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Peeking On Mom

As a boy I was rather shy. Besides that I was a little heavy, and it
was “baby fat” I would later grow out of, but at the time it seemed
like more than it actually was. Simple things would make me blush
and stammer and I lived too far from the school in a one car
household to be involved in after school events, dances and the
likes. So it added up to I wasn’t very popular with the girls classes
and I was a tad socially backward at the age of 13.
Dad always worked two or three jobs and wasn’t around much.
When he was around he was always on the couch, smoking or
sleeping. That’s the thing I remember about him the most, napping
or smoking on the couch and if you passed through the room you
always got yelled at or worse.
Mom didn’t work outside the house. She did allot of country type
things that people today think is “quaint”, like raising a garden to
supplement our groceries. She also had some quirks like she
ironed everything in sight as she watched her soap operas on the
black and white TV, that had 13 channels on a good day.
Sexual outlets were non existent in the rural backwoods. Mom’s
friends from c***dhood would drive out to see her and they would
hang around in bathing suits sunning in the yard and I’d sneak
casual peeks between their legs when I could. But don’t
misunderstand, for the most part they were a collection of
overweight house wifely types with unusual bumps, bruises,
shaving cuts on legs and the occasional long black hair sticking
through the leg of the one piece bathing suit.
Mom was usually the best looking grown up in the bunch. At 5’5”
she had nice hips, curly dirty blonde hair, nice 34B tits and legs
that went from heaven to the floor. She would dress like she was
trapped in the 50’s. Trapping those nice tits in pointy, bullet style
bras, billowy dresses, sweaters, stockings complete with the old
style white garters and perfume that made my young head swim.
Her and dad didn’t have much in the way of a sex life. I knew this
from an early age because I could hear him begging for a piece of
ass as they lay in bed at night through the cardboard thin walls of
our house. He’d weedle and beg and mom would keep trying to
get him to stop. Then she’d give in and for just a couple of
minutes their bed would creak and then silence.
The only bathroom was located under my sisters bedroom and I’d
discovered by looking through the right crack in the old pine floor I
could catch a little glimpse as people moved around in the
bathroom and hit a certain spot.
I made it a point to be hanging out in my room so when mom took
a bath so I could peek down and see if I could catch a glimpse of
her naked form moving around, in and out of my view.
Sometimes when dad would disappear for three days to a week and
then just show up. He’d say he was working and that was the end
of it as far as us k**s were concerned and frankly we were just as
happy he wasn’t around tying up the couch and slapping us.
But he and mom would fight about his disappearances.
Mom would nap on the couch in the evenings when dad did his
disappearing trick as she watched TV with my sister and me.
Usually she wore a long white cotton nightgown, but occasionally
on hot nights she wore a shorter pink one that came just above the knee and had a deeper cleft exposing more cleavage between her tits.
One night after my sister had gone to bed I sat watching TV as
mom softly snored on the couch. She was laying with her feet
toward the TV and I got up quietly to change the channel.
As I knelt on the floor in front of the big console TV I looked back
to see if mom had opened her eyes and would blurt, “I’m watching
that!” before touching the dial. As I did, my eyes wandered up
past her splayed feet and legs, directly between her legs
and I could see mom’s pussy!
I looked at her face and her eyes were still shut and as her chest
rose and fell. So I simply knelt there staring between her open legs
under her short night gown, at the brown hair and ragged pink lips.
My cock sprang instantly to erection as I peeked and
I began to rub myself through my PJ bottoms.
In moments I loosed a load of cum inside my pajama’s and as I did
lost my balance and fell against the TV. At the noise mom’s eyes
shot open and she exclaimed, “What happened?” still laying there
with her legs open, half asleep.
“Nothing” I said, “I was just changing the TV” trying to sound
nonchalant as my cock continued to spurt and drip inside my PJ
pants. “hmm” Mom muttered and closed her eyes, falling back asleep.
So it became my pattern that when mom wore her short nightgown
to sleep on the couch I’d stay up later and “watch TV” with her.
Always waiting for her to fall asleep so I could see if I could sneak
a peek up her nightgown and jerk off as I “changed the channel”.
Sometimes I hit pay dirt and other times didn’t.
“mom” I’d whisper as I rose toward the TV, “mom? Are you
watching this?” I’d test to see if she was asleep before peeking under her short nightgown and jerking off quietly.
One afternoon I tattled on my sister about some petty thing and she
responded by telling mom about the secret crack. “Mike keeps
waking me when he sneaks in my room to peek through the floor
mom!” she tattled.
Mom simply blew it off with no response at all at that time, so I
kept peaking. Peaking really began to pay off because I began
seeing more and more of mom naked, she just kept hitting the right
spot for me to see!
I could lay on the floor and silently masturbate while I watched her
shave her legs and get naked below me. Sometimes i’d catch a
glimpse of those beautiful cone shaped tits and big puffy red
One Friday night my younger sister was playing with her dolls in
her room or some such thing before bed time and we settled in to
watch TV. Mom turned and with a smirk asked me, “long or short?”
I asked, “what’d ya mean?”
“I’m just trying to decide which night gown to wear” she said
staring at my face, “is there anything good on, or are you going to
change the channel all night?” she said as she left the room.
I pretended to be confused and not understanding but inside I was
horrified that mom had maybe caught on to the difference.
My intelligent response as she walked away was, “huh?”
When she came back she was wearing the short pink nightgown
and she had a tall glass in her hand.
“What ya drinkin?” I asked trying to cover up my confusion.
“Gin and Tonic” she said sipping it and plunking down on the
couch, “why? Did you want one?” she said.
I was in a situation. Did she know about my spying up her night
gown or not? “Na, not tonight” I joked, “gives me headaches”
We watched a sitcom and after it ended mom said, “why don’t you
see what else is on?” So I got up to change the channels.
I knelt next to the dial and began clicking from station to station,
pausing briefly while we checked what was on until I saw an old
movie. I turned to see if it met mom’s approval.
She had an odd smirk and asked, “that’s not how you change the
Again I pulled out my best line, “huh?”
“Don’t you usually change the channel with one hand down your
bottoms?” mom said.
“Why would I do that?” I asked innocently, but I figured and I
knew in my heart I had been caught. Any second now she was
going to jump up and slap me stupid. I knew it, I felt it was for
sure coming and there was nothing to do but wait for the pain.
“We both know why you’d do that, so stop acting stupid” she said.
Tapping her finger against her lips she mused, “so what’s
I was still frozen like a deer in the headlights. Any second now
she’d explode in anger!
I was a smart enough k** to know that words were no longer any
use. The parental decision had already been made and I just
needed to wait for the gabble to fall and pronounce sentence.
“Oh yeah...” Mom said as she “I know what’s different” and she
slid further down on the couch and her night gown shifted a little
higher on her thighs. I kept willing my eyes not to leave her face and wander down to her crotch, as she closed hers and began fake snoring.
“Can you see okay?” she muttered between fake snores and whistles.
“What?” I asked.
“I said, can you see okay?” she asked again.
“Huh?”I answered but stayed frozen with my hand on the dial,
“why are you pretending to be asleep?” I asked in my most
innocent voice hoping beyond hope she could be convinced she
had the wrong idea and I could lie my way out of it.
Mom sat up on the couch, “look buster, I”m not going to keep up
this game. I know what you like to do, looking up my nightgown
and peeking into the bathroom!”
I must have turned six shades of red as she stated the truth. “I’m
sorry mom..” I whispered in my most contrite voice.
“Pull your pants down!” she commanded, and without hesitation I
did as I was told, letting them fall around my knees. My soft,
circumcised cock sticking out about 4 inches in front of me and
surrounded by a light blonde bush of new pubic hair. It almost
believed she was going to beat me with a belt on my bare ass like
dad had done.
“It’s tit for tat boy, since you’ve been spying on me” she smiled.
Mom leaned back and lifted a foot to the couch cushion so that
again I could see up her nightgown,
“I’m gonna see yours, has it grown since I changed your diapers?”
Being exposed like that I wasn’t able to control it and my cock
began to swell and rise as I knelt there waiting for punishment.
“Very nice Mike!” she said smiling.
“Are you going to tell dad?” I asked sounding wounded while I
tried to will my cock to go down.
“move closer” she said spreading her legs a little wider and I
walked on my knees toward the couch.
“You can take a really good look if you like, or get up and leave
the room, but if you leave don’t let me ever catch you spying on me
again!” she said sternly, “either way, it will always be OUR secret
and your dad and sister will never know”
When she said, “closer look” I’d caught a whiff of hot, musty
pussy and my head began swimming as I stared at her open fuck
toy from a foot away.
“I can look?” I asked staring at her inviting cunt
“Look, touch, do what ever” she muttered and took a big gulp of
her drink and smiled a slightly drunk smile.
I began by moving closer and quietly reaching toward her slit. My
cock was thrumming between my legs and at full, hard erection as I
reached up and delicately touched the open O of her vagina.
Her juices tuck to my finger and I sniffed at them before running
my finger over her pussy lips. I did this several times and began
dipping the tip of my finger into her opening. Mom reached down
and spread the top of her slit wider exposing a nub at the top.
“Kiss me right here” she said tapping the tip of her finger against
the nub.
As my mouth went to that nub I swear I almost passed out with lust
as the close sent of her wet pussy filled my nostrils and her hands
went to the top of my head. I kissed where she had indicated and
as I did Mom began instructing me to roll my tongue around the
nub, telling me to suck harder, gentler and using her hands to guide
my tongue up and down. She was teaching me to pleasure her with
my mouth and when she pushed down, I slid my mouth down to
her open, sweet tasting cunt, while she held my head fast. I
tongued the inner lips and sucked her juices until her pulling on my
head made me realize I should go back to the nub and lick and suck
it some more.
So it went, me kneeling before the couch, between mom’s legs
sucking and licking as she shook and moaned softly.
“Good Mike” she whispered, “now slid your middle finger into
me” and I did as told until my entire finger was encased inside her
warm and wet cunt muscles.
I licked and sucked at her nub as my finger slid in and out of her
warmth. Mom moaned softly and rocked her hips and as I picked
up speed, so did she until the earth shattering moment she groaned
through her teeth, “Your making me cum!”
Her hips rocked and bucked, her hands still clamped on my head
between her legs holding my face tightly to her open sex, while her
juices gushed into my mouth and on my face.
Then she gently pushed me away from between her legs. I could
feel her slick juices on my 13 year old face all the way to my ears
and I stared longingly at her glistening pussy.
“You like the way pussy tastes?” she panted as she recovered from
her orgasm.
“Yeahhh!” I agreed, sucking her juice from my fingers, “can I have
more?” I asked.
“Not yet, baby” Mom answered sliding up, “sit down here”.
I did with a pillow over my erect cock as mom adjusted her night
gown and went to put Annie to bed.
When she came back mom sat down sideways on the couch and
pulled the pillow away. I waited to see what she’d tell me to do,
but instead she lowered her face into my lap and I felt her warm
mouth engulf my cock.
It felt like I’d died and gone to heaven as her lips slid up and down
over the soft, sensitive skin on my cock shaft and head.
Her tongue flicked into the hole in the end and her fingers wrapped
around my balls as my legs straightened out, getting ready to cum.
Mom sat up, “don’t want to make you cum yet” she muttered as
she slid her leg over mine and straddled my lap.
“Sit still!” she warned as she guided my cock up against her wet
spot and settled down on my lap, gliding her pussy down over my
young cock. I felt the swollen tip pass through her pussy lips and
sliding deep inside her until she settled down on top of my balls,
her pussy lips and my balls connecting.
“Don’t move buster!” she moaned and ordered.
“Do you know what your going to learn?” she asked and I moaned,
“NOooo” as my cock throbbed inside her
“your going to learn something your dad never did, how to please a
woman” she softly whispered.
“You’ve got that nice cock to keep my pussy happy and I’m going
to teach you how to use it right k**do!” she said as I struggled not
to cum.
She pulled her top to the side so one beautiful tit popped out right
in front of my eyes and she moved the nipple to my mouth so I
could suck on it as I felt her clasping and milking at my young
I had only recently began ejaculating. So instead of the dry little
boy orgasms I was actually ejaculating and it felt SO much better
when that rush of cum fires up bringing flaming heat from my balls
to the spout of my cock, than it did before entering puberty. The
first time it happened I thought I was bleeding or peeing, until that
white flood spilled all over my belly and hand as I jerked off.
“OHhh” I groaned as I felt that young, sperm loaded cum rising.
“MOM!” I groaned through clenched teeth and tried to stop, but
my cock muscles had already committed to the effort and cum
gushed through me and inside mom as I panted and sucked at her
“Oh ma!” I gasped feeling the heat of cum and pussy around my cock.
“Oh god mike” she groaned feeling me cuming inside her.
I sat nursing at her hit with my mouth, sucking at the big soft
nipple after my orgasm passed.
I could feel wet, running over my balls and figured it must be cum.
I wondered when she would get up, since we must be finished.
My cock was softening slowly inside her when she began to rock
her hips too and fro.
Mom wrapped her arms around my head as she rocked, so I kept
sucking at those beautiful nipples and wrapped my hands down
around her hips.
I explored her round ass and touched her asshole with a finger tip
as she fucked me. Then I reached from behind and felt her swollen
pussy lips where my cock shaft penetrated them and carefully
inserted the tip of my finger along side my dick.
As I did this, a funny thing occured. My cock which had been going down began to rise and within a couple of minutes was as hard as the first time!
So I began to rock my hips too, fucking mom back. When she
knew I was hard again she began to bounce faster up and down on
my lap as I realized this was really what fucking was all about.
Mom rolled sideways and pulled me with her so I was on my knees
between her legs.
“Come on! Give it to me...!” she urged panting as I pistoned my
dick in and out of mom’s fuck muscles over and over.
She kicked at my ass with her heels and wrapped her legs around
me, pushing and pulling me in and out as we fucked faster and faster.
I was on top of her slamming my cock into her pussy. Her
moaning and panting picked up a new note the she moaned long in
ecstasy as she began to cum.
“Oh Mike!” she moaned in my ear as she slammed her hands down
on my ass and pulled me deeper, “Oh gawd Mike, give it to me!
Come on baby! Give me that cock!” she moaned as I fucked her for
all I was worth like just a cock and a pussy, not like mother and son.
“AWWww gowad!” she moaned and bit my earlobe gently as she
came, “Awww gawd i’m cumming!” and her legs squeezed tightly
around me.
“OH god! Oh ma!, i’m cumming too!” I groaned as I felt my
second orgasm take me and I flooded mom’s pussy again with my
young sperm.
She lifted her ass up toward me and trapped me tightly with her
legs and arms as we both spasmed together at our hips and sex
parts, as I pumped more cum into mom’s slick pussy and we
moaned and panted in mutual bliss.
I collapsed on top of mom as we finished. My ear on her chest I could hear her heart thumping hard. My knees rested in a huge wet spot on the couch cushion and my cock softened until it slid out of mom’s pussy. As the tip exited between those warm lips, so did a flood of our cum to further soak the couch.
“You know” mom panted, “a guy your age can cum three or four
times before he’s finished”
I really didn’t think I could get hard again so quickly but I pushed
the shaft of my semi hard cock against her pussy lips to feel her
warmth. I didn’t know if the future held more of this or not and I
really, really wanted to make sure she wanted it again.
“I can try” I said softly, sliding my cock up and down against the
outside of her pussy. “I know you will” she replied, now go wash up.
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Outstanding story and very well written and told, keep up the good work............
29 days ago
WOW great one.
8 months ago
thats like my mom did for me
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Fucking excellent.
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good stuff
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Fantastic....I loved it... Thank You.. Part 2 I hope?
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10 months ago
You are my muse my new friend. I decided 4 hours ago I was going to write a story tonight. I have tried and erased 4 pages since then, till I started reading your Peeking on Mom. Your story brought back long forgoten memories of how I waited for my Mom to pluck her bushy black eyebrows. Picture a woman who is only 5 foot tall 130 lbs with a 36 DD Black silk bra with an ass that belongs in Compton not on a Jet Black curly haired ivory skinned breeding machine from the eastern medeterianian. As soon as what my cock was for she would take off her thick ass glasses and hold a magnifying mirror on her knees thus exposing the blackest pubic forest known to man. Made me cum in my pants then and reading your story I think im going to polish off a load at dinner tonight. With dear OLD Mom only feet away
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What a Lucky boy getting his first fuck on his mother. She will teach the rigt way to satisfy a woman.
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