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Wife caught having fun, Jane’s mistake 3
Well August had been a good month; thirty years of marriage and Jane had finally come to terms with outdoor sex and showing off in public. It had been a long held ambition of mine to expose her during our outdoor photo and sex sessions, I am sure deep down she knew what I was up to but she liked to pretend that nothing was going on. This year however she could not keep the pretence after we were caught and approached by a bold younger guy back in May. Ever since Jane had ignored what happened denied she got any excitement from it, that changed in Augus... Continue»
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She’s lying face down on the hotel bed, her skirt raised up showing her ample ass with her purple thong string disappearing between her cheeks. Jen’s sexy long legs made all the more so by the pink high heels. Her long blonde extensions flow down her back, my cock is aching pushing against my shorts. I drop my shorts and my dick springs upward, I pull my shirt over my head and stand there savouring the view. Jen is unaware of my presence as her husband clicks the camera shutter capturing the event. Jen was almost in a slumber, not surprising after the drink she had consumed... Continue»
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Slut:The Cheater Part 2

Slut: The Cheater Part 2

We crossed the road to the multi storey car park, taking turns in kissing Suzi and squeezing her colossal tits. Suzi, as a fervent exhibitionist, was thriving on the avid attention, slipping her tongue in our mouths at every given opportunity, squeezing our cocks and playing the part of the unfaithful slut to perfection. I noticed a small metal object driven through her nipples ensuring they stayed erect. I’d never noticed that her nipples were pierced and I must admit, this was quite arousing.
As we walked up to their car, Jim opened the doors and said.
“You guys... Continue»
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Alice The Dirty Whore Part 5

Alice the Dirty Whore

By Mad Jack69

Synopsis: This is a fictional story of a sex addicted whore and her depraved sexual cravings. It covers most perversions. In this the fifth chapter Alice and Daisy take Jack to new depths of depravity and humiliation. And the couple get drawn into the clutches of an exclusive sex club for societies élite and most wealthy. (MF, M+F, MM, anal, prost, whore, cream-pie, ws, strap-on Fdom)

Chapter 5 The Engagement Party

Josh was very pleased with himself as he walked out of the Hellfire Club. He had given Lady Denham a full report following ... Continue»
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Doing an assignment with Caitlyn

It was Wednesday morning and I arrived early in the morning by Caitlyn to work on a varsity assignment together. Letting me in she was dressed casually in tight yoga pants and a top. We greet with a firm hug hello and then went inside to the kitchen. Her mom and dad where there finishing there coffee as I greeted and shortly afterwards they left for work, leaving Caitlyn and myself alone in the house once again. Caitlyn first made us coffee and breakfast. After eating and while tidying the kitchen I noticed while Caitlyn was walking around that her yoga pants had created a sexy cameltoe.
As ... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 29

Several hours later that night, Havers returned his two charges to their bedroom in the slave quarters. He found it difficult to believe the evidence of his own eyes, for the skin of each was flawless again.
For a moment or two, Havers considered fucking Julia (his boss had given permission!) but being a little tired after a day of excitements and also rather d***k as well - he decided to postpone it until the morrow. Giving the girl’s bottom a slap, he advised her of ‘the treat’ to come then he staggered out of the room and back up to the house above, carefully locking the security door on t... Continue»
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Lilly and I have dated for awhile (Impregnation st

Lilly and I have dated for a couple of months. I think we are serious, but she says she takes it day by day. She is like that. She is a bit younger than me, she is just out of high school.
We work together at a restaurant in our town. She is a server and I am one of the managers. That might be why she doesn't want to be so serious, our company "Forbids" dating between managers and team members.
Lilly is very attractive to me. Her eyes sparkle like jewels. She has some curves, and her breasts get noticed by co-workers as well as customers. The best way to describe her is perky. Sh... Continue»
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Stud turned Gay PT2

Andrew woke up with a start. No! No! It could not have happened, his conscious mind told him. He did not just get fucked by another man. But even as his thoughts sought to deny it, he felt a stab of pain in his ass and knew it was true. He threw the covers aside and stared at the huge wet spot beneath his ass. His incomprehension lasted only seconds and then he became aware of the slow dribble oozing from his asshole – he was lying in a pool of Marcus's cum, cum that had originally been dumped deep in him. My god it looked like there was a gallon of it on the bed. And all of that had been in h... Continue»
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La and the Ceremony of Light and Beginning

La and the Ceremony of Light and Beginning

I am La. High Priestess of Ra, the Goddess of Life and Death. I am Ra's Messenger and Ra's manifestation on this earthly plane of existence. I am The One, The All. The Beginning and The End

The new day is dawning as I walk onto the raised stone platform in the City Square. The sun has just risen over the horizon and slanted beams of sunlight wash the stone under my feet in a warm golden glow. As I look out I see the crowd waiting patiently, in complete silence. They wait for the sun to rise fully to herald the start of the Ceremony of Life and... Continue»
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My first time with my s****r, Monica

Monica is my younger s****r, That was about 5 years ago. We don’t see on many things and we disagreed a lot back then, but I’ve always felt like I’ve felt sexual feelings towards her, since her body was starting to develop. I used to get feverish every time I saw her in swimming clothes, I even masturbated a few times fantasizing about her.

She was about 1.55m tall, and her breasts were a mildly developed B cup, and she was more of a goddess for a girl that young back then, as she is now. She always wore extremely short/loose clothes at home.

It was the summer holiday and our parents... Continue»
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My Neighbour 3

I woke one morning and found a note in my letterbox : "Hey Joe, gone away for a couple of days, could you water plants, keys under the mat, thanks hun, Faith xx
I hadn't seen Faith for a few days as I had been busy working so I guess this was the only way she could ask me, and being a good neighbour I couldn't really say no.
It was about a couple of days later when I remembered I still hadn't been round to water her plants, so eager to keep her happy and hopefully the sexy fun, I strolled round to Faiths and finding the key under her backdoor mat, I let myself in.
I had barely got inside wh... Continue»
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My Mind At Work.

I am twenty-nine years old now. Blond, tall, not fat but with soft curves, a small C-cup and with a combination of hips, legs and ass that seem to attract the men. For the last five years I've stripped and been paid well for the fantasies I have provided to both men and women. The money is too good not to dance. I've had more than my share of experiences and discovered that most men can satisfy my body and give me good orgasms. Still I felt there was more. Until recently, I had never really been in love; you know the mutual kind, where there is commitment.
Five months ago, I met Gozie. He is... Continue»
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I want to live like Jeremy, please helm me, i m al

I want to live like jeremy, you too? pm me, Erik

I only hope that my interest in perversely exciting characters
and situations has not gone too far My primary
wish is that my many fans will derive great pleasure over many readings. It
is why I write trannie erotica in the first place: as a gift to you.
I say that I write my stories for your
pleasure and I hope they bring you many moments of release and contentment.
Feel free to share my story with any other story site but please attribute
it to me. And finally, please write if you enjoyed it for I would... Continue»
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My Wife's First Big Black Cock

We both had a fantastic experience a few weeks ago. My wife is in her early 60s and has been enjoying sex since her early teens, but she’d never had a BBC. She delights in big cocks but but had never had sex with a black guy until our last club visit. That might sound strange but in our part of the country we haven’t been to a swinger party where there were any black guys or played with any in a club. We’ve occasionally watched young black men with impressive cocks fucking young women in swinger clubs, and once saw a very well hung young black guy putting on a hardcore show with a girl in a Fr... Continue»
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Hotel breakfast with the Waiter Part 2

Dee and I lay in bed for a while after, and then I got up and went through into the sitting room to see what we could eat from the breakfast laid out on the coffee table. I picked up the toast as the rest was now cold and walked back to the bedroom.
“God I’m so sore. Was it good idea to take up Tobias’s offer to come up tomorrow morning?” Before he had left the waiter had told us that his name was Tobias, Toby for short, and if we were on for it, he and his chambermaid girlfriend, Cori, could come to see us the next morning for more fun. Dee of course was up for it, me too when he mentioned... Continue»
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The Ice Queen

I got off the plane and made my way to the baggage claim. It took forever for my bag to show up. I grabbed it and went outside where Elsa was waiting for me. I threw my bag on the back seat and slid into the front seat of the new Cadillac. The soft leather felt good on my tired body. Elsa gunned it and off we went. I could not help but notice her legs as she drove thru traffic. Her skirt was hiked up to show the just a hint of the top of her stockings, black lace.
That was Elsa, always dressed for success. She always wore business power suits. She was all business. The f****y found it fu... Continue»
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Fran whoring it at the parlour

Story for cuckman about his slut of a wife.
Women enjoy sex. Now what we are taught to expect is a woman loves sex with her husband only. More and more women are cheating on their hubbies because they simply want more. Fran is one exceptional case. She enjoys fucking so much she gave up a 9 to 5 safe secure job to work in the sex industry in a “massage” parlour. She is also of the breed that doesn’t want her men to use condoms. She wants to feel the warmth of their meaty cocks inside her and the feeling of her lovers spunking hard into her.
As I have said, she actively took a job in a parlou... Continue»
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Full Throttle

Pre-story PSA: This is from my Fanfiction account, so not stealing from other sites. I do not own Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, or any of its characters. I don't profit from this either!


She was out of the shower. Sean watched her move across the room and walk to the closet for the caramel nightie he bought her last spring.

He smiled. After drying off and shimmying into her lingerie, she went back into the bathroom to lotion. Sean takes this opportunity to move from the lazy chair to her double bed.

He loved the way it felt against his back, so pliant and invit... Continue»
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The Moonlight

I crouched low in the bushes at the edge of the clearing looking out through the leaves at the grassy expanse before me. The clearing was only about 100 paces wide and it wouldn't take me long to sprint across that open space. But I would be clearly visible in the moonlight which streamed down from above, illuminating the clearing and making the forest on either side pitch black.

It was more of a break in the forest than a clearing. A strip devoid of trees and shrubs than ran for miles, straight as an arrow, splitting the deeply wooded forest. I wondered briefly what had ca... Continue»
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My Mom Made Me Fuck My s****r

Mom caught me masturbating one night after I went to bed. She had thrown that door open with such a start that I froze with my cock in my hand, just as if I were a deer caught in headlights. I couldn't do anything.

Then Mom said, "Stop masturbating and fuck your s****r." I didn't move so she said, "Do it now. Get your ass out of that bed, get in her bed, and fuck her. NOW!"

I jumped out of my bed naked and walked past her on my way to my s****r's bedroom. I opened the door, walked across the floor, and climbed in with her. She was not asl**p and she had heard what Mom had said.

I wh... Continue»
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