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The Watch

Once upon a time there was a 18 year old boy call Ben, he had a girl her name was Leanne. She was the same age as him, 5'8, slim, blonde long hair, great tits and a beautiful tight arse.
She was filth, sucking his cock 'she was a deepthroating queen' & a pussy so tight you'd think it was going to break your dick off. But NO ANAL.
Yet he loved all of her but the down fall of falling for a whore is that she's a whore.
She used him & broke his heart.

Many years later, life goes on ,girls cum & go. Ben's now 25, single. She's living with her boyfriend Jack and doing pretty well for themselves.
He lives with his grandad, they are best friends. The dirty old bastard doesn't give a fuck about anything or anymore he embraces life.
Ben always wondered how his Grandfather made his money, he'd never answer when he asked. He'd just tap his nose with his wrinkled finger, not say a word then wink. End of.

Ben could tell his Grandads health was in decline, he was getting slow, struggling to breath & some days didn't get out of bed.
One Saturday morning he came downstairs to make them breakfast as usual & he wasn't there. He searched the house. Gone. All that remained was a letter on the table & a small watch box.
Ben sat at the table to read the note.
'Dear Ben, i love you but the shitty British weather is fucking killing me. I moving to warming climates it'll be better for my chest.
The house is yours lad.
Now. You always asked me how i made my fortune well today's the day you find out.
In the box in a watch my father gave me and it fucking stops time. Have fun i'll be in touch, love ya k**da.'

As most would say & Ben did "fuck off!'
He opened the box and yes a watch. Nothing special a silver pocket watch. A winder at the top & a button on the side. He pressed the button wound the winder.. Nothing happen.
He put it back in the box turned the kettle on to make is morning brew. Teabag in, one sugar.
The kettles not boiling? Ben thought to himself "has the power gone off?
The clock on the oven is still on. The lights still on. Strange."
"Fuck it, i'll pick one up when im out"
He got dressed and headed out.

Walking down town the streets were dead, no great surprise its a small town.
Cutting through a side road now to market street where the coffee shop is.
Ben stops.
Silences. Its market day there're many stales & lots of people but not a sounds. Everyone is frozen solid. Motionless.
"WHAT THE FUCK""FUCK OFF, fuck off. No way, Fuck off! HA!"

Ben ran home got the watch & returned to the market. He watched the crowds as he pressed the button again.
Everyone back to normal. The noise, the movement, the wind which he didn't notice before.
Once again he pressed it. Freeze. Completely still. Again back to normal.
Bens mind was racing with ideas. What to do, what to do?

See if you were a c***d when this happened you'd maybe steal some sweets, some toys or a prank of two.
When your an adult the filth comes out.

He walked to the camera shop. Stop!
He strolles inside finds the camera he wants and helps himself. A polaroid camera so he doesn't have to get the film developed. Not forgetting to stock up on film.
Back outside. Go. Back to normal plus a camera.
Then Tesco for lube & condoms same again.

Now armed he's ready for some fun.

Starting small he thinks heading for his coffee. There's a hot girl behind the counter. Short dark hair, flesh tunnel & tattoos how could he resist.
Mid serving frozen still, he takes the coffee out of her hand & places it on the counter. He walks round behind her and picks her up to take her round the front.
Kicking a table out of the way to make some room he sets her down. Perfect blue eyes. He raises her arms above her head & takes her tshirt off revealing C breasts in a pink bra, now the pants. Turns her round, bends her over and pulls the down slow. "Yes" a nice little black thong,spins her back round to see they say 'bite me!' On the front of them.
Then the bra comes off, left nipple pierced & the thong, shaven. Completely naked surrounded by frozen customers. He places her in some poses for pictures.
Bens cock is rock hard now. "Why not" he thinks d***k on lust. He puts her on her knees & opens her mouth. He gets naked placing his clothes on the table behind her mouth still a gape and picks up the camera. He places his bellend on the tip of her tongue, a droplet of precum runs down & into her mouth, Another picture.
Then he pushes right down her throat. He nearly cums straight away. All 9 inches, balls agains her chin. Another picture.
He puts the camera down & face fuck her for a few moments. Heaven. Pounding away with no gag reflex. But he wants more.
He bends her over the table, cock dripping with spit & precum now her arse is in his sights.
Forcing the end of the bottle of lube up her arse & squeezes it hard getting her anal cavity nice & slippery. A good helping to his cock too.
He pushes hard to break into her butt. Its so tight. Changing his stance & getting a good grip of her hips. He pushes again, it slowly works its way in.
In, out, in, out, now he's balls deep in her arse. Another picture. A good few minutes pass of arse fuckery, a couple more pictures of her ruined gaping butt hole.
Till the finally of cuming in her face. In her mouth, on her nose & in her eye. "You beautiful little Slut" he laughs to himself as he took cumshot photo. "You love Bukkake don't you slut?"

After a moment to reflect & relax. He got dressed, cleaned her up and everything back to normal. Photos in his bag as if nothing had happened.
Sitting back at his table he watched her as he started the watch again. She tasted her lips looking confused with a hand going towards her arse with a coffee in the other. She looks up at him, their eyes meet. She smiles at him & blushes as if she knows & carries on working.
Exhausted Ben finished his drink and heads out of the busy shop for home.

At home after a shower and something to eat, flicking through his pictures he hatches a plan.
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naughty , very good start
1 year ago
interesting concept
looking forward to hearing how it developes
1 year ago
Good start. I hope there is more.
1 year ago