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“She wants you to come over tonight”

I was away in Indiana for a workshop. I was lucky to book a room in this fantastic hotel in downtown Indianapolis. I really like the hotel martini bar. I engaged in a few conversations as I flirted with the bartender. She’s a sexy petite redhead with a nice little body. Something about female waitstaff wearing black nylon pantyhose gets me horny. It was obvious that this redhead was not buying what I was selling but I seem to attract the attention of the sandy blonde 44-year-old who made herself comfortable sitting next to me. Now this woman was there with her husband. We found ourselves in conversations of sexism, sexual pleasures and music. The husband didn’t talk much. He wasn’t even present in most of our conversations. He would excuse himself sometimes talk to others and then come back and sit with me and his wife at the bar.
In our conversations the marry woman, Pam kept saying “I really like you” and kept looking over to her husband saying, “I really like him.” I was flattered and stimulated with our conversations. Excuse myself to go to the restroom. I was thinking it’s time to retire and go up to my room and call it a night. As I was washing my hands Pam’s husband came into use the restroom and told me that Pam wanted me to come home with them for wine and listen to some music. “She would like to hang out, since you guys have the same taste in a music I said “sure”. “It is my last night there so why not.” The couple offered to drive me, and bring me back to the hotel later. I know you shouldn’t except rides from strangers, but it was 8:30p it wasn’t late plus I was very comfortable with these people.

We get to their home, have wine, (a lot of wine) and listen to all kinds of great music for at least two hours. let me tell you what Pam was wearing. She had this short dress (that came up little bit past your knees) with knitted sleeves, conservative but yet sexy open toed 4’ heels. She wasn’t wearing stockings, but had the prettiest legs for a woman her size. She was just a right, curvy firm about 5’5 in height with a medium haircut. Everything was just right with this woman.

As we were talking She got little touchy-feely. Pam got comfortable, sat on my lap. She looked in my face we slowly started kissing. While this is going on her husband was sitting across on the couch just watching. He gets up to go to the other room. Pam tells me to wait here and make myself at home. I waited for a minute and got up to go use the bathroom. After relieving myself, I walked by this small room (looks like an office) and I can hear Pam talking, very softly and sexy. The husband was sitting in a chair, she is standing over him Jacking him off and saying things and I quote,” do you mind if I suck his cock, you’re so good to me, you’re such a good husband ...”
I went back into the main room and waited like I was instructed to do.

Pam eventually came back and took me to another room to show me a picture she had framed of David Bowie. As she was showing me this picture I pressed up against her. Now turned on by this woman… she smelled awesome. I don’t know what she was wearing but it got me so horny. She was trying to talk some more I just start rubbing my arouse cock on the side of her hip. I start kissing her neck and run my hand up and down your body between your legs. That’s when she reaches for my dick to start groping it. We move over to the bed and continued to make out. it was so sexy. We took our time. I went down to the edge of the bed open her legs and proceeded to give her oral sex. While doing this with my patent move I placed her naked foot on my hard on.
I rubbed her foot at the same time stroking my cock. Man, I was so hard. She had the prettiest little pussy too. I kept licking her lips, kissing them as she got wetter and wetter and wetter. I then softly started sucking her clit until she came. I stood up start to undress, she moves right for me stroking my hard dick and starts sucking it. It was so slow and seductive. I felt proud and honored to have this woman give me treatment. Long story short we start having sex, and fucked until we both came almost at the same time.

Afterwards, I got myself together she offered to drive me back to the hotel. When we got there wanted to give her a flash drive of a playlist I saved on my computer. I told her, she could come up and wait. Now it’s almost 1 o’clock in the morning. She comes up to my room I make the flash drive. Give it to her and she says “I would like to thank you for this…” And starts rubbing your finger up and down my dick. I look at her and I said “what, Round two?!” Before she could answer, I just threw my tongue right into her mouth. Kissing her now hot and passionate. We were going at it pretty heavy. different from the slow seduction we had over at her house. Some unbuckles my pants teases my cock, stroking as I’m still kissing her. Pam starts talking to me “ I want to ride your cock, I want to suck your cock, I want you to fuck me from behind and I want to taste your cum. Can you do that for me? “ I was so turned on I threw over to the bed and started fucking her doggy style. The sounds she makes it were so damn hot (not like the soft moans earlier). Her pussy tightens around my dick as I was pounding her. She’s calling out “fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” Pam came so fucking hard. She then tells me to lie down on the bed as she straddles and rides my cock until she comes again. WOW I’m thinking. Pam begins to sucks my cock. Tasting herself while humming on it. I lose control cuming again a second time but coming harder than before. Man, it was awesome.

We exchanged phone numbers. I told her I’ll be in the area right after New Year’s if we could hook up again. She answered “yeah, but call me to talk. I really like talking to you. I really like you.” She told me, she and her husband have threesomes but only with girls.
This was a first.

I have a habit for messing around with married women with or without the consent of their husbands. But this was different, it was exciting and fun and really hot.
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