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Out Of Afrika, chapter 5

Out of Afrika – A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B
Chapter 5
Ian was not at all happy. For the past year ever since Simone had taken that job with Rhino his life seemed to have been going steadily downhill and now she had informed him, no, told him, that they were going out for the evening to a dinner party at the Baldwin’s. For crying out loud, Friday night was Football night and if there was something he looked forward to each week it was to sit in front of the TV with a beer and enjoy the time-outs and intervals when the Cheerleaders came out to encourage the spectators with their antics. He was ambivalent about the football but the sight of those young girls, well, that was something else.

He stepped out of the shower and stood to one side as Simone took his place. As he toweled himself he took furtive glances of the shower cascading over her and mused that it had been some time since he enjoyed her body. She just never seemed to be in the mood these days and any advances that he had attempted were usually rebuffed with some excuse or other. Not that her seeming lack of libido affected her ability to dress as a temptress, he thought, for he was always curious as to why she took so much trouble to attire herself the way she did in such provocative outfits. He stored the image of her nakedness in the shower to be used in a fantasy later when he would relieve himself with yet another leisurely wank.

His musings were interrupted when she said, “You really ought to do something about all that body hair. It really is such a turn-off and, anyway, it’s unhealthy. I think you ought to shave it off; it would make you look so much nicer.”

“Where the hell did that come from?” he thought as he looked at her damp back as she sat down at the vanity. Their eyes met in the mirror and once again he recognized in her expression that what she said wasn’t so much of a suggestion; it was an order.

The dress code for the evening was ‘smart casual’ whatever the hell that was supposed to mean, thought Ian. To him Janice Baldwin was such a snob and it was typical of her to be laying down rules. Once again he mentally sympathized with Herbert, her poor husband, who must live a life of purgatory having to comply with the way she treated him; always at her beck and call, more a servant than a husband.

“You’ll do,” said Simone as she inspected him and the outfit he had pulled on. He was wearing tan Chinos and a light blue dress shirt; she, needless to say, was quite another matter with her wrap-around dark blue chiffon dress with the silky long puffy sleeves, high heeled pumps on her nylon clad legs. She clipped a black velvet choker around her neck, looked at herself in the mirror, primped her hair and satisfied with her appearance said, “Right, come on, let’s go or we’ll be late.”

They went down the stairs with Simone continuing the one-sided conversation or, as Ian regarded it, an on-going list of instructions. “Make sure you take your phone; be nice to Janice; try and make an effort with Herb, he really is a good man, and, make sure you are polite to Mr. Haasbroek. He really is quite important to us, don’t you know?”

Ian gave a sigh and rolled his eyes. He picked up his phone from the hall table and gave a wave to Chloe who was lolling on the sofa watching TV.

Simone called as they went out of the door, “Chloe, we’re off. Be good,”

“Bye Mum, have fun,” she called back and with a smile turned her attention back to Megan who had come over to keep her company and to have a sleep-over.

It was only a short drive to the Baldwin’s home, a single storey sprawling 4 bedroom house set in a wooded part of town. It had been a new build and was very modern with every facility and convenience to aid living the ‘good-life’. They had a large backyard pool which was completely private given the trees and shrubs all around that gave total seclusion from prying eyes. The furnishing inside the house was second to none and no expense had been spared to the extent that. Ian always felt a sense of inadequacy whenever they had previously visited. Tonight was to be no different he surmised.

They parked up in front of the 3-car garage and even before they had got out of the car Janice was standing at the open front door waiting to greet them. She was similarly dressed to Simone with a short cocktail dress that showed off her feminine assets to great advantage thought Ian as he glanced down at her cleavage.

“Hi, great to see you both; come on in,” she said. “The others should be here shortly but we can get started with a drink. Come on in.”
They entered the entrance hall and Janice took Simone’s wrap and d****d it over the back of a chair before leading them into the open-plan living room. Through an archway Ian saw that in the dining area the table had been set in fine style with porcelain plates and dishes, crystal wine glasses and what appeared to be gilt cutlery. In the center of the table was a beautiful floral arrangement. From the integrated but unseen sound system the muted strains of a Bach violin concerto could be heard.
Simone gave a gasp of admiration, “Oh Janice that looks wonderful. You made it look so nice.”

“I got Herb to do it all,” she whispered as she gave a gracious tilt of her head. She took Simone’s arm and led her to the sofa. Then she called out, “Herb, our guests are here, we need drinks.”

Ian grudgingly admitted to himself that the table did indeed look grand but before he could add his praise he looked beyond and saw Herbert in the kitchen who didn’t look quite as grand with a frilly apron tied around his portly waist. He gave a wave, “Hi Herb, how you doing?”

Herb, bald head glistening with perspiration, came scuttling out wiping his hands on a towel, “Hi Ian, nice to see you again. It’s been a long time,” he said as he shook with a limp handshake. “What can I get you?”

Before he could answer Janice interjected, “We’ll have a couple of Martinis in here.”

Herb turned on his heel and with Ian in tow went back to the kitchen to prepare the drink order. “What about you Ian, a beer?”

“Beer will do fine,” he said as he watched Herb wrestle with bottles, glasses and the ice bucket. In quick time the Martinis were prepared and in even quicker time Herb scampered to the sitting room to serve the girls seated on the sofa. Ian shook his head at the display of servitude.

The doorbell rang. “Herb, get that will you?” said Janice curtly. No surprises when Herb opened the door to see the expected trio of Black faces, Oskar, Jacob and Janice’s boss, Zaire. They were all dressed in the same ‘uniform’ of Dark Chinos and white Dress shirts; they looked very formidable.

“Welcome, please come in, good to see you,” said Herb as he stepped aside to let them in. They each gave him a cursory nod of the head as he held the door open and they passed him by to walk straight to Janice who had stood up to greet them in an altogether more passionate manner. One after the other they wrapped their arms around her and gave her a lingering kiss that said more than hello, thought Ian. They then repeated the greeting with Simone who seemingly enjoyed the welcome gesture just as much as Janice. They then sat themselves down on the plush leather armchairs with Jacob taking centre stage sitting between Janice and Simone on the sofa. He settled in his seat and put his arms across the back of the sofa and with no hesitation they both moved closer to him.
Herb stood mutely awaiting orders, so Ian thought, and they were not long coming. “Drinks Herb, come on, get a move on; can’t keep our guests waiting.”

Ian found a hard-backed chair and sat himself down to one side of the room behind the sofa whilst Herb did as he was bidden and got drinks for the large black men who now seemed to have occupied and dominated the sitting room. The girls seemed to be in thrall of their companions and as the conversation began to gather pace Ian felt himself becoming more and more isolated as his presence was hardly acknowledged by any of them. The fact that he was missing his usual Friday night pleasures and Cheerleader fantasies made it even more galling. However, as a jazz fan, he did notice that the Bach concerto had been substituted by the more strident tones of Hugh Masakela, the South African Trumpeter. How had that happened; nobody seemed to have made a move to make the selection.

Herb came and sat alongside him on an equally uncomfortable chair and attempted to make conversation but Ian rapidly concluded they didn’t have much in common (certainly Herb was found to be lacking as far as the topic of Jazz was concerned) and their talk lapsed into silence as they strained to catch what was being said in the ‘expensive seats’. He gazed at the back of their heads and wasn’t completely certain but from his viewpoint it seemed as if Simone and Janice as they leaned across Jacob were both, for reasons not understood, paying attention to his groin; surely not, he thought.

Oskar and Zaire had no such confusion as they took in the sight of Jacob having his cock being rubbed through his trousers by the ladies sitting either side of him. As they tapped their feet to the pulsing beat of the music (which they had changed by tapping a few commands on their phones) they were both chuckling at the effrontery of the girl’s behavior. They knew it wasn’t only a consequence of what Jacob had whispered to them when they had sat down but more being triggered by signals being emitted by their phones which was having the desired effect.

Janice tore herself away from massaging Jacob’s cock and turned her head. “Herb, I think we are ready to eat.”
Herb, with no hesitation stood up and waited for their guests to follow his example so that with Jacob leading he could show the way to the table. Simone and Janice had extra assistance when Oskar and Zaire took it upon themselves to hold their arms. As they passed by Herb and Ian Janice gave her husband a slight smile which spoke volumes.

There were six places laid at the table. Simone queried the number to which Janice replied, “Oh Herb is going to be far too busy looking after us all so he said he wouldn’t be sitting with us but rather would just have a bite in between servings.”

Ian raised an eyebrow thinking that this was a prime example of how she treated her husband in such an offhand matter and how it wouldn’t be allowed in his house. His confidence took a jolt when Simone said, “Oh, he doesn’t have to do it all on his own; Ian will help out, won’t you Honey?”

And so it proved. For the next couple of hours Ian found himself walking back and forth to the kitchen to collect dishes, clearing plates, serving wines and generally acting as a waiter to the three black guests-of-honour and ‘their’ ladies whilst Herb remained mostly in the kitchen. From time-to-time he was able to take his place at the table but usually he was only able to have a hastily grabbed forkful of food before Janice was issuing another command for something to be provided. Certainly he had no chance of joining in any meaningful conversation such was the frequency of him having to take yet another trip. Whilst he was vaguely conscious of the ridiculousness of his situation, strangely he felt no resentment of being treated so, indeed, he almost felt a sense of it being his duty to help out and to be deferential to the company. What he wasn’t aware of is that the phone in his pocket was dictating that’s exactly what he was there for.

The delicious meal came to an end with Ian being ‘requested’ to serve them all a fine cognac from a cut-glass decanter into equally expensive crystal Brandy Goblets. Simone nodded as Janice dismissed him with a ‘suggestion’ that he might like to join Herb with cleaning up in the kitchen. “We’ll take our drinks out to the patio and enjoy the warm evening out by the swimming pool.”

He made no protest as they wandered out through the patio doors and he turned and set to the task of clearing the table. He carried the detritus to the kitchen where Herb was busying himself at the sink looking slightly ridiculous still wearing his frilly apron and rubber gloves.

Ian made no comment for he had now fully accepted his role. He picked up a drying cloth and as Herb washed dishes he in turn dried and stacked the clean crockery and cutlery. As they stood side by side he felt a sense of empathy overcome him as if Herb was suddenly his best friend to be confided in. He certainly felt sympathetic toward him and vowed that he would no longer be so antagonistic. He decided to indulge in small talk.

“Herb, I’ve often wondered about your baldness. Do you mind me asking; is it hereditary or maybe a touch of alopecia?” he said delicately.

“Bless you, no,” Herb replied in the soft almost lisping voice of his. “I shave my head daily. Janice likes me without hair.” He dropped his voice even lower, “Actually it’s not only my head; she’s made me shave everywhere. She says she thinks that body hair is a bit gross so I have taken it all off.”

He slipped the plate he was washing back into the foamy water and with his rubber gloves he pulled at the buttons and opened his shirt to expose a perfectly smooth chest. “I know what you must be thinking and, yes, I’m perfectly smooth down there as well. Let’s get finished here and maybe I’ll show you.”

Ian was slightly taken aback but was also a little intrigued at the thought of being invited to look at another man’s private area. He just nodded his head as he realized that the topic of his own body hair must have been discussed between Simone and Janice. “Where else would his wife have got the idea?” he thought as for the next 15 minutes concentrated on reducing the pile of draining dishes.
Job done and Herb finally took off his apron. “OK, all’s good. I don’t think ‘she-who-must-be-obeyed’ will find anything to criticize here,” he said as an attempt of making a joke. “Let’s go through and join them outside.” Ian was not sure if it was a joke that was being made but after hanging his towel he followed Herb through the house to the open patio doors. The sight that greeted him made his jaw drop. Seated and laying on the poolside loungers were Jacob, Oskar and Zaire, all naked with Simone and Janice both reduced to their underwear sitting alongside.

Jacob looked up to see them standing at the open door and smiled. He reached over to his discarded trousers lying on the bed and seconds later Ian felt the phone in his pocket give a distinct throb and, suddenly, the scene before him didn’t appear quite as unusual as he first thought. Indeed, it seemed perfectly reasonable that his wife should be sharing a sun lounger with a black man who was laying there with an impressive erection. Janice was likewise keeping company with one of the others – Ian couldn’t quite make out exactly who, given his vision had suddenly become slightly clouded – but it really didn’t matter. What was important was that their ladies were fulfilling their duty of being perfect companions to these superior black men.

Ian turned to look at Herb who was quietly standing alongside. They exchanged glances which didn’t convey anything other than a quiet acceptance of they weren’t required to participate or join the company lolling by the poolside.

“Oh, there you are at last,” said Janice looking over at the pair of them waving her empty glass. “About time too; we need top ups.”
Herb scuttled over to her to take her glass and get orders from the others as to what they would like to drink. He seemed totally oblivious to his situation of meandering amongst three naked Black men, all of whom were displaying their very aroused massive penises whilst his wife and her best friend were sitting clad in little more than their bra and panties. Indeed, his only display of emotion was to be apologetic that they had had to wait so long.

Ian stepped aside as Herb returned to the kitchen and Simone, who was sitting on the lounger with Oskar, glanced his way seeing but not seeing him he thought. She returned her attention to her Black companion and leaning over him gave him a hard kiss on the lips. Oskar responded by wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer gave her a firm embrace so that her breasts were pressed against his bare chest. Ian thought how nice the contrast between their skin colour appeared and was even more gratified when he saw Oskar’s hands locate the clasp of her bra and with practiced ease flip the fastening apart. He released his hold on her and pushed her away. “Oh, how lovely,” Ian thought as her saw her exposed tits. Oskar was having similar thoughts as he reached and began to caress and fondle her breasts. Once again she looked his way but this time with more focus for she smiled, pouted then blew him a kiss.

The effect on Ian was instant for as he looked upon the surreal scene of his wife being attended to in such a blatantly sexual way his cock had swollen within his restricting clothing. He reached down to ease the discomfort but hesitated for in his confused state he wasn’t sure how he should be reacting to what she was doing. She held his gaze for a few moments and then gave him a nod of approval; he, with silent gratitude, he eagerly unzipped his fly.

Herb returned and carefully stepping between the loungers and chairs set about distributing the laden tray of drinks. He was seemingly heedless to the reality of the three muscular Black men attending to his wife and her friend; to him it was quite a normal situation. He returned to Ian’s side once he was satisfied that everyone had been served.
Ian had his trousers open and was softly stroking his cock which was pleasingly stiff. Not anywhere as impressive as the Black cocks he was gazing upon but as the ‘owners’ were not paying the slightest bit of attention to him he didn’t feel discouraged. Herb quietly returned to stand alongside him and they both stood and watched as events began to unfold before them.

Simone had returned her attention to Oskar and whilst he continued to play with the stiff nipples on her hanging tits she had reached down to take his stiff veiny Black cock in her white hand. Janice was similarly occupied a she was allowing Zaire to take all manner of liberties with her as she lay back on the cushion of the lounger. He had one hand down in her panties whilst the other was helping her to stroke his own impressive erection. Jacob got up from his chair and moved to stand over her and with no hesitation she turned her head, opened her lips and let him slide the bulbous knob into her wet warm mouth.

Ian was very satisfied at what he was seeing; even better than his Cheerleader fantasies he thought as he continued to gently stroke himself. He turned his head to see Herb looking at him with a foolish smile on his face as he undid his own belt to allow his trousers to fall to his ankles exposing his boxer shorts. Ian noted that just as Herb had indicated there was not a hint of hair to be seen on his flabby chest or the slack stomach that concealed any hint of a waistline. He was intrigued as to why if he was so stimulated by the raunchy scene before them that there was no sign of excitement beneath the boxer shorts. He got his answer when Herb put his thumbs in the waistband and hastily pulled them down to expose not only a baby smooth hairless groin but a cock that was contained within a plastic cage. Ian was stunned, he had heard of such things but never thought that he would ever be confronted by somebody wearing one.

Herb was oblivious to Ian’s reaction as he leaned against the door jamb; he was completely focused on the action taking place in front of them on the patio. He lowered his hand and unable to touch his retrained cock he began to fondle the smooth swollen balls that hung beneath. Ian tore his eyes away from the fascinating contraption and likewise returned his gaze to the scene outside.
Simone slipped down the lounge and kneeling on the end she was perfectly positioned to follow Janice’s example and to take Oskar’s rigid cock in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down and she began to get into a rhythm that caused her tits to sway in pace. Even from his disadvantaged viewpoint he could see her stiff nipples brushing against Oskar’s thighs as she did so and it was clear that the friction was giving her much pleasure and stimulation. Her eyes were closed as she applied herself to the task and she didn’t see that Jacob had moved leaving Janice to continue giving attention to Zaire. With his stiff cock proudly leading him he positioned himself behind Simone’s upturned cheeks and without any pause he pulled aside her panties and pushed the bulbous saliva-covered knob straight into her wet pussy. She gasped and her eyes opened wide at the shock of the intrusion.. but only for a moment as she realized what and who was taking advantage of the unspoken invitation. She wiggled and spread her nylon covered legs a little wider and relaxed as she began to feel the exquisite sensations that accompany an expertly applied fucking by his massive black cock.
Over on the other bed Janice wasted no time after being abandoned by Jacob, with a hand still wrapped around Zaire’s magnificent penis she tugged at the waistband of her panties with the other and writhed them down her own stockinged legs. Zaire gave her every assistance until the flimsy garment was pulled down to be hooked around an ankle as it snagged on the buckle of her high-heeled shoes. She looked a perfect picture of a wanton slut which inflamed Zaire as he knelt between her spread legs. Still holding him she pulled and positioned his throbbing cock and guided him into her sopping cunt. Both Herb and Ian winced as they heard her cry out as he shoved in his full length but it wasn’t a cry of pain; it was one of pure lust and passion.

“She always makes that noise when he does that,” whispered Herb.

Ian didn’t turn his attention away from the action, “What; Have you seen him fuck her before?”

“Oh yes, he’s often over here making sure she’s alright; that she is getting a proper seeing to. I can’t blame her for you see even without this silly thing around my little dick I’ve never been able to give her what she needs. It’s too small,” he said matter-of-factly in his quiet lisping voice. “It was almost a gift to us when Rhino came to town and she got that job. It solved everything.”

Ian absorbed what he was hearing without pausing in giving his own modest cock its usual attention from his softly stroking hand. “What do you mean?”

“Well at first I was a bit upset that she kept on about how wonderful and attentive and considerate all these new African men were. I got even more annoyed when out of the blue she started to talk about how better endowed they were than me. I mean, how did she know?” He paused, “Ouch, this thing hurts.” He reached down and gave a shake of the plastic covered appliance surrounding his cock which was clearly straining within the constraint. The movement caused a stream of pre-cum to drip out through the hole in the clear cover.

“She hadn’t been there too long when she started to bring him home after work. I know I should have been annoyed and put my foot down but there was something about the guy and, I don’t know, something started messing in my head and I began to look forward to seeing him and to look after him. He was, is, a really interesting guy and he’s taught me a lot. He has a way, you know.”

Ian was nodding in sympathy as he had had similar emotions and could understand where his new friend was coming from. He looked dreamily on at the scene out by the pool and was almost willing the Black men to be more forceful and assertive as they took turns to fuck his wife. He was equally satisfied to see Janice being taken care of and had no sense of being denied himself as he watched the Black cocks being sucked or being thrust deep into the willing cunts of the two wives. The air was filled with sounds of squeals and moans from the girls who seemed to be continually climaxing as they enjoyed the carnal attention whilst at the same time there was another sound to be heard; from the sound system the soft jazz had been replaced by the sound of African Drums, a primeval rhythmic thumping that provided a very appropriate background that emphasized the superiority of the Black man over his white ‘subjects’.

Matters came to an inevitable conclusion when, as if by agreement, one after the other Jacob, Oskar and Zaire pulled out of the cunts or mouths they were fucking and directed Simone and Janice to kneel side by side in front of them. The girls needed no further instructions and each eagerly took the cocks presented to them in hand; lucky Janice had two! They opened their mouths as they assisted their Black lovers to wank and almost instantly got their reward when torrents of spunk erupted to cover their faces. They both spluttered and giggled as they attempted to direct the spurts into their open mouths with limited success.

Ian was transfixed at the sight of his wife acting like a complete slut; doing things that she had never done in all the time he had known her and, even more confusing, doing things that he had no idea that she would have known about. He became absorbed in his fantasies as he watched and began to stroke his own rigid dripping cock more rapidly. He felt his own orgasm beginning to build when suddenly he felt his hand being sharply pulled away; he looked down in confusion to see Herb getting to his knees in front of him and reaching to grasp his stiff penis. He felt powerless to stop him and with no protest he allowed Herb to resume the wank which he had interrupted. It took but a couple of strokes from Herb’s warm hand to tip Ian over the edge and his sperm shot and spurted onto the tiled floor of the patio before them.

Herb looked up at him and gave him a smile which spoke volumes.

The ride home was filled amiably chatting as they traversed the few blocks. Ian was ‘designated driver’ and had deliberately not drunk too much alcohol but, nevertheless was a little bit hazy about the evening. Simone had indulged but displayed no such amnesia and said brightly, “Well, that was a lovely time, wasn’t it?”

Ian recalled that they had spent a lot of time around the table and had enjoyed a delicious meal that had been prepared and cooked by his new friend Herb. He recollected that they had relaxed a while afterwards out on the patio supping drinks and chatting with the African guests. The time spent in the fresh balmy evening air had certainly strengthened his opinion that these black fellows were really dynamic characters and their outlook on life; their attitudes; their easy charm (especially with the opposite sex) and their can-do approach to everything was to be admired and, dare he admit, that they were a cut above him in almost every way and he wished he could be a little more like them.

Simone had no such thoughts as she recalled the events of the evening. She squirmed on her seat as she felt cum oozing from her pussy and thought, little wonder, given the amount of spunk that must have been pumped into her from those three Black studs. She smiled to herself when she recalled the final incident of looking up to see Ian being masturbated by Herb. “How sweet,” she thought,, “I always suspected that Herb was a closet homosexual; but I wasn’t sure what to think about my dear husband.”
They arrived back home and from the driveway they could see that the light was still on in Chloe’s bedroom. Simone jumped out of the car and dashed into the house and up the stairs, leaving Ian to lock up. She desperately wanted to get to the bathroom so that she could wipe herself clean with a towel before he came to join her. She wasn’t sure if he was ready yet to be trusted to clean her up in the manner which she had her own fantasies about.

Ian closed the front door and made his way up the stairs and passing along the landing he saw the strip of light beneath Chloe’s bedroom door. He paused and put his ear to the door and was gratified to hear the sounds that could only come from two girls who were enjoying and pleasuring each other’s bodies. His cock began to swell again as he imagined what was happening inside the bedroom albeit that his stiffening penis felt very sore as it became more swollen; that confused him for he had no recollection of any reason why that should be so. What he couldn’t see or know was that Chloe had borrowed two of Simone’s newest toy samples from work and while he was one side of the door that Megan was trying to slip the big black dildo that Oskar had given Simone into the tight cunt of Chloe. Little wonder there was so much noise going on.

Simone emerged naked from the en-suite bathroom just as he came into the room. She gave him no notice as she dropped the soiled towel to the floor and reached beneath her pillow to retrieve her nightdress. As she did so she noticed the drawer to her nightstand was slightly ajar. She slid it open peered inside and saw that some of her toys were missing. She had no doubts who had taken them or where they could be found. She smiled to herself and looked forward to the conversation she would be having later with her daughter.
Oskar pulled into the drop-off at the local airport and helped Jacob load his bags onto a luggage cart. They were in plenty of time for Jacob to catch his flight that would take him to New York and then onwards to Capetown.

“Thank you for all you have done and I have to say that you are all doing an outstanding job; I am most impressed and very satisfied with the way things are going,” he said to Oskar as he shook his hand. “I’ll be reporting to the board next week and let them know that the operation here is in good hands and that the plans for the next phase are well advanced and we can expect great things.”

Oskar bowed his head as a gesture of thanks as he said his goodbyes to his boss. “We’ll be recruiting next week for more engineers and aerial erectors so that we can get the masts and transmitters installed in the outlying areas. We need to get the local community on-side and also reckon we might need to romance the mayor and get some of the other local government folks onboard to get permissions and licenses but, have no worries, we don’t think any of them will be a problem.”

Jacob pushed his cart through the door leading to the check-in desk and once he was out of sight Oskar got back into his car and found the road back to Hawksville. He smiled to himself as he envisioned the town that was to be a model for other communities throughout the state. And that’s just for starters, he thought.

Continued in chapter 6.
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