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SDaddy meets SBaby ( Pt 1 )

I’ll put erotic fiction stories together from time to time and here is one of them. For the record, it is Dec 2nd and my planned trip is on the 23rd.

Pt 1

My 2017 year flew by way to quick, before I knew it we were celebrating Thanksgiving. I’m a 50 yo single guy and other than playing softball on 3 teams during the summer I really don’t do much for myself. So it was closing in on Thanksgiving Day when I decided to plan a trip towards the end of December and I chose Atlantic City for a 1 night of who knows what could happen fun.
As fate would have it, I found a companion to accompany me in some East coast Vegas shenanigans who I will refer to as Sunshine. The day of, at approximately 1:00pm, we started communicating via text while in route to our destination. I was basically sexting, looking to build up our time together later in the day.
Fast forward to 3:00, just after I checked into my room. I had just set my bags down and sent Sunshine a text to let her know I’m here and to hit me back when she’s around the corner so I can meet her at the valet parking station. We get her vehicle set and head up to the room with her travel bag. As we walked up to the room, I was pleasantly pleased with my view of Sunshine’s body. The features I look at are the face, breast, ass and legs all of which look amazing. She stood around 5’ 5” with high heel boots on, as I stand 6’1”. Her make up was very lite if any at all, she was that gorgeous. Wearing a knit skirt with nylon hose I just wanted to burry my face in her ass as I ran my hands along her exquisite legs.
I figured we would drop her bag in the room and head back out to walk the casino a bit. But plans could change at any moment as I was soon to find out. As I was placing her travel bag down, Sunshine came up behind me and raked her finger nails from the top of my back to the base of my spine then continued over my ass and grabbed herself a handful. As I tilted my head back she wrapped her arms around my waist and ran her hands over my crotch and at that point found how turned on I was. Sunshine commented on its size which is only about 7”, so that boosted my confidence a bit. I turned around and d****d my arms over her shoulders then ran them over her ass cheeks. At this moment I turned us around as one and had her sit on the bed. I knelt down and lift her left leg as I went about removing its boot and pressed the sole of Sunshine’s foot against my lips and nose allowing me to inhale her intoxicating foot aroma. As I d**g my tongue across her sole, I ran my right hand up her inner thigh where I came in contact with moist nylon. I rubbed on her moist nylon covered pussy as I continued oral stimulation of her foot. I was working slow and enjoying it, but Sunshine wanted to move along. As I held my position at the feet of this gorgeous goddess, she stands and lifts her skirt to get at the waist band of her nylons. As she starts lowering them I have her turn allowing for me to view her ass as it is bared inch by inch. I tell her how beautiful her ass looks and I plant my lips on her right ass cheek. At this point with her nylons at mid thigh, I search out her hands as I’m still loving on her beautiful ass. With our hands intertwined I move my arms forward causing Sunshine to pull me further against her body. With the force of my face being pulled tighter against her I maneuver my mouth to the left so I can get at the split of her cheeks. Working my tongue between her ass cheeks brings stimulation to Sunshine causing her to adjust her balance and release my hands. With my hands free I lower her nylons to her ankles and support her for further balance as I work to remove her right high heel boot allowing me to remove the nylons from her body.
We now move our position so that I’m sitting on the floor back against the bed and she is leaning forward straddling my face. With her leaking vagina inches from my lips, I reach around onto her ass and with the slightest of pressure my lips contact her clit. I maneuver my lips enabling me to center on her clit and as I press forward I’m able to get more of it between my lips and uncover it from within. When she feels my suction on her clit, Sunshine spreads her little legs which now gives me better access to her dripping pussy. With this added access it allows me room to run a finger between her pussy lips. Upon my middle finger making contact it penetrated her woman hood effortlessly thanks to her arousal of wetness. The wetness of her pussy allowed me to add a 2nd finger, with my tongue flicking over her clit at a rapid pace and my fingers banging in and out Sunshine leaned forward putting most of her body weight on my head. Up to this point, I’ve been listening to her sounds of arousal, but now with my face planted between her thighs and my fingers going at a rapid pace I could feel the shake of her legs giving the signs of a violent orgasm approaching. As I’m all for giving pleasure, my actions adjust to her arousal signs and continue to suck and tongue flick over her clit as I turn my hands allowing me to search out the little patch of rough skin up inside her very wet pussy. Now that I have located her g spot, I maneuver the tip of my middle finger over it causing her to realize what I was going for. Well that brought on a barrage of curse words as I was bringing her to a ultimate orgasmic release. Her words triggered my reaction and I turned up the pleasure I was trying to provide. She was so a roused that her leaking juices and my finger action caused a very pronounced sound that only comes from what I was doing. Now I felt, was the moment to start moving my head back and forth in a sucking motion on her clit. As she continued to give encouragement, I was able to still focus on her pleasure and hear her voice get louder which is a tell tale sign of a good job as well as an approaching orgasm. We had already connected as one by feeding off of each other’s actions and it was a matter of moments before Sunshine let out a sound that signaled her orgasm has started with the full body twitch and my continued actions the flood of vagina fluid increased. As Sunshine increased her vocal pleasure, it was at its peak when she released her fluid in my mouth that was so forceful it over flowed out of my mouth and ran down my chin. I continued my actions for a few more moments before Sunshine made any movement and then started to back away from my contact with her.
Our time together was limited and We had already spent about an hour and a half in the room but I still wanted to take Sunshine to dinner and spend a little time in the casino together. As we separated our bodies, she suggested a quick shower together and then head down for a bit of the nightlife that was to be had.
In the shower I started washing her back, as I worked my way down towards the tailbone the soap slipped out of my hands. Upon squatting down I was in line with Sunshine’s ass, at that split second moment I ran the soap between her ass cheeks. As I made contact she reminded me of the time, but I continued to clean her for what I had in mind to do next.
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