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My Dear Mother and I

It all started a few years ago when i was 15. My dad had went out of town to Illinois for a week and it was just me and my mom in the house. Well, on a typical tuesday night, I was on my way to the kitchen to get something to eat, my mom was in there watching TV eating a banana. Now me, bieng a typical teenager going through puberty saw my mom sticking that banana into her mouth and i started getting an erection. i was wearing simple basketball shorts so i couldnt really hide it. I didnt care about it, so i continued onto the refrigerator when my mom turned and asked me whats up. i turned to f... Continue»
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My s****r Wants to be a Hooker

"What is that?"

Carlie jumped at the unexpected intrusion. She'd had no idea that her b*****r Dennis was in town, let alone in her room. She'd been so caught up in what she was doing and sure she was alone that she hadn't even noticed when he walked right through her open door and looked over her shoulder. She quickly tried to close the browser.

"Dennis! What are you doing here?"

"Who is 'Apple'?" Carlie closed her eyes as her b*****r asked. It was too late; Dennis had plenty of time to read what she'd been typing before he announced himself. They both looked over at her bed, where s... Continue»
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s****r's Curiousities

My name is Steven and I have medium toned skin, thanks to my mother's side of the f****y. I have brown eyes and unruly brownish hair. I was averaged sized and had not expected to get too tall because of my father's shorter stature.

By the time Lilian had started school, I was a bit protective of her. I was ten and she was only five, she was annoying sometimes, but I loved her. Mom and Dad were always at work when we were both in school. Dad owned a car dealership and mom was a nurse. Dad traveled throughout the country and mom had the night shift at the hospital. By the time I was fifteen,... Continue»
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MY LAST MASSAGE by Bigsoftee34609

(Originally written under my old log in Bigsoftee)

I live down south and have always been fairly healthy and rarely ever see a doctor. However, about 6 months ago I had an auto accident that caused an injury to my neck. After my surgery, part of my recovery included physical therapy and massage therapy. I found a good physical ther****t and worked out diligently 3 times per week. After a week of working out and feeling a bit tight I remembered the massage script and checked the phone book and one advertisement caught my eye as it stated they worked with accident victims and it was only about ... Continue»
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A Massage for My Exchange Student

Originally written by me under my old log in Bigsoftee.

We had Mary, an 18 year old senior in high school who was an exchange student from Norway, staying with us one year. She arrived two weeks before the school year was supposed to start. She was a rather cute young lady about 5’6” tall with the typical Scandinavian features; long blonde hair, blue eyes, nice tits, a perfectly round ass and a really cute accent to top it off.

Just a few days before the school year started my wife and our three pre-school k**s took off for a couple of days to visit her f****y out of town. I couldn’t go due... Continue»
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Mexican Slut: Blackmailed 

Mexican Slut: Blackmailed 

Two k**s and twelve years later, I was living the 'American Dream'. We had just purchased a new house in a nice, safe suburb, and we both had great, well-paying jobs. 

I had broken free of the historical chains of manual labour in my f****y and was a successful accountant working at the biggest firm in the city (there was even a bidding war over me of sorts when I finished my degree). 

I was the most successful member of my f****y and the only one not doing menial labour like cleaning houses. ... Continue»
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SSBBW Stacey and I get together for a morning fuck

So if you read my story at the SSBBW at the Hotel in Denver, http://xhamster.com/stories/the-ssbbw-at-the-denver-hotel-709574 you'll know that it turns out that Stacy lives near me. After our week long fuckfest in Denver I didn't hear from Stacy for a few weeks. I sent her a message one day just saying hi. She responded
almost instantly. Her reply: "I've been so fucking horny since Denver, can I see you soon? How's tomorrow morning?"

I let her know that I was free the next morning and could meet her at a fast food place, that just happened to be down the road from a short stay motel. So I ... Continue»
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Anal Sex With Fatima.

After resting, Fatima cleaned up, got dressed and told me that she'll be back, I nodded and she left. I sat back down feeling well fulfilled. I know that I love fucking married women a lot, I knew it was all about the excitement and danger of getting caught. I didn't realised when I slept off only for me to hear the door bell ring, I went and opened it to see Fatima carrying a tray with food in it. She came in and I locked the door, she set the tray down on the center table and as she bent to the food, I had a nice view of her ass which immediately gave me a hard on, she turned saw it and smil... Continue»
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An effective sample

Richard was used to the two ladies at the health store asking him to try stuff. Ever since he had ordered a few unusual things that then turned out to be huge sellers, the women very much appreciated his input. And he liked the free samples. Win-win!

The two women who owned the store were Susanne, a cute and attractive yet average blond in her mid-forties, and Anna, a to Richard less attractive brunett of the same age and general build. He supposed her slightly upturned nose was the thing that turned him off. But he had always assumed they were both married, and they were older than him, so... Continue»
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Fantasy Fulfilled [Revised]

This is a redo of my original story with all the errors corrected.

It is based in truth about my third marriage. I hope you enjoy it.


Fantasy Fulfilled [Revised]

Neither my wife Stacey nor I were virgins when we married. Hell, we weren’t even virgins when we first met! First hooking up in the late 1980’s, we dated non-exclusively and then in the early 1990’s we had a k**. Neither of us felt any pressure to make the relation... Continue»
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Sexual Faux Pas 02

Sexual Faux Pas 02

I'd known Benny the Jet for about 2 years. He was a Finance Broker and got the nickname because of the speed with which he could organise loans. It didn't matter how much you wanted, or what you wanted it for, Benny the Jet could get it for you and get it quickly.

I met him through work when I was working for this Management Consultancy that specialised in 'rescuing' companies in serious trouble. We often used Benny to procure short term loans to keep companies afloat until we could sort them out.

He arranged a loan for me to buy a house when nobody else would. It w... Continue»
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Gracie 04 - Fucking the Fat Little Pig

Gracie and I had a Big Day Out on Monday, the Queen's Birthday Holiday. There were events on all over town and we went to a free concert in the Park and I discovered that Gracie shares my love of classical music, especially the baroque. They played Vivaldi, Brandenberg Concertos and Mozart and we lay on the grass in the sun enjoying the music for hours. We had lunch on the Boardwalk and strolled along the riverbank than sat and watched the boats on the river. We stayed till dark and watched the fireworks and I thought we were behaving like two young lovers.

We had a bubble bath together w... Continue»
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Wild winter night...my wife surprises me. TRUE. B

As the three of us lounged on the couch my head spun, the huge bottle of champagne was well down but the bucket of ice kept it cold to my parched throat.
All three of us naked with and my wife calmed down now keeping her legs closed tight and bending over slightly to hide her breasts,I knew now she had been so well fucked that she had enough and wanted to go home.
He talked about how delicious my wife was, one of the best and asked us to go to the races with him.

Previous before anything started he spoke about how much of his life was connected to horses, he rode in the hunt and owned two ho... Continue»
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Gracie 03 – Our first Threesome

We knew the competition would be too much for us at Clancy's on a Saturday night, so we went to a club called Gizmo's, one of Gracie's regular haunts. It was just like Clancy's but a few steps down the ladder. More losers than winners.

Gracie has really big, surprisingly firm tits. They look great and she thinks they are her best asset. She always wore low cut outfits to show off her tits and the first thing any guy noticed about her was her big tits with a pretty, happy, smiling, friendly face above them that had 'fuck me' written all over it.

I have never felt comfortable in low cu... Continue»
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Gracie 02 - Squeal Like a Pig

Gracie and I hit Clancy's on Friday night, the night after we had met, full of excitement and optimism. We were up for anything. One guy or two guys, whatever we could get. Two sluts on the prowl, looking for cock. Gracie was so uninhibited and it was catching. She made me feel uninhibited and comfortable with my slutty nature.

We planned our night at Clancy's, to pick up a guy, take him home and fuck him, the way we would have planned a shopping trip. Gracie was so different to my girlfriends, so out there, so crazy and so slutty. I loved it.

I felt comfortable and confident with her... Continue»
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Milk And Honey

Jin was a single Korean boy along with his f****y left the old country for a better life. The neighborhood was quiet, peaceful and very friendly. Jin was especially friendly to one girl from across the street. Vicki was her name; five foot three, long blonde hair, and a body that could make boys shiver at the sight of her. Today was her nineteenth birthday and Jin was on his way to pay her a visit to hand her the nice little card he selected at the local pharmacy. He knocked on the door but no one answered. He tried a second time and still no response.

"Anybody home?" Said Jin. "Mr. and Mrs... Continue»
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Lust s****rs

Laura charged through the front door to meet her younger s****r Alexis sitting on the sofa watching the TV. Alexis didn’t expect her s****r home so soon and was dressed in a light tank top, no bra and tight pj shorts. Laura was looking just as hot as when Alexis watched her longingly leave only an hour before. Laura’s sweet body was poured into a pair of white jeans, that showed off her perfect bubble butt. Laura was wearing a bra under a nearly see-through pink top. Both girls had light blonde hair, blue yes and the same sweet sexy nose.

"I'm through with guys!" grunted Laura as she threw ... Continue»
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My steps****r took my virginity

Hi, i'm mark. A normal teen boy with the usual teen interests. I'm about 1,8m tall, weigh about 75kg, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I'm no superman, but keep myself in decent shape.

I have a steps****r, Lisa who is 18. She is tall, slim, with long light brown hair, and beautiful C cup breasts and a nice round butt. I always sneak a peek at her whenever i can get a look at her body. But never actually thought about having sex with her, until tonight that is.
We were very close, and had quickly become good friends when our parents started dating, and later married.

Our parents was going awa... Continue»
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My First Out Of State Work Of The Year.

I got a contract with Kaduna State Government for the construction of hostel blocks for Community Secondary Zaria in Sabon gari Local Government Area, Kaduna is a Northern State in Nigeria and it is predominantly Muslim. I left for Kaduna at once and when I arrived Zaria, I met with the State Government Deputy Engineer Alhaji Sule Galadima who also will double as my supervisor. After taking me round the site, he took me to a block of flats where I'll be staying for the duration of the project. It was a two storey building that has a three bedroom flat on the right side and One bedroom flat on ... Continue»
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Not So Lazy Sunday

The show on TV was really interesting. The suspect was about to be revealed when my view of the TV is obstructed by you standing in front of me?
“What the hell do you think you are doing? Can’t you see they are about to reveal who killed all those women? I am sure it’s not the usual suspect that I figure out in all other shows. This is really good. Now move your ass!” I grumble as you obstruct my view.
“Oh really? Move my ass? Is that what I should do? You have been plonked down on this couch for 2 hours watching some stupid show while I had to run all the errands and now when I finally hav... Continue»
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