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I suppose that if it had not been such a hot afternoon (summer in
Phoenix can be real hell), and had I not had my appointments canceled at
the last minute, I might have never gotten bored enough to take in a
movie. I was a stranger in the city, however, and there was just nothing
else to do. I figured a double feature of something would be better than
going back to my motel. I was attending a sales convention and there was
no escape from the group. I picked a movie house that was showing an old
Joan Crawford film that I had missed the first ten times around. It was
on a side street and off the beaten path. I wanted to be sure that no
one from my company would just happen to wander in and we'd suddenly be
stuck with each other's company for the balance of the afternoon.

I got my ticket and went in about ten minutes before the feature
that was on was scheduled to break. It was enough time for a cigarette,
so I went to the john for a smoke. I wasn't above cruising johns, but I
had always heard that Phoenix was a pretty dead place, and what I had
seen in the four days I had been there had convinced me my informants
were right. Just as I suspected, the john was dirty and deserted.

I whipped out my cock and took a leak while I read the writing over
MASTER! There were three urinals in a row and at the end of the row were
two wooden stalls. I could see the peep hole carved through, but no eye
was peeking out at my emptying dick. I gave the old cock a flip and
tucked it back in my shorts. Just the acrid smell of the place and the
scribbled notes had given me a little bit of a hard-on. I thought of how
nice it would be to have a warm mouth to bury it in.

I walked over and pushed the door on the first of the two stalls
open and went in. I decided that I would wait and see what intermission
brought to the pissers. There might be a nice-looking dick or two in the
audience--if there was anybody in the audience at all. Opposite the
peephole that looked out on the urinals, there was a glory hole. It was
large for a glory hole for even big dicks. It looked more like an open
oven door. At least it would give you not only a look at your visitor's
equipment, but a good look at him (or her, as the case may be). There
were a couple of stories on the wall. One about some guy who had picked
up a cowboy and had taken him home to fuck his wife and how they had
fucked her both at the same time, and then how the cowboy had fucked the
guy while his wife blew him. Naturally, the cowboy was made out to be a
Greek god with a cock down to his knees. There were a couple of darn
good illustrations at the side of the story of good luck, probably drawn
by someone who had read the story at a later date. The pale green wall
was stained all around the story with a helluva lot of wasted come. I
can't say that it didn't affect me too, for my cock was fully hard now
and throbbing for a little attention. I dropped a couple of beads of
spit on the head to keep it nice and moist and to make it feel just a
little bit better when I rubbed my hand back and forth over the head.

The movie broke just about then, or so I would guess, because the
door popped open and in came a half dozen men. I glued my eye discreetly
to the peephole, but the guy in the first stall stood too close and I
didn't get to see anything for quite a while. He really must of had to

Finally, he stepped away and I got to see at least a half dozen
cocks before the supply petered out. There a couple of interesting ones:
one in particular that snagged my attention. It wasn't very long
apparently, but had a head on it like a doorknob. It was sort of dark
brown, so I figured it belonged to one of the many Indians around the
place. He kept slipping the foreskin back and forth over the head until
it was all shiny. When he pissed it come out in a flat stream about an
inch wide. I would have like to see the hole in that head. There was a
moderately big one on some young fellow in a sport jacket, but he
conducted himself and his dick in a most business-like manner, so I
assumed he didn't go that route.

Everybody had finally cleared out of the john and I was just
getting up and putting my now fully disturbed cock back into my jockeys
when the door popped open again and another guy came in. He walked
directly to the stall next to mine and came in. I quickly sat down, just
in case it might prove interesting.

When I saw him I was tempted to get back up and go. He certainly
wasn't very attractive. He had a bush head of black hair and a flat
nose. He looked like he had just come in from the reservation. Short and
heavy-built too. Kind of an interesting square and stocky body, if it
hadn't been for the face. Just as I was getting ready to move, he
dropped his pants and turned to me. That boy didn't have to be
attractive with what he had hanging there. Six big fat limp inched hung
out from between the hair in his crotch. He stood there just long enough
for me to get a good look, then he plunked his ass down on the toilet
seat. I expected to hear a splash as his big uncircumsized cock flopped
into the water. We sat there for a while doing nothing. I could only see
him about half way up his chest through the hole, and all of his legs
and waist were visible looking down through the hole. He had unbuttoned
his light shirt and the muscles on his stomach looked like a scrub
board; solid and firm. He sat with both his hands in his crotch so that
I could see nothing. Not a muscle anywhere on him twitched. I watched
and began to discreetly play with myself. I had the feeling he was
watching, but he was leaning far enough back that I could not be sure
without actually looking up at him through the hole. Little by little I
let more and more of my cock show. I wasn't exactly ashamed of the piece
of meat I had. It had been called big by some and adequate by most. It
was exactly eight and one half inches long and no cheating when it was
measured, straight as an arrow and big enough around that you couldn't
get your hand closed around it anywhere.

I showed it to my friend next door and noticed that though he
didn't move much, he moved his hands in his crotch a little and I could
detect a steady motion or massaging taking place there. That was all the
encouragement I needed. I stood up and let him see it sticking straight
out from me. I guess I figured he would be carried away enough to stick
his hand right through the hole and grab it. I guess you can't figure
Indians like you figure most people. He didn't move a muscle and finally
I sat back down. We sat there again for a moment and then it was his
turn. He stood up and in a single motion turned and stuck his now rock
hard cock through the hole into my side of the booth.

God! What a magnificent tool that was. It was at least ten inches
long and thicker than I imagined a cock could be. I wrapped my right
hand around it and there was a gap of at least one half inch between my
thumb and my finger. His throbbing piece of missile was a light brown
color with a glistening pink head the size of a doorknob. Doorknob! Then
I realized suddenly that it was the same one that had caught my
attention earlier. I guess when they are soft they seem darker than when
they are hard. He kept pushing it toward me like he was fucking the air.

I had originally planned to have my cock sucked, but I wasn't about
to argue with a piece of meat as big and nice as that. I managed to take
the head in my mouth by opening my jaws just as far as they could go.
The first time I had the head all the way in, I ran my tongue into the
hole in the head. It was as big as I thought and I could get the whole
tip of my tongue into it. That was the first one that I had ever had
like that. He started to grind his hips in a steady motion and rammed as
much of his cock down my hot throat as he could. This wasn't much, for
there was an awful lot left over when he was in me as far as he could
get. I let him grind away for a while, and I rubbed my hand up over his
stomach. Good solid iron. I reached down under his cock and hefted the
balls in my hand. They weren't very big, but they hung low in their sac.
As quickly as he had put his cock through the hole, he pulled it back
and sat down.

"Let me swing on yours," he whispered. I got up all too willingly
and shoved it at him. I watched that big mouth of his slide over the
head of my cock and down that pulsing eight inch shaft again and again
until, each time, his lips had buried themselves in my pubic hair and I
could feel my cock prodding against the back of his throat. I felt his
hand under my balls and then they slowly began to work their way around
the crack of my ass until they found the hole. Little by little he stuck
his finger into me until between his sucking on my cock and fingering my
ass I was trying to crawl up the partition. Just as he had me on the
verge of pumping my load into him, he stopped and stood up and put his
dick through the hole too. There we were with our dicks pressed against
one another. He put his dick under mine so that it ran down into my
balls when he pumped forward. Mine, of course, banged into his stomach
at the end of the run. He wrapped both his hands around our cocks and
then started to grind away again like it was the best fuck in the world.

After a little while we both had had enough of that. It had felt
good though to have the head of his dick buried rhythmically in my
balls. I dropped back to the seat and took that big thing in my mouth
again and started to suck him like I had never sucked anyone before. I
ran it as far back in my throat as I could get it and then I pulled it
out as far as it could go without actually leaving my lips and licked it
under the head where it was tenderest. In no time at all I had that
Indian ready for a war dance. He wanted to pull back again, but this
time I didn't let him. I hung on to that huge pulsating staff of life
and sucked and sucked until I felt him begin to tremble and to mumble
something as his fucking my face became faster and faster. Then with a
scream I am sure was heard all over the theater he bust his guts inside
my hot lips. Cum streamed into me like water flowing from a faucet. It
choked me and gushed out of my mouth like glowing hot lava, but I hung
on and swallowed all that I could. It was trickling down my chin and
down the wall of the booth onto the floor. His dick immediately started
to get smaller and smaller and I kept sucking it until I was sure he was
dry. That was one well-spent stud, I hope to tell you.

He rested for a moment and then he got up so quickly and pulled up
his pants and was gone that I didn't realize what he was doing. He
either had some sort of Freudian recriminations afterward or was just
the bashful type. At any rate, there I was alone with a roaring hard-on,
ready to explode at the slightest touch.

I wasn't about to go out and watch Joan Crawford try to repel some
man who I'd flip to get at, so I just sat there and started to read some
of the other "literature" on the walls. I hated to waste the good load I
had built up by jacking off, and so I sat hoping that someone would come
in the other stall who would be interested in my constantly enlarging
love organ. Luckily I didn't have too long to wait.

This one was just a k**, about eighteen or nineteen, I'd guess.
Kind of scrawny, but in that young rangy athletic way that so many k**s
his age are. At that point, I wouldn't have cared if he were only
thirteen. I wanted to get that cock of mine in some guy's mouth and blow
a hole out the back of head with my load. We played the usual cat and
mouse game for a few minutes. He kept his pants drawn up over his knees
so that I couldn't see anything except his hand shoved down in between
his crotch playing with himself. I knew was watching me, so I just
pulled my dick out into plain view and gave it a few healthy whacks that
brought a couple drops of ooze to the crack in the head. Apparently this
was all the encouragement the k** needed, for him put his hand up the
hole and motioned for me to stick my dick through. I didn't waste any
time complying with his wishes.

At first he just started to lick it all over with his tongue. I
could watch him by leaning backward. His tongue darted all over that big
cock of mine covering it with enough spit and slime to slide it through
the eye of a needle. He was just about driving me mad and I guess he
could tell from the way that my dick kept jerking up and down. He
tongued down my dick to my balls and swallowed each of those for a
couple of minutes, all the while sliding his hand back and forth over my
rod. I felt like I was on fire with his hot tongue all over me and hand
sliding on my tool. I couldn't take it any longer, and afraid that I
would pop in the air and waste it all, I jerked it back through the

The k** seemed to sense what the problem was and when he put his
open lips next to the hole I pushed the cock into his mouth like I was
going to nail him to the opposite wall. I could feel it push by his
tonsils and sink deep down into his throat. The little bastard didn't
even gag. I wasn't the first cock that had fucked him in the face. And
fuck him in the face is just what I did. I put my hands right up against
the wall while I pulled my dick out of him and rammed it down his throat
again and again, each time getting a little faster. The k** had his hand
through the hole and was hanging on to my balls, trying to run his
finger up the crack of my ass. It drove me off my rocker for a little
while, and I guess I lost control, because I really started to slam that
cock to him.

I could tell I was beginning to get to him, because he kept trying
to pull his head away and I just held him by the ears so that he
couldn't move and pounded my dick into his tonsils again and again. When
I fired my load, I thought I was going to have my guts come out with it.
My whole insides seemed to drop when I came, and there was a sensation
of suddenly flying and seeing all sorts of whirling stars. Cum was
gushing out everywhere and I could hear the k** gasping and choking and
trying to swallow so that he could breath.

I quickly let go of his ears. He pulled his head back and gave a
couple of quick pants and grunts, but never stopped licking the head of
my tender tool until it was too limp to stand. I fell exhausted back
against the other wall and then sat down on the toilet seat and tried to
get hold of myself again. In a few minutes the world was in its proper

I had sat for a couple of minutes longer and was just about to get
up and pull up my pants and see how Miss Crawford was doing, when the
k** shoved his hand through the hole. There was a picture in his hand
and my curiosity was great enough to take it and look at it. It was the
picture of a very small guy, probably about eighteen and about five feet
six inches tall, being screwed by another young fellow in his twenties.
The picture was a good close up and showed the huge hunk of meat that
the older boy had. Looking at it for a minute, I could just see the
asshole of the eighteen-year-old stretching trying to accommodate the
instrument that was tearing it. I handed it back to the k** and he
shoved another one through to me. This one showed another guy on his
back (you couldn't see his face because he had his legs up in the air
and arched back) and there was another middle-aged man with just the
head of his dick in the other guy's ass. Needless to say, it was a
pretty big dick. The third picture the k** showed me was of the two
fellows in the first picture. The eighteen-year-old was sitting on the
older guy's lap, the cock buried all the way up his ship-shoot, and the
older k** was sucking the younger's cock.

By the time I had handed the last of the pictures back to my
"buddy" next door, I was all upset and hard again. Apparently this is
what had been the purpose of the pictures for the k** stood up and let
me get my first look at his meat. If the pictures hadn't aroused me, his
cock sure would have. It was just a little longer than mine, probably
nine inches, and straight as an arrow with a sort of heart-shaped head.
It looked nice and thick and right then and there I decided to go for
broke and see if I could make the twice in a row bit. The k** was
reluctant apparently to put it through the hole so I could get at it and
when I stuck mine through the hole he just gave it a friendly pat. I
pulled back when he whispered, "Turn around."

Suddenly I got the picture. I had been fucked before, but never in
a standing position and never quite in "public"... and dry. Spit, I
felt, wasn't going to accommodate that delicious morsel of man. However,
never one to be a party pooper, I turned my ass to the hole and
hesitantly backed up. I expected to feel that shaft trying to force its
way into me. I was totally unprepared for what happened. Suddenly, there
was his long warm tongue licking up the crack in my ass. His hands
spread the cheeks and he started to drive his tongue up inside of me.
The warm moist feeling soon had me pushing my ass back at him so he
could get deeper in me. At the same time I was wiggling my hips and
fucking the air in front of me. Good? You don't know unless you have
tried it. He kept up his licking and tonguing until he knew he had me
hot enough for just about anything, and then I felt something cold slide
in my ass on his finger. He came prepared with Vaseline. At least it
would make it a little easier, because I was determined to get that cock
of his in me if I had to sit on it with only spit to help.

Gently his hands pulled the cheeks apart as far as they would go
and I felt him place the head of his tool right at the hole. Little by
little he began to work that thing inside of me. The first push he gave
to break the barrier put all of the big heart-shaped head in me and just
about finished me off. I knew then that that dick looked only half the
size it was. With the head in me he started his drive home. It was slow
at first. He worked an inch or so into me with each gentle stroke until
I could feel him pounding that meat well up into the gut of me. I
figured that I had it all, but each stroke seemed to drive it just a
little bit deeper. I knew I couldn't take much more, and gave a little
quiet sigh when I finally felt his balls come to rest on my ass. I guess
I sighed too soon, for then he began to fuck me. I had to brace my
shoulders and back against the opposite wall to keep from coming apart
with his lunges. He slammed that thing into me like I had no bottom. I
gave a cry the first time he did, but it didn't stop him or even make
him hesitate. He had hold of my balls and had pulled them back between
my legs, hanging on tight, so there was no place I could go and nothing
I could do but let him have his way and slam his meat into me as hard as
he wanted. It was only bad for the first couple of minutes and then he
had opened the nine or ten inch channel that he needed, and everything
began to feel better as my ass stretched to accept his swollen piece of
passion. Man, that k** knew how to fuck. He'd pull it all the way out
until my ass would almost snap shut on the head, and then he'd drive it
into me with every ounce of strength he had. Little, by little, I began
to work with him (even if it did hurt sometimes when he reached bottom
the wrong way) and he let go of my balls. Then he started a cork screw
motion that really had me hanging on. Faster and faster his pumping
became and I could tell from the way his heavy balls slapped against the
crack of my ass that he was going to shoot his wad. In a thrust that
drove deeper into me than any of the others, he let me have it. Cum
burnt up inside of me like white hot coal and I jumped at the heat of
the discharge and the force with which it shot into me. He held his dick
in me until it started to get soft and then I felt the bastard start to
piss in me.

I tried to pull away (I don't go for that shit--yet!) but he had me
by the balls again and there was nothing I could do. Finally, when he
pulled out, piss and cum shot all over the place as I tried to get my
ass on the stool. I'm glad that there was just the two of us in the
place, because the piss and the air coming out of me must have sounded
like hell. I was relieved to see that there was no blood, so I guess the
fucking hadn't been too bad. The way my insides and cock burned and
twitched though, I knew I was hot as all hell again.

As the last fart exploded, the k** handed me a note, written on
toiled paper in pencil. "That was Great Man. I Got a Buddy Outside Who'd
Like some of That. He's God a Big One. Interested?" I read the note
again and then sort of shrugged my shoulders. His next note asked,
"What's wrong?" I penciled a reply to that one. "I want to get my nuts
off too." His answer: "My buddy will take care of that too. He's Great."
Why not, I said to myself, and so I nodded when his face appeared at the
hole. He dressed and left and I whipped the last of the moisture off my
ass and wondered what the next one was going to be like. I couldn't last
much longer and had to get back to the motel or there would be a lot of
explaining to do.

I didn't quite expect what his buddy was going to be like, and was
more than a little bit surprised. The blackest, tallest, skinniest Negro
I have ever seen walked into the stall, dropped his pants and sat down.
I still had my mouth open from surprise when another piece of toilet
tissue came through the hole. "My name's Pat. My buddy says that you got
a sweet ass." I crumpled the paper and dropped it into the john. I was
still debating what to do; whether to get up and leave or to make the
best of it, when the guy got up and dripped his limp dick through the
hole. I can honestly say that I have never seen one bigger than that. It
was dead soft and it hung an good eight or nine inches down the wall. I
just sort of gasped, and if there had been any question before, there
was certainly no question now. There is a little of the size queen in
all of us and I knew right when I saw it that I was going to have it. I
ran my hand up along it and skinned it back and watched the big purple-
black head slip out of the foreskin. Even in the dull light of the john
it glistened. As I played with it it started to get harder and longer,
and longer and longer until it stood staring me right in the eye. It was
a foot long, twelve thick black juicy inches long, or it wasn't an inch.
"Suck me, baby, suck me," he whispered, and I leaned forward to oblige.
I put my lips around that black tool and swung on it like it was the
sweetest thing in the world, and right then, it was. I wrapped my right
hand around the base and held it while I pushed as much in my throat as
I could. All the while I was sucking on the huge piece of meal ebony, I
could hear him softly whispering, "Suck me, baby, eat that big black
mother-fucker, let me feel your lips drain me, man." Just listening to
him made me hot enough to pop but the combination of his soft murmuring
voice and the slow, but steady, pumping of his hips made me want to get
as much of that cock into me as possible. I wanted to be fucked by him
and I knew that was what he wanted too.

Abruptly I stood up and shoved my ass up against that big black
tool and braced myself for him to push it into me. Instead, like his
buddy, he rimmed me first. Only this time, I really got rimmed. His
tongue must have been as long as his dick, for once he got started I
know I had four or five inches of thick pink-black tongue whipping
around inside my ass. One thing, it was clean since it had just been
flushed out. When he got me good and hot, I couldn't wait any longer.
"Fuck me," I said.

As I looked over my shoulder, I saw him rubbing Vaseline on it.
God! How it glistened, black and unbelievably long! The glory hole was
just big enough for him to get his and through and he reached through
and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back toward him. With one long
steady push he shoved his way into me. The pain was unbelievable and I
began to struggle and it was all I could do not to yell, but his
determination was absolute and his grip was like a steel vise. His
finger marks left black and blue spots on my skin for about a week after
that. He just kept pushing and pushing and forcing more and more into me
until he had to stop because there was no place left to put it. My
insides were burning like fire, but there was no stopping me, or him. I
couldn't stop because he had control and he wasn't for losing control.
He began to screw me like he was possessed by something. He'd take long
grinding strokes that would pull that big black tower all the way out of
me and then slam it back in with the strength of a steel rod. My asshole
was snapping closed and open so many times that it began to really ache.
Each time he drove into me he went a little further than the time
before, and the pain make me want to get away, but I couldn't. I
couldn't feel his balls against me yet, so I knew that I didn't have it
all in me. After a couple of long fast strokes he pulled it all the way
out and then he started just to fuck me with the head. He'd pull it out
until my asshole closed and then he'd ease it back in and sort of whirl
it around a few times and then pull it all the way out again. The pain
of a few strokes earlier was quickly forgotten in this rhythm and I
began to tense and relax to his strokes. The pleasure of that big black
head rubbing around just inside my guts was unbelievable. With one of
his big hands he let go of my hips and reaching around in front of me he
started to play with my cock which was standing at rigid attention. I
reached down under my legs and felt his slippery dick as it kept sliding
in and out of my ass. It was real crazy feeling that big thing slip over
my fingers and into the opening in me, and it excited me enough to back
up against him again. He dropped my dick and grabbed my waist again.

This time he really started to screw me. He wasn't fooling around,
and judging from his panting I knew that the time was getting awfully
close that something was going to happen. Apparently he had been
considerate before, for when he lunged into me this time he really went
all out. I felt something give in me that had never been touched before,
and though the pain was quick and intense, I felt his balls come to rest
in the crack of my ass and I knew that I had that twelve inch piece of
black meat buried right up to the hilt in my white ass.

I was so hot now that I didn't care what was happening inside. I
wanted to feel him explode his load in me and I wanted to shoot mine
anywhere. The pain in my balls was beginning to be overwhelming. He was
working away with a frenzy now and he drove in further and further and
harder and harder. I could feel that marvelous wonderful piece of cock
getting bigger and bigger in me. With one terrific movement he pulled
the whole damn thing out of me, and then slammed it back into me, and
all the way up until his balls slapped my ass. He came. Right then and
there he shot that power pack of hot white cum into me. I could just
close my eyes and picture that big purple-black head spitting its hot
load of white cream into my guts. I grabbed my meat and started to beat
it like hell and in a second I shot a wad clear across the booth and
splattered it all over the other wall.

We just hung there like that for a few minutes. Both of us were too
limp and too exhausted to move. Gradually he began to pull that black
dick of his out of me and I could feel it slide inch by inch down and
out of me. I let it go with a big pop and sank exhausted onto the stool.
Man, that was the greatest.

I had a little trouble with my ass after that fucking, but my
doctor fixed it up and after a couple of months I was back in practice
again. Every time I go back to Phoenix, I stop at this little theater.
The glory hole is still there, and when I see a little trail of dried
blood on the wall, I know that my black friend has just gotten somebody
else. Next time I see him, I'll be ready.
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