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This is a print version of story she loved it by glasgowhorny from

she loved it

at the end of the night most ppl had left or went to a room to sl**p as i sat smoking a joint alice came in asking if i enjoyed her and jims party great i said only down is my girlfriend was so d***k she was out cold and alice said jim was the same but am horny i said as drink gets me like that me to alice said i had been looking at her all night as she had on a flimsy short dress that kept opening up to show her small tits and dark pussy she had a few joints with me as we chatted and we got round to sex and likes and dislikes and how i talk dirty and wank a lot she asked how many times we fucked i started sniffing poppers saying twice a week as she said jim wanted it once a month looking disapointed as i gave her poppers she said it made her high and horny i added yes that also asking her why jim does not fuck more as she is so sexy she said i was just saying that no i said id fuck you stupid as she looked at me as i said sorry she smiled saying i was a horny cunt and she wished jim was the same as she had poppers and lay across the sofa behind me as i jokinly said i could lay beside her and cuddle her as it was cold she pulled a cover over her saying i could share it as i lay down putting my arm round her to no objection as i stroked her back and her bum cheeks pulling her close putting my leg between hers pressing up to her cunt as i wispered to her i was hard as i looked at her nipples hard against her dress saying your horny to as she smiled looking at me as we kissed passionetly taking our clothes of as we were so horny her tits were small and sagged with huge dark nipples as i kissed them as i rubbed her cunt over her panties then pulled her crotch to the side and fingered her as we lay on our side i lifted her leg and eased my cock up her fucking her as she moaned then said to me fuck me as she climaxed i then filled her hole with cum
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Plot idea is fine, even interesting, and seems quite real. But lack of punctuation makes it too difficult to follow which causes the story to quickly lose it's appeal. Good effort, but better luck next time. Or edit, expand and repost it. Could work out much better.
4 years ago
Terrible writing skill. Don't know when a sentence ends or starts.
4 years ago