to expect, suddenly the gravity of what I had been caught doing hit me, what if he was angry, what if he was jealous and I had ruined every chance of ever being with him again by this simple act of sexual depravity, I looked round at him and he smiled at me, he moved in behind me and I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt his hands come round my waist and get hold of my rock hard tits, he held them up and outwards as I pulled the head of the waiter down so that his black lips closed round the areoles and nipples and I felt him sucking on my tits, I came again but this time my friend was holding me up, the pink tongue of the waiter was licking and slurping around my nipples driving me crazy as he continued to hump my cunt into submission, I came again, then I felt the hands move from my tits to my backside, and then I heard the ripping of the robe as it was torn up the back exposing my buttocks and back, I was not sure what he intended, he got hold of my buttocks and pulled them open,
I had this strange feeling of what was going to happen, a feeling of dread and excitement, then I felt his fingers under my slit smearing the wetness from my vagina with the cock still buried in it up to my anal ring, now I was in no doubt what was going to happen, one finger penetrated my anal passage as he worked it in and out of me from behind, this was a very strange feeling with a cock in my cunt and a finger up my arse but that wasn’t the end of it, the second finger went in fairly quickly then they both came out and I felt the tip of his cock being forced between my buttocks and into my arse, the dome popped in and I felt the shaft of the cock with my rose gripping it tight being forced into me, I was being double fucked, my orgasm was building for a big one, I could feel the two cocks inside me, with the thin wall between them as I moved against first one then the other, the waiter was humping me and sucking my tits while my friend shafted me from behind,
I was the meat in the sandwich and my orgasm hit me at warp speed, I began to shake, I could hear myself growling in a voice I didn’t recognise as my own, “come on you fuckers, fuck this whore, use this slut, abuse me all you want” I croaked, the waves of my orgasm were passing through me continuously now, my teeth were rattling as was my skeletal frame from head to foot, I felt the waiters cock jerk and then the warm sensation of hot spunk being pumped between my legs, the waiter was coming, then I felt my bladder go and I must have passed out because the next thing I knew, I was sitting on the floor of the shower, my friend was in with me washing my legs as water cascaded over the pair of us, he had one foot in his hand, he glanced at me as I looked at him through glazed eyes, he smiled, “well, it’s nice to have you back” he said cheerily, “what happened?” I asked, “you peed all down the waiter and me, he wasn’t happy and pulled out of you and you collapsed, I got you in here and am now cleaning you up” he said, “are you angry with me, I feel I let you down by shagging the waiter” not at all, we are not tied to each other and as long as you had a nice time, that’s all that matters, I know I did” he said, I curled my hand round his neck and pulled him down and kissed him hard on the mouth, “a nice time does not come anywhere close to describing what I just experienced” I said.
To be continued……
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