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stepdaddy Bill watches me with Uncle

I couldn't wring my wrists from his big hands, his fingers were clamped so tightly around my wrists. I pretended to fight a bit because I know how my struggling turns him on. It had become one of the several games we play when Mom wasn't around. This game made him cum the fastest. Me saying no and pushing him off me made his cock rock solid. The more I struggled the harder he pushed and fucked me and the faster came, my struggle would send him over the edge. But tonight I could tell he was determined to tease me and not loose control until he was good and ready.
He had my arms pinned behind my back and he had me lean over the kitchen table. His cock in his hand, he trailed it up and down my wet slit, teasing my wet pussy hole by sticking it in just a bit and then guiding down to my clit which he would rub harder with his stiff tip and then back up again to rest on my asshole, his favorite place to fuck.
"You really got the best of me last time, you know. Made me cum much harder than I usually do by pretending you didn't like it."
I laughed my sexy/evil laugh into my hair which was messy and covering my face.
"You liked it." I teased.
"You're right. it was very hot to cum in your ass like that, you telling me to stop. But tonight I'm goign to take it extra slow, little girl."
To prove his point, he slowly pushed his cock head against my bum hole. I wasn't warmed up like usual so the pressure was more intense and very hot. His control really turned me on. I took in a deep breath to help me relax and my daddy just barely slid his stiff penis into my butt.
"Oh my god, I love your ass. You're such a good girl." he crooned. His hand caressed my back and neck, slightly massaging me. he placed his hand back on his cock and slid more into my lubed hole.
All of a sudden, the front door burst open and, as usual my Uncle Mike burst through the front door. he held a bottle of wine in his hand which he nearly dropped when he saw us there on the kitchen table, daddy's dick in my ass.
Daddy let my arms go and I quickly stood up as Mike said, "Well well well bonding with your stepdaughter, eh, Bill?"
Published by sweetsimone
5 years ago
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Please continue
4 years ago
Lol, uncle mike cock blocked
5 years ago
nice but needs detail
5 years ago
Great story. I am sure there is more. Cant wait.
5 years ago
good story. this daddy would sure like to fuck your ass little girl
5 years ago