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Splash Mountain

It was late and the Craigslist ad read "Splash Mountain". I wasn't much for online dating, but with a stagnant home life and an even more boring girlfriend the "Casual Encounters" ads offered enough thrills for me on those boring nights. "Splash Mountain". The title was intriguing and I could only imagine what it insinuated. So I clicked and proceeded to a funny little ad that seemed to timidly boast, " 25 f Looking to do something crazy tonight. Watch out this ride may require a sign to the likes of the warning sign at splash mountain”. It was cryptic but I smirked at the funny implication. I won’t lie I had to Google the splash mountain sign. When I did it seemed to confirm what I thought the post insinuated. “You may get wet!” The sign read. I thought it was a very clever post and I didn’t hesitate to reply to it.
I am 24m 6ft black hair, brown eyes, and I must say that’s quite the talent you have there. I’d love to chat and maybe more if you’d like to…
I left an instant messaging screen name that she could reply to in real time and waited patiently She was obviously eager for replies, because before you know it my inbox chimed with her incoming message.
“Johnny is that you? Lol”
There must have been someone who knew her after hour charade. I answered back assuring her that it was someone different and someone very interested in getting on this “ride”. I asked coyly about the many attractions on her thrill ride.
“I like your email a lot so I will answer at least one of your questions. It varies. Sometimes it is a little dribble and sometimes I clear the end of the bed and hit the floor. Well, that happened once, but I was very impressed with myself. Tell me more about you. Do you have a picture?”
It excited me to get such a personal reveal. I squirmed in my seat at the thought of this woman and the pinnacle of her arousal. Most importantly I was in. She wanted more from me and that meant I’d have the dirty little pen-pal I’ve always wanted. We exchanged pics through e-mail and I was taken back by the vision I was talking to. She was a fair skinned girl with light dirty blonde hair. It was short and wavy. Almost beachy. Her eyes were crystal blue and she had strong cheek bones framing her very symmetric features. Her features were sharp and defined maybe slightly boyish too, but there was no denying her beauty. There was an additional pic showing off her curvaceous body as well. She looked damn good, and her chunky figure begged me for a railing. She seemed pleased with my photo and we continued speaking all night. The simple cheap thrill of talking to her got me off, and I spilled a huge load just thinking about her spread legs as she completed the track on another flume run.
I suppose our chats continued for two weeks after that. It elevated from coy questioning and idle chats to screen shots and the admission that we got off on each other so hard. I myself was always typing with one hand trying to maintain some sort of precision on the key board. I could always tell she was knuckles deep with fingers on the throttle of her rollercoaster by her typos. It was really fun and eventually we decided that we wanted to turn up the heat. She knew I had a significant other but wanted to meet. I agreed with much hesitation. We didn’t want to ruin a good thing or complicate it. So we set a date and she agreed to host. Apparently she had a house apartment divided from her parents. We could have coffee and chat in person. I wasn’t stupid though. I knew this was wrong. I’d need a will of steel to keep me proper, and away from her splash zones. Before I knew it the night had arrived that we would get together and chat like adults. I pulled up to her house and made my way to the door nervous as ever. My armpits were damp with anticipation and I had a hard-on from all the thrilling excitement. I wasn’t only meeting a friend for the first time. I was meeting the woman I jerked off to weeks in a row. It was 11:00pm and I walked up the path to her apartment. I took a deep breath and knocked. To be honest I wasn’t even sure why we were even meeting. I told myself this wouldn’t be sexual, but what else could it be. The only thing I could ever associate with this girl was the enticing thought of having a whirl on her tracks. The heart pumping climb before the quick plunge towards the finish. Finally there was her ever so curious warning. “you may get wet”. For god’s sake she was a filthy dream. I knocked on her door and waited. I guess that was why I was there. I needed to at least take the chance to meet the person who excited me so. Before I could panic through another thought there was a shuffle at the door and it opened. Her house was bright with every light on and it blinded me as my night eyes adjusted. I focused in on the stunning creature in front of me. She was way taller than I expected and let out a girly “Hi” as she hopped up. She was wearing a red dress that hung on her thick frame like wet paint and stopped at her cute plump knees. She was barefoot with all her toenails painted blood red to compliment her dress. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she prepped to be a tad more than casual. The cutie let me in and we shook hands as she guided me to the kitchen.
We talked like old friends that night. As the time passed I became much more comfortable with the situation. To my relief everything was kept kind of lighthearted. She was an absolute doll. We chatted about everything from politics to books. I knew it would have to be addressed sooner or later, but it took us about two hours to stray from more kosher topics. We started by talking about how we met and why. We both squirmed in our seats as we reviewed our digital escapades. She continued to shift the cross of her legs. Left to right. Right to left. Pointing her toes as she squeezed her legs tight. It was like she was fighting the instinct they had to drift apart. I had a raging hard on that I shifted to conceal as I noticed how hot and bothered we’d become. The tension was insane. Finally there was some break when she offered to show me where it all took place at her computer. I was indeed curious to see where she sat as we talked and masturbated. It also gave me a chance to get up and fix the bulge in my pants. As I stood up I watched as her eyes focused down at it before I could fix myself. She was obviously waiting to see it and made no attempt to hide the fact. As she got up I noticed her gasp something lusty when she released the vice that was her supple crossed legs. She led the way to the hall leading to her computer. I fixated on her wide hips as she walked. I loved the way that dress hugged her rump. As she turned on the light she held out her hand to present the temple that was our nightly playground. There was her desk and a computer. She kept it all quite neat. There was also a bed. This wasn’t only her office. It was her bedroom too. As immature as it seemed my mind stumbled on this fact and a quick panic came about me. She spoke “this is where we talk every night.” She pointed to the comfy office seat and then quieter said “and that’s where I…” She trailed off and her lower lip dropped as her mouth gaped in longing. My mouth followed as I took a deep breath. I needed to cum so bad. Our eyes locked and I was more turned on than ever.
I used every shred of my integrity to make no moves. Until she did. She broke our lusty gaze and trotted into the room and turned to me slowly.
At this point every body movement each of us made was a slow unnatural ballet that vocalized our need for release. I stood in the door and watched as we stood quiet. Her hands migrated to the hem of her dress and she turned away again. The dress rose uncovering the round of the finest ass I have ever seen. I couldn’t tell her to stop. I was in full submission to my desires at this point. The levitating fabric stopped at her panty waist band. She was wearing silky blues contouring her butt perfectly. I rather loudly exhaled, and she continued her show by pushing out her buttocks for a full display. Her plump contoured pussy peaked out between her legs. I focused in on the most perfect coastline of dark wet fabric creeping up from the depths stopping at the definition of her behind. “fuck everything I’ve been holding on to” This is what I thought as I gazed forth at what could be the sexiest moment in my life. She spun back around slowly with a shy look on her face. My eyes still leered at the wonderful patch of wetness. The front soaked high towards her waist band. She broke silence once again as she swayed back and forth eagerly. “ do you want to see just what goes on here every night” She smiled out of shyness and I simply hissed out a yes.
She grabbed me by the hand and assured me she would try and respect the obligations I had to my woman back home. She made it clear this was going to be a show and tell. I loved the idea. Frankly this was on par with everything else we had been doing for the past weeks. If we weren’t going to meet eventually. We would masturbate through skype together. I assured myself that that was all this was. “The fantasy video chat of my dreams” In life-definition no less. She politely ordered me to sit opposite her desk against the foot of the bed and I obeyed. Adjusting my hard on again so that I could sit. She returned to her office chair swiveling it around before she plopped into it. Her thighs were exposed and the way her everything contoured the seat as her weight settled in made my cock throb again with attraction. With a big grin she wheeled towards me and positioned herself just in between the delta of my legs on the floor. “Ready?” she said quietly but excited. She gave a final warning “look but don’t touch. Deal?” “That goes for me too.” She stated while longingly staring at my obvious bulge. I nodded in agreement. This was it. I was finally strapped in with a ticket to the only attraction I could ever care about. She stood up a final time and reached slowly under her weighty skirt. The dead silence amplified the audio of the fabric peeling away from her perfect skin. She bent her spine as she slowly descended the shiny blue fabric. After her knees she let go dropping the delicate cloth to her thick ankles. She stepped out of them ever so dainty. I was mesmerized by the perfect motions of her removing her soaked panties. She avoided eye contact and had an anxious thrilled look of realization that there was no turning back. “I should get a towel” she muttered while remaining still. I could tell she was gauging my reaction. I wasn’t 100% on what was going down but I assured her no towel would be needed. I read the warning signs and I wanted a front seat on this amusement. She loved this and bit her lip hard as she took no time to sit back down. She scooted her behind to the front of the seat and leaned back in a slumped position with her feet firm on the floor as she adjusted. My heart fluttered as I saw skin under the flap of her gown, but that was nothing. We stared into each other’s eyes intently. “feel free to get comfy too” She encouraged me, but I remained fixed on her next actions. The girl was anything but shy. She could see I was breathing heavily in anticipation of her next motion. “I’ll let you see it all” She spoke in a deep bassy cord and shifted the weight to her ass as she finalized the perfect position for her pleasuring. She reached down behind her knees and brought them up to her chest making sure not to part them just yet. I could see her damp slit perfectly as she cradled In the chair in a fetal curl. Was this heaven? This was a part of her show. She took it ever so slow, pointed her toes, and slowly separated her plump stems. I was feet away from the most perfect blossom. I felt her body heat radiating towards me as her legs parted their furthest and balanced as she lay back. I watched as her pussy lips peeled from each other revealing the damp pink within. She pushed her hips forward to adjust herself and at last the pungent scent hit me. For lack of a more creative description it was intoxicating and made my mouth water at the same time. Her womanhood smelled rich and deep with a robust muskiness. I wanted her all over me and my dick. I wanted to lean forward and gently bury my face I her. Those weren’t our terms though. So I got comfortable and unbuttoned my pants and unzipped them liberating my raging member. She looked down at me between her legs and smiled again as one hand drifted down and on her pussy. “I always start like this” Her eyes narrowed as her second and fourth finger separated her puffy lips and the middle one glided through the thick canyon of flesh. As she opened herself up for access I could see the very prominent hood of flesh crowning her perfect vagina. I could see she was a river of lust inside as she glistened in the light. She rubbed casually lubricating everything pink with her own abundant nectar. She was teasing herself right now and when it became too much she used her other hand to draw the pink hood revealing the most swollen little bump I’ve ever seen. She stroked it hard jerking her hips as she sent shocks of pleasure through her legs. It almost looked like she was in agony. “This is so sexy” She hissed passionately. “I’ve been thinking about you since we started talking, but I never thought I’d ever get to put on a live show for you.” She pushed up again tensely as she chirped in ecstasy. It was her voice her scent and her wonderful wet pussy that drove me over the edge. Finally I unleashed my cock and gripped it firmly. She paused to look down in excitement as I finally began to massage out all my lust. “It’s perfect” She sighed, and threw her head back continued petting herself. We held stares as we masturbated to each other. Steps away we could have easily collapsed into each other and made love until morning. I had to keep reminding myself that’s not what this was and I could tell she was holding back with the same. She squinted and gaped her mouth in want as she worked her pink flesh. There was no end to her thick aromatic sex juice. I could almost taste her in the air. I gripped my member tight and started massaging the fleshy shaft that ached for what was before it. She responded to my every motion with a smirk and a coo. Little by little she elevated her stimulation and by now she was gently dipping two fingers into herself. She motioned them in and then out again dragging them up and over the deep pink folds crowning her. She was slick thick cloudy goodness that kept her movements seamless and friction free. Still she needed more. As she writhed in pleasure she pushed against her hand with the most desperate forcing. Her legs were now spread as far as I’ve ever seen a woman’s legs go. She was artful in fucking herself I’ll give her that. I enjoyed the sounds of her juicy pussy as she was now pounding herself like a crazed goddess. The emotion in her face was that of absolute suffering now as I could tell she was so close but needed so much more. She glistened in the light with sweat and practically wept with pleasure. Explicative and lust poured from her mouth as if she was possessed. “Fuck! Please! Yes!” she begged at the air for an orgasm. I too was almost at my peak and I had to pause to admire the spectacle. I leaned forward and basked in the musky mist of her now violent finger fucking. If only I could taste her precious wet pussy. The thought made me ooze with my own juices as I griped while I watched. This was the final stretch. She reached around and cupped her ass and spread herself wide as she introduced a third finger for her finale. We starred at each other and breathed deeply. She gave me a nod and I knew we were almost there. She brought her knees in tight to her chest like a fully cocked shotgun and pushed her pussy out far. She worked firm and slow as she fucked her sloppy pussy towards orgasm. I gripped myself and began to work again as I knew this would be it. She grew rigid and spoke in tongues as she pushed closer to the edge. It was epitome of beauty. On her back with her legs so far apart. Wet with sex and sweat. Her dress clinging to her damp active body. I tried my hardest to burn this beauty into my memory because it would all be over soon. She started moaning the most deep throated noises you’ve ever heard in your life. I slowed my own pleasuring to catch every moment as she finally drove her rollercoaster car right off the track. She fucked and fucked and suddenly with abrupt pause withdrew her saturated knuckles. “You may get wet!” The catchy tagline came to mind as her pussy contracted before my very eyes. A stream of the richest sex juice arced out in what seemed like slow motion. I gasped as her love juice made the distance and graced my raging cock. It was the sexiest thing that ever happened to me and I moaned in reflex. She contracted a second time this time gently gracing my nose and my chin. As it ran down I puckered my lips taking in the taste of her pussy and breathing in the woman that was now all over me. This was Splash Mountain. Her whining cries continued as she assaulted her drenched snatch in an effort to coax another lovely spasm. I could have fainted but was brought back from the ether of her pussy as my dick convulsed and drained on the floor between us. What could I say. I got wet. I was soaked. As she came down from her high she began to relax her tense position and lowered her legs. Her feet gently lowered to the floor and became one with the puddle of our filth. She was damp with passionate sweat and had to brush the clinging hairs away from her face. A calm satisfaction blushed against her swollen eyes when she saw my face dripping with her cum. All was silent and calm except for our efforts to steady our breathing and the stray drips cascading down from her seat. Without words she relaxed and I observed all of her plumpness relax from the tension of her orgasm. She rose from her seat dropping that heavy soaked dress of hers that clung to her chunky curves and she helped me up too. We avoided any heavy commenting or interaction because the tension was so thick anything could set us of on a marathon of rabid fucking. She offered me a towel and I declined. I wanted to soak in her. I’d need her scent on me when I masturbated again at home. I headed for the door with the understanding that this was over. We smiled and she handed me a wet wad. When I looked down I saw a soaked mush of blue fabric. They were her perfect soaked panties. What a souvenier from the sexiest most thrilling ride I’ve ever been on. I left that night aching like I left something behind. It was the show of my life, but I wanted more. I breathed in deep as I sat in the car and took in the musky scent of the squirt that graced me, and drove away…
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