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Another story in the series which started with Disobedience and Development

I am David. I am thirty seven years old and I have been very fortunate in life. In addition to having a beautiful, dutiful wife and a wonderful son, I have reasonable security and prosperity due to the financial management business built up by my father and the close network of supportive friends and colleagues centred on my club.

We have a very nice house and my lovely wife maintains it to perfection as well as meeting my every need in a lifetime partner. I grew up in a disciplined household. My father se... Continue»
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My weekend in a nutshell, is owned by black dudes

So, most of the time amymore, I spend most of the weekend solo. Not really in a bad way. It's not like I don't get anything out of it, cuz I do. I get paid Friday. We usually go out and get fucked up. We get home. And she makes up some random stupid lie about how she has to head out again. Occasionally I offer to come with and I get shot down quick as fuck. She swears she'll be right back, and I play along every single time. She leaves in normal cloths and a big as prse type thing big enough to fit skanky clothes and like 500 rubbers (I've been through the bag a lot lol). Then I stay up for h... Continue»
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It began as a impulse for some reason I stuck a toy I was playing with into my ass! It felt funny at first but then I began to like it and I found other things to stick into my ass...Sometimes I would hide in an old steamer trunk in the attic and shove something I found into my ass at first I started out small but as my asshole began to stretch I found larger objects to stick up there one of my favorites was a candle I stole from the dining room it was tapered at the tip and slid in easily and I could stick it in deep and kind of swirl it around that was fun! Once I shoved a small ... Continue»
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Former Mother In Law Went Shopping (Part 2)

Continued from part 1...

So there was Gail, on all fours with her hands bound to the headboard, tits hanging out the top of her bra, a butt plug in her ass, vibrator in her pussy (both held in place by her panties), and my cum plastered all over her face. She was ready to get fucked, but I wanted to have some more fun before we got to that. I moved behind her and slid her panties off, exposing the plug & vibrator. I took the handle of the vibrator and moved it in and how slowly, pushing it in a little bit harder with each instertion so the vibrating tip could tickle her clit. Each time I pu... Continue»
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Cum and skype me

I travel.. a lot... My job takes me to California at least five times a year for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. The first few days I'm there I'm consumed with getting acclimated and adjusted to the time change. By the time my sl**p schedule gets back to normal I find myself really missing my wife and making love to her.

She is a 5'1 blonde beauty. Her 110 lbs. are tight and tanned... all except the C cups that hold back her amazing breasts. Needless to say... being 2000 miles away from her for a couple of weeks makes things hard on both of us.

It has long been my commitment to her that I... Continue»
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Motel Magic Hour - Part 2

I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I stood outside the motel room door,

As per our chat a few days prior, we agreed on a few specific facts before I ever arrived at the motel room.

1) It was undeniable that I was a cock-addicted, cum-hungry sissy faggot that needed to be used and abused by men. It was a universal constant that I couldn't ignore,

2) Once I stepped into the motel room, I would be acknowledging the aforementioned facts, and the understanding that a sissy faggot cannot be relied on to understand it's true nature let alone embrace it... that all sissy faggots ne... Continue»
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Hanks Burgers by GuyMaddox#1


It wasn’t more than a few days after I met him than I learned that Hank liked to cook. So we sat around in his Arkansas trailer in the hills above Hot Springs, sucking each others’ dicks and watching Food Network.

On a Saturday morning, I was fucking Hank’s ass over the sofa in his trailer, and what comes on over his satellite TV but fucking Rachel Ray! Man, does she have cock-sucking lips- all glossed up and everything. For a minute, Hank and I stopped banging just to look at her. We laughed at each other, both of ... Continue»
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University Life

Early Saturday morning after a long night out I was laying in my bed relaxing half asl**p.
My girlfriend Liz was up and cleaning up the house from the little party we had.
While I was laying on the bed I started to drift off, after tossing and turning, i finally had come to a stop and something was different, I felt a warm wetness coming from my crotch area and I woke up startled thinking I accidentally peed myself.

As I jumped up, Liz was there “Shh baby, it’s okay, just relax, you’re okay.” Once I came to my senses I realized that her hand was wrapped around my cock and she was licki... Continue»
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Daily routines

It was just another morning like all previous. I woke up around noon, sun was shining and I was wearing black lace lingerie with my stockings on. - What the hell happened last night? Hum, I must came back really lonely, if all the toys were misplaced around the room.

I took a t-shirt from chair and went to the kitchen to make some coffee... Then i realized that I might still have some crystals in my room that has survived last night's party. I went there and saw 3 prerolled joints and half of a bag of happiness. I've decided to share that with someone, maybe doin' some online sex... Who kn... Continue»
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fun night out

it had been 3months since i moved to blackpool, so far things were quite good, i had a job a roof over my head. i had made some new friends at the hotel, and best of all i was getting fucked regular by tony our hotel chef.

me: im bored i need to do something,
auntie: what do you expect you havnt let the hotel since you arrived
me: think its time for a night out.
tony: ill show you round if you like
me: why not be here for 8. i said as i finished my shift in the kitchen.

off i went shopping , some new clothes was needed,

8pm came i was stood waiting at the front entrance. dresse... Continue»
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Hairy girls

The hairy squad.
The door locked from the inside, the JB pub has officially closed for the day now, they wait for me to finish cleaning the bar.
I haven’t told them about my apartment upstairs, have accepted their invitation for a swim though. Just finishing my job now. Fun is in the air, happiness, lightness, sex.
Yesterday and the day before I kicked them out with the others, today they can stay a bit longer. Free drinks after opening hours, of course, self service for the ladies. The White Russians go in quickly, so do the gin tonics, yes girls, you can smoke inside now.
The hea... Continue»
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Oh Go On....

I'd been seeing Davey for a while. We met at a gig and didn't mind that I was married and ten years older. I'd call round occasionally when in town and we'd have sex. He wasn't the most exciting lover but was good looking and well put together. He shared an apartment with another guy called Sean, a very quiet and shy kind of guy but there was something sweet about him. He and Davey were quite good friends but Davey would tease Sean about his shyness.

Every now and then when hubby was busy elsewhere or working away I'd make the journey to their town and stay the night with Davey. Fucking's g... Continue»
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Warcraft ERP: Worgen male x Gnome female.

Borain the worgen finds Hinko the slutty gnome by a mailbox, free for public use. Taken from our chat logs and formatted into a semi-story.

Among the semi-business of Dalaran's streets, which in the past month had grown incredibly cosmopolitan with countless cultures and personalities intermixing, was a rather unnoticed gnome. A lewdly dressed thing, with a thong which rode up so high that it had no function as concealment, almost even bringing out her back-most hole to the eye. The only other cloth on her body, save for her thigh-high boots and stockings and gloves, was a terribly tight tu... Continue»
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part 2.

so the next day i arrived at my auntie hotel in blackpool, i got settled in and she managed to get me to agree to work in the kitchen in the morning and the bar a few nights a week.
id had enough my boyfriend was fucking my boss, and i wasnt going to waste anymore time on him. time for me to live a little i thought.

my first day at work wasnt that bad, i helped served breakfast to the guest then got tiding the kitchen. i was mopping the floor, i had to wear a uniform black shirt which was very short black tights and a white shirt.
the cook was a older man late 40s i think, i noticed him... Continue»
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Firm business meeting?

Gloria was in her late 30's. Light-skinned black woman. 5' 8" slim w/ a nice ass. Cute, friendly face w/ a friendly disposition to match. Shoulder-length curly hair that caught one's attention as much as her booty when she walked away; Gloria knew they were watching, too. She enjoyed flirting and seeing men get all excited and bothered in her presence as she spoke to them, winking like a tease.

Gloria had married young, had a daughter, worked as a clerk...but her husband didn't appreciate Gloria after awhile, and wasn't much of a provider. This needed to change, and since he wouldn't Gloria... Continue»
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First time being a sub part 2

The third time I met Mark he was waiting out in the porch . He took me to his garage. Mark undid his pants and dropped them and his shorts to the floor. Releasing his cock for me to take care of. Mark sat in the chair and pulled me down to suck his cock. I immediately started to slowly suck on the limp cock. It instantly started to get hard. I was thinking about how much I enjoyed feeling a cock go from soft to rock hard in my mouth. It was so good. I used my tongue to go up and down the front of his cock kissing the tip. Mark said oh baby that feels so good and his cock got fully erect. Now I... Continue»
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the friendly skies

the friendly skies (part 1)
by laragene

red eye flight, coast to coast, summer night. the plane was practically empty, 3 seats to myself, "yay! maybe i'll get some sl**p" i thought. as always when i fly, i wore a light dress and a pair of light sandals, comfortable and airy, my long legs bare and free, my feet bare, the next best thing to being naked. as i boarded and walked through the aisle to my seat i noticed i was the only female on board, i counted 5 guys, they all stared and smiled at me as i moved to find my seat towards the back, even the flight attendant, male... hmm.

"looks l... Continue»
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As sex originate

As sex originate? The answer is no - the puzzle to solve science of the XXI century. But there is a hypothesis: According to one of them, this is a side effect of the biochemical mechanism of repair of damaged genes that arose more than a billion years ago. Evolution has proven - Sex useful. Actually, we talked about this and so have guessed. Science has given to rational arguments.

Sex has emerged from unicellular distant human ancestors more than a billion years ago. Almost all the a****ls (with very few exceptions) can reproduce sexually. Even jellyfish there male and female. Those a****... Continue»
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Rhianon's first gang bang

Rhianon was dirty, passionate, absolutely sexy and loved having men cum on her chest. One night when giving her grey haired co-worker a blow job she started thinking about him, their part-black co-worker and her boyfriend all cumming on her tits at the same time. She went into autopilot on the old guy and started massaging his balls while swirling her tongue around the tip of his throbbing boner. He was half grunting, half moaning because he hadn't felt anything that good since he slept with his friend's college age niece years earlier. He was pulling on her hair and tried telling her he was g... Continue»
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More hot neighbours undressing - Part 5 final

The middle aged lady who caught me spying on her with with binoculars when she was topless now kept her curtains firmly closed. One less target and only myself to blame, my own stupidity in getting caught had probably prevented me from seeing her monster rack again.

My memory is of weirdly long nipples for the undersized pink discs at their base. I just want to see them once more to confirm. Amazingly soon afterwards late at night she strode across the room butt naked. I could only see a brief glimpse before she looked my way scowling and immediately closed the curtains. I had very ... Continue»
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