The Nurse - Part II

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'The Nurse = Part II'
by DizzyD

For Connie, thanks for your inspiration - Love, DD

Now it was 1998. I was thirty-eight years old, and twenty-four years had passed since my best friend Becky had her first sexual encounter with her cousin Timmy. If you’re not sure how old we were when it happened, do the math. I had long since lost contact with Becky, but the memory of what she told me and our friend Gina in the gym that day still caused a twinge deep in my groin. I wasn’t sure why someone else’s sexual awakening still aroused me after all those years, but I would soon figure it out.

Life was good in 1998. I had been a nurse for nearly sixteen years and married for thirteen. I didn’t wind up with the doctor I dreamed of when I was a little girl, but even though accountants didn’t save lives, Joe was my Prince Charming. We also had a daughter and a son to complete our fam1ly. If my life lacked anything, it was sexual intensity. Don’t get me wrong, Joe and I had had a good sex life, but he had never been the most creative lover, maybe it’s a ‘boring CPA’ thing, and in fairness, he was ten years older than me, and now health issues were starting to affect his libido, so the passion was all but gone.

I have to admit it got frustrating. My best friend and fellow nurse Sarah even suggested I have an affair, and thanks to my looks, and hospitals being a hotbed for interoffice affairs, I had plenty of offers. My blonde hair and blue eyes accented a face that was almost wrinkle-free, and I still weighed the same as I did in college, thanks to the hospital’s gym. I could still wear a bikini that showed off my firm breasts, tight tummy and round behind, and I got plenty of looks from guys half my age when I did. I was, by today’s terms, a ‘MILF’, but I was devoted to Joe, so I had to find another way to satisfy my desires.

Fortunately there was a technology that was in full bloom by 1998, it was called the ‘Internet’, and it helped me reconnect with something else from my youth… erotic stories. During the 80’s, X-rated VHS videos had become the preferred form of adult entertainment, and sadly the books and novels I used to sneak from my dad’s sock drawer had all but vanished. I did give porn videos a try, but they just didn’t stimulate me like written erotica. Then the Internet came along and reintroduced me to erotic stories by the thousands, and they, along with my fingers or a vibrator, helped keep my sexual needs in check.

So I had found a way to deal with my sexual frustration, which was great because the other aspects of my life were just as I had always hoped. I couldn’t have asked for a better fam1ly life, and I loved the place in which I worked, and still do to this day. The hospital is now part of a major university health care group, but back in 1998 it was still a small community hospital, so there were busy times and slow times… and on the particular night I want to tell you about it was extremely quiet, with only a few of the private rooms in my wing being occupied, and none of the patients requiring any critical treatment.

I was scheduled for the 4:00 pm to midnight shift, and even though I knew it was going to be a quiet evening, I was still meticulous about my appearance. The starched white uniforms, squared off hats and white shoes that I admired as a little girl had given way to colorful scrubs and tennis shoes, but I still made sure my hair and makeup were perfect, and my scrubs fit just right… I mean at 38 I was no longer some young nurse trying to bag a doctor or a rich patient, but I still believed in looking my best.

After dressing, I checked myself in the mirror. Scrubs aren’t always the most flattering things a woman can wear, but the pink top I was wearing didn’t do a bad job of accenting my shapely 34 C breasts. Then I turned my back to the floor length mirror and looked over my shoulder, and as I lifted the hem of my tunic top I could see that the matching bottoms fit just snug enough to show off my shapely rump. After giving myself a mental ‘thumbs up’ I headed out the door and made my twenty-minute commute.

I parked my car in the staff lot and headed up to the ‘Fifth Floor East’ nurses station. When I arrived, Sarah said, “Well I hope you brought a book, only four guests on our wing tonight.”

“I did,” I said with a laugh, pulling out a couple of fashion magazines.

“Seriously, those boring-ass magazines are the fucking best you could do,” she said shaking head.

Sarah was about ten years older than me, and she did not possess a ‘politically correct’ filter… if she thought it, she said it. She had been married and divorced twice, and had a bawdy sense of humor that could make a truck driver blush. She was also the best damn nurse I ever knew, and my mentor. Sarah taught me things about nursing that I didn’t learn in school… things like how to be more efficient, and how to deal with arrogant doctors, but her specialty was dealing with patients and their families. Sarah was a master at convincing people that everything was going to be okay, regardless of their ailment.

She also taught me how to cope with slow nights. Even though we weren’t an I.C.U., we still had to make rounds, monitor vitals and distribute meds… but after the doctors checked out, the paperwork was done, the visitors had gone and the patients were asl**p, there could be down time. Sarah read sleazy tabloids, did crossword puzzles and enjoyed the occasional cheesy romance novel, and when those ran out she freely admitted that she would slip into the nurse’s private restroom and give herself a ‘diddle’… her term for masturbation. Like I said, she had no filter.

After grabbing a coffee, she and I went over the patient charts, and it didn’t appear that any of them needed any special treatment. There was an older woman recovering from routine surgery, a man in lower body traction because of a compound leg fracture, another woman dealing with k**ney stones, and a teenage boy who Sarah called ‘a real cutie’, that needed prep for an early morning surgery.

Sarah hugged me goodbye, and ‘Fifth Floor East’ was in my hands. A couple of the patients still had visitors as I started making my first rounds. I had already met the elderly woman’s fam1ly the day before, as well as the fam1ly of the man in traction, but I still popped into their rooms to say hello. Then I checked on the room assigned to the woman with k**ney stones, but she had been given a painkiller and was sl**ping, so I chatted with her s1ster. That left the teenager in Room 505.

With chart in hand I tapped on the door and entered to find him sitting up in his bed watching TV. My first thought was ‘Sarah was right… he is a cutie,’ but as I approached his bed and got a better look at his face I suddenly froze, and my mind flashed back some twenty-four years as I realized he looked exactly like Timmy, my best friend Becky’s cousin, and her first sexual partner.

I stood transfixed as I thought back to the day when Becky told me about her encounter with her cousin. She described how they had played ‘strip poker,’ and when they were naked she had sucked his hard cock and swallowed his cum, and then he licked her pussy until she came, and as I reminisced about that day and looked at what could have been Timmy’s clone, I felt a warm ache building deep in my groin.

It suddenly donned on me that since Timmy and I were the same age, he would now be thirty-eight years old too, which meant this cute teenager could actually be his son, but when I saw his parents’ names on the chart I realized he wasn’t, so I composed myself and said, “Hi there, I’m Nurse Anderson.”

“Hi Nurse Anderson,” he replied politely but nervously.

As I shook the memories of Becky and Timmy from my mind and refocused on my job I said, “So it says here that your name is Robert Franklin … would you like me to call you Robert or Bob,” and then hoping to break the ice with a little humor I smiled and said, “Or would you prefer I call you Mr. Franklin?”

He chuckled at my quip, and then he said, “Well my mom and my friends call me Bobby.”

I could see his nervousness disappearing, so I said, “Well I’d like to think we’re going to be friends, so how about I call you Bobby too, and you call me Connie.”

A comfortable smile came over his face as he said, “Okay Nurse Connie.”

I loved how he still insisted on using the title ‘Nurse’ in my name. It was so cute, and it showed he was a respectful young man and not some cocky punk. Then as I looked at his handsome face, dark curly hair and deep brown eyes I thought, ‘This k1d is going to have the teenage girls swooning over him’.

As I read further down his chart I realized that Bobby not only looked just like Timmy, he was about the same age as we all had been when Timmy and Becky had their first sexual encounter. The similarities had my head spinning, but once again I chased away the memories and got back to doing my job as I said, “So you go to Carver High School.”

“Yes ma’am,” he replied, and as he saw me looking him over he said, “I know, I look young for my age.”

He was right, he did look young for his age, but I didn’t want to embarrass him so I quickly lied and said, “I don’t think that at all Bobby,” and then I added, “But don’t ever feel bad about people thinking that you are younger than you are, because one day you’re going to like that… believe me.”

“Really… when,” he asked in a somewhat dejected and skeptical tone.

“Well I’m thirty-eight, but most people think I’m younger, and I don’t just like it… I love it,” I said with a smile.

“What… are you really thirty-eight?” Bobby asked, wondering if I was just trying to make him feel good.

“Yes I am,” I said proudly.

“Wow… you look way younger than that,” he replied in astonishment.

He suddenly blushed when he realized he had just complimented me on my appearance, but I quickly said, “Well thank you kind sir,” and then I added, “So you see, when you get older, it feels pretty good when someone thinks you’re younger.”

“Yeah, I guess,” he said, and then he added, “I just wish the girls at school felt the same way.”

“What… you mean a cute guy like you doesn’t have the girls lined up,” I asked.

“Not hardly,” Bobby replied sounding a bit dejected, and then he added, “I mean there is one girl I like, and we went to a couple of dances together but…”

“But what,” I asked.

“Nothing,” he answered sheepishly.

I could tell he was gaining confidence in me, and I didn’t want to ruin that so I said, “Okay, if you’d rather not talk about it, I understand,” and then I smiled and added, “But I am a pretty good nurse, and I have a good ear, so if you change your mind I’m here until midnight.”

He looked at me with a grateful smile on his face and said, “Thanks Nurse Connie.”

Even though he was chronologically a young man, there was something about his boyish innocence that was so alluring to me, and I thought, ‘If I was a girl in high school, I wouldn’t be waiting for him to ask me for a date, I’d be asking him out’, but I quickly composed myself and said, “So are your parents here?”

Bobby let out a big sigh and said, “No, my mom was here earlier but she had to go to work, and my dad was killed in a car accident when I was in the second grade,” and then he added, “But mom will be here early tomorrow morning for my surgery.”

The thought of him losing his father at such a young age put a lump in my throat as I sat on the edge of his bed and said, “I’m so sorry about your dad Bobby, but it sounds like mom is pretty great.”

“She is, she works two jobs to keep the house, and I do odd jobs on weekends during the school year, and all summer to help out, and as soon as I can get my license I’ll be able to help even more,” he said.

Hearing how dedicated Bobby was to helping his mom actually made my heart flutter a bit as I said, “Well she may be a great mom, but you sound like a great son too.”

I could see him blushing as he said, “Thanks, I want to help more, but mom wants me to try out for the high school baseball team… I told her I didn’t think I could compete with the bigger guys, and that I’d rather work, but she knows how much I love baseball, so she made me promise I’d try out.”

“I don’t know Bobby, something tells me you’re one of those people who can do just about anything if he puts his mind to it,” I said honestly, and then suddenly I realized how long we had been talking, and even though I could have chatted with him for hours I said, “Well unfortunately, I have to go check on my other patients and do some paperwork, but they’ll be bringing your dinner soon, and later on I’ll be in to prep you for surgery, so we’ll talk some more then, okay?”

I could tell he was genuinely disappointed that I was leaving, but happy I was coming back, so he smiled and said, “Okay Nurse Connie, and thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” I said patting his leg, and then as I stood up and started to walk away, I sensed that my tunic top had pulled up in the back. As I reached to pull it down I peeked over my shoulder and was surprised to see Bobby’s eyes locked on my shapely derriere, so I just left it where it was as I walked out of the room, even throwing a little extra sway into my hips… and that was when I felt my pussy quiver.

When I reached the nurse’s station my face was flushed, and the ache in my groin was getting more intense. ‘Why did I purposely let Bobby ogle my ass… and why was I so turned on,’ I wondered. I was so aroused that I actually considered going to the nurse’s restroom to give myself a ‘diddle’, as Sarah would say… and it wouldn’t have the first time. Since my sex life had slowed, there had been a few quiet nights when I slipped into the private restroom to give myself a little finger relief, although I didn’t proudly announce it like Sarah did, but a patient had never gotten me so turned on, let alone one Bobby’s age.

It was still early in my shift, so I willed myself to refocus. I still had meds to administer, vitals to take and the obligatory paperwork to tend to, so I decided to suppress my desires and do the job I loved… but for some reason I took care of all my other duties first, and saved Bobby’s surgery prep for last.

The evening dragged on, and despite my inexplicable arousal, I managed to tend to the Fifth Floor East patients in my usual, professional manner, but I had to admit it wasn’t easy. Eventually all the visitors had gone home, the patients had been given their evening meds, and the paperwork was done, and that left me with the task that I purposely saved for last… prepping Bobby for his morning surgery. So with all my other patients tucked in for the night, I loaded my prep tray and headed for his room.

Bobby’s surgery was pretty simple, he was having a cyst removed, and even back in 1998 that was considered outpatient surgery. But his doctor was a great guy, in fact he was one of my favorites, and since he knew Bobby’s mom was a single parent who worked nights, he had arranged to have Bobby stay in the hospital overnight so his mom wouldn’t have to bring him in before dawn to be prepped.

As I wheeled the prep cart into his room and closed the door behind me I cheerfully said, “Hi Bobby.”

“Hi Nurse Connie,” he said smiling, and as I pushed the cart next to his bed he asked, “What’s that?”

“Well, this is everything I need to get you ready for your surgery tomorrow morning… scissors, electric clippers, a razor, warm water, soap, shaving cream, moisturizer and towels,” I said as I playfully waved my hand over the prep cart, gesturing like a model presenting the prize on a game show.

Bobby laughed at my ‘Tell him what he’s won Gene’ presentation, and then he asked, “But why do you need all of that?”

“Because I have to shave you,” I replied as I started unfolding a cloth-covered plastic sheet.

Bobby looked at me, obviously confused, and then he rubbed his cheeks and chin and said, “But I don’t really grow a beard… I mean I have a few whiskers but my mom says I have a baby face.”

His mom was right, he really did have a baby face, but I quickly replied, “Well, I’m not shaving your face,” as I slowly folded down his blanket, exposing his body covered in a hideous hospital gown.

“You mean you have to shave my head,” he asked as combed his fingers through his curly brown hair.

I giggled at first, but when I realized he really didn’t have any idea what I was going to do I said, “No Bobby, your cyst is near your privates, so I need to shave you… down there,” as I pointed at his crotch.

“WHAT???” He exclaimed as the realization of what I was about to do hit him.

He suddenly became very nervous, but everything I had learned from Sarah about relaxing a patient kicked in as I smiled and said, “Don’t worry Bobby, it’s just routine procedure, and I’ve done more of these than I can count, and I’m promise I’ll be extra careful with you, so you can trust me… I swear.”

I could tell that my confidence was relaxing him, but he still thought he might be able to get out of having me shave him when he said, “The thing is I really don’t have much hair down there either.”

“Well sir, whatever hair you do have down there has got to go… doctor’s orders,” I said with a little laugh, and then I had Bobby roll on his side so I could slide the cloth-covered plastic sheet underneath him. Once the sheet down I said, “Okay, now let’s get your gown and underwear off.”

I knew having to disrobe in front of me was going to make Bobby a little uncomfortable, so to take his mind off of it I decided to drum up a conversation, and as I helped him take his gown from his shoulders I said, “So earlier you said you were ‘kind of’ going out with a girl… what did you mean by that?”

I saw a sad look come over his handsome young face and he said, “Well she’s the first girl I ever dated, and we only went out a couple of times, but she started dating an older guy… a football player.”

My heart ached for him, but I also figured that since she was the first girl he ever dated, and they only went out a couple of times, Bobby was probably still a virgin, and for some reason that made me very happy, and then I said, “Well I’m sure a handsome guy like you will find another girl in no time.”

“I don’t think I’m handsome…and I still look younger than most of the other guys at school,” he said.

“Well I’m a girl, and I think you’re very handsome,” I said as I tossed his gown aside.

“Thanks Nurse Connie,” he said gratefully.

“You’re welcome, now off with your underwear,” I said, and then to throw some humor into an uncomfortable situation I laughed and said, “So how many girls have said that to you before?”

“None yet… except for my mom when she used to give me a bath,” he said with a laugh as he peeled off his boxers, and if he was telling me the truth, and I believed he was, I was now certain he was a virgin.

As he lay back, I got my first look at his hidden package. Hospital rooms are pretty chilly, so his adolescent penis had all but retracted into his body, leaving the pink cap and a bit of his shrunken shaft resting in a sparse nest of pubic hair, and the cool air also caused his hairless scrotum to scrunch up around his testicles. I could also see the cyst on his upper thigh that the doctor was going to remove.

“So are you going to try to call that girl to see if she wants to go out with you again,” I asked, trying to keep his mind off of what I was doing as I pulled a pair of thin latex gloves on my hands.

“I don’t know, her and the football player are together a lot, so I think they’re boyfriend and girlfriend now.” he said as I took the scissors and battery operated clippers and began shearing off the longer hair in his small pubic patch, and then he added, “But there’s another girl I kind of like.”

“Well good for you,” I said as I carefully moved his soft penis to one side while I used the clippers on the remaining long hair, and then I said, “Okay, time for a shave.”

I began using a sponge and warm, soapy water to wash his groin, and as I did he took a deep breath and said, “I’ll just be glad when I can get my license so I can really go on a date.”

After rinsing his groin, I started spreading the shaving cream, first over the stubble around his penis, and then on his shriveled scrotum, even though they were virtually hairless. As I did, I felt his ball sack relax in my warm hand until his egg-shaped testicles rolled freely in their protective bag. Then I looked at his face and saw his eyes were shut tight and his jaws were clenched and I thought he might be in some kind of discomfort, but when I looked down at his crotch I realized what was happening… he was starting to get an erection.

I could tell he was trying to block out what I was doing, while trying to envision anything that would stop his penis from inflating, but as I ‘accidentally’ dragged my hand over his shaft, I could feel how much harder it already was, and I could see the organ had more than doubled in length and girth.

Now I was purposely taking my time spreading the shaving cream, and when I was done, he was fully engorged. The pink capped tube of flesh that had been about the size of my thumb was now a swollen alabaster pillar nearly six inch long and as thick as a Nathan’s Hot Dog as it arched up from his foam covered pubic mound. Bobby’s erection wasn’t the first a patient had gotten in front of me, or the biggest, but his was the only one to cause a surge of desire deep inside me that I couldn’t explain.

Doing the best I could to ignore the dull ache building deep in my pelvis, I wiped the excess shaving cream from my latex covered hand and picked up the safety razor. His hard cock was hanging over his pubic mound, and as I gingerly used my thumb and fingers to lift it out of the way so I could shave underneath it, Bobby inhaled deeply and his face turned a bright red. He still had his eyes closed tight, and I knew it was because he was embarrassed by his erection, so I softly said, “Bobby, look at me.”

He slowly opened his eyes, and in a comforting tone I whispered, “Bobby, you have no reason to be embarrassed, you’re not the first patient to get an erection in front of me.”

He looked at me with some skepticism and said, “Is that really true?”

“I swear,” I replied, crossing my heart, and then I said, “And guys a lot older than you have gotten them.”

I could actually see a look of relief on his face, but he still said, “I’m still sorry Nurse Connie, I really tried to stop it.”

I actually chuckled out loud and said, “Bobby, you don’t have to apologize, and I have yet to meet the man who can stop an erection from happening… it’s an involuntary response that you can’t control.”

“I know, but I’m still embarrassed that I got one in front of you,” he said.

“Well I’ll tell you what, how about we keep it a secret between us,” I said, wanting to keep his trust, and then I added, “And besides, I’d like to think you might have gotten it because you think I’m pretty.”

‘Why did I just say that,’ I thought to myself, worrying that I may have embarrassed him even more, but just then Bobby said, “I think you’re really pretty Nurse Connie.”

When he said that, I was so stunned that I couldn’t speak. In my sixteen years at that hospital I had never felt anything like what I was feeling at that moment. I was used to having pharmaceutical reps, doctors, and even the occasional patient hitting on me, and sometimes I was flattered, but Bobby’s compliment was more flattering, and more arousing than any I had ever received.

“Bobby, that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time,” I said sincerely, and then I began dragging the razor across his pubic mound, shaving away the last bit of stubble that remained there.

Neither of us said a word as I shaved around the base of his penis, and at that point I should have been done, but for some reason I didn’t want the moment to end, so to prolong it I decided to go ahead and shave his practically hairless scrotum. I carefully pulled the loose skin tightly around his balls so I wouldn’t nick him, and as I did, my fingers rested on his perineum, the spot between the scrotum and anus that some call the ‘taint’. I could feel the root of his erection extending back almost to his tiny, puckered asshole, and without thinking, I pressed my fingertips against the hard ridge, causing him to groan softly.

His swollen cock was bouncing with the beat of his heart as I finished shaving him, and when I released his scrotum and stopped pressing my fingers against his cock root he let out a huge sigh, but I wasn’t sure if it was out of disappointment or relief. Even though I told him he didn’t need to be embarrassed by his erection, he still had his eyes closed, so I said, “Okay Bobby, we’re just about done.”

“Really, that’s it,” he asked as he slowly opening his eyes and watched me as I used a damp sponge to rinse away the excess shaving cream.

“Almost… I told you it was no big deal,” I said as I dabbed the excess foam from his balls, but the truth was I was disappointed that my task was almost complete, and I could tell he was too.

After rinsing the residue from his scrotum, I lifted his hard cock to clean his pubic mound, but this time, instead of using just my thumb and fingers, I purposely wrapped my hand around his stiff shaft and squeezed it as I pulled it back.

“Ohhhh,” Bobby groaned as I gently but firmly gripped his pulsing rod.

“I’m sorry Bobby, did I hurt you,” I asked as I felt the warmth spreading throughout my own groin.

“No ma’am, it just… I mean I’m okay,” he replied in a shaky voice.

“You can tell me Bobby… ‘It just’ what,” I asked, almost certain I already knew the answer.

“It just, ummm, felt kind of good,” he answered sheepishly as he blushed with embarrassment yet again.

“I’m sorry Bobby, I didn’t mean to excite you,” I said.

The truth was I glad I was exciting him, and my pussy was drooling because of it. Bobby’s young cock was as hard as titanium, and the heat emanating from it went right through my latex glove. Then as I squeezed him firmly, still acting like I was just holding it out of the way, I could actually feel his pulse beating inside the shaft as bl00d pumped into it, keeping it erect.

Bobby was squirming as I finished wiping away the last of the shaving cream, and I knew I was running out of logical reasons for having my hand wrapped around his cock, but I still didn’t want the moment to end so I said, “Bobby, I’m going to put some moisturizer on you to keep your skin from getting irritated.”

“Okay,” he groaned, and I could tell he was having a hard time controlling himself.

As Bobby watched, I released my grip on his erect penis and peeled the tight latex gloves from my hands, and then I squirted a dollop of moisturizing lotion onto my bare palm. I could see his eyes getting wide as he asked, “Umm… aren’t you going to put on new gloves?”

When I heard the quiver in his voice, I knew he was worried that the touch of my gloveless hand on his overexcited cock might be more than he could take, so I took a few moments to let him calm down as I said, “No Bobby, it’s easier to spread the lotion without gloves… but trust me, I wash my hands about a hundred times a day, so they’re very clean… is that okay.”

“Ummm, sure… that’s okay,” he replied as his voice cracked.

“Okay… good,” I said, and then I slowly reached towards his groin and used both hands to start spreading the moisturizer over the smooth shaven skin on either side of his twitching cock.

As I massaged the lotion into his skin, I felt his body tighten. My hands spread the slippery cream over the shaved area, but I purposely avoided his cock and balls because I knew he was on a hair trigger. I could see his hard shaft bouncing even more as his pulse rate increased, and the head of his dick seemed to be puffing up and turning a darker shade of pink as I applied the moisturizer.

My pussy was quivering as my hand slid underneath his erection and spread the soothing lotion over his smooth shaven pubic mound. As I rubbed the slippery liquid into his soft skin, the head of his cock bounced against the back of my hand, causing him to squirm. I had never experienced anything as innocently erotic as what was happening, or dreamt that I would do what I was about to do next.

I knew his arousal was reaching an uncontrollable peak, and almost without thinking I said, “Bobby, I want to ask you a very personal question, and I’m a nurse so you can be completely honest with me.”

“Okay,” he answered as he watched my bare hand smearing the slippery lotion under his raging prick.

As my hand slid around the base of his erect cock I asked, “Bobby… do you masturbate?”

“What… I mean, NO,” he answered emphatically, and I immediately knew he was lying.

I didn’t want to embarrass him, but I wanted him to know he could tell me the truth, so I said, “Bobby, masturbation is perfectly normal and healthy… guys do it, girls do it, and can I tell you a secret?”

“Uh huh,” he groaned as my hand slid dangerously close to his balls.

I leaned close to his ear and whispered, “Nurses do it too.”

“WHAT,” he exclaimed, and then he said, “You mean… you…” but before he could finish his question I just smiled and nodded, hoping to gain his confidence by admitting a secret of my own.

“Wow,” he whispered, and then he closed his eyes, and I wondered if he was imagining what I looked like when I masturbated, because his cock began bouncing even faster as pulse raced.

My slippery hand finally moved between his thighs and as I carefully cupped his fertile young testicles I said, “So let me ask you again, do you ever masturbate?”

“Yes, sometimes,” he admitted, and then he inhaled sharply as I slowly rubbed the moisturizer into his smooth scrotum. I could see his chest starting to rise and fall more rapidly, and I started to worry that he might hyperventilate, and then he asked, “But why do you want to know if I… you know, do that?”

“Well Bobby, I’m a nurse, so I know it can be very frustrating to be aroused like you are and not be able to do anything about it, so if you’d like, when I’m done I’ll leave you a clean towel and make sure you have some privacy so you can give yourself some relief,” I said as I smiled at him.

“Gee… no, I couldn’t, I mean there are other people here, and you’d know I was doing it, so it would be kind of weird… so no, I couldn’t… but thanks,” he answered in an oddly polite way.

I was actually a little disappointed, but I said, “I understand, I just wanted you to know that if you wanted some privacy, I’d make sure you had it,” which was true because I was so turned on that I’d have probably gone to the nurse’s restroom and masturbated myself.

As I finished rubbing the moisturizer into Bobby’s hairless scrotum, I felt sad because I knew I was done, but as I looked at his erection bobbing over his smooth pubic mound I suddenly felt guilty for leaving him in such an excited state, and before I knew what I was doing, my bare hand was wrapped around his throbbing prick.

A loud groan emanated from deep in his throat as at first I just held his bloated organ. Then his entire body shuddered as I gently squeezed the pulsing shaft, and I could see the head of his cock inflate like a balloon and turn from pink to light purple as I tightened my grip.

Room 505 was eerily silent as I sat next to Bobby, holding his excited penis in my slippery hand. I’m sure he thought that I was just applying more moisturizer, but then he let out another groan as I slid my hand up his shaft until his swollen cockhead disappeared in my fist, and then back down until the heel of my hand rested on his shaved pubic mound.

Bobby’s whole body trembled as he looked up at me, and I could sense the uncertainty in his eyes as he wondered what was happening, but instead of saying anything I just smiled and slid my slippery hand up his shaft again, and then back down, then up, and down, and up, and down, again and again and again.

“Ohhh jeez,” Bobby moaned as I rhythmically stroked his burgeoning prick. Anyone with experience would have figured out what I was doing, but Bobby was so innocent that I think he still believed I was just applying more moisturizer. But he also knew that if I didn’t stop he was going to have the most embarrassing moment of his life when he ejaculated in my hand, and that moment was coming fast.

Bobby wasn’t the only one on sexual overload. The dull ache deep in my groin had become an intense throbbing, and I could feel a sticky wetness gathering in the crotch of my panties. The material of my bra was rubbing against my hard nipples, and as I squeezed my thighs together, the pressure on my nerve-filled clit nearly triggered my own orgasm. It seemed like I was having an out-of-body experience, and even though I knew exactly what I was doing, it felt like some celestial being was directing my hands.

Just then I began stroking him a little faster, and as he realized he wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer he groaned, “Nu… Nurse Connie, if you don’t stop I’m…”

“Shhhh,” I whispered softly, stopping him in mid-sentence, and then I said, “I know Bobby… just let it go when you’re ready.”

“Wh… what?” he asked, not sure he had heard me right.

“I just want to give you some relief,” I whispered softly as my lotion covered hand stroked up and down his swollen cock, and then I said, “So when you’re ready, just let it go.”

“Oh Jeeeeeez,” Bobby groaned again as he realized that I was stroking his beautiful young cock on purpose, and that I wanted him to release all the frustration that had built up inside of him. Now his eyes were wide open as he watched my hand gliding up and down his erection, and I could see the muscles in his thighs and abdomen start to tighten as his orgasm approached.

My heart was pounding in my chest as I masturbated my innocent young patient. I still wasn’t sure why I was doing it, or what had created the uncontrollable lust inside of me, but at that moment I didn’t care. All that mattered was that Bobby was about to have his first orgasm that wasn’t self-induced, and the fact that I was the one giving it to him had my aching pussy melting into a pool of it’s own juices.

I could feel his shaft swelling even more in my hand, and I knew he was going to cum soon. His soft pink cockhead had ballooned into an angry looking, shiny purple knob, and the tiny eyelet at the tip was now a deep crevasse cut into the rubbery flesh. At the same time, the muscles deep in my cunt were cramping, and part of me wanted to plunge my free hand inside my scrubs and finger my own inflamed clit so I could cum with him, but I was still trying to maintain the illusion that there was nothing sexual about this, and I was merely masturbating him to relieve his pent up frustration.

Of course, that was a lie… the truth was I wanted to watch his beautiful young cock shooting gouts of thick sperm, and as I pressed my thighs together tightly to quell the rage building inside my groin, I heard Bobby groan, “Oh jeeez.”

“That’s it Bobby,” I whispered as I reached between his legs with my free hand and massaged his balls.

“Oh yessss,” he groaned louder and longer this time, and I could feel his testicles pull up to his body as they prepared to discharge their contents.

“That’s it Bobby, let it go,” I groaned in a hoarse voice and my hand began stroking his twitching shaft even faster.

Then he started moaning, “Oh Nurse Connie… Nurse Connie… Nurse Connie…” as the head of his cock swelled so much it looked like it might explode.

“That’s it Bobby,” I growled deep in my throat.

Then suddenly Bobby cried out, “Nurse Connie… I’m… gonna… AHHHHHHHHH,” and everything went into slow motion.

As his cry of pleasure echoed in my ears, I felt the tube along the underside of his hard shaft pulse vi0lently, and a long stream of pearlescent fluid launched from the tip of his swollen cockhead and splattered just under his chin. Then his cock flexed in my hand again, and another ribbon of milky white cum blasted from the gaping eyelet and landed on his collarbone.

‘My God… it’s beautiful,’ I thought as Bobby’s cock bucked and kicked in my hand, spraying staccato bursts of gooey sperm onto his chest and stomach. I had never seen or felt anything as incredible as his swollen organ pumping out its payload, and I almost came without touching myself as I watched. Bobby grunted loudly with each orgasmic spasm, and my right hand continued to slide up and down his pulsing shaft while my left hand gently massaged his balls, coaxing out their precious contents.

As I watched Bobby’s shimmering cum landing in thick droplets on his smooth chest and belly, I wondered what it must have been like the day that Timmy’s cock exploded in Becky’s mouth, and what was going through her mind as his sweet virgin cum flooded her oral cavity. My mouth watered as I actually thought about taking Bobby’s spurting prick between my lips and tasting his creamy load, but I managed to fight off the urge, not realizing it would be a decision I would soon regret.

Finally the hard contractions at the base of Bobby’s shaft began to ease, and his grunts of pleasure trailed off into a series of long, relieved groans. The once powerful spurts of cum exploding from his cock had turned into a thick stream that covered my fingers, and then, as the final muscle spasms deep in his groin pushed the last dregs of thick sperm up through his twitching shaft, his body went limp.

For a few moments Bobby lay quietly, with his chest heaving as he caught his breath. As my eyes scanned his body, I could see glistening puddles of opaque fluid dotting his torso from where the first shot splashed against his neck to where the last of his load oozed over my hand and collected in a pool on his pubic mound. As he lay with his eyes closed, I thought again about bringing my cum-covered fingers to my mouth and tasting his creamy discharge, but I worried Bobby might see me, so I suppressed the urge.

Finally his eyes fluttered open, and as they met mine I just smiled at him warmly and said, “Do you feel better Bobby?”

“Uh huh,” he groaned, and then with a look of pure gratitude in his eyes he whispered, “Thank you Nurse Connie.”

I smiled at him and said, “You’re welcome Bobby,” and then I added, “I just knew you were frustrated and I wanted you to get a good night’s sl**p.”

Of course that wasn’t totally true, but I didn’t want to confuse things by telling him that I wanted to give him a hand job, or that I had to fight the urge to lick every drop of cum from his thin young body. Then as I picked up a damp towel I said, “Well we made quite a mess here… let me get you cleaned up.”

After wiping my hands, I began mopping up the pearlescent dots of sperm that covered Bobby’s neck, chest and belly. I couldn’t believe how much he had ejaculated, but I didn’t say a word as I cleaned the pool of white fluid that collected around the base of his now deflated penis. After making sure there was no evidence of what had just happened, I threw the towel into the soiled linen bin.

As I helped him put his gown back on I said, “Bobby, I think we should talk about something.”

“Okay,” he answered as he lay back down on his bed.

I tucked his covers around him, and then I said, “Bobby, I didn’t plan on doing that, but I knew that I had gotten you excited, and I just felt bad that I was leaving you that way, so that’s why I did what I did.”

He looked at me with his beautiful brown eyes and said, “I’m glad you did Nurse Connie, it was the best thing I ever felt.”

“Well I’m glad you liked it,” I said, and then I took a deep breath and said, “The thing is, even though you and I are okay with it… well, some people might not approve of what just happened.”

“I know what you mean, and don’t worry, I’ll never tell anyone, I swear,” he said quickly, and then his voice cracked and his eyes misted over as he added, “But I’ll never forget tonight Nurse Connie.”

Now tears filled my eyes as I realized just what a sweet and thoughtful young man he truly was, and then I said, “And I’ll never forget tonight either Bobby,” and then I hugged him.

I quickly composed myself, and after loading the prep cart, I looked at my handsome young patient and said, “Okay Bobby, you have an early day tomorrow, so you’d better get some sl**p.”

“Okay,” he answered, and then he asked, “Nurse Connie, are you going to stop back later?”

“Of course I am,” I said with a smile, and then I left his room, leaving the door ajar as I departed.

Now that Bobby was safely tucked in, it was time to relieve my own needs. I quickly stowed the prep cart and checked all the patient monitors, and then I practically ran to the nurse’s private restroom. No sooner had I closed and locked the door behind me than my scrub pants were kicked aside and I was peeling off my panties. As I took them off I noticed how wet and slippery the crotch band was, and I realized it had been a long time since I had been this aroused.

I sat on the toilet seat and leaned back against the tank, spreading my legs as wide as could, and as my fingers combed through my triangle of carefully trimmed blonde pubic hair I closed my eyes and thought of Bobby’s erection, and as I remembered wrapping my hand around his virgin cock for the first time, my finger made contact with my inflamed clit, and a loud groan escaped my throat.

I knew there was nobody else to hear me, so I didn’t even care if I moaned out loud as my fingertip began circling my pleasure pea. My eyes were closed tightly as I thought about how long and thick Bobby’s beautiful cock was, and as I slowly teased my hard clit, I remembered the sound of him moaning and groaning as I stroked his twitching prick.

I was so aroused by what had just happened that I could already feel my orgasm building. I reached further down between my legs, and I was so wet that I easily pushed two fingers deep inside my swollen cunt. Then I started fucking my fingers in and out of my slick tunnel as I imagined what it would be like to have Bobby’s hard young cock splitting my pussy lips and stretching my vaginal walls.

As I fingered myself with my right hand, my left hand pushed my tunic top and bra up around my neck, and then I began squeezing my full breasts and pinching my hard nipples. My pussy juices were flowing over my hand, and I continued to fuck my fingers in and out of my aching cunt as I remembered how Bobby’s rampant prick started pulsing in my hand, telling me he was getting ready to cum.

“Ohhhhh fuuuck,” I groaned as I moved my attention back to my clit. My fingers were slick with syrupy pussy nectar as I expertly manipulated my nerve-filled pebble. I could feel the muscles deep in my pelvis starting to tighten as I remembered Bobby’s sweet voice saying, “Nurse Connie… Nurse Connie…” as his orgasm approached. And just as I recalled the moment his hard shaft pulsed in my hand, and the first spurt of thick white semen exploded from his cock and splattering against his neck, I came.

“Oh GAAAWWD,” I cried out as my inflamed pussy melted down. My voice echoed off of the tile covered bathroom walls as the muscles deep inside my cunt went into series of uncontrollable contractions, sending impulses of pleasure throughout my body. The feel of Bobby’s hard shaft pulsing in my hand, and the vision of his pearly-white cum splashing down on his young body triggered one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.

My whole body began to convulse, causing my round ass cheeks to press into the hard toilet seat as I came. My slippery fingertip continued to tease my nerve-filled clit like a tiny tongue, prolonging the powerful orgasmic spasms erupting throughout my groin. My climax was showing no signs of waning as I jammed the fingers of one hand back into my twitching cunt while the other continued to torment my hard nipples until I felt the contractions deep in the walls of my vagina starting to ease.

Finally, the last vaginal contraction gripped my invading fingers, and my orgasm was over, but the memories of what I had done with Bobby were still fresh. As I leaned back against the toilet tank, the cold porcelain pressed my naked back, sending a shiver down my spine. Then I pulled my right hand from my pussy and saw that my fingers were covered with my pussy honey.

As I looked at the thick fluid clinging to my fingers, I remembered how Bobby’s creamy discharge had done the same, and I cursed myself for not tasting his sweet young cum when I had the chance. How I wished I had done it. How I wished I had stuck my sperm covered fingers in my mouth and savored the tart, salty taste of Bobby’s virgin cum on my tongue, but my chance was gone… and then suddenly something in my brain went off, and a mystery that lasted for over twenty-five years was solved.

Ever since the day I discovered my dad’s stash of erotica, I wondered why I had been drawn to the stories of women introducing young men to the joys of sex, but I couldn’t figure it out. Then for twenty-four years after Becky told me about her experience with her cousin Timmy, I couldn’t understand why the thought of her sucking his cock and swallow his load still turned my pussy into a bubbling cauldron, even though I wasn’t even there when it happened.

But as I sat in the nurse’s restroom after my experience with Bobby, I finally realized what he, Timmy, and the male characters in those stories had in common… they were all virgins, and that was what aroused me. Subconsciously, I had always had the desire to be a young man’s first sexual experience, but it had never happened. Every sexual partner I had been with in my life had been with someone else before me, so I had lived out my fantasies vicariously through Becky and my dad’s erotica until Bobby gave me my last opportunity to be a virgin boy’s first, and that was what I always wanted, even though I didn’t realize it until then.

I was glad I had finally figured out exactly what it was that caused my deepest desires over all those years, but it was time to get back to work. I cleaned the remnants of my orgasm from my pussy and inner thighs, and then slipped my scrub pants back on without my underwear, which were still wet from the intense arousal that giving Bobby a hand job had caused. Then I washed my hands, checked my hair and makeup, and returned to the nurse’s station.

After checking on the patients’ vitals, I thought about going back to Bobby’s room, but I decided to wait until my shift was almost over and tried to read one of my fashion magazines… but I was only fooling myself. There was no way I could take my mind off of what happened with Bobby, or the fact that after that night I might never see him again.

Finally it was about 11:45 and Janice, the midnight to 8:00 am shift nurse had just arrived. I went over the charts with her and brought her up to speed on the status of every patient, including Bobby, and then turned Fifth Floor East over to her.

As Janice went to the lounge to get a cup of coffee, I made my way to Room 505 and stuck my head in, and I saw that Bobby was fast asl**p. I quietly tiptoed to his bed and looked down at his handsome young face, and I could have sworn I saw a slight smile, and I was glad that I had probably caused that smile. I knew that his surgery was the next morning, and then his mom would take him home, so this would probably be the last time I saw him, and I thought about waking him to say goodbye, but instead, as tears filled my eyes, I gently leaned over him and kissed him on the forehead, and then left for home.

My heart was actually aching as I made my way through the quiet streets, and as I drove, my mind wandered back yet again to the moment I became the first woman to stroke Bobby’s virgin cock and make it spit out its load, and incredibly I felt a new rush of warmth surging in my groin. As my arousal grew yet again, a part of me regretted that I didn’t take better advantage of my opportunity to do even more with Bobby, especially since I would never see him again… but I would soon receive a surprise that would push my arousal to heights I never imagined.


Part III, The Finale coming soon!!

Disclaimer: As always, this copyrighted story is the physical and intellectual property of the author. It is a work of fantasy, is protected by law, and meets all federal and state statutes involving written erotica. It also conforms to all legal restrictions on written erotica and the Byrne Convention, and is intended for the enjoyment of adults only. Any attempt to reproduce this story in its original, or altered form will be met with legal action.

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