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Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 4 – Ch

Pepper’s Honeymoon – Part 4 – Chuck and Margie
Wednesday, September 5, 1985
We slept in and almost missed breakfast. The three of us felt lazy today and decided to stay at the bungalow and perhaps spend some time on the beach. After breakfast, we took a casual walk around the resort. It really was very well laid out and very pretty. It reminded us of what you would expect to see at a Hawaiian or South Seas resort.
On our stroll around the resort, we saw the older couple we had seen at the beach a couple nights earlier. We smiled and said hello and the husband was just starting to say hello back when his wife grabbed him by the arm, turned and walked the other way. Pepper said excuse me to catch their attention and then said that we were just being friendly and saying hello. The older lady turned and in a very sarcastic voice said that they don’t want to associate with trash like us.
Calling Pepper trash is like calling an Arab a Jew and her blood boiled and I warned her not to start something, but she was already fired up. Pepper went around and confronted the woman and said that because we have a different lifestyle doesn’t make us trash. She said we have jobs, we work and pay taxes. We keep a very clean house and are always polite and courteous to others, which is more than she could say about the lady. Then Pepper told her that she was probably an old prude that hasn’t given her husband enjoyable sex in decades and because she’s afraid to be a woman and wife is no reason to act like a stuck up snob and talk down to everyone else that don’t have her same short comings.
I saw the slightest smile appear on the older man which told me that Pepper was right on and that he wasn’t happy about it. The woman just stood there in shock and then got very teary eyed, grabbed her husband’s arm and walked away. Before he turned to walk away, the man winked at Pepper letting her know that he fully approved of what she had said.
After they had walked away I told Pepper that perhaps she needed a dip in the ocean to cool off. I knew she had her bikini on under her halter top and shorts and she said I was probably right. All the way to the beach, she was stewing over the calling us trash and I kept trying to tell her not to take it so personally as the lady obviously has her own problems and doesn’t understand what she really means.
We got to the beach and there were several other couples at various locations along it, but Pepper said she didn’t give a damn and took off her bikini top along with her outer clothes and went running into the surf. When she got about waist deep, she dove into the water and began to swim away from the beach. I didn’t want her to get too far, so dove in after her and caught up to her about a hundred yards from the beach. I held her as best I could while treading water and tried to love her into calmness, but wasn’t making a lot of progress, so I took a different tactic and dunked her under the water and then started to swim away. We do that in our pool at home and it becomes a contest of who can dunk whom the most and the game was on.
Ginger stood about waist deep in the gentle surf and watched us, not knowing if Pepper was fighting me or we were playing. Bit by bit I drew Pepper closer to beach and got to the point where I could stand on the bottom with the water at chest level. I grabbed Pepper as she tried to dunk me, not realizing I was standing up and held her tightly against me and told her over and over that I loved her and we were here to relax and have fun. Then I told her something that she always hated to hear, but always knew I was right. I told her that the old lady didn’t make her mad, that she chose to get mad and react. I told her that she allowed the lady to control her and that she should always be in control of her emotions and prove that she is better than people like that. She looked me in the face, told me that she hates when I’m right and then planted a deep passionate kiss on me.
A moment later Ginger joined us and asked if everything was okay and Pepper told her that I just gave the ‘you chose to get mad’ speech and that she can’t defend herself when I do that. Ginger said that always gets to her also but that she knows that I’m right. Ginger said it looked like we were fighting out in the deeper water and she was getting concerned and I told her that dunked her sister like we do at home and that started the competition which helped her to burn off some of her anger. Pepper looked at me and asked if that was really the reason and I said and it worked. She called me a sneaky devil and told me again that she loved me. I leaned down and sucked on her nipples that tasty quite salty from the ocean water then asked her if she’s still mad and she gave me her pouty face and said yes, but more suckling will help, so I suckled a few minutes more. Then Ginger said she was getting mad also so I turned and suckled on her nipples for a few minutes.
The three of us played in the water for another half hour and just enjoyed ourselves and each other. Even though we had a late breakfast, we were getting hungry so decided to head up to the beach to dry off, get dressed and head for the resort restaurant. The lunch layout was fantastic as usual with a variety of items to choose from. About halfway through our meal, we saw the older man come in alone, talked to Rafaelo and then fix two plates of food and left. We wondered if he complained about us on behalf of his wife, but the owner didn’t say anything to us. When we finished eating, Pepper asked Rafaelo what bungalow number the older man and his wife was staying in and he told us. Then she asked if we could get a ride into town with a return trip at 5pm and he summoned Miguel to drive us into town.
Pepper told Miguel to give us a few minutes to go to our bungalow and then we’d be right back and he said he would get the jeep ready. Pepper said we needed to go back so she could get her purse and I told the girls to stay and that I would get my wallet and be right back. Miguel dropped us off in the middle of the shops and Pepper led us off on her mysterious mission. She d**g us from one shop to another looking for something that we had no idea of what she was looking for.
It was now after 4 pm and Pepper still hadn’t found what she was looking for. It was a good 20 minute walk back to where Miguel would be picking us up and Pepper was getting frantic. She wouldn’t tell us what she was looking and I’m not sure she was either. Finally in one shop, she found a pretty sundress that she hoped was the right size. Then she hit one last shop and found a turquoise heart shaped necklace that matched the color of the dress. Then she told us that she wanted to apologize to the lady and see if the two of them could sit and talk. I kissed her and told her I was proud of her. Ginger said she would be happen to keep me occupied while Pepper talked to the woman and I said we would probably need to keep her husband occupied.
Miguel was waiting for us and actually drove up the block to pick us up when he saw us hurrying towards him. He drove us back to the resort and took a back road that ended just behind our bungalow. Pepper quickly changed into her sundress that she bought the day before and then told us meet her in the restaurant. Ginger decided to wear her sundress and put on a nice shirt and dress shorts and we headed to the restaurant.
About five minutes later, the older man came in and looked around. Spotting us, he approached and asked if he could have a seat. He introduced himself as Charles, but said most everyone calls him Chuck. He sat down and said he needed to apologize for his wife Margie calling us trash. I told him that I needed to apologize for Pepper as she has a fiery temper that sometimes gets the better of her. Chuck said there was no need to apologize because Pepper had pegged Margie to a tee. They had actually come down here hoping to put some spark back in their lives, but Margie just didn’t seem able to open up, ever to him. I asked Chuck how long they had been married and he said they had been married for 8 years and it was the second marriage for both of them.
Chuck went on to explain that Margie’s first husband was only interested in her abilities to cook and clean for him and they rarely had sex. Over her 24 years of marriage to him, he constantly told her how ugly she was and that having sex with her was as disgusting as fucking a pig. She eventually divorced him, but the damage was done. He met her about 4 years after her divorce and he was attracted to her right away and they started dating. They dated for a little over 2 years before they got married. On their wedding night, all Marge did was cry and say she just couldn’t undress and climb into bed with him. They’ve tried to get some counseling and therapy, but it’s been near impossible to convince her that she’s beautiful in the eyes of others.
Ever since Pepper confronted her this morning, she been in tears and apologizing to him about being such a prude. Then he told us that when Pepper knocked on their door, they didn’t know what to expect, but when Pepper said she wanted to apologize and then asked is just she and Margie could talk. He said Pepper was very persuasive and when Margie agreed to talk to her, Pepper told Chuck to join us here in the restaurant. I bought Chuck a drink and we talked for nearly an hour, not knowing what was happening with Pepper and Margie. We managed through another drink and was about to order a third when Pepper and Margie entered. Chuck was smiling from ear to ear when he saw Margie wearing the sundress that Pepper had bought her.
The two ladies approached the table and Chuck and I stood to greet them. Pepper introduced Margie to Ginger and me and I took her hand and kissed it. Margie blushed and said she was so sorry for what she had said earlier. We told her that it was just a misunderstanding and not to worry about it. I asked if I could get her a drink and she said that she needed one, so I ordered for a round for everyone and asked if anyone was hungry. They were so we moved over to the food bars and filled our plates with fish, seafood, veggies, fruit and bread.
At first, dinner was accompanied by casual conversation, but everyone could tell that there was still some tension in the air. We all wanted to know what happened during that hour Pepper and Margie were alone, but we were all afraid to ask. Finally, Pepper turned to Margie and asked if she could share parts of their conversation as she was sure we were all curious. Margie looked at her and barely nodded. It was obvious she was still apprehensive, so Pepper said that they would wait until after dinner and they could either go to the beach or back to our bungalow and Margie said that would be better. The rest of dinner was spent talking about jobs, sports and other idle topics.
After dinner, we got a pitcher of margaritas and glasses from the bar and headed back to our bungalow where we could sit and talk in private. Pepper went to start, but Margie stopped her and said that she needed to explain so she elaborated more on what Chuck had already told us. She told us of how her first husband verbally abused her for over 20 years. She described the first time having sex with her former husband. He put a pillow case over her head so he didn’t have to look at her. When she started to complain, he slapped her, giving her a nose bleed. They didn’t have sex again for over two years and that time he blinded folded himself so he didn’t have to look at her body. In their 24 years of marriage, her and husband had sex less than ten times and each time he made it a horrific ordeal. Long before they divorced, she learned to hate her body and think of herself as being ugly and repulsive. She also learned to hate sex and everything to do with sex and couldn’t understand how others could enjoy it or even want it. When she saw the girls topless on the beach, she was repulsed by the sight and thought ill of us. That’s what prompted her comments earlier in the day when she saw us and she is now so sorry.
I asked Pepper what she did or said to reach Margie. Pepper said that she tried to convince Margie that she was pretty and that her body was beautiful and nothing to be ashamed of. Margie kept disagreeing with her, but Ginger kept on telling her that she was pretty. Finally, she called the main desk and asked for Miguel to come to the bungalow. When he arrived, Pepper asked him if Margie was pretty for her age. Miguel said she was very pretty and had a nice figure. Pepper asked him to be specific and honest and describe what he liked about Margie’s body. He started by saying that she was very pretty facially, still had the figure of a younger woman and that she appeared to be very nice breasts. He said her legs were still shapely and that she had a very nice ass. Then Pepper asked Miguel if he had the chance, would he like to have sex with her and he said most definitely.
Margie spoke up and said that she was dying a thousand deaths and wasn’t sure she believed him. She told us that Pepper started to unbutton her blouse and she was horrified and tried to stop her, but Pepper was stronger and managed to get her blouse open and then off. Then Pepper managed to unhook her bra and let it fall off. Margie said she was so embarrassed having her breasts exposed to the young man because she was sure they were so ugly that he wouldn’t want to look at them, let alone touch them.
Pepper added that Miguel was getting a bulge in his pants just looking at Margie’s breasts and then she told him that he could touch them, but only if he liked them and wanted to. Miguel stepped forward and Margie closed her eyes as he reached out and held her breasts. He held them for a bit and then started to fondle them and play with her nipples. She kept her eyes closed and Pepper said she could feel her starting to relax. Miguel then leaned down and began to kiss and suck on her nipples. Margie started to moan in ecstasy from feelings she had never experienced before. The feelings were so pleasurable and intense that her body started to shutter and she had her first every orgasm just from having her nipples suckled.
Chuck had tears in his eyes and I could tell they were from joy at what he was hearing. Margie then started to apologize to him for allowing another man to see her breasts and to touch them. Chuck it was alright and was so thrilled that she enjoyed it. She said wasn’t ready to go running on the beach naked in the daytime, but she was looking forward to when they got back to their bungalow so she could try to make love with Chuck.
Pepper hugged her and said that anytime Margie needed to talk or get some support or advice to be sure to contact her and gave her our home phone number and address. Then Pepper gave Margie’s breasts a squeeze and told her be a woman and enjoy her husband and allow him to enjoy her and she said she would. Chuck gave Pepper a hug and thanked her for talking to Margie. As he hugged her, Pepper whispered in his ear to tell her how beautiful and sexy Margie is and he winked at her as they left for their own bungalow.
I took Pepper in my arms and told her how proud I was of her for doing what she did for Margie. She said that she saw Margie’s expression after the confrontation and then when Chuck came into the restaurant to get 2 lunches to go, she figured that her words had cut deeply and it was then that she knew she had to do something to help her. Ginger also told her how proud she was of her sister for doing the right thing and helping both of them.
Pepper said she felt good and wanted to go for a walk on the beach so we headed out to the beach. The girls were wearing their bikinis and I had on my swimsuit. We headed away from our bungalow and walked to the far end of the beach that belonged to the resort. We passed a few couples and said hello but nothing more. Turning around, we headed back to our end of the beach where we sat down on the sand with the waves lapping at our toes. As I sat there, I once again thought of how lucky I was to be sitting in paradise with two beautiful wives, one on either side me. I put my arms around them and hugged them both and told them how much I loved them.
Ginger suggested we go for short swim and her and Pepper took their bikini tops off and threw them up on the beach. We waded our way out to deeper water and then slowly swam out a little farther and then perpendicular to the beach. We swam the length of the resort beach, about a quarter mile and then swam back. The exercise felt good, especially in the ocean water. We waded back onto shore and laid down on the beach to rest. The temperature was perfect, the breeze was gentle and caressing and the sound of the waves ultra-relaxing and it wasn’t long before all four of us fell asleep.
Over an hour had passed by and when Pepper woke to the feel of someone touching her breasts. Instead of jumping up, she just slowly stretched and groaned mmmmmm at the feeling of being fondled by unknown hands. She continued to lay there with her eyes closed, letting her mind wander and fanaticize about whom it was and what was going to happen. Eventually, she opened her eyes and saw Dumitru sitting next her smiling.
At the same time he was fondling Pepper’s breasts I was gently woken by the gentle massage of my cock through my swim suit. Figuring it was one of the girls, I just laid there enjoying the feeling and getting harder and harder. When I heard Dumitru’s voice, I opened my eyes and saw Ioana smiling back at me. They said they had checked our bungalow but we weren’t there so they came looking for us on the beach. Dumitru said they were leaving first thing in the morning and wanted to say goodbye and thank you for a wonderful vacation experience.
We assured them that we enjoyed being with them also. Ioana said something to Dumitru and he said that was asking if she could have sex with you one more time before we leave and I said sure. She immediately pulled my swim suit down and began sucking on my cock. Dumitru started sucking on Pepper’s breasts and had his hand down the bottoms of her swim suit.
By now, Ginger had roused and noticed what was going on and she rolled towards me and smiled. I explained to her that they were saying goodbye and Ginger laughed and said it looked more like hello to her and laughed. Ioana looked at her and asked ‘ok?’ and Ginger said yes so Ioana stood, took off her shorts and panties and sat on my cock and started riding me like it was her last fuck. By now, Dumitru had Pepper’s swim suit bottoms off and was on top of her pumping away. Ginger reached up and began playing with Ioana’s breasts as she rode me like I was a horse. Within seconds of Ginger rolling Ioana’s nipples in her fingers, she quickly built to her first climax. I felt her pussy tighten and convulse around my cock, almost feeling like an internal set of fingers stroking my cock inside her. It felt good great and I soon began fountaining my hot seed up into the Romanian beauty.
Dumitru had finished pumping his seed into Pepper and was now moving over to take Ginger. She laid back, spread legs and helped guide his cock into her. As he picked up his rhythm he looked at me and said there is no difference between the two sister’s pussies, that they feel the same. I told him I knew that all too well and that was once of the great things about marrying both of them. Since there was no difference, there could never be any jealousy from the ‘he likes one pussy more than the other’ type of teasing. I also pointed out that their breasts were almost identical as is the rest of their body. I said I was doubly blessed and Dumitru agreed as he began to empty his second load of the night into Ginger’s pussy.
We all took a dip into the ocean to rinse out and then sat out and talked for about half an hour and then he said they had to get back and finish packing as they were driving out early in the morning. I hugged and kissed Ioana and hugged Dumitru. The girls hugged and kissed them and they disappeared into the dark.
After they left, I asked Pepper if she was enjoying her honeymoon and she turned, hugged me tightly and then said it was perfect and she was very much enjoying it. She asked Ginger if she was enjoying it and she said she was. Pepper then asked me if I was enjoying it and I said I was but that my purpose was to see that she was enjoying it as it was her honeymoon. She reminded me that it was our, pointing to all three of us, honeymoon and we all hugged and kissed.
We decided to go back to our bungalow, shower and relax in bed. The girls asked about the plans for tomorrow and I told them I had a special surprise lined up. I should have known that was the wrong thing to say as there was no way they were going to let me sleep, so I told them I had charted a boat to take out to do some snorkeling on some reefs and see some sights from the sea. They said that sounded like a lot of fun and Pepper said she hoped it was nude or topless snorkeling and I said I didn’t know, as they both cuddled up against me and we drifted off to sleep.
To be continued . . .
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