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Polly Gamey (4. Largo continued)

4. (Largo continued)

Lizvette walked to the closet, near the entry at the far end of the room. I watched her little round ass swish under her gown and became aware that my cock was dripping in my slacks. I wanted her to see how ready I was for her, how hard and eager my cock was for her body. I stood and unbuckled my belt and let my slacks fall to my feet. Lizvette stood before the open sliding door of the closet, reaching upward to the gift wrapped box on the shelf. The light from the bathroom struck her from the back and the side, lighting her ass beneath her gown, and the side of her breast jiggled just slightly as she reached up and forward, making my cock spit out a drop of semen. I lowered my shorts to let my dick pop out and stood waiting for her eyes to fall on it as she returned to me. "Oh Daddy, poor baby!" she said to my cock, "You're ready to burst!" Her eyes were fixed on my cock as it arched high upward and outward for her. I watched her breasts bounce with each footfall, jutting forward so full but so high, as if they were lighter than air, and all I could think of was getting my cock between them and smothering it with their firm, babysoft flesh.

She took her seat again at the ottoman and my dick strained to touch her, but it landed just above eye level, too high to get between her tits. "Daddy this is the most beautiful boner I've ever seen on you!"

"Kiss it baby." I was very hot and becoming impatient. My tone was demanding.

"Not yet, Daddy. Let's open your present first." She seemed oblivious to my condition.

"I need you to touch it. Kiss it."

"It's too hard now. Open this!" She thrust the box into my face.

"Too hard?! Oh God just kiss it!" I could no longer wait. I gripped her head by the base of her braids and pulled her face up to my cock. She kissed it quickly two or three times then gave it a lick along the length from my nuts to the tip. Her tongue was hot and wet and velvety. I forgot about the titfuck. I needed in her mouth. Down her throat.

"Open your present now, Daddy, and you will see what I mean. You're too hard right now. Let's let it get just a little soft. Then you can put it in me all you want!"

"Baby. I. ... I need you to just get your mouth on it!" I stuttered. "Suck me!" She finally gripped it, but with all four fingers around my shaft - to keep me from throat fucking her I knew - and put her lips and teeth around the tip. That calmed me enough to catch my breath and become more gentle with her, for the moment, though I did not like her little trick of safety-gripping my cock. I felt the familiar urge to dominate come over me, an urge that was uncomfortably close to punishment. I had known it first with Liliana, whose teasing I felt sometimes went too far. And I had felt it before with Lizvette, whose independent streak sometimes led to disobedience.

I began tearing impatiently at the wrapping paper of my wedding gift, ignoring the little tag on which she had written "For my Daddy/Husband." A few minutes before, I would have found that very touching, but now my cock was raging hard and my Daughter/Wife was not obliging. Under the wrapping was a small cube-shaped cardboard box and inside that was a ball of purple tissue paper. I let the box fall to the floor and held the wad of tissue in one hand, while pulling Lizvette's head closer to me with the other. "Deeper. You're cheating. Bite it!" She knew what that meant. I wanted to feel her teeth deep down my shaft so I could be sure she was sucking all my cock, not just the head while squeezing the shaft with her slobbery fingers.

"Oh alright but open it!" And now she was back-sassing me! I thought. I was over the edge at that point, in full Master mode, and I almost slapped her but knew I would regret that. I ripped open the tissue instead and out fell a metal ring about an inch or more in diameter. It hit her arm on the way down and fell on my big toe. I was still in my socks, dress shirt and tie. While Lizvette reached down to get the ring, I lifted one foot to my side at a time and removed my socks. Lizvette kept sucking, though, seeming to know I was not in complete control of my darker impulses. I gave her head a pat. "Good girl," I told her, trying to put her at ease, to encourage her.

She pulled her mouth off my dick and a gob of spit fell from her lower lip onto the tip, then hung there before stretching down to the carpet. "Look at it, Daddy." She picked up the ring held the it like a hollow coin between the edges of her thumb and forefinger. "It's a cock ring! Made of silver!" I looked at it, uncertain, then at her, rubbing her saliva into my shaft and smiling at my surprise. "But you're already hard now. We will have to wait till you go soft again to put it on." She placed it on my dick head, where it sat snugly, like a headband, a garland of metal, to show me what she meant.

It was a clever gift, a wedding ring of sorts, I understood, and quite unexpected, but my cock was ready to go off. "If you want me soft, there is only one way now." I removed the ring and siezed the opening she left between her lips. I put both hands on her head and thrust my hips into her face, frenzied and passion-filled to dominate my young toy. "Suck." I got it all in. "Suck me hard, baby." I pulled her down and forward to straighten her throat as much as possible. I had to spread my feet wide apart to keep my cock level with her outstretched neck. She was hunched over, leaning as far forward as the baby would allow. I listened to her gurgles and slurps with the satisfaction of an angry whoremonger and after about half a minute or so I felt that satisfying pop of my cock opening the back of her throat.

In that frame of mind, while experiencing that particular variety of sex with Lizvette, I had come to recognize certain stages of lovemaking. First the anger, then the frenzy, sometimes slightly violent and always manipulative, then as my orgasm approached, satisfaction and pride in myself for being the master of a beautiful peice of forbidden young ass. And I was proud of my little girl. Lizvette was in those moments a natural Daddy's whore. In every way. In just a few months, I considered as my dick sc****d her throat, she had gone from virgin to cock-rider, backdoor babe, facial whore and deep throater - all with an experienced super horny cock more than three times her age that knew how to fuck and stayed hard doing it. When I counted her physical attributes, which included her age, I considered she had everything I wanted to look at and to touch. A beautiful face, high, thumping-good tits, a baby girl-tight pussy, and a full, firm round ass that can take my cock hard without blood. And she loved it all. How rich she made me. She was my prize.

I settled into a nice easy rhythm to keep her comfortable and let her breathe. Spit was oozing from the corners of her mouth and her teeth sc****d roughly and sharply against the top of my shaft. A puddle of saliva was forming on the carpet below her mouth. I held her braids and pulled them to my hips. "You suck like a perfect slut, Lizvette." Part of her loved the dark side of our sex life together more than I did. For me it was something to keep under control. For her, it was spice and love play. "If you suck me like this every time and I will never miss your pussy, baby." In her state, twelve weeks pregnant, her pussy was months away from taking my cock. I wanted her to know I expected her mouth till then.

She liked the compliment. I saw her face form what it could of a smile around my cock. The corners of her eyes narrowed, and a little laugh, which came out as a "humph" told me she was happy to have achieved perfect slut status. Her hand reached for my tight nutsack under my shaft and teased it. I reached below for her breasts and took one in each hand. We squeezed each other, together, and in rhythm, and my orgasm began.

I let go of her tits and straightened myself over her, my feet apart, my hands on my hips with her braids wrapped around my fists, and my cock down her throat, thrusting slowly back and forth. The breath from her nose was hot and hurried against the freshly-shaved skin above the base of my cock. I thought of pinching her nostrils closed, to punish her for her earlier sass and insubmissiveness, but she looked too vulnerable as it was, and there was the baby to consider. Looking down at the part in her hair, just slightly crooked, from the excitement of preparing for her wedding day walk down the aisle, she looked like the c***d she truly was. Standing over her, I thought of her lost innocence, and all the new things I was putting her through, at so young an age, and wondered if Dawn had felt the same toward me so many years before, as her hands and lips explored my young body, peach-skinned and tense, so lovingly and tenderly. She must have, though she was never cruel, never anything but encouraging and so adoring of me. I had not been taught cruelty, had never expressed it with Vanessa, and only rarely with Liliana, and then only when driven to it. Why did this side of me emerge with Lizvette? It must have been her skill at teasing, I decided.

But I didn't feel shame, or remorse, or guilt. I would later, I knew, but I didn't at that moment. When the first shot of cum went down her throat and she convulsed just slightly, I felt a wicked smile form on my face. "Oh yeah, baby." My voice sounded sleazy even to me. Each shot of cum that followed the first felt like confirmation that Lizvette was now my own, my property, to do with as I wished. Memories of Liliana, squirming beneath me, trying to push me away and failing, losing control of me and of her body, rushed to me. I smiled so hard I felt it on my face as I considered, just as I eventually conquered Lili, I had now earned Lizvette, and made her my own.

My cock shot it's last serving of jizz into her face and I let go of her braids. She slowly pulled her mouth off my softening shaft. Huge balls of saliva and cum fell from the corners of her lips as a tear rolled from one eye, then another. She coughed, swallowed, wiped her chin of the gooey mix of salty cum and bubbly spit, then - and oh I was so proud! - licked her fingers to take it all in, wasting none of it. Her big dark eyes, wet and still slightly stunned, looked up at me. "You look happy again, Daddy. Did I do good?"

I looked down at her, holding her breasts in my hands, squeezing maybe too hard and not really caring if it hurt her. "Yes baby. You did very good. Just like a big girl." I wanted her to feel like the c***d she was, even if she was no longer innocent. I held my nuts by the base and made a stiff ball of them. I held them to her face. "Kiss, baby." She obeyed. Now I pinched her nose. "And next time don't tell Daddy no when he needs you to suck him. And," I added remembering her four-fingered safety grip that kept me out of her mouth, "NEVER hold my cock like that again."

With her nose held closed her little voice squeaked, "Like what, Daddy?"

"You know what, little girl. Don't be cute." The naughty smile that crossed her face told me she knew exactly what I was talking about. She bit her lower lip, and said quietly, shyly, "Sorry, Daddy."

"You belong to me now. You can't tease me all the time. I need a payoff after a little while. Do you understand?"

She looked at me, very seriously, and said, "I do, Daddy. But sometimes I want to give you surprises, too. Fun ones like you give me. I wanted you to try your ring on tonight. You will love it so much Daddy, I just know it!"

She was assuming something I did not like to consider, that I would not be able to get hard again that night. When our love first began, the excitement, the newness of it all kept me in a constant state of lust and getting hard for her young pussy and ass, her mouth, was easy, like I was fifteen again myself. But gradually my stamina was diminishing and she had noticed. I took it as a challenge.

"The night is young, darling." I walked to the dresser where the champagne bottle waited in the ice bucket and poured myself a glass. I looked back at her sitting on the ottoman, her pouting tits and curvy legs exposed in her now topless, slit gown. She was so beautiful. So young. So my own. I tugged at my dick. "Let's try it on, baby."

. . . . . .

Lizvette stood and faced me, framed by the open window behind her and all the flashing lights and colors of the Las Vegas night that filled the sky. She reached to her neck and unfastened the choker that held the front of her gown up, then unzipped and let the gown fall to the floor. Now naked, she stooped to pick up the cock ring from the ottoman and walked to the bed. On the far side of it she piled pillows high against the headboard, pulled down the bedspread and crawled onto the mattress. She positioned herself, sitting up with her back against the pillows, placed another pillow beside her and while patting it, looked at me and said, "Come rest now, Daddy."

But she wasn't inviting me for rest. She turned her upper body toward me arched her back to thrust her breasts outward. I removed my shirt and tie, grabbed the champagne bottle, and crawled into bed beside her. I pulled the covers over our legs and stretched out, resting my head on the pillows she had fluffed for me, with my mouth level with her nipples. I kissed them as I felt her hand reach for my balls. We spent several worldess minutes like that, simply exchanging affection, soft kisses, tender caresses, letting love wash over us.

She squeezed my nuts gently. They hung low and loose. "Mmm Daddy you are as soft as a baby." She scratched and tickled them with her finger tips. I licked at her nipple. "Kiss, Daddy. I like it when you kiss them." I obeyed. I kissed around her nipple with quick little smooches, then opened my lips to take it all in and gave it a loud, sucking, schmack! "Mmm. Now this one, Daddy." She leaned and twisted her upper body to allow access to her other breast, dry and waiting for my wet mouth.

Her hand went from my tightening nut sack to my cock, not fully erect, but approaching that semi-flaccid rubbery thickness that is every bit as sensitive and reactive to her touch, her squeeze. I kissed and kissed her brown nipple and watched it swell, just as I felt my cock doing the same. "Mmm. Daddy we better do it now."

She lowered the blanket to expose my cock lolling to one side, wanting more of her touch. With her free hand, she slipped the cock ring over my dickhead, which offered only mild resistance. "With this ring, I thee wed." She slid it over the length of my firming cock. The metal felt cool and fit me snugly, but not uncomfortably. I looked at her face, which was expectant, waiting for a reaction from me. To my surprise, I found I liked it. I liked the feel of it, and the symbolism of it. She had just made my cock her property, just as her body was now mine.

"We belong to each other now, Lizvette. Forever." I lifted my face toward hers and our lips locked in a lingering kiss. Her hand tugged at the tip of my cock, stretching it. I felt the pulse at the base of my shaft beginning its losing fight against this new restriction.

"Baby," I whispered, "I love my wedding gift. I love my bride."

"And I love my Daddy groom." She kissed me quickly but her excitement was all about our new toy. "Wait till you see what happens, Daddy!" She gave my cock a little thump. I felt it react. "You're never going to forget our wedding night."

My cock stretched as if awakening, and rolled itself over from it's side, pointing toward my thigh, to it's back, staring me straight in the face as it lay against my skin. Lizvette tickled the fleshy patch beneath the head with her fingertip, knowing it is the most sensitive. I felt the endorfin rush in my head and thought how happy I was to have both my beautiful little girl and a cock.

I reached for the champagne bottle and took a swig directly from it. I held the mouth of the bottle over my baby's nipple and tipped it. "Oh! Daddy! It ... Mmm .... Lick it!" I sucked the champagne off her breast felt her body stiffen.

"It what, baby?" I poured a little more on her other breast, letting the champagne hit the top of it and roll over her nipple.

"Ah! Daddy! It burns! Ha!"

It didn't burn too badly, her giggle told me. I sucked and licked the champagne from her skin, her nipple, and felt her relaxing again as my kisses eased the sensation. My attention went from my new ring and my happy dick, to her beautiful young mother's breasts, so ripe and ready for sucking.

I can never get complete satisfaction from breasts, it seems. Seeing them, I want to touch them. Touching them, I want to kiss them. Kissing them, I want to suck them. Sucking them, I want to consume them, devour them. Satisfaction is impossible with breasts. They induce a constant state of sexual yearning, be they my wife's, Bethie's, or Vettie's. All so full and firm, with nipples like candy and so perfect for my hands, and my mouth.

Sex and alcohol, so rare for me, with Lois being a non-drinker, always bring other memories of my love affair with boobies, and of the night with Blair, my youngest elder sister. The night we sat on the floor in front of the television watching movies, home alone but with wine she was able to buy with her fake ID, came to mind. I think Blair knew about me and Dawn, and about me and Liliana, (no secret ever seemed safe from her) and felt neglected or maybe unwanted. It was true I didn't think of her sexually before that night, but I felt closest to her. She was like a mother to me more than a sister, my primary caregiver often, though we had our playful moments. But that night, when my first taste of wine made me amorous, I felt myself snuggling closer to her, wanting to share affection with her. I felt myself suddenly kissing her and reaching under her sweater, where I found she wore no bra. In a second my hands lifted it to expose her breasts, wider than Dawn's though flatter, and larger than Liliana's, whose chest was that of a young girl's, and dark brown nipples that I kissed eagerly. I was too innocent then to even think of pouring wine over them. I just remember kissing and sucking them, teasing them with my tongue, and feeling her hand stroke my cock through my jeans. It is a loving memory, and one I treasure knowing it gave Blair the assurance she needed that I was hers sexually, too. The smile on her face as she felt hot cum begin to seep through my denim told me she knew. All that night she sipped wine and held my cock as I kissed her breasts. It became our favorite means of expressing love, and one I had taken with me into my marriage, even into my fatherhood, and now I shared it with Lizvette.

And Lizvette's breasts were a joy to love. They were so large on her little frame, but so small when I held them I could press them together with the fingers of one hand. I did so now, and watched them balloon and blossom in my face, her chocolate nipples only inches apart. I kissed them back and forth hungrily. "Ha ha! Daddy!" My baby loved it. But I wanted and needed more.

She lifted my dick to hold it upright, like a rocket, or a favorite toy. It was now almost at full erection length. "How does it go from so little to so long so fast!?" Lizvette was fascinated. She made a ring of her thumb and forefinger and began stroking the top half. "The tip is swelling, Daddy! Its getting purple! Daddy! You're so horny!"

She was of course congratulating herself for, with the help of the ring, getting me hard again almost immediately after I had cum. But I did enjoy the dual sensation of her fingers gripping and stroking the top half of my dick, and the cock ring entrapping the base, was a very new thrill. I felt like I was at once her sex toy and her fuckmaster. I loved it.

Still, as much as the ring changed our lovemaking, I believe it was the emotion of that night, that weekend, when she became my own, that made me so eager for her. As much love as I was feeling for her, and as hungry as I was for her tits, and as hot and hard as the cock ring was keeping me, I knew I would be hard for only so much longer, and it was her tits that I wanted to get at. In every way imaginable. I didn't want to soak them only in booze. I want to cover them in Daddy jizz. "Baby. Lay back," I commanded in my new fuckmaster tone. "Daddy needs to fuck these pretty babies."

I straddled her with my knees on either side of her waist and my cock straining hard at the sight of her smiling face and waiting tits. "Ooo Daddy it's so pretty. Let's take a picture!"

I looked at my dick and saw the head was almost blue. It was swollen to a bulbous round ball, with drops of semen appearing from the slit in glistening pearly, marbled little pools that filled and rolled down my shaft. Below the base, my nutsack bulged in a tight, round hairless ball, not much bigger than my swollen dickhead. I reached for the camera on my nightstand and handed it to Lizvette. I held in my stomach as she snapped. "Oh god Daddy it's so beautiful. It's the most beautiful thing I ever saw! It's where my baby came from. It's how much my Daddy loves me."

I posed, my cock proud and hard and ready to erupt onto my baby's tits, feeling so powerful straddling her as she was pinned beneath my naked body, yet also feeling somehow vulnerable to her. Our wedding-weekend lovemaking had reached a beautiful new level where we were in turn each other's master and each other's submissive love object. I relished each role. Of course I was a master to her, a Daddy, and had been since the day we met. But I was also vulnerable to her, and had been since I first squeezed her exposed little ass in her bikini. With a word, she could destroy my life. She always had that power. Of course I never feared she would betray me, any more than she feared I would abandon her. We had so much invested in each other, and we both knew our love, at least our sexual love, could last only a short while. I thought of this as she photographed me, knowing she would keep the images forever, and I wanted to give her only the most beautiful memories of her wedding night. Emotional memories that she could store only in her heart, and sexual memories that she would recall for the rest of her life with wonder, wistful sighs, and the smile of one who has known the depths of love.

"Oh Daddy you are so handsome. Like a marble statute. I love you." She put the camera aside and reached up to lock her wrists together behind my neck. "Now. Fuck my titties, Daddy."

"I will baby. I want to savor it though. After I start I won't last long." I looked at her impossibly beautiful face, so loving as she looked at me. Her braids had loosened slightly, I noticed. I fingered one and felt it begin to fray. "Let your hair loose baby. It's so pretty. I want to see your raven waves on the pillow."

She began to undo her braids, smiling at my sentimental description of her hair. I reached for the champagne bottle on the nightstand and noticed laying beside it the garland of flowers she had worn during the ceremony. I took a long swig of champagne and let it sit in my mouth while I considered dowsing her tits before plunging into them. She looked at me, finishing the first braid, and smiled her naughty I-know-what-you're-thinking smile.

But I had another idea, seeing her hair loosening in those beautiful, silken folds. I put down the bottle and picked up the garland. I held it beneath my nose to inhale the tart fragrance of the white and yellow flowers as I watched her finish undoing the second braid. When the last strand of her hair was freed, and she fluffed and arranged it over her shoulders, letting it flow downward to frame her breasts, I lowered the garland onto her. "With this ring, I thee wed." I placed it on her head and in an instant felt my breath leave me. She was a vision. "Oh my darling girl," I whispered. "My beautiful goddess." The smile left her face, and her expression looked like a mirror of my own. She was no longer amused at my school boyish amazement at her. She was every bit as moved by the moment as I was. I had never in my life felt so in love. It is a moment I am certain we both remember, and one we have never spoken of, each of us knowing that to speak of it would be to cheapen it.

Her hands held my face. "Daddy," she said. What she meant, and what I heard and will always remember, was "I love you so much I don't know how to say it." Our love at it's deepest was always our love at it's most sexual, most intimate. I thrust my aching cock toward her face. She knew what to do. She kissed it. She put her little mouth over the head and sucked it. She checked the tip for cum, found some, and licked it off.

I took her breasts one in each hand and lowered my dick into the opening below and between them. With my tip wet from her mouth and with fresh semen oozing from the slit, I pushed it up and between her tits. The softness of her skin on the underside of my cock tickled pleasingly, and the pillowy silkiness of her breasts enwrapping my shaft was like mastubating with her panties, but instead of my fist, my baby's young, firm tits gripped my dick.

My cock was so blood-filled from the unrelenting grip of the ring that it was beet red between her coffee and cream colored titties. I felt each pulse of my heartbeat under the ring, and cum oozed in a steady stream from the tip, lubing each thrust. I was slick, hot and hard as a lead pipe wrapped in velvet. The pain was glorious. My nuts ached to cum but could not quite push a full load through the ring, and my shaft swelled and throbbed with trapped blood.

Lizvette looked only at my face, with her wrists locked again behind my neck, enjoying the sight of her Daddy lover husband overcome with sexual love for his baby daughter wife. "Don't fight it, Daddy. Don't hold it back. It could hurt you. Cum for me."

The joy of titfucking her was entirely my own. She would get nothing out of it till I spewed hot love on her. I didn't doubt her concern for me, but I didn't blame her for wanting to get to the fun part. Still, this was new and exciting for me, being so hard and feeling so virile. I had again the cock I had as a boy, but the skills of a man. I wanted it to last. I reached for the champagne bottle. Doing so exposed my cock to her sight again as I leaned to the side. "Oh my god Daddy! It's too red! Let me suck it, baby."

I straddled her again, pinning her below me. "No!" I took a swig from the bottle and could feel there was only about a glass's worth left. "It's not time, baby." I popped my dick back into her cleavage. "Hold them together for me. I will cum faster seeing you show them off to me. I love seeing your nipples ready to pop." My baby obeyed and happily pushed her titties together, holding them so that she could squeeze the edges of her nipples to make them stick up. She smiled so proudly at her beauty. I was ready to uncork my load, but I wanted her to feel a different sensation first. I held the champagne bottle high over her tits and tipped it slowly. "Daddy!" I emptied it directly onto each nipple and I could almost hear the bubbles popping on her skin as she yelled, "Oww! Daddyyyy!"

Then, in a few seconds, I felt what she was reacting to. The champagne flowed between her tits and washed over my cock in a stinging fury. I wished I'd had a water chaser for us. She wiped her nipples hurriedly to relieve the burn, then rubbed them to soothe the inflamed skin. The sight was enough to send me over the edge. My orgasm erupted in a sudden burst of white hot thick shots of cum. The first few came out in arcs of hot milk that jumped her chin, her nose, her forehead, and landed on her hair and garland. But there were more. Pulse after pulse of thick cream hit her face, and each shot felt like my cock was being tortured. This was not a tickly little orgasm. This was an eruption. Unnaturally induced and not what my poor old cock was expecting.

I wanted to cum on her tits. I wanted to see them glisten with my spunk. I had to grab my cock and actually lower it to aim at her nipples. More shots jetted out. The streams became shorter, but no less intense. "Daddy! It's beautiful! Cum on me!" I shot streaks of sperm across her tits from below her neck to beneath her nipples, into her cleavage, and watched it puddle where her mother's belly met her boobs. I didn't shake off over her or slap her tits with my dick. I didn't need to. I just let my cock empty itself over her until the last drop oozed and hung and finally dripped into the marbly pool between her tits. Her happy face watched it fall and when it did, my baby applauded. She clapped her hands together like a little girl and said, "Oh Daddy that was amazing! You were so good!"

She held her breasts in each hand, cupping them and rubbing the gobs and streaks of cooling cum cream into her skin, semen-soaked and champagne drenched. Then my baby bride, with all the innocence and all the sincerity of a c***d, said, "Ohhh Daddy. It was just beautiful. Please let's do it again?"

Her confidence in my virility made me smile. "We will, baby. I promise. But first," I kissed her hand, "Daddy should rest."

. . . . . .
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