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Nice Tip

I was pumping her hard when her husband walked in. He opened his robe and started stroking his 8 inch cock as I plowed her while holding her legs open. She had already cum on my cock multiple times but this one, made her leave her body. Her husband was in full jerk when he saw her cum. The paid vixen came in and knelt down before him and he skull fucked her hard as she gagged on his throbbing cock as it slammed her tonsils.

My balls were making the slapping noise as I looked over and knew her husband was letting his balls go in her throat. He grabbed her hair and held her head against his ... Continue»
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Helena's husband fucks me

Friday afternoon I was home alone and getting bored. My loving husband was out of town, on a three days business trip.
I called my good girlfriend Helena, but she did not answer the phone.

I was something strange; so I got my car and went to her home. When I arrived there, her husband Jorge came to open the door.

“Well, well, well…“He said smiling… “Look the bitch we have here…”
I demanded to see Helena, but that bastard told me my girlfriend was not there. He added that she probably could be fucking a black lover right now.

I turned around without a word, but then Jorge grabbed my... Continue»
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Tante Rosi

Tante Rosie
Hallo erst einmal ich will euch mal eine Geschichte erzählen die Wahr ist…und sich so vor einigen Jahren Ereignet hat.

Ich bin der Manfred, ich war damals 22 Jahre und gerade aus der Bundeswehr ausgeschieden wie man so sagt, nach 12 Monate ….ohne Job und mit viel Freizeit. Zuhause war meine Mutter, mein Vater die mich in allen Lagen unterstützten, dass ich wieder in Brot und Arbeit komme. Mein erlernter Beruf ist Maler und Lackierer…und ich wollte mich bei großen Firmen Bewerben und auf Montage gehen, wie man so sagt, da man hier am besten Verdienen konnte.
Meine Mutter meinte:“ ... Continue»
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White privileged teen couple,older black coach

Carl was an above white teen. White privilege had given him everything.He had inherited his good looks from his mother ,Good grades in school , a job lined up for when he leaves Lisa the perfect girlfriend. Lisa and Carl loved each other, they had met at church a few years earlier, it was their mothers who introduced them and soon after they started dating , going to movies an studying together.
Lisa was hot as fuck ,5ft 1.blonde hair, blue eyes , full lips made for sucking cock ,small b cup boobs, slim waist and an amazing ass , which Lisa believed to be fat because it was just a bit big b... Continue»
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White wife goes out dancing

This story is true of how I became a cuck.

I am a 55y/o white boi who is dedicated to promoting, educating, and encouraging white women and of age girls to breed black. This is how I was cucked when I was married to my beautiful wife.

My wife was introduced to her black lover by her best friend in high school. He was a foreign exchange student from Mozambique Africa and was so black that he had shiny ebony skin. She is a beautiful pale white redhead who used to be a department store catalog model. Up to this time I was her first and only lover and she had come to believe that my 4" cock ... Continue»
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Garage Spinner

My woman and I bought a house. We managed to get in right at the right time, before the market came back up. We dumped her 900 square foot 1940 brick ranch and got into a nice big split level. An extra 350 square feet and a huge garage. Natually we had a spare bedroom, and she kicked around the idea of renting out the room just because we didn't need it. My k*** are grown and gone, and she can't have any. Life is good, but later I realized she was setting me up, because her n***** Scotty was having trouble at home and wanted to move out.
Naturally before I knew it, this 18 year old shithead ... Continue»
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Tales from Mondale – Dan and Karen. Part One.

The previous story was short, but this one might eventually be longer. Again, this tale is not for “fap” readers. Sorry. The story will cross various categories and, for the most part, is written in UK English. Sex tales are not my usual writing genre, although I have written erotic scenes for my novels. So, here goes…

Tales from Mondale – Dan and Karen. Part One.

Dan Carter was not in the happiest of moods as he arrived home from work that Thursday afternoon. He parked the car in the driveway, having brought it to screeching halt. After checking his cell for messages, he got out... Continue»
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My Mother Taught Me

When I turned 18 I thought I knew everything but the only thing I did not know was the practical side about sex. Which I would learn soon enough from the most beautiful woman I know… my own mother. My mom showed me and was the one who truly made me a man and I loved every minute of her lessons.

My friends and I had talked about sex many times but none of us had really done anything of the sort to really know how it felt. I was versed enough in the oral exam but still lacking in the practical. One afternoon after school I had some friends over and we chatted about a sweet 19 year old latina... Continue»
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Mom Story

….I had a great mom. She was a single mom for a long time now. She had boyfriends come over and I got to listen carefully with my ear on the wall, as they fucked in her bedroom. She moaned quietly and I got an instant hardon listening. I of course, as teen boys do, I wished it was me fucking her. I quietly went back to bed and always had a good wank thinking of fucking some girl I wished I had, but slowly I thought of the taboo thing… having sex my own mom.

….I compared notes with some of my buddy’s and they too, had wanted to fuck their moms, but then it passed as we grew up more and gi... Continue»
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My Moms Obsession with Me

I’ve never told this to anyone. I want to tell it now, and get it out. I’m sitting at my mom’s personal computer so I can write down what all happened. Sometimes I remember more things, and now I can go back and insert them in the story at the right time they happened. I don’t want my wife to know I’m writing this, so I’m doing this at mom’s house.
Dad left her years ago. A lot happened.

Mom and I had a personal secret. I remember it started. My mom started touching me. Just a little at first, letting her fingers wander around my body. She liked to hug me and would run her hands under my... Continue»
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Handball - 2 guys, 1 fleshlight.

It's in my viking mothers tongue. If the story gains an interest, I might translate it to english.

Han spurgte, om jeg ville slikke pikken lige ud af fissen. Lige efter han havde sprøjtet hende fuld af sperm. Jeg fik jern på ved tanken, men prøvede, at spille cool. Det tør du sgu da heller ikke, havde han bare svaret. Vi sad på llama, og fik passionsfrugt, med vanilie og alkohol. I kander kom de, og vi kom det i kanderne. Det var Molly. Hun sad bare, og vidste ikke hvad hun sku' sige. Peter?, sagde hun bare, mens hun kiggede overrasket, men også indtaget på mig, med et stort smil på sine rø... Continue»
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Georgia's Sexlife - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - You're a slut!

"You're a slut!"
I've heard this so many times by now that I don't care anymore. Is it really that bad to be a slut? If the word is used in connection with sex then yes, I AM a slut!
There are many men going out in clubs to seduce girls, so why shouldn't girls be allowed to do the same? I like to seduce men and being proud of my dates.
I'm always straight forward and honest when I talk about my one night stands, of course there are girls who think bad about me afterwards. Some even ended the friendship, but I never really cared about it. What do I want with f... Continue»
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Mom liked me to watch (2)

After fucking my mother for most of the afternoon, she had to get things ready for dinner. Dad would be home in about an hour and a half.
I went outside for some air and thought I would look at mom through one of the kitchen windows. God she was good looking, and had such a tight body. Just thinking about her made my cock start to get hard again. Mom always dressed real well. She seemed to dress to show case her body. Today was no different. After out little fling, mom changed into a nice short skirt and a button up half top. As I watched her through the window I could see almost all of her... Continue»
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My friend massages his way inside my wife

When my wife Brittany told me she was thinking of getting her first ever massage, I didn't think much of it.

Later that evening, I went to my friend Aaron's house for Poker Night with the guys. During a break, Aaron was a little d***k, and when we were in the kitchen getting more beers and snacks, he mentioned to me how hot he thought Brittany was. Aaron wasn’t a close friend so that kind of revelation might make some guys want to punch their friend in the face. But not me.

I've always thought it would be hot to share my wife with my friends. So when Aaron gave his confession, it made m... Continue»
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please my man

my ex was a very sexy man who was sweet and gentle and very loving man ... when we meet he was a considerate attentive lover that seem to only want to please me... he was amazing at doing all those things that a woman loved and things woman wondered about.. but to be honest after several months it was starting to be a little boring always being the one pleasured and made to cum..

i love to please a man too.. but he never let me ...he just wanted to please me.. so one day i said to him that our sex life was great for me but i needed more,,, he look worried so i explained... that i thought ... Continue»
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Waking Mom

This story has been edited very slightly to remove some spelling errors and correct, in my mind, the way some of the sentences read.

It had been a quiet night, I’d spent the evening playing on my beloved computer, trawling the internet for porn as usual. I’d found quite a few sites of interest, especially to the young 16 year old horny teen I was.

I’d finally given up and headed to bed, my parents were out at some little social thing, so I had the house to myself. I woke up after a couple of hours sl**p to my parents’ noisy return. They were only quiet when they came up the stairs and pa... Continue»
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Spanking My Mother

I accidentally overheard my mother asking my father, “Please spank me. You know how much it excites me.”

Dad said, “I have told you a hundred times, no.”

Mom asked, “Then fuck my ass, please.”

Again Dad said, “I have told you a hundred times, no.”

Mom then said, “If you really loved me you would inflict pain on me as I request. I know that you think it’s sick but I crave it. Don’t make me look for it elsewhere.”

Dad laughed and said, “Now you have told me that a hundred times too. Go. Go out and find someone to spank you. I don’t care. Hell, let him fuck you up your ass too as l... Continue»
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My mom is just as horny as I am!

First off let me tell you that all this actually happened in the real world, i'm not adding or changing any details or events. I'm going to be honest here and not feed you any of that common bullshit which, for me personally, usually ruins these stories. Even if they are not real. No, my mother did not have a pornstar body with the looks of a teen hollywood actress. She did not have me when she was 15, so she's not going to be a young mother with a tight body. No, I do not have a 10 inch dick and six-pack abs. Don't be silly, there's no way those things are as common as I am led to believe whe... Continue»
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Birthday party

Joe strode through the arrivals gate at the airport like a new man. He'd
been in South East Asia for the better part of six months and had the
scruffy long hair to prove it. It flopped down over his still extremely
boyish face in a heavy brown mess. His cute little cheeks still framed his
soft little dimples gaily, he smiled affectionately at his waiting
father. Six months seemed to have changed a lot in Joe, his Dad
thought. Although his shoulders still had the softness that young lads
carry before they turn twenty, Joe now walked with more confidence than he
had when he left.

The two men, ... Continue»
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Under the Covers

I was lying in bed waiting impatiently. I was fidgeting and I couldn’t keep still. Davey should have been here ages ago. Or was I just being too impatient?

My heart slipped a beat and my whole body trembled when I heard the door open and close quietly. He came quickly to my bed and slipped under the covers.

I put my arms around him and hugged him tightly as he pulled the covers over us and we wriggled down the bed until we were both completely under the covers.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly and d****d one leg over him, pulling him close to me and kissing his forehead repeatedl... Continue»
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