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Boyfriends dad had me......

It all started when my (now Ex) boyfriend parents invited him and I on holiday over 15 years ago. I was 19 and my ex BF was 21 and his parents were probably in their late 40’s. They were called Thelma and Jim and were pleasant enough. I often caught Jim staring at me and I found it quite amusing that he was getting turned on lusting after me.

It was August and Thelma and Jim had booked us all into a Bed and Breakfast in Margate for 4 days and I must admit I was looking forward to the break, some sun and lots of sex as I’d been neglected by my BF as he’d been working a lot. So I... Continue»
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My traveling wife, the end

Continue: more.....come on...strech the bitch....that is hot....use her....thoughts and pictures flew thru my head...

I sat there, by the fire, horny as a Duracell Rabbit on nuclear power....and all I could do I did..... hands shaked......a sound file again....and the voice of my slut wife....."Yes....God.....fuck me....more......harder....Oh my...I....god that is naughty.....Am I naughty boys...."
No answer, but a loud slap, one more.....and "Oh...please...yes...."....a slap...."I...a naughty girl....I deserve it...".....two slaps... Continue»
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Being a cuckold overseas

My sexy wife Ana had been tormenting me by telling me about the huge black dick she had been getting pounded into her tight sweet pussy for the entire time I was on a full week trip overseas…

She really had driven me crazy with all of the details and she enjoyed it.
Anita even had the nerve to let that black guy fill her cunt when I was landing at the airport; so I would come home to a sloppy cum filled pussy.

Instead of greeting me at the door, I found my slutty wife laying on our bed, still naked with her legs spread open, having been less than a quarter since her black lover had lef... Continue»
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How to train your slave (husband/boyfriend)

This has been discussed many times by Dommes of varying levels of experience who offer their inputs which are often incomplete and unnecessarily complicated or elaborate.

In this article I wish to discuss how to turn your boyfriend or husband into a REAL slave. Not a submissive or play slave, but actual slave that won't dare to question you, talk back or even speak if not spoken too. Having such a slave has many benefits, least of which are sexual benefits most of such articles/guides focus on. As an alpha female you have no trouble finding people who will satisfy you sexually. These days it... Continue»
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Holiday with Mum In Spain

My mother couldn't stop talking all the way to the airport. We'd booked a bargain three-night break on the Costa Blanca, and Mum was bubbling with excitement. She kept talking about what we'd do and wondering about the hotel.

She was already dressed for the warm weather: she was wearing a short, thin flowery sun dress with a halter neck that left her back, arms and shoulders bare, as well as revealing a generous amount of cleavage. On the train we sat on sideways-facing seats, and at first Mum kept trying to tug her dress down over her bare thighs, but it was a hopeless struggle - it didn't... Continue»
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Mark, you have got to get up. I have to get to work and you know I can't be late today.

Damn, I have her panties around my cock and am jerking hard. I love it when she puts her panties in the bathroom and goes to work in a hurry. I have wanted to fuck my Mom since I was 14 but now that I am 18 all I do is jerk my cock on her panties and wish it was her jerking me.

The door opened and Mom was standing there and she let out a yell, "What are you doing..."

I couldn't stop and I started cumming and it shot 3 feet in the air and I started moaning "Mom oh Mom" and she just stood there watch... Continue»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Continue»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Continue»
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Foster Parents Are Truly The Best

Hi, I'm Thomas (Tom) Foster. And yeah, I am a foster host parent. I have lots of short stories to share, let me know if you're interested. Apparently my kind of stories are not allowed. Pity. ;) Here's one that is:

Just to give you some idea of what I'm talking about. The other day I met up with a former foster-raised guy who is now in college. We talked about the "good ol' days" and all the things we did as a family together. My former wife was a huge fan of spoiling the c***d and not sparing the rod so to speak. I couldn't help but think about him and her as my cock twitched in my jeans. H... Continue»
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Bad santa....and helpers

Ho ho ho....

We had decided to have a silent christmas this year, my wife and I.
A long year had passed, with different problems in personal life and professional life.
We packed our stuff drove into the mountains, enjoyed christmas music, cold weather and snow.

We arrived to our cabin quite in the evening the 23.des, dark and cold, but plenty of time to get the heat up.

After getting our stuff in house and making a big fire in the stove we sat down and enjoyed the life and wine. Listening to a storm building up outside. Sitting there we heard knocking on the door.

My wife went t... Continue»
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Mum undies

Looking at the clock Mark realized he had to get changed back into his own clothes before his mother got home from work. His door was ajar so he could hear her arrival and he knew that could be any minute. He cut it as fine as he could each time but however exciting the prospect of getting caught he knew it would cause all sorts of problems.

Slowly, sensuously, he undid the suspender belt fastenings and began to roll the almost sheer black stockings with the lacy tops down his legs. He loved the feel of them against his skin and, even though he had only just cum, he felt his cock stirring i... Continue»
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Fun before school


Helen stood in her kitchen starring out the window. This morning wasn't any different from most mornings.

The coffee machine bell rang bringing Helen's mind from her wondering. She quickly made herself a cup. Her eyes went back to the window and wondered why she was so alone. Helen felt eyes on her and turned around. There was son Mark. "Morning mum. Are you all right?" he asked. "Good morning. I'm fine honey." Helen said.

'He's such a nice boy. And quite handsome.' she thought. 'No he's your son.' Helen quickly turned around before her eyes came any lower. Mark knew what his mother... Continue»
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Aunty Jean - The strict one

I crawled out the door and, still naked, I made my way down to the laundry to get a mop and bucket. After filling the bucket with warm soapy water I returned upstairs to my bedroom to find that my Aunty had gone.

She had left me a note; it read: 'Wear this.........AND ONLY THIS!!! After you have completed your chores stand in the corner facing the wall and wait!'

The note was pinned to a white satin apron, edged with lace. Underneath the apron was a set of clean sheets.

I balked at the idea of wearing the apron but after recent events, and the possible consequences that could ensue, w... Continue»
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Tante Wencke: Mein Coming out – Aller Anfang ...

2. Versuch: Erste Veröffentlichung war etwas holperig - Vielleicht, weil in der Überschrift (weg. Zeichen begrenzung ein "i" und ein"s" zusammenstanden. Wer weiß, welche Filter undere Postings alle durchlaufen!

Wie immer: alles frei erfunden .... + alle Beteiligten sind sexualmündig!

Ich bin Timo und hüte seit Jahren ein Geheimnis, das ich hier endlich loswerden will. Es belastet mich nicht – im Gegenteil! – In diesen Jugenderinnerungen (sexualmündig, aber noch nicht erwachsen) zu schwelgen und sie endlich mal aufzuschreiben tut mir einfach gut. Nebenbei genieße ich die hierdur... Continue»
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Loving Mum Part 2

I know this has taken sometime to follow up on, but things in life very rarely go to plan and many things have kept me from following on from where I left off. Mum and I still have our little get together now and then, it usually culminates in torrid, hot and sweaty sex, but then, that’s what we both enjoy. Dad is still with us, although he has never got any better and indeed, his health continues to slowly deteriorate.
Over the years, mum and I have had some great and very pleasurable moments together, we often made love in her bed, especially if Dad went out, which he did once in a while, ... Continue»
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My Mom

My hands were resting on my mother's naked shoulders. In some ways it was nice to feel her being close, but I was still trying to getting used to this kind of closeness. Most of the time I was trying to keep my eyes closed and breathe calmly in and out, an occasionally I looked out of the window to my left. It was a perfectly normal afternoon outside, the sun was shining and I actually think even a bird was singing.

"Not quite yet, mom," I eventually had to sigh.

I felt the warm lips moving for a while longer until mom knew she had to give up for now. My mother was naked and on her knee... Continue»
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Mom Ass

My mom was pretty broken up about it, and so she gave me the job of cleaning some of his boxes out of the study and garage. Well, there was a lot of crap there, old school texts and boring stacks of appliance manuals and whatever. But there were also some porn mags, and videotapes. I knew there was gonna be something bad on them, so I waited until no one was home (my older sister was living with us too at this point; she's pretty hot, blonde with big tits, but she's in college now, so this story really isn't about her at all) and I slid it in the VCR. I don't think I've gone a day without jerk... Continue»
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The main answer is simple, like the last time: Because they are clearly completely incompetent!
That is main reason and already sufficient on its own for the demotion of all team of admins, real soon, IMHO.
Don't You agree?


However, the situation is far worse: The second is much more serious:

Because they commit clear CRIMES, mainly stealing other peoples property,
in my case: many stories, of which I DO NOT HAVE A
... Continue»
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Runin A Train On Christy

RUNNIN a TRAIN The Christy Saga

Christy, my ex girlfriend called me telling me she needs money badly. I asked her for what. She says she is behind on her house payments. I asked her how much. She says she owes $4500. I said what!, $4500! That’s a lot of money! She says she’s knows and started sobbing. I told her I don’t mind helping her but what do I get in return. She asked what I wanted. I said well I don’t know but it would have to be big because I knew she couldn’t pay me back.
“I’ll fuck you whenever you want.” She said.
“No, I ain’t paying you to fuck me, I already get pussy.” I explai... Continue»
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After the Sleep Over

A mother surprise joins her daughter who is having sex, home poolside with a girlfriend.

Janie and Sue left after breakfast Saturday morning; really sorry they couldn’t stay till the afternoon, as we had had such a great girly sleepover Friday night. Our guys were away at an ‘away game’ and well they were college guys and only trustworthy in our sight. So I arranged a girl’s night in; chick flicks, comfort food and plenty of privacy.

Saturday, now was ours, Annie’s and mine: bestie’s time. And we had the run of my house alone as mum went out to shop. How we got from my bedroom... Continue»
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