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Hardcore Porn Stories

Prostitute Stories: The Submissive Heroin Addict 2


I just had the shittiest day at work I wanted to leave at lunch but I figured I’d stick it out. Big mistake I had to listen to my asshole boss bitch and complain over some trivial tasks that he ended up tossing on my plate. On top of that I had a pounding headache. It’s the end of the day I’m starving, and all I want is to go home eat some dinner, and relax in front of the tv with a few beers. I put my key in, open the door and the second I walk into the apartment my girlfriend leaps off the couch, screaming my name, as if she she hasn’t seen me in years. She jumps on me and hugs me hanging ar… Read more

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Polish Police Officers Sucks :o


I was visiting two girlfriends in a city in poland. The booze over there is cheap and strong, so we were partying for the third day in a row. They were going to this hooker and pimp party. So I wanted to go shopping for some pimp outfit ... They didn't agree?!? Seemed they knew I was a crossdresser :o I tried to deny it, but then they showed me some pics I'd posted online. I blushed and stuttered. They laughed and told me not to worry. My heart dropped when they had layed down my outfit on the bed in their bedroom :o A black laced minidress, a black braw, a ton of bracelets, fake earloops,… Read more

Posted by saracuda 2 days ago 1,097 100%

The Sibling Diaries P02

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Getting Started It'd been years since I'd returned to San Francisco, the beautiful city by the bay. The day I arrived, the sun was out, the fog rested just outside the Golden Gate. Oh my God, the cable cars, the Bay, Mount Tam, Angel Island, south-of-market… My head was spinning, and there was so much to do. After arriving at Oakland airport and renting the car, I'd made good time into the city in spite of the foggy conditions and early morning traffic across the Bay Bridge. I made my way into SOMA, the South of Market district, where my new job was, only to discover they were closed for… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 2 days ago 2 2,549 100%

Sandra - Teil 1

HardcoreGroup SexAnal

Nachdem Katrin hier mit ihren Geschichten über Vera so viel Erfolg hat, versuche ich‘s mal mit Sandra. Diese Geschichte ist wahr, nur ein paar Details, Orte und Namen habe ich verändert. Sinngemäß ist aber alles erhalten geblieben. Vera macht übrigens gerade eine kleine Pause, und das hat einen guten Grund: Katrin und ich schreiben an einer längeren Geschichte, die wir zu Weihnachten fertig haben wollen. Unsere erste reine Fantasy-Geschichte. Aber um Euch die Wartezeit zu verkürzen - hier kommt erstmal meine gute Freundin Sandra. Sie hat übrigens alles schon gelesen und abgesegnet ...[/i… Read more

Posted by hugo99a 2 days ago 327 100%

Langeweile (1975)


Langeweile (1975) Das Schiff hieß Gerd Wesch und der Hafen war Durban in Südafrika. Ich hatte mal richtig Pech gehabt. Bei der Arbeit war mir eine 100Kg Rettungsinsel auf den rechten Arm gekracht und hatte mir den Ellenbogen gebrochen. Im Krankenhaus wurde ich geröntgt. Der Arzt grinste mich an, von Ohr zu Ohr, sagte: „Yes! It’s broken“ und legte mir den Arm in eine Schlinge – sonst nichts. Ist ja auch ganz logisch, denn im Ausland muss die Reederei alles bezahlen. In Deutschland kommt natürlich die Krankenkasse dafür auf. Nun lag ich in meiner Kammer, hörte Musik und wartete auf das Wochen… Read more

Posted by Roodolf 2 days ago 177

Aus purer Bosheit- 1. Teil

First TimeFetishHardcore

Verdammt, alles ist so langweilig geworden. Ich brauch unbedingt etwas neues, etwas Ausgefallenes, Verrücktes. Immer diese Eintönigkeit, das macht mich noch krank. Nichts Aufregendes geschieht, immer wieder das Gleiche, das hält kein Mann aus und mit meiner Freundin ist beim Thema Erotik schon lange nicht mehr viel los. Bei meinem Nebenjob hatte ich bei einem Abiball hinter der Theke gestanden und sie dort zum ersten Mal gesehen. Ich war sofort hin und weg. Mit ihren 18 Jahren entsprach sie dem Idol meiner Traumfrau: Mehr als 1,80 groß, schlank, endlos lange Beine und einen umwerfend blonden S… Read more

Posted by DonQuicotte 2 days ago 199

Fun In My Booth


Looking forward to the weekend after a good week of work looking forward to resting all weekend . Had me couple of beers and a couple of shots I fell asleep on the couch. When I awoke it was about 11pm with a very hard dick. So I showered to get ready for bed but I started get hornier must while lathering up and it was feeling really good. So I started thinking about that gloryhole. So here I go again not even thinking twice. Finished showering got dressed in loose sweats hoodie and I am on my way. As I got there I got nervous as usual then took another drink from a cup I took with me. I g… Read more

Posted by rimtime 2 days ago 2 1,993 100%

The bully and the girlfriend

First TimeHardcore

When I was 16 years of age I was non stop bullied not because I was a nerd....actually I'm a tweener I read comics watch sci fi movies but I also paly sports but my bullies didn't care they thought I was a loser because I didn't pick on anyone and because of my hobbies.....but there was one of them who was worse then the rest mike connors the most popular guy in my school he was 18 nearly 19 he dated the hottest and most popular girl too angela .....I tried fitting in with everyone but it made me look weird I guess but long story short the party me and a few of my friends decided to crash of s… Read more

Posted by AustinCreedible 2 days ago 3 3,097 56%

Fantasy Fuck Store –lovely mature ladies want a ma


After a few months of working for Heather, the Fantasy Fuck Store owner, she approached me with a new offer. “Ken I have received several phone calls from ladies who have got wind of your ‘personal services’ from their friends - you know how our clients like to show off - but the difference is that they admit to not being confident and would rather be encouraged rather than lead. They also mentioned that they had been told how much you cared, were polite and very imaginative, which I suspect the latter is foremost in their mind”. So, on the spur of the moment, I said that we are introducin… Read more

Posted by seniorsexlover 3 days ago 1,660 100%

Complex kink

FetishFirst TimeHardcore

I dated my wife four years before we married. In all that time I never had a hint that she had a kinky side. I may never have discovered it not for what happened one day. What happened was I had gone over to a friend's house to help him on four wheel drive truck. I had called home to tell my wife where I was and that I'd be home around seven that evening. This was perfectly normal behavior for me as I always wanted her to feel safe and loved. It happened to be late October and in Georgia the days are very mild but after the sun goes down it gets chilly. Well sometime around five o clock a… Read more

Posted by woreout 4 days ago 5 17,145 71%



It started quietly, gently, though passionately. Elizabeth crouched in me under the covers and gently caressed my cock. She patted him, patted him, but when he concentrated, she took him firmly, squeezed a few times, then began to maneuver ... I could not and did not want to let her do it to the end. The excitement triggered my desire to get rid of her body. I started kissing her. First the mouth and the quick touches of the tips of the tongues, then the ears, the neck, the arms, the inside of the palm ... It was Saturday and we had a lot of time. I did not hurry so kissing and licking each fi… Read more

Posted by ronin13x 4 days ago 2 3,317 100%

muslim bitches drugs and horny men


This is a true story about what a naughty girlfriend I have no parts have been dramatized as I would like all of you to know what a horny filthy bitch Raesaah is and how it is such a turn on and how I love it .So as you all should know by now that my girlfriend Raesaah is a hot kinky lil bitch and with that thick ass and those gorgeous lips just know how to turn mens heads and get their attention. This encounter happened one Sunday afternoon while I was at my parents home and she was all alone at her house it was a cloudy over cast day with a chilly breeze you know that weather that makes you… Read more

Posted by muslimmantahir 4 days ago 2,994 67%

The Sibling Diaries P01

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

THE ROSE (MY SISTER GRETTA) I should have known I was biting off more than I could chew when I signed the lease to this apartment. Actually, the word apartment is really not adequate to describe my place, penthouse is more like it. Although technically I'm not on the top floor, I might as well be. Glass walls with a sunken living room overlooking the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge plus 1500 feet of living space, it's more like a house sitting on top of the city. After I saw the steam room, the gourmet kitchen and wine pantry, I was putty in the leasing agent's hands. It was the height… Read more

Posted by sexykamel 4 days ago 3 4,492 95%

A Not So Prim & Proper Wife- Ch. 2

HardcoreInterracial SexVoyeur

Author's Note: This is the second installment of a story written for a friend. By way of explanation, I have written this, and the first chapter, as a favor to him, describing things so the story would appeal to him. Some may not care for the enhanced descriptions, or points of view of the characters. If you are going to leave a comment, please don’t delve into those aspects of the story. This writer doesn’t care about your political views. Also please note that the Author will take stronger credence with those critiques that have actual names on them, as opposed to anonymous, bigoted or other… Read more

Posted by satinlvr_mwf 4 days ago 1 2,096 100%

A Brunch Munch

Group SexTabooHardcore

Justine wants to blow and screw her boyfriend, Darren, dressed only in his shirt. Seems her mum Judy has already surprised Darren in the kitchen. I went down the stairs in Darren’s shirt.... There had been a sudden extraordinarily sexy raunchiness that filled me when I put on Darren’s shirt. It was the first time I had ever done it. My lover boy was down stairs in my kitchen, in only his boxers; getting us brunch. I was in front of the mirror in my room, checking out myself in his light blue shirt. It suits my sapphire eyes and long brunette hair. I felt like I was inside him, not… Read more

Posted by janus2017 5 days ago 1 2,638 100%

Trained by a Shemale Mistress

First TimeHardcoreShemales

I had often fantasized over the years about having an experience with a transsexual. On a drive to NYC I had the opportunity to make this happen. I thought that a one time experience would be enough. Little did I know that Ashleigh had other plans, or soon would have. I drove to her hotel where she met me at the door. 5'10", shoulder length blonde hair, light make-up, very pretty. A semi see through blouse showed off her white bra. Black skirt below the knees, stockings and black open toe shoes. Elegant, and sexy. She invited me in and after a bit of small talk she took my hand and… Read more

Posted by macaddict123 5 days ago 2 2,514 82%

Mrs. Silva

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

I first met Mrs. Silva in Jan 1999, I had just turned 18 and out walking my dog. I noticed a moving truck was in the neighborhood, saw two young men moving furniture and an older buxom lady giving them instructions. I wanted to be a good neighbor so I leashed up the dog and went over to help the two young men. I introduced myself to Mrs. Silva, she was a mid 40's something white women, with impressive set of double D's and nice round hips. Her red hair just fell below her shoulders. I helped the two men with moving furniture and welcomed Mrs. Silva to the neighborhood. She was a sweet woman, a… Read more

Posted by heavyloader69 5 days ago 1 5,377 61%

Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 6


The Finale... We both cleaned up after our last fuck, we were a mess, but we were having a blast. After we showered and dressed, I offered to take Linda out for dinner. She was concerned about being seeen locally, so we drove a little over an hour into Pennsylvania where I found a really nice restaurant. Thankfully this trip was the break we needed. The ride, the restaurant and the ride back was pleasant and I was happy for the break, my cock needed a rest. When we got back to Linda's house we popped a couple of beers and went out by the pool. The evening was warm and we were just enjoy… Read more

Posted by TallNJChub 5 days ago 2,424 100%

Sons and mother,so hot, for long masturbation


Message-ID: <38556asstr$> Return-Path: <> X-Original-Path: not-for-mail From: X-Original-Message-ID: <> NNTP-Posting-Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 21:41:43 PDT X-MailScanner: PASSED (v1.2.6 5449 g8U4fnEJ016804 X-ASSTR-Original-Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 04:41:43 GMT Subject: {ASSM} Repost: Sex Slave Mother 1-6 (m+/f, bdsm, ws, s**t, nc, inc, preg, son-mom, body modification) - sexslavemom1-6.doc (1/1) Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 13:10:04 -0400 Path: assm… Read more

Posted by slutboy92 5 days ago 1 4,476 71%

story two – setting up my girl for a gang fuck

First TimeGroup SexHardcore

story two – setting up my girl for a gang fuck this is about setting up my girlfriend for her first ever gang fuck. during foreplay and while fucking she and i would fantasize about it. i discovered she had fantasies about sex when i found a composition notebook in an old box with a lot of them. there were a few **** scenarios, and many more about lying in a bed alone as one by one several men came in and had their way with her. so i joined a few porn groups back in the old webtv days, which opened the door to this possibility. i would talk to locals who shared pics and clips and stories… Read more

Posted by watcherx35 5 days ago 2,550 83%