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I had many encounters with Bruce, Charlie and Daniel during my high school years and freshman year in college. Over time I became used to being used by the three of them. Some times they were rough and cruel,and sometimes they were kind and sweet.

I found out that it was after some of their escapades had went wrong that they were rough and cruel, attacking me viciously and savagely. When everything went well, they would look for some one to have wild sex to celebrate.

The three of them had been in juvenile detention more than once and had found out how to take sexual gratification ... Continue»
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Fucked and loving it (bisexual)

Sonny went up the three flights of stairs back to the flat he shared with
Jack. Sonny was a tall lad, 6.2 almost 6.3, with short black hair and
beautiful green eyes. He and Jack studied at the same university, though he
majored in Physics and Jack studied Biology.

When he entered the flat, Jack was up and about. Sonny stood in the doorway
a short minute, admiring his flatmate and friend: short, broad shoulders,
chiseled back, the perfect picture of the college tight-end. Jack was
walking around in his boxer shorts, and as he was washing a cup at the
sink, Sonny could admire his b... Continue»
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panty tease

a recent galler reminded me of a brilliant time I once had with a ‘mates’ girlfriend, some many, many years ago

As with a lot of things it started all innocently. this bloke and his girl joined our club. he was an ok sort of bloke, but seemed to be making a big effort to impress us with his tales of shagging his girl, hard, deep and macho like. He even reckoned he took her virgin arse.

None of us beloved him, but liked his stories never the less as his misses certainly wasn’t bad looking and had a bit of a figure about her.

As time went on his stories lessened and they formed good ... Continue»
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Carmen and Ali

It started out innocently enough, Carmen, simply putting some of her underthings away in Ali drawer by mistake when some of her things stuck to his. Carmen had teased him about potentially looking good in something like a thong, to which Ali responded in likely fashion, and rather hypocritically since Ali liked the way such things looked on Carmen. They weren't truthfully her favorites either, but She wore them for him once in a while to tease him up. The misplaced underthings in question were not truly a thong in the traditional sense either, but quite brief and intrusive, and not worn in som... Continue»
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Insurance Company Kissogram

A friend of my boyfriends who knew i had done some kissograms asked him if i would do one for the company he worked for.
As i would pocket all the money myself rather than give half of it to the agency i said he would to it.
His friend was a few years older than me and worked in insurance, anyway i spoke to him on the phone and he told me it was a retirement do at a golf club and he would pick me up on the night and bring me home.
The night arrived and his friend collected me in his car, i was wearing a black basque, black fishnet stockings and a tight black sheer thong and my usual high he... Continue»
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Risky Endevors Vol. 1

There are a number of things I've always dreamed about doing but never had the courage to try or ask my wife Beth to try. I'm sure most people (including Beth) have similar lists. She always asks me if there is anything I want her to do or if there is anything I want to try, but I usually just smile and say "I love everything you do". Every once in a while my courage level goes up enough to drop a hint or get a little adventurous, and through the years I've found that she is almost always willing to let me explore. Beth also gets adventurous from time to time, especially if she's had a few coc... Continue»
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Giving a Ride

Mary Kay Toms a married woman 38yrs three k**s a girl away at school a girl at home and a son one month ago left for the Army. On her way home after a late night at work, her car quits it just stops and will not start again. Calling home no one answers so she starts to walk it's only about six blocks but it's raining, she didn't wear a coat and her light dress is soaked sticking to her body. As Jan comes around the bend her lights shine on the woman being wet the lights on her the dress is see through and Jan can see no bra only skimpy panties. Stopping to see it's Mary Kay the mother of G... Continue»
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response to masturbation survey

Are you male or female? Female
Age? 45
At what age did you start masturbating? 10 or 11, don't remember which.
How many times a week do you masturbate? Normally once a twice a day, more if I can't get sex that day
How many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? Most times

Where do you masturbate:

In bed? Yes
In the shower? Yes
In the bath? Yes, including public bathrooms
Outdoors? Yes. In my fields, public parks, woods, beach, river, etc.
At work?
Every room in the house? Yes
In a car while traveling along the interstate? Yes, sometimes when I'm driving and somet... Continue»
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As we pull into my driveway she is hanging out the window of my truck letting the warm breeze hit her hard nipples. All the while her sweet ass is up in the air and that beautiful camel toe ready to be eaten. No sooner did I put the truck in park I was laying on my back under her flickering my tongue across her clit. WOW was she juice and smelled so sweet.

She got real quite as I licked her camel toe up and down, side to side. I could start to hear her moan as she lowered her sweet pussy down on to my face. Before I knew it she ... Continue»
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My Fantasy (1)

When i'm feeling as i do pretty much every hour of the day! i like to fantasise and make up scenes in my head, one of the hottest and most erotic scenes for me is the role of me being a cuckold, as you can see from my pics i'm not that well hung for a guy, and i feel women deserve only the best! This is why my ultimate fantasy has to be to see my wife or my mother/s****r with other guys that are well hung, preferably white or black guys.

The thought of a hijabi muslim girl, a girl that looks pious and shy to the public but deep down she's the horniest of the lot, this is a major major turn... Continue»
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The Wait by isleofmiguel*

I couldn’t wait any longer. He said he’d be here by 4:00, so I left the door unlocked on this blustery winter day. And as I walked through the house to the base of the staircase. I looked out the windows and watched the snow swirl around and make small drifts in the street. I head up the stairs and take off my clothes as I enter my room.

I turn on the water and it doesn’t take long for the steam of the shower to fog up the windows and mirrors. I step over the edge of the tub and absorb the hot water as it pours over my sore muscles. I pull the curtain closed and bend over to pla... Continue»
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Leaving the Condos

It was 2AM and we were out of booze. Everyone was trashed for sure. It had been a great night and we'd been smokin tough. Man Ralph could grow some sickshit!

Kerry had been teasing me all night long. Lifting up her short skirt and flashing me when no one was looking. My dick had been drooling pre cum into my shorts all night.

We said Later to everyone and left the appartment.

It was a hot summer night. I pushed the button to the elavator and started rubbing Kerry's pussy lips thru her skirt as we waited. Ding, the doors opened and we walked in never taking my hand off her pussy. Th... Continue»
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The Gym, part one.

The gym looks empty when he arrives late in the evening. After some stretches and adjusting the stereo he starts out on the treadmill. With the music full blast and the steady thump of shoe against the roller, he doesn't notice the first few strikes to the punchbag in the corner and is startled when she walks past him towards the drinking fountain, almost getting thrown from the machine. She notices. 'Sorry, bet you thought you were alone'. 'I did, no worries though'. She smiles and continues to the water. He watches as she leans forward to drink. His pace slows. She is clad in a sports top, c... Continue»
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Hard a Fast - A Quickie!

My fat cock slams in to your dripping wet, tight bald cunt, drawing a gasp of pleasure from you.

The wet sounds of our passion seem to echo around the room, never fading as I relentlessly drill my dick in to you with brutal f***e.

My right hand clenches your long golden locks, pulling your head back, forcing you to look upwards at the ceiling.

My left hand slaps your already red arse, leaving brief imprints of my hand in white against the red flesh. Marks that sometimes fade before the next blow is struck, at other times they criss cross each other, making a mosaic of slaps on your bu... Continue»
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Amy at the Movies

Amy fidgeted nervously with the back of her skirt. The wind was strong today and kept threatening to blow it around her waist. It felt great on her under carriage but the idea of being exposed like that terrified her yet thrilled her all at the same time. Still this was the first time she was out and about dressed to the nines to meet a guy so she wasn't ready for things to go sideways just yet. She marched up to the ticket booth confidently. She was happy she had been perfecting her heel work and it was paying off, even if the ticket seller wasn't paying attention enough for it to pay off. Sh... Continue»
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However in fetish circles she is known as strap on Sam ,as she has a penchant for using a strap on, apart from, thrashing whipping naughty girls / boys. She loves young collage boys, her specialities are young collage girls / sissy boys.

In your case it will be a straight out sexual correction. She has asked that she take you straight out. But Miss Jacks and my self have decided that you be attended to softened up before she starts. Lady Samantha., has agreed to this but it must be done under her direction.

Be rest assured this time your balls will be drained... Continue»
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Fantasy cuckold story I sent to a friend

Imagining going to a hotel and telling her you are here to give her a massage. As she lays down on the bed, I reassure you are the best. The night before we watched mfm porn and I used her favorite toy on her as she was giving me head. I wanted the idea fresh in her mind.You rub oil on her back, you notice the wine and smile. I wanted her relaxed for you, I offer you a glass as I add to hers. I notice your hands are moving lower down her back, the idea of where this is going is turning me on. As you massage her lower back I start to adjust the hard on I have in my shorts, I do this while she ... Continue»
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Driving home naked: True story by erotic7...

Just thought I had to share this with the xHamster comunity, its something I've often thought about doing and something I've always wanted to do. A bit of a fetish I suppose! I know it felt very kinky and very sexual. Anyway heres the story....

Last night I was invited over to my s****rs for dinner, so I thought great, what if I have a go at naked driving on the way home after. Its usually about 11.00 pm when I leave my s****rs and head the approx four miles home. Now bear in mind this is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but always thought better not, its a bit naughty and I cou... Continue»
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Hotwife Orgy part 3

Mistress went around the circle and grabbed each of us by the penis and pulled at our balls. “You will continue to masturbate each other” she said, “I will tell you when you can stop.” My little head was sore as my jerk partner began pulling again. Having lost my passion, my brain took over and I felt like I had been punched in the stomach. What was happening? Real men, real husbands don’t let their wives have sex with other men, I thought. What if my friends found out? What about my f****y? No one would understand. Suddenly I thought about Jim. Would he tell anyone that he fucked my wife whil... Continue»
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Truth or Dare: Bar Style

So we find ourselves at a Holi-dome for the weekend.
It's big hotel with the indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, a
bar with dance floor, and a conference with a lot of
partiers. Vicki, my wife is extremely hot and I love
her dearly. I could tell she was in a very special mood
when she wore my favorite outfit of hers. It's a denim
skirt (that snaps all the way up the front) with no bra
or panties.

We get into the bar around 9pm and it's already
hopping. As she hops up on the bar stool, she purposely
unsnaps the lowest snap on her dress and gives me the
most awesome smile. She ... Continue»
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