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Ägyptisches Viagra funktioniert

Vor einer Woche sind mein Mann und ich vom Urlaub aus Ägypten zurückgekehrt und obwohl Ägypten ja nun nicht gerade ein erotisches Urlaubsland ist, möchte ich euch von einem Erlebnis berichten, das insbesondere mir viel Spaß bereitet hat. Auch, weil mein Mann nichts davon mitbekommen hat.
Unmittelbar nach unserem Flug wurden wir per Bustransfer in unser all inclusive Resort verbracht, wo wir unser Zimmer bezogen. Die Anlage war sehr weitläufig aber gepflegt und wir waren zunächst mit unserer Wahl des Urlaubsortes zufrieden.
Als wir nach dem Frühstück voll bepackt mit unseren Strandsachen zum Me... Continue»
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Neighbor Helping Neighbor

I am not sure when I got on this kick but for the longest time I was fascinated with cum on hairy pussy. And now that I was in my mid-teens I could not wait for 1) to blow my load deep inside the prettiest girl I could find and 2) to also blow a large load all over some ones bush and watch as they rubbed all around. I honestly thought the later would never happen. I was starting to wonder if the first choice would ever happen. Then we had some new neighbors move in. The condos we live in, my bedroom window is about four feet from the neighbors bedroom window which was not much of a problem f... Continue»
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My Friend's Hot Mom (Part 3 of 3)

You should really, really read parts 1 and 2 before proceeding, so you can get the whole story.

My friend Ben's mom had just cum on my face after I got to eat pussy for the first time. It was incredible how much she shook and tensed up as I sucked and nibbled on her 1/2" clit which resembled a tiny penis. Her gush of cum at the end soaked my entire face, her pussy and all of her thighs. I moved from her clit to her hole and sucked up her cum almost as fast as it was coming out. Delicious stuff.

Ben was a close friend of mine, so I called his mom Mom also and have fascinated about her... Continue»
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In the office

My boss is a very firm but fair type .. im the only female in 21 staff so flirty banter was common place with all the guys but my boss was on another level ..

the truth is i applied for the position on a whim .. i never dreamed i would actually get an interveiw let alone the job .. i had zero exsperiance and zero qualifications .. so when my boss asked me at the interveiw "if id dress like that everyday" i told him i do anyway !! ..

Call me be old fasioned but im not easilly offended by that type of thing and i really wanted the job .. i knew what i was signing up for .. altho... Continue»
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Ana at the dark parking lot

That night I had gone to a party with my sweet wife. Our company was celebrating a new anniversary and the party was going fine. After a couple hours, Ana had disappeared for quite a while.

I was beginning to wonder where she was when Simon, one of my friends from the office, told me he had seen her getting banged by a huge black cock`s guy on the hood of a car, at the edge of the parking lot, in plain sight

Simon looked at me with a great big smile on his face, telling me that my wife was really a slut and didn’t seem to care who saw her as long as she had that black cock inside her hu... Continue»
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Codex Luxuria Kapitel: 2

Diese Geschichten gehen wahrscheinlich teilweise zu weit doch sie sind ein fiktive Story bei der IHR einfach eurer Phantasie freien lauf lassen könnt und auch sollt.
Entdecket neue Ufer auf das euch neue Weisheiten zu teil wird! - A.P.


Robin ist mein Name ich bin unanständige 28 Jahre alt und hab seit neuem eine 8 Jahre ältere Freundin. Wie das ganze zustande kam ist mir bis heute noch schleierhaft. Sie arbeitet in meiner Abteilung, heißt Marion und ist die Oberzicke vor dem Herrn! Eingebildet, Männerverachtend, Feministisch und Eiskalt. Aber nichtsdestotrotz ist sie wunderschö... Continue»
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Boyfriends dad had me......

It all started when my (now Ex) boyfriend parents invited him and I on holiday over 15 years ago. I was 19 and my ex BF was 21 and his parents were probably in their late 40’s. They were called Thelma and Jim and were pleasant enough. I often caught Jim staring at me and I found it quite amusing that he was getting turned on lusting after me.

It was August and Thelma and Jim had booked us all into a Bed and Breakfast in Margate for 4 days and I must admit I was looking forward to the break, some sun and lots of sex as I’d been neglected by my BF as he’d been working a lot. So I... Continue»
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Unforgettable Holiday chapter 4

Unforgettable Holiday Chapter 4

I arrived at Bob and Liz's room at 9pm as agreed, Terry and Gina were already sat round the sofa with Liz sitting next to Gina , both wearing short summer dresses , showing their dark tans off to the full looking very hot, in the thin material.
Liz pulled Gina up and took her out to the balcaney , whilst us guys were sat chatting on the main sofa , Liz and Gina sat opposite us in one armchair each... a mere few feet away , the heady scent of their perfumes filling the room, not to mention silky legs and skimpy tops... Continue»
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Norton Towers, the apartment block for sexy girdle

After six months as the general handyman and all round sexual helper to the residents, it was obvious that all the lovely mature bbw/chubby ladies were blatant or potential exhibitionists who loved flashing and enjoyed sex. And, even better, if they were married, their husbands positively encouraged it.
Putting those elements together I dreamed up a plan that would increase their group of like minded enthusiasts.
First I spoke to Gwendolyn to see what she thought
“Robert as I understand it, what you want is to start a sex club”.
“No, not sexual, sensual is the word I would emphasise, Gwen... Continue»
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Being a cuckold overseas

My sexy wife Ana had been tormenting me by telling me about the huge black dick she had been getting pounded into her tight sweet pussy for the entire time I was on a full week trip overseas…

She really had driven me crazy with all of the details and she enjoyed it.
Anita even had the nerve to let that black guy fill her cunt when I was landing at the airport; so I would come home to a sloppy cum filled pussy.

Instead of greeting me at the door, I found my slutty wife laying on our bed, still naked with her legs spread open, having been less than a quarter since her black lover had lef... Continue»
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A night intruder uses me

That night I woke up in my bed after hearing a strange sound in the kitchen.
I was home alone; my loving husband was overseas on a business trip.

Feeling so lonely, I went downstairs in the darkness. Then a strong hand grabbed my shoulder and made me turn around.
After being almost frightened to death by that black intruder, I began yelling at him to get out, crying and screaming loud in the middle of the night…

Then the burglar`s efforts ceased in being about stealing her possessions and I think he became more concerned in enjoying my mature body…

Grabbing me by my curly hair, the ... Continue»
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Holiday with Mum In Spain

My mother couldn't stop talking all the way to the airport. We'd booked a bargain three-night break on the Costa Blanca, and Mum was bubbling with excitement. She kept talking about what we'd do and wondering about the hotel.

She was already dressed for the warm weather: she was wearing a short, thin flowery sun dress with a halter neck that left her back, arms and shoulders bare, as well as revealing a generous amount of cleavage. On the train we sat on sideways-facing seats, and at first Mum kept trying to tug her dress down over her bare thighs, but it was a hopeless struggle - it didn't... Continue»
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Mark, you have got to get up. I have to get to work and you know I can't be late today.

Damn, I have her panties around my cock and am jerking hard. I love it when she puts her panties in the bathroom and goes to work in a hurry. I have wanted to fuck my Mom since I was 14 but now that I am 18 all I do is jerk my cock on her panties and wish it was her jerking me.

The door opened and Mom was standing there and she let out a yell, "What are you doing..."

I couldn't stop and I started cumming and it shot 3 feet in the air and I started moaning "Mom oh Mom" and she just stood there watch... Continue»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Continue»
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Mom time

After work one day, a co-worker and I went out to a dance club for a few drinks. Just us two girls on the town for a little nightlife. My son was home before I left for the club, and quite shocked to she his mom in a short black dress with a deep neck line.

I'm 42 years old, and I'm told still quite attractive. I'm 5'10" about 120 lbs, blue eyes, 38d 23 32. I guess it runs in the family, my son's a looker too. He seems to get a lot of attention from the girls at his school.

So as I leave the house for my night of fun, I give him a peck on the cheek and tell him not to stay up late. He'... Continue»
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Greek Beach Sex Holiday First Day

We had chosen to go to St. George South on Corfu. We were already into beach nudism and also I had become aware that my wife, Erika could be persuaded to " flash" for an interested voyeur.

On our first full day we walked along the vast beach stretching away from the village. At the far end there was already a number of naked couples enjoying the sun, so we stripped off, laid out our towels and put up our sun shade as neither liked full sun.
Beginning of the holiday, and yes, we did feel a bit randy, but it was not possible to do anything about it, with other people close by.

We mus... Continue»
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Part 2 of the NEC...

Carrying on from my narrative of the Meeting at the NEC... Hope you enjoy.

We both slept amazingly well over the Friday night despite the exciting activities and woke up about 08:00 on Saturday morning. I was up and making the coffee while Jayne took another shower. We dressed soon after with Jayne in casual jeans and a top for breakfast. We didn’t see either Karl or Marc despite being in the dining room for at least an hour. After we returned to the room and I packed a back pack with some stuff, camera, handycam, drinks etc while Jayne changed into her outfit for the day. She looked great in... Continue»
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Helena`s neighbor takes my wide

My wife Anita and I went over to her girlfriend Helena`s apartment to visit and have a few drinks with her. My wife and I had been arguing a little bit during the afternoon; so, Anita was giving me the cold shoulder.
Helena`s husband was away from town for some days; so, she was feeling lonely and a little bit horny, as she told Ana.

As we were having a few drinks and starting to loosen up, some of Helena’s neighbors came over to visit her, knowing for sure he was home alone.
The four guys were all black, huge, young and well-muscled. They all had become friendly with Helena and had met ... Continue»
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Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

I woke with a massive hard on, lying there thinking about the night before.....I had to pinch myself to check it wasnt a dream i was in, everything has really happened, all through meeting this sexy couple on a beach....albeit a Naturist beach , and yes we were all was so sexy being around them , quiet unassuming mature couple, super chilled and enjoying playing their sexy games. Liz is an up together lady, she loves the sun , and being the center of attention when i came to sexy fun....she is so hor... Continue»
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Sally's journey from wife to sex slave - pt.3

Title: Sally's journey from wife to sex slave – pt 3

Sally's journey from being a normal everyday housewife into a sex toy to be used and abused by a stranger continues......


Part 1:
Sally's husband had grown tired of sex with his wife, but always had a fantasy of her being a sex slave to someone else, but to pretend he didn't know about it.
As long as he got to covertly watch her being used, abused and humiliated on a regular basis, he would be happy - and he was sure her new master would be too

Sally was faithful and loyal,
... Continue»
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