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Porn Lessons - becoming a sissy for Men

I disagree with those that say porn has no educational value. I learned how to deep throat, I learned how to prepare my tiny pink hole, I learned how to apply make-up and dress like a little sissy slut all before I turned 16, just from watching porn and most of all, I learned that daddies love it when I pay attention to detail and do as I’m told.

I was 18 the first time I went out in public dressed up as a little sissy boi, heels, stockings, garters, silk panties and push up bra with inserts, platform heels, short skirt, plunging top and my blonde hair in pig tails. I waited until after dark... Continue»
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Regentag mit Folgen 5

Die drei Freunde hatten mich dermaßen fertiggemacht, dass ich völlig erschöpft auf der Couch lag und schnell einschlief.

Am späten Vormittag wurde ich wach. Bill saß auf dem Sessel gegenüber. " Na, ist meine geile Sau endlich wach? Du kannst ja ordentlich was vertragen. Ich frage dich auch nicht, ob du schon wieder geil bist. Denn ich weiß, du bist es.. Aber jetzt bringe ich dir erst mal eine Tasse Kaffee. Kannst ruhig noch ein wenig liegenbleiben."

Ich steckte und räkelte mich. Ich ließ den gestrigen Abend nochmal an mir vorüberziehen. Bill gab mir erst mal einen ausgiebigen Zungenkuss, bev... Continue»
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My Neighbour 4

It was a lovely hot Saturday and I was outside washing my car on my drive, when my neighbours door opened and my very hot redheaded neighbour Faith stepped out.
"Hey Joe, you busy?" she asked with a grin.
"Well, i'm washing the car" I replied
"I see" she said stepping towards me in just a black bikini and matching high heel shoes and showing off that stunning fit tanned body of hers.
"So if invited you in to my place for a drink and blow job, you would probably say no then?" she asked mischievously.
"Well, I would certainly have to think about it" I replied smiling.
Then Faith stepped ar... Continue»
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Mandy & her new boyfriend ...

Mandy's a good friend who recently moved out of state ... really long and not good story ... anyway she's had a difficult time since she moved but finely, I hope, found a man who will treat her good and care for her. I've had the hots for Mandy for some time as she's one amazingly fantastic looking woman!!! So here's my fantasy about getting to watch and take video and pics of her with her new BF, Marcus.

He's a very hansom man; 6'4" with a medium but strong build. Mandy calls him her "Big Teddy Bear". Some how, I'm still not exactly sure how ... I was asked by Mandy if I'd video her having ... Continue»
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This is a sequel to Playtime & Perfect Timing.

My sex life with Kate had gone from great to spectacular. We officially became a couple after our last encounter. Kate had been a virgin but that didn't last long at all. Kate treated sex like the sports she loved to play, and as always she was very keen to excel at it. Like her dedication to sports she knew it was all about practice, practice practice. After finding penetrative sex a little uncomfortable at first, she was constantly getting me hard, pulling my cock out and then riding me at every opportunity. I was a more than willing trainin... Continue»
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Zuchtstuten Teil 5

Teil 5: Der Postbote

Ein paar Wochen waren vergangen, seit Vanessa erfahren hatte, dass sie schwanger war. Noch war nicht allzu viel davon zu sehen, höchstens eine ganz leichte Wölbung ihres ansonsten flachen Bauches. Bei ihrer Mutter, die ja zwei Monate Vorsprung hatte, war dagegen schon eine deutliche Rundung zu erkennen.
An dem Fick-Arrangement hatte sich durch Vanessas Schwangerschaft vorerst nichts geändert. Sie wurde weiterhin von Thomas und Marc regelmäßig gefickt. Und auch Sandra wurde von beiden Schwänzen gleichermaßen beglückt. Der einzige Unterschied war, dass nun nicht mehr... Continue»
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Sis's Anal Awakening

I heard the front door open and a moment later someone coming up the stairs. I looked at the clock on my nightstand. It was only a little past ten, so I wondered why my sister Michelle was home so early.

A moment late there was a knock at my door. "Yeah," I answered.

The door opened and Michelle stood there. I smiled.


"Hey," she replied. I thought she looked a little nervous.

"Good date?"

She shrugged and walked over and sat and the end of the bed.

"You're home kinda early. Mom's not even home yet."

"John, lemme ask you something."


She hesitated. ... Continue»
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Milf Lessons

I had been watching my mother's friend, Mrs. Ashlock, for many years. She was about forty-five with a face pretty enough for a movie star and a slender but voluptuous body that was the envy of her friends. I was what they call "sexually precocious," I guess. Women's bodies became an object of vague, unfocused but intense desire at about the age of seven. Photos in popular magazines such as hosiery and swimsuit ads drew my interest and caused an unidentified but pleasurable stirring in my chest. Janet Ashlock, however was real flesh and blood and was often in our home or we in hers.

Onc... Continue»
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Enslaved Chapter 32

Coffee, served by Havers and Rosalie, was d***k from thin, ornately-styled cups. White with a gold motif. It came black or white, according to choice. But, perhaps not surprisingly, the cups which
Julia and Melissa held were wont to clatter a little uncertainly as they returned to the saucers.
Once again the two girls had been returned to apparent respectability.
Elegantly dressed . . . decently postured . . . chic women of the world. The obscene exhibition which both of them had just had to make of themselves might as well have never have happened!
Or, so it seemed on the surface.
“Good ... Continue»
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Motel receptionist again

I’ve decided I’m writing these down just after they happen now and not waiting, I’m getting so much action in this motel I’m beginning to think that the men around here have issues.

So it’s 6am this morning, and I’m asleep alone for what feels like the first time this week. I’m woken up by the feeling of someone climbing in under the sheet next to me.
Half asleep I open my eyes and it’s the little receptionist from the front desk. She had left my room with her security guard boyfriend the morning before. Having to sneak out the window and down a fire escape so as to not be seen by anyon... Continue»
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Motel receptionist and security guard - shhh don&#

Ok I love this motel.
Like I said in my last story, my company has me in New York and they put me up in the cheapest motel they could find, but I’m getting some of the best “personal” service so I’m not too bothered.

About 12ish tonight I came back from having a few drinks with our potential new clients. There reps are a couple of 20 something girls, one was supper slim, blond with pert breasts. The other was thick, with a ass that just bounced as they danced. Shall we just say that the more they drank the hotter the dancing and conversation became. It was just getting interesting when the... Continue»
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Car Dealership Beauty

There was a site I frequented in the early 2000's called Hot or Not dot com. I am sure it is still around in some form or another. It was a great site for easy hook-ups NSA fun. One night I was clicking women in the Raleigh area, and had a like from one almost immediately.

I messaged her and we had the usual banter. She worked at a car dealership in Raleigh, and tomorrow was Friday so I had class until late in the evening. We decided to meet up the next night for a date. The weather was pretty bad the next day so she messaged me about rescheduling. I told her my roommate would be g... Continue»
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Dear Diary _ Prolapse surprise

HI Sweeties (love you all) - If you have read any of my post you would already know that I was gaped and my sissy pussy was wreaked at a young age. If you are not aware send me a message and I will explain how and what happened.
Anyway, In my early 20's I was scanning the hook-up sites looking for a stranger who was staying in the area. I came across a trucker whose truck broke down and he was looking for someone like me. We exchanged emails and agreed to meet at his motel.
He opened the door and his eyes lite up seeing me. I was dressed in a short brown and yellow plaid mini skirt, tan ... Continue»
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Watching my Father fuck his young Secretary

As Deborah bends over at the filing cabinet, John glances up from his desk and admires the view. The coffee-brown, wrap-around dress she’s wearing today highlights her stunning, statuesque figure, her long shapely legs, womanly hips and well-proportioned behind.

Its late and there’s no one left in the building and John’s son is not due from the train station for at least another hour…

He gets up and wanders over to stand behind his voluptuous secretary. As she rises back up from the filing cabinet and turns around, she instinctively reads the look in John’s eyes. Smiling, she encircles... Continue»
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BBC Rave IR Fuck

Let me tell you a story about what I experienced at a rave in San Diego called LED USA. I was wearing a very skimpy outfit that day, dresses with bunny ears and a bunny tail, with a lacy black bra and tight ass-hugging underwear which exposed my butt for everyone to see. I was rolling HARD that day so I loved the feeling of being touched and every time a hand would brush past or grope my ass I would shudder with pleasure. After a while I started dancing with a tall, muscular black boy who was a bit older than me. He was f***eful in all the right ways, grabbing my hips and ass and moving me acr... Continue»
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A fantasy, part 4.


"It is no more to tell", I said...."You woke me up with your dick-play", I continued.
"No no, you lie....", you replied, and stopped all the play. "You spoke in your sleep, and what you said has to be later in your dream"...
I took a deep breath.....

Honestly, I have never felt as horny as I did. Your sexy soft round bottom against me, the back of your head. Your "dick-sucking.movments". I kind of saw "all", but nothing.
It really did not happen much for a while. And I noticed a mosquito sitting on one of your bums...That w... Continue»
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Best friend mom

I met Brian Carmichael in early July. I remember this because it was almost a week after my fifth birthday. I was in the driveway of our yard, playing with a Tonka dump truck and bulldozer that my Uncle Jake had bought me for my birthday. I looked up and saw a small black dog (a Labrador retriever, I later found out) run across our lawn. The dog wandered over to me, his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging. A minute or so later I noticed a boy of about my age walking towards me. He was holding onto the hand of a slender young woman with shoulder length black hair, wearing jeans and a beige ... Continue»
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Mother in Law Takes More

This story is fiction and all the characters are fictitious in the story. Hope you will love the story. This is 3rd part of the series so requesting you to read the previous parts to enjoy this story.
1 Mother in Law Cannot Resist
2 Mother in Law Submits Again

The next morning I was woken by the familiar sounds of Fiona getting ready for work. Alan had already gone at around 4am and I looked at the clock and it was just gone 7am. I pulled the cover back and lay naked and began to stroke my cock as I listened to the Fiona cleaning up in the shower.

By the time she came out I was full... Continue»
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My TS Girlfriend

I'm bisexual and I love women but I also love cock! I got it in my head that a TS would be the ultimate partner. I'm not "out" and I know where "the clubs" are but have never been. I assumed my task would be daunting, at best. So the hunt for a TS girlfriend took several months and down many an incorrect path! Which I'll skip and get to the good parts.
Not all gay bars are crazy disco, drag queen show having chaos. In fact many located in the "gayborhood" (as its affectionately known) are just bars or pubs. I was at one of these in an isolated booth on a weeknight, it's a low key place and i... Continue»
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Meister - T - Geisha 芸者 Hilla

Meister – T – http://xhamster.com/users/meister-t
Erziehungsplattform Mann – Frau – Sissi – Paare Frau und Mann
Aus dem Leben eines Meisters.

Geisha 芸者 Hilla

Hilla liebt es, edle Stoffe auf nakter Haut zu tragen und diese besinnlich in erregender Art zu spüren. Zu ihrem Geburtstag schenkte der Meister ihr einen alten und edlen Kimono aus Brokat Seide. - "Du - meine Muse - bist ab heute die Geisha (芸者) - des Meisters. - Nakt und "unrasiert" - darfst du mir dienen. So wie es in Japan Sitte ist! -

Meister - T - Geisha 芸者 Hilla
Geisha 芸者 H... Continue»
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