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The Layoff part 2

It seems everyone gets what they want in a 69. So T.J and me we did...our hunger took over and we were sucking and licking each others cock like we were starving. I love it when T.J would suck my balls...his lips surrounding my flesh and nursing on them. I was doing the same to him....his balls were incredible in my mouth. Then with a slight smack on my ass by T'J's hand he found my asshole and began eating me out. His tongue dived and punched my hole. T.J then grabbed a lube bottle in his pants pocket and squirted some on my ass. Quickly he took my cock and balls in my mouth as his finger penetrated my hole. T.J rocked me hard.
My ass opened up to him as his fingers fucked hands cradle his ass cheeks as I buried my mouth into his crotch. T.J said," Your ass is ready for me...I could stick my fist in it if I wanted.!" So the sound of his balls and cock popping out of my mouth signaled that I was about to be fucked. We got up and he lead me to a bench inside the car. T.J put a cover over the seat and sat down. He lube and stroked his dark cock as he motioned my white body down upon it. I faced him as I stood above cock hard and my balls swollen staring him in his face. I lowered slowly down upon him...with him guiding my ass down to his cock. Suddenly a rush went through my body, almost making my cock cum. T.J's cock penetrated my ass and was inside me. I leaned over and laid my head on T.J's shoulder and moaned loudly. The feeling was incredible! We sat there and kissed and he held me with his hands wrapped around me. Then I leaned back from him as he grabbed my hips and thrusted them up and down. My body took over and It began riding T.J slowly. My hole lips sliding up and down his shaft sending him into a furry. His passion exploded and began pounding my ass with his cock...the sounds were amazing but then the feeling of his cock inside me pretty much took all of my attention. All of a sudden his cock hit my spot and my cock exploded! My cum flew everywhere...I grabbed a hold of my shaft and spewed the rest of it down on T.J's chest and stomach. T.J kept fucking me but said," That's hot baby!" as my last drop fell.
We kept fucking hard...his throbbing cock was now sending my body signals that it was ready to blast in me. All of a sudden T.J said, " I need you on all fours baby!" So I got up off his cock and quickly got to the floor and all fours...he followed behind me and mounted me. He slid his dark cock inside me again and pushed it in deep. T.J paused as his cock laid inside me and said," I love this feeling of my cock in your ass!" I returned the same words. Slowly he began to fuck me again...the smacking sounds began to tickle my ears. Thrusting in and out as he watched his cock and my ass make love. The sound deafen as T.J grabbed my shoulders and began driving me fiercely...I wanted his cum inside me! His and my moans became one as I felt his cock spasm inside me. My ass clamped down on T.J's cock as he pushed it deep and held it there. My body felt T.J explode...his cock shooting streams of cum inside me. I barely hanged on as the sensations of his cum went through my entire body. We both collapsed onto the clothed filled floor...T.J's body on top of mine. His ass on my ass was hot! His now soft cock slid out of my cum filled hole bringing some of his cum with as well. Our panting slowed and our eyes slept.
The dawn broke as the light gleamed off of T.J's dark skin as he was on his knees sitting on my stomach. His hands pounding his cock fiercely...his balls waving as they did. A final cum shot from T.J's hard cock landed on my chest and chin, he collapsed on me and we kissed. Our tongues slowly slid together and his cum squished against our bodies.
T.J said," we better hurry the train will be coming soon." So we got up our naked bodies and got dressed. We held hands as we took off to catch the train. Being it was Saturday and no work T.J invited me back to his apartment for some breakfast and a shower...of course the shower first.
Sadly tragedy happened three weeks later...I left for a higher paying job. Yet T.J got a promotion and is doing great! He is happy for once in his life! Not only that he fucks his boyfriend anytime he wants too, since I'm his roommate.
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