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The Moonlight

I crouched low in the bushes at the edge of the clearing looking out through the leaves at the grassy expanse before me. The clearing was only about 100 paces wide and it wouldn't take me long to sprint across that open space. But I would be clearly visible in the moonlight which streamed down from above, illuminating the clearing and making the forest on either side pitch black.

It was more of a break in the forest than a clearing. A strip devoid of trees and shrubs than ran for miles, straight as an arrow, splitting the deeply wooded forest. I wondered briefly what had ca... Continue»
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Full Throttle

Pre-story PSA: This is from my Fanfiction account, so not stealing from other sites. I do not own Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, or any of its characters. I don't profit from this either!


She was out of the shower. Sean watched her move across the room and walk to the closet for the caramel nightie he bought her last spring.

He smiled. After drying off and shimmying into her lingerie, she went back into the bathroom to lotion. Sean takes this opportunity to move from the lazy chair to her double bed.

He loved the way it felt against his back, so pliant and invit... Continue»
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My Mom Made Me Fuck My s****r

Mom caught me masturbating one night after I went to bed. She had thrown that door open with such a start that I froze with my cock in my hand, just as if I were a deer caught in headlights. I couldn't do anything.

Then Mom said, "Stop masturbating and fuck your s****r." I didn't move so she said, "Do it now. Get your ass out of that bed, get in her bed, and fuck her. NOW!"

I jumped out of my bed naked and walked past her on my way to my s****r's bedroom. I opened the door, walked across the floor, and climbed in with her. She was not asl**p and she had heard what Mom had said.

I wh... Continue»
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“Mom Gets Horny in the Woods”

“Mom Gets Horny in the Woods”

*Tom tells of his gorgeous sexy mom Jodi and what triggered something in her…., accidentally.

__When I was very young, I ask mom if she wanted to take a walk in the local woods, I had no idea what was about to happen.

I remember it was a Saturday afternoon and as a young boy, mom and I were both kind of bored that afternoon.

We had a big woods next to our house and someone had built a hidden shack way back in the tall bushes. It was abandon a long time ago, and very well hidden. I found it purely by accident. I was scouting around looking for a hid... Continue»
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A car ride with Mommy

Jean, his mother's younger s****r, arrived at the house bright and early on Saturday morning.

"Hi squirt," she said. Rick didn't resent the slam it was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At the time, she was six and thought the name was cute. They had always been closer than most nephews and aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she felt it was her duty to help take care of him. "Hi Jean," his mother and he said in unison. "What's up?" his mother added.

"Don't you two remember, you promised to help me take some furniture out to the storage shed at Mom and Dad's fa... Continue»
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You wanted to Suck a Cock Gay PT2

Three weeks had passed since my fateful meeting with Steve, and as yet, despite his threat, I had heard nothing more from him. Since the encounter my sex life with my wife had actually improved and I was fucking her more often than ever before. Although I think this was a vain attempt to regain my heterosexuality my mind kept going back to the events of that night and I still found myself masturbating to images of transvestites and gay sex.

Close up images of large, hard cocks made me remember how much I had actually enjoyed sucking one myself and I would instantly get hard when I remember... Continue»
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Make mommy cum

One day, goofing around on the internet, I came upon a list of things men love and women hate. First thing on the list: professional wrestling. I'll leave it to you to judge the accuracy of the observation, but it did give rise to this story.

This was initially conceived of as a multi-chapter tale, but I liked the way it ended and decided, for the moment, to stick with it as written. Let me know what you think. End here? Add Pamela? Her friends? Milla and William? Somebody else? Something else? I tried to leave it open for additional chapters.

As always, all story characters engaged in ... Continue»
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b*****r s****r affair

It was late at night; the worst time for decision-making. Moreover, after a few beers and some porn browsing, Jake's state of mind was unquestionably not in the right. He stirred on his bed unable to fall asl**p, the room spinning around him in high velocity.

He sat up, covered in sweat, and his nausea slowly subdued; he held his forehead, rubbed his closed eyelids. Eventually, he got up and with unsteady steps hurried to the bathroom, where he vigorously washed his face under the tap, letting the ice-cold water run on his face for several minutes.

The reflection on the mirror was not ... Continue»
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Eva part2

Continued from here: http://xhamster.com/stories/eva-702388

She gasped suddenly as my fingers worked there way down her shorts, slowly I worked my fingers over the top of her panties.
They felt like lace or maybe satin, but my fingers felt the undeniable heat beneath them more than anything else.
Her body wriggled against my hand, pushing herself against me as teaser her slowly through the soft material.
All the time her neck and head extended upwards so that I could plant soft kisses there teasing her slowly, and making her heart rate increase with every passing second.
After a ... Continue»
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Thunder Ch. 03

The Thunder boomed overhead as Karen rode her Nephew's cock. Each crash of thunder caused the very pregnant woman to twitch with a mixture of desire and fear.

"Oh baby, your wonderful cock feels so good inside me," Karen moaned.

Benny reached up and stroked her huge belly. He loved feeling her swollen stomach, knowing that his baby was growing inside his Aunt. "I can't wait until our Daughter is born so I can knock you up all over again."

As Karen rode her lover's cock she gazed down into his eyes. "How do you know your baby is a girl? We refused to let the doctor tell us the sex of the bab... Continue»
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Hotel room with Krystal my slut

Two weeks had past since I broke Krystal's anal virginity. She was back at school and I was back at varsity with my studies. Krystal and I exchanged a number of messages as we planned to see each other again. I was still coaching her b*****r cricket on weekends and the school took me on to help coach some rugby in the afternoons. So thankfully I still had some good money coming in and I could afford to book a hotel room for a Saturday night again. Krystal and I planned this Saturday carefully getting permission from her parents to drop her off at the mall at 3pm and only pick her up later that... Continue»
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The Skate Park--Lock Up

The Skate Park
Lock Up

Officer Kelso rolled me into the jail about 300 AM. It was pretty quite due to the late hour. Booking went pretty quick. I didn't say much until the booking officer run his finger up my ass, and told me to cough. “Did ya like that “? was all I said to him. He handed me some orange stripes and told me to put them on. I shucked out of my street clothes, and slid into them, fixing my dick to hang low. He kinda looked at me and asked where were my shorts. I looked back at him, real dumb like, and just said “what”? He gave me a shove and said just go on. The next step... Continue»
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I fucked my s****r

It was an early morning when I woke up to my s****r jumping on top to wake me up. I thought I was going to beat her, but I held it in.

“Hey Alex, get up sl**py.” was all she said.

“Lexi, get off of me now.” I groaned.

Her long straight brown hair whipped me in the face when she got up. I watched her leave, she was wearing the shortest pajamas I had ever seen. She wore a tank top along with it. I couldn’t believe we were fifteen already. Football made time fly by and made summers fun. But this summer was going to be different. I made varsity and was going to go through hell in practice... Continue»
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A friend asked me if I could do some house repairs for a senior woman he said had no money to do necessary repairs. I do it a lot for seniors with little money and most times don't have to charge them. He said she was a 72 year old widow with a big house.
I got to the house Saturday morning and was met at the door by a short woman with a mean looking face but the next thing I noticed was her hair. It was multi colored. It was red yellow blue purple white and all sticking up all over the place. She was angry because I was 5 minutes late. I apologized and she let me in taking me right to the wo... Continue»
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Porn Movie Got my Wife Blacken PT1

We were watching porn in the hotel after a wedding in late August, both intoxicated and horny, when a scene came on that led to another naughty night of role playing.

The movie was called Gangbang Fantasies, and included three lengthy gangbang scenes. The first one was okay as a pretty redhead with massive fake tits got stranded on the side of the road and was picked up by a hippie van going to a Grateful Dead concert. She ended up fucking all five hippies and was triple penetrated often.

Pam had picked the movie, her most constant fantasy being about getting gangbanged, something we hav... Continue»
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The Best Sex Ever.

I was in Onitsha and couldn't make it to a party organised by my club members in Awka,my friends didn't allow me sl**p,they were calling and teasing me until I switched off my phone.....I woke up to find a video on my friend's Facebook page,it was the party,my friend was digging the dance flow with this crazy hot babe,pretty,tall with a small boobs and got this wicked waist.

I put a call through to my friend and the dude broke my heart by telling me the girl just left his house after four rounds of sex,he told me how the girl was appreciating his long dick and cursing her boy friend for not... Continue»
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Wild Twitter Orgy.

I was on my own tweeting when I received a DM notification. When I checked it was from #OOMF ( one of my followers ) who asked me if I’ll be interested to attend a sex party that is being organised by him and some of his people ( mostly from twitter ). As a freak and someone who loves anything that has to do with dick and pussy, I told him I’m game and the necessary details were given to me… There was a little cash contribution and the following day, I went and paid in the money to the account number that he gave to me.

*Fast forward to the day, somewhere in Awka*

I entered the house th... Continue»
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Sexy Secretary

You enter the office, you walk towards the desk, my eyes are drawn to your bouncing bosom, your purple blouse is sheer and I can see your black lacy push up bra, your dark nipples are clearly visible through the mesh cups. You lean forward, your glorious bosom framed by the low cut ruffle neckline. Is there something I can do for you, you ask, I find it extremely difficult to look you in the eye as you push your bust forward accentuating your cleavage. As I tear my gaze away from your heavenly curves it is transfixed on your ruby red lips which you suggestively moisten with your tongue. I can ... Continue»
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I was a normal day,first thing Sue (my wife), a good looking 57 year old with 36c tits, & still shaves her fanny for me, went to the market,then into Ipswich,before we went to Clacton, only we didnt make it past Ipswich. As we went down the parade of stores I was hoping I could get a new bra,so we went into the big Marks & Spencer's and I looked at the racks of different sizes,cups,& colours. I found the one I wanted,& looked around for Sue who was talking to a guy she knew from "Facebook". As I approached them Sue looked embaressed,& he was even redder in the face. Sue... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge [Revised]

This has been significantly re-edited to remove the most pointed out errors. It is very long [there’s a pun there I’d wager] but I hope you would take the time to read it and comment please.

This story has it all: cheating, interracial, i****t, trickery, virginity losing, BDSM, and multiple impregnations. If there isn’t something here to thrill and/or disgust you then I haven’t done my work correctly!


Part One: The Discovery

August 15, 2010:
Sam Johnson hated going into the bank. A long time computer nerd, he so much preferred doing everything possible online. P... Continue»
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