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Hardcore Porn Stories

Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, Teil 3


Das erste Mal mit seiner Mutter, er kommt hinter Mamas Geheimnis Roman in mehreren Teilen, heute Teil 03 © Marion stand auf und ging auf die Toilette um sich zu säubern, dann kam sie nackt, wie sie war, wieder zurück ins Schlafzimmer und zog sich ihren Büstenhalter wieder an und darüber ein sexy Negligee, der ihren Busen betonte und legte sich so zu ihrem Sohn und kuschelte sich an ihn. Mutter und Sohn redeten über das erlebte, er wurde natürlich auch neugierig und fragte seine Mutter die Fragen, die mit „was wäre wenn“, anfingen und Marion küsste ihn und streichelte dabe… Read more

Posted by Monikamausstr 10 days ago 1 1,089 100%

Monica part5

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

When you add it all up and take a look at it, a lot of life - my life, anyway - is fairly boring. When you're a k**, a lot of your free time is taken up by school and doing or avoiding homework. When you're an adult, most of your time is taken up by just work. And then there's also a ton of hours when you have to sleep, plus a helluva lot of time doing things you'd rather not: Taxes, commuting, going to the DMV, doing a private search online to find out if being attracted to a close relative is a sign of neurological disorder... Anyway, the point is, I'm still surprised by how extreme the i… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 10 days ago 1 874 100%

The Claiming of Steff Michaels


Introduction: Older burly landlord compels sex with hot young wife of out-of-work husband for non-payment of rent. Husband reluctantly accedes to wife's wish to participate and gets cuckolded when she gets addicted to landlord's ENORMOUS cock. Tale of marital infidelity that has no clear cut or happy ending. If any of that will disturb or annoy you, please pass on this story and move on to another. The Claiming of Steff Michaels, A Case Study in Landlord-Tenant Sexual Relations Pete, our landlord, was a big man. Six four at least, 240 pounds or so. He towered over me and was very st… Read more

Posted by hotteenme 10 days ago 1,240 83%

Teaching Her To Give Head and Fuck

First TimeHardcore

Ah, to be young again, getting high school tongue and mouth--the more inexperienced the better--from some braced-face, small-tits or no-tits sweet young thing. She's ever-so curious about all things sexual, ever-so desperate to please you and ever-so anxious to learn every trick in the book. So you coach her up, in between your own groans and moans, offering her a tip on how best to lick your dick or swirl her pink tongue all around the head, or maniacally flick the tip of it all over your shaft. "Sometimes you want to be aggressive," you explain, and other times "ever-so slow and ever-so… Read more

Posted by hotteenme 10 days ago 2,151 100%

Follando con un Extraño

First TimeHardcore

Hola, me he animado nuevamente a contar una historia muy reciente. y va así. La semana pasada estaba muy aburrida en casa y entré a un antiguo sitio de chat que solía entrar hace algunos años. Ahí use un nombre al azar, entré a una sala de gays y lesbianas (mi intención era conocer a una chica para tener experiencias) y comencé a conversar. Me hablaron varios chicos, lo normal: ¿de dónde eres? ¿cuántos amos tienes?. Hablé con dos chicas, pero ambas de fuera de la ciudad. Luego me habla un chico, muy interesado en conversar. En conversación llegamos a que somos de la misma ciudad y como el d… Read more

Posted by sexaholicgirl 10 days ago 212 100%

Wife Under the control of another man - Part 3


Wife Under the control of another man - Part 3 Another Fantasy I am a fantasist regarding my wife. This is the continuation of the fantasy following parts 1 and 2 After the first few meetings I was formally invited to join my wife and Dave on a few occasions. However, as my wife didn’t know about the website, or that Dave informed me, I knew when she was visiting him without telling me. It turned out Dave had taken a shine to my wife, and saw her as a project. He wanted to completely turn her into a slut who would open her pussy to anyone. Soon after enjoying Dave’s company together… Read more

Posted by nigeltallguy 10 days ago 1 1,470 75%

The Dance contest

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

A bar we occasionally frequent offered amateur erotic dancing on weekends allowing both men and women in separate events to get as naked as they dared and dance for cash prizes. My husband Gene often wanted me to participate but I was too shy and straight-laced. One night we had a couple of dry martinis at home and I had a great buzz on when he suggested we go and watch the show. At his request I wore a front button dress, knee length, thigh high stockings and low heels. We arrived before the contests began and got seats right close to the stage and ordered more martinis. Anyone who signed… Read more

Posted by wtchswife34 10 days ago 3 2,520 83%

Comic Opera

HardcoreSex HumorVoyeur

Comic Opera My image in the mirror is mocking me at my feeble attempts at trying to do my Bow tie up. I have 2 tickets for The theatre, a treat for Halina . We have plenty of time so a visit to a traditional London Pub nearby will shield us from the rain while we wait for the que to die down. I say plenty of time as Halina has spent the last hour locked in the bedroom. All I can hear are zipping and unzipping from behind the door. I gently tap. "How are we doing?" "Nearly there" says Halina. The door opens and out she steps looking radiant! She is wearing a long black ele… Read more

Posted by cyborg456 11 days ago 3,658 83%

C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 3


C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 3 [More of my memories to share, hopefully represented in a proper format as much as possible I take heart to what I write as they are from my adventures that I cherish, altho I'm no wiz at this computer or an accomplished writer I do write my own, hope you all enjoy these stories as some have] The days leading to months fell off the calendar as my life took a turn for the unexpected, chance encounters turned into something real and crazy loving, having the opportunity to live life to my bidding was rare but it has turned into something I will never forget… Read more

Posted by CDRomaFox 11 days ago 4 3,531 93%

mi confesion


MI CONFESION Esta historia es real , va ser un poco larga pero intentare resumirla para dar contexto y obvio como es motivo de este relato seré lo más descriptivo posible en temas sexuales para mantener su atención y por supuesto desahogar y liberar mi fantasia de lo que en algún momento fue mi más oscuro y delicioso secreto. Hace tiempo que pensado en contar mi historia, se dé peores cosas y aunque no es algo tenebroso, si me llevo a situaciones en las cuales traiciones a mi pareja, mi mejor amigo y hasta mis propio principios (al menos eso pensaba yo que tenía) Lo que voy a contar es una… Read more

Posted by lobato0714 12 days ago 1 903 100%



, you know I like to have fun in the beach. But now I tell how much fun!! Hope you not get upset for me not say before to you. I and my cyberlover decided to meet in Boracay. He is lawyer in US and his name is Joseph and he looks gorgeous at his early’s 50 based on webcam. You see him on cam and know we like sex together on cam. We had not yet seen each other in person. He had a lot of fantasy in bed which made me surprise as I did not have any idea about his fantasy. I was really curious to try his fantasy like a golden shower and let him tie me to bed, and he would be my teacher. Yo… Read more

Posted by Tritondives3 12 days ago 1,172 50%

My endless craving for filthy gay sex. Part 1.

Gay MaleHardcoreVoyeur

I'd always been curious about men. When I say men I really mean gay sex. Cocks and cum and anal sex fascinated me. I was always peeking at the other boys cocks in the showers at school, I couldn't help it. I remember the first condoms I bought, I rolled it over my middle finger and I slipped it inside my hole, knuckle deep, i could feel my prostrate and I wondered what it was. The feeling of my finger inside my own bum was nice, but it made me feel very naughty. I masturbated a lot as a youngster and would frequently wear my mother's lingerie and tights and dresses to wank off in. I also t… Read more

Posted by NinaSissyGurl 12 days ago 5 2,754 92%

My Hermaphrodite Girl Friend - Part 1 of 2

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

Please be patient dear reader with this long story - I'll get you there before the end! The bay was a kilometre long curve of white sand fringed by low dunes. The access track from the nearby town passed along the back of the four cottages s**ttered behind the dunes, one cottage where the track reached the bay, two roughly in the middle, and the one we’d had rented at the far end of the track. Our cottage was the most isolated of the four, which suited us fine. It was the late spring and we expected all the other cottages to be packed with people. As we slowly idled down the track on that S… Read more

Posted by kezza6969 12 days ago 11 4,347 100%

Fucking the office staff in a limo

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

Well it was finally time to return to work. My son was a year old and comfortable with the new nanny. I was torn between wanting to stay home with my boys and returning to work to be around adults. Being back in the office, I quickly fell back into the groove. Hanging out with fellow workers, talking, teasing and flirting. I was kind of a flirt before I went on maturity leave and became a sexual a****l, now I was much worse. A few of my girlfriends even asked if everything was okay with me and my husband, Dave. Things are great was always my reply; and they were. I still gave plent… Read more

Posted by LImommy 12 days ago 1 6,495 96%

C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventures PT 1 Revised


C/D Teens Hitchhiking Adventure: PT 1 Revised [For the sake of clarity and a better representation my of my adventures as a C/D teen to you all, I've revised my first story published here as I was in haste with earlier said post, My apologies as I am not a computer wiz or distinguished writer, hope you enjoy,thanx] It was a 200 mile journey from the city to the outskirts of a small town by the countryside where I live, I have hitchhiked this road many a time but this day proves to be an exhilarating adventure into my first cross-dressing sexual encounter. I had a large backpack I carried wi… Read more

Posted by CDRomaFox 12 days ago 3 2,114 100%

Sharing My Shy but Blindfolded Wife

First TimeHardcoreVoyeur

This is a true story of how a husband can share his wife without her knowing and you'll have to decide if I've broken her trust or I'm leading her and myself to a better life. We're Dave and Michele and we are both 34 and live in the UK, we've been married for just over 14 years now and my wife came from a strict catholic family. We didn't have sex before we married so I had to be content with the odd fumble and heavy petting with my wife-to-be calling a halt to it when I got carried away. We were both 20 when we got married and sex was a totally new experience for my young wife as she r… Read more

Posted by altaff143 12 days ago 2 4,171 88%

Fucking the Blind

Group SexHardcoreVoyeur

Today at work, I went into Randall's office to make sure the plans were set. Barely looking me in the eye, he nodded his head, confirming that yes everything was ready. Then we stood there in silence. He had a very big smile on his face. I couldn't blame him for not being able to conceal it. I asked him how many of his friends would be joining him. He told me at least 12. Probably more. Maybe many more. But definitely 12 for sure. In a very low voice so that we could not be overheard, I reviewed all of the key and minute details with him once again. One last time. It was vital that he f… Read more

Posted by altaff143 12 days ago 1 2,711 67%

The uncovering. Pt.1

AnalGroup SexHardcore

Chinese. Brown hiligts 5'-4" Skinny and dicate frame Size 0 Perky titties Has only dated white or native Cock worshiper You wouldnt know she was such a slut. Quiet, shy chinese girl. It started when she when she wanted to break up. There were k**s involved. She said she wanted to be single again to break the ice one night. Iater found out she was rekindling a c***dhood relationship online and looking for any excuse. I buckled down and won her back. Among other efforts i proposed to her that she be free to enjoy anything she wanted incliding other men if she kept… Read more

Posted by tomgoose 12 days ago 1,119 100%

Die Antwort an: Phil! - Teil 1

HardcoreGay Male

Nachdem ich die Frage "Was würdest du gerne mit mir machen?" bei einem User hier gelesen habe, fing ich an die nun folgenden Zeilen zu schreiben, denn als ich seine Bilder kommentierte und er mir selbst meine Bilder kommentiert hat, wurde ich mit der Zeit immer offener und das macht Spaß. Immer noch dankbar dafür, dass er mich soweit gebracht hat, und mit der Einverständnis seinerseits, diese Worte zu veröffentlichen stelle ich diese Story nun rein ;) Ich muss allerdings anmerken, dass diese Story nur mit dem Thema Sex zu tun hat, wer was anderes lesen möchte, sollte sich bitte anderweitig u… Read more

Posted by chris8608 13 days ago 1 504 100%


AnalHardcoreLesbian Sex

It was a quiet day then a simple phone call……. I had been a bull for some time, in fact I was bull for a couple just this past week. But I wanted something more regular so I joined a dating service. I am 5 foot 9 inches and in very good shape. The call, there was a woman interested in meeting me. I drove over and watched her video and reviewed her profile. She was probably a small C-cup, 22, 5foot 4 inches, blonde, since I was 33, I questioned the age difference. The lady at the dating service said that she did too and pointed it out, but she wants an older man. Her name was Emily. We set up a… Read more

Posted by auroran 13 days ago 1 1,919 80%