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Meeting my lovely Cumslut, part 1

You're siting at a hotel lobby at one of Oslo's more fancy hotels, dressed in a short, black latex dress which barely covers your butt, wearing a bejeweled but-plug in your tight little ass. Luckily, youre wearing a coat to conceal your rather slutty appearance, which considering Oslo's cold winters, no-one has reacted to yet. You have done your blonde hair up in a pony tail, as ordered, and you have put on make-up, to give you a bit of a whore look. You see several men, and women, all give you a bit of a look, likely all speculating if you're an eat-european prostitute or not...

As you sit... Continue»
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College Gangbang

Back when she was in college, Nikki was known to get around campus. Having this reputation is what led to her first gangbang.

During her junior year, Nikki met a guy named Marcus in her Philosophy class. They worked on a project together, which led to them meeting regularly outside of class. Nikki is the type of person that loves giving without expecting anything in return, so she offered to take on the bulk of the project. It wasn't long before Marcus started taking advantage of her kindness and eventually convinced her to complete most of his assignments in his other classes.

Capitaliz... Continue»
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Pub car park gangbang for my slut wife

My wife is an attractive, mature, busty blonde. She's size 12 and 5'6" tall. She wears stockings and suspenders, short skirts and high heels when she is feeling horny and has the kind of slutty look which most men seem to find attractive. We were both feeling horny one evening recently so I told her to dress to please and we went to a local pub to see if she could pull.

We sat in an alcove by ourselves and were looking out onto an area of the bar. Nothing much happened for a while but then 3 men came and stood by the bar and carried on drinking there after their beer was served to them. My ... Continue»
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Nice visitors!

Had 2 guys (Vietnamese) show up late one night last week looking for a girl to fuck. I don’t keep a list here at the hostel so they were out of luck. They were probably in their mid 20’s and not bad looking so I offered my ass (and mouth) to them. I hadn’t had a good fucking in about 2 weeks anyway and was horny.
They turned me down…that night…

Monday night they came back about 10 pm and asked again, this time about doing me. Of course, I’m a slut, so they weren’t paying to fuck me, it was all just mutual enjoyment.
Since I’m almost always ready for some cock, I locked-up and agreed to ta... Continue»
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Am I A Sl*t ?

Am i a slut ?

I did it with him for my pleasure so i need you to tell me.

It was a usual lazy afternoon until i got a text from my lover, who is 37, text was “my friend is throwing a house party wanna go?”
I replied “what kind of party ?”
He sent me a photo of the invitation, it was surprising how only 4 - 5 couples were invited and for them the person had sketched an invitation.
There was a strange thing written below the invitation “Get your ladies, please”
I called michael right away, he was dating my lover’s friend. He said that the boys had to dress like a girl to please their... Continue»
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My friend - part 6 (the aunt)

Friend aunt - Part 6

After the incident at the beauty parlour, i avoided my friend for a while. i needed some time away to make sense of it all. With the December, holidays nearing, My timing was perfect. I booked a cabin up in the Drakensburg mountains for some peace and quiet. I just had to avoid my friend for 2 weeks before I left for my break However, the thing with the Indian community in my country, news gets around quick when someone is cheap and does good work.

After 'repairing' my friends plumbing problem, she gave my number to her aunt. She needed a quote on a bathroom remode... Continue»
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Gabi's Phone Adventure - True Story

Saturday – Gabi can’t stop old habits

Saturday early afternoon I arrived at Gabi’s apartment. During the morning I already received many messages, thanking me again for the night before and telling me how surprised she was, loving what I had done to her. The last message read something like “having a shower and then taking a nap. See you shortly. Love…”

I heard footsteps coming towards the door. Slowly the door opened and a huge smiling face awaited me. I was greeted with a

‘Luckily it’s you. I was still in bed when you rang the bell.’

‘You shouldn’t open the door, only wearing a... Continue»
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Ten Degrees Above Zero

I had been outside in the 10degree weather for 3 hours before I came inside ranting a torrent of general obscenities to my unseen wife. She emerged from the bedroom, her long legs gliding down the hall like a runway model, each step deliberately in front of the other. She wore a rich burgundy colored satin cami with matching tap pants. The material shimmered in the faint light shifting across her body with each stride. Her hair was all done up and flowing like a shampoo commercial and her face and nails were perfectly painted. I stood motionless and slack jawed as she came closer glaring into ... Continue»
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What I want

What I want

We've planned this meeting and I know what you want. As I enter the room and the door closes behind me, there you stand in tight bluejeans and a tee shirt that show your muscular arms and legs. You've demanded that there be no talking. I'm here for one purpose only. Your satisfaction. I walk over, drop to my knees and unzip your pants. You're commando and your cock flops out of your paints into my face. Without hands I lick the lenght of your cock and take it int my mouth. Soft you're 6" but as I take you in my mouth you start to grow. Soon I'm gaging on your hard 8" thi... Continue»
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Gabi experiences fingering and backdoor pleasure -

Our second date – Gabi learns new pleasures

The messages kept on coming. WhatsApp was blinging the whole day. Gabi told me she was very excited to meet again tonight after work. I was very curious to find out more about her. What turns her on, where are her boundaries? Last night’s massage masturbation was still exciting me.

We arrived in her apartment and sat down at the dinner table to have a cup of coffee.

‘Last night was wonderful, I couldn’t stop thinking about it the whole day.’ She said, sitting next to me.

‘I also enjoyed holding you during your trembling orgasm. It was v... Continue»
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The Start of a Frienship - Gabi Part 1 - A true St

We were chatting using WhatsApp the whole day at work. It was close to finishing time and taking the train back home. Another hour and I’ll meet her again. What started out as a friendly knowing each other had turned into a serious sex date chat.

I met Gabi previously, we used to take the same train. She was good looking, long black hair, average build, pretty womanly body shape and some serious D size boobs. At first I wasn't sure if she'd be interested in a romance. During our chat sessions I have asked her if she would like a back massage, as she might also be pretty stiff from the hour... Continue»
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Last night

I decided i was going to hit the pubs last night in a quite town called fleetwood near blackpool.
Let me tell you it was far from quite.

I am thomas , i am 6ft and hung with a 9 inch dick, a bit chubby but good looking with my halfcast skin.
Anyway we and my mates started drinking at his house that he shared with his younger s****r. About 30 mins into
drinking i needed a wee, i went to the bathroom and as soon as i closed the door there on the floor was his s****rs dirty
wet knickers. I picked then up and licked and sniffed the crusty crotch my cock was instantly hard , i wanked a few... Continue»
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Shared Cindy: Judy's story, part five

This story can be found online at the now-abandoned blog, “Shared Cindy”. As it's a true story and far too good to be allowed to disappear, I'm putting it on my blog here for everyone's pleasure.

This is part five, and finally Judy is getting to enjoy Joe's thick cock. Enjoy!

Going in

The sexual tension in the room was palpable and no-one moved. Slowly and confidently, Joe reached under Judy's gorgeous, round ass and pulled her closer to him and the edge of the overstuffed arm of the couch. All the while, his firm cock was still buried balls-deep in her clutching pussy. When... Continue»
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When I started crossdressing, not so long ago, I just used to take photos of myself in a garter belt, then I started dressing more completely, with nice HIGH HEELS... and gradually progressed to make-up and wigs. Then I progressed to video as well as photos, but I was always frustrated trying to ‘perform’ with one hand occupied with the camera, or the limitations of my mac camera... really really wanted someone to handle that end of things...

After a while I discovered a Japanese meet-site called Nan-Net and registered there (censored photos only of course, since it’s Japanese). From t... Continue»
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The Cumslut Emily

This is a post detailing how I got my first blowjob and how I became obsessed with oral sex. (all of the women mentioned below were 19 years of age or older, all names have been changed and any similarities to actual persons are merely coincidental)

I will start with the first time I got a blowjob.

Chapter 1 : Emily

My first girlfriend was named Emily. She was a tall brunette with a nice smile and timid personality. She attended a catholic school and spoke both french and english. Emily came from a middle-class home, was intelligent and all around a normal teenage girl. I met her at a... Continue»
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My new address Part 1

I was now 22 and had been working for Mike for 4 years. It was early June of 1986. Mike was now 63 It was a Friday afternoon when Mike asked me to come into his office. He said Jenn have a chair. Jenn I sure have had fun working with you but I have had an offer on the investment Firm and I think it's time for me to retire. I was stunned to say the least! But I had thought about it before and did figure it was coming sooner than later as Mike was having more closed door meetings than usual. He said the buy out was from a national firm which had offices all over the country. Mike told me that th... Continue»
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Asian cuckold with hint of the past, future and hi

NB: This is a long story, mostly true with location and name changes. It could have been split into two stories because it covers two incidents; when we first met, and a reunion twenty years late. I have created an chapters and headings. If you want the sex skip to them . If you want the back story, read the whole thing. Also, writing it, I now realize just how many stories I have with her, so if you like it, vote and comment and it may be the start of a series.

Part 1; The prelude. How we met.
Part 2; First impressions matter:
Part 3: Shaved pussy and a blow job.
Part 4: Eating her p... Continue»
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Sable The Red Sex Devil

Sable... i had known sable's face from around town and seeing her in the club some nights.So i knew she liked the BBC...she had a cute face, wore bright red lipstick, with full lips and a cheeky smile.she had say B or C cup tits a small waist and a nice round juicy DONK.we were friends on facebook but never spoke,she was in a relationship.but one day i went out to the club on my own,met someone i know and they took me over to her table and introduced me.there was two of them at the table but Sable pounced on me in thing i knew she was grinding me on the dance floor,like i was a ... Continue»
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Horny Sex Starved Mother In Law and Wife

I can only tell you my wife's labia was once petite. When this woman was 20 her labia and pussy was sweet and smelled perfect enough to adore and marry. Through the years of fucking Jen's pussy became so fragrant that her panties would smell up the closet and all my clothes smelled of her fragrance. People would approach me on how well I smelled on a daily basis as my clothes smelled of her scent in a very musky and good way. Then she turned forty...her pussy turned from sweet to musty and sweaty...not good. She would walk with her friends then want me to fuck her and as she took her panties o... Continue»
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Meeting Nanci in Alberta

This is just a story, and not entirely true.

This starts out a few years back working down in TX. The general contractors were a Canadian company. After a year of work I became friends with many of these guys. After the job we stayed in contact. Well, after lots of FB, and a few d***k phone calls, a few guys an I where heading up for a visit, and some fishing. My friends up north got us a nice cabin in the woods on a lake. The fishing was awesome, and we had a really good time. My 2 friends headed back to the states, but I had time so I was going to stay another week. My Canadian buddy Mike... Continue»
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