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Pleasuring the Gorgon Part 1

Three adventurers encounter an extremely seductive Gorgon

He held her head down to the ground, as the snakes in her head flayed around. Leaving translucid oily traces down his legs; these emaneted a sweet perfume. Unlike the mythology, this serpentine haired creature had no special particularity. If you ignored the oily, toothless snakes attached to its head.

"Hold her down you dimwit." What would he give for a pair of ropes right n... "Use the fecking hair and bind her, be quick about it!" Poor excuse for hair if you ask anyone, but he wasn't in a judgmental mood. Several minutes later and a whole lot of cursing, the creature — or snake haired human — was bonded tightly, double bonds on the legs and arms to be sure.

"The bitch sure had a lot of fight in her, eh boss ?" He just couldn't be mean when he looked up to those disconcerting kind eyes, in that gruesome face. So he ignored him instead.

"My honest comrades" he was pretty sure not an honest thought had ever passed on their ugly heads, but didn't hurt to be polite. "Today we become rich. After a wholesome of shit, b**sts, and poor hunting. We finally found the ever grand reward fitting our exploits..."

At that moment, the cursed creature decided to show him wrong, by opening wide her eyes, as she glared past them.She gave the most seductive, rapacious glare he'd ever seen. He could smell her scent, sex and hunger swirling together trough the air. But could not turn away from those yellow, unblinking eyes. The infinity of the moment dispersed slightly as she tilted her head to the side, straight at the third and nearest member of the surviving group.

Turning to the side, he felt the air shimmer with invisible pulsations. Cold fear washed over him, while he watched his companion turn into stone. Every flaw corrected, as he turned into a perfect greek statue. Instinct kicked, and he ran to the to the bounded piece of treacherous - while seductive - monster still glaring behind his shoulder.

"Stop gaping like a bloody tree stump, and turn her around ! Unless you want to become a stony tree yourself."

He could've found a more witty insult, if he wasn't all manners of complications. Probably. As tight as he could —which was far from secure, counting the strange lubrification the snakes possesed— he blindfolded her with three snakes, and made a triple knot. Just to be sure.

"Fuck! Fucking cunt. Not the hair though, sure is handy to have. Ain't right boss ?" The fat turd had just lost a friend. But not a speck of emotion remotely close to compassion, as he admired the now blind creature. No, the frown looked real. Was he too hasty in judging others? "Boss, look..." He glanced at the monster, where the fat finger were pointing. For several seconds he saw nothing

"What... oh. Fuck me." And he meant it.

The humanoid shaped monster had a perfectness to it. The word beauty couldn't describe it. Her body was harmonious, you could make her perfect curves under the pale silk robe. Her breast had a sinuous and tender air. He couldn't but stare, becoming more and more aroused, while imagining himself kissing those pink rosebud lips. She had more of a God than a monster. He could see that now.

"Aye boss? We ought avenge Tommy. With what she did to him... wasn't fair." Poor excuse, but he could see where the fat turd was leading him to.

"Johnny" he corrected. "Not Tommy. Ahem we should honour his sacrifice. Since after-all, he won't be getting his part of the money. Being a statue and all." Geralt eyes glittered at that. It could've passed for sentiment, if he hadn't mentioned the money.

"I propose, we relieve ourselves of the stress her naughtiness caused. We're but simple man after all, and we carry a lot of failings. What do ya think, boss?" Most likely the bastard was born evil. Geralt had a tender voice which carried mischief, that illusion of kindness surprised him half the time. Considering his built and ugly face. Not that the bulge in his pants increased every time he said boss, none of that.

"What do you propose my righteous companion ?" Geralt smiled at that. For the compliment, sarcasm or evil thoughts lurking in his head he couldn't say.
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