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Erotic Education 7: Naughty Neighbours

Nice new neighbours are at least as naughty and horny as we, I notice with Chrissy when we check them out.
Nice naughty mighty moans and sexy sighs I hear at my far side of the plot, surely some new number going on!
Nice new occasion for the erotic education of our girls, so I signal them to come with me & be very silent indeed.
Nice naughty nubile neighbour lays at her back, half outside her tiny tent, long legs wide-spread, love lips licked.

Naughty neighbours interesting intimacies have only just begon, the moment she explodes, her br0 shows up!
Naughty neighbour is visibly as exc
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How I be came a whore

My name is Lynn and I am a whitewhoreslut for my man I met him 8 years ago we went out and had lots of fun dancing than he took me to a hotel and when we got to the room he told me to drop my dress so I did he like what he saw we got into bed and we fuck all night he pounded my cunt hard several times and filled my cunt full of cum in the morning I wanted more cock so I started sucking his cock he said wait hon I have a surprise for you so I said ok I went to take a shower and when I got out I started getting dress he said dont not yet I want you to lay on the bed so I did I felt my pussy was ... Continue»
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Mark's story

“Mark, can you come in here, and look at this computer?”
Shit! “I’ll be a few minutes mom, erm just finishing my homework”. Her white silky panties were wrapped tightly around my cock, I was close to cumming and just needed another couple of minutes.
“Ok, but hurry up please”
Fuck, hopefully she hadn’t discovered the porn I had saved on the laptop. I could feel a burst of adrenalin rushing through my body, adding to the building sexual excitement.
My hand slipped up and down my hard shaft speeding up, the soft satin material of my mom’s panties acting like a lubricant, as I gripped a littl... Continue»
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My Step-Sister - Part 3

Mss pt3

My step-sister Chrissy and I started fooling around with each other senior year (see parts 1 and 2). I had masturbated for her then we both masturbated in front of each other.

Friday evening we have dinner with my mom and Chrissy’s dad to discuss weekend plans. Then the ‘rents went out to see some band we had never heard of. Chrissy and I had the house to ourselves. We decided to watch a movie on our parents new VCR. We watched An Officer And a Gentleman and got kinda fired up. As we were watching the movie, we were fooling around. We were both wearing athletic shorts and t-shir... Continue»
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My first time (with others) as a girl. Part 2

Ann gave me a kiss and a cuddle and wiped my tummy with some tissues. Luckily I hadn’t soiled my pretty lingerie. She slid my panties off then took me to the bathroom to clean up properly. John dressed and went to make a cup of tea. In the bathroom, I stood as Ann cleaned me with some wet wipes. I had one last little drop of semen on the tip of my cock. Ann wiped this off with her finger and brought it to her lips. Her tongue flicked out. “Just to see how you taste” she said. “Was everything ok back there?” I asked nervously, “It seemed to be over very quickly”. “Everything was fine Bryoni” sh... Continue»
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Hot Day in San Diego

It was hot again in San Diego and I needed to go to the beach. Tanning in my back yard was getting boring. Why not get a buzz on and get some exercise at the same time? It was Saturday but where I usually go I don't run into too many people. Sunset Cliffs was where I was headed this day. Whenever the tide was in, you'd have to swim around a cliff to get to the good beaches. I didn't have a problem with that since I liked to swim a bit anyway and cool off.

I arrived at the parking lot which looked like it was about half full, which for here was a lot, but when I got to the beach it looked li... Continue»
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Zuchtstuten Teil 6

Teil 6: Rückblick

Die Familie saß gelangweilt auf dem Sofa. Im Fernseher kamen wieder mal nur geistlose Soaps oder endlose Wiederholungen. Alle waren entspannt nach einer Runde Jungstuten-Besamung.
Da meinte Marc: „Ich muss schon sagen, Nessi…“ Er nannte Vanessa in letzter Zeit immer Nessi, was sie hasste, er aber gerade deshalb besonders witzig fand. „… für eine Sechzehnjährige hast du ganz schön viel Erfahrung im Bett.“
Die Angesprochene starrte ihn nur finster an.
„Da hat er Recht“, bestätigte Thomas. „Es ist wirklich ungewöhnlich, dass ein Mädchen in deinem Alter schon bläst und fi... Continue»
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Highway Game Turns Erotic

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. I was headed back home after being out of town all day long. My drive down the interstate started out innocently enough, but little did I know that before I got off the interstate I would make three men cum.

I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist. I have always wore my shorts a little too short, my jeans a little too tight, my skirts a little too short, and my swimsuits a little too revealing. Many times I do not wear a bra when I go out, and for the last several years have given up my bikini panties for thongs.

My ex-husband frowned upon my cho... Continue»
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A Happy Hour to Remem

My pussy has been throbbing almost all day. Damn, I am so wet and that is just making me hornier. Sitting here at work like this is torture, I can't wait to see Chris at happy hour and get our weekend started. The last two weekends have been such a blast, exploring with a home sex video that we ended up putting on line. I can't wait to see what happens next. And even if it's just the two of us, no video or anything, it will still be great.

Sitting at the bar waiting for Chris, my first drink just adding to my libido, I'm fantasizing about rubbing my nipples in front of the bartender who ke... Continue»
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Cheating wife i met jogging story, pics and 3 vids

So I have been at the Atlanta office for the last 3 weeks. I am staying out in the suburbs looking at new office space for our office to move into. There is a park near my hotel which I I have jogged in every day for the last week. I have gone at the same time 8-9est and notice some of the same people. Here is a recounting of a episode I had with a regular married milf who jogs there every day.

Monday: I pull in and park and notice a woman with the same truck as me. I tell her jokingly "you look better in that car then I do" and smile. She gives me a weird look. I tell her "i like yo... Continue»
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Monica part4

This is how it happened.

It was my last year of grad school and I was working my ass off. Sure, I was tense, but I had a great sense of purpose. My professors, on the whole, liked me, and as hard as their courses were I always did pretty well. Of course, blowing off steam was an integral part of that. Without that safety valve, I might have exploded - or imploded from the weight of all the things on my mind. But I was happy to discover that grad students, most of us, are on the same page where dating is concerned: Either you're looking for a hookup or you're looking to mate for life; someon... Continue»
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My surprise weekend away part 6

As I slowly slid up and down on Marks thick cock I looked into Toms eyes to make sure he was still OK with this. I had only let myself lower a few inches, the extra girth made it feel so unlike any cock I’d had inside me before, I must admit to watching the porn videos and sometimes thinking ‘That size must be painful’, but this was proving that wasn’t the case now anyway, it wasn’t at all, it was just a feeling of complete fullness, possibly helped by the amount of lubrication I was producing!

Tom saw this in my eyes and as I looked down and watched his lovely cock slip into me once more, ... Continue»
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My cousinh

Growing up I had cousins that lived in California. We would see each other every other year. Sometimes we would travel there, they would travel to our state or we would meet somewhere in between.

My cousin Shelly is 3 months older than me. The last Shelly had turned into a California blonde hair, brown eyed, blonde bombshell. As for me I was a skinny k** with braces on his teeth. But I felt embarrassed having feelings for my cousin.

That summer was the last time I saw her for 7 years. We would send each other letters once a month and stay in touch. She sent me her Sr. Picture from high... Continue»
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First Time With Catholic High Grad

My first time was with a foxy brunette coed, freshman like me. Hardly knew her. Were both having a smoke after one class while waiting for another. Somehow got to talking bout how we were both virgins but didn't want to be. She had graduated from a Catholic high school. Said her ever-so strict parents practically made her wear a "Chastity Belt" in high school. Ended the conversation by saying, "Fuck it!" Threw down her cigarette, ground it out with her black patent leather shoe--a remnant of her last year in Catholic high school-- and said to me: "Let's just go do it!" So we skipped the next c... Continue»
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Kyle's first time, part two

After meeting Kyle at the bar, the night continued, as I took him to my apartment...

Since my apartment was just a few blocks from the bar, Kyle agreed to take the short walk with me, leaving his car in the all-night lot a block away from the bar. At least it left our options open for the night. I lived in one of the nicer high rent apartments with a view not far from the city center. Yeah, the rent was high, but the view from my living room and bedroom were worth every penny. As we walked to the front door of the building, the cool fresh fall air – cool enough to see our breath – cle... Continue»
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The Idea

Less than a year ago Tim my husband and I had been married six years and were getting along great. Upper middle class, we had just about everything. I had just turned thirty-one and Tim was forty-four. Tim is 5'8" and quite handsome with his salt and pepper hair. Tim is also a workaholic banker and a great provider. While Tim is no hard body and a little pudgy, he isn't fat. Tim is very adventurous and it was that adventurous spirit of his that I fell in love with. Tim is always hungry to try new things. Sex was very good and with Tim, creative.

I met Tim at work, when I was fresh out of c... Continue»
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First Anal

To this day Roxy is the only woman I have been with that took it up the arse, let me tell you how it happened.
We were on holiday in the south of France a place called Hossegor on the Atlantic coast, a few miles north of Bayonne. We had been there the best part of a week and the weather had been great which meant I had the pleasure of watching sunbathing topless with the Pyrenees in the background, only one winner in that contest, although one of the lifeguards told her off for it as apparently they took a dim view of topless sunbathing on a Sunday. More fool them.
As I said the weather had... Continue»
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Setting Up My Wife

There's an irony in this story I'm about to describe. Its inspiration came from my interest in reading erotic literature particularly, articles about voyeurism and manipulation. The more I read these stories the more I would visualize my own wife as the central character. Finally, I decided that I wanted to play the game in real life and see what would. I knew it would be dangerous and would have very bad ramifications if she found out but the fire was now burning in me and I had to go forward.

Chris and I are the typical late 20s yuppie couple with two good jobs and no k**s. We have electe... Continue»
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Donna's good deed

I lost my virginity when I was at a large high school in the East Midlands. There was a girl in my English class who had a rather sexy reputation, her name was Donna, she was a bit chubby and by no means the prettiest girl in the class but she was known rather unkindly I thought for being what my school mates called “easy”. Donna lived just up the street from me, and I would often walk home, watching her sexy big round bottom swaying in front of me. Eventually, she and I began to chat about the day at school on the way home, afterwards, I would rush to my bedroom and masturbate as I fantasised... Continue»
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My early sex life with men

Let's face it, i****t really does rock, not as a lifestyle indulgence, but a one off romp really does add that something special that the boring old 'Wham-Bang-Thank you Maam', lacks.

Playing Doctors and Nurses with family members evokes those first moments when sexual feelings creep into you loins, by the time my brothers fingers touch me, my panties were soaked with what could only be describes as 'Lust Juice'.

Realizing my vagina could respond in the same manner as my brothers cock did when I kissed it, was a revelation to both of us, we learned about sex ourselves by simply following... Continue»
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