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The Teacher and the Cheerleader

The Cheerleader

I needed to concentrate, my dismount was still the weakest part of my routine, from legs straight, full swing, over the top, change hands, down and gain speed, up and twist, both hands on the same side, flip and twist with a full roll and land, feet together, knees bent, arms forward for balance and stand, it was like a mantra to me, I had to get it right. It had to look easy and smooth, no wasted moves, efficient and, remember to smile.

In the middle of the first swing it all blew apart and I nearly crashed. I had been working on the bars facing the back wall with no distractions but when I came upright facing back down the gymnasium there was Beck in a high kick with no panties, black pubic hair clearly on display against her creamy thighs and......... smiling at me.

The cheerleaders were working on their routine in the back end of the gym and toward the end they moved forward with high kicks, up to where I was set up with the bars and mats. Through the swing and up, I could not stop and as I brought both hands to the same bar Beck had timed another high kick, two paces closer, I stared at the point on the mat were I would land and let go, I knew I was in trouble, a fraction to late, flying through the air and landed. My feet were right but my upper body was to far back. I fell flat on my back.

The Economics teacher who was teaching the cheerleaders come running over as I lay there getting my breath back and asked if I was all right, she told the girls that it was enough for today, we only had another hour before the school was locked up. She ask Beck to remain.
“I take it you were distracted by Beck, I knew.., I... did not want to break the routine”, she said and turned to Beck, “See what can happen when you do something like that. It may happen on TV in the middle of Superbowl but the station had to pay millions and the school would be ruined if you got caught at a game here showing your..., yourself.

Beck was looking at the floor, “I'm sorry”.
Miss Roch'e didn't look cross but more, upset, I knew Beck was top of her class and Miss Roch'e was proud of her. “What am I going to do. I think Will should pass the punishment”, as she held out a hand to help me up, I smiled up at her, I'm 6' 2 and weight in at 200 lb's, all muscle, but she still offered, I took her hand and stood, thinking of a suitable punishment. Miss Roch'e did not let go of my hand so I kept holding hers and had an idea.
“I think that the punishment should fit the crime, Beck, you will shave the distraction!”.
Beck's mouth opened as she looked, first at me then at Miss Roch'e.

“A perfect solution and Will, if you want, I think I can help you. I was a ballet dancer, not professional but good enough, some of the training in ballet can help gymnastic moves, I could help if you did not think it was to girlish”, she gave my hand a small squeeze before letting go and telling us to scoot.
As I walked to the shower I felt that my shorts were a little tighter, the beginning of an erection, had Miss Roch'e noticed the start of my swelling, again Beck distracted me with a high kick and told me she was going to get even, she had a smile on her face, a nice smile.

The next day I got a note from Miss Roch'e, she had checked my classes, I only had a half day and she was free after lunch if I still wanted help. I needed, more than wanted help, the nationals were coming up and I needed something special, something to put me ahead in the selection for the Olympic team. I had a gold from State and had been told by the team leader that I had a good shot at the team but I had gone well past any local coach and was using tapes of old comp's to train. That and a lot of hours in the weight room, we had a good weights coach and he kept me well balanced

If Miss Roch'e could help me come up with something new I would move from a 'could be' to a 'would be', I looked forward to lunch.
When I got to the gym Miss Roch'e was already there and warming up, I went and changed into my competition gear with sweats over the top, my warm up was chin ups with squats and push ups in between as I did not get into the full routine straight away but worked it up.
I was doing my squats when Miss Roch'e sort of walked over, I watched, trying to find out why her hips moved like they did and looked down, she was nearly walking on her toes. I looked at her hips again, I realized she was gliding more than walking.

“Hi, did you like watching me walk, it's good for the legs, I want this time to be a workout for me as well, and..., as we are going to work together you can call me Gill”. I watched her take her sweats off, when I saw what she was not wearing my sweats became hot. She had a body stocking and nothing else, sure, you could not see detail, but..., she stood in front of me and did a squat, her petite body flowed down and up, I did not know where to look, her upper thighs were well defined and her stomach flat, her breasts were full and the nipples just showing.

“This is one of the basic moves in ballet, you need to recover a stand after any jump or turn, now watch from behind, you only need this when you dismount but it has to be good”, she demonstrated the squat again and held the lower point as she described how the back should be straight and the knees lower to balance the upper body, she stood up at speed and did a little twist, she landing facing me.

“I want you to try something as she put her hands on my hips, put your feet as far apart as your shoulders keeping them straight ahead and dig your toes into the mat, have you ever stood in soft mud and felt it squeeze between your toes, you just want to dig your toes deeper, this is the same, it will give you a feeling of balance. Now you are going to do a squat with your knees wide apart and your back straight with your arms forward, I am going to stand close so you need to feel the balance as you go up and down”. Gill moved to stand about a foot in front of me and I put my arms to either side, felt my toes dig into the mat, I thought about the move and started bending my knees and allowing my hips to follow the motion. I had to open my legs wider than normal, but I was steady.

Shit happened on the way up, I was not used to my knees being so wide apart as I pulled the muscles to stand I toppled forward and grabbed Gill around the waist. She was not ready for any thing like my 200 lb's and went over backward, I put my arms out to break our fall as she wrapped hers around me and we hit the mat, my knees either side of her hips and my face in between her breasts. Gill burst out laughing which did funny things to her breasts.
I lifted up and looked at her, “Sorry”.
“That all right, the first time I did that I went over backwards, that's what I thought you would do, I took my teacher with me and she ended up in a more compromising position. It's all right, the gym is ours alone until three”. Gill was saying I needed to get closer to my centre when I heard a smothered giggle and looked up, I could not get up, Gill still had her arms around me, Beck was coming over and she was walking funny.

She stopped with her feet either side of Gills head and in a little girl voice told me she had completed her punishment. “See”, and lifted her dress to her waist, I looked at a shaven pussy.
“I didn't wear any panties today so you would know I was telling the truth” and pushed her mound toward my face and bent her knees. “Miss Roch'e can tell you it's all gone”.

I felt Gills arms move and was amazed to see her hand stroke Becks slit, then caress her thigh.
“I think you need to use a new razor and the same lotion that I use when I shave, why don't we go home now and I can put some on", her other hand was inside my sweats stroking my cock, "You can come too Will, I will be able to show you something I can not show you here and I am sure Beck can help, it feels enough for two or do you want to do some moves on the bar, we would love to watch your body, it might give us some ideas and Beck can show you a new leg swing we have talking about, as a matter of fact we could use the bar for support, come on Beck, lets do it".

“Will, you stand here, no take off the sweats first”, I slipped them off, “See I told you there's enough for two”.
My cock was hard and pushing against my tight Lycra as Beck gave it a rub. She told Gill that we had better hurry, "Wills leaking".
Gill had pulled her body stocking up her hips and did another wide knee squat then bent over to touch her toes. From the back she looked like she had a thong in her crack and her cheeks were showing on either side. She took a hold of the bar standing along side but facing me, She told Beck to get in position.

What happened next was sensual, far more than a cheerleader should do, Gill and Beck both lifted their legs up and to the side until they could cup their hand beneath their knee and continued with a full straight leg sweep up and over to their other shoulder turning at the waist as their legs came down, they were so in time with each I knew they had practiced the move together, the view was pretty good to, Beck without her panties and her bare pussy stretched open and Gills stocking had drawn between her pussy lips. Could I get ideas...., you bet I could.

Gill and Beck turned to face me. “So, what did you think?, Gill asked. Before I could tell them that someone in the benches would have a heart attack, Beck exclaimed, “A statue, we could make a statue with Will, everybody knows he is going to make the Olympic team, they will love it, we have our stallion and we can be the rider's, lets try Gill, please, I have seen something like it, I'll show you, you don't mind if we both climb on you, do you Will, please?”.

“As long as it does not take to much time, poor Will needs some relief, and I suppose it will be safer on the mats. It's your show, what do you want to do?”, Gill added.

“Just stand in the middle of the mats Will and spread your legs, Gill, I will talk you through it and then we can try, Will, put your arms out to the side, Gill and I will step up to your side then put a foot on your hip, take a hold of your wrist and you lift your arms taking us up as we do a leg lift until your arms are straight up, you know, like a victory sign, what do you think?”. It looked like Gill was working it through in her head.

“Ok, lets do it, no trying, we are going to do it, you can manage us both at the same time”, Gill asked as she trailed her finger down to my cock again.
“Please?”, asked Beck as she joined from the other side and put her hand over Gills, “We are so small and you are so big...”
I put my arms down and hugged them, I forgot one was a teacher, two breasts in two hands. “It can't be that hard to help two lovely ladies at the same time, I mean we can all come together at the same time, I mean..., lets do it, slowly at first, then we can build on...,speed”, and gave their breasts another rub.

Gill and Beck got behind me and measured their steps while I spread my legs, I bent slightly to take the balance as Beck started a cadence, step, step, lift and place, hold and lift, and lift and up, I lifted my arms as Gill and Beck lifted their legs. No one moved, we could not see but it was perfect, we held for a moment then I lowered my arms and slowly dropped to a squat as they slowly lowered their legs and stepped off. Beck swung around and sat on my leg and kissed me as she rubbed her bare pussy up my thigh. “I want to do it again and I want us to be naked, in front of a mirror, Will, I want you to see our pussy's and our breasts”.
“And I want to see your cock stand hard and proud when we do it, but right now I want to see that cock, outside, in the flesh and I need it in me, my place?”, whispered Gill.

As Gill lived on one side of town and Beck and I lived on the other I suggested Beck come with me, I would drop her back at her car on the way home and she could give me directions, she had visited Gill before. On the way Beck explained that they were not lesbians, just lover's, it was hard driving while Beck had her dress up and was rubbing her clit, telling me she dare not spoil Gills chance to see my hard cock by making me cum but when we got to Gill's house, which was down a secluded drive she told me to take my jeans off.
“We will surprise her”, and took her dress off, I thought it was a good idea until the door opened and saw Gill standing there naked.The change from teacher to naked goddess was astounding. Taken away from the school she was another person, I was speechless.
From behind Beck pushed me into Gills embrace, “One hard cock, just as you wanted to see, now get on the bed and I will put it in, you don't have to do anything. Wrong, sorry, it is a question of Economics, Will, you are going to lie on the bed while Gill sits on your cock and I can sit on your mouth, that's better and I can still put your cock in Gill, you want me to lick your clit to work you up a bit do you, or are you ready now?”.

Gill slid down my body and took my cock as Beck took her top off.

“Now that I seen it I want to taste it, you were right, it's leaking, we can't waste time”, Gill said as she licked the precum then stood up and asked Beck if she wanted a quick taste as she took my top.
Beck had gone back to using her fingers on her clit.
“No, I need his tongue, I'm so wet its running from me, hurry up and show Will that bed, your pussy Must be itching by now”.

Gill lead us to her bedroom and I saw what Beck meant, I had majored in engineering. They must have built the house around it, is was a full four poster, bigger than a super king.
I turned to kiss Gill and got sidelined by Beck and ended up on my back with Gill climbing over my legs and Beck crawling beside me, hungry ladies.

Beck ran her slick fingers over the head and held it up as Gill straddled my hips and I started think of the math's, door height times width, I had to do something to hold back, Gill deserved that, not making slow passionate love but better than gone in 60 seconds.

All of my plans went out the window as Gill lowered her body and devoured my cock, her sheath was so tight and the muscles in her vagina gripped me in a way I had never felt before. I had had a few experiences with sex but they joined my hand jobs, this would spoil me forever, then Beck sat on my face. She must of seen my open mouth because she lined me up perfectly, her lips in my mouth and her clit on my nose, I had not felt her knees because she was squatting... and moving, she was also leaking into my mouth so I licked, her clit came floating past so I gave it a flick with my tongue.

I thought I could think about one until I got close then switch to the other thus going longer, I had forgotten the girls were lovers until, by the way the hand was turned, Gills finger was moving between Becks pussy and my tongue.
That did it. I was again aware of Gills pussy, her long stokes were more than just incredible muscles, Becks fingers were following her lovers lips and Gill had taken my hands and put them on breasts, I had forgotten them so I made up for lost time, cupping breasts and rubbing nipples, this helped..., slightly, a pussy on my cock, a pussy on my tongue and two different breasts and both girls were getting vocal.

Beck sat down hard on my face and I nearly drowned, Gill dropped on my cock and started grinding back and forward, I thought I done it, lasted long enough to give them both a climax, maybe in Becks case an orgasm, I never knew a woman could come like that, when someone got me. I felt my balls being caressed and then squeezed and all my birthdays came at once.

I arched my hips and drove even deeper into Gill and pinched her nipple hard, I jerked and shot a load into her, at the same time lifting my head to hold Beck up, I thrust my tongue into her hole as Gill tighten her thighs round my hips.

Reality set in, I needed to breath, I gently told Beck with my hand to lift a little, when she did I took a deep breath, along with the air came the sweet odour of sex, I reached up and gave Beck a soft kiss on her clit and lightly caressed Gills breast, from Becks body position and her hand on my hand on Gills breasts I guessed they were kissing so I just lay there.
My cock must have been content to stay as it had not gone soft, not hard, just as happy as I was so it was a bit of a shock as Gill lifted off to have a warm pussy replaced with a warm mouth, a nice shock as Beck licked me clean Gill lay down beside me.
Beck was finished and lay on the other side.

“We set you up, both Beck and I have watched you working on the bars, you seemed lonely and Beck knew you did not date at school and your cock got bigger as you finished your routine. We both wanted this to happen and you did not let us down, we thought the sex would be good and it was, I hope you are not mad at us, I hope you enjoyed it as well. I did think Becks idea a bit risky but when you told her to shave..., I think we are in love with your cock”.
“You have had Wills cock and I have enjoyed his tongue, wait till we change then you will be in love with his tongue, I hope you don't mind us ganging up on you, but your cock was getting us so horny and showing you my pussy was fun”, Beck interrupted.

I again had my arms around them and held their breasts, “No, there is no need to worry, we may not be adults but we are pretty close and we know our own minds, I want my cock in your pussy Beck and I want to lick and suck you Gill, I really want to see us in your statue Beck and yes, naked, shaven pussy, breasts with hard nipples and me with a hard on but I know you are going back to KY shortly and I'm heading to the coast, I know Gill can not have a whisper about wrong doings at school so if we can have a couple of day of fun now and then, really hot steamy sexy fun why not, no one has been or will be hurt, maybe later I can watch the pair of you”

“I want your cock”, Beck looked downhearted.

“I need a rest”, I replied.

I want Wills tongue but I have papers to grade, maybe tomorrow after school. Now get dressed before they lock up your car”, Gill said using her teacher's voice.

“We can't, Our clothes are in the car.
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very nice
7 years ago
That was awesome. Great story and it got my cock ready for fun too....
7 years ago
Very well thought-out story and characters. In fact, one of the best you've posted. Very imaginative. But, I'm very interested to know more about Gill Roch'e's background - where is from originally, does she have an accent, is she based on a real person? I hope you post some sort of continuation to this one that includes her character. Until that day...
7 years ago
7 years ago
Wow! Im fuck soaked now! But thx love!
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