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Misha & Hethan Freaky Friday (by Emma)

Misha had always admired Hethans heavily sported bulge. Despite being small, he loved the way it almost looked inverted. She always looked so hot walking down the hallways with a tootsie roll in her pants. Misha had almost forgotten how small it was, when Hethan walked by and winked at him. He came in an instant, almost as if Hethan had imprinted him the last time they slept together. Misha would never forget that day with their daughter meth, may she rest in peace. They hadn't spoken in almost a year, and it was killing Misha. Despite hating her for forcing him to get a sex change, Misha coul... Continue»
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Em phải làm sao đây khi bạn em là người đồng tính?

<font><font>Chào các chuyên gia tư vấn của trung tâm tham vấn tâm lý Hoàng Nhân!

Năm nay em 19 tuổi. Từ nhỏ đến lớn em luôn đuợc ba mẹ cưng chiều, sống yên ấm trong vòng tay của gia đình, hầu như không phải làm việc gì trừ việc học. Trong mắt mọi người em là một cô bé ngoan ngoãn, học giỏi, là một tấm gương sáng và thực tế là em đã gặt hái được nhiều thành công trong học tập. Trong mắt bạn bè thì em là một cô bé vô tư, trong sáng. Năm vừa qua em đã đậu vào một trường đại học lớn. Do từ nhỏ đã ít phải làm việc nhà nên em đã gặp không ít khó khăn trong cuộc sống sinh viên. Hơn nữa, do môi trườn... Continue»
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They shuffled down the queue. Eventually it was his turn to empty the shopping trolley onto the conveyor, eagerly assisted by his young son. Then he noticed who was attending the till: a tall young black woman. She caught his eye and smiled as she began scanning his weekly load through:

-My! It’s good to know that someone in Awka actually buys fresh produce and cooks. You’re a lucky man to have such a wife.

He returned her smile:

-Actually, I’m the cook in our home. My partner can’t.


-Can’t, she’s disabled. I look after things.

He couldn’t see it through her black ski... Continue»
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where to start would be by saying i am 43 years old from dublin ireland i live in a small northside dublin village.
to cut it short i have a elderly neighbour who has limited access around his house with this his son who i know a long time asked me
was it possible to take a key from him to just go over and check on his dad on and off if he ever needed help or just incase of a emergancy.
as you do i agreed and said no problem of course i could with this he said from thursdays on to monday it be fine because his s****r who is 59 years old would be there to care for the father..
so all was g... Continue»
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Matts dress code

I guess if I were gay, pickin up a str8 boy would be my biggest thrill. Not sure what the general mind set of gay guys is these days, but Im sure there are still plenty that operate under the “kiss and dont tell” mindset. Suckin on some str8 dick usually wont get blabbed around the inner circles. Ive had plenty of dudes suck my dick over the years—but way more attempted that didn't get it. So—what gives Matt ?? How do we get that str8 boy 10” dick ?
You all know the expression “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression “ right ? Well, that's pretty much it. APPERANCE ! And ... Continue»
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A Interesting Story

This story begins when father of two c***dren died and left them alone but they have their mother to love them
The older was the s****r named Katrina and his mother used to call her kat she was 19 years old and younger was a boy named Jason who was 17 years old
and their mother name was Olivia
Olivia was a doctor and she was very gorgeous and breast were round and beautiful
Her ass was something to look at
One night when Jason came home found her s****r crying and he rushed into her room
And asked her what happened she didn't stop crying Jason hugged her in order to make her feel comf... Continue»
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The Silver Porsche

The Silver Porsche

The boy walked lazily along the country road, enjoying the summer heat. Sex was the last thing on his mind that day, as his old Volkswagen Beatle had run out of fuel a mile back. But he didn't mind. He was on a well-earned break in the South of England.
The year was 1985 and for a randy young man, anything was possible.
As the road took another turn, the boy was sure he could hear a powerful engine coming up behind him. It turned out to be a dashing silver Porsche sports car, racing along so fast it almost ran him over. In a split second the boy saw the d... Continue»
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The Policewoman Part 3.

Arriving at Chinyere's house, I took a deep breath before ringing the doorbell. Inside this house, a woman I knew well was living out my worst nightmare. The door opened, and there she stood, eyes red from crying. She was dressed, but just barely, having received the bad news while still in bed. As soon as she saw me, she collapsed, and I caught her under the arms, then scooped her up. I kicked the door shut, and carried her inside.

Heading to the sofa, I looked down at the light load weeping in my arms. In the process of catching her, her night shirt had come askew, and now was pulled up ... Continue»
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The Policewoman Part 2

I was sitting in my study, staring at the uncooperative screen of my computer. Despite my best efforts today, very little of the thoughts that swirled through my head had found their way through my fingers. As a result, I was feeling a little stalled.

When I felt this way, time lost its meaning.

I don't even know how long I had been sitting there, but a familiar sound brought me back out of my stupor.

It was a whine. Not from a dog, although there was one in the house, downstairs somewhere. No, this whine was mechanical, and accompanied by a low rumble.

Kamsy was home. I stood ... Continue»
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Fucking my cute petite classmate

hello everyone i am boy. i get always horny when i see girls private parts. in my class there is a girl looks so cute has a nice body private parts when i see her boobs and ass i can't control myself. Some times at home i masturbate thinking herself. she looks so cute and has a curvy body. One day she went to college toilet in the middle of class. I just got myself went out of the class silently without asking teacher permission. It was really a nervous moment to get out of the class any how i came outside of it and i thought to fuck her by any means necessary because she was in my head every ... Continue»
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The Policewoman.

I was lounging on the couch in my media room, watching NASCAR on the big screen. There was a commercial on right now, and my mind was wandering. A knock on the front door brought me back to reality.

As I approached the front door, I heard a radio squak outside. I tried to peek through the sidelight glass, but it was frosted, so all I could see was a shadowy form close to the door, and a flashing coloured light in the background. Police? Why?

I cautiously opened the door. The officer had his back to me. No. A pony tail of dark black hair hung down to the middle of her back. Ladycop. Abo... Continue»
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A Message To Our Friends & Fans

We would very much enjoy to meet with every last one of you, but alas, that may not be possible. We would also like to chat with each of you, if there is time. Even with two of us hard at work here, that still may not be the case. But there are ways we can still enjoy each other immensely.

We love tribute. We love the attention you give us, as well as imagining what goes through your heads as you think of us. Please, by all means feel free to sample one of your favorite pics and completely let loose on it. Post it and let us know. We may even post it on our galleries with an eternal shout out... Continue»
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Caught shagging by Jehovahs Witnesses

Pretty much every weekend without fail my girlfriend and I have a weekend shagathon. We stock up on Durex, she wears a tasty red or black g string - sometimes crotchless - and I select a pair of silk or satin boxers from my collection. We get started early Friday evening and literally don't get out of bed until Monday morning - apart from to use the bathroom or to eat - when we are both absolutely fucked.

For a while we would finish our first fuck session by about 4am on Saturday morning and then sl**p a few hours before going at it again after some breakfast. However, every few weeks we wo... Continue»
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A college party leading to a very great night

I was young and wild by this point in my life and I knew it, I was not ashamed of it and no one ever made me feel badly about it. I can admit that I was sort of addicted to the pleasure and I really got off on it. I was invited to a party by my close friends, this was a college party and by this point I was mid way through my sophomore year.

I arrived at the apartment with my friends and we immediately start to consume as much alcohol as we can. I was twenty three at the time and I can admit that I can take a shot or two back then more so than I can now but never the less we immediately be... Continue»
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The Headmistress.

The School and University system in Nigeria is a strange, anomaly-ridden thing. It has grown up haphazardly over centuries, subject to the caprices of tradition and political whim, baffling to the outsider. One of the anomalies is that the great medieval universities of Nsukka and Lagos select part of their student intake on the basis of special exams which take place half a year after when most pupils leave school. And, of course, most of the schools which can, practically speaking, afford to keep a select group of pupils on for half a year extra are the private ones, the most expensive and e... Continue»
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New years eve

Waking up on the 31st December, it was going to be the first new years that I was going to spend with a girl at home without any parents. Jessica woke up soon after me and a little after 9 we got dress for the first time in two days. We then made our way to the shops where we bought snacks, meat for the braai, 2 bottles of brandy and 2 bottles of sours and 3 bags of ice. We then headed back home and prepared everything for the day as our friends would be arriving at about 1pm.
After sorting everything out and packing it away Jessica went to shower and get ready for the day ahead. I showered o... Continue»
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Big bang theory Fanfic: Penny/Missy cooper


What they were doing in Penny's apartment during The Pork Chop Indeterminancy. Points if they do it between the boys coming over to ask Missy out, and have to get dressed to answer the door each time.

Work Text:

If there’s one thing that both the Cooper twins are used to, it’s getting their own way. Penny finds this out halfway through the first glass of wine, when Missy leans over, puts one finger under Penny’s chin, and turns Penny’s face toward her.

“I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how pretty you are.”

Penny breaks into a wide smile. “You don’t need to, but if you ... Continue»
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A bit of a madness

Gape that hole baby....All the fucking way now.

Hi all.
Lets face it there is no such thing as normal.Suck my Arselips you cunt.Love my arselips being sucked on.
I think I am insane. Or at least partially mad. Perhaps I am a genius surrounded by the insane. That's more like it. That's far more favorable to me that is. I am a genius surrounded by the insane. I deny everything at least twice. I occasionally drop in for a perve. I do love women. I think men are the real whores. I don't like men. I Fucking love swearing, the word Cunt, is fucking delicious. Prick is good too, & Asshole. I wa... Continue»
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How April from the bar got an unexpected creampie.

So I’d say that during my time as a bartender my pull out game was strong...

I mean it. I fucked a bunch of different girls back then. I'd guess 18 of them at least and most of them over and over again.
Now, during all that sex, and I had, 3 1/2 years of it, I wore a working condom exactly Zero times.

No shit, really. Zero. That's not to say that I didn't put a condom on at some points along the way if a girl requested it, but they would always seem to break on command when the moment was right. A simple trick that I learned along the way that helped make sex a lot more en... Continue»
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One Thursday

My husband and I both woke up early Thursday morning as he had to catch a 8am flight to Cape Town for a meeting. Getting up, he quickly had a shower and once he got out and came back into the bedroom to get dressed, I saw his cock was almost fully hard. He walked up to me and asked if I could please give him a blowjob as I was on my period and he really wanted to cum before leaving for his flight. I said ok and sat up on the edge of the bed as my man stood naked with his hard cock in front of me.

I took his hard cock into my mouth and started sucking back and forth on it. I deepthroated hi... Continue»
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