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The Scent

Focus on my words The words only Do not think Be blank
Focus on my words Feel the urge to submit Sniff the air You wish you were at my feet

My feet are your world Nothing else matters All that matters are the smell of my feet You want to taste them

Focus on my words Ask permission first To taste To finally have the taste of my smelly feet

I tell you to wait You must lay there Very still All you can do is smell them
When I count down from 5 You are allowed to press your lips against them


You have the urge to grab them To suck them But you hold back You lay... Continue»
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Der Unfall im Urlaub 5

Der Unfall im Urlaub, oder wie Finn das Wohnmobil mit seiner Mutter heim fuhr
Teil 5

Am nächsten Morgen wachten beide frühzeitig auf und Susanne stieg aus dem Bett und ging unter die Dusche, sie hatte leider nicht auf ihren persönlichen Kalender gesehen, denn sie hätte jetzt einen Termin bei ihrem Frauenarzt und heute sollte auch Finn wieder zur Arbeit gehen und Susanne wollte heute noch ihren Mann am Krankenbett besuchen und sie richtete sich, denn heute sollte sie wieder die nächste Spritze zur Schwangerschaftsverhütung bekommen, die immer drei Monate anhielt und sie ... Continue»
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My life – About me and mom, this whore, this slut,

My life – About me and mom, this whore, this slut, this cumdump

My life, as I can call it that way, is something special, a lifetime job for any psychiatrist and psychologist, and before one of them likes to heal me, don't try, I love my way.

I have two functional "dads", one, whom I call dad, my legal one, the white knight in any boys life, the one who taught me all about old, ethical values, honor, proud, respect, to fight for others if needed, the one who taught me calculating, logics, technical comprehension. And on the other side, the one who gave me my "programming", my dirt, my disord... Continue»
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Ava, Grant and Troy

I was so irritated. My Mom and stepdad were heading to Italy for vacation and had called my stepb*****r Troy to stay with me.
“It’s so completely ridiculous that you won’t let me stay alone. I’m going to college next year for Christ sake.”
“Watch your tongue young lady,” my mother snapped.
“It’s still so fucking ridiculous.”
“Ava Marie,” my mother said silencing me, “you know damn well why we can’t let you stay alone, after the last time, you’ll be lucky if we let you go away to college next year.”
“I fucking hate you,” I shouted and pounded up the stairs to my room.
As I slammed the do... Continue»
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A School Boy and His Fucking MOM

Even as a young schoolboy, I was fascinated with my mum. I remember
getting up early for school each day just so I could catch a glimpse
of mum dressing in front of the roaring open fire. To see mum pulling
up her panties or sliding on her stockings, gave my pre-pubescent cock
a raging stiffy.

Mum has always been a good looking woman, lovely long legs and gorgeous
tits, I remember regularly wanking my little prick thinking about mum.
Years later I graduated to taking her panties out of the laundry basket
and can still remember the sheer excitement of wrapping them round my
hardening ... Continue»
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With My Stepmom

A few years ago I was 18, and like many 18 year old guys I wanted to "get big" so I went to the gym pretty often to work out. My Stepmom was married to my dad not long before my 18th birthday, and recently she had been coming to the gym with me. She liked to stay in shape. She was more than 10 years younger than my dad; she was forty years old and my dad was in his early fifties.

She was an attractive woman with a great smile. She had a surprisingly nice figure for her age, her boobs were large and perky, her butt was muscular and curvy. It was a shock to me that at forty years old, she ac... Continue»
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[CM//CF] How my beautiful first cousin seduced me.

I've been wanting to tell this story for almost 2 decades. I've never told a soul about this in all these years & I figured this community would appreciate a real story with all the gory details.

Immediately after our foray into the realms of the undoable, the reality of the situation becomes apparent to me. I crossed a line and can't take this back even if I wanted to. The complicated nature of bl**d relations is sobering and real.

As much as I want to call in sick and just lay in bed all day continuing our forbidden fun, I am desperately needed at work for part 2 of an incredibly ... Continue»
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The phone started ringing which she answered. "Time to go Steve ! Such a shame ah well always tomorrow" she smiled. I got dressed and wandered home in a bit of a daze. I couldn't believe what had happened and as I walked into my house I got another shock. "Hi Steve Hazel has just called and said thanks for all your help today and says to remind you its 10 o'clock in the morning"

I quickly replied "Ok mam a bit more to do"
"Shes very impressed with how hard you worked". "Yes I'm tired going for a lie down Mam".

“Ok Steve”

I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn't get w
... Continue»
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Finally got my prize

After months of chatting and looking at her sexy pictures online, I finally told my daughter and sons friend I had seen her on here and we have actually been having very flirty and naughty chats on here all that time.

She was very shocked and went very quite on me for a few days then messaged me as she knew i was going to be alone for the weekend, and said she wanted to talk to me.

On the Friday evening when I was alone Jane phoned me and said that she was shocked that it was me she had been chatting to and also been very horny at the same time, I told her i'd wanted to say something soo... Continue»
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Uncle BIll. V

Coming inside and sitting at the table my butt hurt a little. Bill started making dinner. As he cooked I got up and stood beside him. He reached over and rubbed my butt. I arched my hips and pushed against his hand. He stopped rubbing and reached lower. Cupping the bottom of my butt he pushed a finger between my cheeks and slid his hand up. Reaching my waist, he slid back down. As he did I spread my legs and leaned against the counter allowing him to slip his finger deep in my chack. When he reached my hole he wiggled his finger, moving the grease that was left to it. When I felt him touch my... Continue»
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s****rs turned lesbian PT 3

s****rs turned lesbian PT 3


I sat in my room waiting for my mother to come in.
I'm in big trouble, caught performing 69 with my little si(s)ter, calling her a slut and telling her to eat me out bitch.
What can I say? How do I justify what we were doing?

I heard the door knob turn, here goes.

Debbie, what in gods name were you doing?

You saw what we were doing mom.

That's not what I mean and you know it! WHY were you doing it? WHY were you calling your si(s)ter
a slut?
Nicole is only... Continue»
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Blowing my boss

Kay entered the office of her boss upon his request, and when she shut the door she saw him get up and reveal him to be pantsless, his cock slowly being stroked in his hand and a look of pure lust all over his face. She grinned and knew this was what he wanted after their threesome a few days ago, and to be honest she wanted it too. It was only a matter of whether she was getting fucked or sucking him dry. She took off her top and her black lace bra, letting her boss see her erect nipples and make him lust for her even more. He ordered her to come to him and when she was right in front of... Continue»
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Nude beach with mum and pops

Kath and Stan Mathers were the heads of a fairly average bunch. Kath was 49, and stand 51. She taught and he just said "he worked in IT" after becoming bored of trying to explain what he really did in IT procurement.

The rest consisted of Earl, Chloe, Alice, Johnathan and Hannah, from youngest to oldest. Johnathan and Hannah had long left home, while Chloe and Alice had become far too "cool" to be holidaying with Kath and Stan. They did however enjoy living rent free at home and having all the luxuries that entails.

So as summer came around, holidays became a topic of conversation, and a... Continue»
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Stepmom and Hung Son

I recently had an exciting experience while home on vacation from college that I thought people might like to read about.

I am a fairly average male in my sophomore year in college. I'm 6'1", 185, with light brown hair, and in pretty good shape from playing club sports. My mom and dad got divorced when I was still in high school, and my dad remarried only a year later, to his secretary if you can believe it. My dad's new wife Lynn was younger than my mom, but she still seemed like a mature, older woman to me. She was blonde with a nice figure, thin with a nice ass and smallish boobs, and I... Continue»
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s****r Cums Home

What luck I had. My parents were both called out of town by their respective jobs for the whole week. My mother, a lawyer, had to fly to New York to meet a very important client, and my father, an advertising executive, was called to Atlanta to attend a meeting. It just happens to be that this same week is my first week off of school for summer vacation. I would have the entire house to myself to do whatever I want, whenever I want. My s****r, Desirre, (or Dez, as we called her) is away at college across state.

Monday morning rolled around rather quickly. My mother woke me up to tell me th... Continue»
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Mum's New Nightie

I had a pretty 'normal' upbringing. Mum had me when she was 35. There's 10 years between me and my older s****r, so we've never really had a lot to do with each other. She'd already been to university, got her degree and a good job, before I'd even got to secondary school.

Dad's the f****y provider. Mum has a part-time job, but more for the social aspect than the money. Although he's only 2 years older than mum, dad was already an old man by the time I really became aware of him. He's not violent or abusive, he's just... old. Shortly after my s****r left home, dad decided to convert her bed... Continue»
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Saturday Morning s****r dances for her little brot

"And don't forget to make a start on your chores please. Don't spend all morning in bed."

"No mum."

With that my mother left my room, closing the door behind her.

Saturday morning. No school. Thank god. I lay in bed staring at the ceiling. The bright sunlight outside was fighting to break through my closed curtains. I lay quietly, trying to decide what to do. I had just started the fourth in the series of the George R.R. Martin Game of Thrones books. I might read that. I was also thinking about Martha, a girl in my year at school who had caught my attention. I reached into my boxers a... Continue»
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Vietnames mother-in-law and me

Crazy how things work sometimes. My in-laws immigrated here over a two years ago, wonderful people who I am grateful for since without them, I wouldn't have my lovely wife. I always thought my mom in law was super sweet, even though I don't speak Vietnamese and she doesn't speak Englishwe always seem to understand each other.
Recently it was my birthday, my wife had to work so I was home with the in laws. I had just picked up some great beer from my favorite brewery for my birthday and my father in law joined me in finishing it off, his wife however declined. After dinner he went to sl**p, ki... Continue»
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The birth of a yng. whore – pt4 – hurting parentin

Parenting a property or learning must hurt

There she was, 15 years old, naked in a stable, bound like a piece of livestock. Before this day she was cute, virgin, in any way really greenly, she had dreams, she had a boyfriend, whom she loved, she had a f****y, who looked after her, all something normal in 1965, in Western Germany, somewhere in the hinterland of Heidelberg.

Now, after grandpa taught her, how it feels to have a cock between her lips, how hurting treason could be, and he and his son-in-law have shown her how a brutal defloration of her two cunts feels like, how mortifyin... Continue»
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cuckold forever!

i was reading a post in here about a guy eating his first creampie from his gf..and i wrote such a long reply that it felt better to cut it short in there and made a full post in here.i've been there and it's such an amazing's the greatest gift women can give to betas like i said in the reply comment.the shivers of lust and self realisation while we kiss their pussies only to find the juice of an alpha man inside them it's a gift that shocks us and that,no matter what, bind us to our real self of cuckolds forever!
[image][/ima... Continue»
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