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Ex s****rinlaw

ran into my ex wife's s****r Jody who is 70 years old. I hadn't seen her in about 10 years. I invited her to have lunch with and catch up. We were always good friends and we remained on speaking terms after her s****r and I divorced.
A little history about Jody. When Jody was 15 she started drinking and quickly became the neighborhood whore. Her s****r told me this while we were married because we grew up in different states. She got into d**gs and skipped school most days until they threw her out. Her parents like a lot of parents in the 60's thought they could handle it themselves but Jody... Continue»
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I came back to Anambra last week, having spent the last 3 years of my life in Lagos. During my time in Lagos, I experienced a second sexual awakening that has definitely made me the person I am today.

I have always been horny, and I was looking forward to my stay in Lagos as a chance to have some good no strings sex. I am a bit shy, and not really big on clubs and most of the time I went, I ended up chatting up girls who had boyfriends or not having the balls to seal the deal. I look back on those opportunities thinking wow, if only I had the self-confidence and general I don't give ... Continue»
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Sylvia's mom part 1

Saving her daughter's virginity

This is part 1 of a series of continuing stories. There are 17 parts to date with a few more to be added if there is any interest among you, the readers. The stories vary in the sexual orientation of the characters. All sexual acts are by mutually consenting adults. The genres of the stories also vary.


As this story opens, I was 20 years old and a sophomore in college. My girlfriend, Sylvia, was 18 and a senior in high school. Sylvia's mother, Mrs. McDonald, was 37 years old.

Sylvia and I began dating while we were both still in high school... Continue»
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The Interview

The Interview

“Steve, are you going to be long?” Victoria shouted up the stairs. “You know it’s my first interview since I stopped working – and damn, am I nervous!” Her husband trotted down the stairs, an overbearingly silly grin on his face. “Hey babe – don’t get your knickers in a twist! You’ll be fine!” “Who says I’m wearing knickers!” pouted Vicky, as he headed toward her, his hands making groping motions. Steve stopped, looking his wife up and down, taking in the fitted suit, the black sheer stockings and the towering high heels. “Pheeew,” he whistled, as she blushed at his obvious de... Continue»
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Would you like to try it? Snowballing

"Have you ever heard of snowballing?" my wife asked me one night as she sensed my moment of climax rapidly approaching.

We often spoke to each other during sex, even oral sex, which was our preferred method of satisfying ourselves and each other.

Recently we had increased our gym nights from two to three each week, working out on the machines and enjoying the ever-present eye candy. For a couple in our forties, we were both in pretty good shape, if I must say so myself, and sweating and straining at the gym helped keep us feeling young at heart, plus it never failed to put us in the mood... Continue»
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First bisexual and threesom...

The story I am going to tell is about my first threesome and my first bisexual experience.

REcently I met the Girl of my wifes younger b*****r. The whole f****y was relieved when the youngest guy came finally with a Girlfriend because everyone was speculating he might be homosexual. He acted for quiet some time like he is gay and made a big secret of his relationship with his gf. So finally we all met her and they seem to be very happy.

One evening we were sitting altogether at home and watching a horror movie when my wife got tired and decided to leave the 3 of us alone and go for a sl... Continue»
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My wife's big new toy

I like stories. I especially like stories that my wife tells me. I especially especially like the stories that my wife tells me about her ex-boyfriends. She hasnt always told me these stories. In fact, it's taken some time to convince her to tell me them. Now as long as I don't ask too much, she indulges me. I particularly like to hear about one specific ex boyfriend in general. Let's call him "Brad". He had a huge dick. And ever since my wife has told me that and described how big he was, all I can think about sometimes is watching her getting fucked by his huge dick. I thought about it 10... Continue»
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My First Time With A Woman

I was 26 the first time I had sex with a woman and even kissed a woman properly for the first time. It was something I had been thinking about for a while because my luck with men had been so bad and I was beginning to wonder if I was a Lesbian. That would certainly explain my discomfort with men and my lack of success with them.

I had only had one boyfriend in my life, which had lasted over 5 years and we had lived together for most of it. He was weird though. Even weirder than me. Men don't seem to like me and never have. I never had. Boys didn't like me either. I was The Weird One to t... Continue»
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Third Time with Uncle

This was the third time we hooked up, it got a lot hotter this time. kind of a long read.
This time it was about a year or so since our close call. I hadn't seen my uncle much in that time, and just like before we didn't say anything about what happened. We just swept it under the rug again. One day he called me out of the blue and asked me to help him do some work on a rental property of his the following weekend. Of course I agreed, and I just had to wait it out to see if something was gonna happen. The day finally came and he shows up to pick me up around 9 in the morning. We head to the ha... Continue»
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Step-s****r Surprise

A house sitting job turns into mroe fun that he could imagine.
Henry fumbled for the key. Why had he told his father and stepmother that he'd keep an eye on their house while they were away? After a long day at work, the last thing he wanted to do was drive half an hour out of his way to check in on plants and a spoiled cat.

Besides, there was no reason his steps****r couldn't take care of things. Five years younger than Henry, Kirstin was eighteen, more than old enough to take care of the house she still lived in. "She isn't home much," Henry's father had explained when he'd made the ho... Continue»
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Craigslist - Bathroom Stall Blowjob

I browse Craigslist frequently to suck cock. It was not long before I found an ad that piqued my interest. A 19 year old was looking for a blowjob in a bathroom stall at my local mall. I obviously emailed him and said I'd be there. It was an hour before closing, so I quickly left and got to the mall. He specified he would be in the stall at the very end of the washroom. I have to admit, it was a pretty good spot, it's almost as if that stall was built to have people fool around in it. This was my first time in contact with a real life cock so I was pretty nervous to do this. No one was in the ... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Mom

It happened a couple of days ago. I was just hanging around at Nic's place like almost everyday - just relaxing.
Nic's one of my best friends and I often visit him in the evening so I get to enjoy one of Mrs. Michaels' delicious meals.

Nic's mother is 48 but she looks good and her giant natural breasts always give me a hard-on within just seconds. Of course her tummy isn't flat like 30 years ago but that never bothered me really. I often think about fucking Mrs. Michaels while jerking off since I once saw her sunbathing in the backyard with nothing more on than a very small bikini slip.
... Continue»
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My cousin and I were born in 68/69 respectively. We started experimenting during the summer of 77. This experimenting led to many firsts for both of us and the ability to please others and know what we wanted sexually for ourselves. It all started out slowly while taking baths and showers together that summer. We started by watching each other masturbate and then eventually joining in with each other for mutual masturbation. I remember the first time my cousins hand rapped around my hard shaft and started stroking me up and down making a frothy amount of soap bubbles until I came, that fi... Continue»
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Wife Talk's him into getting FUCKED! Gay

When Sally met her husband three years ago, a year before they got married, she discovered his stash of porn DVDs. He blushed and was embarrassed and started to make apologies, but Sally smiled and told him not to worry. She had the same 'secret.' Sally also loved porn and had loads of porn sites bookmarked on her computer. They laughed and realized they shared this common interest. Men often assume women either aren't very interested in porn, or will be made uncomfortable if their guys show too much interest in it. But Sally was definitely an exception.

Since then Tim and Sally had really ... Continue»
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Vicky, the sexy, blond, mature BBW - Part 1

This is a true story that took place several years ago.

I have a friend, Bob, he's in his 60's and retired. We get together every now and then and fool around. He loves to suck my cock and show me naked pictures of his wife while he's blowing me. He really loves when I tell him how I would make him suck me in front of his wife then watch as I fuck her, but sadly, that never happened...

Bob and I talked about finding a BBW for a threesome. So we put an ad on CL and we had to weed through the hookers and spam. Weeks went by and I had forgotten about the ad, when I got an email from a girl ... Continue»
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Horny Moms

"Let's try it! It might be fun." Joyce said as she leaned back against the kitchen table and pulled me to her. Joyce quickly pulled the front of my shorts down letting my cock spring free. "Looks like you agree with me. I can't believe we are doing this." She said as she rubbed my cock head up and down her wet slit, her legs spread wide. "there you go, now enter." Joyce said with a smile as she helpd her pussy lips open. I pushed my cock into her. We both looked down and watched my cock slide into her. I pushed till I was as deep as I could go. "This feels so amazing." I whispered. "It reall... Continue»
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A Birthday to Remember

It was my birthday and we had went out for an early supper as my wife Ellen had promised me a good night. we had a good time and had d***k a bottle of wine between us and I also had a Scotch while she had some fancy drink that was more sugar than booze. We got a taxi back home and I quickly went up to the bed as I was getting undressed I could hear my wife on the phone. When she came up I asked her who she was talking to and she said that she was just returning a call which she had noticed on the phone and it was just one of those advertisements. I was lying on the bed and she got undressed a... Continue»
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In the morning on the 5th of July I was reading for my professional exam when my phone rang, I picked It up to see who was calling, it was Dogo, not a regular caller, I assumed there must be business, I answered and we exchanged pleasantries, he said there is a friend of his that would love to meet with me, that he wanted my approval first before giving out my contact details, why I asked? He said he used a picture of my dick as his display picture and indicated it belonged to his friend, he said the friend of his had not allowed him to rest since she saw the picture, I said he should go ahead... Continue»
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A guys point of view

I found this story on a fantasy site. I find it interesting.


Title : It was likely my bad choice

Like many guys, I have a very few close pals. Three guys I can count on for anything. We bonded when we were teenagers.
I know them longer than I know my wife. As for my wife, she is a tall slim well stacked hottie with big sexual needs. Which I absolutely enjoy as one of her better qualities!

We are married close to 5 years now and sex is just as hot as the first time she took me. Yes, she was the aggressor and had her way with me. I knew she was a keeper right the... Continue»
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On my own with kipper

Catherine and I continued our relationship
We drew closer and closer I had no interest in boys

I can honestly say I loved her
She had a dominating personality I guess you could say I was her bitch

She always wanted me to lick her bottom she would sit on my face her buttocks parted so my tongue could penetrate her anus deeper
She would be pinching my nipples stretching them which was painful but I really enjoyed it my fanny is getting damp just remembering those times
The other thing Catherine wanted me to do was drink her urine, she also loved me peeing on her
We even peed in each o... Continue»
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