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This is a print version of story Rachael: Father of the Groom by magas911 from xHamster.com

Rachael: Father of the Groom

She seduces groom's father before the wedding.

Rachael regarded herself in the mirror. This was the day she had been waiting for - her wedding. She had wanted to get married to James for so many reasons. Surprisingly, sex was one of them, even though James was a lousy lay with a tiny pencil dick. But sex with other men had been so much more fun ever since James had slid the big diamond engagement ring onto her finger. She felt so bad, and so good at the same time, whenever she felt it on her finger while another man fucked the pussy she had promised to James. She remembered the very night that James had proposed to her. She had smiled and said yes, kissed him and enjoyed the weight of the very expensive ring on her hand. And after their dinner, she had excused herself for the night, called Alan, and had him come over to her place to find her in all her naked glory, wearing only her sparkling engagement ring. She had been tantalized by the way her diamond ring looked when her hand was wrapped around Alan's huge shaft. She was shaking with nasty lust when she held her hand over her firm round breasts, and Alan's cum spurted all over her ring. And her very first orgasm of her engagement night, without her fiance of course, was so strong - rubbing her clit furiously while she licked Alan's cum from her ring. She had made a ritual out of the ring licking since, and planned to do the same once a shiny wedding band joined the diamond engagement ring.

Now, she saw herself in her wedding dress in the mirror. She looked stunning, and she knew it. Rachael smiled. She thought about the fact that probably half a dozen of James' friends and coworkers, who would be at her wedding ceremony, had plunged their cocks deeper into Rachael's pussy than James ever could. Her pussy was tingling, and she wondered what she could do to make this day more complete and perfect, when the doorbell rang.

When she opened the door, James' father, Benjamin, stood there, ready to pick her up and drive her to the church. Rachael took a deep breath. She knew Ben had the hots for her - she had teased him mercilessly for months, and she had heard him masturbating on their bathroom during family visits, whispering her name. She wasn't sure whether Ben would go as far as actually fucking her - but now she was set to find out. She smiled her brightest smile as she noticed how Ben's glance dropped to regard her perfect wedding dress cleavage for a moment. "Ben," she said, and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Her intriguing perfume enveloped him. "You're early - I'm not quite ready yet. But you can help me out." She took his hand and pulled him into her house; the place she would leave behind to move in with James right after the honeymoon.

Ben followed, his heart beating faster. He treasured moments with Rachael alone more than he could tell anyone. He wasn't quite sure how his shy, uninteresting son had managed to reel her in, but he was glad - because he got to spend time around her now. "What's the problem?"

Rachael stopped in the middle of her luxurious living room, and pointed to the table. "I didn't put my garter on... and now, with my wedding dress on and all... I just can't reach." Her voice was sweet, but her eyes had that wicked spark in them. She lifted her dress a little by the sides, revealing her white sandals, with elegant straps and those very high heels. "Please, can you slide it on?"

Ben hesitated for a moment. His heart started beating faster. Was this an invitation to something more, or just an innocent request? He nodded. "Uh, sure..." After reaching over to the table and grabbing the velvet garter, he kneeled in front of his son's bride. His fingers were shaking softly as she slowly lifted her pretty little foot in her wedding shoe. Ben slipped the garter around it, and up to her ankle.

Rachael bit her lower lip playfully, and pulled her dress up higher, revealing more of her long, slender leg in the pure white stocking. She felt the familiar feeling of excitement in her chest, that delicious pressure that made it harder to catch air, caused her to breathe faster, and spread out like a tingle until it reached her pussy. She felt her juices beginning to flow. The garter slid higher, and soon reached her knee. Ben seemed to stop, unsure of what he was supposed to do. She giggled. "Daddy, you know it goes higher than that..." Calling her future father-in-law daddy while his hands were sliding up toward her bridal pussy sent a little chill down her spine.

The hesitation only lasted a short moment. Ben's hands moved the garter up, as his son's fiancee continued to pull her wedding dress skirt up higher. He gasped softly as her lace stocking tops and the attached white garter belt straps were revealed. He was sure he could smell her pussy now, and thought his heart would burst out of his chest. His hands stopped when the wedding garter was around her upper thigh... and he felt part of the dress fall down as Rachael's hand let go of it, to reach behind his head and guide her groom's father's face to her quivering pussy - and he would not find any panties in his way.

She moaned and closed her eyes as her hopes were fulfilled. Ben did not fight back or protest - his tongue lapped right over her lips, and she shivered with lust. One hand holding her wedding dress up, and one pressing her future father-in-law's face into her horny pussy, she started to grind a little. It felt heavenly, and the knowledge of what she was doing on her wedding day made her tingle all over. She groaned as Ben's tongue entered her hole, and he tongue fucked her, sucked on her lips, licked over her clit, his face getting smeared with his son's bride's cunt juices in the middle of her living room.

Rachael ground harder, and Ben licked and sucked her harder. "Oh yes dad... lick me good... make me cum before I walk down the aisle to your son... please..." The naughtiness of it all soon drove her to a mind shattering orgasm, and she almost collapsed onto him. It was not one of those muscle clenching orgasms; rather, it was the kind that felt like a tingling series of waves, running through her whole body, making her aware of every cell of her body. Her cum tasted so good on Ben's tongue, he licked and sucked on her pussy like a starving man on a fresh fruit. His large cock was raging in his pants, a big drop of precum soaking through the front of his tuxedo.

Rachael shivered again, and slowly moved backwards, letting her dress brush over James' father until she was, once again, properly arranged like a bride should be. However, this did not last long, as she undid the zipper on the back of her dress and let it slide down her slender body. She stepped out of it, dressed only in her high heels, stockings, garter belt, push up bra, and of course, the special garter that Ben had just put on her thigh. She smiled at him, her pussy shining with his saliva and her juices. "I'll be in the bathroom freshening up, if you need anything... dad..." she said with a wink. He watched her walk out the door, so elegantly and gracefully. It took him only a minute to follow.

When he walked into the bathroom and saw her standing before the sink, reflected in all her beauty in the large mirror, she was actually wearing silky white panties. He knew it was another one of her little teases, and he was ready to play along. She saw him coming in, and with one elegant step spread her stocking clad legs wider apart. He stepped behind her, and their eyes locked onto each other in the reflection. His hands moved around her, grabbing her breasts in her white bra. She smiled. "But Benjamin. Isn't that inappropriate for the father of the groom?"

He watched as her lips parted, heard her gasp, as his hands caressed her breasts through the thin fabric. "Not as inappropriate as what I'm going to do to you in a moment."

She bit her lip and pushed her tight ass against his rock hard bulge. "I can't wait," she whispered. Moments later, she felt her future father-in-law's hands behind her as he undid his belt and dropped his pants. His hand simply slid her panties aside. Rachael took a deep breath as she felt the massive cockhead pressing against her still wet lips. "God Ben..." She groaned and had to hold on to the sink as he slowly pushed his huge shaft into her. Rachael felt her pussy lips being pushed inside her, felt her inner walls stretching to accomodate him. "Ohhhh..."

"Is that better than my son's little prick?" Ben smiled with satisfaction. He knew of his son's lack of endowment, and he figured it must be from his mother's side. His son's bride's pussy felt so incredibly good on his cock, he instantly knew he deserved to fuck her much more than his son did. And he had a feeling he would get her whenever they had a chance.

"Oh fuck yes Ben... come on... give me a good hard fuck to celebrate my wedding with your little boy." She leaned further down, and felt Ben's hands on her waist. He grabbed her hard and started to pump in and out of her. They knew they'd be late for the ceremony, but Ben took his time to make sure the bride's pussy would be swollen and tingling later from a long hard fuck. Rachael moaned and squealed and wiggled on his monster cock, fucking back at him. They both watched each other in the mirror as they fulfilled their a****l lust.

Rachael felt so incredibly naughty, getting fucked so good and hard by her groom's dad right before her wedding ceremony. Ben felt her pussy tighten on his cock, and this time, he felt her whole body tense up during her climax. She was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen, arching back at him, her eyes fluttering, her lips slightly ajar in a silent moan. He could even feel the hot gush of cum running down his cock as he continued to fuck her. He made her cum like this three more times, until she was almost collapsed on the sink, taking his pounding, her pussy almost too sore to cum again. But he knew how to get her there. "You want my cum, don't you, Rachael? You want me to fill you up and send you down the aisle with your cunt leaking, you dirty slut?"

"Oh yes... yesss!" The bride started to breather heavier, and he could feel her tighten. Ben pushed his cock as deep into her as he could, with every hard stroke, and soon he felt that burning sensation - and knew he could not hold back any longer. Just as his cock started to throb deep inside of his son's fiancee's cunt, spurting a huge load of seed right into her womb, he felt her tensing and cumming once more.

He pulled out of her, watching the first gush of cum already running down her thighs and onto her wedding garter. He smiled. "I'll wait in the car, Rachael..."

She slowly arose, still glowing with those tingling sensations; her face flushed, her knees weak, her pussy throbbing and leaking. "Mmmh, okay daddy." She decided to honor her tradition and scooped some of James's father's cum from her leg with her left ringfinger. The last Benjamin saw of his son's bride before she would enter the car alter, all clean and proper and ready to marry James, was her image in the mirror as she looked into his eyes and licked his cum off her engagement ring.
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2 years ago
Mmm, loved it. Such a sexy thing to do - fuck your son's bride on their wedding day.

Let's hope he gets to fuck er again, maybe with a friend or two, and that we all get to hear about it too.

Great story thanks,

3 years ago