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still more crossdressing fantasy

hey again -

franny the tranny here looking to share more wanton acts of pantyhose lust with my new foundling - a fetish friend who fufilled my oral desire with gobs of cum all over my face - he had really touched my slut side as i savored his sperm but this satsifaction was short lived as i craved more

i am such a pantyhose whore constantly dressing and reaching out to other pantyhose preverts on line - i enjoy making crossdress / encasement vids for posting - a regular addict to exploring my feminine side and what better way than to get laid - so i continued my seduction of femme fatale

i will call him synful cyndy as he seems to enjoy our little pantyhose encounters and he did say he was interested in more dressup - thought that was a great idea so i quickly encouraged him by offering him my selection of womans under garments to try on the next time - i think this excited him as he eagerly agreed and soon set up another monday afternoon for erotic escape

oh lovely monday , awoke wtih such a hardon in my pantyhose that it was not easy resisting the urge to release but i had big day with syn and i didnt want to diminsh it. after doing my morning shopping , i made to get ready for my hot date - showered after cleaning myself out , shaved and put on my makeup - really wanted to get it right as i was feeling really bawdy - i carefully layered my pantyhose with sheer suntan top and bottom - thought i would try my new red bathing suit with heels - this i covered with jeans and tshirt so i could greet synful c at the door

we meet at the door and this time he had brought some things - found this exciting as i thought of us having gurlie sex - getting upstairs , i closed the door and pulled the blinds - turning to him , i slipped off my jeans and took off my shirt revealing my hard on in my bathing suit - he immediately stepped over to cup my balls and i reached to fondle him - we both moaned as we stood there with each others cocks in hand - he stepped back and said that he wanted to get more comfortable and i agreed - couldnt wait to see him hard in hose again

he had brought a pair of sheer nude with the crotch cut out and some heels - this was going to be lovely as i offered to help him dress - taking off his shorts revealed his aching member that i had to touch - so silky - helping him into his hose had my hands at feverish pitch especially slipping his little head through the hole in the hose - i wanted so badly to jerk him off but i had other plans in mind - he put on the heels and i looked for a bra for him to wear - being the same size , i got him a black bra and was snapping it on him and adjusting for fit - he looked hot as i tweaked his nipples under the lacy material - completing the look, i let him try on my lavender night dress from fredericks

i had already donned my wig so i offered him a chance to wear one of my other wigs - he accepted and there we were - looking in the mirror at a couple of drag sissies - i loved it - he was obviouly enjoyed it as his dick was sticking straight out - we retired to the couch to watch our porn - mostly lots of cocks being sucked with frequent anal intrusions - was getting me all worked up for some hot sex of my own - i stripped out my suit and was totally nude in my suntan encasement hose - he sat there stroking as i wiggled my pantyhosed ass in his face and asked if wanted some
he laughed but he was interested in cracking my hole

well then , how about i moisten you up with my mouth? so i knelt down and started to lavish long licks along his length - drooling on delectable dick getting it slick for my bum - mmmm - love sucking his cock - so juicy and so stiff - thought it was time so i went to back room and got scissors and one of my butt plugs - cutting a hole in my pantyhose crotch to expose my puckered anus, i applied some cream to lubricate - i also slicked up my anal toy for insertion - felt so good sliding it in - working my hole to take it all - soon it was in and i was shivering in excitement

i had him move over to kitchen chair to where i could kneel before him to take his cock once more in my hungry mouth - working the plug, i bobbed up and down on his girlie manhood - i wa carressing his silky legs as he started thrusting back, i let him fuck my face - he was getting to the edge as his moans increased - wasnt ready for him to cum yet so i pulled away with a plop as he popped out of mouth dripping with my saliva - i was ready for next step as i stood up and turned my ass to his protruding penis -

he squeezed my cheeks and pushed my anal plug deep inside me making me gasp - was making me lose control as i could feel my hole drip with precum from my cock - slowly, he pulled the plug which made me sigh but i could feel his hardon rubbing against my nylon cheeks - it was a heavenly feeling when he posiioned his dangling dick next to my butt hole - sliding into my pantyhose he rubbed his dick between my cheeks getting me hotter and hotter - finally i could feel him find my entrance way and he started pushing in - i pushed back as he arched forward and just as quickly he was buried in me - i was being boned by guy in frilly things and loving it

standing astride his boner, i savored his hardness as he slowly pumped me from behind - wow - been along time since getting fucked and this was great - dint want him to stop as i leaned forward so he could plunge further into my nether regions - my dick was dripping as he reached around to jerk me as he continued to fuck me - so fucking good - fuck me hard and fuck me long - he was all worked up talikng dirty to me - calling me a cum slut whore - yes - i am your cum slut whore fill me with your cream - he increased his stroke to pound his balls against my scantily clad ass - he stabbed deep and locked my cheeks in his hands as i could feel him begin to juice

oh my - my kness got weak as he continued to squirt his splooge and i could feel the nylon of my pantyhose bringing me to climax - i spewed my load as he slipped his deflating dick from my dripping derierre - so dreamy , i had cum on front and rear of my pantyhose as i immediately started fingering my cum filled hole - licking it from fingers as i rubbed his joy juice all over my ass while he stood there breathing heavenly with his penis glistening with cum - i proceeded to clean him up with a good tongue job - making him flinch due to the sensitivity of his cock head from his orgasmic release - his nectar tasted like manna as tried to drink him up

he admitted that was one hell of a fantasy of his and he never dreamed it would be so fantastic - he especially loved being dressed and suggested maybe next time for a little role reversal where he could be on the recieving end - how could i say no - i think i may have created a fetish fiend for more cross dressing fantasy - synful cyndy would be back for encore and who knows where that might go

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wow I'm so horny just reading your erotic story I'm going to take care of myself and than wait for your next story
3 years ago
A wonderful fantasy that many of us want to have, two crossdressers playing so well.
4 years ago
like when you bone up for me and jack your meat - would love to frolic in frilly games and give you hand relief
4 years ago
More dress up sounds GREAT!
4 years ago
I love the new stories. They have me boned up and excited here in Vegas. In fact I intend to slip into the br for some hand relief as I enjoy one of ur vidros.
4 years ago