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Seein What I Could See, Pt. 6

Another chapter in the saga of a High-school aged young man and his exploits with with his voluptous middle-aged "Auntie A." These occurances start out as real, but blend into fantasy...

Friday's yard work about done on a summer mid-day when a toot of the horn signaled the arrival of my Aunt "A" from town. I opened the garage door for her and waited at the trunk for her to open it so I could carry in the groceries. I was treated to a show as she stepped out of her car...her magnificent legs showing as she let her skirt ride up. Wow I thought, she's never looked better, tight skirt, belted with a tucked in blouse and her tallest heels! "You look great," I offered. "Thank you, we don't dress like this for work and it was a retirement brunch so we put it on once in awhile," she replied. I carried in a couple bags from the store and followed her up the 2 steps into the kitchen watching the muscles in her calves flex as she climbed. We set our bags on the counter and she turned to hug me and me her. Something felt strange as I put my hands around her waist. "You've never felt me with a full-length girdle on, huh?" "No, I guess not, I like the soft jiggles instead," I answered. "Well, I can't wait to get out of it!? she said and continued,"finish up your work while I get more comfortable, I don't want the 3 glasses of champagne I've had go to waste."

My chores done, I cleaned and freshened up in in the garage bath and entered the kitchen. Oh my! there she was in the hallway door clad in nothing but heels, hose and a garter belt! He arms were outstretched to the top of the door jamb and her ample breasts were free to swing. "Ah, this is more comfortable don't you think?"she asked. "Oh for sure." I replied. I proceeded towards her and wrapped my arms around her waist and drew her closer. She responded with a few kisses as I also played with her breasts noting that her nipples were already getting hard! "Come help me remove my nylons, please" she asked. "OK." I replied. "You know its been just about a year since we started fooling around so let's celebrate!" she added. I followed her swinging hips an jiggling behind into her bedroom where she sat on a chair.

I knelt in front of her and picked up her left leg by the calf to remove her shoe. "Be carefull with the stockings, they are a new pair," she admonished. " I'll try," I said. I moved my hands up her leg to the garter snaps, pausing to feel that place where the skin bulges slightly beyond the top of the hose. I released the snaps and used both out-stretched hands to slowly slide off the nylon. I can never get enough of her soft thighs and big calves! I repeated the process on the remaining side, reveling in the smooth freshly shaven surface of these two great legs. "So, you still like my fat legs "J"?" she asked. "I don't think they're fat, just pleasingly soft," I replied, adding, "that's why I always took my swim googles when you took me swimming at Maggie's pool!" "They probably looked a lot nicer then," she laughed and added, "and to think your Mother was worried about you being a sissy when you wanted to help with her nylons...if she only knew!" I was still knelt at her feet so I took that moment to lightly kiss the insides of her legs letting my cheeks enjoy the velvet smoothess. Her legs spread a little letting a slight wiff of her sweet perfume reach my nostrils, I thought my she even spritzed a little there too earlier in the day. "Let have some fun, take off my garter belt please," she requested adding, " I don't want the champagne buzz to go to waste!" I wondered to myself what effect alcohol would have on our intamacy. I soon found out as we got set to lie down..."I want you to nibble my nipples, lick my pussy and then Fuck Me with that hard dick of yours!" Well, there went her side of our agreement to not use slang terms, but that's OK by me.

I started kissing her lips as she touseled my hair with one hand while trying to remove my shorts with the other. Upon being released of my remaining clothes I started to kiss and bite her hard nipples while enjoying those soft 38-Ds. "A" encourged me to go down farther and I did kissing her torso as I reached the golden brown pubic thicket. She raised her legs and drew them to her chest even placing a small pillow under her substantial behind to present herself even more. My face was now buried in her nether region, my tongue following her slit and feeling her labia opening. I almost got a cramp in my tongue trying to give her oral pleasure a deep as I could into her pinkness! She began to squirm and moan with pleasure, encouraging me even more and releasing even more of her wetness. She breathlessly asked me to enter her with my hard member. I complied and felt that warmness surround him as I entered. I started pumping slowly with my arms along her sides and my hands under her shoulders...I didn't want her to slide away!

I pumped ever faster taking in the magnificent view of her jiggling body beneath mine, her legs reached around my back, her fingers dug into the sheet. "Oh my gosh, I've been waiting weeks for this!" she almost yelled, "it feels so good!" "Me too," I said. I could only stand so much as my nuts began to tremble, ready to release their load. "Let me have it!" she almost hollered, "Here it comes," I panted. I released quite a load, coating her vaginal walls with a fresh load of my cum! I collapsed on to her and reveled in the feeling of ecstasy. In a bit I reluctantly withdrew my withering, spent rod, watching it being removed was almost as erotic as entering... and lay down next to her left side. I slowly rubbed her belly and watched her chest heave and breasts dance as she caught her breath. "That was a good workout," she said.

I watched her eyes close as she fell asleep for a bit, pondering my situation with her. This was for sure lots of fun for me...we both had agreed it wasn't about love but we sure loved doing it. My thought went to the fact that I was bedding my Mom's older sister! "A" was doing me a favor and likewise filling a need for herself for an intamacy that was long dormant in her life. I looked over her middle-aged but still beautiful body, sure there were some lines and wrinkles, her once spectaular breasts were sagging some and there were dimples of celluite on her legs and broad ass, but that only added to the mystery of the mature woman as far as I was concerned! Her eyes fluttered as she awoke from her short nap..."You sure relax me, you know that!" I noticed beads of sweat on her upper lip and forehead and wiped it away with the sheet. "Thanks...you know I wonder if we both could fit in the shower stall out in garage?" she asked. "Well, I said...(but that's a story for another time)
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