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Late night sex!!!

This is an experience that happened not long ago. First, me and my girlfriend Shannon have been best friends since forever. We've been lovers since high school. We've shared everything with each other, including our boyfriends. Shannon started dating Rick and was excited for me to meet him. They had been together a few weeks when we finally met. We hit it off instantly and had great chemistry. I wasn't sure what was going to happen that first night, but we ended up having a very explosive threesome! It was some of the best sex I've ever had! When we got done, me and Shannon sh... Continue»
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Comforting Mom

That's it Anne...just like that...I'm close to cumming," Bobby said as he was getting his cock sucked in the living room.

He then watched her licking the cum off his cock as she looked at him, smiling. It was an incredibly erotic moment for the college students, when all of a sudden, the front door was unlocked and the knob was being turned.

It was his mother! Amanda's eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the sight of some college girl licking her son's cock on the sofa. But her face quickly morphed from being stunned to being absolutely livid at what she was seeing.

"What the hell are... Continue»
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Trying something out

i grip your hair letting my tongue go deeper i put my other hand between your legs and rub your pussy i feel the juices against my skin it drips to the floor slowly. i stop for a second to say "Good girl " then continue. I let my hands rest against the topside of your thighs as i pull your ass into my tongue forcing it deeper into your ass. You begin to let out deep moans. "Oh geez this whore is getting it" some girls begin to say. My cock begins to grow. I feel it pushing against my jeans.

I stand up letting your asshole leak my saliva to the floor. I pull the skirt over your ass covering... Continue»
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Stable Affair

Stable Affair
To my readers, please feel free to leave feedback for me so that I know that you liked my stories,if yes ,a little encouragement for the girls at |szaab.com| will be appreciate it, what you would like to see, and perhaps maybe suggest one. If you'd like to read it over and over again, favorite it and come back to enjoy it like an old friend. I look forward to hearing from you...


I had just come in from a hard ride on my favorite horse Samson. God, he's a beauty. He's s*******n hands high and very ... Continue»
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Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 4

After giving Linda an intense squirting orgasm, I began to slap her clit with the dildo, it only took a minute or two and she was squirting again, her body convulsing as she had another strong orgasm. This was only the second woman that I had been able to get to squirt up to this point.

After she came down from her second orgasm I undid her ankle restraints but left her wrists cuffed to the bed. Thinking that I was going to eat her pussy again, Linda spread her legs. I crawled between them but rested the head of my cock against her clit. At first I was gently slapping her clit with my cock,... Continue»
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Out Of Afrika -Ssynopsis/Prologue

Out Of Afrika

A fantasy by Julie Van and Curt B.

Rhino Electronics, a South African company, successfully negotiates setting up a US subsidiary to manufacture and market its innovative Mobile Phone. However the phone is not all that it seems for it has capabilities that are hidden to the user; in truth it is a portal for posting subliminal messages to the user to do very explicit and compelling things when told by the Black managers of the company. The residents of Hawksville have no idea what is to befall them when Rhino comes to town.

Sex Contents: Much Sex
... Continue»
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Motel maid

So I'm in New York on a business trip for this new job I have, and the company has decided to put me up in the cheapest motel they can find.
And thank God they have!!!!
It's been the first time that me and my wife have been apart in a few years and we both got incredibly this Sunday morning on a call.
It ended up with us both putting on a hands-free and slowly masturbating as we told each other what we wanted to do to one another.
Me telling her how I would pump inside her amazingly tight wet pussy while fingering her little anus made her moan loudly into my ears as I could hear he f... Continue»
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Donating my sperm to my Indian Sister-in-law

Hi Friends, this is Rajesh, presently 38 years working as an Engineer in an MNC, and settled in Bangalore now.. I am fair in colour, well built with a gym body and most important with an 8 inch dick. Unsatisfied Girls, Ladies and Widows who are deprived of sex and eager to quench their sexual thrist can contact me at .......lovesexaddiction@gmail.com.........for safe sex and it the privacy will be maintained of the ladies.

My wife had been to US on a project work with our son and I was living all alone in my house right and that one day I woke up a couple of hours later and my hard-on was bac... Continue»
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our trip to Jamaica

"My god, I might as well go topless." My wife Susan stated as she looked in the mirror.

"Well that's why we are here isn't it." I laughed.

"We'll see, I'm not taking my top off yet."

"You promised. Besides"

"I was d***k Steve, that doesn't count." I didn't say anything else as I got ready to head down to the beach. We had arrived In Jamaica earlier that morning and I was anxious to check out the scene. A friend at work had told me about the resort. According to Jim, my co-worker, the resort had two sides. One side Of the resort was anything goes and the other conventional.

I h... Continue»
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our trip to Jamaica - pt 2

I sat with Jay drinking while the two couples danced. Jay and I talked a little about my law practice. I tried to answer Jay's questions, but my attention was being diverted by Susan and Roy. During a slow number Roy was holding Susan very close. Roy had placed his hands low on Susan's back and I was close enough to see how his fingers shifted over her ass, constantly pulling her closer. Susan nestled her face into his neck, occasionally nibbling on him.

At the same time Jay began telling me about the first time Gordon had fucked Karen. Jays description was very explicit. At one point he t... Continue»
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Last Time I Fucked My Stepsister

Sheila and I had been playing around as long as I can remember. She taught me, when we were both quite young, how to rub my penis until it was hard, or have her rub it, and then to slide it inside her.

Seemed like we were doing it all the time. "screwing" we called it. "Hey Pat, you want to go screw?" she'd whisper to me when no one was home or it seemed like we probably wouldn't get caught. We never did get caught, but we definitely screwed a lot. She even had me put it up her ass once, both of us standing up inside our garage. Surprisingly, although I like anal a lot now, i remember not... Continue»
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A Horny Mother

Rachel's day wasn't the best she had in the last few days. She was lucky to escape unharmed from an accident in which her car was badly damaged by an old woman who fell asleep at the wheel. The doctor said she can go home, so she took her day off and called a cab. The house was empty: Dorian, her son, was at work, at his summer job and his father had gone many years ago to buy a pack of cigarettes and never came back. Even their cat died last year of old age. And in September, when Dorian will start college, she'll be even more alone.

"It's not fair!" she said in a low voice as she was g... Continue»
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My Man's Thug Lover#1

My Man's Thug Lover
Chapter 1

12 noon I came walking in from work. On a normal work day I wouldn't be expected to be home til 5pm, but I was feeling flu like symptoms at work, so the office allowed me to leave early. When I walked through the front door, I was surprised to see my boyfriend's car parked in the drive, as he also works a 9 to 5. I dismissed it on the idea he may've gotten a ride from one of his girlfriends, or maybe he'd come home for lunch or something. I didn't both to call his name as I didn't feel the energy to shout through the 2 story townhouse i owned. I walked i... Continue»
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Lizzy and the Black Bouncer (Full)

Lizzy was in here early 20's she was a slim size 8 with a tiny wait and curvaceous bum. She was about 5ft8 and had long brunette hair. Lizzy was newly single and had just started working in a bar in her local town. Lizzy longed for something different and exciting.
Then one day whilst she was working at the bar she was informed by her boss that a new doorman/bouncer was going to start at the bar working on the doors. Lizzy was asked to show the doorman around so he could see the layout of he venue and get a feel for the place.
Lizzy went to the front of the venue where she was introduced to
... Continue»
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Constance caught me with her sister - Final

There she was cowering in front of me. Sucked her first dick, got cummed over her face and in her mouth, swallowed all of it and was fingered by her own sister to a squirting orgasm. What could there be more?

Well, first Steph was standing next to me and swung her leg over me, place a foot on the arm rest and was holding her pussy in my face. Only now I realized that dawn had come in between since it was light enough so that I could see the drops of pussy juice glitter on her bald lips. “Sweety, please eat me out. I am so horny again. Lick me, finger me - just do me somehow or I go crazy.... Continue»
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Fucking my friends BBW wife - Part 3

After our Friday evening fucking and then both of us falling asleep, I ended up dreaming about getting a blow job. At first I thought I was dreaming, but then I woke up and realized that Linda was sucking my cock! Looking at the window I saw that it was just getting light outside and laid there enjoying her working my stiff cock. I let out a moan and reached down guiding her head up and down the shaft of my cock. Linda LOVED to give head and she is so fucking good at it! It didn't take long before I was pumping another load of cum down her throat!

After she finished swallowing my cum she s... Continue»
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The Fuck store for mature girdled ladies – Clara,

As readers will know, I work as an assistant at a boutique clothes and lingerie shop catering specifically for chubby and larger over 50 mature ladies who like wearing girdles. We provide a discreet and private place where they can feel safe – and satisfied -- to buy fashionable, sensuous garments and lingerie that flatter them. And the staff are specially selected to help them fulfil their sexual fantasies whilst shopping.

Women do not (or very rarely) lose their sex drive as they get older. If they have a healthy libido and are maybe lonely, lost a husband or lover, they still get the... Continue»
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BBW hairy granny finds dogging and loves it

At 5 foot 4inches and weighing 12 stone, with floppy tits, fat thighs, a really hairy cunt and silky fat belly, Hazel had not had sex for 10 years. At 59 she thought her days of getting a cock up her cunt were over. But they weren’t. The internet and a growing audience for granny sex came along.

Trawling the porn sites, she found a swingers page that listed dogging sites and found four in her area. Clicking through to dogging porn, she was delighted to find that many women there were large and even older than her. I would like some of that, she thought.
However, she was anxious abou... Continue»
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Lerares Krijgt Straf

Els Schouten was lerares Nederlands aan een hogere school in Amsterdam. Ze had een slank lang figuur en was altijd gekleed in een spijkerbroek met daarop een wijde blouse. Verder was het een knappe meid van 28 jaar die door iedereen graag gezien werd, maar voor de klas was ze altijd een beetje afstandelijk en streng t.o.v. van haar leerlingen. Het was inmiddels vrijdagmiddag en de hoogste klas was de laatste groep die die dag les van haar kreeg. Dit lesuur was altijd het moeilijkste van de hele week omdat de leerlingen meer met hun hoofd bij het weekend waren dan bij de les. Dit was ook het ge... Continue»
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New Year's Please

New Year's Please

A story I think some of you will like, those that don't? to each his own.

by Williacj

So I'm at a new year’s eve party at the monument hotel and I run into a tall brunette I went to school with

“hey Amanda” I said giving her a hug”so surprised to see you here”

“Yeah, I usually don't go out on NYE i decided to get out the house tonight.”

“So who are you here with?”

“I’m flyin’ solo tonight” she says”me and my boyfriend broke up a few weeks ago, it’s just not working out be... Continue»
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