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Interracial Sex Porn Stories

Helena`s neighbor takes my wide

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

My wife Anita and I went over to her girlfriend Helena`s apartment to visit and have a few drinks with her. My wife and I had been arguing a little bit during the afternoon; so, Anita was giving me the cold shoulder. Helena`s husband was away from town for some days; so, she was feeling lonely and a little bit horny, as she told Ana. As we were having a few drinks and starting to loosen up, some of Helena’s neighbors came over to visit her, knowing for sure he was home alone. The four guys were all black, huge, young and well-muscled. They all had become friendly with Helena and had met… Read more

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First TimeGay MaleInterracial Sex

I was just your average freshman in college. I was trying to get pussy, beer, and smoke weed. I ended up getting fucked in my pussy. That's what he tells me to call it at least. I didn't think I was going to get fucked, just do the fucking. First let me tell you about myself, I'm eighteen, a freshmen in college, have a smoking hot girlfriend, I'm fairly tall, and I have your average white cock. So, in other words, I'm not that hung. Only about five inches. I have red hair, freckles, and pale skin. My girlfriend is just the first girl I smoked weed with here. She started to sell it to me, th… Read more

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Runin A Train On Christy

First TimeInterracial SexTaboo

RUNNIN a TRAIN The Christy Saga Christy, my ex girlfriend called me telling me she needs money badly. I asked her for what. She says she is behind on her house payments. I asked her how much. She says she owes $4500. I said what!, $4500! That’s a lot of money! She says she’s knows and started sobbing. I told her I don’t mind helping her but what do I get in return. She asked what I wanted. I said well I don’t know but it would have to be big because I knew she couldn’t pay me back. “I’ll fuck you whenever you want.” She said. “No, I ain’t paying you to fuck me, I already get pussy.” I explai… Read more

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GF Rents out My Mouth and Ass Gay PT1

Gay MaleGroup SexInterracial Sex

After the first time she watched me get fucked by another guy she had wanted to see it and be involved more often. It was a massive turn on for her and for me as well. She was into watching and I was into being watched and putting on a show. It was because of this that our sex got more intense and erotic each time she just wanted more and I wanted to give it. Jen told me she wanted to watch me get fucked by a guy again, but not one she wanted a group of men to use me while she watched. She said that she wanted to watch me swallow a bunch of loads then take each one of the cocks up my ass u… Read more

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Terrell`s white married slave

AnalMatureInterracial Sex

One early evening, knowing I was home alone, my girlfriend Helena invited me to her home. Her husband was not there when I arrived. “Ana, I want to introduce you to Terrell, my good friend”. Terrell was a young black guy; very handsome and muscled. As he shook my hand, my eyes stared directly at his bulge, imagining how hard and long would be his black cock. As she smiled with an evil grin, Helena told me that Terrell was there, because she had told him I would do whatever she told me to; so tonight, I would be Terrell’s white slave. She had seen Terrell naked in the shower after gy… Read more

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Der Schuverkäufer mit dem Riesenschwanz

Interracial Sex

Vor ein paar Jahren machten wir eine Rundreise durch Kalifornien. Wir, das sind meine Frau Steffi und ich Jan. Steffi ist eine groß gewachsene geile Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren, dicken Silikontitten, langen Beinen und einem herrlichen geilen Arsch. An einem der letzten Tage waren wir in einem Vorort von San Francisco in einem Motel abgestiegen. Wie es für Frauen normal ist wollte Steffi gern noch in einem Center schoppen. Es war schon spät am Nachmittag als wir ankamen. In einem bekannten Kaufhaus waren wir in der schuhabteilung unterwegs. Natürlich fand Steffi gut aussehende Schuhe, di… Read more

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Ana treats with the mechanic

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

I had been dealing with that mechanic workshop through the years and knew everyone that had worked on my cars. I had also dealt with these guys personally, because I knew how they treated the women that came to their place. I did not want to get Anita exposed to that environment. I had to pick up my car after some repairs they had done; but that afternoon Ana texted me, saying she was free early and would go to see the mechanic to recover the car. I could not texted back, because my phone batteries suddenly went dead. But then I left my office early and rushed to the garage before anything c… Read more

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Ana discuss with a black contractor

MatureVoyeurInterracial Sex

Ana And I had decided to make some improvements at home. But that afternoon I had to attend a meeting at my office and I would not be able to be at home to discuss some changes with the contractor. He was a rude black man, a little bit intimidating and the first time he had met Ana, he had gotten her flustered… Then I had I told him I was on the verge of firing him if he treated Ana like that again. I had explained my wife all changes; so she could be there to treat with that man. Just to make sure she didn’t get manipulated by him again, I set the security cameras to record through the… Read more

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Anita in the tattoo parlor

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

I finally agreed with Ana she could get a little spade tattoo on her belly. Her black lover Jerome had asked her to get it; in order to show his friends my sexy wife was his submissive white slut bitch for black men… My dick got hard as a rock just thinking of her belly with a spade tattoo. It would keep my wife’s pussy wetter, just knowing about all those black bastards that would fuck her regularly… Ana told me while she was getting the tattoo, she would wear her micro skirt while she had a butt plug in place. This would allow the tattoo artist to have a full view of her ass and p… Read more

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Anita and the Jamaican Hotel Manager

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

Anita convinced me to spend just a couple days at Jamaica. Her girlfriend Helena had recommended her a special resort to enjoy… hearing this, I had my suspects that Ana would enjoy more than me… When arriving at our hotel, we made the check-in process. Then the hotel manager, a huge black guy called Albert, told us he would be personally showing our room, which was the best one he could offer us. When we were there, I realized that I had left my phone in the rented car. The hotel manager handed me a room key and told me he would get my wife situated in our comfortable suite. After ge… Read more

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My coworker Raymond shows a video

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

I was with some of my coworkers that evening at a bar after work. One of them, Raymond, a black guy from the Special Development Department, suddenly approached to me. He pulled out his cell phone to show everybody there a video of my wife on a bed, being violently fucked by his huge black cock. Raymond told me how my wife had fought him for the longest time, until her first orgasm overwhelmed her as I watched her legs and feet twitch as her orgasm washed over her curvy sexy body. Unrelenting, he continued to pound my wife with such intensity, as Ana and I have ever done. Still in awe… Read more

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The private dancer for the party

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

Nobody at the company knew that the woman dancing and entertaining us for the past hour was my wife except my boss and I. The only reason I had asked Anita to fill in was due to a last minute cancellation in the strip dancer reserved for our year end celebration. All had gone quite well until Desmond, one of my strongest rivals in the company slid his hand under Ana’s miniskirt, past her tiny thong and inserted his dirty fingers right into her wet pussy. Everyone in the room could tell he hit home with his first try as her eyes were fluttering closed. That black bastard then told everyon… Read more

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La Jolla

Group SexInterracial SexTaboo

La Jolla It was a pleasant Sunday afternoon. Miranda and I were seated at the restaurant’s terrace and lovely nursing our Grand Marnier fortified Mimosa. It’s the right thing to have after a “girl’s night out” at a posh Club. We were not at the club to find someone to screw but to totally to tease the young men and lead them to fashionable and tasteful petting and nothing more. Some men got a little more than petting but nothing more than a deep kiss. As I was enjoying the atmosphere I noticed a young man, perhaps in his late twenties, looking intensely at me and smiling softly. I… Read more

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Der Schuhverkäufer

FetishInterracial SexGroup Sex

Vor ein paar Jahren machten wir eine Rundreise durch Kalifornien. Wir, das sind meine Frau Steffi und ich Jan. Steffi ist eine groß gewachsene geile Frau mit langen schwarzen Haaren, dicken Silikontitten, langen Beinen und einem herrlichen geilen Arsch. An einem der letzten Tage waren wir in einem Vorort von San Francisco in einem Motel abgestiegen. Wie es für Frauen normal ist wollte Steffi gern noch in einem Center schoppen. Es war schon spät am Nachmittag als wir ankamen. In einem bekannten Kaufhaus waren wir in der schuhabteilung unterwegs. Natürlich fand Steffi gut aussehende Schuhe, di… Read more

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Das Lost Paradise in Vietnam II

First TimeHardcoreInterracial Sex

Vorwort und Hinweise: Gemäß geltender Gesetze weise ich darauf hin, dass dies eine erfundene Geschichte ist. Jegliche Personen sind frei erfunden und bei ihren Handlungen volljährig. Zufällige Namensgleichheiten mit toten oder lebenden Personen sind rein zufällig und nicht gewollt. Die vorliegenden Geschichten sollten minderjährigen Personen nicht zugänglich gemacht werden. Ferner distanziert sich der Autor von den hier praktizierten Handlungen, da diese in manchen Ländern verboten sind. Alle nachfolgenden Episoden sind geistiges Eigentum vom Autor. Sollte ein Verlag an den Rechten Int… Read more

Posted by mwmedien 1 day ago 199

God bless a Derrica

HardcoreInterracial Sex

By Williacj Another daydream turned into a sex story, comments and suggestions are welcome. I fantasize about fucking Derrica Williams of fox 6 news every Saturday morning If she ever found out I wonder if she'd be pissed at me. then again maybe her finding out wouldn't be such a bad thing after all, I'm only human right? "so I hear you've been watching me on Saturday mornings from 7 to 9 am"she said to me. "i get up at 7 to eat breakfast. i work from 11 to 7 on Saturday. I told her… Read more

Posted by williacj 1 day ago 514

Another session with my Busty Black Amazon Mistres

BDSMFetishInterracial Sex

If you read my previous story you know that I have been seeing a beautiful tall black mistress with incredibly large breasts...She looks like a mixture of Jeanneta Joy, and Candy Coated..she is 5'10, weighs about 180 pounds, with long dark curly hair, striking dark eyes, full lips, 38eee breats, 30 inch waist, 42 inch hips...she is voluptuous and stunning..just writing about her looks makes me horny...the following is a dialogue with some minor descriptions from our last session...i think writing it this way makes more sense... It's been a month since i saw her..I started thinking about he… Read more

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Fantasy on Baltimore with member eca1026

AnalGay MaleInterracial Sex

I'm lost and knock on your door and ask to use your phone. You motion for me to come in and as soon as the door closes you grab my shirt and force me to my knees. You tell me that I'll not say a word and that I'll obey your every order. You grab me by the hair as you pull your soft cock out and force it in my mouth. You call me a fuckin' fag and tell me you're allowing me the honor of pleasuring you. I feel your cock harden and fill my mouth as you continue to verbally abuse me calling me a useless whore, a sissy cocksucker and a white piece of shit pussy. You tell me to caress your ass wh… Read more

Posted by reesielover 3 days ago 1 2,255 70%

Lovers (Mother, Son, Interracial, Voyeur, Age Diff

Interracial SexMatureTaboo

There wasn't any doubt anymore. The truth was in front of her, in color. In photos and videos. There was no point in denying. 49 year old Linda Cox took one last look at the folder in front of her and then sighed. She knew she will have to talk to her 19 year old son tonight. But what could she say? What made her so uncomfortable? The fact that her son's girlfriend was a black woman? Or that she was obese. Not plump, not even fat, but outright obese. 250, maybe even 300 lbs! "Morbidly obese.", Linda thought. Or was it her age? The woman's birth certificate, pulled from the public records… Read more

Posted by hi1 3 days ago 6,747 74%

the Domination experiment (big bang theory)

BDSMLesbian SexInterracial Sex

This story takes place in season four. Also, it is only a oneshot, I am not going to continue this. Priya hated Penny. Priya hated Penny more than Penny hated Priya. She couldn't believe that Leonard was dating that dumb blonde from across the hall from his apartment for years. She wasn't sure when that hate turned into something sexual. She was definitely heterosexual, she was sure, but that didn't stop her from noticing... attractiveness of attractive women. And, she couldn't help but to admit, Penny was attractive. Very attractive. She was also different. She was, in the same time, a pr… Read more

Posted by TightGymBunny 3 days ago 1 1,966 100%